Augusta Tower 200af- floor50- cant get to room?

  1. So im on floor 50 in the tower. According to ING this is the last part of the tower till I get to the boss. I can't for the life of me reach the outer ring to get to the room where the fragment or key is in. Theres only two visible stations where I can move the rooms with and one I cant get too the platform is on because the room that would help me get to it dosent have a station to room the room with.. Iv tried EVERYTHING. even went back to the 300x tower to see If I missed anything. Iv even tried throwing Mog to a station to see if he could turn the room but Id dident work. Please help?

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    jetstarbaby - 4 years ago


  1. Actually, from what I remember - and the FAQ I just checked - the 50th floor is mostly there for the side missions this location has. As long as you can reach the 52nd floor, you can head for the boss right away.


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  2. It sound like you have obtained Access Key 50 and have returned to Augusta Tower 200 AF after having done that. Here is the "entire" proceedure for continuing once Access Key 50 is in hand.

    There are four rotating rooms on Floor 50. Looking at the map display, their apparent positions can be described as southeast (SE), southwest (SW), west (W) and northeast (NE).

    Action started in W where the Time Gate is located. One moved out to the middle pathway and counterclockwise to the point where the path was "blocked". Now one must move back to that location and uses the Access Key to cause a platform to rise from "the depths" to complete the walkway forward.

    Just across the bridge that results is the SE room with Chocolina inside. Move through SE to the outer walkway and circle around counterclockwise to find the terminal outside NW.

    Operate the terminal to cause NW to rotate and form a pathway between the outer circle and the middle circle.

    Move through NW and then counterclockwise around the middle pathway to meet Alyssa and speak with her to get a scene.

    Continue counterclockwise along the middle pathway to the terminal located there. Query the terminal to cause a second path segment to rise from the depths. This provides a bridge between the middle pathway and the inner pathway.

    Move across the bridge and once again speak with Alyssa. Board the central elevator, query the terminal and you are on your way.

    There are treasures that can be collected during this process if you wish. They will also be available later if you return after completing other actions in Augusta Tower 200 AF.

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    AZorro007 - 4 years ago 0 0

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