Where can I find Item that it supposed to be used when you choose to return to Bresha Ruins 005AF?

  1. I know there's supposed to be an item in Yaschas Massif where the eclipse is happening and when they meet Hope after 20 years. I can't seem to find it.

    This item i believe is supposed to be some sort of unlocking system or key to unlock the barred entrances in Bresha Ruins 005AF. Without this item, I can't go fight the cie'th at the end of that tunnel or get an item available inside one of the tunnels barred off.

    Would someone please tell me in what area of Yaschas Massif it is located in and the best way to get to it without getting caught by a Behemoth.

    Also, if i'm going back for the second time, not x1AF, but to the first version of Yaschas Massif, should i be worried about being defeated by the Behemoths if i've already defeated Caius the first time in Oerba on the roof garden?

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  1. If you have Yaschas Massif AF 10 unlocked, you pretty much did everything in Bresha Ruins already - defeated Atlas (most likely in his weakened state) and even defeated the Ghast Cie'th in the Bresha tunnels, if you had that side mission unlocked.

    Are you referring to a Gate Seal?
    The item required to close a Gate and to replay the story events of that location?
    That is, I think, in the dark area of Yaschas AF 10, along the cliffs on the right side. Best bet is to get to a lightpost in the middle of that area and then look around for it. It can be a bit hard to find.

    Behemoths are actually not that difficult to defeat.
    Mostly, make sure you have a SEN monster in your party and have it out so that it takes all the damage while Noel and Sera wail on the monster. But if you have defeated Caius in Oerba AF 200, you're pretty much guaranteed to be strong enough for a behemoth.


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  2. Your description seems pretty "confused" so let me begin by "guessing" what your question is (questions are?). Then I will try to provide an answer(s) to the "Guessed" question (s).

    If this works, fine, otherwise please add clarification to describe exactly what it is that you want.

    First. There are a number of items to be found in Yaschas Massif 010 AF but they are not needed to resolve the concerns you seem to indicate for Bresha Ruins 005 AF. Every item you need to complete actions in Bresha Ruins 005 AF will be found in Bresha Ruins 005 AF.

    If you have concerns about other Yaschas Massif 010 AF items, you had best pose coherent questions about those seperately. There is no way of addressing those given the vague, incoherent nature of your current description.

    Second, note that there is a locked gate in Bresha Ruins 005 AF that blocks entrance to a section of the ruins. The locked gate is in the cell compartment where you found yourself after the initial battle with Paradox Alpha. One part of your question seems to be, "How do I open the locked gate?"

    To unlock that gate you will need the "Moogle Throw" capability to be able to collect the key from an "unreachable" treasure sphere in Bresh Ruins 005 AF. "Moogle Throw" will be obtained in an area called Sunleth Waterscape 300 AF and found by exploring that area thouroughly upon arrival. Once you have "Moogle Throw", return to Bresha Ruins 005 AF and use it to retrieve the key.

    Another part of your description possibly is concerned with the item behind a "locked" grill in another area of the ruins. Retrieve that item by first using the "Moogle Hunt" capability that you should have acquired in the "columned courtyard" as you worked your way through the initial Bresha Ruins pathway. Once the item has been brought into "phase" using "Moogle Hunt" it can be easily collected without having to open that grill.

    Still another part of your description seems to ask about the "Ghast side quest". The "Ghast side quest" can be completed without any additional area access other than what is available upon first entry into Bresha Ruins. Just be thourough in your exploration and you will find it. You do not need to unlock any gates to reach the place where it will be found.

    Given your indicated state of confusion, I suggest that use of a FAQ Walkthrough to help yourself along might be in order.

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    AZorro007 - 4 years ago 0 1

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