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                                Final Fantasy XIII-2
                                "Fragments & Datalog"
                              Version 1.0 February 2012
                            by bivium6 (bivium6@yahoo.com)
    ~~*~~  Table of Contents  ~~*~~
    1)  Fragments by Category
    	Fragment Items
    		Chaos Crystal
    		Black Hole Gem
    		White Hole Gem
    		Entropy Board
    		Falcon's Compass
    		Control Device Password 1
    		Control Device Password 2
    		Paradox Scope
    	Monster Bits
    		Gogmagog Fragment Alpha
    		Gogmagog Fragment Beta
    		Gogmagog Fragment Gamma
    		Atlas Fragment
    		Aloeidai Fragment
    		Mutantomato Fragment
    		Proto Fal'Cie Adam Fragment
    		Zenobia Fragment
    		Amethyst and Luvulite Fragment
    		Miniflan Fragment
    		Goblin Fragment
    		Ghast Fragment
    		Kalavinka Fragment
    		Fragment of Invincibility
    		Ugallu Fragment
    		Ochu Fragment
    		Gorgyra Fragment
    		Long Gui Fragment
    		Yomi Fragment
    		Twilight Fragment Alpha
    		Twilight Fragment Beta
    	Academic Reward
    		Academic Rank: Monster Professor
    		Academic Rank: Paradox Professor
    		Idea Circuit
    		Enigma Codex
    		Difference Engine
    		Travel Guide: New Bodhum
    		Travel Guide: Bresha Ruins
    		Travel Guide: Yaschas Massif
    		Travel Guide: Oerba
    		Travel Guide: Sunleth Waterscape
    		Travel Guide: Academia
    		Travel Guide: Augusta Tower
    		Travel Guide: Vile Peaks
    		Travel Guide: Archylte Steppe
    		Travel Guide: A Dying World
    	Great Mog Wisdom
    		Delicate Crystal
    		Time's Stardust
    		Time's Shell
    		Time's Coral
    		Spinning Moonstone
    		Sparkling Runestone
    		Astonishing Limestone
    		Thrilling Milestone
    		Lovely Starstone
    		Bubbly Stone
    		Scorching Firestone
    		Dewy Bloodstone
    		Mossy Rosetta Stone
    		Bittersweet Chiffon
    		Tremulous Muffin
    		Beloved Cinnamon
    		Selfish Pancake
    		Farewell Madeleine
    		Teatime Mont Blanc
    		Dishonest Mille-feuille
    		Pink Parfait
    	Bounty Hunter's Prize
    		Ruthenium Ring
    		Rhodium Ring
    		Palladium Ring
    		Osmium Ring
    		Iridium Ring
    		Platinum Ring
    		Mythril Ring
    		Adamantite Ring
    	Crimson Memories
    		Waltraute's Flower
    		Gerhilde's Blossom
    		Ortlinde's Bloom
    		Schwertleite's Flower
    		Heimwige's Nightshade
    		Siegrune's Spiritbloom
    		Rossweisse Skyblossom
    		Book of Avalon
    		Book of Shambala
    		Book of Valhalla
    	The Honor of Blitz Squad
    		Torreno's Last Light
    		Baxter's Last Light
    		Falcon's Last Light
    		Ray's Last Light
    		Thunder's Last Light
    		Sarge's Last Light
    		Blitz Squadron Mission Report
    	Fate's Recollection
    		Heart Prism
    		Vita Lyrica
    		Anima Miseria
    		Unio Mystica
    		Ars Symphonica
    		Pathos Jewel
    		Misery's Bead
    		Amur's Sphere
    		Innocence's Sacred Sphere
    		Orb of Clotho
    		Sword of Lachesis
    		Mirror of Atropos
    		Giant Egg
    		Extraordinary Egg
    		Woolly Stone
    		Setzer's Dice
    		Cartesian Board
    		Laplacian Board
    	Quiz Mastery
    		Quiz Rank: Private
    		Quiz Rank: Sergeant
    		Quiz Rank: Lieutenant
    		Quiz Rank: Colonel
    		Quiz Rank: General
    		Stoic Virtue
    		Epicurean Song
    		Lyceum Knowledge
    		Academia Wisdom
    	Graviton Core
    		Graviton Core Alpha
    		Graviton Core Beta
    		Graviton Core Gamma
    		Graviton Core Delta
    		Graviton Core Epsilon
    		Graviton Core Zeta
    		Graviton Core Eta
    	An Affectionate Message
    		Words of Light
    		Father's Song
    		Vanille's Fruit
    		Fang's Crown
    		Hope's Message
    		Noel's Message
    		Serah's Message
    		Chocochick Down
    		Lucky Coin
    		Priceless Gift
    		Lapis Lazuli
    		Heliodor Ore
    		Cosmo Aura
    	Oracle of Etro
    		Ultima Brand
    		Omega Brand
    		Chaos Brand
    		Crimson Crystal
    		Azure Crystal
    		Forest Crystal
    		Amber Crystal
    		Violet Crystal
    		Etro's Sorrow
    		Pulse's Resolution
    		Lindzei's Desire
    		Mwynn's Tenderness
    		Bhunivelze's Sleep
    	Paradox Ending
    		Transcript: A Giant Mistake
    		Transcript: Vanille's Truth
    		Transcript: Mog's Marvelous Flan Plan
    		Transcript: Test Subjects
    		Transcript: The Future is Hope
    		Transcript: Beneath a Timeless Sky
    		Transcript: Heir to Chaos
    		Transcript: Fate and Freedom
    2)  Datalog
    	Significant Persons
    		Serah Farron
    		Snow Villers
    		Oerba Dia Vanille
    		Oerba Yun Fang
    		Hope Estheim
    		Sazh Katzroy
    		Alyssa Zaidelle
    		Noel Kreiss
    		Caius Ballad
    		Time Gates
    		Historia Crux
    		Cocoon's Fall: The Prophecy
    		The Crystal Pillar
    		Gates of Augusta
    		Paradox and Memory
    		Proto Fal'Cie Adam
    		The Thirteenth Ark
    		Fal'Cie and L'Cie
    		L'Cie and Cie'th
    		The Gran Elevator
    		The Academy
    		Proto Fal'Cie Project
    		Man vs. Machine
    		Time Capsule
    		Graviton Cores
    		The New Cocoon
    		Cocoon and Pulse
    		New Bodhum
    		The Bresha Ruins and the Purge
    		Augusta Tower
    		The Coliseum
    	History and Myth
    		The Goddess Etro
    		Heart of Chaos	
    		Eyes of Etro
    		Oracle Drives
    		The Farseers
    		Unseen Chaos
    		Etro's Gate
    		Death of a Goddess
    		An Immortal Wish
    3)  Legal Stuff
    ~~*~~  1)  Fragments by Category  ~~*~~
    Fragment Items 8/8
    Chaos Crystal - Item Info
    	A shard of twisted time, frozen in crystal.  It 
    	is a key component in the paradox weapon, 
    	which is being developed in Academia of the 
    	5th century AF.
    	This remarkable and extremely rare 
    	substance is formed by spacetime 
    	singularities, and is believed to be the seed 
    	substance that causes Time Gates to
    Black Hole Gem - Item Info
    	A stone recovered from inside a faeryl.  This 
    	substance was responsible for summoning 
    	up a tempest, sucking up huge numbers of 
    	monsters, and sending them flying to another 
    	Faeryl monsters like to swallow crystals that 
    	sit in their stomachs and ignite the flames 
    	they breathe from their mouths.  This 
    	particular monster must have swallowed the 
    	fragment by mistake, thinking it another 
    White Hole Gem - Item Info
    	Countless flan are emerging from the gate in 
    	the Sunleth Waterscape and disrupting the 
    	balance of the ecosystem.
    	This fragment is the twin of the Black Hole 
    	Gem.  It has the power to take monsters 
    	absorbed by a Black Hole Gem, generate a 
    	rift in spacetime, and disgorge those same 
    	monsters into a different era and place.
    Entropy Board - Item Info
    	The Entropy Board allows you to activate a 
    	switch in Augusta Tower (200 AF).
    	Use the board to replace circuits crosswired
    	across time periods and bypass the
    Falcon's Compass - Item Info
    	This compass was given to you by Falcon of
    	Blitz Squadron, in the Vile Peaks, 200 AF.
    	A Security Regiment compass logs the
    	actions of its possessor.  By analyzing the
    	data it holds, it is possible to deduce the
    	identity of the previous owner.
    Control Device Password 1 - Item Info
    	This is one of the passwords needed to
    	access the Atlas control device (100 AF,
    	Bresha Ruins), which was locked by some
    	unknown person.
    	Access to the control panel was lost when
    	the researcher who held the passwords
    	disappeared from the site.  After that, the
    	Academy changed its password management
    	policy to avoid similar incidents in the future.
    Control Device Password 2 - Item Info
    	This is one of the passwords needed to
    	access the Atlas control device (100 AF,
    	Bresha Ruins), which was locked by some
    	unknown person.	
    	The encryption technology appears to use
    	the paradox to enhance lockdown security. A
    	virtual space exists inside the control
    	device.  Enclosed within is a temporal rife-to
    	get the password, the puzzles in the rift have
    	to be solved.
    Paradox Scope - Item Info
    	The 'Paradox Scope' is a lens that shows the
    	possibilities of different timelines.  The
    	bearer gains the ability to sense the
    	crossroads of history.
    	The scope bends the rules of the universe
    	and makes the impossible possible.  As a
    	result, you may find yourself able to do
    	things such as defeat unbeatable foes, and
    	experience a future that should have never
    	come to pass.
    Monster Bits 21/21
    Gogmagog Fragment Alpha - Best of the Bestiary
    	Gogmagog is a giant of the Void Beyond.
    	Banished from this world for violating the
    	laws of time, the beast forever wanders the
    	Void in search of escape.
    	Many enchantments were needed to contain
    	its immense power.  The charms and magic
    	seals that cover the beast are mute
    	testament to the courage of those who
    	banished it.	
    Gogmagog Fragment Beta - Best of the Bestiary
    	Ancient documents provide scant
    	information about the true nature of
    	Gogmagog.  Researchers believe that there
    	may be two Gogmagogs, and that the name
    	refers to the species, not the individual.
    	Others believe that Gogmagog is a fal'Cie
    	who was punished for trying to travel the
    	timeline.  This may well be the most
    	compelling explanation for the beast's
    	immense power.
    Gogmagog Fragment Gamma - Best of the Bestiary
    	The legends are not clear on the reason why
    	Gogmagog searches for an escape from the
    	Void Beyond.  Some say that what he truly
    	seeks is oblivion.  Should he find a way out
    	and be reunited with his lost half, only then
    	will he find release.
    	A certain passage in the legend reads thusly:
    	'Gogmagog once believed he had found his
    	missing half within the Void Beyond-it was,
    	however, but a shadow of his past self,
    	searching endlessly through the mists of
    Atlas Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	Atlas is a giant war machine that was
    	excavated from the Bresha Ruins.  The
    	technology appears to be of human origin,
    	rather than fal'Cie.  This suggests that it is a
    	relic from a future civilization.
    	The machine can be operated through its
    	crystal-controlled AI and sensory perception
    	apparatus.  Academy scientists hypothesize
    	that the machine was built to combat large-
    	scale fal'Cie, but stress that their research
    	is still in the early stages.
    Aloeidai Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	Aloeidai is the mortal enemy of the giant
    	Gogmagog.  The legends say that in order to
    	exact revenge against Gogmagog, who had
    	caused him to be banished from hi
    	homeland, Aloeidai cursed Gogmagog to
    	wander forever in the rifts between eras.
    	Aloeidai loathes all things that live in this
    	world, and when he is defeated, he twists the
    	surrounding spacetime in an effort to take
    	his enemies with him into death.
    Mutantomato Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	Mutantomatoes are flan mutations that
    	arose suddenly in Cocoon's Sunleth
    	Waterscape nature preserve.  Researchers
    	believe that the creatures feed on the
    	crystal latticework that runs through the
    	interior of Cocoon and helps support it in
    	the sky.
    Proto Fal'Cie Adam Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	The Proto fal'Cie known as Adam was built
    	by humans.  Some of the memory modules of
    	the fal'Cie Eden, which once controlled
    	Cocoon, were transplanted to the artificial 
    	In 400 AF, the automated Academia defense
    	networks began to attack the population
    	they were tasked with protecting.  However,
    	the time traveler Serah Farron was able to
    	eradicate the malfunctioning systems.  At
    	least, according to certain records of
    	unknown providence.
    Zenobia Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	Zenobia is one of the fearsome group of
    	Cie'th known as the 'Undying.'  After
    	descending upon the Haerii Archaeopolis and
    	wreaking untold havoc, she disappeared
    	from the pages of history.
    	In 400 AF, Zenobia was summoned through a
    	crack in spacetime by the Proto fal'Cie
    	Adam, and became the harbinger of death
    	for the seeress Yeul.  It is said this moment
    	was 'seen' and recorded within an Oracle
    Amethyst and Luvulite Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	Pacos Amethyst and Pacos Luvulite are
    	crystalspawn born in the chaos of Valhalla.
    	Amethyst was once a pure chuck of ice
    	floating on the seas of entropy, while
    	Luvulite was a pool of molten magma that
    	erupted from the unstable ground.  Once
    	both mad matured to a certain size, they took
    	on the apparent shape and cunning of
    Miniflan Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	The self-styled miniflan musketeers are a
    	gang of five kinds of flan who somehow
    	acquired self-awareness.  The group consists
    	of cool Blue, emo Black, lady Pink,
    	mischievous Yellow, and their hot-blooded
    	leader, Red.
    	Red is a regular miniflan.  As for the others, it
    	is not clear if they will turn the same color 
    	as they age.  In any case, scientists are
    	praying that they won't grow any bigger.
    Goblin Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	The goblins that inhabit the Archylte Steppe
    	of Pulse are highly intelligent carnivores who
    	lay traps for their prey and hunt in packs.
    	For this reason, they are a direct threat to
    	the hunters who also live off the plains.
    	Climate change can cause a decline in prey
    	and force the goblins to wander closer to 
    	human settlements in search of food.  They
    	love a good fight and like to pounce on 
    	unwary humans.  We recommend staying in
    	large groups when traversing goblin-infested
    Ghast Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	The Cie'th, including monsters such as the
    	Ghast, are created by fal'Cie from living
    	humans.  When people who have been made
    	l'Cie are unable to fulfill their Focus, they are
    	transformed into Cie'th.  Places where fal'Cie
    	were once active are often infested with
    	large numbers of wandering Cie'th.
    Kalavinka Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	The Kalavinka Striker is a bioweapon that
    	was deployed by the elite PSICOM forces of
    	the defunct Sanctum government of Cocoon.
    	It was believed these weapons were all lost
    	in the catastrophe, but at least one
    	apparently fell into the Void Beyond.
    Fragment of Invincibility - Best of the Bestiary
    	The War of Transgression that pitted Cocoon
    	against Pulse took place 700 years before
    	the catastrophe.  The common wisdom on
    	Cocoon is that the war was sparked by a
    	Pulse invasion; however, Pulse records
    	claim that the culprit was a 'demon from Cocoon.'
    	Historians remain divided to this day.
    	The people of Pulse had always feared
    	invasion from the sky, and made
    	preparations accordingly.  These included
    	'immortals,' war machines of immense
    	strength and durability that were able to
    	fight fal'Cie even when half-destroyed.  The
    	ancient weapons where designed for a 
    	defensive war on the ground, not offensive
    	airborne assaults.  Some historians claim
    	that this proves it was Cocoon that
    	instigated the war.
    Ugallu Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	The monster Ugallu once descended upon
    	ancient Paddra.  Many a l'Cie and mighty
    	warrior faced the beast, but none were able
    	to subjugate it.  Only the seeress Paddra Nsu-
    	Yeul of the Farseers knew the true extent of
    	the menace it posed.
    	Ugallu was a monster from the seeress's
    	future.  Its very existence in her time was a
    	contradiction, an impossibility.  If it was not
    	destroyed, the tear in spacetime would grow
    	until it consumed the entire nation.  So the
    	seeress made the fateful decision to break
    	her own vows and seal the beast within the
    	Void Beyond.
    Ochu Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	Ochus are wild plant-monsters that live on
    	Gran Pulse.  Variants include the small
    	microchu and its close cousin the neochu, as
    	well as the rapidly mutating chaochu.
    	Because the ochu and its relatives inhabit
    	similar environments, they are fierce rivals
    	for food and resources.  On Pulse, evolution
    	acts on populations remarkably quickly; new
    	varieties and species emerge in a matter of
    	years.  That said, however, the ochu and
    	neochu have been in competition for much
    Gorgyra Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	There was once a female warrior of Paddra,
    	bound to serve the goddess, who was
    	tricked by an enemy and almost caused the
    	seeress to be killed.  Now, the seeress loved
    	the warrior like a sister, and she forgave the
    	mistake.  But the warrior did not, and as 
    	penance she asked a fal'Cie to turn her into
    	a Cie'th.
    	When the warrior finished her prayer to the
    	fal'Cie, an ominous voice rang through her
    	head. 'I have heard your plea.  You shall lose
    	your five senses, be plunged into black
    	flames, and wander the eternal darkness.
    	Your words shall be a song of agony; your
    	screams a curse of death.  And thus shall 
    	you remain, until a merciful one destroys
    	your soul and frees you from your torment.'
    Long Gui Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	The long gui is one of the largest monsters
    	on Pulse.  All members of the oretoise family
    	have long life spans, and some researchers
    	believe that long guis are actually shaolong
    	guis that have survived even longer than
    	normal.  Others assert that they constitute a
    	distinct species.
    	Evidence exists to support both sides of the
    	argument, but as the creatures live for
    	centuries, generations must pass before a
    	consensus is reached.
    Yomi Fragment - Best of the Bestiary
    	The Archylte Steppe becomes a very
    	different place when thunder rolls across
    	the heavens, for it heralds the coming of
    	Yomi, one of the host of the Undying that is
    	also known as the Wings of Death.
    	Why does it only appear with the lightning?
    	The answer lies in its former life.  Yomi was
    	once a great hero, driven to prove that he
    	was the most powerful warrior of his age,
    	but he was struck down by lightning on the
    	steppe before he could complete his quest.
    	Now he wanders the very same steppe where
    	his life was so suddenly cut short.  Amidst
    	the crashing thunder and howling wind, no
    	one hears his tormented screams.
    Twilight Fragment Alpha - Best of the Bestiary
    	The malevolent Twilight Odin is the 'dark
    	shadow' that enveloped the Blitz Squadron in
    	the Vile Peaks, 10 AF.
    	This entity exists outside time and can
    	manifest in several eras at once.  The source
    	of its power, however, is but a single
    	fragment, and the loss of this crystallized
    	memory would weaken the shadowy being
    	across every age.
    Twilight Fragment Beta - Best of the Bestiary
    	The creature known as 'Twilight Odin'
    	appears as a shadowy twin of the original
    	Eidolon.  In truth, it is a formless being of
    	chaos that seeped into the mortal world
    	from the Unseen Realm.  This malignant force
    	used a crystallized memory found in the Vile
    	Peaks as a mold, and assumed the form of
    	The memory belongs to a certain l'Cie who
    	saved Cocoon.  It was in the Vile Peaks that
    	she first faced and overcame the equine
    	Eidolon warrior.
    Academic Reward 15/15
    Academic Rank: Monster Professor
    	You have investigate and created detailed
    	reports on every known monstrous life-form.
    	In recognition of your contribution to the
    	Academy's Weapon Development
    	Department, I hereby confer upon you the
    	honorary title of Monster Professor.
    	Academy Lead Advisor, Hope Estheim
    Academic Rank: Paradox Professor
    	You have recorded topographical data and
    	provided complete and detailed maps for
    	every notable paradox location.  For your
    	contribution to the Academy's paradox
    	research, I hereby confer upon you the
    	honorary title of Paradox Professor.
    	Academy Representative Telaf Raeland
    Idea Circuit - The A.Z. Files
    	I got a message the other day, and when I
    	saw who it was from, well golly, I nearly
    	keeled over in surprise.  It was from Hope
    	Estheim himself!  I remember when Elida used
    	to be classmates with him in middle school.
    	It's hard to forget the names of the people
    	who were involved in the catastrophe.
    	Anyway, he said he was really interested in
    	my report about the gates, and wanted to
    	know if I'd be willing in joining his team. Team
    	Alpha.  Wow.  With them, I'd have all the
    	resources I need to continue my research.
    Enigma Codex - The A.Z. Files
    	We're learning more and more about the
    	properties of spacetime.  We know that when
    	the future is altered, the past is reorganized
    	to maintain the logic of the timeline.  Even
    	people's memories are overwritten with the
    	new reality.  And we also know that multiple
    	possibilities do not co-exist.
    	In the end, one timeline is chosen, and that
    	becomes the true history.
    	I wonder what happens to the other
    	possibilities, the ones that aren't chosen.
    	And in which of the those worlds will I end up?
    Difference Engine - The A.Z. Files
    	I still don't know if it was me or my friend
    	who died that day.  No matter how many
    	times I check that gravestone, the doubts
    	Timelines that are not chosen eventually
    	disappear.  Other possibilities only exist for
    	as long as spacetime is broken.  When the
    	paradoxes are resolved, and the true
    	timeline restored, will it be like the main in my
    	dreams says it will?  Will I disappear forever,
    	gone even from the memories of the people
    	who remain?
    Travel Guide: New Bodhum - Area Information
    	New Bodhum is a seaside village located
    	some distance from Cocoon's pillar.  Most of
    	the residents are refugees from the former
    	Cocoon town, Bodhum.
    	The residents are trying to recreate the
    	fireworks festival for which old Bodhum
    	became famous.  If they succeed, the town is
    	sure to become a major tourist destination.
    	From the Editor's Desk:
    	Be sure to drop by NORA House, a peaceful
    	cafe right on the beach that serves up a 
    	fatally delicious dish of deadly whitefish.
    	When we asked the very attractive chef what
    	exactly was in it, she told us 'It's better that
    	you don't know!'
    Travel Guide: Bresha Ruins - Area Information
    	The Bresha Ruins are the remains of an
    	ancient city that once stood on the shores of
    	Lake Bresha, one of the eeriest sights on
    	Cocoon.  During the events of the Purge that
    	immediately preceded the fall of Cocoon, a
    	Pulse fal'Cie turned the waters of the lake
    	into crystal.
    	From the Editor's Desk:
    	Even burning flames became crystallized,
    	creating spectacularly evocative and
    	unusual landscapes.  However, because the
    	waters of the lake are now frozen solid, the
    	famous fish restaurants that once dotted
    	the shore are sadly no more.
    Travel Guide: Yaschas Massif - Area Information
    	The Yaschas Massif, in Pulse's southern
    	reaches, is home to the ancient ruins of
    	Paddra.  Paddra was the only advanced
    	civilization of ancient Gran Pulse, but after
    	the War of Transgression between Pulse and
    	Cocoon, it began a long decline that ended in
    	its complete disappearance.
    	From the Editor's Desk:
    	The tough, mountainous terrain is a popular
    	draw for mountaineers and other outdoor
    	types.  We recommend visiting Paddra, awe-
    	inspiring even in ruins.  Also worth a hike is
    	the viewing platform next to the dormant
    Travel Guide: Oerba - Area Information
    	Oerba is an abandoned village located in the
    	northern reaches of Pulse.  The sand that
    	covers the ground is powdered crystal that
    	fell during the War of Transgression.
    	In recent times, large numbers of Cie'th have
    	been seen in the area.  Presumably, they were
    	created from living humans to serve some 
    	mysterious fal'Cie purpose.  Cie'th are former
    	l'Cie who failed to complete their Focus.
    	From the Editor's Desk:
    	Oerba is a designated Special Protected
    	Zone, so visitors are not allowed.  However,
    	you might get permission from the Academy
    	for an airship flyover.
    Travel Guide: Sunleth Waterscape - Area Information
    	The Sunleth Waterscape is a nature preserve
    	located inside Cocoon.  After the 
    	catastrophe, the various fal'Cie that
    	controlled the weather became dormant and
    	the light of the fal'Cie Phoenix, which once
    	served as Cocoon's sun, dimmed considerably.
    	For these reasons, the native biosystem has
    	broken down and the site is now a haven for
    	From the Editor's Desk:  Jars of
    	concentrated miniflan mucus are sold
    	exclusively at the local Academy branch
    	office.  Known as Firaga for the Tongue, the
    	spice is wildly popular with chefs who need
    	to give their dishes an extra dash of hellish
    Travel Guide: Academia - Area Information
    	Academia is the capital city of the
    	settlements that have sprung up around the
    	base of the Cocoon pillar.
    	In the east is the merchant's area, with
    	Grand Avenue running down the middle, and
    	in the west is the residential district called
    	New Town.  To the north stands the
    	headquarters of the Academy organization, a
    	popular sightseeing spot for visitors and
    	locals alike.
    	From the Editor's Desk:
    	After a full day of shopping, we recommend 
    	heading to the Academy HQ building and 
    	checking out the night views from the
    	restaurant on the top floor.  The restaurant
    	is run directly by the Academy, and it serves
    	up dishes that tickle the intellect as well as
    	the palate.
    Travel Guide: Augusta Tower - Area Information
    	Augusta Tower is the giant electronic brain
    	of Academia.  The AI mind that occupies the
    	tower stores precious data and records
    	from centuries ago that cannot be found
    	anywhere else.  Apparently, there are
    	freelance data miners who do nothing but
    	search the archives for new information
    	From the Editor's Desk:
    	When the tower was first built, a number of
    	galas and parties were held featuring the
    	tower mascots, Augy and Towpy.  When the
    	tower was closed to the public the mascots
    	were discarded, to the dismay of small
    	children everywhere.
    Travel Guide: Vile Peaks - Area Information
    	Located in Cocoon, Vile Peaks is a massive
    	dumping ground of waste and refuse.  When
    	the fal'Cie built Cocoon, and during later
    	modifications, large quantities of material
    	were lifted up from the surface of Gran
    	The unused surplus was discarded here, and
    	now it is infested with roaming war machines
    	of ancient Pulse.
    	From the Editor's Desk:
    	Forget about sightseeing.  Not even the
    	military is allowed full access.  That said,
    	there are a few brave collectors of retro war
    	weapons and relics who sneak in here to
    	scavenge for parts...
    Travel Guide: Archylte Steppe - Area Information
    	The Archylte Steppe is a broad plain located
    	in a remote corner of Pulse.  The few
    	explorers who reach the steppe return with
    	reports of a tribe of fiercely independent
    	nomadic hunters who have lived off the land
    	here for centuries, cut off from the rest of
    	human civilization.
    	The actual location has not been made
    	public, but tourists with a bent for adventure
    	might consider renting an airship and putting
    	together their own expedition.
    	From the Editor's Desk:
    	Some believe that the hunters are 
    	descendents of the original inhabitants of
    	Pulse, while others claim they are a lost
    	tribe of Cocoon.  If you could get close
    	enough to win their trust, they might tell you
    	their story.
    Travel Guide: A Dying World - Area Information
    	One of the prophecies recorded on the
    	Oracle Drive excavated from the ruins shows
    	a mysterious place called the Dying World.  It
    	appears to be inhabited by descendants of
    	the ancient Paddra Farseers, as well as
    	refugees from Cocoon.  Scientist believe
    	that this world is our distant future.
    	From the Editor's Desk:
    	Frankly, we're not sure if anyone would
    	actually want to visit the place.  But "We'll
    	take you to the ends of the earth!" is our
    	motto, so we've sent our crack intern
    	researcher to check it out.  We'll let you know
    	the moment we hear from him again.
    Great Mog Wisdom 21/21
    Delicate Crystal - The Wisdom of Moogles
    	A time labyrinth is a work-in-progress space
    	that its creator couldn't be bothered to
    	finish because of a paradox, kupo.  We can
    	transform it into what it should be by
    	resolving the paradox, kupo!
    	I'll bet the creator was lazy and
    	irresponsible, kupo!  What?  That sounds like
    	me?  N-no, it doesn't, kupo!
    Time's Stardust - Mog Confidential
    	Ever wondered how moogles fly so fine in the
    	sky?  It's all thanks to our magic bobbles,
    	kupo!  They're made of crystal, kupo, and
    	they conjure up an anti-gravity field that
    	never lets us down.
    	Our little wings are just for show, so people
    	won't get jealous of our brilliant bobbles.
    	Hehe.  Now you know something no one else
    	does, kupo!	
    Time's Shell - Mog Confidential
    	Tick-tock, the moogle clock runs on
    	clockwork, kupo.  If I forget to wind it up, it'll
    	stop dead and we'll be in untimely trouble!
    	...And you want to know something really
    	super secret?  My moogle body is actually a
    	puppet, and the real me is inside the clock!
    	I am totally, absolutely telling the truth. Kind
    Time's Coral - Mog Confidential
    	I have to do everything that Lightning tells
    	me, kupo.  Everything!  In Valhalla, the losers
    	obey the winners.  It's the law, kupo.
    	Where did I fight Lightning, you ask?  In
    	Valhalla, of course!  It was an exciting duel.
    	She threw down scissors three times in a 
    	row, kupo!  I wasn't expecting that.  Maybe I
    	should have picked swords after all, kupo...
    Spinning Moonstone - Mog Trivia
    	Fragments are little nuggets of information
    	like frozen shards of time.  You just have to
    	touch them to fill your head with what's
    	inside, kupo.
    	You see, they are made of the same crystal
    	that's inside the Oracle Drive.  That's how
    	they hold memories and stories and so much
    Sparkling Runestone - Mog Trivia
    	Snow is a stray cat that Yuj found, kupo!
    	Gadot was just joking when he said they
    	should call her Snow, but the name stuck
    	and that was that.
    	But in fact, everyone in the town has their
    	own name for her, such as Esmeralda and
    	Mewmew.  It's one thing to call a girl cat
    	'Snow,' but when you give her a dog name like
    	Spot, that's just wrong, kupo!
    Astonishing Limestone - Mog Trivia
    	The survival knife was a birthday present
    	from Snow and Serah to Lightning, kupo.
    	Serah treasures that knife because it reminds
    	her of Lightning, but Gadot toot it, polished
    	it, and then left it lying on the beach.
    	It was a good thing I found it, kupo.  But why
    	did Gadot clean it, then leave it out to get
    	rusty in the salt air?  It makes no sense.
    Thrilling Milestone - Mog Trivia
    	When Snow proposed to Serah, he gave her a
    	very special necklace, kupo.  It's shaped like
    	the planet Cocoon, and it symbolizes how
    	Snow and Serah will be together
    	forever-just like Pulse and Cocoon, kupo!
    	That was the idea, anyway.  But the marriage
    	is on hold until they find Lightning again.
    Lovely Starstone - Mog Trivia
    	The NORA Special is a dish served up tasty
    	hot at the NORA House in New Bodhum.  The
    	cook is Lebreau, the best chef on all of
    	Pulse, kupo!
    	The menu changes every day, kupo.  But
    	whatever it is, Lebreau uses only the
    	freshest veggies from the garden and fish
    	from the ocean-it's a surf 'n' turf treat.
    Bubbly Stone - Mog Trivia
    	Guess what?  Gadot designed and built most
    	of the buildings in New Bodhum, kupo.  
    	They're not exactly fine art, but they're tough
    	and built to last, just like the architect.  Not
    	to mention, they're comfy like an old sofa,
    	It's just the same as people.  When it comes 
    	to homes, it's what's inside that counts.
    Scorching Firestone - Mog Trivia
    	When he used to live on Cocoon, Maqui sold
    	all kinds of weird gadgets at a place called
    	Lenora's Garage, kupo.  These days, there are
    	a lot of researchers over at the Academy
    	who are getting good use out of his skeleton 
    	key set.
    	He was trying to keep his little side business
    	confidential, but Lebreau soon twigged what
    	he was up to.  She's got a nose for profits,
    	that's for sure, kupo!
    Dewy Bloodstone - Mog Trivia
    	When the folk of New Bodhum have a gripe
    	or need advice, they always turn to Yuj.
    	Gadot's too scary, Lebreau's too busy, and 
    	Maqui's too wacky.
    	If Snow doesn't get back soon, he might find
    	he's out of a job.  It's hard staying king of the
    	hill, kupo!
    Mossy Rosetta Stone - Mog Trivia
    	There used to be this hit vidshow called 'The
    	Katzroy Files,' kupo.
    	The lead character was an unlucky detective
    	who kept a chocobo chick in his hair.  He
    	wasn't much of a detective, but he was
    	honest and always looked after his family.  He
    	was very popular, kupo.
    	Apparently, he was based on a real person.  I
    	wonder if it's anyone I know, kupo.
    Bittersweet Chiffon - Cuddly Chronicles
    	Mog has been alone ever since he can
    	remember.  One day, a chocobo chick fell into
    	the Void Beyond and asked him a question.
    	'Say, are you a Mog who's a moogle?  Or are
    	you a moogle who's also a Mog?'
    	Mog replied, 'I'm a moogle, of course, and my
    	name is Mog!  And what a strange question 
    	from a chocobo chick with no name!'  When
    	she heard that, the chocobo chick fluttered 
    	her wings angrily, and said, 'I DO have a
    	name, I do!'  It was an encounter that stayed
    	with Mog for a long time.  Even now, he
    	sometimes thinks back to that day, and
    	wonders what happened to that little
    	chocobo chick...
    Tremulous Muffin - Cuddly Chronicles
    	Poor Mog had never met anyone of his own
    	kind.  One day, a group of quivering flan were
    	whisked into the Void Beyond.  'Look at him,
    	he's all round and white!  He can join us!  Then
    	we'll be six!' 'Welcome to the miniflan
    	musketeers-all for one, and one for all!'  And 
    	so, just like that, Mog was a flan.
    	One of the flan said, 'We flew here from the
    	forest of Sunleth!  Come fly back with us!
    	'But you didn't fly here, you were just carried
    	into the Void Beyond,' objected Mog.
    	Befuddled, the flan looked at each other...and
    	then suddenly, all five of them were sucked
    	into another gate!
    Beloved Cinnamon - Cuddly Chronicles
    	You know how Mog can turn himself into a
    	weapon?  Well, one day, in the Void Beyond,
    	he met a monster much like himself.  It was a
    	flying weapon called a Centaurion Blade.  It
    	told Mog that these days, it wasn't fighting
    	many battles.
    	'Are you a summoned weapon, Mog?  Can you
    	turn into a sword?'  Mog replied, 'Of course I
    	can, kupo!'  And just like that, he turned
    	himself into a handsome sword.  Now, when
    	Mog is a weapon, he can't move on his own.  If
    	he did, he'd just get in the way of whoever
    	was trying to use him.  When he explained
    	this, the Centaurion Blade shook his pommel
    	sadly.  'You are not one of my kind,' he said,
    	and then disappeared.  'What a rude sword,
    	kupo!' said Mog, and he stayed cross for a
    	long time after.
    Selfish Pancake - Cuddly Chronicles
    	Mog had no idea if he was a monster, or an
    	Eidolon, or just a simple monster.  But one
    	think he knew for sure, he wasn't a stuffed
    	toy!  After all, he told himself, how many
    	stuffed toys can fly?
    	One day, Mod got sucked into a weird and
    	scary corner of the Void Beyond where he
    	met a giant monster called Adam.  'Are you a
    	fal'Cie?' asked Adam.  'Are moogles my 
    	brethren?' 'No, moogles are moogles!' Mog
    	replied proudly.  Then Adam said, 'I have no
    	use for stuffed toys,' and disappeared
    	before Mog had a chance to reply.  'Watch
    	your manners, kupo!' shouted Mog after him,
    	but Adam was gone, never to be seen again.
    Farewell Madeleine - Cuddly Chronicles
    	One day, Mog heard rumors about another
    	creature that looked just like him.  So he set
    	off through the Historia Crux to find the
    	monster people called an imp.  For sure, the
    	imp and little flapping wings, just like Mog,
    	and it could even hover in the air.  But the
    	more Mog looked, the less moogly the
    	creature appeared.
    	'Are you a kind of imp?' asked the monster.
    	'Er, no, my eyes don't stick out nearly as
    	much as your,' replied Mog.  Well, this made
    	the imp madder than anything, and he called
    	his ahriman friend and chased Mog all over
    	the Crux.  No matter how much Mog
    	protested that he meant it as a compliment, 
    	the imp would not forgive him.
    Teatime Mont Blanc - Cuddly Chronicles
    	Mog could never remember how he ended up
    	in Valhalla.  The first monster he met was
    	mighty Odin, towering over him.  'There is only
    	one law in Valhalla,' intoned Odin.  'The weak
    	must obey the strong.'  Then, suddenly, he
    	'Seems like a silly law to me,' said Mog, 'but if
    	that's the way it has to be...kupo!'  With that,
    	he launched himself gallantly at his giant foe,
    	only to be swatted down in an instant.  'Well, I
    	guess I lost, and that makes you the boss.
    	What do you want me to do, kupo?'  But Odin
    	just glared down at him, and said, 'Bah!  I
    	have no use for one as weak as you.'  Mog 
    	learned a valuable lesson-sometimes, words
    	can hurt more than enormous boss
    Dishonest Mille-feuille - Cuddly Chronicles
    	Valhalla is a world where only the strongest
    	survive.  Those who are born weak must hone
    	their strength and skills in battle against
    	more powerful foes.  Mog heard that one of 
    	the strongest monsters around was the
    	Knight Valfodr, so he decided to issue a 
    	Valfodr was not the kind of monster to show
    	mercy, even when battling the puniest of
    	foes.  Despite his total, crushing defeat, Mog
    	was pleased with the outcome.  Now, he
    	thought, he was ready to serve the mighty.
    	But instead, Valfodr rejected him, saying, 'I
    	have no use for one so weak.'  Still, he left
    	Mog alive and without a scratch.  Maybe
    	Valfodr wasn't so bad, after all?
    Pink Parfait - Cuddly Chronicles
    	Lightning first found Mog lying on the shores
    	of chaos, in the heart of Valhalla.  Mog was
    	trying to live down his title as the Weakest
    	Monster of the Void, so he challenged 
    	Lightning to a duel, which he promptly lost.
    	Mog assumed that Lightning would treat him
    	like all the other victorious foes, and leave
    	him where he lay.  But instead, she said,
    	'Come.  Get up, Mog.'  He couldn't believe his
    	moogle ears! 'You want me to follow you?'
    	'That's the rule, right?  You lost, and now you
    	have to do my bidding.'  After that, Mog
    	vowed he would serve Lightning for the rest
    	of his life, no matter what, kupo.
    Bounty Hunter's Prize 8/8
    Ruthenium Ring - Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
    	Look, I'm gonna spell it out for you, nice and
    	clear.  The Bresha Ruins are suffering from a
    	serious monster problem.  There's a big
    	reward for anyone who can shut down the
    	infestation once and for all, but in the
    	meantime, the government's handing out
    	bounties for single monsters.
    	We've got no choice if we wanna keep	
    	Cocoon safe for humans.
    	The government has assigned us agents the
    	task of handing out the bounty to registered
    	mercs.  We used to demand the head of every
    	monster as evidence, but some heads are
    	pretty hard to collect-from bombs, say.  So
    	now it's all automated and recorded direct
    	to the kill count.
    	Today's Kill Count:
    	13 monsters confirmed dead
    	6 hunters injured, none seriously
    Rhodium Ring - Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
    	The mercs around here love their gold, yes
    	they do.  And silver, and gems, and whatever
    	else they can turn into cash.  Back in the old
    	days, we used debit cards; almost no one
    	carried hard currency.
    	But when the paradox screwed up the entire
    	system and no one could prove how much
    	they owned, well... That was the nail in the
    	coffin for virtual money!
    	We'd always had a black market currency, 
    	under the authorities' radar-you know how
    	people don't like paying taxes.  Anyway, it was
    	simple enough to switch over to that.  And now
    	even the government uses it.  So metals are
    	king again, and everyone loves their gold.
    	Today's Kill Count:
    	17 monsters confirmed dead
    	3 hunters injured, 1 seriously
    Palladium Ring - Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
    	Monsters were too hot to handle today.  Lots
    	of casualties.  Score one for the monster
    	army, I guess.  We gotta get more hunters on
    	the job, or we're gonna be in a world of
    	What's that?  Why don't we leave the
    	monsters alone, you say?  Nah, wouldn't 
    	work.  The government tried abandoning
    	these ruins once, years ago.  Oh, man, that
    	was a disaster, let me tell you!
    	The monsters kept comin' and comin'.  They
    	poured out of the ruins, out of the Hanging
    	Edge, and started appearing in our cities.  If
    	we'd let things go on, Cocoon would have 
    	turned into one giant monster nest.  So we
    	introduced a bounty system and started to
    	drive them back, bit by bit.
    	Today's Kill Count:
    	3 monsters confirmed dead
    	20 hunters injured, 6 seriously
    Osmium Ring - Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
    	Monster extermination operations in the
    	Bresha Ruins are being assigned to mercs by
    	government agents.  The Academy has 
    	adopted a total hands-off policy.  Hmph.  I
    	guess this is all the government is good for
    	now.  We sit around and hire other people to
    	do the dirty work for us.
    	The Academy scientists are sucking up all
    	the resources for that big project of theirs,
    	and the government gets the crumbs.  Still, if
    	the gate research is completed and the
    	monster infestation problem isn't solved, the
    	Academy'll find it harder to steal our funding.
    	Today's Results:  26 monsters confirmed 
    	dead.  10 hunters injured, 3 seriously
    Iridium Ring - Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
    	The government sent me to one of the
    	branch offices, so I have no idea what
    	happened in the ruins, which means no 
    	report today.
    	...Although, I could tell you about my trip, I
    	guess.  I went to the old commercial city of
    	Palumpolum, and I couldn't believe how many
    	people are still living there.  I guess it's not
    	surprising.  The city was barely touched in
    	the catastrophe, and the provisional
    	government was located there for a while.
    	The residents have even kept the old name.
    	Guess they like it.
    	Today's Kill Count:
    	15 monsters confirmed dead
    	10 hunters injured, none seriously
    Platinum Ring - Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
    	We had our first fatalities today.  They were
    	fools who ignored orders, but still-you don't
    	like to see it happen on your watch.  We'll
    	raise a toast to them tonight.
    	It's getting hard to keep up with the kill
    	count.  The mercs are expanding the area of
    	operations throughout the ruins.  The
    	improvements in the AMP tech are amazing,
    	but we're still trying to figure out how to
    	deploy the weapons effectively in the field.
    	Lots of confusion, lots of mistakes, which
    	means more work for me.
    	Today's Kill Count:
    	36 monsters confirmed dead
    	2 hunters killed, 35 hunters seriously injured
    Mythril Ring - Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
    	There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or
    	reason to the kind of monsters that come
    	out of the paradox.  We get wild beasts,
    	ancient Pulse weapons, everything.  Even
    	military security bots attacking civilians.  I
    	wish I knew how they get up here into 
    	A lot of stuff that comes out, we have no
    	idea what era it comes from.  We get
    	advanced bioweapons from the future,
    	extinct monsters, creatures from what must
    	be some other dimension.  According to the
    	eggheads, it's the gate that does it, pulling in
    	beasts from all over the timeline.
    	Today's Kill Count:
    	27 monsters confirmed dead
    	5 hunters injured, 1 seriously
    Adamantite Ring - Bresha Ruins Monster Mop-Up
    	We've got some interesting news to report.
    	It's about the mystery device that was
    	unearthed in the Bresha Ruins in 5 AF.  I'm
    	talking about the control device for Atlas.
    	Turns out the technology in this thing is a lot
    	more advanced than in the giant itself.
    	We could actually build Atlas today, with our
    	current know-how.  The problem is, the
    	engineers haven't been able to figure out
    	how the device works, and we'd have no way
    	to control the giant.
    	The controller appears to read human
    	thoughts and transform them into physical
    	action by some kind of...telepathy.  No one
    	knows who built it, or how.  It's like an object
    	from another world.  A real paradox.
    	Today's Kill Count:
    	33 monsters confirmed dead
    	17 hunters injured, 5 seriously
    Crimson Memories 10/10
    Waltraute's Flower - Message of the Orbs
    	The crimson orbs hold the memories and
    	remorse of people who were taken from this
    	world through tears in the fabric of time.  The
    	spheres hover silently above the ground
    	until someone draws near whose heart is
    	sensitive enough to hear their message.
    	The crimson orbs are born as a rite of
    	penance, sealed in time.  The stronger the
    	remorse, the greater the price that must be
    	paid before the burden can be lifted.
    Gerhilde's Blossom - Message of the Orbs
    	Eidolons are beasts that dwell in Valhalla.
    	L'Cie chosen by Etro are pitted against
    	Eidolons in a trail by combat.  Those who 
    	emerge triumphant receive a crystal called
    	'eidolith,' which they may use to summon the
    	beast to fight at their side.
    	The weak must obey the strong.  This is the
    	inviolable law of Valhalla.  Like any other
    	denizen of the Unseen Realm, Eidolons are
    	bound to answer every call of their master.
    Ortlinde's Bloom - Message of the Orbs
    	In the city of Paddra sits a fal'Cie, sent there
    	by the might god Pulse.  The fal'Cie channels
    	the visions of the Farseer seeress and
    	records what she sees on the Oracle Drive.
    	The people of Paddra pay homage to the
    	fal'Cie and worship Pulse who stands above.
    	Devotedly, they bow their heads to the fal'Cie
    	and the prophecies; fearfully, they kneel
    	before Etro, the goddess of death whom the
    	seeress serves.
    Schwertleite's Flower - Message of the Orbs
    	In ancient times there was a mighty spell
    	that could summon meteorites and cast
    	them upon the heads of foes.  The meteorites
    	had crystalline cores, grown abnormally
    	large in another spacetime.
    	The attributes of the meteorite would differ
    	depending on the nature of its core crystal.
    	Some meteorites even held within them rare,
    	otherworldly crystals knows as 'artefacts,'
    	which in special circumstances might be
    	used to open portals to other places-and
    	other times.
    Heimwige's Nightshade - Message of the Orbs
    	Caius, the peerless hero celebrated in
    	Paddra legend, was a Guardian, appointed to
    	serve and protect the seeress.  The sagas
    	sung of his countless victories, of foes
    	vanquished in the thousands.  He was called
    	'Caius of the Ballads,' but despite his
    	renown, none knew his true origin.
    	He took the name 'Ballad' because of the
    	one battle that nearly killed him.
    	The foe was a fellow warrior of the Farseers.
    	Overwhelmed by the strength and skill of his
    	opponent, Caius was driven back and back,
    	until it was only a matter of time before the
    	final blow would fall.  But their duel was
    	interrupted by an enemy attack, and during
    	the ensuing battle Caius's opponent gave his
    	life defending the seeress.  Caius believed
    	that it was he who should have fallen in her
    	defense.  Thus, to honor the fallen warrior, he
    	took his name.
    Siegrune's Spiritbloom - Message of the Orbs
    	The most famous of the prophecies left by
    	the seeress Paddra Nsu-Yeul concerns the
    	descent of the monster Ragnarok in the
    	great battle for Cocoon.
    	Long before this came to pass, the seeress
    	named the two 'sisters' who would summon
    	the beast.  'They shall come from the far 
    	north, and the black-haired one shall be of
    	the family Yun, and the red-haired one of the
    	family Dia.'  The truth of the prophecy was
    	later confirmed by the priests of Oerba.
    Rossweisse Skyblossom - Message of the Orbs
    	At the height of Paddra civilization, the
    	seeress Paddra Nsu-Yeul of the Farseers
    	prophesized its destruction.  In one of
    	history's great ironies, the prophecy itself
    	ignited the civil war that destroyed the 
    	The seeress realized that her very words
    	had the power to change history and the
    	future, and so, with her Guardian Caius and a
    	few select escorts, she left the city for the
    	She covered her face with a veil, cast off the
    	crown that made her ruler of Paddra, and
    	became simply Yeul the Seeress.  Soon after
    	that, she and her small band of followers
    	disappeared from the pages of history.	
    Book of Avalon - Words of the Seeress
    	Hark, and hear the secret words of the
    	Only those blessed with chaos by the 
    	goddess may travel the portals of time.  Even
    	the fal'Cie, with all their great power, could
    	not enchant the blessed and make them turn
    	against the goddess.  The goddess's
    	protection is nearly absolute.
    Book of Shambala - Words of the Seeress
    	Hark, and hear the true words of the
    	On the day that the power of the l'Cie shook
    	Cocoon from the sky, the goddess took pity
    	on the people, forgave them their sins, and
    	reached out a hand of salvation.  In that
    	instant, two sisters were touched by
    	Valhalla's might, and chaos was settled deep
    	in their hearts.
    	The symbol of Valhalla that shines on their
    	garb is proof of their status.
    Book of Valhalla - Words of the Seeress
    	Hark, and hear the sacred words of the
    	The weak must obey the strong.  This is the
    	inviolable law of Valhalla.  Each monster that
    	falls in battle becomes the servant of the
    	victor.  For those whose hearts brim full with
    	chaos, the power to bend monsters to their
    	will extends beyond the borders of the
    	Unseen Realm.
    The Honor of the Blitz Squad 7/7
    Torreno's Last Light - Blitz Squadron Chronicles
    	Immediately following the catastrophe, the
    	Guardian Corps took control from the
    	Sanctum, Cocoon's then-governing body.  A
    	provisional government was formed,
    	consisting primarily of military personnel.
    	The Cavalry, an elite unit of the Guardian 
    	Corps, spearheaded the administration.
    	Seeking to rebuild society on the strength of
    	human science and free from dependence on
    	the fal'Cie, they founded an institute called
    	the 'Academy.'  Slowly but surely, the
    	provisional government transferred authority
    	to this new organization.
    Baxter's Last Light - Blitz Squadron Chronicles
    	Since the Academy's inception, its founders
    	planned to focus heavily on social sciences
    	and eventually merge with the existing 
    	The responsibility for defending the populace
    	from Pulse's hostile creatures also passed
    	to the institute, and so, drawing on
    	personnel from the former Guardian Corps,
    	the Academy Security Regiment was born.
    	Blitz Squadron is a part of that regiment-an
    	elite unit trained specifically to neutralize
    	paradox-related threats.
    Falcon's Last Light - Blitz Squadron Chronicles
    	Blitz Squadron's first duty was an operation
    	at Lake Bresha.  The device used to control
    	Atlas had been stolen by an anti-government
    	group, and the squadron retrieved it within a
    	single day.  It was a testament to the 
    	efficiency of the Academy Security Regiment.
    	The criminals in question were former
    	PSICOM military, people opposed to the new
    	society the Academy was striving to build.
    	Even after the catastrophe, many residents
    	remained on Cocoon, and more than a few of
    	those pushed for the fal'Cie to be restored.
    	This was one of the incidents that occurred
    	in the midst of general unrest.	
    Ray's Last Light - Blitz Squadron Chronicles
    	Along with the monsters and bioweapons
    	from other time periods that appear near the
    	gates, there are also many unique creatures
    	whose natural habitat is in the Void Beyond.
    	These creatures are known as 'Rift Beasts.'
    	It was Blitz Squadron that learned the 
    	ecology of nektons and meonektons.  The
    	former swim freely through the Void, while
    	the latter attach themselves to a particular
    	spacetime.  It was the squadron's expansive
    	compilation of data that allowed the
    	Academy to build theories on the non-space
    	that connects the gates.
    Thunder's Last Light - Blitz Squadron Chronicles
    	In 9 AF, Blitz Squadron was given orders to 
    	apprehend an anti-government group basing
    	its operations out of the Pulse frontier
    	The mission was a success, and at the
    	group's base they discovered evidence of
    	some incredible research.  The terrorists had
    	obtained data on Atlas, the Bresha Ruins 
    	giant, and were attempting to build their own
    	mega-soldier.  This incident would later prove
    	to be the catalyst for an unexpected debate.
    Sarge's Last Light - Blitz Squadron Chronicles
    	In 9 AF, Blitz Squadron foiled an anti-
    	government group's attempt to construct
    	their own Atlas.  This incident sparked a
    	heated debate among the members of the
    	One faction insisted that they delete all Atlas
    	data files to prevent future misuse, while
    	another claimed that the construction of the
    	giant weapon was a necessary evil.  If Atlas
    	was indeed a future weapon, they argued,
    	someone must build it or history would face
    	another paradox.  With no conclusion
    	forthcoming, the data files were eventually
    	stored within Academy headquarters to
    	await a final judgment.
    Blitz Squadron Mission Report - Blitz Squadron Chronicles
    	In 10 AF, Blitz Squadron, an elite Academy
    	Security Regiment unit, returned from duty
    	in the Vile Peaks.  During their mission, their
    	entire airship vanished...and the crew along
    	with it.  All hope for their survival was lost,
    	until they miraculously reappeared three
    	weeks later.
    	During an awards ceremony that took place
    	some time after, the squadron's leader was
    	asked how they team got its name.  He
    	revealed that it was an homage to one of
    	their former squadmates from their Guardian
    	Corps days, who went by the code name
    Fate's Recollection 18/18
    Heart Prism - Lenora's Garage Latest
    	You're not going to believe this.  More and
    	more people in New Bodhum have been
    	learning spells after moving here from 
    	It makes sense that Serah has magic powers,
    	'cause she spent time dreaming in crystal,
    	but when kids start screaming 'Fire!' and
    	conjuring flames out of thin air, you have to
    	start wondering.
    	We asked Serah how she does her magic
    	tricks, and she said something about
    	'channeling the crystal within'-whatever that
    	means.  Well, maybe some mysteries are not
    	meant to be understood...
    Vita Lyrica - The NORA House Chronicles
    	Serah has left on a journey, too, so things
    	are going to get busy around here.  She was
    	the only one who knew how to cook all the
    	NORA House dishes; with her gone, it's just
    	me holding down the fort.
    	Serah used to get good grades back in 
    	school.  History was her favorite subject.  She
    	was teaching the kids the odd class here and
    	there, but Snow and her were talking about
    	building a proper school right here in New
    	Bodhum.  When they get back, we're all going
    	to pitch in and make it happen.
    Anima Miseria - The NORA House Chronicles
    	The last time Serah saw Lightning was right
    	before she was turned into crystal.  She told
    	Lightning about her plans to marry Snow, but
    	when Lightning refused to bless their
    	marriage, she took off running.  That's no way
    	to say good-bye.  Those two still have
    	unfinished business.
    	Here in New Bodhum, Serah spent a lot of
    	time looking up at the night sky, talking to
    	Lightning.  She's never been able to let go.
    Unio Mystica - The NORA House Chronicles
    	Back in Bodhum, on Cocoon, there was this
    	weird relic called a Vestige which had been
    	lifted off Pulse back when Cocoon and Pulse
    	were fighting.
    	Turns out that it was an old Pulse temple,
    	and there was a fal'Cie inside that turned
    	Serah into a l'Cie.  It seems crazy to think
    	now that no on thought to check inside
    	before they set it up next to our hometown.
    	When Serah got turned into a l'Cie inside the
    	Vestige, the Cocoon fal'Cie used the incident
    	for their own purposes.  Serah's not a l'Cie
    	anymore, and the brand is gone from her 
    	arm, but she's still able to use magic.  I
    	wonder if the power just stayed inside her
    	after she was cured.  Or is it new, from
    	somewhere else?
    Ars Symphonica - The NORA House Chronicles
    	Everyone in NORA came from Bodhum
    	originally, but there's not a soul living there
    	anymore.  When Cocoon fell and almost
    	smashed into Pulse, the whole town was
    	wiped out.
    	Funny thing is, no one was in the town thanks
    	to the Purge that the Sanctum and PSICOM
    	carried out.  Does that mean the Purge was a
    	good thing?  Well, I wouldn't say that.
    	Bodhum used to be famous for its fireworks
    	festival, and our cafe would be busy as
    	anything the night of the show.  I hope 
    	someday we can bring those good times
    	back here in New Bodhum.
    Pathos Jewel - NEW: Lenora's Garage Latest
    	This new column, penned by your favorite
    	junk and gadgets dealer, introduces newbies
    	to the ins and outs of machines of all kinds.
    	The crystal used inside the ancient Oracle
    	Drive devices is a really amazing material.  It
    	resonates with the thoughts of nearby
    	people and reconstructs them in its atomic
    	Plus, if you inject energy into the crystal,
    	you can freeze the structure into place.  So,
    	if you think about something really hard, and
    	then run a current of energy through the 
    	crystal lattice, you can trap the images that
    	were inside your head.  Scientists have even
    	figured out how to date the recordings.
    Misery's Bead - NEW: Lenora's Garage Latest
    	Since I started dealing junk parts, I've been
    	building quite a collection of broken weapons
    	components.  I've divided them into tow main
    	categories: military weapons and ancient
    	Military weapons include things like
    	bioweapons and mechs that were used by
    	the old Cocoon military.  A lot of the top-
    	secret stuff features streamlined designs
    	and AMP (Antimatter Manipulation Principle)
    	The ancient weapons are mostly military 
    	hardware that extinct Gran Pulse
    	civilizations left behind.  These relics tend to
    	be tough and heavy, like construction
    	machinery, but some are really weird 
    	contraptions using far-out technologies.
    Amur's Sphere - NEW: Lenora's Garage Latest
    	We'd been having problems with our
    	automated delivery system, and customers
    	were complaining they didn't get their goods.
    	For a virtual shop like us, this is a serious
    	problem.  Then again, I only started this as a
    	hobby, so do I really care if we go under?
    	Well, anyway, we patched the problem by
    	borrowing space on the Moogleworks
    	system, which is why some of you have been
    	greeted by a squeaky 'Welcome, kupo!'...Say,
    	wouldn't it be wild if that shop was run by a
    	real live moogle?
    Innocence's Sacred Sphere - NEW: Lenora's Garage Latest
    	The upgrades we do on wristwatches make
    	them pretty much indestructible.  It all
    	started when Snow asked us to customize a	
    	watch for him, with a guarantee that it could	
    	survive absolutely anything he might throw
    	at it.
    	Not sure why he'd want to try and wreck his
    	own watch, but the customer knows best, I 
    	guess.  Besides, the way Snow runs around
    	like a behemoth with its head cut off, I figure
    	he should worry more about himself than his 
    	People complained about how the earlier
    	models looked, so we've brought my pal Yuj
    	on board to spiff up the design.  If anyone
    	knows about matching outfits, it's Yuj.
    Orb of Clotho - The Book of Haerii
    	This is the prophecy as told by Clotho,
    	messenger of the otherworld.
    	Great Fenrir is the fal'Cie of the skies above.
    	By the will of the might god Pulse, Fenrir
    	ceaselessly wanders the heavenly vault,
    	searching for the great door lost at the
    	equinox of existence.  This is the destiny of
    	the fal'Cie Fenrir.
    Sword of Lachesis - The Book of Haerii
    	This is the prophecy as told by Lachesis,
    	messenger of the magic world.
    	Ragnarok the beat shall bring down Cocoon.
    	After the War of Transgression, two girls
    	from the far north shall come to Cocoon, the
    	nest of Lindzei, and transform into the beast
    	that destroys it.  Until the end of time, this
    	day shall be known as the Day of Ragnarok.
    Mirror of Atropos - The Book of Haerii
    	The is the prophecy as told by Atropos,
    	messenger of the heavens.
    	The Thirteenth Ark is the fortress that 
    	protects the heavenly vault.  When the heroes
    	gather unto mighty Pulse to do battle in the
    	war that must be fought, this shall be the
    	stronghold.  Know now and remember that 
    	the Ark shall by the salvation of all Pulse's
    Giant Egg - A Research Director's Notebook
    	What was the ultimate purpose of the
    	Paddra Oracle Drives?  The dominant theory
    	is that they were archiving devices for
    	preserving images of the future.  These
    	'archives' appear to consist of broken
    	fragments of the seeresses' prophecies.
    	To gain a clear picture of the timeline, it will
    	be necessary to amass a large collection of
    	these images and then piece them together.
    	We have noted that the ancients stopped 
    	recording visions after a certain point in
    	history.  Did the process of recording to the
    	Oracle Drive become an empty ritual?  Was
    	some other means found to preserve the
    	prophecies?  Or did the visions of the future
    	grow so terrible that the Farseers thought it
    	best they never be seen?
    Extraordinary Egg - A Research Director's Notebook
    	I still find it difficult to believe.  Today, we
    	uncovered a recording of Snow in the
    	machine.  There was nothing unusual about
    	the image itself.  We expected that Snow
    	might be traveling the timeline.  What shocked
    	me was the brand.  He bore the mark of a 
    	Gran Pulse l'Cie.
    	Since the catastrophe, the Pulse fal'Cie have
    	had nothing to do with human affairs.  They
    	have shown no interest in attacking Cocoon,
    	and they have no reason to make anybody a
    	l'Cie.  Which leaves only one possibility-Snow
    	himself asked for the brand.
    	What is happening to Snow, in that distant
    	future?  What terrible need drove him to take
    	the l'Cie brand?
    Woolly Stone - The Melancholy of the Lambs
    	We're the sheep of Gran Pulse
    	and our wool is the best,
    	We grow it this thick
    	so it keeps off the pests.
    	But the men chase us down
    	with scissors and shears,
    	And cut it all off
    	before it covers our ears.
    	Our Rough Wool is strong	
    	and makes saddles and carpets,
    	Our Thick Wool makes hats
    	and booties and blankets.
    	But it's our fine Fluffy Wool
    	that holds them in thrall,
    	When plucked at the roots,
    	it's the best wool of all.
    Setzer's Dice - A Gambler Speaks
    	They say the future isn't certain.  But neither
    	is the past.  Until someone checks, no one
    	knows if a tossed coin comes up heads or
    	tails.  For a brief moment, both possibilities
    	exist.  The coin is heads-and-tails, potential
    	realities overlapping.  A paradox.
    	You've seen the evidence all around you. 
    	Don't tell me you haven't.  Treasure boxes
    	that appear out of nowhere, landscapes that
    	shouldn't be there, gates that shimmer and
    	flicker.  This is what happens when worlds
    	collide.  It's like I always say... There's
    	more to this universe then meets the eye.
    Cartesian Board - Valhalla Analects
    	The Void Beyond is a chasm between the
    	seen and unseen worlds.  It is a space made
    	of shadows that are cast long and dark from
    	Valhalla itself.  Many form closed, incomplete
    	worlds that are known as temporal rifts.
    	There are other kinds of places here, too,
    	such as palaces and battle arenas molded
    	from nothing more substantial than hopes,
    	dreams and passions.
    Laplacian Board - Valhalla Analects
    	There is no death in the Void Beyond.  Souls
    	who long to die instead live within dreams
    	that are spun from the fabric of their 
    	deepest desires.  Once trapped within these
    	dreams, they have no means of escape.
    	Next time you look into a mirror, peer closely
    	at the edge.  Do you see the ghostly 
    	shimmering?  That is the world of dreams,
    	known to some as the Mirror World.  It is an
    	eternal place of wishes fulfilled and happy
    	memories made real-yet the ghosts who
    	inhabit it know not they are prisoners of
    Quiz Mastery 9/9
    Quiz Rank: Private - Figures of Note
    	Captain Rygdea is a former Cocoon soldier.
    	Following the catastrophe, he played a
    	central role in running the provisional 
    	Rygdea crushed the budding resurgence of
    	the former administration by revealing the
    	Sanctum's manipulation by the fal'Cie, and
    	their subsequent slaughter of innocent
    	civilians during the Purge.
    	He lent his support to the Academy
    	scientists who sought to promote 'human
    	independence,' and encouraged the shift in
    	authority from the government to this new
    Quiz Rank: Sergeant - Figures of Note
    	Elida Karmic is a singer hailing from
    	Palumpolum, Cocoon, and was popular
    	during the 10s and 20s following the
    	Her most memorable appearance was during
    	the New Nautilus Auditorium Opening
    	Concert, where director of the New Cocoon	
    	Project, Hope Estheim, handed her a 
    	bouquet of flowers.  Karmic and Estheim
    	were classmates all through middle school.
    Quiz Rank: Lieutenant - Figures of Note
    	Colonel Yaag Rosch was an officer in the
    	Sanctum's elite PSICOM Division.
    	Along with PSICOM officer Colonel Nabaat,
    	he acted as one of the primarch's
    	staunchest supporters.  During the
    	catastrophe, however, he chose to abort the
    	operation ordered by the fal'Cie.  Rosch	
    	redirected the military's efforts into 
    	evacuating citizens, and in doing so saved
    	countless lives. His fate following those
    	events is unknown, but it is assumed he was
    	killed in action.
    Quiz Rank: Colonel - Figures of Note
    	Bartholomew Estheim was originally an
    	economist for a Sanctum-affiliated institute.
    	Following the catastrophe, the newly formed
    	provisional government employed him as a 
    	financial advisor, where he was instrumental
    	in the founding of the Academy.
    	He is the father of Hope Estheim, the
    	director of the New Cocoon Project.
    Quiz Rank: General - Figures of Note
    	Lieutenant Amodar was a soldier in Cocoon's
    	Guardian Corps.  Although he once retired
    	from duty in disgust at the military's handling
    	of civilians during the catastrophe, Amodar
    	re-enlisted to help protect people from the 
    	hostile creatures of Pulse.
    	The lieutenant's unique appearance was 
    	used to create a duplicate-a 4D attraction
    	code-named 'Captain Cryptic' that proved
    	incredibly popular with children.  The original
    	Amodar is said to also have been fond of
    	quizzes and trivia.
    Stoic Virtue - Academy Datafile
    	The deterioration of the crystal pillar
    	supporting Cocoon continues, and it will only
    	be a matter of years before a complete
    	structural collapse occurs.
    	Academy scientists are moving forward with
    	plans to create a 'metashield'-an invisible
    	cushion of force that will soften Cocoon's
    	impact significantly, thereby minimizing the
    	damage to Pulse's surface and preventing a
    	catastrophic upheaval in the lowerworld's
    Epicurean Song - Academy Datafile
    	With our continuing progress into paradox
    	research, we've come to learn that the
    	future can influence the past.  Once events in 
    	the future are decided, the past is altered to 
    	support that outcome.
    	For people in the future, the past is like an 
    	unopened box.  Say, for example, at a certain
    	point in time, someone makes a discovery in
    	a set of ruins and learns a fact about the
    	past.  In that instant of understanding, past
    	reality is defined.
    	But then the question must be asked: who,
    	along the entire span of history, is 
    	considered to be 'in the future'?
    Lyceum Knowledge - Academy Datafile
    	The language of the human race has changed
    	little since ancient times.  Records show that
    	the tongue spoken by the people of Paddra
    	almost a thousand years ago is functionally
    	identical to that used by the present citizens
    	of Academia.
    	Although the language is much the same, it
    	seems strange that the alphabets of Gran
    	Pulse and Cocoon should vary so widely.
    	Perhaps this variation stems from the fact
    	that human language was not a naturally	
    	occurring phenomenon, but a tool given to
    	us by the fal'Cie.
    Academia Wisdom - Academy Datafile
    	The last Primarch in Cocoon was the ill-fated
    	Cid Raines, who was killed in a coup d'etat
    	shortly after his rise to office.
    	The Cavalry, the military unit leading the
    	rebellion, once followed him without question
    	in their bid to overthrow the Sanctum.  They
    	considered his acceptance of the
    	government's highest position as
    	incontrovertible proof of his betrayal.
    	Captain Rygdea, member of the Cavalry and
    	instigator of the coup d'etat, was the driving
    	force behind the provisional government 
    	formed following the catastrophe.  Although
    	he spoke little of his former commander, he
    	did have this to say of Cid Raines: 'He was
    	exactly the sort of man we needed for this 
    	new age.'
    Graviton Core 7/7
    Graviton Core Alpha - The Hero's Trail
    	Well, this is it.  I'm off to find Lightning.  Serah
    	says her sister is alive, and if I don't believe 
    	her, who will?  And this isn't just about
    	Lightning.  Fang and Vanille are waiting for me
    	to find a way to help them outta that pillar, 
    	I'm going to leave my engagement pendant
    	with Serah.  It's not the right time to get
    	married, not while we still don't know the 
    	truth.  Besides, I still need to get Lightning's
    Graviton Core Beta - The Hero's Trail
    	Whoa, that was one crazy dream.  I didn't
    	really get that talk about gates and artefacts
    	and stuff, but ya gotta do what big sis tells
    	ya, right?
    	Looks like this journey is going to take
    	longer than I figured.  But, Serah, and Gadot	
    	and the gang, they'll understand.  Right?
    Graviton Core Gamma - The Hero's Trail
    	Hey, Serah, can you hear me?  It seems like
    	wherever I go, I leave this graviton ore stuff
    	in my steps, which you're going to need at
    	some point down the road.  Guess that means
    	I should keep walkin', even if it doesn't get
    	me anywhere.
    	Who knows, maybe you'll hear this message
    	some day, through the crystal.  At least then I
    	won't have been talkin' to myself the whole 
    	time.  So, Serah?  If you're listening, take care
    	and come home safe!
    Graviton Core Delta - The Hero's Trail
    	So, this is Oerba, where Fang and Vanille 
    	came from.  You know, I always figured they'd
    	be the last ones to turn to crystal and sleep
    	Although I guess they'd slept for centuries
    	before they met up with us; I only ever knew
    	them when they were up and runnin' around.
    	If I'm going to free them, I need to get
    	stronger-much stronger.  Strong like I was
    	back then.  When I was a l'Cie.
    Graviton Core Epsilon - The Hero's Trail
    	I passed by someone when I was in the
    	Historia Crux.  He was sleeping, just bobbing
    	along time's current.  I didn't get a good look
    	at him, but crazy hair looked really 
    	familiar.  It was Sazh-I'd bet my favorite
    	bandanna on it.
    	Thing is, last I heard he was piloting some
    	airship.  I hope he didn't get caught up in any
    	of this trouble.  He's had enough bad luck for
    	one lifetime.
    Graviton Core Zeta - The Hero's Trail
    	Hey, Serah.  It was good to see you-but hard
    	to say good-bye again.  Don't worry about
    	me, though.  I found my own gate.  And now
    	I'm followin' my path.
    	Hey, and Noel?  You there?  You make damn
    	sure Serah finds her sister, you hear me?
    	Together, you can do it.  I know you can.
    Graviton Core Eta - The Hero's Trail
    	So here I am, in the Void Beyond.  I heard
    	there's some kind of coliseum place up
    	ahead.  I've got something I need to do there.
    	All I have to do is climb on Shiva and head
    	straight in.  Only one thing I'm worried about...
    	What exactly is that Caius guy up to?
    An Affectionate Message 15/15
    Words of Light - Message from Lightning
    	There is no time in Valhalla.  Events happen in
    	chaotic order.  Noel Kreiss, I already sent you
    	to Serah's side.  And yet, here I am in a place
    	where we have yet to meet.  You get used to 
    	it, I guess.
    	My battles with Caius rage on, our conflict
    	eternal.  But should I lose even once, and
    	existence by destroyed, an empty void is all
    	that would remain.  I cannot lose the war for
    	I'm sorry, Serah.  This nightmare realm is
    	where I need you to be...
    Father's Song - Message from Sazh
    	Hey there, Serah, I've got some 'intel' for you.
    	Well, it's something I heard from Lightning in
    	a dream.
    	They guy you're fighting, he's got some
    	serious backup.  How'd it go?  'Winged and
    	fanged, born from chaos.  A cursed beast of 
    	blackest night.'  I'd tell you more, but her
    	voice go cut off all of a sudden.
    	Me?  Right now I'm in some weird kinda
    	palace.  I get this feeling I'm gonna run into
    	someone I know, but I never seem to find
    	'em.  But don't you go worrying about ol'
    	Sazh.  You just watch your back!
    Vanille's Fruit - Vanille's Echo
    	I've wanted to apologize to you for so long,
    	Serah.  I'm the reason you were turned into a
    	l'Cie.  It's my fault you had to suffer.  I
    	couldn't say it before, so I'm saying it now.
    	I'm sorry.  I'm so very sorry.
    	Did you know that you were the first miracle
    	in all of this?  You defied your l'Cie fate and
    	turned to crystal of your own will.  It was
    	your miracle that showed Fang and me that
    	we had the power to save Cocoon.
    	So don't ever stop believing in yourself.  You
    	can make another miracle and protect
    	Cocoon.  I know you can do it.
    Fang's Crown - Fang's Echo
    	I meant to apologize when we met, but I 
    	never did.  So, Serah, this is my chance.
    	Everything was my fault.  You were made into
    	a l'Cie because I messed up.  Sure, I helped
    	you out a little, but that doesn't make things
    	right.  Vanille and I, we'll repay our debts by
    	keeping Cocoon in the sky.
    	It's not so bad.  I have Vanille here with me,
    	after all.  Don't you worry about us, you just
    	get yourself to Lightning.  That Caius guy
    	she's fighting?  We've heard his name before.
    	He's bad news-a real monster.  So hurry
    	along, and help your sister out.  You're the
    	one she needs to see more than anyone in
    	this world!
    Hope's Message - A Letter from Hope
    	Serah, can you hear me, out there in the
    	future?  I'm sending you an access code for a
    	supply sphere.
    	I trust this may help you in the fateful battle
    	to come.
    Noel's Message - A Letter from Noel of the Future
    	Hey, Noel.  You're not going to believe this, 
    	but this message is a message from you.  I'm just a
    	little further ahead in the timeline than where
    	you are now.
    	I've got a warning for you, my past self.  
    	Things are going to get a lot harder from
    	here on out.  But just remember to hang in
    	there, no matter what.  You just might
    	surprise yourself; you're a lot tougher than
    	you think.
    Serah's Message - A Letter from Serah of the Future
    	I don't know where I am.  I can't hear anything.
    	I can't see anything.  It's cold, and dark, and
    	I'm all alone.  This place is...dead.
    	But I don't have any regrets.  I fought to the
    	end.  I never ran away.  I just hope someone
    	will remember me, now that I'm gone.
    Chocochick Down - A Letter from Dajh
    	Daddy went away for a while.  He said he was
    	going to help Serah and her friends.  Let's do
    	it Daddy!  I want to help, too!
    	Hey, remember my daddy's chocobo chick?
    	Well, its a girl.  So I've decided to call her
    	Chocolina.  Cool, huh?
    Lucky Coin - Sazh's Soliloquy
    	You wanna know what I think?  This place
    	I've ended up at, it's like a paradise for dead
    	folk.  See, some people die before they have
    	a proper chance to live, but here they can
    	enjoy themselves and forget about their
    	Maybe in the beginning it was just a fairy
    	tale, but some kind of cosmic switcheroo
    	made it as real as day.
    	Thing is, I'm not suppose to be here.  I
    	guess when Dajh and me got caught up in
    	that mess a few years back, the powers-that-
    	be thought I got killed or somethin'.  But I
    	didn't.  I'm as alive as can be.  So I'm leavin'
    	and headin' back home to Dajh-just as soon
    	as I hit one more jackpot!
    Priceless Gift - Sazh's Soliloquy
    	The casino owner told me somethin'
    	interesting the other day.  He said there's a
    	Coliseum out in the Void Beyond.
    	Supposedly, dead heroes from all over-or at
    	least, copies of them-gather there to duke it
    	out for honor and glory.  Of course, I'm no
    	hero, so it's got nothing to do with me.
    	Makes me wonder, though.  This palace is for
    	dead people, and that Coliseum, too.  Do you
    	have to be dead to get into the Void Beyond?
    	I sure hope not, cause I'm not done livin'!
    Lapis Lazuli - Dreams of the Daughters
    	In the future, Fang and I are called the
    	'daughters of the goddess,' right?  It's kind
    	of embarrassing, to be honest.
    	When they say goddess, I guess they mean 
    	Etro.  I remember her.  When Fang and I first
    	tried to hold up Cocoon, we felt this...kindly
    	strength, surrounding us.  It was the same 
    	feeling as back when I first turned to crystal.
    	I bet Fang doesn't remember it as well as 
    	me, but I think maybe it was the goddess we
    	felt.  Although the priests back home always
    	made her out to be much scarier than that.
    	So maybe I'm wrong?
    Heliodor Ore - Dreams of the Daughters
    	While we're here, sleeping inside the pillar
    	that holds up Cocoon, Lightning is fighting to
    	protect Etro.  I wonder why.  Etro is a cruel
    	goddess.  She sends Eidolons to persecute
    	dying l'Cie and slaughters her 'children' as
    	carelessly as we swat flies.
    	I don't really know what Lightning's game is,
    	but I can tell you this.  She's in a really bad
    	place.  Once she set foot in there, she had no
    	way to get out.  It's hard for her to be heard 
    	while she's in there, too.  So, Serah, you've
    	got to help.  Listen to your heart-you might
    	hear Lightning if you do.
    Carnelian - Dreams of the Daughters
    	Hope visited again.  We always know when he
    	does.  He comes to check on the pillar.  Fang
    	and I are lost in our dreams, but even so, we
    	know when our friends are close.  We can feel
    	them in our hearts.
    	We're fine here, inside the crystal.  But I
    	worry about the future.  I...I caused so much
    	trouble for the people of Cocoon.  And for
    	Serah, and her sister, and their friends and
    	family.  Hope, we're counting on you to save
    	the future and stop the tragedy from
    	happening all over again!
    Celestine - Dreams of the Daughters
    	That idiot Snow is hell-bent on going to the
    	Coliseum.  There's nothing there, except dead
    	fools fighting for a glory that no one will ever
    	know.  Is he really that obsessed with
    	becoming strong?  The worst part is, he's
    	doing it for our sake.
    	I really wish we could tell him to forget
    	about us and help Serah and Lightning.  It
    	was our fault they got caught up in this
    	mess in the first place.  If things keep going
    	the way they are, maybe our nightmares'll
    	come true, and those two girls won't ever
    	see each other again.
    Cosmo Aura - Dreams of the Daughters
    	Serah, can you hear me?  Fang and I just had
    	the most wonderful dream.  We were in a 
    	place I didn't know, with a young man and
    	woman who I've never met.  They were
    	laughing together, enjoying the moment.  They
    	were so happy.
    	When I think that we're helping to build a
    	future for people like that, the weight of
    	Cocoon doesn't seem that heavy at all.  Fang
    	and I are here inside the crystal, but even so,
    	we can feel you in our hearts.  So, Serah,
    	don't give up, okay?  You can make a future
    	where everyone can be happy again.  I know you
    Oracle of Etro 13/13
    Ultima Brand - Words of Protectors Past
    	The Heart of Chaos does not grant the 
    	Guardian power-it eats away at their
    	physical self.  Caius did not gain an immortal
    	body, but was cursed with eternal life.
    	Heed my words, Noel.  You are the last
    	protector, and the only one who can wrest
    	the Heart's strength from Caius.  In the
    	instant you strike the life from his body, you
    	shall either inherit the curse, or break its
    	eternal grip.  Only your will can sway fate one
    	way or the other.
    Omega Brand - Words of Protectors Past
    	The eidolith that summons Bahamut is set
    	into the hilt of Caius's greatsword.  Bahamut
    	is an Eidolon of Valhalla-a gift from the
    	goddess of chaos to her l'Cie.
    	No one now living knows why Caius
    	possesses the crystal eidolith of a l'Cie.  It
    	was centuries, nay, more than a thousand
    	years past that he became a Guardian, and
    	his companions of that age have long since
    	departed this mortal realm.
    Chaos Brand - Words of Protectors Past
    	A massive battle once raged on Gran Pulse.
    	Paddra was besieged by a great army that
    	sought the life of the seeress.  In the face of
    	this assault, Caius chose to perform an
    	'incarnate summoning.'  This ritual merged his
    	essence with that of the Eidolon Bahamut,
    	and drew forth all their latent power.
    	An incarnate summoning expends the life 
    	force of the summoner, and thus did Caius
    	perish.  But he returned from death's domain,
    	an immortal heart heating within his breast.
    	That dark summons is now his to wield at
    	will-as long as the Heart of Chaos pumps 
    	eternity through his veins.
    Crimson Crystal - Tablet of Memory
    	Valhalla is a world that is connected to every
    	age, every timeline.  When the seeress of the
    	Farseers gazes into the future, Valhalla is at
    	the heart of the vision.
    	The seeress also has the power to send her
    	inner voice through Valhalla and then to the
    	time and place of her choosing.  However,
    	only those with great chaos in their hearts
    	are able to hear the words of the seeress.
    Azure Crystal - Tablet of Memory
    	In the heart of Valhalla stands Etro's temple.
    	The throne that sits within, the throne of the
    	goddess, is always empty.
    	No one can say how long the goddess's
    	temple has stood in this place.  In a world
    	where time does not exist, such a question
    	has little meaning.  Some speculate, however
    	that the goddess built the temple with her
    	own hands, as a prison for some long-
    	forgotten enemy.
    Forest Crystal - Tablet of Memory
    	The seeress of the Farseers knows the exact
    	moment she will die.  However, she is 
    	forbidden to change the timeline in order to
    	save herself.
    	The seeress has no choice but to accept her
    	preordained end.  This is the law of the
    	Farseers.  Each change of the timeline
    	creates new victims, spawns new tragedies,
    	and not even the seeress can tell how great
    	those losses shall be.
    Amber Crystal - Tablet of Memory
    	Valhalla, where the temple of the goddess
    	stands, floats on the vast ocean of chaos
    	into which all things must flow.  There is no
    	beginning or end to chaos.  Those that fall
    	into its waters are condemned to float for
    	eternity in the rift between life and death.
    	The ocean of chaos has drowned the
    	Pedestal of Time.  There, on that holy of
    	holies, did the goddess Etro first step into
    	the Unseen Realm.  But as her power waned,
    	the sacred spot where her foot touched soil
    	sank beneath the sullen waves.
    Violet Crystal - Tablet of Memory
    	The seeress of the Farseers has left us
    	many prophecies, but amongst them the
    	most enigmatic must surely be this: 'When
    	Valhalla consumes the sky, a new star
    	flashes like lightning, and in the heavens
    	twinkles distant hope.'
    	What does it mean when 'Valhalla consumes
    	the sky'?  What is the new star that flashes in
    	the sky?  Does this prophecy foretell a future
    	of salvation-or destruction?  No one can
    Etro's Sorrow - Yeul's Confessions
    	Etro granted the most selfless of gifts.  Her
    	power and strength flowed through the gate
    	to the Unseen World, and with each passing 
    	second she drew weaker and weaker.
    	Now the goddess sleeps within the Heart of
    	Chaos.  Should she cease to exist, then the
    	power that she granted to humanity, the
    	power that makes their universe whole, will
    	disappear.  When the sands of time run out
    	on the goddess, so too do they on the world
    	of man.
    Pulse's Resolution - Yeul's Confessions
    	When the people of Cocoon first came down
    	to the surface of Gran Pulse, magic filled the
    	earth.  Among the people, there were those
    	who awakened to this power.  I saw it happen.
    	I saw time distorted and twisted.
    	When the timeline was changed and history
    	broken, fissures appeared in the wall that
    	separates the spirit and the material.  The
    	crystal power that was once bestowed only
    	upon the l'Cie was released, and it
    	permeated deep into the soil.  Now normal
    	humans can spin enchantments and spells-if
    	they know how.
    Lindzei's Desire - Yeul's Confessions
    	The part of the humans we call 'soul' is a gift of
    	the goddess.  In all our hearts flickers a
    	small piece of the chaos of Valhalla.
    	From Valhalla, you can see every age, every
    	timeline.  I see the future because Valhalla
    	lives in my heart.  The Eyes of Etro is not a
    	unique gift, reserved for the special.  Every
    	human who claims a soul can gaze into the
    Mwynn's Tenderness - Yeul's Confessions
    	Our bodies are made of the blood of the
    	goddess.  Our souls are formed of the chaos
    	which she bestowed upon us.  The Farseers
    	were an ancient people who embraced the
    	chaos more than any other.  They were
    	Pulse's oldest tribe, and I was their seeress.
    Bhunivelze's Sleep - Yeul's Confessions
    	In the physical world, it contains within its
    	form endless chaos.  By the will of the 
    	deities, it gives birth to all things.  I 
    	speak of crystal.
    	The eternal dream world of the crystal lies
    	within the Unseen World.  Even the gods long
    	to find their way to that place.  In all crystal, 
    	the heart that shines mostly brightly is called
    Paradox Ending 8/8
    Transcript: A Giant Mistake - Excerpts from an Alternate History
    	'Okay.  So ultimately, it was the Academy
    	themselves who built Atlas?'
    	'Looks like it,' replied Serah, scanning the
    	data they had just recovered.  'It started
    	when the forces who were trying to restore
    	the old Cocoon reactivated the dormant
    	'Atlas was a weapon built to protect humans
    	from the fal'Cie?'
    	'Yeah...' said Serah, before lapsing into
    	silence.  Noel followed her gaze skyward.  If
    	the Academy had not built Atlas, more and 
    	more of the fal'Cie would have been
    	awakened by the other side.
    	But even so, was there no other way to
    	counter the threat?
    Transcript: Vanille's Truth - Excerpts from an Alternate History
    	Long ago, in ancient times, Cocoon and Pulse
    	fought a terrible war.  Two women called Fang
    	and Vanille released a monster and began to
    	march on Cocoon.  At that moment, the
    	goddess unleashed a powerful spell and
    	turned them both into crystal statues.
    	Their slumbering forms were placed in a
    	temple in Oerba, which, in time, was lifted up
    	into Cocoon itself.  There they slept until,
    	hundreds of years later, a young girl 
    	wandered into the temple and was made a l'Cie.
    	That girl's name was Serah.  This was the 
    	moment that marked the beginning of the 
    	thirteen days of the Purge.
    Transcript: Mog's Marvelous Flan Plan - Excerpts from an Alternate History
    	It all began with a chance meeting with a
    	single flan.  Mog translated from the flan
    	tongue to humanspeak, and back again.  The 
    	flan had some incredible news.  'The true
    	Royal Ripeness has been born, kupo!'
    	(Although, the flan didn't really say 'kupo.')
    	'Does that mean we failed?  We didn't change
    	history after all?' asked Noel.  Mog nodded in
    	response.  Noel and Serah looked grave.  How
    	could they hope to defeat the greatest flan 
    	that ever lived?  It was even more powerful
    	than the original Royal Ripeness!  The 
    	situation was bleak indeed.
    	Unless...'I have an idea, kupo! Mog can save
    	the day, kupo!' Noel and Serah had never
    	seen Mog so confident.  They looked at each 
    	other gloomily.  They weren't looking forward
    	to hearing Mog's idea....
    Transcript: Test Subjects - Excerpts from an Alternate History
    	'Let's go!' barks the officer.  At his command,
    	several soldiers pound into the elevator.  This
    	is Augusta Tower, central information
    	processing facility.  The men are members of 
    	the resistance.
    	It is 400 AF.  After the Cie'th Incident, the
    	Proto fal'Cie Adam now rules Academia.
    	Adam is manufacturing an army of military
    	fal'Cie which it will use to control the human
    	But humanity is fighting back.  The soldiers
    	have infiltrated the tower in an attempt to
    	steal the machines' crystal supple and put a
    	halt to the fal'Cie production.  At the same 
    	time, something is changing inside the 
    	captive Noel and Serah...
    Transcript: The Future is Hope - Excerpts from an Alternate History
    	Snow was riding the highways of time when
    	he came across a gate projecting strange,
    	flickering images-images with showed
    	Snow saw her receiving an artefact from an
    	unknown young woman, hesitant, unsure of
    	the gift.  Then as he watched, the scene
    	changed, and changed again, and again, a	
    	tumbling kaleidoscope of visions, countless
    	fragments of histories Snow has never 
    	'Damn!  Someone is trying to rewrite history!'
    	Snow realized he had to act fast.  He leaped
    	onto trusty Shiva and headed for the gate.  A
    	new adventure was just beginning-the hunt
    	for the thirteen crystals!
    Transcript: Beneath a Timeless Sky - Excerpts from an Alternate History
    	Yeul knows that this was the world she
    	wanted.  'Noel is here, I'm here.  That's all I
    	need.  No Caius.  Just us.  We can start over
    	again, and this time make it better.'
    	But Noel wants more.  He wants a future.  He 
    	wants everything.  People, life, all of it, the
    	bad as well as the good.
    	Yeul lifts her head.  'If that's what Noel wants,
    	then I want it, too.  Look, Noel, a star is 
    	falling.  A new door is open.  Perhaps beyond
    	it, the real future is waiting...'
    Transcript: Heir to Chaos - Excerpts from an Alternate History
    	Across Noel's mind flitted one of Caius's
    	memories.  A memory from a thousand years
    	ago: Caius fighting a warrior and losing,
    	pushed to the brink of defeat.
    	But the gods refused to bless either of
    	them, and the warrior was called to Valhalla
    	before the duel reached its climax.  Caius
    	might have been saved from his curse of 
    	eternity.  Instead, he had to wait.  Wait for the
    	birth of Noel.
    	Noel's eyes snapped open.
    	'You make your own myths, Caius.  But I'm
    	going to save everyone my way.  Yeul, and
    	Serah, and yes, you, too.'
    	So saying Noel's mouth curled into the old,
    	familiar smile.
    Transcript: Fate and Freedom - Excerpts from an Alternate History
    	'Hey, can moogles talk?' Dajh has dropped by
    	NORA House to play, and as usual he's
    	peppering me with questions.
    	'Of course they can.  They know lots of 
    	things, and love answering just about any
    	question you might have.'
    	'Hohoho.  Since when did you become a 
    	moogle expert?' laughs Sazh as he strides
    	into the house.
    	He has a point.  Why do I think I know about
    	moogles?  I mean, they're just make-believe
    	creatures from children's books.
    	Yet...somewhere in the back of my mind, I'm
    	sure I've met one.
    	'What's wrong?' Dajh is looking up at me,
    	wondering why I've suddenly become so
    	I tell him it's nothing.  But it isn't nothing, and
    	for the rest of the day, my head is full of
    	thoughts of moogles...
    ~~*~~  2)  Datalog  ~~*~~
    Significant Persons 14/14
    	Lightning is now the goddess's champion,
    	and has sworn to protect Etro's temple in
    	the Unseen Realm of Valhalla.  She fights
    	a never-ending battle against Caius Ballad, the
    	man who would destroy the goddess and
    	unleash the energies of chaos upon the 
    	From Valhalla, where the entire span of
    	history can be seen, Lightning sends her
    	voice to past companions and guides them
    	to where the timeline needs them most. After
    	a brief reunion with her sister in a future
    	New Bodhum, the former soldier entrusts
    	Serah and Noel with a mission to prevent the
    	prophesied fall of Cocoon, while she herself
    	prepares for a final confrontation with Caius
    	in the city beyond time.
    Serah Farron
    	Serah began her journey through time to
    	search for her sister, Lightning, who
    	somehow slipped through the cracks of
    	history.  She is a gentle person at heart, but
    	shows her strength of will when faced with
    	difficulty or hardship.
    	During the events leading up to her
    	departure from New Bodhum, Serah was
    	'blessed' with the ability to see changes to
    	the future-a power known as the 'Eyes of
    	Etro.'  This power has its source in the
    	chaotic realm of Valhalla, and each ripple in
    	history drains a little more of her life force.
    	Even knowing the danger in which this puts
    	her, Serah is determined to accompany Noel
    	as they strive to make changes and bring
    	hope for the world of tomorrow.
    Snow Villers
    	Snow is Serah's fiance and a former l'Cie.
    	Three years ago, he proved himself a hero
    	when he saved Serah alongside Lightning.
    	After the catastrophe that befell Cocoon, he
    	left on a journey to find Serah's missing 
    	sister.  The determined NORA leader has 
    	vowed not to return until he is successful,
    	and left Serah with an engagement necklace.
    	Snow once escaped the cursed fate of a
    	l'Cie, but his arm still shows the glowing
    	brand of servitude.  It appears the
    	irrepressible hero encountered more than
    	just Time Gates during his journey to find
    Oerba Dia Vanille
    	Vanille was born in the Gran Pulse village of
    	Oerba.  She fought against Cocoon in the War
    	of Transgression hundreds of years ago, but
    	turned to crystal before her Focus was
    	complete.  The catastrophe that occurred
    	centuries later was set in motion when she
    	awoke from crystal stasis.
    	After meeting with Lightning and Snow,
    	Vanille decided to fight for the home of her
    	new friends, and sacrificed herself to save
    	Cocoon.  Even now, the Gran Pulse native
    	sleeps within the crystal pillar that supports
    	the fallen shell.
    Oerba Yun Fang
    	Fang is a l'Cie from the same village as 
    	Vanille.  She transformed into the monster
    	Ragnarok during the War of Transgression
    	and came close to destroying Cocoon.  In her
    	moment of triumph, however, an irresistible
    	force intervened and scorched her brand.
    	Fang and Vanille then fell into a premature
    	crystal slumber.
    	When she awoke with Vanille several
    	centuries later, their actions started a
    	catastrophic chain of events.  Fang eventually
    	redeemed herself by being part of the
    	miracle that saved Cocoon, and now sleeps
    	within the crystal pillar alongside her fellow
    	Gran Pulsian.
    Hope Estheim
    	Hope is a high-level advisor for the Academy.
    	He proposed, and came to direct, the New
    	Cocoon Project started in 10 AF.
    	To oversee the completion of the project,
    	Hope and Alyssa Zaidelle entered a time
    	capsule in 13 AF, and awoke in the year 4XX
    	A charismatic figure overwhelmingly popular
    	with the people, Hope feels a duty to protect
    	the project's founding ideals.  Even more so,
    	he is consumed with a need to rescue Fang
    	and Vanille from their slumber within the
    	crystal pillar.
    Sazh Katzroy
    	Sazh is one of the former l'Cie responsible
    	for protecting Cocoon.  With a chocobo chick
    	as his constant companion, this courageous
    	father three himself into battle to rescue his
    	son, Dajh, from a fate worse than death.
    	In his regular occupation, Sazh works as a
    	top-class pilot.  He continued to fly airships
    	after the fall of Cocoon, but one day he
    	simply disappeared along with his son.
    Alyssa Zaidelle
    	Alyssa has been promoted to Hope's main
    	assistant, and is the foremost researcher in
    	the field of Time Gates and paradoxes.  It was
    	her report on the events that took place in
    	the Bresha Ruins in 5 AF that caught Hope's	
    	attention and led to her rapid rise in the 
    	There are some who believe she is using 
    	Hope to further her own ambitions, but her
    	knowledge of spacetime theory is such that
    	the young director entrusts her with an
    	entire branch of research.
    	Mog is a small, mysterious creature covered
    	in white fur.  He has bat-like wings that he
    	often beats as he flits around, but his power
    	of flight does not appear to rely on them.
    	Mog has a crystal bobble that reacts to the
    	presence of anomalies, and he is proficient
    	at finding lost objects, but his most
    	astounding feature is his ability to transform
    	into a weapon.  With the right components
    	available, Mog is capable of evolving into
    	even more powerful weaponry.
    	Lightning came across Mog in Valhalla, and
    	asked the strange little being to act as
    	Serah's protector and good luck charm.
    	Although he closely resembles the fictitious
    	moogles described in Cocoon's fairy tales,
    	the connection is uncertain.
    	NORA is a vigilante group of young do-
    	gooders from the Cocoon town of Bodhum.
    	No strangers to fending for themselves, the
    	group went on to found the settlement of
    	New Bodhum in the harsh environment of
    	NORA consists of four core members: the
    	intimidating Gadot, Snow's right-hand man;
    	the amiable mood maker, Yuj; the mechanical
    	genius, Maqui; and the NORA House resident
    	chef, Lebreau.
    	Snow, NORA's founding member, is presently
    	away from New Bodhum.
    	Chocolina is a time-traveling merchant who
    	can be found all over the world.  There are
    	reports of this mysterious trader appearing
    	in almost every age in history.  Some rumors
    	say that she is a certain creature that took
    	on human form...
    	Aside from offering an assortment of wares,
    	Chocolina is also an expert craftsperson,
    	able to synthesize special weapons and
    	items from raw materials.  She will, however,
    	always insist on collecting a fee.
    	Chocolina derives great joy from offering her
    	services to needy time travelers, and seems	
    	to know much about Serah and Noel.
    	Yeul is a seeress, burdened with the power
    	of prophecy-her life span grows shorter
    	with every vision of the future.  She dies at a
    	young age, only to be born once more among
    	the Farseer people.  Each reincarnation has
    	the same appearance and ability, and is given
    	the name 'Yeul.'
    	The Yeul who Noel befriends is the last
    	seeress.  She promises the young hunter that
    	they will meet again, before breather her
    	last.  The last vision she sees is not one of
    	despair, but of hope.
    Noel Kreiss
    	Noel is the last child of humanity, born in a
    	world 700 years after the catastrophe.  He is
    	the hunter from the future who encouraged 
    	Serah to step out of the present and into the
    	flow of time.
    	Noel is one the Farseer tribe, and became
    	the seeress Yeul's protector at a young age.
    	The earnest hunter yearned to best Caius in
    	combat, but was abandoned by his mentor
    	before he had the chance to prove himself.
    	Finally, unable to save Yeul from her mortal
    	fate, Noel was left alone, the last human on 
    	Noel refused to give in to despair, and when
    	he reached out his hand to Etro, the goddess
    	sent him to Valhalla to meet with Lightning.
    	Thus began Noel and Serah's mission to save
    	the future.
    Caius Ballad
    	Caius Ballad is a former l'Cie and the
    	immortal Guardian of the seeress, Yeul.
    	Everything this man has done for the past
    	several centuries has been for the purpose
    	of freeing his charge from her curse of
    	eternal reincarnation.  If he can kill the
    	goddess and send the artificial Cocoon
    	plummeting into Pulse, the resulting flood of
    	volatile chaos through Etro's Gate would
    	shatter the boundary between Valhalla and
    	the mortal realm.  Life and death would cease
    	to hold meaning, and Yeul's cruel fate would
    	finally be undone.  Or so Caius believes...
    Paradoxes 11/11
    Time Gates
    	Time Gates appear as strange glowing
    	portals, and each requires a specific
    	'artefact' to activate it.
    	By passing through these gates and traveling
    	outside the timeline, it is said one can
    	eventually arrive in Valhalla.
    	Artefacts are the keys that activate Time
    	Gates.  These objects can appear in any form,
    	and are only identified as 'things that
    	shouldn't exist' or 'items from another time,'
    	making the search for an artefact a difficult
    	Artefacts are strongly tied to their 
    	possessors, and are also said to take on
    	completely different shapes depending on
    	the person who handles them.
    Historia Crux
    	The Historia Crux is the crossroads that lies
    	between the Time Gates.  It is a separate
    	dimension connecting one age to the next.
    	This surreal plane is said to be the border of
    	the chaotic realm of Valhalla, and only those
    	with an affinity for the power of chaos are
    	able to use it to travel through time.  Even
    	the godlike fal'Cie are not free to enter the
    	Historia Crux as they please.
    	Following the appearance of the gate that
    	appeared in New Bodhum in 3 AF, Time Gates
    	began showing up in a multitude of locations.
    	The research institute, the Academy, gave a
    	name to the anomalies that accompany the
    	arrival of these gates and cause impossible
    	things to happen-they called them
    	In any location where a paradox is present,
    	people report strange occurrences, such as
    	the sudden appearances of unusual
    	monsters, and odd connections to other
    	times and places.
    Cocoon's Fall: The Prophecy
    	In the Oracle Drive images that Hope shows
    	at the Yaschas Massif, there is a scene that
    	clearly shows Caius causing Cocoon to fall.
    	Oracle Drives are said to hold the
    	prophecies of the seeress.  And in Noel's
    	world, seven hundred years in the future,
    	Cocoon has already fallen.  From these two
    	facts, it is predicted that the crystal pillar
    	will crumble within the next few centuries,
    	and send the massive sphere plummeting
    	towards the surface of Pulse.
    The Crystal Pillar
    	During the catastrophe of 0 AF, a gigantic
    	crystal pillar appeared and caught Cocoon in
    	its embrace.  This miracle was the work of
    	Fang and Vanille, two women who sacrificed
    	themselves to achieve the impossible.
    	In the centuries that follow, however, erosion
    	weakens the massive structure.  This second
    	threat to Cocoon triggers a war among its 
    	people, and the resulting violence brings the
    	sphere crashing to the ground.  The
    	apocalyptic age in which Noel was born is 
    	what remains of the world after those tragic
    	events come to pass.
    Gates of Augusta
    	This information is accurate as of the year
    	200 AF.  The highest floor of Augusta Tower
    	is the site of the gate that behaves differently
    	from a standard time portal, instead leading
    	to a 'virtual space' within the AI mainframe.
    	To activate this special gate, one must climb
    	to the top floor of the tower and directly
    	access the AI's core.
    Paradox and Memory
    	Something strange is happening to Noel's
    	memory.  The affected parts appear to be
    	anything related to Yeul, Caius, and the
    	history of Cocoon's fall.
    	The problem is not with Noel-interference in
    	history has destabilized the past, giving rise
    	to another type of paradox effect.
    	Atlas is a massive, humanoid war machine
    	found within the Bresha Ruins, and it began
    	an uncontrolled rampage when the paradox
    	effect was triggered.  Only the left hand of
    	Atlas was uncovered, but the rest of its
    	invisible body is thought to exist in a 
    	different spacetime.
    	Despite being excavated in the ruins of an
    	ancient city, the technology that powers the
    	giant is far beyond the capabilities of that
    	age.  Researchers theorize that Atlas is
    	actually a man-made weapon pulled into
    	present from some future time period.
    Proto Fal'Cie Adam
    	Proto fal'Cie Adam is an artificial fal'Cie that
    	oversees the city of Academia.
    	This man-made entity handles all of the roles 
    	previously filled by the Cocoon fal'Cie.  Adam
    	is an all-powerful being who protects the
    	lives and interests of the citizenry-a fal'Cie
    	for the people.
    The Thirteenth Ark
    	The Thirteenth Ark is an ancient Gran Pulse
    	military facility capable of sustained self-
    	The floating fortress is currently deserted,
    	and a number of Academy research teams
    	have been sent inside to investigate.
    	Scientists are primarily interested in the
    	mechanism that allows the Ark to remain
    	afloat without a constant supply of power
    	from the fal'Cie.
    	The purpose of the facility remains unclear.
    	Some theories posit that the Ark was in 
    	operation during the war between Pulse and
    Society 13/13
    Fal'Cie and L'Cie
    	The fal'Cie are supernatural entities that
    	once governed the floating paradise of
    	These godlike beings possess the power to
    	curse humans, transforming them into 'l'Cie.'
    	Lightning and Serah were once enslaved as
    	l'Cie, and given the task of destroying 
    	Lightning defied the will of the fal'Cie, and
    	steered her fate down a different road.
    	Following the catastrophe, the fal'Cie of
    	Cocoon fell into a slumber.  A different group
    	of fal'Cie exists on Gran Pulse, but they
    	show little interest in the activities of
    L'Cie and Cie'th
    	L'Cie are cursed human servants of the
    	fal'Cie.  Those chosen to serve find their
    	bodies marked with a 'brand,' and are given
    	orders in the form of a vague vision.  This 
    	vision is known as a 'Focus,' and l'Cie are
    	granted magical powers in order to fulfill
    	their abstract destiny.
    	L'Cie that complete their Focus are
    	transformed into eternal crystals.  Those who
    	fail to do so within the allotted time are
    	stripped of their brand, and become hideous
    	monsters known as 'Cie'th.'  These mindless
    	creatures are bereft of emotion and reason,
    	and lose all semblance of humanity.
    	Serah was once chosen as a l'Cie, but
    	through the heroic efforts of her fiance and
    	her sister she was safely returned to her
    	human self.
    	Three years ago, mankind stared into the
    	face of extinction when Cocoon almost 
    	crashed onto the surface of Pulse.
    	The sphere's fall was halted by Lightning's
    	companions, Fang and Vanille.  Their
    	desperate sacrifice summoned a massive
    	pillar that cradled the plummeting Cocoon in
    	its crystalline branches, averting an
    	unimaginable disaster.  The two l'Cie now
    	sleep within the pillar in crystal form, and
    	there are some who believe Lightning
    	slumbers alongside them.
    	A new age began from that day forth, with
    	each subsequent year marked by the letters
    	AF, or 'After the Fall.'
    	'Magic' is the ability to draw on the crystal
    	power residing within oneself and make
    	possible all manner of incredible feats.  This
    	power was once only the province of l'Cie,
    	but since the catastrophe and the migration
    	to Pulse, some former citizens of Cocoon
    	have suddenly developed the ability to wield
    	magic.  Serah is one of these people.
    	Many of those who now command magical
    	energies are simple civilians, and have never
    	had Serah's experience of once being a l'Cie.
    	It is theorized that the move to Gran Pulse
    	has awoken these abilities, and people are
    	beginning to see magic as just another tool
    	in their everyday lives.  Noel is also capable
    	of casting spells, but doesn't seem to think 
    	of himself as anything special.	
    	Serah's ability to summon monsters is
    	another power born from chaos.  The
    	summoner seals defeated creatures in
    	crystals, and calls them forth when needed.
    	The weak serve the strong-it is the this law of
    	the Unseen Realm that binds the summoned
    	monsters to the will of their master.
    	Some l'Cie command Eidolons, and the
    	underlying principle is similar.  The difference
    	that sets this new power apart, however, lies
    	in the ability to acquire multiple monstrous 
    	allies.  In her dream, Serah saw Lightning
    	leading an entire army of beasts, and this is
    	likely a more powerful version of the same
    The Gran Elevator
    	The Gran Elevator is an ambitious project
    	that aims to build a conveyance that will
    	travel along the crystal pillar and connect
    	Cocoon to Gran Pulse.  The main purpose of
    	the elevator is to provide a means to
    	transport materials from inside Cocoon, and
    	help speed construction of the city springing
    	up at the base of the pillar.
    	With completion of the elevator scheduled
    	for 4 AF, it is still under construction when
    	Serah and Noel first pass through a Time
    	Gate in 3 AF.
    The Academy
    	The Academy is the institute that governs
    	the world's people, and has its headquarters
    	in the city of Academia.  It is a research-
    	based organization founded with the aim of
    	promoting human independence from the 
    	fal'Cie, and has rebuilt society based on the
    	pursuit of this ideal.
    	The scientists of the Academy are currently
    	moving forward with a plan to relocate the
    	entire human race to a new, man-made
    	Cocoon by the year 500 AF.  For that 
    	purpose, the provisional government body
    	has granted the institute various
    	administrative powers.
    Proto Fal'Cie Project
    	The Proto fal'Cie Project began in 13 AF,
    	under the direction of the Academy.  The
    	objective was to develop an artificial fal'Cie
    	in order to re-levitate Cocoon.  The project
    	was proposed and designed by Alyssa
    	Zaidelle, and directed by Hope Estheim.
    	The Proto fal'Cie Project is currently
    	underway in Augusta Tower, the Academy's
    	central network facility.
    Man vs. Machine
    	In the decade following the commencement
    	of the Proto fal'Cie Project, a conflict arouse
    	in the Academy between the AI construct
    	and its human creators.
    	The construct insisted that the Proto fal'Cie
    	be imbued with the full powers of a fal'Cie,
    	but the scientists countered with the
    	argument that the more dangerous combat
    	functions were unnecessary.  With no
    	compromise forthcoming, the project faced
    	In 13 AF, the project director, Hope Estheim,
    	was assassinated and the debate died with
    	him.  The Proto fal'Cie was eventually created
    	with the fully functional ability to change
    	humans into l'Cie or Cie'th.
    	A duplicate is a human-like entity created by
    	the Academy by scanning a person's 
    	molecular information and reproducing it as
    	a solid model.  It is basically a physical copy
    	of that person, but incapable of independent
    	thought-certain molecular functions cannot
    	be reproduced and are supplemented with
    	approximate calculations.
    	Although possessed of a physical body, and
    	some military-purpose models do exist,
    	duplicates are essentially solid, three-
    	dimensional images.  For this reason, should
    	a duplicate ever be disconnected from the
    	network it would cease to exist.
    Time Capsule
    	The time capsule, designed by Alyssa
    	Zaidelle, is a device that enables a limited
    	version of time travel.  A powerful
    	gravitational field is produced within the
    	capsule, significantly decelerating the flow of
    	time.  This results in a phenomenon where a
    	single day for the occupant translates to the
    	passage of several centuries in the outside
    	world-for all intents and purposes bringing
    	the capsule's interior into the future.
    	Considering a passenger cannot return to
    	the past, and substantial risks concerning
    	life-support system failure have been
    	projected, the time capsule has yet to 
    	progress beyond experimental trials.
    Graviton Cores
    	A Graviton Core is an extremely rare
    	material discovered within the Thirteenth
    	Ark.  The Ark is kept aloft by the buoyant
    	force produced through the cross-reaction
    	between crystal ores clustered within the
    	core.  This system provides a semi-perpetual
    	energy source, eliminating the need to rely
    	on outside power supplies.
    	The man-made Cocoon and its massive
    	population will require far more power to
    	stabilize than the floating fortress. In order
    	to maintain constant levitation, scientists
    	calculate that at least five separate Graviton
    	Cores will be needed.
    The New Cocoon
    	The New Cocoon Project, proposed by Hope
    	Estheim, entails constructing an entirely new
    	shell that will house the relocated human 
    	This project began based on predictions that
    	the crystal pillar supporting Cocoon will 
    	eventually collapse.  A proposal to re-float
    	the current Cocoon was also considered but
    	subsequently rejected due to the necessity
    	of reviving the fal'Cie to provide a compatible
    	power source.
    	Construction of the man-made Cocoon
    	began in 10 AF, and is scheduled for
    	completion in the year 500 AF.
    Locales 7/7
    Cocoon and Pulse
    	Cocoon is a massive sphere, constructed
    	and set in the sky by the powerful and
    	enigmatic beings known as the 'fal'Cie.' Up
    	until 0 AF, it was a floating paradise that was
    	home to several million people.  Now,
    	however, the broken shell rests on an
    	immense crystal pillar, bereft of the power 
    	source that once kept it aloft.  The interior of
    	the sphere has deteriorated, forcing the
    	population to relocate to the land below.
    	The lowerworld, known as either 'Pulse' or
    	'Gran Pulse,' is an unforgiving wilderness
    	infested with predatory monsters.  This world
    	once boasted a civilization that stood in
    	conflict with Cocoon, but traces of its
    	culture exist only in ruins.
    New Bodhum
    	New Bodhum is one of the settlements built
    	by immigrants from Cocoon on the shores of
    	Pulse.  Many of its residents, including Serah
    	Farron, are former inhabitants of Cocoon's
    	seaside town of Bodhum.
    	Serah's finance, Snow, chose the settlement's
    	name.  The members of his group, NORA, help
    	work the fields and protect the townspeople
    	from roaming monsters.
    The Bresha Ruins and the Purge
    	During the catastrophe that befell Cocoon,
    	the Bresha Ruins were the site of terrible
    	casualties.  The reason for this can be found
    	in the Purge.
    	The Purge was the name given to the mass
    	deportation of Bodhum's residents.  The
    	fal'Cie manipulated the actions of the
    	Sanctum and the elite army unit known as
    	PSICOM, sowing chaos and inciting conflict
    	among Cocoon's populace.
    	Many civilians fled to Lake Bresha and its
    	ruins to escape the Purge, but a great
    	majority were crushed by ancient structures
    	that collapsed when Cocoon's momentum
    	was suddenly halted.
    	Academia is the capital city of the
    	settlements that have sprung up around the
    	base of the Cocoon pillar, and the location of
    	the Academy Headquarters.
    	Construction of Academia began
    	approximately four hundred years ago.  Later,
    	the artificial fal'Cie Adam was completed and
    	set to oversee the running of the city.
    	Academia is protected by a highly advanced
    	security system.  In the event that intruders
    	enter the city, a range of countermeasures
    	will be set in motion to contain and eliminate
    	the threat.
    Augusta Tower
    	Augusta Tower is the central information
    	processing facility of the Academy.  The
    	entire edifice is occupied by the machinery
    	of an artificial intelligence that possesses
    	unprecedented processing power.
    	The tower also houses the Proto fal'Cie
    	Project, an ambitious plan to create a man-
    	made fal'Cie.
    	'Serendipity' is the name of the fantastical
    	wonderland that appears in the folklore of
    	Gran Pulse, and was first imagined by a
    	certain minstrel of old.
    	This mythical palace exists on the border
    	between life and death, and is said to only
    	open its doors to those chosen by Lady
    	Luck.  The fortunate souls that gain entrance
    	experience joy and amusement beyond 
    	measure, cavorting in an eternal 'now' that
    	knows neither day nor night.
    	The minstrel who penned the original fable
    	vanished before its completion.  Some say
    	the goddess herself invited him to
    The Coliseum
    	In a lost corner of the Void Beyond, there is
    	a place where might souls gather.  It is a
    	testing ground for powerful warriors from 
    	every age and every reality, who come to pit
    	their fighting skills against one another.  On
    	the Day of Reckoning, it is said these 
    	combatants will join the battle to end all
    	Only one law governs the Coliseum-the weak
    	serve the strong.  The one that stands 
    	triumphant in this arena commands 
    	unswerving loyalty from the rest.
    History and Myth 11/11
    The Goddess Etro
    	In the ancient annals of Gran Pulse, Etro
    	appears as the goddess of death and chaos.
    	She is said to reside in the world where the
    	souls of the dead find their rest-Valhalla.
    	The people of the lowerworld worship Pulse,
    	the great deity from which the land takes its
    	name.  Many tales from their folklore portray
    	Etro as the abhorrent goddess of the 
    	In the city of Paddra, however, faith in the
    	goddess was commonplace, and it was said 
    	that the seeress drew her prophetic powers
    	directly from Etro.
    	Valhalla is an otherworldy dimension, also
    	known as the Unseen Realm.  According to
    	Pulse legend, it is the final resting place of 
    	the souls of the dead, and the chaotic world
    	where the goddess Etro makes her home.
    	Some theories describe it as a city that 
    	exists beyond the flow of time, and others
    	claim it is a future where time has come to a
    	The seeress of Paddra describes it thus:
    	'The entire span of time can be seen from
    	Valhalla.  But to exert power beyond its
    	borders, one must first open Etro's Gate.'
    	The warriors who accompany and protect
    	the seeress Yeul are chosen from among the 
    	most capable of the Farseer people.
    	A Guardian is the strongest of these, a
    	defender that wields the power of chaos.
    	This power is said to surpass even the
    	godlike might of the fal'Cie.
    	Only one true Guardian is permitted to exist
    	at any one time.  Another protector of the
    	Farseer tribe who challenges and defeats
    	this champion becomes the new Guardian
    	and wielder of chaotic energy.
    Heart of Chaos	
    	The Heart of Chaos is the goddess Etro's
    	own heart, given to Caius.  It is the font of the
    	immortal Guardian's power.  Only if another 
    	potential Guardian defeats him and takes
    	this power can Caius truly be killed.  And the
    	only person remaining in this world with that
    	potential is Noel.
    	In the new Guardian has enough strength of
    	will, he can release the Heart's power and	
    	put an end to immortal destiny.  If he wavers,
    	however, he will be enslaved in chains of
    	chaos, and become the latest in a line of
    	eternal servants.
    Eyes of Etro
    	The 'Eyes of Etro' is another name given to
    	Yeul's power to see changes in the timeline.
    	Not restricted to the past or future, Yeul can
    	witness any period in history.  This ability is
    	associated with the power of chaos, and is
    	thus seen as a blessing of the goddess.  The
    	fact that Serah shares this ability is a sign
    	that she has come under the gaze of Etro at
    	some point in the past.
    	Every time a seeress has a vision, a part of
    	her life force is drained away.  For this 
    	reason, all the Yeuls of history have died
    	before their twentieth birthdays.  The Eyes of
    	Etro cannot be voluntarily closed, and most
    	often open when history undergoes a
    	significant upheaval.  Noel is afraid that every
    	change they make during their journey is
    	eating away a little more of Serah's life span.
    Oracle Drives
    	Oracles Drives are ancient image-capturing
    	devices found across the breadth of Gran
    	Pulse.  They appear to hold the visions seen
    	by the Paddraean seeress.  Images that 
    	depict the future as seen from that time
    	have been proven to be accurate.
    	An Oracle Drive was discovered near the
    	Paddraean Ruins by Hope and his team of
    	researchers.  Due to the appearance of 
    	several gates in the area, the scientists are
    	focusing on the relationship between the
    	drive and the paradox effect.
    The Farseers
    	Centuries in the past on Gran Pulse, a
    	people known as the Farseers built the
    	prosperous city of Paddra.  They flourished
    	under the guidance of the seeress, whose
    	predictions of the future guided the growth
    	of their civilization.
    	After the War of Transgression that took
    	place between Cocoon and Pulse, it is
    	thought that the Farseer civilization died out.
    	Another theory suggests that the people of 
    	Paddra became a nomadic tribe, and still
    	roam the wilds of Gran Pulse.
    Unseen Chaos
    	The chaos of the Unseen Realm is a 
    	malevolent energy that seeps through into
    	the world of mortals.  The existence-defying
    	darkness witnessed by Lightning is an
    	immense and inexorable force, a creeping
    	doom that she is not even certain acts with a
    	unified purpose or will.
    	Where the chaos of Valhalla leaks into the
    	mortal realm, the laws of the physical world
    	are undone.  This paradoxical energy seeks
    	to return all existence to the Unseen Realm,
    	but at times it seems to show an almost odd
    	affection for those who share an affinity with
    Etro's Gate
    	The instant Etro's Gate opened, a world-
    	devouring darkness slipped through from
    	Valhalla.  The goddess turned back the river
    	of time and that terrible darkness-the
    	Unseen chaos-was sealed away.
    	Her power exhausted, Etro fell into a sleep
    	from which she would never awaken.  It was
    	Lightning who sensed that someone meant to
    	exploit that weakness and destroy the
    	goddess for good.  She learned of the man
    	called Caius Ballad.
    	If the goddess is destroyed, the chaos of the
    	Unseen Realm would be unleashed, and the
    	mortal realm devoured by Valhalla.  Lightning
    	decided to stand and fight, to protect Etro
    	and see her benevolent will upheld.
    Death of a Goddess
    	The goddess is dead.  Noel plunged his sword
    	into the Heart of Chaos, and Etro's very
    	presence faded away like mist.
    	Freed from the deity's constraints, the chaos
    	of the Unseen Realm then rose up in a great
    	wave and smashed apart Etro's Gate with
    	contemptuous ease.  The swirling maelstrom
    	roiled forth with a strength beyond 
    	imagination.  All of existence was engulfed in
    	darkness, and the world that remained was
    	bereft of life and death, past and future.
    	At the height of her battle with Caius, 
    	Lightning realized this fate was unavoidable.
    	The weary warrior accepted her defeat, and
    	entered into crystal slumber with but one
    	wish in her heart.
    An Immortal Wish
    	To destroy the divine heart within his breast,
    	and unleash the maelstrom of chaos-this
    	was Caius's only wish.  And so he waited.
    	He needed one who could surpass him in
    	battle and had the potential to still the Heart
    	of Chaos.  When Noel was born, the 
    	Guardian's prayers were answered.  If Caius
    	failed to open Etro's Gate, he would force
    	Noel to slay the goddess.  With the timeline
    	still bent and distorted, the chaotic energy
    	freed by that act would rise of its own
    	accord and shatter the gate.  It was his only
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