How do I solve the 50 meter dive quest?

  1. For the frontier challenge I can't find where I need to dive into the water for it to be over 50 meters... I've tried the cliffs near the homestead but it wasn't enough

    User Info: Randall1289

    Randall1289 - 4 years ago

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  1. Actually you're both right. There are two places you can complete this (maybe more, who knows). The first (that tacticalchaoz spoke of) is in diamond basin. Follow the road south out of your village and then go east at the fork. That will take you up onto a cliff above the actual basin. If you follow the cliff to the east side of the basin you'll come across one of the trees that usually begins a tree run (the long thin ones that branch out of a stump) only it runs right off the cliff. Jumping off of it will get you the challenge.

    Additionally (as c3jedi mentions) you can head to the Davenport Homestead entrance and run down the road till it starts to go steeply up and more southerly (sort of south-westish). Look to the south and you should be able to see a fallen tree running off of the cliff next to a campfire. The tree is northeast of Johnson Hall (where you kill William Johnson). Either one works, though I did the Johnson Hall one cause it's a bit closer to the fast travel point.

    User Info: sinker_dl

    sinker_dl - 4 years ago 2 0


  1. First look at a map of the entire Frontier. Go to the fast travel point that is farthest north (Connor's Village). if you look at the map again you should see a body of water right next to the village and one farther south that is larger. Take the winding path from the village to the larger body (the one farther south). On the eastern side of this lake, there is tree that extends over the edge of the cliff and is 50+ meters up. I hope that helped! Good luck

    User Info: tacticalchaoz

    tacticalchaoz - 4 years ago 1 0
  2. Thanks, TC, for pointing in the right direction, but it's actually the northwestern (upper left) shore of that lake. Closest way to get there is from the Homestead fast travel marker.

    User Info: c3jedi

    c3jedi - 4 years ago 0 0

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