Having probs with final boss?

  1. SPOILERS!!!!!!!

    Hey guys, got to the final boss and I had some probs with him so went and grinded a bit etc but before the final boss as some of you know you gotta defeat caius like 3 times then you fight the final boss. went back using the red cactus but I have to fight Bahamut again, then caius then the final boss again...isn't there a way to get straight back to the last guy seeing as i've beat the ones before him?.

    What set ups did you use for the final boss?. Also anyone know of any decent CP grinding areas? all I know of is that area which they spawn very fast and give 300-500 per battle. That's good and all but when you start getting fairy high that amount isn't that great.

    Any info / advice is always greatly appretiated.

    Many thanks

    User Info: spawndie

    spawndie - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you leave to menu you always have to start over from the beginning. I had to grind a little bit after my first one, If you reach around 50+ fragments it should be pretty easy.
    Noel/Serah/(Apotmakin)(Pulse or Another tank)
    Com Rav Sent
    Rav Rav Sent(I use this to stagger)
    Syn Sab sent(for the beginning)
    Sen Sen SEn( For all the high dmg stuff)
    Com Rav Rav (For when staggered)
    Com Med Sent(When you need to heal)

    Was pretty easy

    User Info: Grayve

    Grayve - 5 years ago 0 0

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