Getting a second Chichu or Nanochu?

  1. So I've read that you should infuse Chichu and Nanochu with Chocobos to get the Pack Mentality. Is is possible to get Chichu and Nanochu again once you've infused them? If not, is it possible to get Pack Mentality from a different monster?

    User Info: cmchase

    cmchase - 5 years ago

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  1. Unfortunately the unique monsters obtained through moogle throw are one time only. Chichu and Nanochu are the only monsters that can pass on pack mentality. It is a red locked ability on any other monster that has it.

    So if you want your chocobo's to have pack mentality you have to sacrifice one or both of them. It should also be noted that pack mentality only affects the monsters that learned it. So if you give it to just one of your chocobo's then only that chocobo will get the increased str and mag. You would still need to have three chocobo's in your party to keep the stat increase though.

    Hope all of that helps.

    User Info: ox0shadow0xo

    ox0shadow0xo - 5 years ago 3 0

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