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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Sequence 06

    Back in the real world, Shaun has found another power source in Manhattan and Desmond is the man for the job. When you gain control, follow the linear free running path and slide under the gap in the metal door to reach outside. Turn right and jump to the yellow structure and climb to the top of the crane above. Jump to the girders and run across the outside of the building until you reach a dead end and then use the red support and some wires to continue.

    Head to the right, under a wire spindle, and continue along the semi-obvious path until you reach the roof. Climb the mechanical arm to jump across to the lit crane and climb it, as Rebecca suggest. See the blinked red lights, that is our objective. Perform a leap of faith off the crane and when Rebecca says, press any key to trigger the parachute and meet Daniel Cross.

    Back at the Grand Temple, talk to Rebecca, Shaun, William, and check your messages. After a quick check up for conversations, turn away from the Animus and head across the gap to the left and up the stairs for a cutscene with Juno. After the scene, climb up the chamber via the stairs and structure core until you reach another cutscene and then place the power supply.

    Head for the newly opened door to continue your understanding of the first civilization. Climb the broken stairs to learn how and why Minerva began to contact the Assassins. Remembering how Juno seized control of him to kill Lucy Stillman, Desmond then warns that whatever lies behind the door benefits Juno. You can now return to the Animus.


    Memory 1: On Johnson's Trail

    Optional ObjectivesStay below Notoriety level 2
    Use firearms no more than 6 times
    Use powder kegs to blow up 3 caches of smuggled cargo

    Before starting up memory 1, take a bit of time to complete any Side Quests that have opened up. Note that with the pistol you can now complete The Underground in Boston.

    When you're ready, head to Boston and talk to Adams, who is having an intense conversation with Paul Revere. Follow Adams through the streets while discussing slavery and after the cutscene help the man defeat the loyalist. If you want to get the optional objective, lower your notoriety through a poster or bride a town crier before you set off to the next waypoint.

    If you pass the tax collectors, leave them be. This is a side event that you can complete later, since doing so now will raise your notoriety. Enter the building to meet up with William Molineux and the man you saved, Stephane Chapheau. With no worry about your notoriety, you can choose to take out the tax collectors and smugglers now or wait til later. Either way, make your way to the waypoints while avoiding detection, if possible.

    Start by heading to the waypoint on the far east side, taking a long path around the area near the fortress. Kill the two guards by the ship and then move forward, using the wall as cover from the patrolling guards on the other side. When it's clear, shoot the explosive barrel next to the waypoint (make sure you are not shooting a waypointed barrel, as the game is stupid and waypoints the barrels so you can find them, but they are NOT the targets). Get out of the area quickly or fight the guards that come to investigate.

    The second cargo does not have an explosive barrel next to it, so you will need to pick one up and drop it nearby and then shoot it. Do the same for the finally cargo and you can move on to tax collectors and smugglers (now marked on the map). You only need to defeat two each, so pick and choose the best group based on the additional soldiers that may join the fray.


    Memory 2: The Angry Chef

    Optional ObjectivesLimit time spent in a single session of open conflict to no more than 15 seconds
    Limit Chapheau's health loss to no more than 50%
    Perform 5 low profile assassinations

    Equip your hidden blade and follow Stephane until you see two guards ahead. Rush forward and stand behind the farthest and when the other turns quickly assassinate the one nearest you and then the other before battle starts. Continue to follow Stephane, ignore the troops engaged by the citizens, and then use the same tactic for the two guards by the cemetery.

    The next fight is a little more difficult and almost impossible to avoid open conflict. Focus on taking out two with your hidden blade and the rest quickly will counter kills and kill streaks, make sure to assassinate the Grenadier to help shorten the battle. As Stephane turns left onto the main street, two soldiers will approach that you should kill before Stephane baits them into a fight. Continue following Stephane and when he turns right down an alley rush ahead for one more set of assassinations.

    After the cutscene, follow the onscreen instructions to direct Stephane in to assassinate the target.

    You now have access to Liberation Missions (Assassin recruitment) and Assassin Abilities.


    Memory 3: The Tea Party

    Optional ObjectivesDump 10 crates of tea in the water
    Throw three redcoats into the water
    Perform a musket air assassination

    Head to the mission marker for a cutscene and when you have control rush in and kill the 15 targets; there is no need to stealth. Once you have completed that the main part of the memory will begin.

    Paul Revere and William Molineux will both occupy their own ship, connected by a plank. You objective is to hold out until enough tea has been thrown into the water, indicated in the upper left corner or your screen, while waves of enemies attack both ships. In order to achieve the optional objectives, you will need to pick up the tea crates on the boats by pressing O/B and toss them into the water with X/A.

    Start the battle by throwing as much tea overboard as you can before you are engaged in combat and then kill the enemies around you. Complete the tea throwing and then move on to the objectives regarding the redcoats. In order to throw men into the water, head down onto the docks when they arrive and kick, punch, or counter throw then off the dock and into the water. The final objective is easy to complete, but can be confusing if you try to climb the rigging and therefore drop the musket. Grab any musket off the ground, hop up on the ships railings, and air assassinate a redcoat as they approach the ship.

    Once all objectives have been completed, focus on protecting Paul and William, as they have been taking significant damage while you were throwing tea around.

    Don't forget that you can call on your Assassin recruits to help out in battle.

    Congratulations! You have just taken part in a major event in American history. Watch the cutscenes and complete the memory.


    Memory 4: Hostile Negotiations

    Head to Davenport and talk the Achilles by the stables for this cutscene and then fast travel to the Frontier.

    Hostile Negotiations

    Optional ObjectivesReach Johnson undetected
    Kill Johnson before a single Native American is killed
    Perform a swan dive to escape

    Talk to Kanen'tó:kon by the Davenport exit to start this memory. Getting to Johnson undetected is significantly more difficult than simply charging in, but it is also much more fun and rewarding.

    Start by walking down the cliff and jumping to the V-shaped tree and following the freerun path to the riverbank, make sure you take the right path to a high rock that overlooks the water with a log and guard on the far bank. Wait for the guard to walk away and then swim across to the rocks on the right side of the riverbank, note that the reed act as stalking zones, so use them to hide if needed. When the guard walks off to the left, jump up the rocks and head right up the ledges.

    Continue forward, climbing up the stone ledges and cliff side to reach a log suspended above. Cross the log to a ledge and then jump to another ledge with a second suspended log and cross it. Climb the wall directly in front of you and follow the path right and up the cliff where you will need to be careful of a guard. Wait for him to walk away and then get up and rush across to the high brush. You can then assassinate him silently when his back is turned.

    Continue left, past a guard on the cliff that you can choose to kick off, and head for a bent tree that leads to another freerun path through the trees to the other side of the cliff. Be careful as you jump to the other side, as there are guards in the area, and use the stalking zones to reach Johnson's house for a cutscene.

    After the cutscene you will need to be quick, as the new objective to save all the Native American people will pop up. From the stalking area, rush to the V-shaped tree, across the freerun path to the roof, and air assassinate Johnson. When you have control again run down the hillside, a little to the left, and perform a leap of faith into the water below to finish the last objective. Swim toward the far shore and the sequence should end.


    Sequence 07


    Memory 1: The Midnight Raid

    Optional ObjectivesDo not trigger open conflict
    Reach Prescott's house within 2 minutes

    Head to the objective marker in Boston to meet William Dawes Jr. and Robert Newman and form a plan. When you have control again you will be in the Frontier, sharing a horse with Revere.


    • Head right a little to get on the main path and follow it.
    • When you come across your first set of redcoats, veer left along the split.
    • Directly across the main road is a faint smaller road that goes behind the house.
    • Veer right at the split behind the house and continue southwest.
    • When Revere mentions going on foot, get off the horse and take the right path behind the field with the scarecrow.
    • Wait for the redcoats to move off toward the west and then head for the front door of the smaller house with a lantern lit outside and press O/B.
    • Continue west to the main path and when you reach the split with redcoats hop into the field and go around.
    • Despite Revere's directions, go right for a second and then take a left to the shallow riverbank crossing.
    • Knock on the door of the second house on the left.
    • Follow the northern riverbank road to a bridge and wait for the redcoats to cross and go south (do not cross if they are headed into town).
    • Cross the bridge and knock on the first house on your left.
    • After the cutscene, turn around 180 degrees and pass behind the farm on your left, before the bridge, and follow the small path to the main road.
    • Head right along the main road until you encounter more enemies and a small road that goes down the hill and across the water.
    • Turn right on the main road and then turn left past the house and up to the mansion and knock to meet Samuel Prescott, who makes an impression.
    • Now follow the normal waypoints to the final destination.

    Memory 2: Lexington and Concord

    Optional ObjectivesRescue the civilian hostages
    Kill a group of regulars with a single order 7 times

    Talk to John Parker in the Frontier to start this memory and then mount a horse on the right side of the road. Follow the waypoints, sprinting your horse when possible, and continue to Concord. When the citizens announce that they are taking hostages, take a left behind the house to a stone bridge and defeat the redcoats to save the hostages. Mount your horse, turn around, and continue through the waypoints for a cutscene with James Barrett.

    After the cutscene, Connor will have to control three firing lines by rushing between them and issuing the fire order (O/B) on advancing troops.


    • Watch the mini-map carefully to determine which area is in need of your attention
    • Red dots = moving soldiers
    • Red hexagons = those in firing range
    • Flashing red hexagons = those firing on the Patriots

    The object is to fire on the soldiers as soon as they get in range and before they get a chance to fire on your units. You need to defeat 130 redcoats before losing all your own units. Return to Barret once you have won to complete the memory.


    Memory 3: Conflict Looms

    Optional ObjectivesCross Charlestown without taking damage
    Air Assassinate a Grenadier
    Remain undetected while on the ships

    Talk to the soldier in the Frontier to start this memory and be transported to Bunker Hill. Follow the soldier on horseback and then talk to Israel Putnam. When you have control again, run down the hill into town and climb up the side of the first building to the roof. You must run across the buildings, quickly, to reach the docks without taking any damage from the ships.


    Eastern Ship (on the left):

    • Swim to the far side of the ship and climb up the small ledges that form a ladder to a deck lever ledge that a soldier stops at and faces his back to you. When it is clear of the Grenadier's view, assassinate the soldier by pulling him down.
    • Drop back down on the side of the ship and make your way to the bow, where three soldiers stand. Climb up high enough so that two hands are on the railing behind the single soldier and assassinate him when the Grenadier begins to walk to the back of the ship.
    • Wait for the Grenadier to begin his walk toward the stern of the ship and then hop onboard and fast walk to the two soldiers and assassinate them QUICKLY (running and assassinating will draw the attention of the Grenadier).
    • Return to the stern of the ship and climb the up to the railing to watch the patrol that walks around the crates and stops at the wheel. When he passes the crates on the far side, hop up and take cover on the crates and whistle him over for a corner assassination.
    • You can now climb the mast and kill the Grenadier with an air assassination.
    • Plant the bomb and jump off the ship.

    Note that this section can be buggy and you are easily detected when performing an air assassination on the Grenadier, EVEN IF YOU ARE BEHIND COVER WHEN YOU LAND.


    Western Ship (on the right):

    While the previous ship was about killing everyone, this one is about killing no one.

    • Swim to the port side (where the inactive canons are) and climb up the laddered ledges in the same place you pulled the first soldier down on the other ship.
    • There is one officer patrolling the deck and one at the bow. Wait for the one at the bow to turn around and the one on the deck to pass and then hop up the side of the ship and FAST WALK to the barrels on the far side of the mast.
    • Light the barrels and fast walk to a ledge and jump off.

    At least one officer will see you, but DO NOT RUN. Instead, calmly fast walk to the barrels and ledge before the red triangle fills.

    Climb back onboard either ship to the crow's nest to fly the American Flag.


    Memory 4: Battle of Bunker Hill

    Optional ObjectivesCross the battlefield without taking damage
    Limit regular kills to 4
    Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected

    This memory will start right after you finish the previous one. Back on land, hop on your horse and follow the soldier to Putnam and listen to his speech for a cutscene.

    When you have control you will need to rush from cover position to cover position between the enemy fire. Listen to your troops, who warn you, and when the fire ends rush to the next position.

    Start by hopping over the wall and heading to the waypoint for the first cover spot. When clear, hop around the corner and drop down to the next cover spot on the left. The next spot is on your right and a good distance away, so rush in as soon as the English muzzle fire in the distance ends. Head to the right side of this cover spot and wait again to rush down the hill to more cover. Now make your way to the left, using cover, to head down the path on the side of the British troops to the waypoint.

    There is a set of rocks to the right of the path that say "Freerun!", so use these to go up and over the troops on the path below until you reach the cliffs and climb up.

    Use the high brush to stalk toward the camp and follow it left, where a gap and a patrolling soldier lie. Wait for the patrol to walk by and away and then pass to the brush on the other side. Move forward a bit and when the soldier passes by again, assassinate him. Continue to stalk around the outskirt behind the tents until you reach another gap and look left to see an Officer patrolling nearby. Wait for his back to turn and fast walk across the gap toward his camp.

    Take position behind the far tent and then corner assassinate him as he walks by. Walk down the path and use the V-shaped tree to freerun up and above Pitcairn, via the flag pole, for the air assassination.

    Note that troops may see you at the last second, just before you stab Pitcairn and screw up your 100%. If you see the red lettering in the upper corner to signify failure, quickly pause and restart from the last checkpoint.


    Sequence 08

    Back at the manor Achilles will introduce you to Benjamin Tallmadge, after a short quarrel, who has information on the conspiracy to assassinate George Washington. You're objective is to track down Thomas Hickey, the man whose name is assigned to the conspiracy, in New York and get any information you can before dealing with him.


    Memory 1: Something on the Side

    Optional ObjectivesPerform a successful static eavesdrop
    Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop
    So not tackle or shove anyone

    This mission will start when you arrive in New York and mount your horse. Follow your guide through the streets, learning about Hickey, and then watch the cutscene with the counterfeiter. You need to tail the counterfeiter through the streets of New York without being detected. Use the blending spots and take cover on corners as he heads around buildings, he will turn around and walk back the way he came straight into you if you are not careful.

    When you reach a back alley with a set of wooden stairs and the counterfeiter stops to talk with other people, you will need to eavesdrop on him without the exiting accomplices seeing you. Head up the wooden stairs nearby and eavesdrop from above and when he continues onward you can drop down and follow him. Continue to use blend locations and corners, being careful when he avoids some patriots by dropping into a well, until he meets up with another friend.

    Stay out of sight at the back of the eavesdrop circle and blend in if needed. When the two head down an alley with some orphans, who will draw attention to you, use the crates to jump up on the awnings and signs as they advance forward. Finally, the two will stop at a wooden structure for one last look behind them before entering a building.

    After the cutscene, you will need to chase Hickey through the streets and tackle him. Although this may sound easy, the optional objective of not shoving people will make this much more difficult. Start by avoiding the troops and citizens as you run left into the alley. When Hickey turns right toward the main road full of people he will throw money and cause the people to get in your way. Instead of following him, head straight and take the first right.

    In some cases the AI will get stuck in the crowd of citizens and you can simply wait for him to get out of the crowd and then tackle him.

    Continue to follow him, being careful of people and using alternate paths if a large crowd is ahead (you will probably want to play through without worry of the objective for a bit to learn where the crowds are and then restart the checkpoint when you feel you have learned enough). When Hickey runs past a set of four guards that are aggressive, turn left into the red walled courtyard and follow it around to the first right, where you can tackle Hickey as he enters the pathway from the right.


    Memory 2: Bridewell Prison

    Optional ObjectivesLimit prison guard deaths to 2
    Reach Hickey within 2 minutes

    When you have control, walk into the eavesdrop circle and listen to the men discuss the possible escape. When they have completed their conversation, sleep to pass the time. The next day, follow the guard through the prison to the bottom floor and use Eagle Vision to locate and interact with Mason Locke Weems. Don't worry about the game, you will not actually play all the way through it, and watch the cutscene that follows.

    Head all the way to the upper floor and find Finch talking to other prisoners. You will need to pickpocket him from a blend spot and without the guards detecting you. This can be done at his first locations, but the best place is to steal from him after he walks down the first set or stairs. Once you successfully have the key, return to your cell as instructed.

    Head outside the cell, when available, and go downstairs to talk to Weems again. You will need to pick a fight with one of the three marked prisoners and then defeat all of the prisoners that attack. The prisoners are immune to counter kills, so you will need to do a counter disarm (O/B then X/A). Continue to tap X/A until the fall to the ground and then finish them with a stomp (Square/X). If you do not get the finisher off before you are attacked again then the prisoner will continue to get back up.

    From the cell, wait for the Warden to stop outside your cell and turn around and then pickpocket him to open the door. Follow the Warden, taking cover at the corner, and then head up the stairs and right to talk to Weems.

    Fast walk into the room and perform a running assassination on the guard before he heads up the steps. Now Fast Walk upstairs and take a right. Watch the patrol in the center walkway and make sure he is not facing you before fast walking up the stairs and turning left to reach Hickey's cell (no worries about the guard as you can make it up the steps and to the cell before you are fully detected).


    Memory 3: Public Execution

    Optional ObjectivesWashington's bodyguards must survive
    Kill 2 Militia

    Once again, this memory will start right away with a long cinematic. As you approach your destination through the crowds of people, watch your surroundings for some surprise appearances and then follow the on screen prompt to gain a weapon and chase Hickey.

    In order to get the optional objectives, you will need to replay this section many times (due to stupid AI and unlucky coinsidences).

    The following methods are submitted by users via email

    Method 1:

    • Rush in and tackle Hickey and then head to the guards and you can fight the militia as you prevent Hickey from reaching the guards.

    Method 2:

    • Attack Hickey once to get him to engage in combat with you and leave Washington's guards alone. Then engage in combat with the militia that engage you while keeping yourself between Hickey and Washington.

    Sequence 09

    Shaun has managed to find another power supply in Brazil it seems and Desmond is the man for the job, because no one else has a chance in hell. Head through the subway, following the crowd of people, and then watch the cutscene.

    When you have control, head for the door with the bright green light above it and hide in the high brush to avoid security. Watch the patrols pattern and notice that the one patrol stops with his back to the far brush. Make your way behind him for a stealth attack while his buddy is gone and then head for the brush on the opposite side. When the other guard goes to examine his mate, make your way up the stairs on the left (past the kissing couple) and blend in with the crowd.

    Make your way from group to group as you head to the other side of the concourse and enter the bathroom to bypass the checkpoint. On the other side, blend in with the crowd standing nearby and move from group to group as you head toward the VIP section. When you reach the men leaning against the wall, head directly across the way and enter the doorway to go down a corridor and around the obstacles to reach the stairwell.

    Head up the stairs and along the corridor, using the blend spots to avoid the one guard that patrols up and down the hall, and enter the room at the end. Head to the V-shaped support and walk along the catwalk above the crowd and across to the other side. Head into the hall and walk toward the next room for a cutscene. Chase after Cross, ignoring security, until you reach the courtyard with the high brush and defeat him in hand-to-hand combat. When you have control again, follow the signs that say METRO to reach the train and escape.

    Back at the Grand Temple, head through the door by the Animus and climb up the broken stairs to the top floor. Enter the large room and look right to spot Juno and then head down to the lowest floor where you can enter a small room. Using the rubble, climb up the wall twice to reach Juno and place the power supply. Drop back down into the main hall for a scene and examine the new path for 2 more first civilization scenes (use the orange structures to climb up and progress as far as possible).


    Memory 1: Missing Supplies

    Optional ObjectivesCatch the cart driver within 30 seconds
    Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy
    Kill three camp guards without being detected

    Head to the objective marker in the Frontier to talk to Washington. If you plan to complete The Frontiersmen challenges, make sure you go northwest and talk to Washington outside his house until he has nothing more to say...for now. You can also talk to the Marquis de Lafayette to learn how his passage to America was.

    When you're ready, head to the waypoint south of the fort to the small chapel for an interesting cutscene. When you have control, examine the clue of debris outside and follow the path up to the right for another clue on the main road. Continue along the path to a broken cart and then chase the cart driver and tackle him before time wears out for the optional objective.

    Head for the waypoint and run behind the carriage and up the rocks on the far side of the path. Walk along the outside of the circle, ignoring the men facing the road, and follow the cart. Do not worry about the man on the other side of the road that sees you fro a second and continue to a pile of hay where you can assassinate a man. After the cart passes by the eavesdropping should end and Connor will be in the hay cart.

    Wait for the guard on the left side to approach the hay cart and assassinate him and then hop out and follow the men up the stairs. Follow through the stalking area and enter the empty shelter on your left and hide behind the side of the door to continue eavesdropping. When the men begin to walk left along the path, stand to the left of the guard by the crates and assassinate him (if you are not standing in the correct spot you will drag him into view). Take cover on the boxes and wait for the men to move on and then corner assassinate the next guard leaning against some boxes. Now fallow the men via the high brush to the final cabin.

    Despite your desire to sit back and watch your "ally" get beaten, head in for a fight and defeat the mercenaries to end the memory.


    Memory 2: Father and Son

    Optional ObjectivesDo not get detected while stealing the mercenary outfit

    In New York, head to the objective marker to start this mission (note that you can't sit or the O/B option will disappear). When you have control, follow Haytham over the rooftops for a cutscene and then continue to follow him again. When you have control, head down the street to the docks and wait for your target to walk away from the hay cart and rush in for a silent kill. Loot the body and end the memory.


    Memory 3: The Foam and the Flames

    Optional ObjectivesLimit Haytham's health loss to 50%
    So not take any fire damage

    Follow Haytham for an enlightening scene and then engage in battle. Focus on linking the weak enemies together for a kill streak and save the big guys for last as you try to stay near Haytham and take on the enemies that target him.

    As you escape, follow Haytham and be careful of running too fast and into flames. When your path crumbles below you, continue up to a waypoint for a cutscene.


    Memory 4: A Bitter End

    Optional ObjectivesLimit environmental damage to 20%
    Stay within 500 meters of the schooner
    Achieve a minimum kill streak of 3

    Though the objective, board the ship in pursuit of Church. Stay at half sail to slow the ship and improve steering around the rocky ledges and limit damage until you reach the cove and the ship. When you have control again, combine half sail and full sail to stay within 500m of the enemy vessel. Note that you should stay at full sail unless you can't make a turn and need to lower speed or encounter rogue winds.

    When the ship heads through a small pass you will need to navigate around the right side for a surprise attack. In order to complete this memory you need to disable Church's ship by using Chain Shot ammunition (switch by holding R2/RB and selecting the shot or use the d-pad to switch). Once Church's ship is disabled you can change to normal canon shot and defeat the other ships before boarding the Man-of-War.

    The final optional objective is to get a kill streak of 3 before killing all three of the marked Officers. Head for the stern first and kill the Officer and then work on the lower crew, if your crew has not killed most of them. If you do not get the kill streak here, look for more groups of lower archetype enemies that are not immune to kill streaks and counter kills and try and kill them. When you have the streak, finish off any Officers still alive and make your way to the waypoint to end the Sequence.


    Sequence 10

    Before you go on to the main memories, take a moment to check up on all cities for Side Quests. You can also get new conversations with Washington on the Frontier, and other conversations elsewhere.


    Memory 1: Alternate Methods

    Optional ObjectivesUse 2 guards as human shields
    Tackle the target from above

    When you're ready, head to New York and talk to Haytham on the street to follow him through the burned part of town. When the battle begins, air assassinate an enemy to get down safely and make sure your camera stays looking at the firing line in the back of the area and you have at least one enemy around you to grab with X/A when the yellow arrows announce they are going to fire. Once you have completed the optional objective, kill off any remaining soldiers for a cutscene.

    When the chase begins, follow the target onto the main street and follow him down the right hand side to avoid the soldiers. When the target turns right down an alley, continue straight and take the first right to cut him off. If you are going for the optional objective, use the wagon on the far wall to swing on the lamppost and then tackle him from the beam (R1/RT and O/B). If the soldiers are causing targeting issues, use the swinging beam to go around the corner to another beam and try to tackle him from there.

    With your gun aimed at the man's back, push him onward until you reach the waypoint.


    Memory 2: Broken Trust

    Optional ObjectivesDo not touch the ground
    Stop the Patriot messengers within 2 minutes
    Stop the Kanien'keha:ka with non-lethal methods

    Before you start this mission, buy and equip the Double-Barrel Pistol.

    Head to Valley Forge and talk to Haytham to begin this memory. When the cutscene is over, ride to the waypoint to begin the counter and ride along the path. You need to reach the village quickly while killing messengers, but not touch the ground either. Follow the path until you cross the first messenger tending to his horse and run over him. Continue along the path until you come across three more messengers and assassinate the rear by hitting Square/Y, you will automatically mount his horse, and then shoot the other two. Once again, follow the path until you come across the next messenger and spur your horse to catch up to him and shoot him twice.

    With the timed objective complete, head for the village and avoid any guards and restricted zones for a cutscene. Make sure your fists are your primary weapon and Smoke Bombs as your secondary (only needed if you are detected). Exit the village and run up behind each villager and incapacitate them one by one, making sure you work from the farthest back rather than left to right or right to left.


    Memory 3: Battle of Monmouth

    Optional ObjectivesNeutralize a platoon with a single cannonball 8 times
    Kill 2 platoons simultaneously with a single cannonball
    Prevent 3 Patriot executions

    Once again you will be left in charge of troops to prevent the advance of Loyalist troops while outlasting the timer. Using the cannon, use the L stick to aim, X/A to fire, and the R stick to pan your camera. Your main targets should be those with red hexagons on their head, as they are stopped and ready to fire, and then dealing with the others in rest periods. In general the left side of your screen is going to be your main focus with the right side only needing attention once in a while.

    To achieve the optional objective of killing 2 platoons simultaneously with one cannonball you will want to fire a cannonball between two groups of troops and get a little lucky. Once you have achieved this, focus on outlasting the timer to end the battle.

    As you retreat, you will need to prevent three executions of Patriot soldiers. Run across the stream and past the General Store and look to the left side of the area to see the first execution and run in and running assassinate or shoot a target to stop the execution (you do not need to kill everyone). Continue around the right side of the white house, past the red barn, and hop over the fence of the next house to find the second firing line. Continue on and just past the corn crops is your final firing line that you will need to distract before continuing to end the sequence.


    Sequence 11

    Apparently Dad didn't do a good job of getting the final power source and now you will have to go in and save the day. Breaking into the facility you once escaped with the help of Lucy is probably a bad idea, but Desmond sure doesn't care. Walk down the main hall toward the security guards for a cutscene and a fight. Without the HUD to display when the enemies are going to attack, watch for them to advance and try to get a counter kill to start the kill streak that will likely finish off the rest.

    Head to the elevator and when you have control again climb the ledges along the glass windowed wall and then shimmy up to the left and pull down the guard. Climb up, defeat the other two guards, and head down the hall to the left into a conference room and out the other side. Ignore the stairs going down and follow the path right. Use the broken window to enter the next building and enter the room on your left.

    After the cutscene, run after Cross and kill the two guards in the hall before following further for another scene. Hop through the broken window and use the support beams to cross the area and then jump down to the lower level. Take out the guards if you wish, but climb back up on top of the glass cubicles and use Eagle Vision to find and assassinate Cross.

    After the first scene with cross in Desmond's favorite room from Assassin's Creed, you can use Eagle Vision to see all of Subject 16's writings still visible.

    Desmond now has a gun that you can happily use endlessly as you walk down the halls to Warren Vidic's office. Once all guards are defeated, the secretary will open the door. Enter for a cutscene.

    Honestly... that was anticlimactic for the evil bastard that is Vidic, wasn't it? Make your way out of the building and return to the Grand Temple where you can enter the power source.

    If you forgot where the next input was, head to the broken staircase on the right side of the temple and climb the glowing orange structures to the top floor.

    Talk to your companions and check your emails before re-entering the Animus.


    Memory 1: Battle of the Chesapeake

    Optional ObjectivesDestroy 3 ships with a single broadside
    Destroy 2 frigates by firing on their powder stores
    Counter Kill 5 enemies

    This memory starts by talking to Faulkner at the Davenport harbor (or any harbormaster) and selecting the objective marker from the naval map. After the cutscene, you will engage in a battle with a large amount of clustered ships that present the best opportunity to complete your first optional objective. You will need to turn your ship to allow for a broadside attack and release a barrage of fire into the clutter. If you fail to defeat three ships, restart the checkpoint and try again.

    With the first optional objective out of the way, defeat the fleet until three frigates appear. One of the ships already has its weakness exposed and can be shot with the swivel gun, the other you will need to break open by using broadside cannonfire. Note that it takes some luck to get enough damage to pop open the hull, but not defeat the whole ship, so you do not want the second try to be the last frigate.

    After defeating all frigates, sail to the green zone where you are attacked again with no way to defend yourself except to ram the shop on its broadside. Turn straight into the ships path and ram it to board. start by counter killing 5 enemies as you make your way through the ship and then rush in and assassinate the marked Officers and escaping with your life.


    Memory 2: Lee's Last Stand

    Optional ObjectivesReach the signal tower within 3 minutes
    Remain undetected on the way to the signal fire
    Limit health loss to 50%

    Head into the underground of New York and make your way to the objective point to begin this memory. Start by killing the guard with a stealth assassination and then climb the wooden shack directly in front of you to climb a ladder. Run right across the two flat roofed buildings to a smaller building and turn left and jump across to the flat roof on the other side.

    Continue forward, sticking to the right side of the building, and jump to the tree branch to the next building. Run to the opposite corner of the roof to a beam and jump to the v-shaped tree and freerun to the balcony with a railing and jump over to land in a hay cart.

    A guard patrols this area and can be killed from the cart. Wait for his return, if needed, and assassinate him. Rush to the tower and climb up, ignoring the meters. If you are getting caught, try to use the corners of the buildings to break line of sight as you make your way up and distributing the attention per guard. When you reach the top, light the signal and prepare for a fight when you reach the waypoint.

    The object of this fight is to fling your opponent into objects around the area by standing with your back to them and counter throwing (O/B) your opponent into them 3 times. This will end the sequence and push you into the next straight away.


    Sequence 12


    Memory 1: Laid to Rest

    Optional ObjectivesLimit regular kills to 15
    Kill the HMS Jersey's captain
    Escape the HMS Jersey without entering open conflict

    Make sure you have Poison Darts if you want to 100% this mission.

    Using skills like Marksman to stay out of conflict, but kill enemies, does not count toward your kill count.

    Calmly walk to the waypoint for a cutscene and then defeat all the mercenaries on the street and graveyard. With your notoriety maxed, exit the graveyard on the east side and follow the road straight, yet oddly easy, to the docks and hop in the water. Swim to the HMS Jersey and aim for the post on the right side of the stairs, avoiding the guards, and climb up and around the right side of the building.

    When you reach the top of the building, wait for the soldier to walk over and stealth kill him from the fencing. Head to the stairs and take cover on the corner and wait for the guard to appear and when he walks away, run down the stairs and jump off the right side of the ship where there is no fencing to a beam and go around the corner to hop up and eavesdrop on a conversation.

    Continue across the beams and hop up to ledge assassinate the last "regular" enemy and shimmy all the way along the side of the ship and climb up near the back corner of the ship. Wait for the guard patrolling the front and back of the captain's cabin to walk away and hop onboard and take position behind the crates for cover as you eavesdrop.

    From cover, equip your poison darts and wait for the captain to walk up the stairs and use L1/LT aim mode to fire a dart at him before re-entering cover. Wait for the men to check what happened and when the coast is clear, jump into the water.


    Memory 2: Chasing Lee

    Optional ObjectivesStay within 50m of Lee
    Do not shove anyone during the chase
    Do not take any fire damage

    Head to Boston and enter the Green Dragon Tavern to start this memory and then head to the waypoint and use Eagle Vision to find Lee. This is easy if you don't care about the optional objectives, but with them it can be annoying.

    Start by swerving left around the explosive barrel and the swerve right to climb up the wagon and manual jump off the other side (R1/RT and X/A). For the next set of guards, swerve right around some boxes and then back right on the other side behind them. There are four guards on your right and many civilians in the area, so swerve right around the civilians and then bank left and climb up and over the set of barrels to avoid the guards pushing you back and continue. The final set of guards can easily be avoided with a corner jump and then rush after Lee across a small boat and then up into the under constructed ocean liner.

    Slide under the beams and when the ceiling collapses run up the ramp to the right and climb to a beam on Connor's left to swing across the two ropes to the other side. Once again the ceiling will collapse and open a new path to the right to continue and then swerve left to follow Lee along the outskirts of the ship. When you reach the dead end, use the rope to propel up and then follow Lee. Follow the waypoints to end Connor's story.


    December 20, 2012

    With amulet in hand, take a second to check the final emails sent your way and then approach the Grand Temple door.

    Watch the credits and then proceed to the Epilogue, where you can work on completing 100% DNA Tracker.


    Side Quests

    Learning from past mistakes, Ubisoft has tried to take the favorite quests from past games and present them in new way. They have also added whole new game features to try and increase the feel of an open world in the late 1700's, such as hunting and trading. The following sections will cover most of the side quests available in game.



    IntermediateNew York (northern tavern)
    ExpertDavenport Manor
    New York (SW + center tavern)

    Tips & Tactics:

    • The opening move is critical as it may weaken the player's lines and allow the AI to take a large chunk of their pieces. There are four opening moves available: a vertical, a horizontal, and two diagonal. The diagonal moves will lead to longer games, with it taking longer to clear the board. On the other hand, the vertical move will weaken the players lines and lead to shorter games.
    • Sometimes it's better for the player to end a move in a safe place, rather than weakening their lines to get more enemy pieces and leaving themselves open to counter moves.
    • When the board begins to clear out, try to keep all pieces in the middle of the board where there is more tactical moves available.
    • Sometimes it can be useful to sacrifice a piece by forcing the AI to move toward the outside with a "move away" capture move.

    Six/Nine/Twelve Men's Morris

    BeginnerBoston (south tavern)
    IntermediateFrontier (all taverns)
    New York (east tavern)
    Boston (center tavern)
    ExpertNew York (south tavern)
    Boston (north tavern)
    Davenport Tavern

    Tips & Tactics:

    • Place pieces at intersections where they get the most movement.
    • Try to create two mills so that the AI can only block one, allowing the other to be created and instantly removing an enemy piece.


    IntermediateOutside Davenport Tavern
    New York (Washington in the SW)

    Tips & Tactics:

    • Use the different angle tosses to push away the other player's bowls (straight shot) or loft them to land them close to the Jack.
    • When the player selects a placement to throw a blue area will radiate from the selection. This represents the area where the bowl may land; the smaller the better.
    • Try to land a bowl between Connor and the Jack so that if the AI hits the bowl the Jack will also move away from his bowl.
    • Don't be afraid to hit the opponents bowl away from the Jack.


    IntermediateDavenport Harbor

    Tips & Tactics:

    • Use the required mandatory capture moves to manipulate an opponent into positions that are to their disadvantage.
    • The pieces on the borders have limited movement. Try to keep all pieces in the center and the AI's pieces against the walls.
    • Don't be afraid to sacrifice a piece or two to obtain a king. The tactical movement ability is much more important than being down a piece or two.

    Citizen Missions

    The most simplistic of the sidequests, citizen missions are designed to be accepted when they appear and completed over time as the player completes other memories and missions such as completing Courier Missions, Assassination Contracts and Liberation Missions all at once, since they all require you to travel across the expanse of a city.

    Courier Missions

    Courier Missions have been around since Assassin's Creed's beginning. They have had minor changed over time, but the overall concept is the same. Accept a mission for a citizen, deliver the letters to their recipients, and collect money. In this case, upon delivery of the last letter Connor will receive £500.

    MissionUnlock Requirement
    Central Boston LettersSequence 02
    Frontier LettersSequence 05
    North Boston LettersSequence 05, Memory 3
    East New York LettersSequence 09, Memory 1

    Delivery Requests

    Delivery Requests are new to the franchise, as they directly relate to the new hunting and crafting system. When accepted, Connor will receive a list of five different items, varying in the required amount. After collecting all items, return to the marked citizen and turn in the request for £1,000.

    Note that many of the items required can only be obtained through Crafting and while the reward sounds great in the beginning of the game, it is not worth completing unless you are going for 100% game completion.

    Lexington Request - Sequence 05
    Items RequiredNotes
    Beaver Teeth x5Drops from a Beaver in Black Creek, Valley Forge, Concord, Davenport, Diamond Basin, Packanack
    Bear Pelt x3Drops from a Bear in John's Town, Packanack
    Bobcat Pelt x3Drops from a Bobcat in Black Creek, Great Piece Hills, Packanack
    Cougar Pelt x3Drops from a Cougar in Kanien:keh, Diamond Basin, Scotch Plains
    Wolf Pelt x5Drops from a Wolf in Davenport, Diamond Basin, Great Piece Hills, Troy's Wood
    Troy's Wood Request - Sequence 05
    Items RequiredNotes
    Bear Claws x3Drops from a Bear in John's Town, Packanack
    Bobcat Claws x3Drops from a Bobcat in Black Creek, Great Piece Hills, Packanack
    Wolf Fangs x3Drops from a Wolf in Davenport, Diamond Basin, Great Piece Hills, Troy's Wood
    Cougar Fangs x2Drops from a Cougar in Kanien:keh, Diamond Basin, Scotch Plains
    Elk Antlers x3Drops from an Elk in Black Creek, John's Town, Valley Forge, Monmouth, Great Piece Hills, Troy's Wood
    Central Boston Request - Sequence 05, Memory 3
    Items RequiredNotes
    Paper x3Requires Tailor (1) and Woodworker (2) - Flax (Farmer) & Oak Lumber (Lumberer)
    Hair Accessory x2Requires Tailor (1) - Deer Tail (Hunting) & Sewing Threads (Material)
    Toy Dolls x2Requires Tailor (2) - Dyes (Material) & Wool (Farmer)
    Golden Rings x1Requires Blacksmith (4) - Gold Ore (Miner)
    Soap x2Requires Innkeeper (1) - Bear Grease (Hunting), Charcoal (Lumberer) & Rosemary (Huntress)
    South Boston Request - Sequence 06, Memory 2
    Items RequiredNotes
    Raccoon Pelt x5Drops from a Raccoon in Valley Forge, Concord, Monmouth, Davenport, Scotch Plains, Lexington
    Deer Pelt x5Drops from a Deer in Kanien:keh, Concord, Davenport, Diamond Basin, Scotch Plains, Troy's Wood, Lexington
    Beaver Pelt x5Drops from a Beaver in Black Creek, Valley Forge, Concord, Davenport, Diamond Basin, Packanack
    Buttons x2Requires Woodworker (2) - Hickory Lumber (Lumberer)
    Fox Pelt x3Drops from a Fox in Kanien:keh, John's Town, Monmouth, Davenport, Lexington
    Valley Forge Request - Sequence 09
    Items RequiredNotes
    Bear Grease x1Drops from a Bear in John's Town, Packanack
    Deer Marrow x3Drops from a Deer in Kanien:keh, Concord, Davenport, Diamond Basin, Scotch Plains, Troy's Wood, Lexington
    Rabbit's Foot x5Drops from a Hare in all hunting zones, except Diamond Basin
    Elk Heart x1Drops from an Elk in Black Creek, John's Town, Valley Forge, Monmouth, Great Piece Hills, Troy's Wood
    Fox Tail x1Drops from a Fox in Kanien:keh, John's Town, Monmouth, Davenport, Lexington
    West New York Request - Sequence 09
    Items RequiredNotes
    Salt x1Requires Innkeeper (1) - Rock Salt (Miner)
    Venison x5Drops from a Deer in Kanien:keh, Concord, Davenport, Diamond Basin, Scotch Plains, Troy's Wood, Lexington
    Hare Meat x5Drops from a Hare in all hunting zones, except Diamond Basin
    Elk Meat x5Drops from an Elk in Black Creek, John's Town, Valley Forge, Monmouth, Great Piece Hills, Troy's Wood
    Bread x2Requires Innkeeper (1) - Eggs (Farmer), Flour (Material) & Milk (Farmer)
    East New York Request - Sequence 09
    Items RequiredNotes
    Ales x3Requires Innkeeper (1) - Barley (Farmer) & Barrels (Material)
    Ciders x2Requires Innkeeper (1) - Apples (Farmer) & Barrels (Material)
    Spirits x2Requires Innkeeper (1) - Barley (Farmer), Barrels (Material) & Rye (Farmer)
    Tea x2Requires Innkeeper (1) - Honey (Farmer) & Rosemary (Huntress)
    Deer Jerkey x2Requires Innkeeper (1) - Rock Salt (Miner) & Venison (Hunting)
    North New York Request - Sequence 09
    Items RequiredNotes
    Cough Syrup x1Requires Doctor (2) - Glass Bottles (Material) & Honey (Farmer)
    Eye Drops x1Requires Doctor (3) - Glass Bottles (Material) & Rosemary (Huntress)
    Pomade x1Requires Doctor (1) - Bear Grease (Hunting) & Deer Marrow (Hunting)
    All-Purpose Remedy x1Requires Doctor (2) - Glass Bottles (Material) & St. John's Wort (Huntress)
    Stomachache Medicine x1Requires Doctor (1) - Catnip (Huntress), Charcoal (Lumberer) & Glass Bottles (Material)