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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Version: 1.0
    Date: October 28, 2011
    Walkthrough done
    Will add plenty more later

    Semper Fidelis

    You gain control after kicking a man in the chest. Grab the pistol and start moving up through the car from seat to seat. The enemies here shouldn't be too threatening since this is sort of a training mission to get you familiar with the buttons. Once you get to the next door, there is a shotgun in the door. Grab it to proceed.

    Once you are through the door, you will be attacked and have to hit certain buttons for a quick time event (QTE). Take out the man here and you will recieve a new weapon. At the end of this car, you'll have to climb out of the train to get to the next area and you'll be confronted with a few QTEs again. Once you've climbed back on top of the train, you'll regain control. Head forward and watch for enemies climbing up on the left side. Keep moving and you'll be able to drop down through a big hole in the car.

    The next section is just a long corridor section. Move from one piece of cover to another and kill the enemies as you go. This should be relatively simple. Keep going until you get to a car with bombs all over it. Move through the end of this car and into the next. Walk forward to confront the man with his hands up. Get close to him and the mission will end.

    Operation Swordbreaker

    This mission is actually the mission you may have seen in a whole bunch of promotional videos and they cover pretty much the entire mission. Again, this is still something of a training mission. You won't receive a whole lot of prompts but the difficulty will still be scaled back and be more forgiving.

    Once you disembark from your APC, follow your squad to meet with Captain Cole. You'll find him in what looks like a Market area and meet around some pallets and a map. You'll find out what your mission is and then head off beyond him. Just follow along with your squad and you'll enter a building and move through it. As you go to exit the building, you'll see a patrol pass by but don't do anything, just wait for it to pass by. You'll cross a street and then enter another building, a garage. Once you get back outside, you'll be presented with another QTE. Finish that QTE and get back into the fight.

    You'll have a giant parking lot filled with enemies, I recommend you take cover with your squad off to the left (as in the E3 demo if you've seen it). Clean up whatever enemies you can but stay in cover and be cautious. Wait until the white van gets destroyed by an RPG and then move up on the long right side towards his position. You'll actually be presented a marker with his location so just aim for that and shoot bursts until you take him out. Be careful because you'll get attacked by reinforcements coming from the far corner from where you entered the area. Just stay and defend and eventually they will exhaust themselves, then move back to the garage.

    Instead of exiting the way you came, your squad will exit through the other door of the garage and climb up through the building and into a large, dark room. When you get close to the end of this room, a couple of enemies will enter the room and take cover behind a desk so be sure to find cover. Take them out and head through the door they came through. Make your way to the roof and wait for your squad to start moving across.

    Just do what your squad does until they all go prone and crawl across the roof. Follow behind them and do as they do until they give you the rocket launcher. Take it and wait for them to give you supressing fire. Then pop out of cover aim for the orange marker. At this point, you'll be told to provide cover for the people picking up your downed squad mate. Look over the street below and look along it long ways. Most of the enemies will come out of and take cover on the left side of the street. Just watch for them and take them out as they pop up.

    After you've cleared the streets below, you'll have to exit the roof. Follow your squad as they create a bridge to the next roof. Follow them down from the roof and make your way through the markets below to a large wooden door. You'll make your way through the big door and around a corner. You'll be attacked by enemies in the next hallway taking cover behind rugs. Be careful because there's also a side hallway about halfway up that enemies can come from and this is actually your destination.

    Once you exit the building, take cover by the Humvee and the van. Wait until you "get elected" and look at the wire moving from the corner of the van to one of the nearby buildings. Follow the wire into the building, down some stairs and into a vent. You'll follow it through the vent; drop out of it and into a room in the basement. Pull the plug out and you'll be attacked by a bunch of QTEs. Complete them to finish disarming the bomb. After you've done so, just head back up the stairs until you get back outside. Return to your squad and they'll tell you to grab the LMG up on the overpass. Grab it and go prone. Just keep taking out enemies as they come, blowing up vehicles with the powerful weapon as necessary. Eventually you'll have to retreat and use a truck mounted machine gun. Take control of that and start shooting at the enemies on the side street. Keep clearing enemies until something really bad happens...


    At this point, you are trying to retrace your steps but stay under the lip of the road and out of sight because you have no weapons. Keep crawling along until you enter a sewer drain. Crawl through the pipe and kill the rat with the QTE. Climb out of the pipe and turn left. You'll be re-entering the building with all the rugs. Come up behind the guy ahead and kill him. Immediately after that, use his weapon to take out the two enemies who are now firing at you. Be careful of enemies entering the area from the left. Once this part is secure then you should proceed down the hallway to the right and at the end, exit the building to the left.

    You'll have to run down a street headed back towards the garage where your squad mate was shot. This section is probably your first real challenge. Clear the area but take your time and stay prone. Make sure you watch to the right as enemies may come up to flank you. Get rid of enemies one at a time and close in on the garage but watch for enemies inside. Once there, take cover because one of the shutters on the far side will open and will have enemies beyond. Go through the now opened shutter and take a right. You'll see a bus. Climb inside and make your way to the back. The back of the bus will blow up and you'll be attacked from enemies to the side of the bus. Take them out and then try going out the back of the bus again.

    Once you've exited the bus, walk forward and a building will fall apart in front of you and squash a couple of enemies. If you manage to kill these enemies at any point before being crushed (even before the building begins to fall), you'll get an achievement/trophy. Once that's done, head through the door on the left. In the hallway, a couple of enemies will enter from an open door on the right so be ready. Kill them and head into the next room and down the stairs. Exit the room the way you had entered it in the previous mission. Head down the hall and meet up with an old buddy. Follow him. Once he stops on a corner, you'll actually have to move forward or he'll not do anything. Inspect the kitchen area beyond and move near the shutters. He'll open the shutter.

    Once into the alley beyond, follow him to the group of soldiers in the streets. Hop up on the gun of one of the Humvees. Start taking out as many enemies as you can until you are forcibly removed from your vehicle. Head back and retreat to your transport.

    Going Hunting

    This mission is rather fun. Try and be prompt in doing everything they ask of you to get a perfect run. Take no damage and miss no targets for this chievo/ trophy.

    This first section is just kind of on rails bringing you to your plane. You'll have to go through a pre-flight checklist. The only confusing part is when you are told to check the wings, turn around and look at the back of the jet on each side while your pilot tests them out. After the tests, you'll be on your way.

    The first combat you'll see is a dog fight. You manage both the weapons and the counter measures. There's really no reason not to use your rockets and you should always wait until the enemy looks on and fires a rocket at you which is denoted by a solid tone before you trigger your counter measures. For the most part, the dog fight will take place in stages. You'll either be attacked or be the attacker, making it easier to focus on what you are doing. Once you've cleared the air, you'll have to do the same for the ground.

    The ground mission is quite simple, you'll be asked to paint targets for other pilots to attack. You'll be asked to paint anti-aircraft, jets idling or trying to take off and eventually you'll have to destroy a chopper. After the chopper, you may be left with infantry on the ground. Paint them too and you'll finish the mission. Just don't be shy about looking around the entire area and zooming back out so you can see more because your targets could be pretty much anywhere in the airfield.

    Operation Guillotine

    This mission is absolutely terrible and my advice is to do as little as possible. Just focus on moving from cover to cover and don't shoot unless you are prompted or are confronted with a "shoot or die" scenario such as the guy came around the corner and is looking right at you.

    Head down the hill with your squad and when you get close to the walls, you'll find a mortar set up. Go over and use it, then move over the wall. You'll end up moving into a canal. Move through the canal and head up the stairs to get to an objective. This is where my advice comes in. If it feels like you die some cheap deaths here, don't worry, you aren't alone.

    At this point, you'll be told to take out the MG nests. Don't bother. Move up to the wall under the nest (though not directly under) and just wait for your squad to kill it. The same goes for the next nest too. Continue along this wall until you reach a point where the wall meets another partial wall. Just sit in the corner and wait until the nest is destroyed. Wait a little longer and then carefully come around the corner of the destroyed wall. There may be one or two enemies here so be careful taking them out. Then follow the wall along to the next corner. Once you are ready, follow the wall all the way to some rocks and then move around the rocks. You'll now be in the MG nest.

    Go prone here so you are safe behind the sand bags. You want to try and make your way left and up the hill. If you can get up there and go prone, you can try and just crawl along the wall to the end. This seemed far more effective than trying to fight your way through the endless enemies. Follow the wall until you're told to meet up with your squad just above where you are. Climb the stairs and meet up with them.

    Enter the burning building (checkpoint!) and move through the building. You should only meet minimal resistance. When you get back outside, hop in the Humvee and take a ride. You'll eventually come to a roadblock. Get out and remove the obstruction. Watch out for the RPG and then take cover. You'll be told to follow someone as you go up the side of the bridge, under it using a catwalk and flank the enemy. Once you can see them, you can start shooting if you like but your buddy will still be able to take them out himself.

    Move further along and you'll come to a trench in the road. Stay in that trench to avoid the tank. Keep running along this trench until you get out to a street by the bank. Your squad will move off to the left and the tank will come back but some air support will take the tank out for you before he takes you out. Cross the street and move up some steps but only part way. Wait for your squad to eliminate the enemies here and then grab the javelin on the roof. Use this to take out the enemy tanks in the area. Once you've cleared the area of the numerous tanks, you'll head over to the bank.

    Be careful approaching the bank because there will be lots of enemies shooting at you. You want to move along the left side of the bank with one of your squad mates. Keep moving, climb over a wall and give your buddy a boost up to a ladder. Climb the ladder and jump over to the window to get inside the bank. Inside the bathroom, you'll be confronted with another QTE. Eliminate this guy and move to the next room. Knife the enemy here. He will take no notice of you. I dropped a grenade in this room by accident once and he didn't even flinch.

    Knife him and immediately take cover to your right. Kill the few enemies at the end of the walk way and then move alone the short wall to the left. Once you get to the corner, go prone in the little round spot and take cover here. Wait until most of the enemies are dead and just watch across the open section. On the far side you should see an enemy who keeps respawning a room and running out. Kill him and move your way up. Keep an eye on him in case he respawns again but once you get close, he'll stop. Continue around this walkway until you can head down some stairs to the left. Support your squad here and clear the lower area.

    You'll regroup under where you are now and head down towards the vault. You'll have to repel down an elevator shaft. Kill the people here and watch for enemies at the far side of this room. Take your time or even let your squad do the work and then proceed to the end of the room. You'll have to help you squad open a big chest (it takes three of you). Once you've done so, the mission ends.


    Listen to the Russian chatter and marvel at the lengths they went to here to make sure things were realistic. Sounds great and it stays in Russian... through the entire mission. That's great and all but it means you really need to keep your wits about you because, unless you understand Russian, you are going to have to be reading subtitles to be told of the enemy flanking you. Thankfully there aren't really many opportunities for that.

    Once you are out of the car, stay in cover and keep moving. You'll head lower into the parking garage. If you hug any of the pillars in the garage areas, they will provide you with plenty of cover. But you need to be right up on top of it. This holds true for most of the mission. Move from pillar to pillar and let your squad deal with most of the enemies. This is another one of those missions again. Go through the back of the area to the elevators and go down a level. Take cover behind the white vans on the left side and take out enemies through the gap in between them. Head up the left side of the room when you are done and go down another level.

    I recommend going up the left side behind your teammate and then using the cars on the left for cover but move slowly. You want to only have to use any one car for a split second before moving to something sturdier so that you don't blow up. Wrap around the corner and use the van for cover here. Continue clearing and moving up the left side. Climb up the ramp on the far side. Follow your squad through some halls and you'll breach a room. They'll get most of the guys in the room but there will still be one for you. You'll get a QTE to put on a gas mask. Move through the room and up the stairs and at the top you'll have another QTE.

    Go through the door and down the hall into a larger open area. When you can, stay right and use solid walls for cover. From here you should be provided with a large number of flanking opportunities. Move through here and you'll come to a much more open area. Stick to the wall on the right side and try to help clear the area (or just let your team do so). The only person to be concerned with is an enemy with an LMG on the balcony at the far end. Unfortunately, YOU have to take him out because your team won't. Kill him and then follow your team up some stairs.

    You'll enter another area similar to the red room open area downstairs. Stick to the right again but be careful because the cover isn't as good here and there are more enemies. You'll get to a rather open area after this. Try and clear it from cover but you can also move up the left side and to the open doors in the back without clearing the area. You'll hit a checkpoint and cinematic on the other side which will prevent you from being killed. Breach the door and you'll enter a rather hectic area.

    In this area, start by heading left and staying low. Clear enemies in each station as you go and move to the next row. Move to the right side and stay on the right side this time. Move around the right back most station while prone and slowly weed out the enemies that come towards you. Go through the door they were coming from and follow your squad and you'll get another QTE.

    Head through the door at the end and you'll get to the bank lobby. You want to get to the front door of the lobby and move up behind your squad by the pillar. Try to pass them. Wait until they move forward and move up behind them. Then you'll want to move to the far right corner of the plaza. Yes, you want to shoot the cops here. Move through the cars on the street to a bus, clearing as you go. Go around the back of the bus and get in cover on the left side of the street. Kill some of the cops here but watch for three SWAT members who will be coming up the middle of the street. You want to kill them quickly, they are very dangerous. Go up the hill and follow your squad. Dodge!

    Continue chasing after the guy and ignore everything else. You'll have to run through bullets (which can kill you) while trying to catch him. Once you've reached the train station, you'll get a QTE. Take the guy out and inspect the bomb to finish the mission. If you managed to make it here from the bank in under 2:40, you'll get a chievo/trophy.

    Thunder Run

    Once you have control of the tank, move forward at full speed. You'll have to clear some tanks and you want to clear all six of them quickly for a chievo/ trophy. Just make sure you keep moving and firing at them. Lead them a little bit if you have to and definitely make sure your shots count because the reload time is rather long. Once they are clear, you may have to wait for the next phase of the mission to begin before you can advance, otherwise you will be told to return to the mission area.

    You'll have to scope the next area out from above and paint some targets but it won't be successful. Instead, you'll return to your tank and advance toward the target. You'll be attacked a by a few tanks as you approach (you'll be given orange targets for them). Clear them and proceed into the base. Once inside, move your tank to the right side and then into the back of the base to get rid of the trucks here. You'll be told there is a second objective so move through the back of the base and continue on.

    Eventually you'll be told there are tanks ahead. Once you get closer so you can eliminate them, you'll be flanked (to the left) by four more tanks. Get rid of all of these but remember to keep moving as best as you can. Once they are gone, approach the road beyond and destroy the convoy. After the trucks are destroyed, you'll have to sweep the area with your machine gun to get rid of any remaining infantry. They can't harm you so just move up the middle and around the outside of the convoy to clear it out.

    Head out on the highway and you'll get to a bridge. You'll find Engineers under the bridge who are supposed to be clearing mines. They'll want you to do it for them so wait for your tanks to move up and sprint up the highway, using cover when you can so that you can collect the detonator. Head back to the engineers and you'll be prompted to detonate it. Do so and then jump back into the MG of your tank. You'll move up a highway and have to clear enemies to your right and in between the two strips of road. Clear them out and you'll keep moving. Watch for enemies scattered around rooftops with RPGs and cars/trucks that are moving because they'll be packing explosives.

    Once you come to another bridge, you'll be attacked by a car. It will shoot past you and into another tank. I've never managed to stop it. After that, you'll be attacked by multiple vehicles. You need to take them out before they reach you. After this, you'll head into the city for the next mission.

    Fear No Evil

    Not a huge fan of this mission, simply because it's hard to see. You'll have to make your way towards the bank through all the dust and dirt. You won't have much to do until you enter an alley and you're told to come back into the tank so they can close the hatch. You'll take control of the tank at this point. Follow your tank buddy until he gets it. Head around the corner behind him and when you see the giant mound of debris, turn right and go through a store rather than over the mound. Push through and clear enemy infantry on the far side. Move up the street towards the bank and take out any tanks outside the bank. Keep heading towards the bank. Drive right up the steps and you'll get immobilized.

    You'll be forced out onto the Machine Gun. From here, you'll have to fend off waves of enemies to provide cover for the marines in the bank. Just keep at it as long as you can. Eventually a chopper will arrive to pick up the marines. Keep shooting and shooting until the mission ends. Just make sure you keep an eye out for RPGs.

    Night Shift

    For a good portion of this mission, you simply have to listen to Campo's directions and follow where he goes and you'll be safe.

    First, you'll have to take out the four lights down below so that the chopper can land. If you manage to shoot all four with one bullet each, you'll get a chievo/trophy. The trick here is to aim just about the light at where the light meets the wire so that the bullet will fall a little and hit the light. After the squad has landed, you'll have to move to the corner of the building. Wait for the squad to move ahead and for Campo to mention an enemy ahead. Then look ahead of the squad and up the balconies a couple of floors. You'll see one guy standing around. Take him out.

    After you've killed him, you'll have to go to the back of the building and repel down. For a little bit, you'll just follow Campo but don't shoot anything and shadow him completely. Go over a wall and pull Campo over, then he'll say something about a guy watching the street that you'll have to take out so do that. He'll be up a few floors on the left.

    Again, after this you won't shoot for a bit until you follow Campo up a ladder to another roof. From here you'll have to cover the other squad. You'll be asked to take out a couple of enemies. These two will be on the right side of the road, just standing still. Line them up so that you can get two kills with one shot and you'll get a chievo/trophy for it.

    Follow him down a ladder and use the overpass to get to the other side of the street. Soon, you'll enter a building and have to kill an enemy with your knife. I'll save you some time, don't crouch and sneak up on him. Just walk right up to him because your attempt is scripted to fail but if you are crouched down, it won't be able to trigger the sequence and it will kill you. As soon as you kill him, some PLR will come up the stairs so just follow Campo at a sprint.

    You'll move through the sewers for a little bit and then climb up a ladder into the streets. When you get to the streets, try and take cover behind a destroyed van because you're about to get into an unavoidable firefight. There are only a few enemies here so just stay safe and pick them off when you can. Make sure you aim for their lights.

    Get rid of these enemies and then follow Campo into another building. You'll come to a room with a chair and camera and some blood on the floor. You'll have a chat on the radio but we'll they are chatting, you should take cover by the windows leading into the next room. After the talk on the radio ends, you'll be attacked from this room by a few enemies at a time. If you keep shooting, you should be able to keep there from being more than one or two enemies in the room at a time. Clear the room and then head downstairs and across the street to the mall.

    Follow the squad through the mall and then you'll split up again. You'll head up to another roof while the rest of the squad heads out to get Al-Bashir. Climb up the ladder and head into the rooms at the top. Go prone and protect your squad on the ground. This sequence is somewhat long but fairly simple. At various points, you will be attacked by troops on the ground so just back up or use the walls to the side for cover. Aside from troops on the ground, you'll have to deal with a couple of enemies on balconies and toward the end there will be a couple of enemies with RPGs on the roof of the building. Just keep shooting and try to keep the enemies numbers low.

    Once they say that Al-Bashir is making a run for it, you'll have to turn right and run over the rooftops toward the street. You want to switch to your secondary weapon and just hip fire at his car as it starts from the left and heads right and takes a left at the intersection. If you manage to stop him, he'll crash into a light pole after he turns. Jump down and head to the car.

    Campo will pull him from the car and then you'll have to cover him. Immediately turn around from the car and you should see a wall and the lamp post that he crashed into. Just stand right up against that wall which should just leave your head poking out. Keep thinning the enemies and then when you feel like you've got a good chance, run towards the doors to your left (where the Defend marker is located). Get inside those doors and poke your head out a little at a time and kill enemies. After a little while of this, Campo will tell you to come through the door and meet up with him.

    After the talking, you'll have to defend them again from a group of enemies entering on your floor from the left. If you take aim down the hall, you may be able to take out two or three of them before they even reach cover. Clean up any that you missed and then you will have to make your way out of the mall. Wait for Campo to go first and if you are making good progress without being shot at, just keep going right outside but if you are taking damage, there is a large potted plant to the left that you can go prone by and be pretty safe. Once healed up, head outside.

    Once you get outside, find a good cover position that will protect you from the building off to your right. At this point, you just have to wait, you don't need to kill anyone. Keep waiting until your squad gets on the chopper but don't follow them just yet. Wait until Cole yells at you to "come on" and then run into the chopper. Otherwise you'll run into an invisible wall and get shot. Once on the chopper, the mission ends.

    Rock and a Hard Place

    Once you disembark, if you head up the right side of the hill you can see an enemy by a tree up a little ways. Run up to him and try stab him with a knife. If you manage to get a stealth kill on him, you'll collect his Dog Tags and get a chievo/trophy.

    Otherwise, slowly make your way up this hill. Make sure you stay in cover and at this point you can let your squad do most/all of the work. I found the left side fared better than the right at this point. Make your way to the top of the hill and inspect the body at the waypoint. Keep moving to the top of the hill to meet up with the rest of the convoy.

    Now that you've climbed up, it's time to head down the otherside. Head over to the left side as you descend and you should be able to find a well elevated position to take out the enemies in the field beyond. Make sure that everything up to the field is cleared because you'll have to make your way down to that field to stop the enemies from coming. Head down to the wall of the field and slowly make your way across. You can let your squad deal with most enemies. Just deal with whichever enemies you need to so that you can ensure that you make it safely to your next cover position. I found that after I made it down the hill, I moved right along the wall, and then diagonally left across the field.

    You'll regroup with your squad and then have to make a counter attack. Attack the enemies in the next field and destroy the enemy vehicles with your SHAW. It takes two hits each. After you've killed the enemies and destroyed the tanks then you will run with your squad across the field. Just follow the squad and when they start heading left, go with them. Don't kill the jeep that pulls up in front of you, it's friendly. Take cover behind the walls here and start killing the enemies across the street.

    Make your way further up the street while staying in cover. Wait for the tower to fall in the background and for the APC to pull up. Make your way over to the APC and use it for cover. Then move over to the wall across the street and use that as a staging area to clear the rest of the area.

    Head back across the street to where you started and down the hill. You'll meet some resistance down below. Cross the dry river bed and meet up with your squad at the wall. Clear some space and move over the wall to the right to the two giant white cylinders. Use this for cover to clear more enemies. Eventually you will be able to move up and use a flatbed for cover. Kill the enemies in the lower field and try and make your way (safely) to the white cylinders on the right side of the lower field. Your squad will move up and get rid of any resistance.

    Soon you will be notified of enemy armor. Head up to the roadside and you will see a good sized rock by a telephone pole. Go up on that and use it for cover while you use the SHAW to destroy the tanks. Be careful not to blow yourself up though because the SHAW has a larger blast radius than you think. Move across the street to a wall and get rid of the enemies by the bridge further ahead. Regroup with your squad once the enemy is gone...

    Yes, he saw you.

    Follow your squad and do as they do. You want to take cover so that you have something between you and the jet when he passes by. You won't be able to climb into anything but you want to keep something in between you from the direction he is coming. Slowly follow your squad to the bridge and take cover behind the destroyed cars. Keep heading up the bridge and eventually you'll have to grab the Stingers. These will be behind (not in) the destroyed jeep on the ground. Grab the Stinger and use it to shoot the jet down. Just wait for the solid tone and fire.


    At the start of the mission you'll actually have to hit the B button to get going. Once you are out of the plane, you can just watch as the world flies by. In fact, that's all you can do so enjoy. The parachute will open on its own. Once you've landed, head down the hill with your squad and once you stop, look for a little bump that you can climb up on. It's small so it's not a big deal if you can't find it but either way, go prone and look down at the patrol below.

    Your squad won't fire until you do. Because you only have an SMG, I highly recommend that you shoot a clip at a time. This flies in the face of the way you've been shooting the entire game but the gun is rather inaccurate and doesn't pack a whole lot of power so it's more important that you ensure that your enemies are dead. Some of the enemies will retreat to the road behind them and use the trucks for cover. Move to the far right side and come around the corner so you can see them as slowly as you can. If you come across an Assault Rifle on the ground, grab it and use that because this range is far better suited to it. Once you've cleared the enemies by the trucks, head back to your squad (where the patrol originally was) and open the container to get a better weapon.

    Figure out which weapons you want to bring with you and then head for the trucks. Get in and listen (read) the chatter for a little while. Eventually you will get to a point where you can clearly go no further and you will be prompted to shoot someone so turn left and wait for the quicktime event. Wait for the door to be hacked and go into the next room. Find the button for the exterior door and make your way up the stairs and outside.

    Make your way across the small bridge using the trucks for cover. Watch for an RPG in the rocks to the right. At the end of the bridge, take out the enemies above the road in the rocks before proceeding. Follow your squad to the top of the road and take cover behind a wall and some plants. Clear the enemies above you. Cross the field and move to the next wall and then do the same again to get to the next wall. Cross the field and get into the front door of the villa. Follow the waypoint and go through the door. Be ready for a QTE.

    Cross through the garage and climb up the stairs to the roof. From the roof, carefully pick off the enemies in the distance. Take your time and use the potted plants for cover here. Cross the field to where those enemies were and to the building in the back. Watch for the Snipers on the roof here because one good shot from them can put you down and set you back to the beginning of the villa.

    Move up to the front door of the next building and shoot through the windows into the living area. Proceed around the left side to flank them and move into the building. Be careful because there is plenty of space for enemies to be hiding here. Make your way to the back of the building and up the stairs. Move through the bed rooms and out to the balcony and into the next room.

    You'll make your way back into the building and have an elevated position to take out the enemies in the room below. Head into the kitchen area beyond and use the table there for cover and try to take down the enemies in the living area. Climb the stairs behind where your enemies were and make your way up to the bar area. There will be a couple of enemies behind the bar. Take them out and then breach the door on the side of the room.

    There is plenty of cover in this room. Make use of it. Go up the left side of the room and let your squad clear the enemies. Head through the side hallway and prepare to breach the door. Instead, though, head up the stairs and into the room from above. Be prepared for an enemy coming out of a door. When you get into the big room, go prone here and try and take down the enemies below. Make sure you watch from enemies coming at you from the right. If you can be reasonably sure that the right side is clear, it provides much better cover.

    Regroup with your squad downstairs and prepare to breach. You will enter an underground section with poor lighting. Grab your choice of weapons. An assault rifle would be a good choice if you don't have one any longer. Make your way through the halls and eventually you will be attacked by a bunch of flash lights. Kill them as they come at you, making use of pillars for cover. Enter the vault in the back and then go back out. Breach the door. Slowly make your way through the halls to the waypoint.

    You'll enter a shooting range. At the end climb up the stairs and turn left. Take out the enemy in the glass room. Kill the enemy in the next hallway and meet up with your squad. Go down the hall and up the stairs to the area that's on fire. You'll meet some resistance as you make your escape. Once you are outside, run for the chopper. Climb into the chopper and complete the QTEs.

    You're suddenly back outside. Make your way back into the villa and have a talk. Shoot the man coming down the stairs. Yes, shoot.

    The Great Destroyer

    Use the QTE to break from your bonds. Follow your buddy through the window. You are now outside. Keep following him. Jump off of the catwalk and over the barrier. Use the QTE to jump onto the train. You get to relive the first level of the game now but it'll be a little more intense this time. Use cover but be quick in killing your enemies because the seats aren't as sturdy this time. you'll have to also watch out because it seems like there are more enemies this time around.

    When you get back to the point where you left off, you'll be given another QTE. But this isn't the end. Wake up and get out of the train car. Kill the enemy on the way. In the tunnel beyond you'll be attacked. Make your way through the tunnel and up through the water. Climb the stairs to the left and down the hall but be sure to watch for the enemy in the door. Climb the ladder and make your way under the grates. Climb the ladder up to street level. Get in the car. Keep your eye on Solomon and take him out.

    He'll fall out of the car and walk over to you. Be ready for the QTE. This one is kind of long but keep at it and beat him senseless. Congrats on saving the day!


    This is the classic BF multiplayer mode. The object of the game is to capture an area and hold it. When you do so, it will deplete the enemy's ticket pool. Expect heavy use of vehicles in this mode and remember to think strategically. If you try and do anything alone, you are likely to run into a squad working together and you'll die very quickly. Because of the size of the maps, you'll be forced to outshoot AND outsmart your opponent if you want to win.

    Squad Deathmatch

    Four teams of four will fight it out to kill as many opponents as possible. The game is faster paced than Conquest and will benefit from a tight knit and diverse squad. The sole resource, an IFV, will be important to racking up kills fast but it's going to require a lot of work to keep in one piece and out of the hands of three other teams. Remember to keep the squad moving but not fast enough that you can't keep it together.

    Team Deathmatch

    There are only two teams of 12 players and no vehicles. This makes it a good starting place for rookies since it allows you to keep your focus on just tactics without having to worry about controlling vehicles. The game is still moderately fast paced and I would recommend a heavy emphasis on the assault class. Recon and Support can still be effective in protecting the rear as a squad moves.


    Rush is a mix of Conquest and Team Deathmatch. Attackers are trying to destroy M-COM stations without dying. Defenders are trying to kill attackers and drain their respawn pool. This creates a strategic level somewhat similar to Conquest but focuses the action on just a couple locations at a time giving it a much faster pace. There are vehicles in this mode and good use of them is crucial to succeeding.

    Squad Rush

    This mode is similar in style to Rush but it's a lot tighter and more tactical. There are no vehicles, just two squads per team, two bases, and one M-COM per base. This creates a highly competetive atmosphere where making a single mistake can cost you the game and where working with a good squad is highly encouraged.


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