Fastest way to get gil?

  1. Hey guys, what ways do you get gil?. Is there a monster which drops a certain item which you can sell for a bit or is there another way?. Many thanks.

    User Info: spawndie

    spawndie - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You want to try and get your hands on a monster who has the passive skill Gilfinder or even Gilfinder II. These skills increase the amount of gil you earn after battle. I'm using a Zaghnal, which is a type of Behemoth RAV, who came equipped inherently with the skill. I recruited Zaghnal in Oerba -400 AF-, but there many other monsters who have the skill. Just go down the list of your current monsters and see if any have the ability. If they do, infuse them with one of the monsters in your main party.

    After which, simply farm a late game area. I recommend A Dying World -700 AF-, as the monsters there drop a decent amount of gil and there are even a few chocobos who spawn.

    User Info: Tyloric

    Tyloric - 5 years ago 0 0

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