When do you get the Chaos Crystal weapon?

  1. I am referring to the Odinblade and the Serah counterpart for that weapon. There have been various topics, with answers such as:

    "after 1 hour I got it" - Me? Well, I spent 10 hours, left the game on, then I changed timelines, did some progress, 4 hours later, came back, still no weapon.

    "there is a lady on the OTHER side of the counter" - Me? There is only one lady in the entire diamond shaped desk in the middle, and Chocobocolina and Alyssa / Hope do not give me anything.

    "buy it from the casino for 750 coins" - Me? Well, I cannot buy it from the Casino until I get one of the Odin weapons from the front desk.

    "go to 400 AF Academia" - Me? Yea.... no. There is nothing there.

    So that is why I am making a new question topic. Please do not brush me off as just a spammer...this is a serious question. I spent all that time in the Casino getting coins, and when I finally did, I spent them all on that Chaos Crystal and "Just 1 gil" and I have nothing to show for it. No weapon, no nothing.

    What happens when I talk to the "ONLY" lady at the diamond shaped desk in the middle? She tells me about the 3 remaining Graviton Cores: "Graviton Core Epsilon", "Graviton Core Zeta", "Graviton Core Eta".

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  2. Additional Details:
    I have bought the crystal, and then I went to talk to Hope and Alyssa. Hope said to go to the front desk in a little while and the weapon should be ready. The front desk has nothing for me thus far. :(

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Accepted Answer

  1. Nevermind. I am answering my own question.

    Here are the steps to unlocking the Chaos Crystal (Paradox) weapons.

    1. Talk to Hope and Alyssa in Academia 4XX

    2. Go collect at least 5 out of the 7 possible Graviton Cores

    3. Go to Serendipity and obtain 10,000 (normal) or 7,500 (with BARGAIN HUNTER -a certain Fragment skill) coins (buy or win to obtain)

    4. Purchase the Chaos Crystal for 10,000 (normal), or 7,500 (with BARGAIN HUNTER - a certain Fragment skill)

    5. Return to Academia 4XX

    6. Talk to Hope and Alyssa and hand over the Chaos Crystal and at least 5 Graviton Cores

    7. Go to the Front Desk. The lady telling you about Graviton Core locations should no longer be there, and on the exact flip side of the diamond front desk should be another lady (if the first lady is at 12 o clock, then the second lady now is at 6 o clock).

    8. Talk to the new lady, and choose one weapon (for Noel or for Serah)

    9. Go to Serendipity to buy the weapon for the other character for 1,000 (normal), or 750 coins (with BARGAIN HUNTER - a certain Fragment skill)

    Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 can be done in any order.

    Number 9 is optional.

    The weapons have a Passive Ability: Fragment Energy. The more fragments you have, the more the power. Once you have all the fragments, their power should be 220 Strength /220 Magic (both have 220/220) if I remember correctly.

    The only weapons better than this one are Indrajit (Bow for Serah, 50% ATB, and only 1 less Magic and Strength at this point in the game. The other weapon I do not have yet, but it is a 1/1 stat weapon, but the ability of the weapon is to make the Magic power of Noel equal to his Strength, and the Strength of Serah equal to her magic (this is good for people who only powered one stat up for each of them, by using Commando skills for Noel on large crystarium nodes, and Ravager skills on small nodes, and vice versa for Serah... also manipulating Sab/Syn odd numbered skill hitting large node for Serah, and vice versa for Noel).

    I hope this helps people... there was no information that was easy to access when I was doing this.

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Other Answers

  1. After you buy the Chaos Crystal, talk to Alyssa or Hope (forgot who), and then go to the talk to the receptionist in the Entrance area. You can select either the Odinbolt for Serah, or the Odinblade for Noel. After you select one, you should be able to go back to Serendipity and be able to pick up the other one for 1000 Casino Coins.

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