Where can I find last 5 fragments?

  1. In the Bresha Ruins, I have 3 of the fragments where can I find the other 5??
    I have the Atlas Fragment, Delicate crystal, and the Unio Mystica. Where can I find the Cie'th for the Ghast Fragment??
    And finally where are the other 4?

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    thenagan - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I'm assuming you mean only 005 AF fragments.

    The Cie'th is in the Northwestern point of the tunnels in - the yellow clad guard who gives you the quest is Chester, he's to the northwest of the northern Time Gate.

    Another one requires you to have the Moogle Throw. Head to the large circular pattern on the map and throw Mog to obtain the key to the cells. Talk to the guard in the command room to obtain the quest about his comm device. Unlock the door that was previously locked where Serah and Noel were held prisoner and follow the path to the end to get the comm device.

    In the northeast of the graveyard is a guard who needs a Silver Petal flower. The flower is around the same location in Bresha 300 AF, so grab it and return to him.

    Around the large circular pattern, where you got the cell key, is a woman who needs the notes out of her drawer. Moogle Search around the command room to retrieve them and hand them over.

    Use a chocobo or the Grav-Jump fragment skill to jump into a previously inaccessible part next to the stairs where you first learned of catching monsters and use Moogle Search to obtain the Graviton Core Beta.

    The last fragment is obtained by gaining the Giant Mistake Paradox Ending. This requires the Paradox Scope which isn't obtained until you finished the game.


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