How do I beat (Raspatil)?

  1. My party:

    Noel/Serah [max]

    Rav.......Lightning [max]
    Syn.......Yakshini [40]
    Com......Odin [70]

    which of these weapons should i use to beat this thing?

    B......ATB 50%

    User Info: rosariocapu2

    rosariocapu2 - 5 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    i no longer have chichu since its been fused into odin, what other COM should i use?

    Narashima [quick stagger]

    User Info: rosariocapu2

    rosariocapu2 - 5 years ago


  1. A suggestion, drop Odin for Chichu. This is a performance fight and odin is ill suited for it. Dorky looking monster owns while the cool looking monster sucks... go figure. Chichu is regarded as the best Com in the game before DLC.
    I used a Sen instead of a Syn for my third but /shrug to each their own.

    I beat Raspatil with Chaos weapons (160 frags) but it's suggested that you use ATB 50% or chain weapons instead for a faster fight.

    The fight really isn't that difficult, even if you completely take the wrong strategy(like I did) you can still beat it, just not with 5 stars.

    User Info: Ishakaru

    Ishakaru - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. Just keep in mind the easy things that can help you alot.

    Attack raspatil and if he summons other cie'th, kill them or raspatil will deliver you a painfull blow.
    When Raspatil is staggered, use Yakshini's feral link so you get nice stats. With ravagers, get Raspatil to 999.9% in Stagger, then switch to commando's if you want. Don't forget noel and serah got 2 powerful attacks (ultima arrow/meteor javelin). Be sure to use them.
    Isn't there a way to get chichu back? That monster made the battle seriously easy. Although i managed to kill it with omega too, but chichu was way easier.

    User Info: Metalsteelix

    Metalsteelix - 5 years ago 0 0
  3. I got PWNED by him the first time I encountered him, then changed my tactics and killed him with these paradigms:
    SAB/SAB/SYN (espionage)
    COM/COM/COM (Ceberus)
    RAV/RAV/RAV (Tri-disaster)
    SYN/SYN/SYN (Rapid Growth)
    MED/MED/SYN (Convalescence)
    SEN/SEN/SYN (Conservation)

    My monsters:
    Sazh - Synergist from DLC content
    Blue Chocobo - Ravager from Archylte Steppe Clearwater
    Chichu - Commando from throwing mog at some flowers in Archylte Steppe

    Weapons are: both Chaos weapons. (You can buy from Serendipity! If you have the coinage =/ DEFINITELY worth it imo.)

    Start by inflicting him with DEPROTECT, DESHELL AND IMPERIL. RAV/RAV/RAV to stagger.( If he calls allies use COM/COM/COM to get rid of them quickly... IF YOU IGNORE THEM HE WILL CAST BESEECH - which takes them back and HEALS HIM.) Once staggered use COM/COM/COM to take massive HP from him. When he uses Aleph Zero - switch to SEN/SEN/SYN to minimise the damage. Hopefully you should eb able to take him out before he calls the Vampires in!) He calls these allies btw: Wladislaus, Vampires, and Varcolaci.

    User Info: forkreisssake

    forkreisssake - 5 years ago 0 0
  4. First time I beat him I didn't have a single medic. Tridisaster, Infiltration and Cerberus X FTW!

    User Info: FireryGilgamesh

    FireryGilgamesh - 2 years ago 0 0

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