Yomi help?

  1. Need help beating Yomi in Archylte steppe been at it for over 2 hours

    User Info: EdoZero

    EdoZero - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. He is a lot like the the 64th monster quest in 13. I usually go:
    #1 RAV/RAV/COM, #2 COM/COM/COM, # 3 SAB/SAB/COM, #4 MED/MED/MED, #5 SEN/SEN/SEN and either #6 SAB/SYN (MED or SEN). (number for easier explaining) with Chichu(eats bravery,faith and vig off the boss), green chocobo and any sen. Its best to use weapons with chain boost but can be done without.

    Start with 6, make sure you get deprotect to stick (poison helps but it seems very hard to get it to hit), then 1 to stagger. If he staggers swap to 2. At any time if hes hitting you too hard swap to 4 to heal up one turn then back to what you had before.
    When he does Wicked whirl always swap to 5 then out once its over. Goes without saying but 4 when he goes immune and then 6 to rebuff, and 3 with a full bar of deprotect waiting til he is attackable again then back to 1.
    Repeat til dead.

    SEN/SEN/SEN, SAB/MED/SAB with a monster with poison, MED/MED/MED works as well but takes a really long time cause poison does not like to stick.

    User Info: gimliskar

    gimliskar - 5 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. As far as people say you go SAB SAB SAB and use Bio. I've yet to even fight him but that's what I see people say is the method of choice. I'm not sure if normal tactics even work.

    User Info: darkm0d

    darkm0d - 5 years ago 0 0

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