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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Table of Contents

    1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 - FAQ/Walkthrough
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Collectibles
      3. Combat Basics
      4. The Story So Far
      5. Characters
    4. Walkthrough
      1. Valhalla
      2. New Bodhum [003 AF]
      3. Bresha Ruins [005 AF]
      4. Optional Stuff 001
      5. Yaschas Massif [010 AF]
      6. Oerba [200 AF]
      7. Yaschas Massif [01X AF]
      8. The Void Beyond
      9. Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF]
      10. Optional Stuff 002
      11. Archylte Steppe
      12. Return to the Waterscape
      13. The Void Beyond (2)
      14. Serendipity
      15. Optional Stuff 03
      16. Academia [400 AF]
      17. Yaschas Massif [100 AF]
      18. Sunleth Waterscape [400 AF]
      19. Augusta Tower [300 AF]
      20. Augusta Tower [200 AF]
      21. Optional Stuff 04
      22. Academia [4XX AF]
      23. The Vile Peaks [200 AF]
      24. The Vile Peaks [010 AF]
      25. Return to Vile Peaks [200 AF]
      26. Oerba [300 AF]
      27. The Void Beyond (3)
      28. New Bodhum [-Year Unknown-]
      29. A Dying World [700 AF]
      30. New Bodhum [700 AF]
      31. Optional Stuff 05
      32. Serendipity (2)
      33. Academia [500 AF]
      34. Post-Story Check-in
      35. Paradox Endings
      36. The Final Steps to 100%
    5. Throphies/Achievements
    6. Unlockables
    7. Serendipity - (In-Depth)
      1. Chocobo Racing
      2. Slot Machines
      3. Fragment Skills
    8. Archylte Steppe - (In-Depth)
      1. Steppe Fragments
      2. Steppe Inhabitants
    9. Live Triggers
    10. Temporal Rift Puzzles
      1. Tile Trails
      2. Crystal Bonds
      3. The Hands of Time
    11. Inventory Checklist
      1. Weapons
      2. Accessories
      3. Key Items: Maps
      4. Key Items: Artefacts
      5. Key Items: Gate Seals
      6. Key Items: Other
      7. Items
      8. Specialty Items
      9. Components
    12. Fragments Checklist
      1. Gogmagog Fragment Alpha
    13. Tameable Monsters
      1. Monster Development
      2. Monster Abilities and Infusion
      3. Noteworthy Monsters
      4. Monster Crystal Checklist
      5. Monster Materials
      6. Adornments
    14. Crystarium
      1. Commando
      2. Ravager
      3. Sentinel
      4. Saboteur
      5. Synergist
      6. Medic
      7. Suggested Crystarium Builds
    15. Chocolina Shops
    16. Bestiary
      1. Rift Beasts
      2. Feral Creatures
      3. Militarized Units
      4. Ancient Automata
      5. Cie'th
      6. Special
    17. Contact
    18. Version History and Updates
    19. Copyright & Disclaimer

    Walkthrough (Continued)

    New Bodhum [700 AF]

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataAdornmentsArtifactsFragments
    [_] Map of New Bodhum [700 AF][_] Phoenix Blood[_]/[_] - Apotamkin[_] Gadot's Black Emblem[_] Artefact of the Ark[_] Cartesian Board
    [_] Supply SPhere Access Code[_]/[_] - Garganzola[_] Lebreau's Black Tattoo[_] Hope's Message
    [_]/[_] - Metallicactuar[_] Sky Blue NORA Symbol[_] Laplacian Board
    [_]/[_] - Pantopoda
    [_]/[_] - Pleuston
    [_] - Chonchon
    [_] - Seeker
    [_] - Strigoi

    Be sure to throw Mog around in New Bodhum to get Gadot's Black Emblem, Lebreau's Black Tattoo, and the Sky Blue NORA Symbol. Head west down the tree and then head up into the northwest corner and use Moogle Hunt to uncover a Phoenix Blood. Now head for the broken pier and activate the distortion for a informative scene.

    You now have access to the Advanced Moogle Hunt, so let's get some treasures. Head east along the shorline until just before you leave the Town Square area. There is a hidden Map of New Bodhum (700 AF) just above the large rock here. Continue all the way wast to the Breahfront and in the bottom right corner is the Cartesian Board and 600 CP. Southwest of NORA House by another set of rocks is the hidden Supply Sphere Access Code, Hope's Message, and 600 CP. Head to the southwest corner of New Bodhum and use Moogle Hunt. A treasure will appear that you will need to throw Mog to get with Laplacian Board and 600 CP. In the far northwest corner is Chocolina and directly west of NORA Housa is the Artefact of the Ark. Now use the Artefact on the gate on the pier.

    There are two treasure we have encountered that require Mog's Advanced Moogle Hunt:

    Augusta Tower [300 AF]

    Academia [400 or 4XX AF]

    • Elixir - Northeast alley in the Grand Avenue area


    Optional Stuff 05


    A Dying World [700 AF]

    [_] 1,625 gil[_] Long Gui's Shell[_] Wild Artefact[_] Omega Brand
    [_] Sacred Cross[_] White Guitar[_] Chaos Brand
    [_] Mana Booster x8[_] Silver Chocobo Figurine
    [_] Platinum Casino Ticket[_] Chocobo Feather Pin
    [_] Purple Chocobo Figurine
    [_] Purple Chocobo Chick

    Now that we have Mog back, let's finish some stuff here.

    You pop out in a new area called the Abyssal Fissue. Start throwing Mog around to get the following as you travel (the following is where I got them):

    Abyssal Fissue

    The Black Sands

    The Border

    The Dead Sands

    The Beaten Path

    The Farseers' Settlement

    Head northeast straight away and grab the 1,625 Gil. Facing south you should see a treasure floating in the cliffside. This contains the Omega Brand and 800 CP. Head south and use Mog to reveal the bridge and get access to The Black Sands.

    Directly in front of you is a phased out Chaos Brand and 800 CP next to the annoying Chocobo. Head east and at the end of the train you will find a hidden treasure with Noel's Sacred Cross. Make sure to throw Mog around in The Black Sands until you get the Cactuarama monster crystal. Head northeast from here into the corner and get the Mana Booster x8. Now head all the way south to find a gate and throw Mog for Power Booster x9 in the tree. Now head nortehast a long way and you should find Chocolina. South of Chocolina is a hidden Platinum Casino Ticket by the tree. Now head east of Chocolina and reveal the bridge to The Border area.

    There isn't anything in The Border area, but you may want to head north if you missed any of the three treasures in The Dead Sands area (the Golden Chocobo treasure is not marked).

    Now head toward the settlement and go to the Oracle Drive. Where the distortion used to be you can now reveal a Wild Artefact and get a scene. There are only two areas left that need to be opened via a Wild Artefact, Oerba [400 AF] and Bresha Ruins [100 AF]. I will cover Bresha Ruins [100 AF] here and Oerba in the post-story section. In case you are wondering, the last Wild Artefact is the one bought from Serendipity.


    Bresha Ruins [100 AF]

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataFragments
    [_] Weapon Material[_] Elixir[_]/[_] - Munchkin[_] Ruthenium Ring
    [_] Monster Analysis Report[_]/[_] - Munchkin Maestro[_] Osmium Ring
    [_] 'Eternity' Gate Seal[_]/[_] - Purple Chocobo[_] Palladium Ring
    [_]/[_] - Tempest
    [_]/[_] - Don Tonberry

    You can unlock Bresha Ruins [100 AF] by using the gate in the southwest of The Black Sands in A Dying World [700 AF].

    Immediately talk to the Government Agent and learn about bounty hunters. Head west and talk to Pat to accept the Fragment: Palladium Ring. Head into the tunnels next to Chocolina and follow it all the way north to a hidden Weapon Material. Now head south out the other tunnel and talk to the Professor just before the souther tunnels and accept the Fragment: Osmium Ring quest. Head into the tunnels next to him and follow it around east. You should see the phased out assistant and the far east end of the tunnels, so use Mog and talk to him. Grab the Monster Analysis Report and then head out of the tunnels to the north.

    When you leave the tunnels, head east and and in the area with the Chocobo is the 'Eternity' Gate Seal. Continue all the way east and talk to Walter to accept the Fragment: Ruthenium Ring. Head into the area and reveal the Elixir and grab Serah's Chrystalis Arc from behind Raymond. Now talk to Raymond and answer the LT's with flattery and stuff that won't make him agressive. Doing this three times with get you the Ruthenium Ring and 1,000 CP.

    Head west, avoiding the tunnels, and you should be back at the Professor. Turn in the quest for the Osmium Ring and 1,000 CP. Now head back to Lamentable Rest and turn in the quest for Palladium Ring and 1,000 CP.

    You can now talk to Ronan in the Lamentable Rest to accept the Fragment: Rodium Ring quest. Let's head to the future and get that data now.


    Bresha Ruins [300 AF]

    Key Items
    [_] Old Device

    In the Lamentable Rest, talk to the stuffed animal to recieve the Old Device. Now return to [100 AF].


    Bresha Ruins [100 AF]

    Key ItemsFragments
    [_] 'Disaster' Gate Seal[_] Rhodium Ring

    Turn in the Old Device to Ronan and recieve the Rhodium Ring and 1,000 CP. You can now access the northwest section of the map, so head there via the tunnel to the west. When you reach the split, head east toward the Atlas Control Room. In the southeast corner of this room is the 'Disaster' Gate Seal. Now talk to Porter in front of the crystal to accept the Fragment: Adamantite Ring quest.


    Yaschas Massif [100 AF]

    Key Items
    [_] Thorne's Information

    Head to the command station in the Paddra Ruins and talk to Uma to recieve Thorne's Information.


    Yaschas Massif [110 AF]

    [_] Control Device Password 1
    [_] Ugallu Fragment

    Head to the dead end in the southeast section of the map, just south of the Paddra Ruins area, and reveal Thorne. He will give you the Control Device Password 1 and 300 CP.

    Before you leave, you can probably take out the Ugallu.



    HP141,200Chain Res.90Physical Dmg.-
    Strength254Stagger Pt.160%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic724Keep95Fire Dmg.-
    CP450LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil1,013Libra50Lightning Dmg.1/2
    Wind Dmg.1/2
    Common DropVitality Orb100%

    After the fight you gain the Ugallu Fragment and 2,000 CP.


    Yaschas Massif [01X AF]

    [_] Gorgyra Fragment

    If you haven't beaten Gorgyra, do so now.



    HP848,000Chain Res.80Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength235Stagger Pt.300%Magic Dmg.-
    Magic352Keep20Fire Dmg.1/2
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.1/2
    Gil0Libra1,000Lightning Dmg.1/2
    Wind Dmg.1/2

    After the fight you gain the Gorgyra Fragment and 500 CP.


    Bresha Ruins [300 AF]

    [_] Control Device Password 2

    Head to the Atlas Control Room and talk to the Government Agent and then examine the crystal for some Temporal Rift Puzzles. When you complete it you will get the Control Device Password 2 and 400 CP.


    Bresha Ruins [100 AF]

    Key ItemsFragments
    [_] Toilet Paper Coupon[_] Adamantite Ring
    [_] Kalavinka Fragment

    Talk to Porter and you will recieve the Adamantite Ring and 1,000 CP.

    Speak to Porter again for a scene and accept the Fragment: Kalavinka Fragment. Head for the waypoint to take on Kalavinka.



    HP182,400Chain Res.95Physical Dmg.-
    Strength440Stagger Pt.150%Magic Dmg.-
    Magic440Keep90Fire Dmg.-
    CP120LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.Absorb
    Gil200Libra1,000Lightning Dmg.-
    Wind Dmg.-
    Common DropPotent Orb100%

    If you find yourself having trouble, employ a SEN to take his heavy hits.

    Beating Kalavinka nets you the Kalavinka Fragment, 4,500 CP, and the funny Toilet Paper Coupon.


    Serendipity (2)

    With Episode 5 done and all versions of Yaschas Massif 100% complete, you can head to the Mystic and get the following Fragment Skills:

    • Monster Collection
    • Anti-grav Jump
    • Bargain Hunter
    • Encounter Master
    • Eyes of the Goddess
    • Rolling in CP.

    The only thing left to do now is head for Academia [500 AF], but first you should finish whatever you want/can before then. Here are some suggestions:

    You can visit every place after the game ends, so finishing it all now is not REQUIRED.


    Academia [500 AF]

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataFragments
    [_] 'Determination' Gate Seal[_] Phoenix Down[_]/[_] - Apkallu[_]/[_] - Proto-Behemoth[_] Amethyst and Luvulite
    [_] Map of Academia [500 AF][_] Phoenix Blood[_]/[_] - Bamapama[_]/[_] - Schrodinger[_] Paradox Scope
    [_] 'Sisters' Gate Seal[_] Shaman's Mark[_]/[_] - Managarmr[_]/[_] - Tezcatlipoca
    [_] 'Final Battle' Gate Seal[_] Brawler's Wristband[_]/[_] - Miquiztli[_]/[_] - Yeoman
    [_] 'Hope' Gate Seal[_] Vitality Booster x8[_]/[_] - Mimi[_]/[_] - Xolotl
    [_] Royal Amulet[_]/[_] - Pantopoda
    [_] Elixir[_]/[_] - Pleuston

    As soon you have control, grab the treasure box for the 'Determination' Gate Seal. Be aware that you can actually fall of this map, so pay attention to whats under your feet. Head north and jump over to the platform with Chocolina and activate the cactuar statue. Now, head right and grab the Phoenix Down before heading north and when the platforms switch so you can run across, head right. Wait here until you can go north and follow the path to a Phoenix Blood. Head north and activate the cactuar statue and then go back the way you came.

    When you reach Chocolina's platform go west this time. Activate the cactuar statue when you come to it and then continue northwest. You should eventually come to a treasure with a Shaman's Mark. Now go back to the previous cactuar statue and head east over the timed platform. Here you can grab the Map of Academia (500 AF). Remember how I said to be aware of what is under your feet? Well, drop down the eastern gap to get to the area below you and get the Brawler's Wristband. Fall off the area so you can respawn at the last cactuar you touched and then head north. This time you want to make sure the platform is facing northeast so you can get to the waypoint.



    Pacos Luvulite

    HP250,400Chain Res.40Physical Dmg.-
    Strength190Stagger Pt.200%Magic Dmg.-
    Magic190Keep95Fire Dmg.x2
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.Absorb
    Gil0Libra500Lightning Dmg.1/2
    Wind Dmg.1/2
    Common DropScarletite30%
    Rare DropPlatinum Ingot1%


    Pacos Amethyst

    HP250,400Chain Res.40Physical Dmg.-
    Strength190Stagger Pt.200%Magic Dmg.-
    Magic190Keep95Fire Dmg.Absorb
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.x2
    Gil0Libra500Lightning Dmg.1/2
    Wind Dmg.1/2
    Common DropScarletite30%
    Rare DropPlatinum Ingot1%

    These guys are complete opposites and they have the ability to revive each other. You will need to take one down to under 50% HP and then switch to the other and kill it. Once once it dead, push hard to kill the other before he revives his friend. Make sure to watch you HP and be full when you go for the final push, that way you don't have to stop and heal and risk the battle ending up being longer.

    After the fight you will activate a Chaos Block and change the position of the moving platforms, get the Amethyst and Luvulite Fragment, and 8,000 CP.

    Instead of going anywhere, examine the Chaos Block and turn it blue. Now head west and south all the way back to Chocolina. Now go northeast and activate the cactuar statue here to set your spawn. Go back to Chocolina and change the Chaos Block to red. Fall off the map and you will respawn back at the cactuar you activated and could no longer get to without the spawn. Head north and across the L-shaped platform to another Chaos Block that you can turn blue. Go back to tha cactuar and take the L-shaped platform west and north to the middle area of the map.

    The spawn rate in this area makes it annoying unless you like farming. You can use the Encounter Master skill to encounter less or more, depending on your desire.

    Use the cactuar statue and then use the T-shaped platform to head west. Activate the Chaos Block here and turn it to blue and use the T-shaped platform to get to the east side and grab the 'Sisters' Gate Seal. Head east from here up the steps and activate the cactuar. Now go back all the way to the central platform with the high spawn rate and change the Chaos Block to blue. Fall off the map and go north, using the L-shaped platform to go west and the T-shaped platform to reach a stable area. From here, throw Mog north to grab the Vitality Booster x8. Continue west and wait for the T-shaped platform to go 180% so you can get to the waypoint.

    Change the Chaos Block here to red and then wait for the L-shaped platform north of you to let you go west. Run along it and drop off the edge to get to a lower platform with a Royal Amulet. Fall of the map and this time take the L-shaped platform back east. Stand on the stable black and wait for the T-shaped platform to come around. Use this to go north and then west and north to another stable platform with a Proto-Behemoth.

    The behemoth will probably destroy your party, as it is one of the toughest enemies in the game. You can simply run east to avoid it for now.

    Continue east to the checkpoint for a scene and then grab the 'Final Battle' Gate Seal. Make sure you are saved here, and then head east. Follow this to a moving L-shaped platform. You want to wait for it to let you go south and west to get to a set of stairs. Go down the stairs to the Chaos Block and reveal that part of the map, but don't use the block. Now wait for the L-shaped platform to face south and run off the edge and jump to the L-shaped moving platform below (make sure to use the Anti-Grav Jump to glide to it). Now run south to the stable platform. You should have all of the map uncovered except a platform to the northeast and the far north. Wait for the L-shaped platform to allow you to go east and then drop down to the lower platform to get reveal an Elixir. Now fall off the map and you should be and the end again.

    Before you head north for the final battle, make sure you have a few of these REQUIRED paradigms ready:

    Delta AttackCOMRAVSEN
    • A paradigm with a SAB under your control. If you want an attack paradigm I'd go with SAB, RAV, MED or a defensive SAB, MED, SEN (if you like to control healing).
    • A full attack paradigm that quickly raises the Chain Gauge, such as COM, RAV, RAV.

    When you are ready head north to start the battle.


    Chaos Bahamut (Academia)

    HP79,930Chain Res.60Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength485Stagger Pt.NoneMagic Dmg.1/2
    Magic420Keep100Fire Dmg.1/2
    CP300LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.1/2
    Gil450Libra51Lightning Dmg.1/2
    Wind Dmg.1/2
    Common DropPhoenix Down50%
    Rare DropPhoenix Blood50%

    Chaos can do some nasty damage to low level parties, but if you followed my guide you should have no problem.

    Stick to your attack paradigm or Delta Attack for attacking purposes. When your party is low health, switch to your choice of healing paradigm. Because this paradigm has a SAB in it, you should cast Deprotect and Deshell.

    In general, you should have little problems here other than making sure to heal and keep individual characters alive.

    When Chaos goes flying away with Metamorphosis, watch out for Megaflare and switch to Tortoise (SEN x3) if needed.

    After the scenes, you will be in Valhalla where the fight continues.


    Caius Ballad (Valhalla)

    HP24,000Chain Res.99
    Strength2,000Stagger Pt.None

    At the start of battle Caius will inflict a mass of debuffs on someone. Switch to your healing paradigm and Dispel these and hit him with some ailments, if you're lucky (I was not always this lucky).

    For attacking, you will either be using Delta Attack, for low level parties, or Relentless Assault for high level ones.

    Watch out for Caius' Chain Break ability which will reset his Chain Gauge. Also watch out for Body and Soul, which gives him massive buffs. You should either Dispel these ASAP or make sure you have a SEN in play.

    Caius also has a random downtime period where he simply circles the party. This is a perfect time to go all out with Relentless Assault or Cerberus if he is staggered.

    After you defeat Caius there are still more battles to go.


    'Final Boss''

    Amber Bahamut

    HP141,200Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.-
    Strength253Stagger Pt.300%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic122Keep90Fire Dmg.-
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.1/2
    Gil0Libra1,000Lightning Dmg.-
    Wind Dmg.1/2

    Garnet Bahamut

    HP141,200Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength253Stagger Pt.300%Magic Dmg.-
    Magic304Keep90Fire Dmg.1/2
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra1,000Lightning Dmg.1/2
    Wind Dmg.-

    Jet Bahamut

    HP1,059,000Chain Res.50
    Strength2,027Stagger Pt.300%

    The main focus of this fight is Jet Bahamut, but you can't just avoid the others as they will increase his flare attack and block your attack selection. Start out by taking out Amber and Garnet with Delta Attack, Relentless Assault, and your healing paradigm (when you get too low health). Make sure you are fully healed before the last dies and you face Jet (we will need as much time as possible on Jet for damage).

    The first thing Jet does is to cast debuffs on everyone, so start the fight in your healing paradigm to Dispel the status effects he puts up. Once you are Dispeled, switch to Relentless Aassault to raise his Chain Gauge. If you get lucky and stagger him before he summons another bahamut, go all out in Cerberus. You may need to heal before you stagger him and possibly in between.

    Once he starts to respawn the other Bahamuts, you need to take them out asap. Watch Jet carefully though, as he does a countdown. When you see this, switch paradigms and full heal yourself. If you have time and one Bahamut is still up, try and take it down. Whatever you do, switch to Tortoise when that counter reaches 1.

    After you are flared, heal up and continue the cycle.

    Watch the final scenes and when it is all over you will get the Paradox Scope, 30,000 CP, the 'Hope' Gate Seal, and unlock Valhalla [??? AF]].


    Post-Story Check-in

    The first thing I suggest you do is check that you have all Gates and Fragments from everywhere except the following:

    • Oerba [400 AF] (which I haven't opened)
    • Serendipity
    • The Archylte Steppe
    • Academia [4XX AF]
    • Oerba [300 AF] (Gate only)
    • New Bodhum [700 AF]

    Let's take care of some of these right now, but first head to the Mystic in Serendipity to get the Fragment Skills: Paradox Scope.


    New Bodhum [700 AF]

    [_] Serah's Message
    [_] Noel's Message

    Make sure to turn on the Paradox Scope skill and then from the pier, head east and hug the wall until you see the fragment floating and examine it to get Serah's Message and 600 CP. Now head all the way west to find Noel's Message and 600 CP.


    Oerba [400 AF]

    Spend time in Serendipity doing the Chocobo Racing, or simply turn in 75,000 gil, to get another Wild Artefact so you can access Oerba [400 AF] through the gate in Oerba [300 AF].

    Key ItemsItemsEnemy DataFragments
    [_] 'Hometown' Gate Seal[_] Platinum Casino Ticket[_] - Chonchon[_] Farewell Madeleine
    [_] Wild Chorus[_] - Ghast[_] Selfish Pancake
    [_] Platinum Casino Ticket x2[_] - Seeker[_] Pink Parfait
    [_] - Raspatil[_] Teatime Mont Blanc
    [_]/[_] - Grenade[_] Graviton Core Zeta
    [_]/[_] - Forked Cat[_] Beloved Cinnamon
    [_]/[_] - Zaghnal[_] Bittersweet Chiffon
    [_] Dishonest Milee-feuille
    [_] Tremulous Muffin

    Like [300 AF], the majority of your time here is going to be Temporal Rift Puzzles. Head east and hop in your first one, a Tile Trail, which will get you Farewell Madeleine and 800 CP.

    Head west around the building and down the other side to pop into another rift, this one a Crystal Bonds puzzle. When you finish, you recieve Selfish Pancake and 800 CP. Head toward the beach, but before taking the steps north, turn south and look to the top of the tree roots. Although hard to see, there is actually a treasure up there, so throw Mog and get the 'Hometown' Gate Seal.

    Head down to The Ashensand now and hop in the portal next to the steps (this will usually only appear until everything else is complete, unless you are in post game). This is a Hands of Time puzzle and will net you Pink Parfait and 1,000 CP.

    Nead west and go to the top floor of the schoolhouse now and use Mog in the north to reveal another rift. This is another Hands of Time puzzle and rewards you with the Teatime Mont Blanc and 800 CP.

    Head back to the beach and go north to reveal the rest of The Ashensand. Dirctly north, at the maps edge, use Mog to reveal the Graviton Core Zeta and 500 CP. Now, follow the beach east to another rift. This Hands of Time will net you Beloved Cinnamon and another 800 CP.

    Continue east and you will come across a phased out Platinum Casino Ticket. Continue along the beach and at the far east is a hidden Wild Chorus. Head to the Village Proper, where a rift awaits north or Chocolina. This is a Crystal Bonds puzzle and will get you the Bittersweet Chiffon and 800 CP.

    Head south into the building near Chocolina and on the lower floor use Moogle Hunt to reveal a Crystal Bonds puzzle. This one will reward you with the Dishonest Mille-feuille and another 800 CP.

    Head out of the building and around the back to get to the upper level and a Tile Trail puzzle. This is short and easy and will reward you with the final fragemnt, Tremulous Muffin and the last 800 CP.

    Head up to the street level now and head all the way south to get the last treasure with Platinum Casino Ticket x2.


    Academia [400 AF]

    Head for the Alley where Chocolina is and talk to Miss Horizon to accept the Fragment: Academic Rank: Paradox Professor. This quest requires you to visit most of the timelines and complete the following maps with 100%.

    FragmentCPAdditional Notes
    Travel Guide: Bresha Ruins150 CPYou need to visit all versions of Bresha Ruins for this. Try the upper area of the Excavation Site in [005 AF].
    Travel Guide: New Bodhum100 CPThis includes [700 AF] even though it's a differnt map. Check every nook of NORA House, including the porch.
    Travel Guide: Yaschas Massif200 CPThis includes [100 AF] and [110 AF] to get blocked areas.
    Travel Guide: Sunleth Waterscape200 CPCheck the southwest vines and make sure you ride them both ways.
    Travel Guide: Oerba200 CPRequires [400 AF] to finish The Ashensands.
    Travel Guide: Academia400 CPCheck the southwest corner of New Town in [4XX AF]. There is an area under a section that you can't see marked on the map.
    Travel Guide: Archylte Steppe200 CPRemember that place in Grave Ridge I told you to remember for the chocobo?
    Travel Guide: Augusta Tower400 CPYou should have this if you went to dead ends instead of straight through.
    Travel Guide: Vile Peaks500 CPYou can uncover the 100% in [010 AF].
    Travel Guide: A Dying World600 CPNot hard, just big.
    Academic Rank: Paradox Professor1,500 CPDeliver all of the 10 above areas.

    Be sure to go to Serendipity to get the super useful Battlemania Fragment Skill. You will need this to get the 100% Bestiary and 160 Fragments.


    Paradox Endings

    [_] Transcript: A Giant Mistake
    [_] Transcript: Vanille's Truth
    [_] Transcript: Mog's Marvelous Flan Plan
    [_] Transcript: Test Subjects
    [_] Transcript: The Future is Hope
    [_] Transcript: Beneath a Timeless Sky
    [_] Transcript: Heir to Chaos


    There are fragments for turning your Paradox Scope skill on and doing things differently. Let's cover these next.


    Transcript: A Giant Mistake - 11,000 CP

    This does not require the Paradix Scope to be on. Instead, close Bresha Ruins [005 AF] and play up until the point where you are suppose to weaken Atlas. Instead of weakening him, take him on full force and defeat him.


    Atlas (Unweakened)

    HP156,000Chain Res.80Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength1,500Stagger Pt.900%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic750Keep100Fire Dmg.1/2
    CP500LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.1/2
    Gil1,000Libra51Lightning Dmg.1/10
    Wind Dmg.1/10
    Common DropPotent Generator100%
    Rare DropGold Bangle5%

    If you are doing this post game, you should have no problem. If you do not have the ultimate tamed monsters yet, I suggest you at least have a Bunkerbeast (30) and a max level Dragoon in your setups. A good Medic, like the Green Chocobo, is also desired.

    Depending on your party setup, you will take significant damage from his punch attacks. For this reason, you should switch to Tortoise (SEN x3) anytime it looks like he is going to punch the ground. Other than that, you can go all out with Relentless Assault/Delta Attack or Diversity. Because his resistance to status ailments is strong and he has a move that removes buffs, a Synergist and Sabotuer are useless in this fight.


    Transcript: Vanille's Truth - 10,000 CP

    In order to get this fragment, you will need to beat Caius in Oerba [200 AF] with the Paradox Scope active. Activate it and then close the gate. Luckily, you will not need to redo all the rift puzzles, so just run to the schoolhouse roof and fight the beefed up Caius.


    Caius Ballad (Oerba w/ Paradox Scope)

    HP424,000Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength253Stagger Pt.300%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic235Keep95Fire Dmg.1/2
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.1/2
    Gil0Libra51Lightning Dmg.1/2
    Wind Dmg.1/2

    Post-story you should be plenty leveled, but if you are having trouble read below.

    Caius uses his Body and Soul ability which will heal him throughout the battle. The key to this fight is to negate that with Poison. Make a setup with a SAB, I suggest Attrition (SAB, MED, SEN) so you can Dispel and debuff him in one paradigm with Deprotect, Deshell, and Poison.

    The other trick is maxing your damage while he is staggered by using RAV's to increase the Chain Gauge and then switch to Cerberus (COM x3) and beat him to a pulp.


    Transcript: Mog's Marvelous Flan Plan - 10,000 CP

    Like Atlas, this does not require the Paradox Scope, instead you need to seal the gate of Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF] and head inside and beat the unweakened version of Royal Ripeness. You will need to fight it once for the story, and then head in again for the real fight.


    Royal Ripeness (Unweakened)

    HP750,780Chain Res.55Physical Dmg.-
    Strength881Stagger Pt.NoneMagic Dmg.-
    Magic881Keep100Fire Dmg.Absorb
    CP300LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra500Lightning Dmg.-
    Wind Dmg.x2
    Common DropVitality Crystal50%
    Rare DropMartyr's Badge100%

    You should be fine post-story, but there is no harm in bringing some Wound Potions, a pet SEN of 30+, either a Green Chocobo with Esunada from Flanitor or Flanitor himself, and a pet RAV with Wind-based attacks (Cloudburst is good).

    Royal Ripeness' attacks in the same pattern and is easy to predict.

    • Belch - switch to your MED and get an Esunada.
    • Switch to Smart Bomb (RAV, SAB, RAV) and inflict him with Deprotect and Deshell while you increase the Chain Gauge.
    • Switch to Tri-Disaster (RAV x3) and/or Diversity (COM, RAV, MED) and push the Chain Gauge up so you can do more damage.
    • Once staggered, let the Chain Gauge increase a little and then go all out with Aggression (COM, COM, RAV) or Cerberus (COM x3).

    When Royal Ripeness gets low on HP he will cast Haste on himself and cause massive Wound Damage, so take him out as quick as possible.


    Transcript: Test Subjects - 10,000 CP

    Firstly, close the gate of Augusta Tower [200 AF] and make sure your Paradox Scope is active. Now make your way to the top floor and take on the ultimate Proto Fal'Cie Adam.


    Proto Fal'Cie Adam (w/ Paradox Scope)

    Proto Fal'Cie Adam (w/ Paradox Scope)

    HP551,200Chain Res.40
    Strength288Stagger Pt.200%
    Common DropVitality Generator50%

    Left/Right Manipulator (w/ Paradox Scope)

    HP16,320Chain Res.50
    Strength278Stagger Pt.150%
    Common DropPower Generator50%

    This battle is no different than the previous versions of the Fal'Cie except that he has more HP. Once again, take out the manipulators first before focusing on the Fal'Cie himself.


    Transcript: The Future Is Hope - 3,000 CP

    This is one of the easiest and quickest Paradox Endings to get. Make sure the Paradox Scope is active and then seal the gate of Academia [4XX AF]. Now follow the story, but when you turn in the five Graviton Cores, don't skip the cutscene. When given the option, choose to not accept the Vagabond Artefact.

    This ending will make sense now that you have finished the game and know that you and Noel get seperated when you enter the gate, but it also resolves some mysterious conversations with certain NPC's (specifically the man on the far eastern edge of the map outside the HQ).


    Transcript: Beneath a Timeless Sky - 10,000 CP

    Considered the hardest Paradox Ending, you will need to have Serah almost maxed for this solo fight with Caius. This is also a pain in the butt to get to since your have to replay through Academia [4XX] to get to The Void Beyond. Start by sealing Academia [4XX AF] and then heading to Alyssa and turning in the five Graviton Cores. If your Paradox Scope is active, make sure to accept the Vagabond Artefact and then head for the gate. COntinue with the story until you are going to fight Caius.


    Caius Ballad (The Void Beyond w/ Paradox Scope)

    HP90,032Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength184Stagger Pt.200%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic184Keep95Fire Dmg.-
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra51Lightning Dmg.-
    Wind Dmg.-

    Before you start this fight there are a few things you need to have ready.

    • A strong Sentinel with Challenge (I had Bunkerbeast)
    • A COM with Armor Breaker (Dragoon or Chichu if you like the raw strength and the builds supplied in GameFAQ's forum and the infusion guides).
    • Equip Serah with a weapon that has the highest ATB Rate: +% (mine was 45%), but if you do the Steppe monsters first you could have 50% easy.
    • Some Wound Potions and Phoenix Downs, just in case.

    In general, all of your Paradigm Shifts will have your monster as a SEN. Here are what Serah will need to be:

    Bulding BlockSYNSEN
    Stumbling BlockSABSEN
    Slash & BurnRAVCOM

    Like all the super Caius' he will use Body and Soul as well as Absolution to give himself enchantments and regeneration. I'm going to outline the general pattern you will be following.

    • Caius will start by attacking Serah, but don't panic he is weak at this point with no buffs.
    • Start by giving yourself Protect and Shell and then switch to Stumbling Block.
    • Debuff Caius with Deshell and Poison.
    • Switch to Lifeguard for a quick heal on your Sentinel.
    • If Caius is in his dormant stage, switch to Slash & Burn for a few hits.
    • If he is not dormant, switch to whatever Paradigm you need (prioritizing with Debuffs > Healing > Damage).
    • If you stagger him (since he might do Chain Break), then switch to Misdirection or Slash & Burn to dish out damage.
    • If he uses Chain Break and therefore Absolution, switch back to Stumbling Block to Dispel and then switch and debuff him.

    Continue this kind of pattern. I suggest you switch to Slash & Burn whenever Caius is dormant and you don't need to heal. This will help keep Serah from getting attacked, as everytime you switch back to Bunkerbeast he will re-Provoke Caius and not get stuck in Mediguard while she is getting attacked. You will eventually defeat him and he will restore himself. Do the same thing again and you should be fine.


    Transcript: Heir to Chaos - 10,000 CP

    Entering the Academia [4XX AF] gate to The Void Beyond again without opening and closing the Academia gate will get you nowhere, so open Academia and close it again. Make sure your Paradox Scope is off this time and play through the events until you reach New Bodhum [700 AF]. You can safely turn on the Paradox Scope and make your way to A Dying World.

    I suggest you get the other Adornment for the LT events that you didn't get last time (since you would need to do this all again to here).

    You will again have a fight with Caius, but with Noel this time. This is a much easier battle than the one with Serah.


    Caius Ballad (A Dying World w/ Paradox Scope)

    HP30,052Chain Res.50Physical Dmg.1/2
    Strength106Stagger Pt.150%Magic Dmg.1/2
    Magic106Keep95Fire Dmg.-
    CP0LaunchImmuneIce Dmg.-
    Gil0Libra51Lightning Dmg.-
    Wind Dmg.-

    Use the same kind of strategies you used before, but overall it is easy compared to Serah's fight.


    The Final Steps to 100%

    The following is a checklist of what you need to do to get the 100% completion of the game.

    • Finish The Archylte Steppe (See Archylte Steppe - (In-Depth) for more information.)
    • Finish Serendipity (See Serendipity - (In-Depth) for more information.)
    • Kill every enemy in the game at least once to complete Academia [4XX AF] Fragment: Academic Rank: Monster Professor

    Unique Monsters to The Archylte Steppe (See Steppe Inhabitants for more information.)

    New Bodhum [003 AF] - Rare Spawn

    Bresha Ruins [300 AF] - Rare Spawn

    Bresha Ruins [100 AF] - Rare Spawn

    Yaschas Massif [110 AF] - Rare Spawn

    Yaschas Massif [100 AF] - Rare Spawn

    Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF] - Rare Spawn

    Sunleth Waterscape [400 AF] - Rare Spawn

    Academia [500 AF] - Rare Spawn

    • Tezcatlipoca (May spawn in the northeast, but only once and then you need to close the gate and redo the maze again - Use Battlemania Fragment Skill)
    • Schrodinger (While not classified as rare, this guy spawns with the Proto-Behemoth that you probably didn't take out on your first run)
    • Proto-Behemoth (Easily one of the toughest enemies you came across in endgame, you will need to go back and defeat this probably)

    Oerba [400 AF] - Rare Spawn

    Once you have all 160 Fragments, activate the Paradox Scope and defeat the final boss for a Secret Ending.



    NameTypePtsUnlock Condition
    Early RiserBronze15Defeat the Nekton and Meonekton's on the beach of New Bodhum [003 AF].
    Time TravelerBronze15Start Episode 2 in Bresha Ruins [005 AF].
    Scarlet MedalBronze14Defeat the Weakened Atlas with a 5 star rating in Bresha Ruins [005 AF].
    Future EspierBronze15Start Episode 3, Part 1 in Yaschas Massif [010 AF].
    Past GazerBronze15Start Episode 3, Part 2 in Sunleth Waterscape [300 AF].
    Threat FacerBronze15Start Episode 4 in Academia [400 AF].
    Sooth SeekerBronze15Start Episode 5 in The Void Beyond after Academia [4XX AF].
    Promise KeeperBronze15Start Episode 6 in Academia [500 AF].
    Epic FinisherGold90Complete the game by defeating the final boss.
    Budding HunterSilver30Defeat 100 enemies.
    Quick DrawBronze15Get 50 Preemptive Strikes.
    StaggeringBronze15Stagger 50 times.
    Wild ThingBronze16Use Feral Link 100 times.
    AnomalousSilver30View all Paradox Endings, including the Secret Ending.
    Beast TamerGold90Tame the Don Tonberry in Bresha Ruins [100 AF].
    Big Game HunterSilver30Defeat Ochu, Immortal, Yomi, and Long Gui on the Archylte Steppe.
    Cerulean MedalBronze14Defeat Proto fal'Cie Adam with a 5 star rating in Augusta Tower [200 AF].
    Choco-boco-holicBronze14Spend 100,000 gil at Chocolina's shop.
    ChronosaviorGold90Defeat the final boss with a 5 star rating.
    Clock StopperBronze15Get 100 consecutive "GREAT" ratings with the Mog Clock.
    Fair FighterGold90Defeat Raspatil on Normal Mode in Oerba [400 AF].
    FragmentedSilver30Obtain all Fragments in one category.
    Giant's FistGold90Deal 99,999 damage with one hit.
    DefragmentedGold90Aquire all 160 Fragments.
    No RetreatBronze16Win 60 consecutive battles without hitting "Retry".
    Obsidian MedalBronze14Defeat Pacos Luvulite and Pacos Amethyst with a 5 star rating in Academia [500 AF].
    Saddle SoreBronze12Take more than 10,000 steps while riding a Chocobo.
    SerendipitousBronze12Earn 10,000 Casino Coins.
    StrategistBronze18Perform a total of 1,000 Paradigm Shifts.
    Supreme BeingSilver30Reach level 99 in all roles on a character.
    Trigger FingerSilver30100% all Cinematic Action prompts against Paradox Alpha, Atlas, Royal Ripeness, Zenobia and Proto fal'Cie Adam.
    Master of TimePlatinumUnlock all other trophies on Normal.



    These are the special bonus rewards that players with a Final Fantasy XIII save or players who fulfill the trophy/achievement requirements.

    Lightning Theme/Gamer PictureUnlocks automatically when you have a FFXIII save.
    Eternal CrystalUnlocks automatically when you have a FFXIII save.
    Lightning MaskFound in a treasure sphere in Serendipity if you have a FFXIII save.
    Serah MaskFound in a treasure sphere in The Void Beyond during Episode 5 if you have a FFXIII save.
    Noel Theme/Gamer PictureUnlock the Chronosavior Trophy/Achievement.
    Mog Theme/Gamer PictureUnlock the Fair Fighter Trophy/Achievement.
    Serah Theme/Gamer PictureUnlock the Defragmented Trophy/Achievement.
    Additional Lightning ThemeUnlock the Master of Time Trophy.


    Serendipity - (In-Depth)

    There are 5 fragments that you can get in Serendipity, but they are all hard ones.

    [_] Lucky CoinThere are two ways to get this, spend hours on the slot machine until you win 7,777 coins or get 16,000 coins and Auto-Play all night.
    [_] Chaos CrystalPurchase from the Casino Vendor for 10,000 coins.
    [_] Setzer's DicePurchase from the Casino Vendor for 10,000 coins.
    [_] Priceless GiftPurchase the Just 1 gil! from the Casino Vendor for 9,800 coins.
    [_] Chocochick DownFind on the baby chocobo in the Racing Reception area.


    Chocobo Racing

    Firstly, you should obtain the Silver Chocobo before starting any racing to a large degree.

    There are 4 things that determine your chocobo's overall quality in racing and those are Speed, Stamina, RP, and Abilities. In order to increase these abilities you will need to level up your chocobo in the Crystarium.



    In order to increase the chocobo's Speed, you will need Strength on the Crystarium. Note that anything above 800 Strength goes to waste, since there is a cap on just how fast the chocobo can be.

    StrengthSpeed Rating


    In order to increase the chocobo's Stamina, you will need Magic on the Crystarium. Once again, the cap is at 800 Magic.

    StrengthStamina Rating


    Race Points are what govern how long you can race a chocobo in one sitting. In order to increase your chocobo's base RP, you will need to increase the HP in the Crystarium. Once again, there is a cap at 5,000 HP giving you a total of 600 RP.


    Though the three above are required, abilities have the potential of helping the most overall. Although some chocobo's come with these abilities inheritantly, you can also infuse them as you desire.

    You will need to infuse at least one of the following Passive Abilities from one of the sources.

    AbilityDescriptionPassive Ability RequiredInfusion
    Rocket BlastIncrease the time for Sprinting Start.Critical: ShellDefault ability for White Chocobo
    Role ResonanceBamapama (16)
    Feral Surge
    Feral Fatigue
    Dark HorseOffers improved gambling odds.Item Scavanger (I or II)Default ability for Silver Chocobo
    Item CollectorMicrochu (18)
    Apotamkin (14)
    LimelightStats are increased for Graded races.Kill: ATB ChargeGoblin Chieftain (22)
    Kill: Libra
    SupersonicTakes effect when you are set to 'Lead the pack'. Increases the rate at which the Boost gauge charges.Quick StaggerDefault ability for Chocobo
    Improved Guard (I or II)Flandit (8)
    Lightning BoltTaked effect when you are set to 'Stay at the front of the pack'. Increases the rate at which the Boost gauge charges.Improved Ward (I or II)Default ability for Chocobo
    Chain Bonus Boost (I or II)Golden Chocobo (2)
    Stagger Maintenance (I or II)Ceratoraptor (2)
    TurboTakes effect when you are set to 'Stay in the middle of the pack'. Decreases the cost of the Boost command.Critical: Shield (I or II)Default ability for Green Chocobo
    Siphon Boost (I or II)Cait Sith (1)
    Defense Mainenance (I or II)Swampmonk (1)
    Improved Cure (I or II)
    Blue StreakTakes effect when you are set to 'Stay at the back of the pack'. Decreases the cost of the Boost command.Critical: ProtectDefault ability for Purple Chocobo and Silver Chocobo
    Ally KO: Power Surge (I or II)Ceratoraptor (1)
    Improved Debuffing (I or II)
    Health NutChocobo's condition is never below average.Bonus CPMicrochu (24)
    Rapid Recovery
    Free SpiritReduces instances where you flag (even if briefly) due to lagging behind the pack.Critical: FaithGrenade (12)
    Auto-BraveryAmanojaku (13)
    Attention HogStats are increased when you are the favorite.Feral Speed IIGancanagh (1)
    GilfinderDragoon (4)
    RunawayIncreases the effect of Supersonic or Lightning Bolt.Hinderance''Chichu]] (1)
    Pack Mentality''Nanochu]] (1)
    Jungle LawMetal Gigantuar (1)
    Second WindIncreases the effect of Turbo or Blue Streak.Improved Counter (I or II)Pulsework Gladiator (1)
    Fettered Magic
    PerseveranceSlightly recharges the Boost gauge when right before you finish.Auto-ProtectApkallu (1)
    Auto-ShellBarbed Specter (1)
    Auto-VeilCaterchipillar (1)
    Attack: ATB Charge (I or II)Pitterpatter (1)
    Improved Raise (I or II)
    SprinterGreatly increases speed in short-distance races.Critical: VeilDefault ability for Black Chocobo
    Critical: BraveryCactuar (1)
    ATB Advantage
    First Strike
    MarathonerGeatly increases stamina in long-distance races.Critial: VigilanceDefault ability for Golden Chocobo
    Critical: TetradefenseMicrochu (5)

    Not all of the above are useful, I suggest you add the at least the following to your Silver Chocobo:

    • Health Nut
    • Sprinter - Cactuar (1)
    • Marathoner - Microchu (24)
    • Second Wind - Pulsework Gladiator (1)

    If you are having anymore trouble or need a little help to get the rare Adronments, add the following:

    • Perseverance
    • Free Spirit
    • Limelight


    Chocobo Development

    Firstly, obtain the Silver Chocobo by heading to Academia [4XX] and using the Improved Moogle Throw at the small platform below the projection of Cocooon.

    Once you have that you will need to 31 Potent Orbs, 46 Potent Essences, and 23 Potent Crystals. You can farm these in the Clearwater Marshes of The Archylte Steepe.

    See Steppe Inhabitants for more information.

    Once you have maxed out your chocobo, you can easily dominate the lower division races. The only trouble will be the Fal'Cie cups. You should infuse the chocobo with the above mentioned skills, if you haven't already.


    Racing your Chocobo

    With your Silver Chocobo in hand, it's time to head for the races. The following tips are assuming you have a maxed Silver Chocobo with all of the above and it is set to 'Stay at the back of the pack'.

    • You can always recieve a Sprinting Start by pressing X/A just as the 1 fades from the screen.
    • Watch the show and save up your boost for the final stretch.
    • In the final turn of the races your chocobo will start to glow. This means the Blue Streak has taken effect and you can now use the Boost gauge at a decreased cost. If you have a full gauge, Boost straight away. If not, you should determine if you should wait a second or two. Don't wait too long though, as the Blue Streak effect wears off.


    Gambling Although you will almost always win in lower cups, the Fal'Cie cups are the most challenging and offer the best chance for suprise wins and loses.

    • If your chocobo wins a race when it is in poor or terrible condition the reward is greatly increased (you can not do this with Health Nut applied).
    • In Fal'Cie matches it is wise to bet on a close competitor, who is in great condition, as well as yourself.
    • Betting on both your close competitors can be beneficial depending on the odds. If it is only costing you 300 to bet on yourself and 2 competitors and the lowest payout is 4.0 you will still make 100 coins. That being said, if the chocobo with the 8.0 payout wins, you would make 500 coins.
    • If you are using Blue Streak and you see that one of the better paying out competitors might win, you can choose not to Boost in the hopes of getting a greater reward.

    There are some chocobos out there ranked extremly high that are always a good bet.

    Eden's ChampionXXXXXXXX
    Hades' SovereignXXXXXXXX
    Lightning RoseXXXXXXXX
    Sazh's AfroXXXXXXXXX
    Sweet SnowXXXXXXXXX
    Little HopeXXXXXXXX
    Sweet VanilleXXXXXXXXX
    Wild FangXXXXXXXX
    Graceful RoschXXXXXXXX
    Crafty NabaatXXXXXXXXX
    Endless RainesXXXXXXXXX
    Barthandelus XXXXXXXXX


    Race Titles

    During a chocobos career, the time it has per set of RP, you can achieve certain feats to obtain Adornments. They are represented in the form of Titles that you achieve and they are as follows:

    VictoriousWin five races.Train Conductor Cap
    SpeedsterDemonstate speed in a short distance.Electric Guitar
    FortitudeWin a 1,800m race.Lebreau's Violet Tattoo
    UnderdogWin a race where you are not a favorite.Ripe Apple
    TrooperCompete in 20 races.Frying Pan
    MoneybagsWin 3,000 coins.Halo
    Bird on FireWin 10 consecutive races.Red Chocobo Chick
    Derby ChampWin all races with the Derby suffix.Blue Moogle Bobble
    All-RounderWin a 600m, 1,200m, and a 1,800m.Tropical Tree
    Super SleuthWin all ten Secret races.Crown
    Grade-GetterWin all ten Graded races.Tonberry Figurine
    King of CocoonWin all Cocoon Class races.Bronze Medal
    Monster HunterWin all Monster Class races.Silver Medal
    WeaponmeisterWin all Weapon Class races.Gold Medal
    Guardian EliminatorWin all Guardian Class races.Mark of Lindzei
    Supreme Fal'Cie ChocoboWin all Fal'Cie races.Mark of Etro


    Races & Rewards The following is a list of all the races and the rewards you can get from them. Note that some prizes are a one-time reward and are then replaced.

    Hanging Edge ClassicCocoonPotion
    Bodhum DerbyCocoonPotion
    Vile Peaks ClassicCocoonChocoboost
    Bresha ClassicCocoonChocoboost
    Sunleth CupCocoonShuffle
    Gapra ClassicCocoonShuffle
    Palumpolum CupCocoonPower Bolt
    Euride StakesCocoonMana Bolt
    Nautilus DerbyCocoonWitch's Bracelet
    Sanctum SpecialCocoonZealot's Amulet
    Orphan's CupCocoonCute Cactuar Figurine
    Power Droplet
    Fifth Ark CupCocoonGuard's Ravager Badge
    Mana Droplet
    Goblin DerbyMonsterLibrascope
    Malboro ClassicMonsterLibrascope
    Flan StakesMonsterChocoboost
    Sahagrin DerbyMonsterChocoboost
    Bomb ClassicMonsterShuffle (Common)
    Garchimeacera CupMonsterShuffle (Common)
    Adamantoise ClassicMonsterVitality Droplet
    Ochu ClassicMonsterVitality Bolt
    Behemoth SpecialMonsterSilver Bangle
    Ahriman CupMonsterAuric Amulet
    Tonberry CupMonsterCie'th Wing
    Power Droplet
    Cactuar CupMonsterPilot's Badge
    Blazefire Saber ClassicWeaponPhoenix Down
    Durandal CupWeaponPhoenix Down
    Altairs StakesWeaponChocobull
    Pleiades ClassicWeaponChocobull
    Wild Bear DerbyWeaponShuffle (Graded)
    Hawkeye DerbyWeaponShuffle (Graded)
    Airwing CupWeaponPower Chip
    Binding Bot ClassicWeaponMana Chip
    Gungnir SpecialWeaponDurable Warding Talisman
    Partisan StakesWeaponPain Dampener
    Omega Weapon CupWeaponMoogle Figurine
    Potent Droplet
    Nirvana CupWeaponCactuar Figurine
    Potent Droplet
    Manasvin CupGuardianElixir
    Myrmidon DerbyGuardianElixir
    Garuda StakesGuardianChocobull
    Dreadnought SpecialGuardianChocobull
    Aster CupGuardianVitality Sliver
    Enki Enlil ClassicGuardianVitality Chip
    Ushumgal DerbyGuardianAdamantite
    Havoc StakesGuardianDark Matter
    Kalavinka ClassicGuardianNagaraja
    Proudclad ClassicGuardianThe Tower
    Undying CupGuardianOrion Knight's Helm
    Power Sliver
    Shaolong Gui CupGuardianWhite Chocobo Figurine
    Mana Sliver
    Phoenix CupFal'CiePotent Sliver
    Kujata ClassicFal'CiePotent Sliver
    Carbuncle ClassicFal'CiePower Orb
    Anima StakesFal'CieMana Orb
    Atomos DerbyFal'CieVitality Orb
    Bismarck CupFal'CieBloodguard
    Dahaka StakesFal'CieCollector Catalog
    Titan ClassicFal'CiePotent Sliver
    Eden StakesFal'CieEntite Ring
    Orphan DerbyFal'CiePotent Orb
    Lindzei CupFal'CieCanned Sheep Logo
    Potent Orb
    Pulse CupFal'CieCanned Coyo Logo
    Potent Orb