Where can I find all wild artefacts?

  1. Please can someone give me a list of
    wild artefacts without sending me links to youtube etc. this is only because i am using my phone and it doesnt let me copy & paste.

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  1. There are 10 in all, and just be warned I consider some of the locations to be spoilers if you're not that far into the game. I try to avoid spoilers while describing the locations though.

    -AF005 Bresha Ruins: Right after you learn the moogle hunt ability it's near the soldier.

    -AF300 Sunleth Waterscape: On the left after the moogle throw tutorial.

    -AF200 Agusta Tower: On the walkway opposite to the terminal that creates a way across the gap(the one that needs access key 50).

    -AF4XX Academia: In the south east corner of the map near a treasure sphere.

    -AF200 Oerba: Near the center of town is a large tree. If you stand to the west side of the tree and look off the ledge you should be able to see the abandoned schoolhouse(there was a scene there your first time through) directly in front of you. Slightly to the left of where you're looking is a ledge with the artefact.

    -AF300 Bresha Ruins: Go to the area with the graves in the northeast of the map and moogle hunt on the concealed person and he gives you a quest to talk to his friend. His friend is in the underground area near the middle of the map. Pick the puns in the live trigger to make his friend laugh and take back the item he gives you. The artefact appears after you finish the quest.

    -AF700 Dying World: Make your way back to the farseers relic and use moogle hunt on the pedestal to start a live trigger event and choose the Y button option(it was something like "I am ready", I forget exactly). The artefact will appear afterwards.(You need to finish this part of the story and come back to be able to do all of this)

    -AF??? Archylte Steppe: Go to the Clearwater Marshes area(Need Anti-Grav Jump Fragment Skill to reach the area) and go to the cliff along the edge of the map. Look along the cliff until you see a small ledge a little below with the fragment sitting on it.

    -AF100 Yaschas Massif: Complete the quests from the red orbs until you get a notice that a space time distortion has appeared. Solve the stages inside and you'll get a wild artefact along with the usual fragment.

    -Serendipity: A casino prize for 10,000 coins(100,000 gil if you don't want to win the coins.)

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  1. Video with all


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