How do I find the chelicerata?

  1. I've beaten the game and i have all but one fragment left; its the one about completing the bestiary and showing it to Mr. M. I've looked in the monster faqs and it says that i can find it in oerba 200 AF however its not showing up. I have all the fragment skills on and I dont know if that affects its appearance or not. In my opinion I think its because I already completed that map and it would only show up in the beginning when I first arrived to oerba 200 AF, but i'm not certain. Either that or it's only in a specific part of the map. I've of course closed the gate, but to no avail, it still hasnt shown up. I know that there's miniature ones in that place where you fight caius alone with serah, but i dont know if the one im looking for spawns there either... please give me your assistance if you can, because if i cant find this one enemy, then i think thats incredibly stupid bc i wont be able to complete the quest, unless of course you dont have to have all the enemies completely examined in order for the quest to be completed...

    User Info: cjf135

    cjf135 - 5 years ago


  1. Don't worry, you must only encounter and defeat every enemy once to obtain the that Fragment. It isn't necessary to have all the information complete about them.

    And you're right, Chelicerata will disappear from Oerba AF 200 and the Archylte Steppe AF ??? after completing the storyevents there. You can also encounter them in the Void Beyond, when Sera is separated from Noel. Replay that part and try to see if you find it there, it shouldn't disappear at any point.


    User Info: CatMuto

    CatMuto (Expert) - 5 years ago 0 0

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