What monsters can infuse Pack Mentality?

  1. I have found several monsters that have the pack mentality passive ability, but I can't find one that can transfer it to another monster. Which monsters can pass it on? As a sub question, do I have to level up monsters first before they can pass it on?

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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  2. Additional Details:
    Does it matter what the weather conditions are? I can't seem to find the flower bed, or hit the enemy by aiming mog at the island.

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    B2theReeves - 5 years ago

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  1. The weather conditions do not matter. The flower bed is a small patch slightly southwest from the cactuar waystone. Also, throw mog at the island itself (not the monsters) in the center of the Clearwater Marshes area of the Archylte Steppe

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  1. The only monsters that can be used to infuse the pack mentality ability are chichu and nanochu, both of which can only be found with the improved moogle throw, and both are one of a kind, one can be found by throwing mog at the small island in the marsh area of the arclytte steppe(may take multiple throws), the other is found by throwing mog into the patch of red flowers a short way west of the nomad camp, also in the arclytte steppe, i would suggest infusing the ability into two chocobo, since once maxed out chocobo are the best in each role(or in the case of silver at least very close) and have three diffrent chocobo as your pardigm pack,

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  2. Addition to above answers: You absolutely NEED improved moogle throw to get the monsters.It is available after chapter 4, I believe, and can be obtained from the mystic at Serendipity.

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  3. Only Chichu and Nanochu.

    You won't be able to find these Hidden Monsters until you've unlocked both the Moogle Throw as well as Mog's Manifestation Fragment Skill. (These two abilities will be yours after you reach New Bodhum 700 AF in Episode 5)
    Chichu: Archylte Steppe, the patch of red flowers at "Stonesump Wastelands." Throw Mog into the patch of red flowers to find :)

    Nanochu: Slightly trickier. Again is at Archylte Steppe. Head to "Clearwater marshes" - Need either a chocobo, a yellow cactuar stone found in windy weather at grave ridge, or the long-jump fragment skill to get to this part of the map!
    Head to the west side of your map and turn to look up at 2 waterfalls down the cliff. ( uk.ign.com/wikis/final-fantasy-xiii-2/File%3ANEOCHU_loc1.jpg )
    Throw Mog just to the left of the tree on top of the cliff... It might take a few go's (I got him in about 7 or 8 throws)

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  4. *** I meant to say you find Chichu in Plains of eternity, not stonesump :) my bad! ***

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  5. I dont believe weather matters, as for the the locations, you should be throwing mog at the island itself, not any enemies, this will no doubt take many times anyway (took about 3 dozen for me but you have to be patient), as for the flowers, there are some rock pillar things a short ways from the wall of the camp, the flowers are near one

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