Where can I find (goddess artifact locations)?

  1. Hi i have the moogle throw and the sell high but can't find any others i have beat the Ai and talked to neol who asked me to find the five crystals. i feel lost i am out of wild ones as well by my count i am missing about 50 of the fragments some i know i have to wait anyway i would like to find more to add some skills your help is appreciated

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    dreathik - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Taken from the FAQ on this site.
    01. Mog's Manifestation (available from start of Episode 4) Mog finds other stuff when thrown.
    02. Mobile Mog (collect all fragments in Oerba timelines, paradox ending
    included). Mog returns faster after being thrown.
    03. Bargain Hunter (available from start of Episode 6) Lower buy price.
    04. Haggler (available from start of Episode 4) Higher sell price
    05. Chocobo Music (collect all fragments in the Monster Bits and Bounty Hunter
    categories including those for the Archylte Steppe bosses) Changes music while riding.
    06. Anti-Grav Jump (available from start of Episode 6) Longer jump.
    07. Field Killer (collect all the fragments in the Academia Reward and Great
    Mog Wisdom categories) One shot enemies in the field.
    08. Monster Collector (collect all fragments from Vile Peaks timelines) Higher capture rate of monsters
    09. Encounter Master (collect all fragments from Yaschas Massif timelines) Increase/decrease monster spawns.
    10. Battlemania (obtain all fragments for completing 100% of all maps) More rare monster spawns
    11. Rolling in CP (collect all fragments from Yaschas Massif timelines, and all
    fragments from Bresha Ruins timelines) More CP per battle
    12. Eyes of the Goddess (collect all fragments from AF003 New Bodhum, AF005
    Bresha Ruins, AF010 Yaschas Massif, AF01X Yaschas Massif, AF200 Oerba and
    AF300 Sunleth Waterscape) Move Camera during events.
    13. Clock Master (obtain all 160 fragments) Increase/decrease game speed, includes battle speed and certain scenes.
    14. Paradox Scope (beat the game) Needed for paradox endings.

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Other Answers

  1. Look at the multiple guides on the internet.

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