What does the transmuter shop do and how does it work?

  1. Can anyone explain what you can do and what you can 'transmute'. They don't give you any tutorial when you first go there and the rest of the game doesn't tell you anything. Thanks.

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Accepted Answer

  1. from "mmofury.com/guide/torchlight-transmutation-recipes.html"

    Combining items into one thing is great, and theres no difference in Torchlights approach to transmutation. With transmutation, you can combine similar items to make a more powerful item. The main trick with transmutation is knowing how it works. Torchlight does a bad job of giving any sort of explanation or recipes for this skill, so we thought wed give you guys a hand and tell you the Transmutation Recipes of Torchlight!

    Get Gems by Transmuting Gear!
    4 enchanted / rare items = a random low quality gem.
    4 unique items = a random medium quality gem.

    Get Better Gems by Transmuting Weaker Gems!
    2 identical gems = the next higher tier of that gem.

    Get Gear by Transmuting Gear!
    3 enchanted / rare / unique rings = random ring of same quality.
    3 enchanted / rare / unique amulets = random amulet of same quality.

    Get Better Potions by Transmuting Weaker Potions!
    3 of any mana / healing potion = the next higher tier potion

    Get a Sushi Helmet!
    3 sushi grade fish meat + any magical pistol + any magical shield + any magical belt = Sushi Helm.
    The Sushi Helmet is a low level, unique helmet with +20 fishing luck and some other buffs too.
    [- what they forget to mention is that the pistol, belt and shield must ALL have Blue text names -]

    Go to Strangeland!
    Using the Sushi Helmet the helmet isnt required, but it helps a lot fish up different body parts of the many developers of Torchlight:

    Leferts Hands
    Tanwantengs Left Eye
    Leflers Right Eye
    Blanks Teeth Necklace

    Take these four parts and place them all in the transmute box and click Transmute. The result will be a map to an area called Strangeland, which holds a whole bunch of treasure and named horses! Those that remember the cow level of Diablo 2 will sure get a chuckle from this one. There is a horse level!

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Other Answers

  1. If you transmute two identical "amber" gems, it will upgrade them to the next level.
    You can transmute 4 green enchanted items into an amber gem
    You can transmuate 3 magical rings into a random ring, likewise with necklaces.
    There're a couple more as well.

    There's an FAQ / walkthrough posted on the Gamefaqs PC version of this game, so thanks go to Matt P for the info provided on this

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