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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jet2x5

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                        | Table of Contents              |             00.00
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    Table of Contents                                            00.00
    Introduction                                                 01.00
      1. About Me / Donations- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.01
      2. Story - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.02
      3. Controls- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.03
      4. Game Mechanics- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.04
      5. Making Money- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.05
    Version History                                              02.00
    Walkthrough                                                  03.00
      1. Prologue / Sequence 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.01
      2. Sequence 2- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.02
      3. Sequence 3- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.03
      4. Sequence 4- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.04
      5. Sequence 5- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.05
      6. Present Day: Manhattan- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.06
      7. Sequence 6- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.07
      8. Sequence 7- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.08
      9. Sequence 8- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.09
      10. Present Day: Brazil- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.10
      11. Sequence 9 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.11
      12. Sequence 10- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.12
      13. Present Day: Abstergo- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.13
      14. Sequence 11- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.14
      15. Sequence 12- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.15
      16. Present Day: The End - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.16
      17. Epilogue - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.17
    100% Synchronization                                         04.00
    Naval Missions                                               05.00
      1. The Chase - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.01
      2. The Rescue- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.02
      3. French Involvement- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.03
      4. Biddle's Hideout- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.04
    Peg Leg / Kidd's Treasures                                   06.00
      1. Fort Wolcott- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.01
      2. Dead Chest Island - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.02
      3. The Ghost Ship- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.03
      4. The Mad Doctor's Castle - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.04
      5. Oak Island- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.05
    Clubs                                                        07.00
      1. Brawlers- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.01
      2. Hunting Society - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.02
      3. Frontiersmen- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.03
      4. Thief's Club- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 07.04
    Homestead Missions                                           08.00
      1. Encyclopedia of the Common Man (Achilles) - - - - - - - 08.01
      2. Silent Hunter (Myriam)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.02
      3. The Whittler's Weapons (Lance)- - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.03
      4. Abused (Warren/Prudence)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.04
      5. Prudence's Primrose (Warren/Prudence) - - - - - - - - - 08.05
      6. Burglar on the Homestead (Godfrey/Terry)- - - - - - - - 08.06
      7. The Fight (Godfrey/Terry) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.07
      8. The Brawler (Norris)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.08
      9. White Trophy (Myriam) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.09
      10. Room at the Inn (Oliver/Corrine) - - - - - - - - - - - 08.10
      11. Manor Mysteries (Achilles) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.11
      12. Norris Goes Courting (Norris)- - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.12
      13. Bowls Beginner (Godfrey/Terry) - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.13
      14. Happy Expectations (Warren/Prudence/Lyle)- - - - - - - 08.14
      15. Pig Herder (Warren/Prudence) - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.15
      16. Norris Tries Again (Norris)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.16
      17. Raw Materials (Norris) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.17
      18. Deserter (Big Dave)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.18
      19. The Proper Tools (Big Dave)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.19
      20. Cutting Ties (Ellen) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.20
      21. Silk Errand (Ellen)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.21
      22. Finding His Flock- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.22
      23. Tools of the Trade (Lance) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.23
      24. Get Me a Doctor! (Warren/Prudence) - - - - - - - - - - 08.24
      25. Fool Me Once... (Norris) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.25
      26. The Final Straw (Ellen)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.26
      27. The Wedding (Norris/Myriam)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.27
      28. Manor Mysteries, cont. (Achilles)- - - - - - - - - - - 08.28
      29. An Eye for Trouble (Oliver/Big Dave) - - - - - - - - - 08.29
      30. Thousand-Pound Idea (Lance)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.30
      31. The Comeback (Big Dave)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.31
      32. Slander (Lyle) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.32
      33. Wait Times (Lyle)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.33
      34. Legacy (Achilles)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.34
      35. Achilles' Painting - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 08.35
    Liberation Missions and Forts                                09.00
      1. Boston Liberation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 09.01
      2. New York Liberation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 09.02
      3. Fort Liberation - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 09.03
    Privateer Contracts                                          10.00
      1. Henderson in Distress (Saint-Augustine) - - - - - - - - 10.01
      2. Paving the Way (Saint-Augustine)- - - - - - - - - - - - 10.02
      3. Dread of Night (Saint-Augustine)- - - - - - - - - - - - 10.03
      4. Blistering Dawn (The Bahamas) - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10.04
      5. A Call for Help (The Bahamas) - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10.05
      6. Search for the Somerset (The Bahamas) - - - - - - - - - 10.06
      7. Troubled Waters (Louisbourg)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10.07
      8. Raiding the Prospector (Louisbourg) - - - - - - - - - - 10.08
      9. One of a Kind (Louisbourg)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 10.09
      10. The Sea Wolves (Virgin Islands)- - - - - - - - - - - - 10.10
      11. A Midnight Engagement (Virgin Islands) - - - - - - - - 10.11
      12. The Giant and the Storm (Virgin Islands) - - - - - - - 10.12
    Miscellaneous Side Quests                                    11.00
      1. Courier Missions- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11.01
      2. Delivery Missions - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11.02
      3. Assassination Missions- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11.03
      4. Pivots/Hacks (Post-Story) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11.04
    Underground and Fast Travel                                  12.00
      1. Boston- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 12.01
      2. New York- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 12.02
      3. Frontier- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 12.03
    Collectibles (General Information)                           13.00
      1. Feathers - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - 13.01
      2. Almanac Pages - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 13.02
      3. Treasure Chests - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 13.03
    Achievements/Trophies                                        14.00
      1. Achievement/Trophy List - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 14.01
      2. Achievement/Trophy Guide- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 14.02
    Credits                                                      15.00
    Legals, Copyright and Info                                   16.00
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                        | Introduction                   |             01.00
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    | About Me / Donations                                             01.01 |
    Hi; the name's Duane! I started writing some video game guides/FAQs when
    I was just a kid. Across a couple years, I put out fifteen (15) guides,
    and then life took over and I pretty much vanished.
    It's been a decade or so and I'm a student trying to work my way into the
    world, though I have a few years before I can get there. I intend to pick up
    the pace, at least as much as I can, with these guides, and get some heavy
    hitters out there finally, but again, this passion of mine costs time, and,
    well, time really IS money.
    So if you use and enjoy this guide (or any of my other works), then please
    donate anything that you can, even if it's a dollar. It will help me keep things
    like this going, as gaming is an expensive habit in addition to the things I
    need to take care of in my life.
    Nowadays, most guides cost about $20 or more, usually a third of the price of a
    NEW console game or higher, so think of it as a great discount! And that's just
    for ONE guide, not the multiple guides you will get from me! But in the long
    run, the reason I ask is this MOST importantly, with YOU in mind:
    Donations will help me write more and more guides, and therefore give YOU more
    and more of what you wish to see.
    If you donate through PayPal, please visit
    [ https:// www . paypal . com/webapps/mpp/send-money-online ]
    or navigate to PayPal yourself and choose "Transfer" -> "Send Someone Money"
    and use the following email address:
    [ maidenrocks99@gmail.com ]
    If you use the link, ensure to remove the spaces from it before going!
    THANK YOU very much, everyone.
    | Story                                                            01.02 |
    Assassin's Creed III is the fifth console game in the Assassin's Creed series
    which follows the main hero Desmond Miles along with a group of Assassins trying
    to stop the modern-day order of Templars (who are in the form of Abstergo
    Industries) from some evil plot which really has not been too clear throughout
    any of the games.
    The main draw of the series is the Animus, a technology that allows one to go
    back in time to the memories of their ancestors, and Desmond is the main focus
    of the Animus as we live through his ancestors' lives. The first two ancestors
    were Altair and Ezio, with a new ancestor of Connor joining the ranks in this
    game. Connor is born to a Native American mother during the 1700's and he takes
    part in historical events surrounding the American Revolution.
    Desmond's goal is to pursue far enough into Connor's life that he finds what is
    called a Piece of Eden, a necklace that is deemed to lead Desmond and his group
    to the temple of the First Civilization, a race of above-human beings who lived
    light years ago it seems. But with the end of the previous game, Assassin's
    Creed Revelations, there was little time left for our heroic group as it appears
    that the world is set to "end" on December 21, 2012. Can Desmond and the others
    track through Connor's life while simultaneously fending off the Templars in
    order to save the world?
    | Controls                                                         01.03 |
    XBOX 360
     ____________________ ________________________________________________________
    |       BUTTON       | ACTION                                                 |
    |                    |                                                        |
    | Left Analog Stick  | Move                                                   |
    | Right Analog Stick | Camera                                                 |
    | D-Pad Up           | Quick Inventory slot                                   |
    | D-Pad Down         | Quick Inventory slot                                   |
    | D-Pad Left         | Quick Inventory slot                                   |
    | D-Pad Right        | Quick Inventory slot                                   |
    | Left Stick [push]  | Eagle Sense                                            |
    | Right Stick [push] | Switch camera                                          |
    | START              | Pause                                                  |
    | BACK               | Map                                                    |
    |         A          | Jump/Climb <> Break defense (in fight)                 |
    |      A [hold]      | Fast walk                                              |
    |         B          | Interact/Release <> Counter (in fight)                 |
    |      B [hold]      | N/A                                                    |
    |         X          | Assassinate/Melee                                      |
    |      X [hold]      | N/A                                                    |
    |         Y          | Use tool                                               |
    |      Y [hold]      | N/A                                                    |
    |         RT         | Sprint                                                 |
    |      RT [hold]     | N/A                                                    |
    |         RB         | Reload                                                 |
    |      RB [hold]     | Inventory                                              |
    |         LT         | Aim/Lock                                               |
    |      LT [hold]     | N/A                                                    |
    |         LB         | Send Assassin guild member                             |
    |      LB [hold]     | Open Assassin guild wheel                              |
     ____________________ ________________________________________________________
    |       BUTTON       | ACTION                                                 |
    |                    |                                                        |
    | Left Analog Stick  | Move                                                   |
    | Right Analog Stick | Camera                                                 |
    | D-Pad Up           | Quick Inventory slot                                   |
    | D-Pad Down         | Quick Inventory slot                                   |
    | D-Pad Left         | Quick Inventory slot                                   |
    | D-Pad Right        | Quick Inventory slot                                   |
    | L3 [push]          | Eagle Sense                                            |
    | R3 [push]          | Switch camera                                          |
    | START              | Pause                                                  |
    | SELECT             | Map                                                    |
    |         X          | Jump/Climb <> Break defense (in fight)                 |
    |      X [hold]      | Fast walk                                              |
    |         O          | Interact/Release <> Counter (in fight)                 |
    |      O [hold]      | N/A                                                    |
    |         []         | Assassinate/Melee                                      |
    |      [] [hold]     | N/A                                                    |
    |         /\         | Use tool                                               |
    |      /\ [hold]     | N/A                                                    |
    |         R1         | Sprint                                                 |
    |      R1 [hold]     | N/A                                                    |
    |         R2         | Reload                                                 |
    |      R2 [hold]     | Inventory                                              |
    |         L1         | Aim/Lock                                               |
    |      L1 [hold]     | N/A                                                    |
    |         L2         | Send Assassin guild member                             |
    |      L2 [hold]     | Open Assassin guild wheel                              |
    | Game Mechanics                                                   01.04 |
    IMPORTANT: Take notice that some of these mechanics are jumbled up and may not
               be available during the section of the game you are in. Many, many
               portions of the game do not open until storyline Sequence 5 and some
               more in Sequence 6. Check Sections 04.05 and 04.07 for information
               on the beginning of those Sequences.
               Further, check Sections 05.00 through 13.00 for more in-depth info
               on individual side quests and other aspects of the game besides the
               main storyline. There is a vast wealth of activities in this game and
               it can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers.
      /                    \
        The most basic of actions: taking one foot in front of the other. Or rather,
        in the case of Assassin's Creed, climbing and jumping all over the place. No
        matter what character you are controlling in the game, you can perform all
        sorts of cool Assassin moves, the simplest capability of which is to go
        "Freerunning" is, well, running without limits. Think of it as parkour, if
        you know that. When you walk about with the L-Stick you will move at a
        perfectly "normal" pace. If you wish to walk faster, you move and hold A
        which is simply "Fast Walk." That walk is really not MUCH faster, but you
        will push people out of your way should they come into your path.
        Then, there is freerunning. Hold RT and move to sprint as fast as your
        character can, and, while sprinting, should you come across some objects
        in your path, more often than not your character will leap and try to climb
        them. Freerunning is how you climb buildings, jump over (or slide under)
        objects in your way, leap across small gaps and so on. Should you have a
        larger gap to cross (or should you wish to dive off) then, while on the
        edge of some object, you hold RT and press A while holding the L-Stick in
        the direction that you want to leap. Sometimes doing so will mean your doom
        if you jump into some bad direction and fall, or perhaps you may fall in
        front of guards and they start fighting you! Just be careful when jumping.
        Take note, for veterans of the series, holding RT + A is NO LONGER how you
        freerun, so get over that habit as quickly as you can.
        Simply enough, use the R-Stick to move the camera about and perceive the
        things around you. Press the R-Stick in to center the camera.
        Looking about is context sensitive in that certain objects, depending on
        your angle of view, will occasionally have an outline appear around them,
        usually colored white. With people this outline often means that you can
        fight that person and during battle the outline should be red. Other objects
        like barrels or doors may be outlined meaning that you can interact with
        them in some way.
        To interact with a doorway, for instance, you would walk up to it and simply
        press B. For a barrel, you may walk up and press B and pick it up, or you
        may pick up a weapon.
        To allow "interaction" with faraway objects, you may wish to target them. To
        do so, hold LT and the screen should zoom in. You should see a white target
        in the center. Use the R-Stick to place the reticule over the object in
        question and you should see the outline. Usually you will only need to do
        this action if you wish to shoot something with a ranged weapon, such as an
        enemy on a rooftop or an explosive barrel.
        TOOLS and WEAPONS
        Hold RB to bring up your tools menu. Use the R-Stick to move up and down
        between the tools and weapons on the right side of the screen. These are
        considered "ranged" weapons but also include things like animal traps and
        poisons. Leave the cursor over a tool or weapon and let go of RB. The tool
        should now be equipped on you and pressing Y will use it. Depending on the
        item, you may need to aim and target something with LT before pressing Y
        will do anything.
        In the menu again, use the L-Stick to move up and down between the other
        side of the screen, the "melee" weapons like your Hidden Blade or swords.
        To use your melee weapon, press X. Pressing X will almost always use the
        current weapon or your character may flourish it if nothing is nearby.
        When in combat, you have two options: fight or flee. Should you wish to
        fight, settle down for a little haul (depending on the enemies) and choose
        your weapons. Usually melee weapons are necessary for a large group that
        is nearby.
        To attack individual enemies, simply use the L-Stick to move TOWARDS them
        and you should see the white outline on their body. Pressing X will have
        your character attempt to attack them. Usually the enemies will block your
        attacks however, so you can try to break their defense by pressing A. Should
        you wish, you can also press Y to use your tool or ranged weapon, but as I
        said, ranged is a bad idea when you are in a swarm of guards.
        To block yourself, simply hold down B and your character will do their best
        not to be hit. You still have to watch out for the direction of the enemies
        for someone behind you will still hit you, even if you are holding B. To
        parry, watch for a triangle to flash above an enemy's head. Hold the L-Stick
        towards them and PRESS B (don't hold) right when they attack, which will
        trigger a slow-motion effect.
        While the slow-motion is active, pressing B again will parry and usually
        throw the enemy away from you. However, pressing X will counterattack and
        will usually kill low-level enemies automatically, though more difficult
        enemies will still live afterwards. Pressing A during slow-motion will
        disarm the enemy and stun them, while pressing Y will use whatever your
        current tool is on them.
        Watch out for special attacks where enemies flash yellow triangles during
        battle. This sign means that they may use something like a gun to shoot at
        you or they may throw a grenade. One attack new to the game is the firing
        line which you are introduced to in the storyline. A group of soldiers will
        line up to fire at you, and to prevent damage you must find a nearby soldier
        and press A to use him as a human shield.
        Lastly, after all of the fighting, should you choose to flee you can hold
        down RT and freerun away. You need to make the guards lose their sight of
        you to successfully get away, however. More on that below.
        Notoriety is your alert system in the game. There are three (3) levels of
        it that you can have:
            . Level 1: Enemies are normal and will not do anything to you unless
                       you run into their face (literally) or do suspicious things
                       like entering restricted zones or climb rooftops.
            . Level 2: Enemies are investigative. When they see you, they will have
                       a yellow triangle slowly fill above their heads. Once this
                       triangle is full, it becomes red and starts to fill again
                       somewhat faster. If this triangle fills, combat is engaged.
            . Level 3: Enemies are fully alert. Combat is almost immediately started
                       when the enemy sees you, so you need to be very cautious.
        To see which Level you are at, look down at the bottom left of your screen
        for a circle near your health. If it has two targets inside of it, you are
        Level 2, and three targets is Level 3. Look into the HUD for more info.
        To get rid of enemies who are onto you (or even enemies while in combat),
        you must lose their line of sight. Once you break their line of sight you
        should see a yellow (or sometimes red) circle appear on your minimap. Your
        job is to get out of that area as fast as possible.
        If the circle is red, then you MUST leave the circle. If the circle is
        yellow, then you can sometimes get away by hiding. There are various ways
        to hide, such as jumping into bales of hay, blending in with groups of
        people, and so on. You will be introduced to these methods of hiding early
        on, but one I particular find useful (and yet silly) is using water to your
        advantage. Often times if you are near an open body of water, jumping in
        and getting under a bridge or behind a pier can let you escape as the guards
        will be unable to see you the whole time and your chase timer will expire.
        For a much more detailed description of the game screen as well as the
        various notifications you get during gameplay, open the menu in the game
        with START, navigate to Animus Training Center to the left side, then choose
        Manual and scroll to Section 3, HUD. It provides pictures and information
        on the various symbols.
        THE MAP
        The map is your best friend, seriously. Open the map with BACK and you can
        see anything you will ever need (so long as it has been detected). To see
        a legend of the icons, press LB.
        Besides moving around on foot, you can Fast Travel in the game. To do so,
        open your map with BACK and select Fast Travel stations located around the
        area. To access these stations, you must unlock them through the Underground
        in Boston and New York. See Section 12.00 for more information.
      /             \
    The Homestead does not truly open up until you finish storyline Sequence 5, upon
    which the game will explicitly show you that you have access to missions and
    the account Ledger.
        The Homestead Missions that open (see Section 08.00) allow you to recruit
        people to work at the Homestead. You can recruit various people such as
        lumberers and doctors and miners and so on. Each different person will help
        you gain resources related to their work (like ore from miners).
        In turn, you can use resources for Crafting objects as well as selling them
        via Convoy missions. Both will be explained slightly more below. Besides
        the workers, you can pickpocket people by walking up near them and holding B
        until the target fills in. Usually you will steal small amounts of money
        but you may also get resources. The workers are usually your best bet in
        the long run, though.
        The account Ledger is in the big manor in the Homestead. Open the book to
        see the menu for the Stockpile, Crafting, and Trading. You can also open it
        from ANY General Store as well, so take note of that. That is CRUCIAL as you
        do not want to travel to the Homestead every time you open your accounts.
        The Stockpile allows you to see your current resources as well as the varied
        resources available from your recruited artisans. Over time the various
        artisans will build up an inventory of items and you can purchase from them,
        although they will often have a limit of what you can buy at a given time.
        Crafting is new to the game as well, for it allows you to take resources
        as well as animal resources that you get from hunting and to turn them into
        new objects. You can obtain Recipes along the way or you can even blindly
        create things on your own should you wish to try. A lot of Crafting items
        require you to have recruited certain members of the Homestead, so try to
        get as many people as you can earlier on. Take note the Crafting items will
        primarily be used for money, your own benefit (like ammo increases), and for
        the Delivery Missions (see Section 11.02).
        Trading is similar, in a way, to the Assassin missions of older games (yet
        the Assassin missions are still here). With your resources, you can choose
        a Convoy and sell the resources to a buyer. When you choose your buyers,
        you will receive a Travel Time, Risk, and Tax, along with a final Profit.
        You are always looking to maximize your Profit OVER Time. So if a specific
        run offers glorious money but it takes a long time, you may want to choose
        something that offers slightly less money but will allow multiple runs.
        Be CAREFUL as your Convoys CAN get attacked along the way. Later when you
        have Assassin Recruits you can send the Recruits to protect and save your
        precious Convoys (and money) in the long run. Early on it may be annoying
        because without Recruits you have to rush to the Convoy yourself (and it is
        really difficult to make it there so quickly) but it certainly is doable
        and the money is great.
        One last note is that by completing Liberation Missions you can lower your
        chance of attack (the Risk) for Land Convoys; completing Privateer Contracts
        will lower the Risk for Naval Convoys; and by Liberating Forts you will
        lower the Tax rate for your Convoys.
        Not limited to the Homestead, there is a new section called the Frontier
        in AC3 which is literally what it sounds like: wild open nature. Here, while
        there are quests and collectibles, a big draw to the Frontier is for hunting
        animals. You can find animals roaming around, and killing and skinning them
        for their "resources" will prove valuable to you. Animal resources can be
        used at the Homestead for Crafting and Trading.
        You can usually find many animals running about but sometimes you may have
        no luck and need to use clues. Just interact with them by pressing B when
        you are standing on top of them. Looking for white magnifying glass symbols
        floating above the ground. Clues will either cause animals to appear or will
        allow you to place traps on places where the animals will come by.
        There are ten (10) animals between the Frontier and the Homestead:
            . Deer
            . Hare/Rabbit
            . Fox
            . Beaver
            . Bear
            . Cougar
            . Bobcat
            . Elk
            . Wolf
            . Raccoon
        See Section 07.02 for a breakdown by region of the Frontier and Homestead.
        To make traveling the Frontier faster, you can "discover" the locations of
        General Stores by walking near them. Each General Store will allow you
        to Fast Travel to it from the map.
        Forts that have been liberated in the Frontier can also function this way.
    | Making Money                                                     01.05 |
    Money should not really be an issue until much later in the game, when you want
    to buy up weapons, Aquila upgrades, and start Crafting a bunch of items for
    various reasons. Firstly, before you worry about money, make sure you have done
    a lot of the side items available, like collecting all of the big Treasure
    Chests (which contain a lot of money) and all of the Liberation Missions in New
    York and Boston.
    From there, you will gain a decent amount of by sending your Assassins on their
    missions to free other places along the eastern seaboard, while you are leveling
    them up at the same time.
    Just playing the game normally for a while and doing the above should leave you
    fine, until you, like me towards the end, will have to resort to the rather
    terrible Crafting and trading system. Personally, I hate the system but it may
    just be me.
    But in any case, you MUST do the Homestead missions as well, for they are truly
    essential to what items you have available. In the Crafting menu, you can buy
    items from the various workers and use them towards your Recipes that you find
    through the game, and some of these items are good towards other side missions
    like the Delivery Requests, while others are mostly useless.
    So, here we are: the fastest and simultaneously slowest (it's quite a paradox)
    way to make money is to HUNT and to SEND NAVAL CONVOYS. You must first Craft the
    Naval Convoys and also increase their capacities until you can send a huge ton
    of items along the way. The best item that I found to send is the Bear Pelt,
    although it is difficult to get unless you consistently travel back and forth
    to a river where there are a bunch of bears. Sending a full Naval Convoy of bear
    pelts will give you about 21000 pounds, but it takes about 30 minutes of real
    time for that to happen. However, you can send three full convoys at once, thus
    tripling your profit within the time limit.
    If you are not good for bear pelts, beaver pelts also sell for a reasonable
    amount and you can get a good bit of money there too. After that, nothing else
    is really worth that much time to send. But take note that you can buy bear and
    beaver pelts from your Homestead friends after you have completed enough of
    the missions for them, and that will allow you to turn a profit by shipping
    them out through the convoys.
    Lastly, take note that the Naval Convoys, like the Land Convoys, have risks that
    are attached to them. To lessen the Naval Convoy risks, complete the Privateer
    Contracts that are out in the ocean. Completing all missions along a route will
    lower the risk to a petty 5% chance of being attacked.
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Version History                |             02.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
     __________ _________ __________________________________________________
    |   DATE   | VERSION | COMMENTS                                         |
    | 02/08/13 |   N/A   | Started the guide. Added controls, some of the   |
    |    to    |         | game mechanics, made it through Sequence 5 in    |
    | 02/10/13 |         | the main story. Started adding some of the side  |
    |          |         | missions (Homestead and Clubs mostly).           |
    | 02/15/13 |   N/A   | Made it through Sequence 7. Finished off most of |
    |    to    |         | the Club side missions and Collectible info. I   |
    | 02/17/13 |         | started adding the misc. side quests as well, &  |
    |          |         | finished off the majority of the game mechanics. |
    | 02/21/13 |   N/A   | Made it through Sequence 10. Started the giant   |
    |    to    |         | achievement list and guide. Made it through the  |
    | 02/25/13 |         | Peg Leg missions, Privateer Contracts, Naval     |
    |          |         | Missions, and a couple smaller details.          |
    | 02/26/13 |   1.0   | Finished the storyline. Finished the Homestead   |
    |          |         | missions. Wrapped up some loose ends related to  |
    |          |         | varying side quests, game mechanics, and such.   |
    |          |         |                                                  |
    |          |         | APPROXIMATE TIME TO WRITE: 105+ hours            |
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Walkthrough                    |             03.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
                                     [NOTE 1]
    ONE HUGE NOTE: I will do my best to keep things light on spoilers, but chances
    are that the guide will not be entirely spoiler-free. Tread carefully.
                                     [NOTE 2]
    While I will occasionally tell you that you should focus on some side materials
    at a given time throughout the storyline, I will not always do so; so be aware
    of what is available to you and choose to put the story on hold if you are able
    to do side missions that you are interested in or that will give you upgrades.
                                     [NOTE 3]
    Related to Note 2: you will likely NOT want to do any side quests until about
    Sequence 5 or so. Many things actually don't open up until then for some reason.
    It is like they delayed everything in the game until you get really far through
    the storyline!
    Do NOT collect Treasure Chests until you become Connor, as you lose your money
    during the character change.
                                     [NOTE 4]
    I will denote achievements as well as 100% Sync goals with curly brackets: {}.
    For instance, you unlocked the achievement {FIN}, or you just completed your
    {100% SYNC} objective for the memory. You can use Ctrl + F and "100%" (exactly
    without the quotes) to find the objectives rather easily.
                                     [NOTE 5]
    EXPLORE THE MAP! I cannot stress this idea enough. The map is different in AC3
    than in previous games. While there are still viewpoints which you synchronize
    to open up portions of your map, getting all of the viewpoints will NOT open up
    your entire map like they used to do. Instead, you must explore the map yourself
    to uncover foggy/blurry portions that you cannot see.
    Explore ALL of the time when you are going about, for my words can only help you
    so much. Further, many points of interest can only be uncovered by exploring by
    yourself, and even further, the Frontiersmen club requires you to uncover 100%
    of the maps for Boston, New York, AND the Frontier for their final challenges.
                                     [NOTE 6]
    Lastly, direction-wise, just to make it absolutely clear: on your minimap,
    North is the white arrow. Left of that (90 degrees left, that is) is West, the
    opposite side is South, and 90 degrees to the right is East. When you open your
    full map, the directionality never changes, so the top of the map is North,
    the left West, the right East, and the bottom South.
    So whenever I use cardinal directions, which I do sometimes, ensure that you are
    either checking your full map or that you know where you need to be relative
    to the white arrow on the minimap. Sorry if that is overstating things, but
    some people have questioned things like this before.
    | Prologue / Sequence 1                                            03.01 |
    We begin the game in the shoes of Desmond, picking up immediately where the
    last game, Revelations, ended. Follow the incredibly linear path and you
    will enter the Animus yet again, after a few scenes.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: Refresher Course                               |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Perform an Air Assassination.                                    |
    Again we have an incredibly linear path. Your job is to refresh yourself with
    the controls of the game, passing the tutorial, really. A new thing to note
    is that freerunning is controlled by holding RT ONLY. You no longer hold RT
    and press A to freerun. I am not entirely sure why they changed this, but they
    did. However, if you are freerunning (holding RT) and just tap A, then you
    will take a leap forward. You also hold RT and tap A if you are on a ledge of
    some sort and want to dive forward still.
    Get used to the controls again, and eventually you reach two Templars. The
    optional objective is to kill one of them with an Air Assassination which will
    be easy. Just sit on the bar, press LT to target, and press X to assassinate!
    That should be your {100% SYNC} for this memory.
    At the end of the path, you will unlock the {RUDE AWAKENING} achievement.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: A Deadly Performance                           |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     None.                                                            |
    Walk forward and find your seat in the theater, then after the scenes promptly
    take to climbing the rafters over to your left. It is really funny how people
    don't take notice of a grown man climbing through the balconies like a madman,
    especially those people like the woman shoving her significant other's face into
    her bosom.
    But anyway, once up the balconies, follow the lockpicking tutorial. You will
    gain a feel for this, but remember to rotate the L- and R-Sticks SLOWLY or else
    you will completely miss the lock-in places. Also, do NOT let go of either Stick
    once you have found the correct location, or you must restart the lockpicking.
    The rest is simple enough, as more Assassin's Creed fare--climb up the rafters
    and reach your target for the cutscene. Afterwards, fast walk your way along
    the linear path led by the green markers until you have made your way out
    of the theater.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: Journey to the New World                       |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Limit health loss - 10%.                                         |
      |     Rescue James within the given time - 0:40.                       |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    You're on a boat! You're on a boat! Ah, but anyway. Walk around underneath
    should you wish, looking at your minimap to see any icons of interest. You can
    talk to a doctor as well as play beginner games of Fanorona and Nine Men's
    Morris below deck. It may just be me, but both of these games are pretty hard,
    especially Fanorona. Practice if you wish, for an achievement requires you
    to beat these two as well as one more game at the Homestead later on.
    Head up top and prepare to fight. The tutorial to battles begins, but so does
    the optional objective, so beware! To gain {100% SYNC}, make sure that you
    do not get hit much, if at all. Losing 10% of your health or more will fail
    the objective.
    Now, first, HOLD B (I say it that way because I stupidly kept pressing B for a
    bit) and wait for the enemy to attack and you will parry it. Next, just bash X
    to beat the guy to a pulp. Then comes counter, where you tap B right at their
    attack, which triggers a slow-motion block. During the slow-motion, press X to
    perform a counterattack. Defeat the next guy, and, lastly, when he pulls a knife
    on you, counter him with B again and press A to disarm.
    When your chat with the captain is done, head below deck again. You can talk to
    a new person besides the doctor. Return to your room to finish the day. The
    memory will still continue on, however, as Day 28 of your voyage out to sea
    will start shortly after.
    Speak to the crew, should you wish, then follow the green marker. After chatting
    to the sailor, go over to the cook, then afterwards to James. The cutscene will
    leave you above deck, so continue following the markers, as they're usually
    right in front of you. You will be below deck almost instantly again, and must
    use your Eagle Vision (press the L-Stick) to observe the barrels. After a short
    scene, head back to your room yet again.
    Some scenes later, we are to have a sword fight. As far as I can tell, the
    optional objective to limit 10% health loss or more is STILL active, so should
    you want {100% SYNC} you need to watch it here. The fight is still easy as you
    did with fisticuffs earlier. Just counter and attack, counter and attack, over
    and over. Soon you will win and the day will go by as the crew sails on.
    But this mission is not yet over! You now need to "batten down the hatches" as
    the storm rages on around you. One set of ropes is right near you, the other
    is across the ship entirely, then the third one comes undone about the center.
    The captain then calls upon you to loose the sails, so climb the mast and walk
    over to the marker again.
    After setting the sails, be prepared for another {100% SYNC} objective: you
    must save James within 40 seconds. Don't fret as this is rather easy. Just hold
    RT to run and you really just need to move forward the whole time until you
    automatically leap towards him and more cutscenes ensue. Take further note that
    there is a third {100% SYNC} objective: you must complete the other two in
    one playthrough. So if you lose more than 10% health, then saving James does
    not matter because you cannot get the third objective anymore. This objective to
    obtain all of the other objectives at once is a common thing, as it is part of
    every mission from here on out.
    Now, head above deck again and speak with the captain. He tells of our arrival,
    so climb the foremast into the crow's nest--and surely enough we have reached
    the New World, for the town of Boston awaits.
    Welcome to Assassin's Creed III!
    | Sequence 2                                                       03.02 |
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: Welcome to Boston                              |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     None.                                                            |
    Follow Charles Lee, your new tour guide it seems. He will leave off as you are
    meant to find a General Store. Open up your map (with BACK) should you wish. It
    is nothing but grey mess right now, but you can locate the green marker for the
    store and mark it down. Take note that you CAN start exploring now if you wish,
    though you will not find much. Running about the town will, however, clear your
    map up, albeit very slowly. The grey mist will slowly give way to buildings
    and such as you run by, and the Animus will update with new information as you
    pass landmarks as in the previous games.
    Once you reach the store, we meet good old Ben Franklin. After some chatting,
    he asks you to help find his Almanac pages and they become available as a
    collectible for you to find. HOWEVER, you can only find four pages at this
    moment. The rest are locked away and inaccessible at this point. As my note
    says at the beginning of the guide, it is best to wait until Sequence 5 to do
    anything as most things open up then.
    Further, there is a Courier standing next to the store (he has a black envelope
    symbol floating above his head) and will let you do a mission right now. You
    have to deliver four letters to citizens nearby. If you choose to do it now,
    just open up the map and look for their symbols.
    Remember that you can zoom in and out using RT and LT on the map. The L-Stick
    controls the mini-menu on the left. Choosing the icon that looks like the United
    States will let you change the icons that show on the map (like Mission icons,
    Store icons, etc.) while choosing the little book will let you access the
    Logbook and see Collectibles, Side Missions, etc.
    See Sections 11.01 and 13.02 for information on Courier Missions and the Almanac
    pages, respectively.
    Back to the story! Enter the store and offer to Trade with the shopkeeper. You
    presumably have nothing to Sell yet so choose to Buy the Normal Sword as well
    as the Flintlock Pistol. You will see the upgraded interface as each item has
    a triangular measuring systems. The sword has a trio of Combo, Speed, and
    Damage, of which it favors Combo the most, then Speed. The Pistol has a trio
    of Short Range, Rate of Fire, and Long Range, of which it favors Short Range
    the most, then Rate of Fire.
    You should have just lost a whopping chunk of money already, and may be wishing
    to get some of it back. Before getting on the horse, test out Stealing in this
    game. It has a makeover in that you can no longer walk by and pickpocket the
    civilians indefinitely. Now, you must stand next to a person, hold the B button,
    and wait until the circle of Stealing fills in. Given that your profits are
    still on the scale of 10 coins or so, Stealing right now seems not a very good
    option, so head on to the marker and the brown horse.
    Follow Charles Lee and you will reach the Green Dragon Tavern.
      /                               \
    Reaching the Tavern, you are now free to roam or continue on with the next Main
    memory mission. Right now, I just want to introduce you to the ways of Fast
    Travel in Assassin's Creed III.
    To obtain Fast Travel locations, you must venture into the Underground. Nearby
    the tavern, on the minimap you should see a white circle with an arrow pointing
    down. This symbol indicates a Fast Travel location. Run over to it and look
    on the ground for a wooden opening to a basement of some sort and interact with
    You will find yourself is a dank tunnel holding a lantern. The Underground is
    a labyrinth of some sort through which you run about and find doors leading out
    to popular destinations in the town. There is one Underground for Boston (where
    we currently are) and one Underground for New York. There are 10 Fast Travel
    locations to be unlocked for Boston and 11 for New York, so 22 total throughout
    both towns.
    The majority of the exits are found just by wondering through and looking for
    colored signs with the names of locations (as such, the Green Dragon Tavern has
    a green sign above you, should you have been following my instructions to come
    down here). But there are 3 exits in Boston AND 3 exits in New York that require
    you to solve puzzles via clues. Should you wish to be lazy, haha, and not bother
    solving the puzzles yourself, see Section 12.00 for information.
    I would advise you to unlock most of the exits as soon as you can, as using
    Fast Travel will save you time. Now, onwards to the Green Dragon Tavern.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: Johnson's Errand                               |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Kill mercenaries using firearms - 10/10.                         |
      |     Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half their health.       |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Head upstairs once in the Tavern. After the scene, leave the Tavern and go over
    to talk to Thomas Hickey. A game plan will be setup for the guards nearby, so
    shoot the guard that the game places in front of you by pressing the Y button.
    You should notice the extra objective to kill 10 guards using firearms. So get
    ready to do a lot of shooting for {100% SYNC}.
    Climb up the hill towards the marker, grab a musket from a rack nearby, then
    shoot one of the guards down on the ground. Your friends will come in and kill
    the rest of them for you. Run forward and a bunch of guards will attack. Do NOT
    try to get the firearm kills here, as the musket takes forever to reload and
    you simply cannot do it while fighting these mercenaries. Just try to parry
    and counter as much as you can.
    After a scene, hold LT to aim and shoot the red barrels near the door. Run in
    and interact with the chest to the right near the green marker. Guards come
    in, so shoot the one standing in the middle and let your friends take the other
    two. Some more enemies swarm in, so you can possibly kill another with your
    Pistol if you reload quickly enough.
    Loot the dead bodies for some money and ammo. Now you need to head back to the
    Tavern but you can't let Hickey or Lee lose more than half of their health, so
    be wary as you go if you want {100% SYNC}. A group will attack you just outside,
    so fire off a round at one of them, then melee the others. You might want to
    pick up a musket to do more damage.
    Head out and go into the corn field. Mercs will swarm you, so again, try to
    pop off a shot, then melee the others. Hickey and Lee are mostly okay, so long
    as you don't let a bunch of mercs attack them at once. After the group is gone,
    take cover behind the cart and shoot the other two men at the house.
    Move along and another group comes out to swarm you. Shoot the first guy on the
    roof nearby, then take out the melee fighters. Just up from this fight, two
    more mercs are on a roof, so take cover behind another cart and pop shots at
    them. Soon enough they will be dead.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: The Surgeon                                    |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Remain undetected.                                               |
      |     Eavesdrop on a moving group of guards.                           |
      |     Do not fail a single eavesdrop.                                  |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Talk to Charles, then leave the inn and start the next mission. Follow the
    tutorial to learn how to eavesdrop as well as blend in with civilians. As the
    game will tell you afterwards, parts of the map will be revealed as you run
    about, and the higher you are (in altitude) the more of the map will be shown,
    so stay on the rooftops while traveling if you want to fill the map quicker.
    Follow the green marker to the church and climb it all the way to the steeple,
    then press B to synchronize the viewpoint (yes, viewpoints are back!). Now
    leap off by facing a haystack and press RT + A to leap to it. Once on the ground
    find a group of people to eavesdrop on again. Blend in with a group if you need
    to. Be careful not to eavesdrop and then lose hearing, as you CANNOT fail a
    single eavesdrop for {100% SYNC}.
    Further, you need to eavesdrop on a group of moving guards for {100% SYNC}, but
    you can do that after listening to another group first. After eavesdropping
    for the first time after dropping from the church, the green circle on your
    minimap should move. Follow to it and now try to find a group of guards walking
    about. You should see their orange marker on the minimap moving rather slowly.
    Eavesdropping on them is actually pretty difficult. If you don't make too much
    of a fuss and stay out of their sight and just inside the circle of hearing,
    you should be okay. What I did, somewhat unintentionally, was jump over a
    market stand, thus disturbing the people around. It caught the guards' attention
    and they stopped moving to investigate. Then I blended in with a group of
    stationary people nearby. When the guards' conversation was almost done, they
    stopped investigating and moved again, allowing me to follow them for about two
    seconds and then they finished.
    After two eavesdrops, head over to another group and listen just one more time,
    thereby finishing the eavesdropping. Right now, you should have completed the
    two eavesdropping-related objectives, and now have to remain undetected for
    the last {100% SYNC} objective.
    This objective seems like a pain but it shouldn't be TOO bad. You just need to
    be REALLY careful, as I almost triggered it on my first try. Head towards the
    green circle now and you'll see a red circled section where guards will be
    on the lookout for you. Find the nearest rooftop and look towards the green
    marker down near the docks. Jump across the rooftops, being wary of any gaps
    so that you do not fall into the faces of guards, and you will reach the
    building that Benjamin is in.
    Drop down and examine the door. Now you need to pickpocket a key off of some
    guards nearby. I think the easiest one (at least out of the guards that spawned
    for me) is around the corner. Facing away from the locked door, head right
    around the corner and there should be a guard standing near a guy fishing. There
    will be another guard closer to you, but if you watch, he will walk down the
    dock away from you, leaving you free to sneak behind the guard on the pier,
    steal the key (by getting close and holding B), and run back to Charles Lee.
    Inside the building, slowly creep up behind one of the two guards closest to
    you at the moment. Select your Hidden Blade (hold RB to look at your weapons
    and see which D-Pad has the Hidden Blade) and kill one of those guards. Charles
    Lee should come kill the other one, but make sure not to run out in front
    before he does. Now kill the last guard standing in front of Benjamin.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 4: The Soldier                                    |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Limit detection time - 0:15.                                     |
      |     Perform sequential combo kills - 3.                              |
      |     Prevent snitches from calling reinforcements.                    |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Enter the Tavern again, watch the scene, and then talk to Charles Lee to start
    the next mission. Follow along the path and watch yet another scene. Now you
    need to tail the group of guards while limiting how long they see you. Your
    total detection time must be less than 0:15 for {100% SYNC}. For the most part,
    you can just follow along with Charles and just make sure that YOU can see the
    guards but that they cannot see you.
    After the scene, Charles will cause a stir. Follow him to an alleyway for yet
    another scene and a fight. Now here is where the optional objectives for {100%
    SYNC} get to be a pain, and they will do so many times later. For one, it really
    is a pain for the objectives to appear at the same time that they must be done,
    in that it takes you a few seconds to even read the objective, then it takes
    another moment for you to comprehend what you must do.
    IMMEDIATELY when the fight starts, look for a soldier who runs down the alley
    to your right (it was my right from where my character was facing after the
    cutscene). You need to kill the drummer that runs off so that he does not warn
    any of the other soldiers. I had to restart the battle only 7 times to do this
    part and I honestly have no real suggestions. Take note that you can choose
    to restart the checkpoint and NOT the entire mission, however.
    The controls and the tight alley here only serves to make this part the biggest
    pain it can, as my character only jumped up the walls of buildings and grabbed
    onto ledges of things a billion times instead of actually chasing the drummer.
    Things like this moment make me question why they took away RT + A and made RT
    do freerunning! In the previous games, you could just press RT to move quickly
    and X to assassinate, whereas now, RT just makes you leap all over.
    Next, run back to the fight and prepare for the other {100% SYNC} objective. You
    need to chain three (3) kills together. To do so, you MUST counter one of the
    soldiers. Once you counter and counterattack him, killing him, then you must
    hold the L-Stick towards another enemy and bash X, thus killing him instantly.
    Then hold direction towards another and kill them, thus creating a chain of
    the three kills and obtaining the objective.
    Finish off the battle and you are done with the mission.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 5: Infiltrating Southgate                         |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Find and kill the general.                                       |
      |     Perform stealth assassinations from a corner spot - 3/3.         |
      |     Avoid firing line damage.                                        |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Enter the Tavern and talk to Charles yet again. After the cutscenes, you need
    to ambush a convoy down below. Wait until the convoy stops, aim and shoot one
    of the soldiers, then deal with the rest however you should wish.
    After yet another cutscene, now you will be on-rails riding a carriage. You will
    eventually stop and see the notice to press LB to send your Assassins out to
    kill the nearby soldiers so that you are not discovered. Do so, and from now on,
    you can press LB at ANY time along the ride to do so. You will still see some
    on-screen warnings at each point, however, so feel free to watch the bottom
    and press LB when you see the warning. There are four more times you do that.
    Now that you are inside the compound, run away to the right off the path and
    over near the corner. We are looking for two things to do now for {100% SYNC}.
    There is a general walking about and when you run about (remember to be wary
    of the guards lone officers walking about who can detect you) you will find
    him, as a red hexagon will show over his head as well as on the minimap. The
    best way to assassinate him would be from a haystack or when he walks near
    some crates that hide the view of others. Funnily enough, I was able to kill
    him with my sword (not my Hidden Blade) right near a group of soldiers, and
    they did nothing whatsoever. Either a glitch or just an easy kill for you.
    Next, we want to get three (3) corner assassinations for {100% SYNC}. Look
    around for soldiers mostly by themselves, or for officers that walk around,
    especially near the prisoners (the green markers). If you press up against
    some crates, or a block of stone, etc., then you can press B to whistle and
    alert soldiers. You really need to be careful NOT to alert groups of soldiers,
    hence why the wandering officers are probably best. When you alert the soldier,
    he will come near the corner where you are, and, IMPORTANT, make sure you are
    still press up against the corner and press X to assassinate. You should reach
    around the corner, grab him, and kill him.
    Experiment around and you should be able to reload the checkpoint (and not the
    entire memory) if you want to see the positions of certain guards and such. The
    prisoners themselves should not be random, but the guards and their movements
    All three prisoners to save should be to the left from where you initially
    entered the compound, all towards the ship and the docks. Two sets of prisoners
    are in the soldiers' tents area, one near the bricked wall and one near the
    water. Again, the green markers show you exactly where they are. Usually there
    is AT LEAST one officer walking near them, so lure him and kill him.
    The third set is all the way to the ship. Walk down the pier to the ship and
    be on the lookout for the soldier near the end. He will detect you should he
    see you, so hide and then creep up behind him. Climb onto the ship and yet again
    look out. There should be a solder straight ahead on the other side of the mast
    as well as soldiers to your left at one end of the ship and another soldier
    to your right in front of the prisoners. Ensure that the one near the prisoners
    is not turning around and run up and kill him, then free the last prisoners.
    After the next cutscene, you will get a tutorial with the firing lines where you
    must grab other soldiers to block the firing line. Pressing A will grab another
    soldier to use as a shield. You CANNOT be hit by a firing line for {100% SYNC},
    and personally, I just ran like hell past all of the enemies and up to the main
    boss. I ran up there, trigger the boss and the other soldiers, then ran down the
    nearby stairs. Running down the stairs prevented the men from lining up to fire
    at me and let the boss come down as easy prey.
    With the end of Sequence 2, you receive the {MYSTERY GUEST} achievement!
    | Sequence 3                                                       03.03 |
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: Unconvinced                                    |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Use breakable objects during a fight - 2/2.                      |
      |     Limit health loss - 50%.                                         |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Head right back inside the Tavern like you always have done. After the scene,
    you now have a mission marker far down south on the map. Now would be another
    time to to explore the Underground if you have no done so, as one of the Fast
    Travel markers is down there nearby, and if you are going to walk that far, you
    might as well unlock the Fast Travel stations. Further, you can run about and
    open up the viewpoints as you see fit.
    In any case, go to the south and head out to the Frontier. Head to the map
    marker and meet Charles Lee. You'll set out on horseback to find the native
    woman from earlier. Take note that it doesn't seem like your character is too
    good at climbing trees and such now. Follow Charles to the campsite and you'll
    see that you are too late.
    Now you have a large green area to explore on your minimap. Look into the snow
    near the burnt-out fireplace. You'll see a path through the snow, so follow
    the path as far up the hill as possible. After the scene, chase after the woman
    along the linear path. I do not believe that you can lose her. After yet
    another scene, you will have to fight some wolves. When a wolf tries to lunge
    at you, press B to dodge, then quickly press the next button that appears (it
    was usually X or Y for me) and you will kill the wolf. Be careful not to lose
    more than 50% of your health for a {100% SYNC} objective. If a wolf gets onto
    you, you must bash another random button that appears to get it off, though you
    lose health amazingly quickly.
    After taking them out, follow the woman yet again until you catch up with her
    and another story scene occurs. Go up to her again for another scene, then
    follow her down to the building. Inside the bar, eavesdrop on the two different
    conversations, one by blending at the windowsill and the other at the bar. When
    done, try to head outside. You will get into a fight, so do your usual parry
    and counterattacks! Try your best to take guards out near tables and chairs
    and such, as you need to use breakable objects during the fight twice for
    another {100% SYNC} objective. I actually got this objective without even
    knowing it was there, so it hopefully shouldn't be too bad.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: Execution is Everything                        |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Sabotage cannon - 2/2.                                           |
      |     Do not kill any guards.                                          |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Head southward to the next mission marker. At the start, run left towards the
    road and hide in the carriage being pulled by the horses (or the "cot" as
    our character calls it). Make sure NOT to kill any guards here for a {100%
    SYNC} objective. You also need to sabotage the cannons inside for another {100%
    SYNC} objective.
    Ignore the eavesdropping for now and look at the two green markers for the
    secondary objectives, the cannons. Be VERY careful not to alert any guards
    or you will fail the mission. Get out of the cot and run to the right around the
    building, being VERY careful not to trip the eavesdropping. Watch out for the
    single guard down the stairs.
    Your FISTS are your FRIENDS here. You can knock guards out by sneaking up behind
    them and pressing X to put them into a sleeper hold of some sort. So take out
    this guard down near the cannon, then sabotage the cannon by holding B. Make
    your way back up to the cot that you came in on, and knock out the guard that
    is waltzing about here.
    Still, be VERY careful not to trigger the eavesdropping yet. Now you want to
    head to the far eastern side (according to the map) of this area and head up to
    the second cannon. Head up the stairs (NOT the ladder on the building) and creep
    into the bushes to the left. There is a guard near the tents, so knock him out
    and walk up to the last guard who is above the cannon. Wait until he walks
    towards the cannon and looks out, then walk up the stairs and take him out too.
    Lastly, disable the second cannon.
    Now, all of the guards should be knocked out except for the ones covering the
    perimeter exits as well as the two you need to eavesdrop on. So now we can
    easily follow behind the two, walking slowly and steadily and listening to
    their conversation. When they're done, head over near the second cannon that
    we went to and grab the map from the tent. You are now free to exit, but
    ensure that you do not trigger any guards.
    Go back and speak to our good native friend.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: The Braddock Expedition                        |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Kill militia without triggering open conflict - 2/2.             |
      |     Destroy powder carts - 3/3.                                      |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Head over to the mission marker far up the way. You will ride along on horses
    and not have to control anything for the time being. When you are done, interact
    with the natives and watch yet more cutscenes. Now at this encampment we need
    to take out two guards without alerting anyone for a {100% SYNC} objective.
    To do so, head straight forward towards the green leaves on the ground. Hide
    in the brush and move forward and to the right. You should see a guard standing
    alone right at the end of the brush. Assassinate him from the leaves and you
    will likely trigger at least one guard who thinks he sees you. If you do,
    stay in the brush (so long as he is just "investigating") and wait from him to
    come to you, then take him out. If you don't trigger anyone, then move to
    another hiding spot and whistle to get attention. So long as you take two people
    out while hidden (even if the others pretty much witness you take out the second
    one), you should get the objective.
    Now you are free to reign death upon the camp however you see fit. Use your
    allies to your advantage as well. A scene will commence and you take disguise up
    yet again. Ride down past all of the soldiers upon to Braddock and watch yet
    another scene. Really, this game is cutscene-happy, and it's pretty bad on top
    of the fact that nothing really opens up until so much later in the story (see
    my [NOTE 3] at the beginning of the guide).
    Next comes a somewhat annoying objective for {100% SYNC}. You need to chase
    Braddock but also destroy three (3) powder carts. Right when to take the first
    turn you should see a powder cart highlighted in white. Get somewhat close to
    it and press Y and you should hopefully shoot it. Follow Braddock's path to the
    left and as you come about, you should see another cart just ahead on the path.
    Take note, IMPORTANTLY, that should you press anything other than holding RT to
    move faster and Y to shoot, then you may stop reloading your gun automatically
    after a shot. You need that reload quickly since the first two carts are so
    close together.
    Anyway, the third cart is not too far ahead, but it is farther apart than the
    other two were. It is just on your left as you go over a little hump in the
    road. You almost have no notice as it is immediately there and you almost ride
    right by it, so look out. Further, be careful not to move to far to the left
    or your horse may somewhat glitchily get stuck on the cart and you will lose
    Braddock. You may need to redo this part a few times because it took me a few
    times to keep up my speed AND get the powder kegs in one go.
    After the third cart, feel free to tap A to spur your horse faster. You only
    have a little more to go before a tree falls in your path. After the scene,
    hold RT and run forward to close the gap between you and Braddock. Press up on
    the D-Pad to select the Hidden Blade while you run, and when close enough,
    tap X to take Braddock out.
    When the mission is over, enter the Tavern, and after the cutscenes are over
    you will unlock {HOW D'YA LIKE THEM APPLES}.
    | Sequence 4                                                       03.04 |
    Well, we are out in the present again, it seems. You can wander about for a
    bit after the rather terrible cutscene (really, Desmond's father is much more
    of an asshole than I expected) and check your email should you wish. After all,
    the Animus has probably only been bugging you about new emails forever.
    Talk to Shaun and Rebecca, and even Desmond's father again if you're bold, then
    head on back to the Animus to continue our journey.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: Hide and Seek                                  |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Find all the children without making a mistake.                  |
      |     Find all the children within the given time - 4:00.              |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    While the Animus loads, you may run about as the native woman, until the new
    memory sequence begins and we finally become the rightful character of the
    game: Connor! If you take a look at your map, you will notice that viewpoints
    are available (meaning we can actually navigate the trees unlike somebody
    else we knew!).
    Follow the other children towards the forest. Funnily enough, you should get
    yet another Animus email update here. We haven't even been in the Animus for
    another minute and already more emails! I swear!
    Keep an eye at the top right as you run to see a bunch of updates both for the
    Animus Database as well as things like "special maps" becoming available for
    purchase. These maps are for the collectibles in the game and they will place
    icons on your map where each collectible is to be found. See Section 13.00.
    When you reach the end of the path, the kids will play hide and seek. Of course,
    we are "it" so we need to find the others. Analyze the clue after the scene
    and two {100% SYNC} objectives appear: find the children without making any
    mistakes, and find them within 4:00 minutes.
    But it is all really not that hard. Just move up the hill and look for the
    magnifying glass symbols. Analyze more clues and your areas of exploration (the
    green circles) will shrink on the minimap. After enough clues, a circle will
    shrink just to a green marker, letting you know exactly where a child is hiding.
    Just do not interact with anything like the thickets of leaves and branches and
    you should never make a mistake.
    After you find them all, now YOU must hide. It does not matter where you choose
    for a cutscene occurs with familiar characters. A rather terrible turnaround
    to witness, all in all. Afterwards, run hazily back to the village. Inside,
    rush towards the marker but ensure to go a little around the buildings as you
    have to run THROUGH a building to reach your goal.
    Inside, you will have to repeatedly tap B to move the debris in your way,
    although it seems perfectly sensible to me that you have a large gap to just
    run underneath it! Anyway, run on and out of the other side of the building.
    Move to the left and you will see that the marked door is blocked. Turn to the
    right from the door and run around the rocks to your left, where you should
    find a path around. When you do, run through the rather obvious opening in
    the building that is created for you.
    Inside this building, run to the debris and repeatedly tap B to try to move
    this mess again. Another cutscene kicks in and we have yet another gigantic
    leap in time for the story.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: Feathers and Trees                             |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Find more feathers - 3/3.                                        |
      |     Do not touch the ground or water.                                |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Of course, they must bring back the feathers as collectibles. For Ezio, it
    made sense in the first game, and even in the second. Then it just got somewhat
    annoying in the third. I figured they would be done with, even if some native
    tribes do use feathers for certain purposes or meanings, but I guess the
    designers decided to make them collectibles again for that reason.
    After talking to your friend, turn around and climb up in the tree. Even if you
    are used to freerunning in all of the AC games, freerunning in the Frontier is
    mighty different and takes some getting used to. Take things slowly if need
    be and make sure you know where you are jumping to. As the tutorial tells you
    as well, if you find yourself is a V-shaped part of a tree, try pressing A
    to see if you will climb vertically upwards into the tree.
    Another cutscene occurs after you move forward some. Now you need to make it
    to the eagle's nest without touching the ground for a {100% SYNC} objective.
    This will really require some patience. Be careful with the direction in which
    you are trying to move, as even to this day I find that AC is very glitchy with
    its movements. You'd think they would have this down by now, but things still
    seem to throw you about sometimes, and their removal of the RT + A combo to
    sprint/jump is still a pain, as I complained about earlier.
    Anyway, one other thing to notice is that if you are on the branch of a tree,
    the base of the tree is in front of you, and you can see a branch that is
    FOR SURE connected to the other side of the tree, then you can usually hold RT
    when facing the base of the tree and Connor will jump around to the other side.
    When you get closer to the river, you will notice some stones jutting up from
    the ground, and it looks almost impossible to continue without landing on them.
    Do not worry, for landing on them does not disqualify the objective. They are
    not considering "ground" so you can land and keep going. Just be careful not
    to fall or jump off of them onto the actual ground. Be careful with the river as
    well, for falling into the water equally will disqualify the objective.
    After you get about halfway across the river, your friend will scream for you
    not to leave him and he will fall into the river. Carefully turn around and walk
    down the log and press B to interact with him. You still cannot touch the ground
    or the water. After the small scene, again be VERY careful for the game seems
    to place you precariously floating above the log. Connor almost fell straight
    into the river before I even pressed a direction.
    When you get further through the trees, another small scene picks up, then you
    must climb upwards. Jump further on until you are on a long log that connects
    with a stone part of a mountainous area. Be careful leaping from here as again
    Connor almost dove to the ground in a glitchy manner. Afterwards, climb to the
    right, shimmy around the cliff edge, climb up further, and then run along the
    tree to the nest.
    Provided that you have done ALL of the above without touching the ground or
    the water, then you will finally obtain the objective. But now another one
    shows up for {100% SYNC}: obtain three (3) more feathers. This objective is
    rather simple in comparison. You should see two feathers on your minimap right
    nearby. Head towards the one that is further east. You should see a somewhat
    "spiky" tree which will let you climb up to the feather. From this feather,
    move down the branch and you will be able to jump through other trees to reach
    the other feather.
    Now with two feathers down, the next one is slightly towards the northwest. Go
    walking towards your friend (the green marker) but keep towards the mountain.
    Up above you should be another feather glimmering the branch of another "spiky"
    tree, so simply climb it, grab the feather, and go meet your friend.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: Hunting Lessons                                |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Hunt more than one type of animal - 3/3.                         |
      |     Combine bait and a snare to catch an animal.                     |
      |     Air assassinate animals - 2/2.                                   |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Time to teach some hunting. Simply run up the path towards the marker for now
    and you will see a hare/rabbit sitting there, looking cute. Now hold LT and aim
    at it, then press Y to shoot an arrow through the poor thing. Connor apparently
    wants to skin it, so walk up and press B while standing above its body.
    Now you need to set a trap. Head over to the green circle and look towards the
    trees to find some yellow flowers. Examine it then follow the on-screen command
    to select the Snare from your tools and place it down. Afterwards, run over to
    the bigger green circle and look for a green bushel with red berries in it.
    Examine it to find a deer. Now move to the left towards the bushels of grass.
    Creep up slowly towards the deer until you are almost at the edge of your
    hiding place. Select the Bait from your menu and toss it out. When the deer
    comes to you, take it out from the bushes and then skin it. You will learn that
    killing animals by hand will preserve the body and make it more valuable than
    using easier weapons like the Bow.
    Now return to your traps and skin the rabbits. Then the "fun" begins with
    a bunch of {100% SYNC} objectives: hunt three (3) different types of animals;
    perform two (2) air assassinations on animals; and combine Bait and Snares to
    catch an animal. Take IMPORTANT notice that you also need to skin five (5)
    animals to continue the storyline, so make sure that you complete the objectives
    BEFORE skinning five creatures, otherwise you automatically fail them and you
    will have to restart the mission as the checkpoint will be gone.
    The first, and probably most annoying, thing to do is the Bait and Snare. Walk
    around looking for a clue, the magnifying glasses, and examine them. Unless the
    clue is something weird, it is usually safe to set a Snare there, take a step
    back and throw Bait on top of the Snare. Run back some but keep the trap in
    view. You should hopefully see some animals come and one will step into it.
    Take note that you MUST skin the animal in the trap for the objective to finish.
    If it doesn't work, run somewhere else and try another clue. Besides that, all
    you really need to do is climb trees and look about. If you see anything near
    you, just leap out at it. If not, try throwing some Bait near a tree and then
    climb it for easier access. After the air assassinations are done, you can do
    whatever you wish for the other kills. The Bow is likely the easiest thing if
    you wish to get it over with. Just make sure to get three different animal
    The most common animals around are Deer, Foxes, and Rabbits. The rabbits will
    usually get scared off though, so be on the lookout for any clues related to
    them. You will almost certainly wish to shoot them with a Bow. I'm not sure that
    you can ever sneak up on them.
    Return to your friend to find a bear! Get ready for quick-time events (QTEs).
    Press the buttons that show up as soon as you can to evade the bear. After
    Connor dodges it, you need to haul yourself out of there. I recommend climbing
    the nearby cliff. Run as fast as you can to get outside of the red circle. After
    you do, it is "safe" to return to the village.
    By safe I really mean that it isn't safe at all. You can run into the bear (or
    a bear) again on your short way back. I did so. However, after your first
    encounter, if you run into a bear again, then successfully performing the QTE
    will kill it and allow you to skin it.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 4: Something to Remember                          |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Avoid mid-air collisions - 0/2.                                  |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Head to the mission marker inside the village. In the scenes, you will see a
    familiar object. After the scene, you will be... well, flying. Quickly get used
    to the controls: they are usual flying controls, with inverted up and down, so
    if you want to go lower, press Up, or higher, press Down.
    You need to dodge all of the objects in your path, as the game only allows
    for two (2) collisions for the {100% SYNC} objective. Any more and you must
    restart. It really isn't THAT bad, as I completed the objective on my first
    try, though I hit one object towards the end. The worst parts are the trees
    shortly after the beginning because they are so close, then the weird part
    inside of the mountain at the end is tricky because of close quarters and a
    somewhat inability to distinguish what is just darkness and what is actually
    an obstacle to avoid.
    After this weird section and another cutscene, you will receive {HEROES ARE
    BORN} and begin Sequence 5.
    | Sequence 5                                                       03.05 |
    Well, here we are, on our lonesome out in the wilderness. Run forward and climb
    left around the mountain. Through some mist you should finally make your way
    out to the ground below and back into the general area of the Frontier.
    Welcome to Assassin's Creed III! Oh, I said that already? Yeah, well, now this
    time I really mean it. Now that the somewhat bizarre backstory (in terms of
    Sequences 1-3) is done and our character is "grown" (from Sequence 4), we can
    finally do things!
    It took a while, but the world is actually available now. Side missions are
    going to start opening up; collectibles will start being, well, collectible;
    and all of that good stuff. However, although more things are indeed available
    to you right now, I would actually suggest that you continue with the story
    for just a teensy bit longer.
    Take note that you should automatically receive {BY INVITATION ONLY} at this
    point, which requires you to be invited to one of the game's four clubs. That
    club would be the Hunting Society, for it requires you to skin a single animal
    to be invited, of which you've already done numerous times.
    Now make your way to the mission marker in the northeast, or should you really
    wish to, you can Fast Travel to it. It will take you to the Davenport Homestead.
    The Homestead is your main base of operations in the game now. More will be
    explained shortly, but for now, dive off of the cliff into the hay and make
    your way to the mission marker.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: A Boorish Man                                  |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Limit health loss - 50%.                                         |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    It seems like it is time to rest with the weather. Run to the stables and set
    up "camp" there. The next day, go to the house again. It seems time to break
    into it, I suppose, so head to the back door. After a rude exchange, scale the
    home and try the door on the balcony. More demoralizing conversation! Then,
    even though it has been only 5 minutes, go take shelter in the stable again
    and wait until nightfall.
    Now you need to defeat the intruders. Just like any other battle, parry and
    counterattack. But watch out for the sheer number of enemies. You need to keep
    your health above 50% for a {100% SYNC} objective. After the cutscene, head up
    and into the home. Another scene later, following Achilles down to his basement.
    Another big time leap (it seems like they are doing more leaps in each new AC
    game) and you are in the basement still. Head upstairs and go outside. The next
    mission marker is just nearby.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: A Trip to Boston                               |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Escape within the given time - 1:20.                             |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Now we are back in Boston! After the scene, follow Achilles for another one,
    then be off to the store. After the scene, head out and follow Achilles to the
    big crowd. You will see a suspicious man after the scene.
    Follow the man through the alleyway, blending in with the crowds of people. Once
    he goes around two corners, watch him go up a ladder and follow him up. When he
    gets over to the edge of the roof, you will see a timer show up. Assassinate him
    before anything happens.
    Watch the scene and then it's time to get out of there! Turn north and run as
    fast as you can across the rooftops towards the docks. You have a short time
    limit of 1:20 to get out of here for {100% SYNC}. The sooner you get out of the
    red circle, the better. Heading to the water is great as once you start swimming
    out, the guards do not tend to follow you. Take notice that you do NOT really
    have to leave the yellow circle, as they may stop looking for you beforehand.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: Boston's Most Wanted                           |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Do not raise your Notoriety to Level 3.                          |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Beware that you are now at Notoriety Level 3 and that when guards see you, they
    will immediately try to attack you and you will have to flee much like you did
    at the end of the previous memory.
    Make your way to the mission marker and you will get an introduction to the
    Notoriety system and be tasked with ripping down Wanted posters. If you are
    detected, killing enough guards that chase you may clear your detection (but NOT
    your Notoriety as a whole).
    After the posters, now you must make your way to the Underground. An optional
    objective for {100% SYNC} is here: do not raise you Notoriety back to Level 3,
    which means to avoid the guards as best as you can. Make your way to the green
    marker and you will enter the Underground.
    You may or may not have already been through the Underground, but see the guide
    Section 12.00 for general information on it.
    From where you start head to the right, lighting torches on the way. When you
    reach your first fork, go left instead of straight. You will reach another fork
    in a bigger room. Head left, then at the next fork, right. Follow along to yet
    another cutscene. Pick the lock and you will finish.
    When outside, head over to the green marker. Beware of the guards standing by
    the door. You can actually stand on top of the doorway and press B to interact
    should you not wish to fight the guards. Even if you do so, however, the guards
    will trigger after the cutscene.
    Your new friend Sam will tell you of the ways to lose Notoriety: remove Wanted
    posters; bribe town criers; bribe/talk to printers. Keep those in mind as the
    Notoriety system will now be a common thing. I was back up to Notoriety Level 2
    just after the cutscene finished.
    After you talked to Sam and all of this madness is over, you should be at the
    docks. Look to the anchor icon on your minimap right nearby. Talk to the guy
    at the stand, the Harbormaster, and you'll see the Fast Travel options via
    the sea. Travel back to the Davenport Homestead.
    When you arrive, either run around the land or swim across and climb the cliff
    in order to reach the house. Talk to Achilles once inside.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 4: River Rescue                                   |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Do not touch the water while rescuing Terry.                     |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    After the cutscene, go talk to the man who comes out. Follow him down to the
    river and it is time to save someone again! You need to avoid the water for
    a {100% SYNC} objective. For the most part, this section is a really scripted
    chase and not that hard to follow. Jump straight ahead to the rocks and follow
    along until you wind up back on the side of the river you started on. You will
    run along the riverbank for a bit, then you climb a tree across for a second
    time. Keep running forward (you almost never want to turn in any direction
    as they usually lead to dead ends) and just keep above water.
    Be quick and you will reach a tree with four branches jutting out. The game
    will tell you to aim in a direction and press RT + A to dive in. Make sure that
    you went quick enough so that the man is floating near you, then dive off of
    the last branch. The cutscene should kick in and the optional objective should
    be fine. If for some reason it glitches and fails the objective, which it did
    for me the first time, just restart the memory and try to be faster.
    Cutscenes later, the Homestead will truly become available. Characters will now
    show up on your map as being part of your Homestead (Catherine, Terry, Diana,
    and Godfrey right now) and Homestead Missions will unlock as the game will show
    you a group of people not too far off who need help.
    See Section 08.00 for information on the Homestead missions. There is one more
    storyline memory for Sequence 5 and I suggest you do it now. Then, once you are
    in Sequence 6, I believe that side-questing should become your priority.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 5: The Hard Way                                   |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Do not take any damage.                                          |
      |     Successfully brace when attacked - 3/3.                          |
      |     Use the swivel guns to destroy ships - 2/2.                      |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    You can Fast Travel to the Harbormaster icon at the northeast to get closer to
    the mission marker. You will see a rather intriguing fellow down by the water,
    but for now, just approach Achilles.
    Watch the cutscene and make your way back to the house yet again. The tutorial
    here will teach you about the Homestead, your resources to be purchased, the
    selling of resources to Convoys, and many other essential things.
    Your first deed is to sell oak to a merchant--be sure to look at everything so
    you understand the process, ESPECIALLY Travel Time, Risk, and Tax, which will
    influence your final Profit.
    After the tutorial, time flies by yet again! When you are left to your own
    devices after the scene, head back over towards the ship and talk to the sailor
    Robert Faulkner, then choose the mission marker on the Atlantic Ocean map.
    Here we have yet ANOTHER tutorial even though we have been playing for quite
    some time. It is time to learn Naval Missions! Take the wheel of the ship and
    you will see that for {100% SYNC} you cannot take any damage... Hooray! Get
    prepared to learn the controls.
    Setting "Half Sail" just means to move at a normal pace, whereas "Full Sail"
    is much faster. As is usual with speed, the faster mode is also more open to
    being pushed about into things by wind. Observe your minimap and see which way
    the green highlighted portion is flowing. The wind goes from the thicker side
    to the thinner side of the highlighting. You will get some harsh winds blowing
    towards the east shortly, so pay attention.
    Make sure you steer as well or else you will be doomed to hit something. The
    path is mostly linear until the end where you take a sharp curved left turn to
    get to the dock. Remember to press B constantly to stop the ship at the dock!
    Watch even more cutscenes and you will be back on the ship. You will now learn
    how to blast the cannons by simply facing towards the side of the ship and
    pressing (or holding and releasing) RT. After doing so twice, now hold LT to use
    the swivel guns. The target moves on its own so you need to wait until it goes
    inside of the circle and changes to red, then release LT.
    Now make your way back to the Homestead by sailing like you have been doing this
    whole time. You will be attacked by three ships and get two objectives to show
    up for {100% SYNC}: brace three (3) times and take out two (2) ships with the
    swivel guns.
    To successfully brace, watch the ships as they come near you. You should see
    the water around them turning red in various directions. This red water is
    like a target indicator. When you are "in" the red water and it is pointed at
    you, then the boat plans to shoot at you. The game is a little glitchy on
    recognizing you doing so, but when you are in the attack window of one of the
    ships, press X and Connor should yell "Brace!" causing everyone to prepare for
    impact. Try doing this action a good number of times over and over, as the game
    was really bad at detecting when I did it. You shouldn't take too much damage
    from the ships, even if it takes you a little time to get the three calls.
    As for the swivel guns, do just like the tutorial. Get near one of the ships
    and ensure that it is to one of your sides. Face the camera to that side and
    hold LT. Wait until the target is red and release LT. You should destroy the
    small ships with one shot.
    After the first three ships are gone, a huge frigate comes in. This ship will
    take a little more damage but it should not be difficult overall. Charge up the
    cannons if you wish (holding and releasing RT) but make sure you completed
    the optional objectives first. Further note that using "Half Sail" instead of
    "Full Sail" will allow you to turn much faster as the frigate tends to get
    out of range rather quickly.
    You should obtain the {THE DAY THE TEMPLARS CRIED} achievement after some more
    cutscenes, and you should finally have your Assassin's gear!
    | Present Day: Manhattan                                           03.06 |
    Well, funnily enough, we are back in the present! For one reason or another,
    you will be playing as Desmond after a few scenes roll by. The path, like a lot
    of the Desmond sections before, is mostly linear. Run forward and up the ladder
    and just continue jumping along the pipes and swinging through holes in the
    walling. Eventually you will swing through a warehouse-looking area and slide
    underneath a garage door.
    Now you are outside, so you better not fall! The path is still no more difficult
    and you must just swing along some construction materials outside of the big
    old skyscraper. When you get up to an open area, head over to the right under
    this giant circular wooden objective (it looks like a gigantic spool of thread,
    without any thread!). Continue along and you will reach a dead end. Turn to your
    left and look at the pylon crates stacked up high. Climb these to continue on.
    Just shortly after this you will reach what seems to be a dead end again. There
    will be a light just above you. Look to the left at the slanted grating that is
    lying there. You can climb up this grating and jump across more gaps. The path
    is linear to the top. You now have to climb a weird yellow and white tubing
    machine, so make sure you are coming at it head-on or Desmond will glitchily
    jump to the sides.
    Once across, jump to the crane and make it to the top. A small cutscene occurs
    and then you must base jump off of the crane! Listen for Rebecca to scream and
    press ANY button to trigger your parachute. Steer Desmond to the helipad.
    Watch the cutscene and you will receive the {CRISS CROSS} achievement!
    | Sequence 6                                                       03.07 |
    Back in the hideout, you can talk to everyone again, check your email, and you
    can even use the source that you just obtained. But the source really does
    nothing for now, so talk to everyone if you wish and then return to Connor.
    =====IMPORTANT NOTES=====
    Now that you are back in the Animus in Sequence 6, I would highly suggest you
    start to derail the story. At this moment in time, a lot of things are finally
    unlocked. The collectibles were all unlocked since Sequence 5 (except for New
    York's) and some side missions like the Courier missions and such, as well as
    the Clubs were available too.
    But NOW most importantly, the Homestead is "fully" operational and the Aquila is
    ready for you to do whatever you need to do. I highly suggest you look into
    the Homestead and its mechanics (Section 01.04) and start setting up Convoy
    missions, collecting animal pelts and resources, recruiting people to do work
    for you, and so on and so forth.
    You will likely make the most money out of the Convoy missions and seeing as
    they are timed, they will tick by as you are doing side missions like collecting
    the Treasure Chests or Peg Leg Trinkets. So start doing anything that you wish
    to do, but I highly suggest side questing now.
    See Sections 05.00 through 13.00 for various things to do. Take note that all
    of the side quests are STILL not available, but now is probably the best time
    to START doing them.
    Take note that once back at the Davenport Homestead, in the Assassin's basement
    you can find an armory where the empty room used to be. Be sure to check back
    for weapons and such. Further, look for the main foyer on the first floor and
    check the accounting book/the Ledger so that you can check your Stockpile,
    Crafting, and Trading. See 01.04 for the Game Mechanics of the Homestead.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: On Johnson's Trail                             |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Stay below Notoriety Level 2.                                    |
      |     Limit firearm use - 0/6.                                         |
      |     Use powder kegs to destroy smuggled cargo - 3/3.                 |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    After the scene, follow Sam down the road. After another scene, fight the guards
    and you will be at Notoriety Level 1. Go bribe a town crier should you wish, as
    you need to stay at Notoriety Level 1 or Incognito for a {100% SYNC} goal.
    After you reach the tavern, watch yet another scene and then leave the bar. Now
    make your way to the docks. You have two more objectives for {100% SYNC}. You
    cannot shoot firearms 6 or more times, hence you must limit that. Also, you must
    destroy the three cargo crates using powder kegs. To do so, find kegs nearby and
    drop them next to the cargo. Target the kegs with LT and fire your Pistol at
    them. Make sure not to miss so that you limit your shots fired.
    Then you need to follow the mission markers to complete a few liberation tasks,
    like taking out tax collectors or destroying smuggled cargo. Do a few of them
    and you will be done with the mission.
    Take note that now Liberation side quests will start popping up, so see the
    guide Section 09.00 for more information.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: The Angry Chef                                 |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Limit time spent in open conflict - 0:15.                        |
      |     Limit Chapheau's health loss - 33%.                              |
      |     Perform low profile assassinations - 5/5.                        |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    The optional {100% SYNC} objectives are rather tough for this mission. You are
    to walk with Stephane through the streets as he goes into rage on various guards
    that are about. The objectives you need are to limit the time spent in combat
    to 0:15 seconds, which means that you REALLY need to kill guards as fast as
    possible; limit Stephane's health loss to only 33% of his health; and to perform
    five (5) low profile assassinations. Take note that combat time only applies to
    each INDIVIDUAL fight, and not all of the fights together; the timer resets
    each time a new conflict starts.
    Basically, the best thing to do is to keep ahead of Stephane, sneak up and kill
    soldiers without them detecting you (hence getting the assassinations). Doing
    so will also kill the guards before combat starts, hence limiting your battle
    time. Just do your best to watch out for what's ahead. If you really need to,
    use your firearms if you are running out of combat time.
    When you reach the end of the trail, the game will introduce you to the system
    of Assassin Recruits. As in previous games, you can recruit Assassins after
    doing certain missions. These missions are the Liberation Missions, so see
    the guide Section 09.00 for more info.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: The Tea Party                                  |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Dump crates of tea in the water - 10/10.                         |
      |     Throw redcoats in the water - 3/3.                               |
      |     Perform musket air assassinations - 1/1.                         |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    At the mission's beginning, simply dispatch the fifteen guards that the game
    tells to you take out. A scene will play, then there are three optional {100%
    SYNC} objectives: dump ten (10) crates of tea into the water; throw three (3)
    redcoats in the water; perform an air assassination with a musket.
    Immediately run about throwing the tea, for you can throw all ten before much
    really happens, if you are quick. Then now you want to look for soldiers out on
    the dock or at the edge of the two ships. Counter their attacks, then during
    the slow-mo press the L-Stick towards the water and press B to throw them in.
    Also, make sure to pick up a musket, then get onto one of the ships, climb onto
    the side railings, then target a soldier on the dock (or on the platform leading
    up to the ship) and assassinate them from above.
    You will have plenty of time to do these things, as the enemies come forever
    until enough tea has been tossed. Watch the counter at the top left to see how
    much time you have left. Also, keep a watch on your two partners' health bars
    for they will need help throughout the fight. I actually lost the fight because
    one of the allies died.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 4: Hostile Negotiations                           |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Limit Native American casualties - 0/1.                          |
      |     Reach Johnson undetected.                                        |
      |     Perform a swan dive to escape.                                   |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    This memory starts back at the Homestead and then in the Frontier. Firstly you
    must reach the meeting place undetected for a {100% SYNC} objective. Make your
    way out towards the water until you encounter the red danger zone. Look to the
    southeast slightly and you should see this giant crevice in the cliffside. While
    it is somewhat awkward to climb as you have to move back and forth as well as
    hop over some broken trees, I find it the safest way to get up. There is only
    one guard at the bottom who goes back and forth, then one more guard at the top
    when you are almost there.
    Once up top, make your way to the green marker while hiding in shrubbery to keep
    the guards from seeing you. You might, if you're risky, want to take some guards
    out from these places for the Thief's Club challenge. In any case, you should
    notice a rather large broken tree in your path to make it further up the cliff.
    Creep up to the edge overlooking the house and a scene will play.
    After the scene, MOVE FAST. You still need to remain undetected and you also
    need to ensure that no Native Americans are killed for a {100% SYNC} objective.
    To do so, look towards the house and run around the back of it, then climb up
    and perform an air assassination on your number one target.
    After the next scene, look at the front door of the house, then turn 180 degrees
    and run straight away from it. When you reach a little pile of leaves and brush,
    dive into it. Then keep running the way you were heading, except turn slightly
    to the left where you see a log sitting some rocks with birds at the end of it.
    You will need to run up this log and dive off into the water below for a {100%
    SYNC} objective, and then swim forward to lose your pursuers.
    You will unlock {TEA IS FOR ENGLISHMEN} with the Sequence's end.
    | Sequence 7                                                       03.08 |
    There is nothing too new here really. You can return to the present and catch up
    on things should you wish, or just make your way back to Boston to continue.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: The Midnight Ride                              |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Do not trigger open conflict.                                    |
      |     Reach Prescott's location within the given time - 2:00.          |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Paul Revere is so annoying! Anyway, you need to avoid conflict for a {100% SYNC}
    objective here. Ride up to the green zone and follow Revere's advice. You need
    to keep tapping LB occasionally for him to tell you whether you are heading in
    the right direction or you need to turn somewhere. Keep in mind that there are
    soldiers walking about that you must avoid for that objective.
    Any time that you are near a house, there will be redcoats nearby who are ready
    to pounce on you. You must wait for them to leave or turn their backs, then
    find the house with the glowing white door. Use your Eagle Vision to find it.
    After three houses you will have to reach Prescott's within a time limit of 2:00
    for an optional objective. Ride immediately away from the soldiers; don't fight
    them. You'll need to cross the tiny stream and then head into the trees. If you
    need to get off of your horse, feel free to do so. The guy's house is pretty
    much in the center of the green zone on your map.
    After another scene, ride over to the house via the green targets and you will
    be finished with this memory.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: Lexington and Concord                          |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Kill groups of regulars with a single order - 7/7.               |
      |     Rescue civilian hostages - 1/1.                                  |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    This mission is rather easy overall. From the beginning, you have 3:00 minutes
    to ride to the soldiers prepared to stand ground. Along the way, watch out for
    a {100% SYNC} objective to pop up. When you are in a little town, you'll need
    to stop and kill some British to free some civilians.
    Make your way to the soldiers and after some scenes you will have another {100%
    SYNC} objective pop up: kill seven (7) groups of soldiers with a single firing
    command. The point here is to ride back and forth on your horse between three
    groups of colonist soldiers. When you are near a group, a circle will form and
    you can press B to order them to fire. You need to watch the British on the
    other side of the river and see how close they are. If the British soldiers are
    still walking forward and they don't seem like they are going to stop soon, then
    wait some more.
    Once the British soldiers pretty much reach they stopping point and try to get
    into formation is when you want to press B. The colonists will fire and will
    hopefully take the whole British group out. I was able to do the objective on
    the first seven groups I fired upon, so it did not seem to be that bad, as I was
    almost certain that I was a little late on a couple groups.
    You will have to dispatch 130 soldiers through this manner, so do not worry too
    much about time, as you should have a good amount of it. However, do worry about
    the amount of colonists you have left, as it is basically a health bar at the
    top left. As time goes on, more and more British will rush in and you will even
    have two groups of British per each group of colonists at one point, so be ready
    to ride and fire as fast as you can. Take note that the colonists have to reload
    though, so it is better to ride through each of the three groups in a row and
    order each of them to fire than to wait for one group to reload.
    After the scene, go meet up with your contact and the mission is over.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: Conflict Looms                                 |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Cross Charlestown without taking damage.                         |
      |     Air assassinate a Grenadier.                                     |
      |     Remain undetected while on ships.                                |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    After more scenes, depart from the building. Make your way to the marker in
    the eastern Frontier, then follow the soldier to the battleground. Now when the
    mission actually starts, you have to make your way through without taking any
    damage for a {100% SYNC} objective.
    This objective is somewhat challenging but follow what I say and you should get
    through without a scratch. Start off by running forward towards the green marker
    and sliding down the hill. Keep running forward and hop over some fences. You'll
    notice the artillery dropping, but keep running and you should be fine. Just up
    ahead, as you follow the green marker, a red building will be crushed. Take a
    slight left from the rubble and run along the upper path that is alongside what
    is left of that very same building.
    Take a right when you come to a tree at the end of the building, then take a
    left when you reach an open street. Take almost an immediate right when you are
    on the open street as you do not want to run towards the British. You should see
    an alley where two colonist soldiers run out, so go in there. Run all the way
    down this alley and then take a left once it opens up to another roadway by
    the docks.
    Provided you have done everything correctly, you will have not been hit by any
    artillery so far and no British soldiers shall have tried to fight you. Up ahead
    you should see a couple British soldiers running from a dock. Carefully head to
    the same dock that they left from, and if you maneuver correctly, they should
    ignore you and instead fight some colonists nearby.
    At the end of the dock, simply dive into the water and swim towards the green
    marker above the boat. Before you have even swam twenty feet the objective will
    pop up as having been completed. Phew!
    Now you have two more objectives for {100% SYNC}: air assassinate a grenadier
    and remain undetected on the ships. These objectives are THE WORST in the game,
    at least up to this point, in my opinion. I spent over an hour just trying to do
    these objectives alone. Note that there is only ONE grenadier between the two
    ships, and he is on the ship to the East.
    Head to the backside (furthest East) of the ship and climb up near the cannons
    that are not being used. Do NOT climb onto the ship. Instead, hang onto the edge
    of the ship and look around at the soldiers. You're going to want to maneuver
    your way around and pull soldiers into the water as they come near you, but make
    sure the other soldiers don't see.
    Really it is up to the game here and whether it wants the mechanics to work. I
    can't tell you how many times Connor climbed up onto the boat while I was
    directing him to climb down, or how many times he moved stupidly while I was
    trying to climb the netting quickly. One time I was climbing the netting and was
    holding RT, then pressed the direction sides for him to climb onto one of the
    longer branches of the mast and he simply jumped down onto some crates and got
    detected. Even worse is when the enemy partially detects you, then their marker
    goes grey meaning that they don't know where you are--except here, they do. I've
    had the soldiers notice me, walk over to the side of the ship, then as I moved
    along the sides of the ship they would turn and face where I was (although they
    couldn't actually see me). They wouldn't stop doing so until I dropped down into
    the water and stayed there for a while.
    A side note is that I did find, oddly enough, the Bow as well as Poison Darts
    to come in handy here. If you can maneuver yourself onto the ship's edge and
    be quick about it, shooting a soldier with these silent weapons is nice. Even
    better is if you can climb up to the mast early on and take most of them out
    one by one. Just remember to leave the grenadier.
    The grenadier is the heavy-weapons soldier who has the large black hat and grey
    backpack. He also has a green kilt if you needed any more identification! On the
    eastern ship, pull every soldier into the water until the grenadier is alone.
    Then climb up some of the netting onto a mast and air assassinate the grenadier.
    Remember to detonate the ship and then move over to the other one, doing it all
    over again. Good luck with this pain in the ass! If you are careful, you can
    destroy the second ship without even killing all of the guards.
    After they're blown, go plant the flag and you are finally done with this awful
    mission. This mission shows where Assassin's Creed's stealth is, well, more than
    just subpar. And the controls don't make anything shine either.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 4: Battle of Bunker Hill                          |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected.                 |
      |     Cross the battlefield without taking damage.                     |
      |     Limit regular kills - 0/4.                                       |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    After the previous mission, immediately follow the other soldier on horseback
    and then listen to Putnam's speech. A cutscene later and we are on our way. You
    have to cross the battlefield without taking damage, AGAIN, for a {100% SYNC}
    objective here.
    Make your way to the closest green marker and hide behind the barrier. There is
    no specific pattern that I found here, so what you will want to do is run to the
    closest barrier to see that is further down the hill. They are usually just rock
    formations jutting from the ground and they occasionally have soldiers behind
    them. You will want to watch around you and see when the enemy strikes with
    cannon fire, etc., and you will want to run out after they have done so.
    When you make your way down to the final green marker you will find some rocks
    leading up into a tree. Make your way through the trees above the soldiers and
    climb the cliffside at the end. Up here you have two new {100% SYNC} objectives:
    you must assassinate Pitcairn from the air without being detected, and you must
    kill less than four (4) regular soldiers along the way.
    Make your way through the green bushes towards the East. You will reach an end
    with a guard walking about. Wait for him to turn away and look ahead of you to
    the left. There should be more green bushes next to a tent so steal over there.
    Follow these bushes behind the tents and climb into the hay cart to your
    southwest now. Look towards the East and you will see some tents with an officer
    patrolling by himself. Make your way behind these tents and around to the South
    again and you will see a tree stump leading to a tree.
    Climb the stump, then the tree, then jump across to another tree. Lastly, you
    can jump onto the flagpole nearby. Once sitting on the flagpole, jump down and
    assassinate Pitcairn. You should have no regular casualties.
    You receive {THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES} for Sequence 7!
    | Sequence 8                                                       03.09 |
    After a few scenes, more side quests open up as well as the storyline taking you
    to the city of New York! Head to the southeastern area of the Frontier to leave.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: Something on the Side                          |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Do not tackle or shove anyone.                                   |
      |     Perform a successful static eavesdrop.                           |
      |     Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop.                           |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Once in New York, hop on the horse and follow the man. You can open your map up
    if you wish, though nothing is discovered yet. However, if you, like me, had
    already bought all of the collectible maps by now, you may be overwhelmed to see
    what all is here.
    After the scene, tail the counterfeiter by taking to the rooftops via the ramp
    leading up on your right. Get up onto the actual roofs for he will turn around
    occasionally and may see you. Be careful as after a bit he will walk down an
    alley then return the way he came, and some guards nearly caught me on the roofs
    here. Just hide behind some chimney and you should be fine.
    Take note that you must follow this guy for a good, long while. Don't worry if
    he stops and you think you are supposed to jump down to him. Eventually he meets
    with a group and you must eavesdrop. A {100% SYNC} objective comes up to perform
    a successful static eavesdrop. There are barrels on a platform nearby that are
    easy to hide behind (and I accidentally got caught and the game reloaded to me
    being here). After that, keep following the guy yet again!
    This tail is too long and too easy that it starts to feel like a painful waste
    of time, really. Eventually he meets up with another guy and you must perform
    a mobile eavesdrop for another {100% SYNC} objective. Drop down to the alley
    really quickly and follow the two. Make sure to hide in groups of people along
    the alley, and only move where there can see you IF you are about to lose the
    eavesdropping circle. Keep behind parts of buildings where they cannot see you
    as they move along as well. Do NOT try to go above them as you will lose the
    signal and therefore fail the objective.
    Eventually a cutscene will kick in and you will have to chase Hickey with a
    rather tough {100% SYNC} objective: you cannot shove or tackle anyone during
    the chase. Hickey drops money which causes people to run into your path, so
    do your best to swerve around the sides. Reload your checkpoint over and over
    until you get this part done, is all I can really say. It is to an extent random
    luck. I actually avoided every single person each of the three times that I had
    to try this part, but the first two times guards got into my path and stabbed
    me until Hickey got away. The third try I actually did really well and caught
    Hickey before he even crossed through the dock/market area right at the start.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: Bridewell Prison                               |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Limit prison guard deaths - 0/2.                                 |
      |     Reach Hickey within the given time - 2:00.                       |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    After more cutscenes and Connor takes forever to get up, eavesdrop at the circle
    coming through the wall, then interact with the bed. When you get up again, you
    have a {100% SYNC} objective limit guard deaths to less than two (2) meaning,
    well, only one can die at maximum. Follow the guard downstairs and then use
    Eagle Vision to find the golden prisoner. Talk to and play the game with him,
    then find the next prisoner and pickpocket him. Take note that you cannot take
    the key unless you are blending in with other prisoners, for the guards will
    notice you and you will have to restart again. Return to your cell, then again
    return downstairs and talk to Weems (the guy who was playing the game) again.
    Go pick a fight and take out all of the other prisoners. When you get up into
    solitary confinement, pickpocket the warden when he stands at your cell door.
    Interact with the door for a little scene. Follow the warden around the corner
    and walk past him when he looks into the cell. Go up the stairs to find Weems.
    In here you have another {100% SYNC} objective to reach Hickey in 2:00, which
    is more than enough time. You cannot be detected here or you will restart, but
    again, VERY easy. Walk forward and let the climb up the stairs. Follow him up
    slowly and when he turns to the left, take a right and run all the way down to
    the other end. Climb the stairs here and literally RUN holding RT at the cell
    with the green marker. Press B when you are at the cell to interact with it
    and the guard shouldn't even be able to detect you.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: Public Execution                               |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Washington's bodyguards must survive.                            |
      |     Kill enemy militia - 2/2.                                        |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    After some scenes, simply walk forward where the game takes you, as you cannot
    do anything else. Notice all of the assassins showing up around you, however! As
    you reach the end, more scenes will play. Be prepared for a prompt and bash LB
    when you see it.
    You will be a weird somewhat slow-motion scene now. Run forward after Hickey
    and beware of two new {100% SYNC} objectives: you must kill two (2) enemy guards
    and you cannot allow Washington's bodyguards to die. Do your best not to bump
    into people and make sure to kill two guards with RUNNING assassinations so that
    you do not lose your speed or flow. Doing both objectives is a pain in the ass
    here as preventing Hickey from killing the guards is tough if you also kill two
    enemy guards. Ubisoft seemed to intentionally make this part annoying as half of
    the time the game wouldn't register a running assassination for me and other
    times I actually had Hickey kill two bodyguards at once (for he can actually
    kill ONE of the three without you losing the objective).
    You pretty much MUST pick up one of guards' gun and then target Hickey with LT
    and shoot him, otherwise you will lose both objectives.
    After more scenes you get {CAGED WOLF} as the Sequence is already over!
    | Present Day: Brazil                                              03.10 |
    Make your way upstairs until another scene picks up. Head over to the door with
    the green sign above it and head outside. Sneak up behind the two guards and
    take them out. You can quickly walk up behind the closest one and choke him out
    and then run and knock out the other. Make your way to the end of the walkway
    and back inside. Watch out for all of the guards in here as detection will make
    you have to restart.
    Head around the path (while blending in with people) until you see an Abstergo
    checkpoint. You will see an entrance to the bathrooms, so head in there. Go
    through the door at the end with the green sign. Head down the hallway and duck
    in to the right through another green sign door to avoid another checkpoint. Go
    through under the storage door and climb up through the alley.
    Once back inside, head up the stairs and then down the hallway. Move between
    groups of people as the single guard walks down the way. At the hallway's end,
    push your way past the guy standing in the doorway. Climb out onto the catwalk
    and make your way to the booth at the other corner of the stadium. Run out into
    the hallway and when you reach the destroyed room, a scene plays.
    Chase the attacker and, well, it's rather that simple. You need to avoid guards
    too but they didn't even move towards me while I ran and it took me less than
    15 seconds to jump onto the attacker. After the short scene, run ahead and into
    the doorway that the blue metro sign points to. Jump over the rail to the left
    and past all of the guards to the stairs leading to the metro. Jump past the
    guards at the bottom and around the corner through one of the ticket gates and
    another scene will play.
    You will unlock {DADDY DEAREST} for this mission.
    | Sequence 9                                                       03.11 |
    Back in the hideout, talk, check mail, do whatever. We're going to save the
    power source for later as there isn't a point to it now, so get back into the
    Animus when ready.
    I would suggest getting these missions done as soon as possible given that the
    snow makes the Frontier even more of a pain to travel through.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: Missing Supplies                               |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Catch the cart driver within the given time - 0:30.              |
      |     Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy.          |
      |     Kill camp guards without being detected - 3/3.                   |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Go speak to Washington who is in the western area of Valley Forge in the big
    old Frontier. NOTE that if you want to complete a challenge for the Frontiersmen
    club (which you will likely not have revealed yet) then talk to Washington after
    the scene and keep talking until he is done. You will want to come back as the
    storyline progresses and keep talking to him whenever you can until he only
    offers to play a game, as you must hear all of his conversations for a club
    Head to the church now (the green marker) for a rather... "silly" scene. Anyway,
    do your usual clue-searching. Analyze the crates nearby then follow into the
    green zone looking for tracks along the road, then follow up to the cart. After
    the scene, you have to be QUICK for a {100% SYNC} objective to catch the man
    within 0:30. It only took me 8 seconds to catch him but you need to make sure
    that you start running right away!
    After the scene, run over to the mark. Now you must eavesdrop but you cannot
    hide in the hay cart or else you fail a {100% SYNC} objective. To do so easily,
    hop up onto the rocks to the left of the cart and follow it through the trees.
    Be careful while moving through the trees as you may accidentally jump into
    the cart, however. Soon you will have to follow the men on foot and continue
    your eavesdropping, but another objective pops up for {100% SYNC}: you must kill
    three (3) guards without being detected while you follow them.
    If you didn't notice, you will automatically be in the hay cart already at this
    point in the mission, so just stay there until the guard comes by. Take him out
    from inside the cart for the first kill. Follow the men slowly and hide in the
    brush to your right. Move around the brush to a guard standing at the end of it.
    Take him out from the brush for the second kill.
    Continue following them and you will see a guard standing by some crates. You
    can actually walk up and lean against the crates, wait for the two men to move
    on (as they stop for a minute) and then take the man out for the third kill. Now
    you just need to move slowly ahead and a cutscene starts. When it ends, kill the
    men in front of you. More will come out, so take out the whole group to end the
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: Father and Son                                 |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Do not get detected while stealing the mercenary outfit.         |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Travel to New York through the Frontier. Note that you are welcome to explore
    the city in its "glory" if you wish. I would highly suggest you do things like
    get the collectibles, unlock the Underground, find the shops, perform the three
    Liberation sections of New York, etc. When ready, head to the southeastern area
    of East New York for the mission.
    Follow your target and continue doing so after the cutscene. After the second
    cutscene, you need to stay unnoticed for a {100% SYNC} objective. Make your way
    over to the red target whom you need to kill. Funnily enough, you can even kill
    the man in front of citizens (so long as he doesn't detect you himself) and you
    will still remain undetected. The next mission kicks in right away.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: The Foam and the Flames                        |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Limit the VIP's health loss - 50%.                               |
      |     Do not take any fire damage.                                     |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Follow your target, the VIP, forward into the room. After the scene, dispatch
    of all of the guards that come at you. You cannot let your VIP get down to 50%
    health or below or else you will fail a {100% SYNC} objective. If you have any,
    Smoke Bombs work wonders here.
    After the fight, another scene takes place. You need to make your way out of
    the building without taking fire damage for a {100% SYNC} objective. A rather
    easy thing to do for the path is so linear. Just run along the way, climb up
    into the rafters, make your way through the not-burnt parts of the wood, and
    you will eventually come to a ramp leading up a wall. Climb the wall and back
    eject off to a platform and climb up some more. Another scene occurs and the
    mission is already over.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 4: A Bitter End                                   |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Limit environmental damage - 20%.                                |
      |     Stay within distance of the schooner - 500 meters.               |
      |     Achieve a minimum kill streak - 3.                               |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Talk to the VIP right in front of you to start the mission. You'll be sailing
    your ship again, and you must limit environmental damage to 20% for a {100%
    SYNC} objective. As the game introduced you long ago, half sail moves you slowly
    and full sail quickly, but you lose steering control the faster you move. Just
    make your way through the passages alternating between half and full sail, and
    it really shouldn't be too bad. The more annoying part with the damage is during
    the chase, as my first run through I hit the rocks THREE times and still didn't
    fail the objective, but every time I ran through it afterwards, ONE hit against
    the rocks would fail me.
    When the big ship shows up, you must chase it, so you're going to want to go
    full sail for full speed, as you need to stay within 500 meters or less of the
    ship for the entire chase for a {100% SYNC} objective. You do NOT have to catch
    up to the ship. Eventually the first two objectives will clear for you and you
    will be "safe" temporarily.
    Once you reach the big clearing, you have five (5) smaller boats to take out
    as well as the Man-of-War, but you do NOT want to destroy the Man-of-War. What
    you should do is, as the game says, select Chain Shot from the RB menu. When you
    hold RT, it casts a white field out into the water. Anything in that field (so
    long as it doesn't move out of it within a second) should be hit by a volley
    that will destroy its mast. For the little ships, this move will destroy them,
    while the Man-of-War will stay afloat. So take out the little ships, destroy
    the Man-of-War's masts, then move in close to board it.
    On the ship, you must get a kill combo of three (3) for a {100% SYNC} objective,
    so make sure to watch out for the enemies and let some of the lesser enemies
    group up if you can. You must kill three (3) officers above deck before you
    can go down below. Note that you must get the kill streak BEFORE killing all of
    the officers, however.
    Below deck, run down the hallway and interact with the door. Watch the scenes
    and you will receive the achievement {TWO IF BY SEA}.
    | Sequence 10                                                      03.12 |
    Watch even more scenes, and now head to the mission marker that is in New York,
    down in the southwest.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: Alternate Methods                              |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Tackle the target from above.                                    |
      |     Use guards as human shields - 2/2.                               |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    When the mission starts, follow your VIP to the meeting place. After the scene,
    drop down and join the fight. You have a {100% SYNC} objective to meet here,
    however: make sure to use two soldiers as human shields when the orange marker
    soldiers try to fire upon you. There are more than enough soldiers here, but
    still make sure to do so before you defeat all of the red marker soldiers.
    Next you will have to give chase to a target with a {100% SYNC} objective to
    tackle the target from above. Run after him onto the street and he will turn
    down an alley. Follow him through back out on the street and you will notice
    a considerable difference in his speed. Do not tackle him yet. Wait until he
    starts to turn down an alley to your left, and you will see some stairs. Rush
    up the stairs, then jump onto the clothes line and then down on top of him. Make
    sure to be holding RT and press B while he is highlighted, otherwise Connor will
    either do nothing or will jump somewhere randomly if you press A instead.
    After another scene or two, you will have your Pistol. Walk forward and press A
    to push the guard forward. Keep pushing him forward any time that he stops. When
    the rather odd scene is over, the mission is done.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: Broken Trust                                   |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Stop the Natives with non-lethal methods.                        |
      |     Do not touch the ground.                                         |
      |     Stop patriot messengers within the time limit - 3:00.            |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Make your way over to Washington's camp and talk to the VIP. After the scene,
    start riding your way forward. This mission is an interesting one, for you must
    not touch the ground for a {100% SYNC} objective. You will be riding on your
    horse to stop some patriot messengers.
    When you get far enough forward to the green marker, another objective will pop
    up saying that you must clear out the messengers within 3:00 minutes. Note that
    just to the right of the green marker is a path up, so do not think that you
    need to run through trees or anything. Ride your horse up and you will see on
    your minimap a green zone.
    This green zone extends all the way through the path you need to take, so keep
    within it. Just shortly after you start you will see a messenger kneeling on
    the ground in front of you. Take him out with your Bow or your Pistol. Then keep
    riding on the pathway until you cross over the stream. Keep going forward and
    you will see three riders. Ride up to the one in the back and assassinate him,
    causing Connor to jump onto his horse. From here, try to shoot the other two
    with your Pistol but make sure that they do not hit you and knock you onto the
    ground, otherwise you will fail that objective.
    Now keep moving forward as you go through some underpass beneath a cliff side,
    and you will head up and around the hill. Soon you will find one more patriot
    riding along, but he is riding VERY quickly. Spur your horse some to catch up,
    and try to shoot him with your pistol whenever he is in the open. He will fall
    off of his horse, so prepare to shoot him one more time and that should be all
    of the messengers that you have to take out.
    Ride through the green marker and down the hill to the village, remembering to
    still not touch the ground. Once you reach the village, that objective will be
    complete and you can finally get off of your horse.
    Meet with the clan mother and then exit the village. A final objective for {100%
    SYNC} will appear: take out the attacking natives with non-lethal moves. You
    will see six natives shown by red markers. What you must do is make sure that
    you are unarmed, then you must sneak up behind each and every one and put them
    into a sleeper hold. Do NOT let them detect you and do NOT attack them.
    They did not really seem to notice me during my playthrough. I ran up pretty
    close to them, then when I was just a short bit away I held A to fast walk up to
    them and take them out. After you take out all six, a scene starts.
    Watch the scene and when you are prompted, press X.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 3: Battle of Monmouth                             |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Neutralize platoons with a single cannonball - 8/8.              |
      |     Kill 2 platoons with a single cannonball.                        |
      |     Prevent patriot executions - 3/3.                                |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Head to the marker down near Monmouth in the Frontier, and you will start the
    mission in control of a cannon. You have two {100% SYNC} objectives right away:
    you must neutralize eight (8) different platoons of soldiers with a single shot
    (these are separate shots per each platoon, however); and you must take out two
    platoons together with a single shot. Note that this mission is also where you
    must get the {CIRCUS ACT} achievement by taking out fifteen (15) soldiers with
    a single shot.
    You can get the achievement and complete the second objective immediately. Move
    the cannon slightly to the left and look at the soldiers ahead of you. Ignore
    the first group that is walking forward on its own and look further back to the
    giant mass of soldiers standing behind a rock. Aim in the dead center of this
    group and shoot. You should get the {CIRCUS ACT} achievement; you should get the
    objective for taking out two platoons at the same time; and you should also add
    one to the counter for the other objective.
    Now just keep firing upon the soldiers until the timer is running out and do the
    best that you can to take out platoons of soldiers at once until you fulfill the
    other objective. When the timer runs out, you're done with the cannon. Also make
    note that you will see a bar counting how many patriots are left. You must make
    sure that the time runs out before that bar does, or else you will fail.
    After the timer is gone, we are going to retreat. You have another time of 3:00
    minutes as well as another {100% SYNC} objective to prevent three (3) patriot
    executions. You are going to run into groups of redcoats trying to kill patriots
    along the way and you must take them out. The first group is just past the
    General Store, along the road to your left out in the open. Attack one of the
    soldiers to get all of them to stop, then finish the rest of them off.
    Keep running towards the green marker as it updates along the road and, when you
    see the windmill off to the distance, go into the yard on your left (it has a
    fence around it) and take out the second group of soldiers here. Continue along
    again until you find the third and final group of soldiers on your right just
    past a corn field. Take them out and move along to the end of the trail.
    When the cutscene finishes, you will get the {GRIM EXPECTATIONS} achievement!
    | Present Day: Abstergo                                            03.13 |
    We are back in the present again and we will be heading to Italy! But we're not
    going to heading there as Ezio, so things will be quite a bit different.
    After the cutscenes, walk down the hallway. Another short scene later, fight the
    guards, which is relatively easy. Desmond actually has some crazy moves! Also,
    if you hadn't noticed by now, you don't have the Animus notifications of when to
    block and such, so pay attention! When done, walk down the hallway again.
    Climb up the elevator shaft and yank down guy down from the ledge when you get
    to the top. Be careful as you get up, however, as the guards can knock you back
    and you'll fall down all the way back down and die. After the fight, head to
    your left down the hallway and into the open door. Fight more guards here and
    move along to the outside. Run along the upper catwalk area and fight the guards
    until you get down to the other end.
    Jump inside through the window that the guards broke through and head to your
    left down the hallway. Enter the door at the end. After the scene, head back out
    into the hallway and fight the guards. Run down to the other end and follow the
    target you are chasing. Another scene takes place, then jump through the window
    and continue running after the target.
    Eventually you will make your way towards the ground level and guards will start
    shooting at you. So long as you stay up above, running along the little beams
    and such, you shouldn't have to worry about them. You're going to want to chase
    your target until you are close enough to assassinate him. Really, you might be
    so used to the Animus like I was that you don't even realize that is your goal
    here. No white outline shows, no objectives pop up, or anything of the sort!
    You are simply supposed to assassinate him. I tried pressing X a few times when
    I was playing but Desmond didn't seem to do anything. So while I was running
    I pressed LT to zoom in and look at the target and then pressed X and Desmond
    successfully jumped and assassinated him. I am not sure if that is necessary
    but if you are having trouble then try that.
    There is a suddenly lapse in story here as you are immediately shown getting
    into a lift, so I don't really know what happened there. In any case, run down
    the hall, fight more guards, and listen to you-know-who ramble. If you don't
    know (as again you might be used to the Animus), you now have a gun so you can
    press Y to start shooting the guards instead of wasting time fighting them in
    melee battles. When the woman lets you into the room, run on in.
    During the scene, press X when you are prompted to do something rather shocking,
    and then when the scene is over, use your new special weapon to wipe everyone
    out. It seems rather frightening that Desmond isn't bothered by this moment.
    When you exit the building, you receive the {THE END IS NIGH} achievement!
    | Sequence 11                                                      03.14 |
    Despite what a certain character tells you, we are still going to wait on the
    power source for now. Talk to the characters, check your email, then head on
    back into the Animus to finish off Connor's storyline.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: Battle of the Chesapeake                       |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Destroy ships using only one broadside attack - 3.               |
      |     Destroy frigates by firing on their powder stores - 2/2.         |
      |     Counter kill enemies - 5/5.                                      |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    After the cutscenes at the beginning of this Sequence, head to the marker over
    by the Harbormaster on the Homestead. Talk to the Harbormaster and select the
    main mission marker from the map. You will now be in control of the Aquila.
    You will have an initial {100% SYNC} objective to take down three ships with
    a single broadside shot from the cannons. By this objective, it does NOT mean
    three ships at a single time, but that you must just bring down one ship with
    a single shot three different times. The easiest way to do so is just to ride
    into the ships ahead, do a sharp turn, and blast the cannons at all of the
    smaller gunboats. You'll likely destroy three or more of them in the same shot
    anyway. I found the Grape Shot upgrade very good for this objective.
    After that, clean up the rest of the ships (of which there are 8 total) and more
    boats will come in, making a total of 13 now. When you take all of them out a
    cutscene will start. Another set of ships will come in, five (5) total, so just
    take them out. Then a final set will come in: three frigates, of which you must
    destroy two by shooting their powder stores for a {100% SYNC} objective. To do
    so, you must either LIGHTLY ram (as going full speed may destroy the ship) the
    front of the ship, or you must execute a good attack with the Round or Heat Shot
    cannons onto the front of the ship. If you do it properly, a big white target
    is revealed, so shoot it with the swivel gun (LT) and you'll explode the ship.
    I would advise using the Chain Shot to stop the ships from moving first.
    After the three frigates are gone, follow your ally and then head to the green
    zone on your minimap that appears afterwards. When the big ship appears, you
    will lose all of your guns, so set full speed ahead towards that ship. You are
    going to have to ram into it to board it.
    Once on board, you have a final {100% SYNC} objective to counter kill five (5)
    enemies. A surprisingly easy objective for so late in the game. Simply press B
    to counter an enemy when they attack and press X to counter kill them. But note
    that you cannot combo kill people here. You must individually counter kill each
    person as they attack you.
    After you complete the objective, chase the captain and start fighting him. Do
    not bother too much about the other enemies as they seemed to spawn indefinitely
    for me. Instead, try to maneuver the captain to the edge of the ship so that you
    can simply attack and kick him overboard. If you cannot do so, then just counter
    and disarm him, then attack him and break his defense over and over. When you
    are done, a scene will begin. Afterwards, quickly run forward and follow the
    green markers to jump off of the ship before the timer runs out.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: Lee's Last Stand                               |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Reach the signal tower within the given time - 3:00.             |
      |     Remain undetected on your way to the signal tower.               |
      |     Limit health loss - 50%.                                         |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Head to the marker that is down at the southern tip of New York. Go underground
    and follow the pathway to the mission marker. When you start the mission, you
    will have three {100% SYNC} objectives: do not lose 50% or more health; reach
    the signal fire within 3:00 minutes; and reach it without being detected.
    Pull the man down into the well and climb out. Climb up the building to your
    right (to the southeast) and start jumping along rooftops towards the green
    marker far away. If you follow the path directly to the green marker, then you
    should encounter a guard on a roof to your left and to your right at the same
    time. If you move quickly enough, you can simply jump along past them.
    Just after this, jump down to the streets and run through an alleyway leading to
    a ladder. Climb back up via the ladder (take caution of the group of soldiers
    over to your left) and jump forward onto the ledge. Down below is a hay stack
    so jump down into it. Look back and to your right (to the northwest) and you
    should see a guard around the corner. Wait for him to come near the hay stack
    and assassinate him from inside. Look around and make sure none of the other
    guards are looking your way, then dash around the western side of the lighthouse
    and climb up the little piece of wooden scaffolding here.
    Make your way up to the top of the lighthouse and light the fire. Now both of
    the objectives related to the signal should be finished. Stumble your way
    forward for a moment when the game gives you control, then sit back again as you
    watch a scene for a bit while Connor makes his way through the fort. Note that
    at one point, Connor will be in a little tunnel and the game expects you to
    press up to move forward.
    Soon you will be in a fight, although the screen will be hazy as Connor is in
    a daze. You will only be able to damage the enemy by moving near objects like
    the barrels and countering the enemy with B. Otherwise you are essentially
    useless when fighting this guy. Keeping moving to the outlined objects and make
    counter moves against him until a scene kicks in. Press X during the scene when
    the game prompts you, ending the Sequence.
    You will get the {DIFFICULT END} achievement here!
    | Sequence 12                                                      03.15 |
    The storyline missions continue automatically here, so away we go!
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 1: Laid to Rest                                   |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Limit regular kills - 15/15.                                     |
      |     Escape from the HMS Jersey without entering open conflict.       |
      |     Kill the ship's captain.                                         |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    Walk forward down the alley into the graveyard. After the scene, press B to
    counter the man and break free. Take note that there is a {100% SYNC} objective
    for limiting the number of kills in this mission to fifteen (15). You MUST take
    out all of the guards at the beginning here so that already eats up thirteen of
    those kills.
    Anyway, as said, take out the guards attacking you right away, then take out the
    rest of them over in the graveyard. Now run your way to the green marker out by
    the docks and do NOT attack anyone along the way. Bribe someone to lower your
    level of Notoriety if need be. Swim out to the ship by the green marker.
    You will see, at the back end (the southern end) of the ship, a little rope that
    comes up from the water. Get on top of the rope and climb onto the ship's side.
    You're going to want to shimmy around and climb up the ship to where the green
    marker is now, way up top. Pay attention to where the guards are so that they
    do not see you. When you get up towards the top, do NOT climb up there. Instead,
    shimmy around to the other side of the ship as we want to reach the green marker
    over there. You will shimmy around and see some more rope hanging down to little
    posts sticking off of the ship's side. Jump onto the posts and go around the
    corner, then climb and hang onto the window to eavesdrop on the conversation
    where the green marker is.
    From here, keep moving and shimmying along the side of the ship towards the
    northeast corner where the orange markers are now. Beware of the guard watching
    from the platform here. You can get by without him detecting you if you are very
    careful, but you can kill him from the ledge to make 14/15. Keep going and then
    climb up over the corner of the ship near the orange markers and take cover
    behind the crates to eavesdrop. After listening, climb up above where the men
    were talking. You will have two new {100% SYNC} objectives: escape the ship
    without being detected and kill the captain.
    If you climbed up above where the men were talking, you should be good to go as
    the captain will walk out in a moment. Equip your Poison Darts and shoot one at
    the captain. Wait for him to die and you should have 15/15 kills and still be
    undetected. Turn around and dive off of the ship to end the mission.
      |                                                          |
      | Memory 2: Chasing Lee                                    |
      | 100% SYNC:                                                           |
      |     Stay within range of Lee - 50 meters.                            |
      |     Do not shove anyone during the chase.                            |
      |     Do not take any fire damage.                                     |
      |     Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.                |
    The final mission! Travel to North Boston and go to the mission marker there,
    then head to the green marker down by the docks after the starting scene. When
    out by the docks, walk to big green zone that appears. Look towards the south
    or southeastern area of the green zone with your Eagle Vision for a gold target,
    and when you find it just walk up to them.
    Now we have one of the most terrible chase scenes ever. Or rather, I guess, the
    most difficult and annoying. You need to stay within 50 meters of your target
    for {100% SYNC}, and you also need to avoid pushing or running into anyone along
    the whole way as well! Further, you will not be able to take any fire damage
    after a bit later into the chase, just to make things that much more painful.
    Chase after your target until he takes a left and some guards come in front of
    you. Take a left before them to go down a lower path and come back up. Keep on
    going and you will enter a ship upon which the fire damage goal for {100% SYNC}
    will appear. Run after him until the path is blocked. Climb up the right side of
    the ship and jump across the ropes to the upper platform. The doorway will fall
    apart so hop over the little barrier just to the right of it.
    Go out of the actual doorway back outside and turn left, jumping across all of
    the wooden planks, pretty much following the linear path. You'll ride a little
    board lift up a level or two, then just keep giving chase until you end up on
    the surface of the boat and a cutscene kicks in.
    When you regain control, walk forward and over to the green marker. After a
    cutscene, walk up to the building in front of you. Sit back and prepare for a
    bunch of confusing and messed up cutscenes!
    You should receive the {THE SUM OF TRUTH} achievement, and should you have done
    all of the optional objectives for the storyline, you will also receive the
    {PERFECTIONIST} achievement!
    | Present Day: The End                                             03.16 |
    Here we are, back in the future again! Now our job is to find the power sources
    throughout the ruins. So start by looking at the giant blue door that we are
    trying to open. Look to the left side of the room from it and you'll see a room
    that you can enter at the end of some broken stairs. Head in the room and run
    all the way across. Head up the stairs to your left and go up until the walkway
    stops. Jump to your left onto the metal edge. Follow this around and climb up
    and around until you can jump over to the floor above where you came in. Head to
    the right and a cutscene should likely start (at least it did for me). After
    that, run forward to the yellow-looking console and watch the scene.
    Make your way back to the main room, and you should head over to the door that
    you just saw open up. A scene will play when you go through it. Then jump across
    the gaps and make your way up via the stairs. Keep going around and around,
    jumping the gaps until another scene starts. Run around the walkway and through
    a door into the next room. Run down to the far end and drop to the ground. Look
    nearby for a single open door here (there are three doors in the structure in
    the center but only one is open) and enter it. Climb up the wall and into the
    next room, then up the wall in here to another room. Run forward and to the left
    towards the blue-colored console and watch the scene.
    You should have seen the last doorway open, so jump down and run up the stairs
    that it revealed. Jump across the gap using the bars to swing from and go up
    the stairs here. Watch the scene when you walk into the room. Run and climb up
    the orange structure in front of you, then jump across and shimmy over to the
    walkway above. Go around the corner and jump out. Swing across the bars to the
    other side and climb up the orange-colored blocks here. Do NOT use the bars to
    swing down below as that is just the main room. After climbing up here, turn
    right and watch another scene. Use more orange pillars hanging from the ceiling
    to climb your way across to the other side, then run to the final console.
    Do whatever you need to do by talking to the characters or checking your email,
    then walk on over to the big temple door. Watch the scenes and the long credits.
    Well, what another silly, sporadic, and cheap cliffhanger ending. I am seriously
    doubting whether this series will ever actually end or whether Ubisoft intends
    to drag it on forever with minimal present day action in each game or whether
    anything of worth will ever come from the storyline.
    In any case, you will receive the {NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED} achievement and
    will return to Connor.
    | Epilogue                                                         03.17 |
    You will be back on the Homestead in Connor's shoes. Travel to New York and head
    to the mission marker in the northeast near the docks. Watch the cutscene. You
    will notice a "new" evil, just showing that freedom isn't all there.
    Now travel to the northern Fast Travel point in the Frontier. Talk to the man
    by the fire and watch the cutscene.
    Finally, head to Boston, watch the little scene that pops up, and you will
    receive the {FIN} achievement.
    You are now finished with the main storyline of Assassin's Creed III! Go about
    doing side missions and whatever else you have left to do. Thanks for reading!
    | AUTHOR'S NOTE: |
    Thank you for reading my guide and I hope that I helped you as much as I could.
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                                                        ::Duane Niles
                                                           a.k.a. Jet2x5
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | 100% Synchronization           |             04.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    So, you want to get 100% in the entire game, then? You're going to have to do
    quite a lot here! Below is a list of each set of missions or quests you must do
    along with their respective sections in this guide:
        . All Story Missions and Sequences (with ALL Optional Objectives)
            > Section 03.00
        . All Naval Missions (with ALL Optional Objectives)
            > Section 05.00
        . All Privateer Contracts (with ALL Optional Objectives)
            > Section 10.00
        . All Peg Leg / Kidd Missions (with ALL Optional Objectives)
            > Section 06.00
        . All Club Missions (Brawlers, Hunting Society, Frontiersmen, Thief's)
            > Section 07.00
        . All Club Challenges (Three Challenge Sets per Club)
            > Section 07.00
        . All Collectibles Found (Viewpoints, Almanacs, Feathers, Chests, Trinkets)
            > Sections 06.00 and 13.00
        . All Homestead Missions
            > Section 08.00
        . All Ben Franklin Inventions Created
            > Sections 08.00 and 13.02
              (You need to collect all of the Almanac Pages and also recruit all of
               the people for the Homestead before you will be able to build them)
        . All Liberation Missions and Fort Liberations
            > Section 09.00
        . All Citizen Missions (Courier, Delivery, Assassination)
            > Sections 11.01 through 11.03
        . All Pivots Found
            > Section 11.04
        . All Underground Fast Travel Locations Found
            > Section 12.00
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Naval Missions                 |             05.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    The Naval Missions do not unlock until you have the Aquila on the Homestead,
    which is not until after Sequence 6 has begun.
    Access these missions through any Harbormaster. Take note that these missions,
    like the storyline, have optional objectives.
    You can purchase upgrades for the Aquila by going to the notebook next to the
    ship itself (and the Harbormaster) on the Homestead. Purchasing new weaponry
    for the ship is not a bad idea at all for these missions.
    | The Chase                                                        05.01 |
    Sail forward from the beginning until the scene kicks in. Now we need to prevent
    the other ship from taking 50% or more damage for a {100% SYNC} objective. For
    me, the swivel gun is your friend here, especially if you have upgraded it. All
    of the little ships here go down in one hit, and if you're used to using it, the
    swivel gun is actually pretty accurate. You're going to have to follow the ship
    at it makes its way over to a cove, and there will be a decent amount of boats
    along the way, but it is more than manageable if you keep up with the ship and
    fire immediately whenever your gun reloads.
    Eventually a scene will reveal mines along the pathway along with a {100% SYNC}
    objective for you to destroy another ship with them. Shoot the mines in front
    of you with the swivel gun, then, moving forward, shoot the ship that is to your
    right around the rocks. After taking it out, look over to your left and shoot
    the mines by the boat sitting here to get that objective. Continue moving on and
    make sure to check your sides for any more mines near the path or any ships that
    are sitting there.
    Note that the objective for defending the other ship is still active here, but
    the ship mainly stays behind you, so destroying everything as you go means that
    the ship will never be touched. When you reach the green marker down the way,
    a scene will play and the protection objective will be complete. Now you will
    want to follow the enemy ships over to the green zone in the fog.
    You will see a fort that is firing mortars into the water. The water will be
    lit up in white as the mortars hit the surface, so stay away from there as you
    have another {100% SYNC} objective to take less than 50% of damage from them.
    Your goal is to make your way up to the fort as quickly as possible, turn your
    ship so the fort is on your side, then unleash your cannon onto the fort and
    take out the three towers. Note that if you have purchased the Heat Shot upgrade
    then that is very effective here as well. But only the Round or Heat Shots will
    work, nothing else. After you take out the towers, you are finished.
    | The Rescue                                                       05.02 |
    You actually start this mission on foot, so climb to the top of the ship so that
    you can look out over the ocean. Once you see the little scene, take the wheel
    of the ship and sail over to the marker. You need to be quick so that the little
    merchant ship is not destroyed.
    Along the way, you will be introduced to rogue waves, which are simply tidal
    waves that will come along and simply wreck you. You must press X to cover up
    just in time for the wave, and now you must keep yourself from taking 25% or
    more damage from these waves for a {100% SYNC} objective. Keep sailing along and
    anytime a wave comes, just press X when it's right near you.
    Eventually you will catch up to where the ship is and you will have to take out
    the four gunboats attacking it. Take note not to miss any shots here as another
    {100% SYNC} objective is added: you can only miss a single shot at the boats.
    Any more and you will fail that objective.
    After taking them out, sail towards the orange marker far away, taking note not
    to get hit by any rogue waves. Shortly after you will encounter two frigates on
    the water and another {100% SYNC} objective: you must take both ships out by
    shooting their weak points. To unveil these weakness, you must either LIGHTLY
    ram the front part of the ship, or you must shoot the front of the ship a couple
    times with either Round or Heat Shots. Eventually part of the ship falls away
    and a huge white circle appears, and you must use the swivel gun (LT) to take
    out the ship that way. You must do so with BOTH ships or you have to start the
    mission all over again (as destroying both boats will end the mission). Also
    note that if you ram the ships too quickly, you may actually destroy them and
    thus have to try again.
    Once you take both of them out, the mission is over.
    | French Involvement                                               05.03 |
    Right from the beginning you will sail into an ambush, so you must protect the
    other ship with you. For {100% SYNC}, you cannot let the other ship take more
    than 50% damage, and also you MUST destroy more ships that it does. A total of
    three waves of ships will come which includes a total of twenty (20) ships. You
    must destroy at minimum eleven (11) ships to pass this objective for {100% SYNC}
    as the other ship will destroy some boats pretty quickly.
    Making sure that your ally doesn't look too much health is not too difficult
    here as it can mostly handle its own, and so long as you don't let a bunch of
    ships slip by you, you should have no problem.
    After the three waves, a bigger ship will arrive. You must use your Chain Shot
    to take its masts down, then you will board it. On board, one last {100% SYNC}
    objective occurs: you must take the captain down within 1:00 minute. Jump up
    over the crates to your right (avoid the fire) and haul after the captain. If
    you go quickly enough, he still stop and you will start fighting him in melee
    combat. I had 0:48 left here, so it was almost immediately. If not, keep running
    around after him and try to shoot him with your gun, which should stop him and
    allow you to take him out in melee combat.
    Once the captain is dead, the mission is over.
    | Biddle's Hideout                                                 05.04 |
    The final Naval Mission is not too bad. When you start, run over to the wheel
    and steer the ship through the rocks ahead. Shortly your target will appear, so
    give chase to it into the open water. Out here you will be ambushed by two large
    ships in addition to your target. You have two {100% SYNC} objectives here: you
    must destroy the two larger ships within 3:00 minutes; and you must take out
    your target's mast with a single Chain Shot.
    I would actually advise shooting the Chain Shot first, as destroying the ships
    and then missing the Chain Shot means you are wasting your time even more when
    you reload the checkpoint. Try to get up snug near your target and make sure it
    does not have much room to get away from your white target outline for the shot.
    After the mast is down, then go for the other two ships. I would highly advise
    that you either ram them, if you can, or use the Grape Shot. When you take both
    of them out, go board your target and prepare for another {100% SYNC} objective:
    you can only take out Biddle and no one else.
    A scene will show Biddle up near the front of the ship, so run your way up there
    and don't touch anyone else. Another scene will occur and you will be in a fight
    against Biddle by himself. Counter and press A to disarm him, then hit him a
    few times until he blocks you. Then use A to break his defense, hit him a couple
    times, and keep doing that over and over until another scene kicks in.
    Now you are below deck, but the fight is no different. Do the same as you did
    with him before, but take note that if you counter him near a barrel then Connor
    will automatically throw Biddle into it, dealing damage to him. After you hit
    him a few more times the mission is over.
    With that, you get the {ALL WASHED UP} achievement!
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Peg Leg / Kidd's Treasures     |             06.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    Peg Leg Trinkets become available during Sequence 5. They are needed to push
    a side quest further and to gain access to other areas and some treasures. They
    are marked by little white goblets on your map.
    Like all of the other collectibles in the game, they have an in-game map that
    you can purchase, and there is only ONE map that you need to buy for all of
    the areas in the game.
    There are 24 Trinkets to be found between Boston, New York, the Homestead, as
    well as the Frontier.
       ____________________ __________ __________
      | MAP                | QUANTITY | MAP COST |
      | Trinket Map        | 24       | 3000     |
    A breakdown by Boston, New York, Homestead, and the Frontier:
       ____________________ __________
      | MAP                | QUANTITY |
      | North Boston       | 2        |
      | Central Boston     | 2        |
      | South Boston       | 1        |
      | Frontier           | 10       |
      | Homestead          | 4        |
      | North New York     | 2        |
      | West New York      | 1        |
      | East New York      | 2        |
    A breakdown by the Frontier itself:
       ____________________ __________
      | AREA               | QUANTITY |
      | Black Creek        | 2        |
      | Kanien:keh         | 2        |
      | John's Town        | N/A      |
      | Valley Forge       | 1        |
      | Diamond Basin      | 1        |
      | Great Piece Hills  | 2        |
      | Concord            | N/A      |
      | Lexington          | N/A      |
      | Packanack          | N/A      |
      | Troy's Wood        | 1        |
      | Scotch Plains      | N/A      |
      | Monmouth           | 1        |
    To start the Peg Leg questline, go talk to Peg Leg! He is the grumpy old man by
    the Harbormaster/Aquila back on the Homestead, over to the East. You will have
    to give him Trinkets before he tells you where certain treasures are.
    You can only access these locations through the Naval Map, so go talk to any
    of the Harbormasters in the Frontier, Boston, New York, or the Homestead.
    | Fort Wolcott                                                     06.01 |
    Your first destination is Fort Wolcott, slightly below Boston on the map. Head
    to it and after the first scene, you may notice something rather sad: these
    side quests have optional {100% SYNC} objectives to them too! The first {100%
    SYNC} for this mission is to perform three (3) ledge assassinations.
    Climb up the cliffside and once you get towards the top of the tower, the game
    will tell you to perform a ledge assassination on the guard, so do so before you
    climb up there. After the little scene, you can sneak up on the guard and take
    him out. I found this spot a great place to do the Thief's Club challenge for
    killing 25 enemies from a hiding place. I just hid against the corner, whistled,
    then took the guard out. I reloaded my checkpoint and kept going until I had the
    challenge completed.
    I also used the same checkpoint to steal from this guard three (3) times for
    another Thief's Club challenge as he just stands there stupidly. Both of these
    challenges can be found in Section 07.04. Take note that you have to steal EVERY
    item that he has, so hold B until it simply stops pickpocketing him.
    Anyway, move along past this area and take out the guard below. Now, if you
    climb back up and climb AROUND the top of the room, you'll get to the chest that
    is by itself here. Moving on, walk through the doorway and then climb up to
    where the green marker is. Go into the next room and sneak about, taking out the
    two guards wandering down below. When you do, look to the northwest corner of
    the room. Climb up and hang onto the ledge. Wait for the soldier and take him
    out for your second ledge assassination. Climb up and go around to the other
    opening, then use the large metal things to jump across the room to the opening
    on the other side.
    In the next big room (with LOTS of soldiers), climb onto the windows and back
    eject to the opening. Onto the wooden beams here, jump across the chandeliers
    to the other side, then jump your way through to the other building. In this
    room, open the chest and continue on. In here, look to your right to see another
    guard who should be your third ledge assassination. Walk inside the room.
    In here, take the guard out immediately as the game places him in front of you,
    and then when the other guard comes near, whistle and take him out too. Simply
    climb onto the balcony now, equip the Hidden Blade, look at the two below, and
    assassinate them when they are both glowing. Now open the chest in the cell near
    the corner. After that, head to the northeast cell and check the clue.
    You now have to escape the prison without losing more than 33% of your health
    for a {100% SYNC} objective. This objective is really easy, however. Kill the
    only soldier in front of you, then make your way out of the room. You have 3:00
    minutes to make it out of here, but that is more than enough time. Run forward
    and the path is incredibly linear. There is no real way to get lost.
    You will reach a room that has a bunch of soldiers, but IMPORTANTLY notice that
    another {100% SYNC} objective is added here: you must get a combo of three kills
    in a row. The easiest way I found to do this objective is to rush in and see if
    two of the lesser guards will attack you at once. If they do, press B to counter
    and you will automatically kill both of them at the same time in some cinematic
    fashion, allowing you to simply hold a direction (presumably you know where the
    other enemies are still) and bash X so Connor kills a third guard. The guards
    tended to attack me at once a lot when I reloaded the checkpoint a few times, so
    I would advise you follow that, as the big guy kept interrupting my combos.
    Afterwards, simply run along the way again, climb up and jump onto a ledge, then
    run through and dive off into the ocean. Your mission will have been a success.
    You will get {BRING DOWN THE HOUSE} for this mission.
    | Dead Chest Island                                                06.02 |
    Next you want to choose the marker down in the far southeast of the Naval Map,
    sitting along a string of islands near what would likely be Puerto Rico and
    everything else in that vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean. Once here, climb up the
    rock and jump across the water to the ships. Go forward and jump onto the little
    beach here and open the chest to your right.
    Afterwards, look to your left (East directionally) for some planks. Run up the
    planks to start climbing along the rocky walls. Make your way up and out, then
    around the cliffside to the green marker. Once you do, run down the pathway and
    jump onto the ship, starting a cutscene.
    Now you will have to give chase, but there are THREE {100% SYNC} objectives for
    you to do along the way: you must perform three (3) running assassinations; you
    must stay within 40 meters of the target; and you must reach the target before
    he reaches a cave at the end of the trail. The path, again, is incredibly linear
    so just give chase, almost always just holding forward and RT to run. Along the
    path, you will see other people who are glowing in white up ahead. Navigate to
    them (while still running forward) and bash X while still holding RT and forward
    and Connor should assassinate them while still moving.
    Make sure to do this assassination three times along the way. There are ONLY
    three points where you can do that. While there are four people along the path,
    two of the people are right next to each other, and you cannot perform a running
    assassination back to back, so do not miss any of the people along the way.
    You will reach a part where you start going above the target, so you need to
    make sure that you DON'T slow down at all. Eventually you will hit a mast that
    breaks and crumbles. KEEP MOVING and climb onto another part of a broken ship,
    upon which Connor will start sliding down. If you went fast enough, you should
    be sliding down this BEFORE the target has come from underneath it, so bash X to
    jump off and assassinate him from the air. If you are unable to do so, reload
    the checkpoint before he gets to the cave, or just restart the mission. It does
    not matter too much as the checkpoint restarts you at the beginning of the whole
    chase, and restarting the mission only adds the little bit of climbing that you
    had to do to get to the ship.
    | The Ghost Ship                                                   06.03 |
    This mission is in the far North all by itself on the Naval Map. When there, run
    through the path until a scene starts. Now you need to do two things for {100%
    SYNC} objectives: you cannot fall into the water, and you must reach the ship
    in under 1:00 minute. Run forward and slide down the ice, then climb onto the
    weird structure to your left. Leap out and jump across the plots of ice floating
    in the water.
    When you can fork by taking a left or a right among the plots of ice, take a
    left and climb up another weird structure. Jump across and you're smooth sailing
    to just keep hopping across until to reach the ship. I had 0:18 left on my clock
    for this part. Take note that unless you are EXACTLY on the tip of most of these
    blocks of ice, Connor will likely slip into the water.
    When you reach the ship, you still aren't done with the no-water objective,
    however. Before going forward, look to your right (the southeast, somewhat) and
    open the chest behind the little tents covered in snow. Now run forward and jump
    across to the large ice structure. Climb up it, jump across to the other iceberg
    and then shimmy around the side until you can go up further. At the top, jump
    across to the mast of the ship and run down it.
    Ignore the green marker for now, so DON'T drop below deck. Instead run towards
    the southwest and grab the chest at the edge of the ship. There is another chest
    sitting to the northwest, so drop off of the side of the ship onto the little
    edge of ice here. Collect the chest, then turn around and climb back up onto
    the ship. Lastly, drop down below deck.
    Follow the green marker and interact with the desk. Head back the way to came
    and prepare to move quickly. Follow the linear path (and the way the camera
    turns for you) and keep watching the little scenes as you jump around. Soon a
    timer of 1:00 minute will show, so climb quickly. The camera will keep twisting
    and turning various ways, so follow it as soon as it does. Eventually you will
    make your way above the ship and a cutscene takes over. I still had about 0:20
    left on my timer or so, so it is doable.
    | The Mad Doctor's Castle                                          06.04 |
    This mission is to the southwest on the Naval Map, to the West of where Dead
    Chest Island was. When in the manor, run forward into the next room. Look to the
    left for some boards against the wall shadowed in blue light. Climb up the wall
    here and make your way around the room. There is a chest up here before you
    follow the green marker.
    When you head into the next room, keep going until the green marker is South of
    you, and you are up above on another balcony. Drop down below to find a chest,
    then head towards the green marker again. In this bigger room, look to your
    right (West directionally) to find a stuffed bear. Climb the bear and then onto
    the balcony to the right. Head to the other end of the balcony, jump out onto
    the tusks, and swing to the golden cage hanging there. Maneuver around the cage
    and back eject to the other cage. Climb vertically up to the little post from
    which the cage hangs, then jump back to the post above the original cage that
    you were on. Jump to the South to the other balcony, then head to the right to
    where the glass cabinet is (the one with the crocodile-looking jaws inside) and
    climb that cabinet. Keep climbing up and back eject to another post along the
    wall. Jump from there to the chest sitting on a platform and open it.
    Drop back down to the ground floor and investigate the clues down here. Once you
    do, a timer gives you 1:00 to get above for a {100% SYNC} objective. To get up
    to where you need to be, simply follow the path that you just took to reach
    that chest, EXCEPT once you reach the balcony with the glass cabinet, look for
    the big display right in front of you with the broken window. Jump through the
    display and investigate the room behind it. Climb out of the room and look at
    the other clue on the wall.
    Push the glass cabinet out of the way. Climb up the organ and make your way
    through the ceiling rafters. Drop down into the room at the end, then crawl
    through the hole next to the bed. Interact with the thing at the end to drop
    back into the room that you started in. Now look at the clues down here in the
    green zone to start another timer of 1:00 minute. You must solve the riddle
    within that time for another {100% SYNC} objective.
    You might not have noticed, but the grandfather clock was set to 04:50 in the
    cutscene, and you can even see that if you look at the glass display of clocks
    sitting to the right of the grandfather clock. So inspect the grandfather clock
    and move its time back to 04:50, with the little hand on the IV and the bigger
    hand on the X. Now run behind the pathway that opens up. Follow the green marker
    to the dead body down below, and the mission is now complete.
    | Oak Island                                                       06.05 |
    Cutscenes later, make way to Oak Island, sitting northeast of the Homestead. You
    need to follow your friend until you reach the center area, then a timer will
    start for a {100% SYNC} objective. You need to solve the puzzle here within a
    time of 5:00 minutes.
    Notice that on your map should be four green zone areas for you to head to. You
    need to go to each of these and find the clue in that area. Start by going to
    the Southwest. The clue here is hidden at the top of the huge tree, so climb
    and shimmy your way up to the top branch. Collect the clue, and now you must
    align a symbol to fit the streams of light coming down. For me, there were three
    streams of light in a row up top and one by itself down below. Move the symbol
    with the L-Stick and rotate it with the R-Stick. You should see three circles in
    a row and one circle by itself, so align those with the streams of light.
    Now head to the southeast. Over here, you will find the clue simply sitting on
    the pile of rocks in the water. For the puzzle, rotate so the two little circles
    are to the right, coinciding with the small shining stones, and so the bigger
    circle fits over the big stone.
    Now go to the northeast where you will find the clue further to the East, as it
    is sitting up in a split, burnt tree. For this puzzle, there are three smaller
    circles which need to aim towards the bottom right (aligned with some of the
    trees) while the bigger circle aligns with another rock.
    Lastly, head to the northwest and find the clue sitting on a small little set
    of rocks that create an overhang. Rotate the puzzle so that the biggest circle
    (the double-ringed one) fits the tree on the left, and the other two circles
    fit the rock above and the tree to the right.
    With the puzzle solved, run to the green marker on the map. You will be attacked
    by some animals and two more {100% SYNC} objectives pop up: do not lose more
    than 30% of your health; and do not use ranged weapons on the animals. Take note
    that the wolves are REALLY fast, as the quick-time events are almost immediate
    as opposed to the normal animals in the Frontier. You can try to run up into
    some trees and jump onto them, but they ran away really quickly for me, so I
    found it easier just to try the quick-time events over and over. I got all three
    of them in a row after reloading the checkpoint three times.
    Now head over and look at the clue for a scene. Shoot the barrels and drop down
    below. Swim forward and under the gap, then climb up the rock formation ahead of
    you. Shimmy to the left and then keep swinging along until you reach another
    wall. Climb up and back eject across the gap. Move along and jump across another
    huge gap. Slide under the opening, climb the wall, jump across to your left,
    and keep on climbing. Run along the path and examine the crystal.
    Now you have 0:25 seconds to get out of here, so run ahead of you and don't stop
    as there aren't any real turns to make. Twice you need to climb through crevices
    to your right and your left, so make sure to move over there. At the end of the
    tunnel, a scene plays.
    You will unlock {KIDD GLOVES} for finishing this mission!
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Clubs                          |             07.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    Clubs are a new addition to the series, somewhat. All in all they really are
    just another way to push more side missions onto you as well as force you to get
    some more off-the-wall objectives completed.
    Each of the four clubs below has a specific requirement that you must complete
    before you are invited to that club. Complete the requirement and you are in.
    What being "in" means is that you can complete missions as well as Challenges
    for the club.
    Take notice that, thankfully, the Challenges for each club have individual
    trackers in the Logbook and that they are retroactive. What that means is that
    if you have already completed the objective BEFORE joining the club, then that
    objective will automatically complete itself. So do not panic and think you have
    to join the clubs immediately or else you will have to redo things. That is NOT
    the case. But it is still wise to join earlier so you know what they want you
    to do.
    The only club that does not have both missions and Challenges is the Thief's
    Club, as it only has Challenges.
    | Brawlers                                                         07.01 |
    To join the Brawlers you simply must beat an enemy with your bare fists. You
    will be approached then will be asked to meet with Harold Ring.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 1: Peter Bunyon                                  |
    You will find Peter in the Troy's Wood section of the Frontier. For these
    missions you will simply have to do some hand-to-hand combat. Peter is not too
    difficult. Just take out the three cronies nearby and then fight him. You just
    to counter, press A to break his defense, punch him some, then rinse and repeat.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 2: The Sailor                                    |
    This guy won't be available until you reach New York. He is in the southwestern
    area of West New York. This fight is really easy. Throw the sailor away, then
    take out the other three men. Once the sailor is up, break his defense and punch
    him a few times and he is out.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 3: The Smuggler                                  |
    Even though the previous mission wasn't available until New York, this mission
    takes you back to Boston again. He is near the western border between North and
    Central Boston. Much like before, run in and throw the smuggler. Take out the
    other men, then start wailing on him.
    Before he is out, he will call for backup and another smuggler will show up. It
    should not be a problem though, for the ease of Assassin's Creed's slow-motion
    blocking allows you to maneuver well. Just knock out the unimportant guys and
    take out the smuggler you started on first, then take out his friend.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 4: The Stinger                                   |
    This guy is up near a cliffside in the eastern portion of Diamond Basin. Follow
    the usual pattern, except this guy didn't call for backup for me.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 5: The Ropebeater                                |
    Head back to Boston. He is in the mideast of Central Boston, West of the Fort. I
    had no clue what was going on in this battle for a while. You CANNOT damage
    the Ropebeater normally. You must look around for barrels that glow white, then
    you must lead the Ropebeater over to one and counter him to throw him into the
    barrels. You may be able to get in one punch while he is down or getting up, but
    it is best to run to the next barrel so that he will follow you to it.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 6: The Merchant                                  |
    The merchant is way up in the northeast of New York, among some markets by the
    docks there. To beat the merchant, simply break his defense with A and pummel
    him for a bit. Counter him, throw him to the ground, then break his defense and
    start all over.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 7: The Tournament                                |
    Head back to the brewery in Boston and talk to the leader of the group. You now
    have to fight in a tournament. In the first fight, take out the minions, then
    fight the redcoat. Eventually he will get a weapon, so just keep disarming him
    and punching him. The second fight, repeat the same thing, except for the docker
    just counter with B and press A to kick him, then unload.
    In the third fight, watch out as the screen will be hazy. Your health will also
    drop over time, so you need to be quick and not let the enemies hit you as much.
    Again, the main guy, the surgeon, is susceptible to countering with B and then
    kicking him with A.
    The last fight is the huntress. Take out the minions first, then focus on her.
    After she gets down to half of her health, smoke will appear and she will swap
    out with another woman. Attack her and they will swap again, then finally take
    out the huntress. Yet again, counter with B and kick with A, then let loose some
    punches and the tournament will be over.
      /                    \
        Meet with Harold Ring at the old brewery in Boston
        Head to North Boston. Go to the southeastern area of it where it meets up
        with Central Boston and you should see the Brawlers icon around here.
        Disarm enemies [5/5]
        When in battle, counter the enemy's attack with B and then press A to disarm
        them. Take note that you MUST disarm the enemy while you have nothing else,
        however. So make sure you are using your bare fists to disarm and steal the
        enemy's weapon. That's it!
        Kill 5 enemies affected by a smoke bomb within 10 seconds
        The easiest way to do this challenge is to find the groups of soldiers that
        wander about the Frontier with a drummer. Run in, drop a bomb, then take
        them out. Take notice that you can keep using the bombs if you need to. What
        I did was get semi-close behind a group of them without them noticing, and I
        equipped my Hidden Blade and Smoke Bomb. I ran up holding RT and threw the
        smoke bomb, then I immediately bashed X while still holding RT as I ran
        between two enemies. Connor killed both at the same time, then I kept RT
        held down, still, and just moved towards enemies bashing X and Connor killed
        each of them really quickly.
        Kill enemies with your Hidden Blade [25/25]
        This challenge should come naturally as you play.
        Stealth kill enemies without being detected [10/10]
        This challenge should also come naturally as you play. Note that you must
        kill ENEMIES and not random people, however.
        Kill an Officer [10/10]
        This challenge will also come naturally but to speed up, search out those
        groups of wandering soldiers in the Frontier. These guys look slightly
        different than normal soldiers and I found that they tend to draw their
        guns on you very often. These are NOT the large, heavy-weapon soldiers.
        Achieve a 5 enemy killstreak
        Rather easy. Get into a group fight, counter kill a normal soldier, then
        keep combo-killing by directing yourself at another enemy (with the L-Stick)
        and bashing X!
      /                    \
        Fight and kill a Grenadier [10/10]
        This challenge should essentially come with playing the game in general as
        you will fight many Grenadiers along the way. These are the big buff guys
        with kilts and backpacks.
        Kill an enemy with every type of weapon
        The weapon types are:
            . Hidden Blade
            . Small
            . Normal
            . Blunt
            . Heavy
            . Pistol
            . Musket
            . Poison Dart
            . Bow
            . Rope Dart
            . Trip Mine
        The Hidden Blade, Normal, Pistol, Musket, and Bow should all mostly come
        through natural playing. I believe the game even forces you to use each of
        these at some point.
        As for Small/Blunt/Heavy, you can purchase weapons from the General Stores.
        For Poison Darts, Rope Darts, and Trip Mines, it really isn't that hard to
        get a kill with any of them. The easiest kill for a Trip Mine is to lay it
        in the road in the Frontier, then trigger one of those walking groups of
        soldiers to follow you over it.
        Perform double assassinations [5/5]
        Easily done. Run between two unwitting guards that are standing together,
        and while running (holding RT), have your Hidden Blade equipped and hit X
        right before you are going to run between the two of them. Connor should use
        both blades to take both guards down at once.
        Have your Recruits assist you in combat [10/10]
        After some Fort Liberation, you start gaining Assassin Recruits to train and
        help you out. Simply press LB to call them during a battle. Do this over
        ten (10) different battles and there you go.
        Liberate Forts [3/3]
        As with the above challenge, you need to do some Fort Liberation. See the
        guide Section 09.03 for more information.
      /                    \
        Use the Rope Dart to perform a Predator Move [5/5]
        This challenge simply means to sit up in the trees of the Frontier, then
        grab someone with the Rope Dart and jump down, hanging them in the tree. The
        game introduces you to doing this move so early on, and it's really easy, so
        you should have it in no time. You get the {PREDATOR} achievement for this.
        Achieve a 7 enemy killstreak
        Not much more difficult than the 5 enemy killstreak from the first set of
        challenges. Really this challenge should come naturally as you play. I had
        already done it before I even unlocked the challenge.
        Own every weapon available in the stores
        Save up your money! You simply need to buy every single weapon under every
        single type of weaponry.
        Disarm and kill Jagers with their own weapons [10/10]
        A rather painful challenge. Jagers are the extremely thin, agile soldiers
        that only come out when you have Notoriety Level 3. To take their own weapon
        you must disarm them while you only have your fists, then use their weapon
        against them. You can reload Sequence 5, Memory 2 for an easy way to get
        this challenge as you become fully Notorious towards the end.
        Defend yourself from a firing line by using a Human Shield [10/10]
        Whenever you are to be fired upon, look to the nearest soldier and bash A
        to grab him as a shield. This challenge comes less naturally than most of
        them as I didn't really get fired upon that often. Try to agitate groups of
        soldiers, then stand back some and see if some of them try to line up.
    | Hunting Society                                                  07.02 |
    The Hunting Society club should automatically invite you once you finish the
    storyline Sequence 4. The requirement to be invited is to skin an animal which
    is something you MUST do in the story. At the beginning of Sequence 5, just as
    you are running around you should get a notification about the invitation.
    To begin any of the missions you must look around the Frontier for a Hunting
    Society cabin. They will show up on your map should you run by them. There are
    only two (2) in the whole Frontier: one at the northeastern corner of Troy's
    Wood, and one in eastern Black Creek (just west of the three-way border between
    Black Creek, Diamond Basin, and Kanien:keh).
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 1: The Man-Eater                                 |
    Find one of the two Hunting Society cabins and start the mission. You need to
    find the bear's tracks. Head to the southwestern part of Packanack. Watch out
    for all of the bears here, obviously. You can get lots of expensive bear pelts
    and goodies here, though!
    Head over to the green circle and look for the blood spatters on the ground. It
    will lessen the size of the searchable area, so keep following through to the
    smaller green circle and examine more clues. You will enter a cave, so go down
    and examine things. You will have to go back towards the entrance and pick up
    the dead body there. Drop the body in the center of the cave and then fight
    the bear with the QTE that appears. The QTE takes more presses than a normal
    bear but it's nothing out of the ordinary.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 2: Feline Feet                                   |
    The bobcat that you are looking for is in the northern part of Black Creek, in
    the mideastern half. As with the previous mission, examine clues within the
    green circle. BE CAREFUL. When the bobcat appears, he will run away from you
    and you have to give chase. It's almost impossible to catch and you will have
    to leave the vicinity and walk back up for every time that the bobcat gets away.
    The best thing I have found is to be prepared with a ranged weapon. Poison Darts
    can kill it without damaging the pelt, so try to equip some Poison Darts. When
    the bobcat appears, immediately shoot it with whatever you have.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 3: The Patriarch                                 |
    Head to the border between Kanien:keh and Great Piece Hills, but stay inside
    the Kanien:keh side. When you reach the green zone, use your Eagle Vision to
    locate the deer, which will be highlighted in gold. BE CAREFUL again, as with
    the last animal, the deer will haul himself out of sight if he notices you. You
    need to stick to the trees and dive down to take this unique animal out.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 4: The Pack Leader                               |
    Head up to Black Creek to find the gigantic green zone to explore. But really,
    you do not need to explore. Use your Eagle Vision and find some wolves down
    below. Fight three (3) wolves and the alpha will come out. Fight it and you
    will be done with the mission like that!
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 5: Acute Cat                                     |
    Follow your map to the hunting icon, though you will want to head around the
    cliffs to the East in order to climb the trees so far up. Once you are up there,
    everything is as per usual--kill the cougar and you are done.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 6: The Elk Bachelor                              |
    Like you have been doing for all of these missions, find your way to the map
    icon and you will be asked to find the golden elk via Eagle Vision. Once you do,
    simply run up and take it out. Nothing challenging.
      /                    \
        Kill deer [5/5]
        You likely will have completed this challenge early on in the story or by
        just messing around. It will not take long. See below the challenges for
        the breakdown of animal locations.
        Kill a wolf
        Should likely have been completed beforehand as well. They are roaming all
        over the place; see below if you are having trouble.
        Skin animals [10/10]
        You should already have five or more by playing the storyline until you
        receive an invitation, so you do not have much more to go.
        Trade hunting spoils worth 500 pounds
        You must sell your hunting goods to a General Store or a peddler. Selling
        them in a Convoy trade DOES NOT count for this challenge.
        Use bait with a snare to capture an animal [5/5]
        The game's hunting tutorial tries to get you to do this act once. Simply
        find a place with animals, throw down a snare and layer it with bait, then
        hide somewhere.
        Kill a Bear with the Hidden Blade
        Simply have the Hidden Blade equipped when the bear begins the QTE. You will
        fight a couple bears in side missions so do not worry. If you are out of
        luck, see below for the regions they roam.
      /                    \
        Stealth kill animals while using bait [5/5]
        Lay down some and hide. When an animal comes up, either run up and kill them
        before they can leave, or drop down from above.
        Skin an animal [25/25]
        You should already have this challenge before it's even accessible to you,
        as you should have skinned many animals by now.
        Kill animals with the Hidden Blade [10/10]
        Simple enough, and you may already have it.
        Capture animals with snares [20/20]
        One of the most annoying challenges. I never used the snares besides during
        the challenges as they are somewhat pointless. I'm a much more active person
        when it comes to hunting in the game. Just keep laying bait and snares, then
        go buy more as needed.
        Kill animals with the Bow [15/15]
        Might take a little while, but if you see animals up ahead, try to get above
        them and shoot at them.
      /                    \
        Skin every species of animal
        See the Animal Locations below. There are ten (10) species.
        Kill animals from horseback [5/5]
        Ride up on your horse and target an animal with LT, jumping off onto it
        and killing it. You need to be quick and within the vicinity of the animal
        before they detect you. The easiest animals for this challenge are beavers.
        Trade hunting spoils worth a total of 2000 pounds
        Go sell a bunch of your mess to shops until you get 2000 pounds worth.
        Complete your hunting map
        You need to kill or detect each animal in every district of the Frontier as
        well as in the Homestead. See the Animal Locations below.
        Collected undamaged pelts [50/50]
        I had this challenge before it was accessible to me, and you likely will too
        if you have been hunting a lot. Don't shoot the animals to avoid damaging
        their pelts.
      /                \
    There are ten (10) animals between the Frontier and the Homestead:
        . Deer
        . Hare/Rabbit
        . Fox
        . Beaver
        . Bear
        . Cougar
        . Bobcat
        . Elk
        . Wolf
        . Raccoon
       ____________________ ________________________________
      | AREA               | ANIMALS                        |
      | Black Creek        | Hare, Beaver, Elk, Bobcat      |
      | Kanien:keh         | Hare, Fox, Deer, Cougar        |
      | John's Town        | Hare, Bear, Fox, Elk           |
      | Valley Forge       | Hare, Beaver, Raccoon, Elk     |
      | Diamond Basin      | Beaver, Deer, Wolf, Cougar     |
      | Great Piece Hills  | Hare, Elk, Wolf, Bobcat        |
      | Concord            | Hare, Raccoon, Beaver, Deer    |
      | Lexington          | Hare, Raccoon, Fox, Deer       |
      | Packanack          | Hare, Beaver, Bobcat, Bear     |
      | Troy's Wood        | Hare, Deer, Elk, Wolf          |
      | Scotch Plains      | Hare, Raccoon, Deer, Cougar    |
      | Monmouth           | Hare, Raccoon, Fox, Elk        |
      | Homestead          | Wolf, Fox, Hare, Deer, Beaver, |
      |                    | Raccoon, Elk                   |
    | Frontiersmen                                                     07.03 |
    To join the Frontiersmen you must find their encampments around the Frontier and
    accept their mission Boy Who Cried Wolf. Complete the mission (details below)
    and you will unlock their Challenges to complete.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 1: Boy Who Cried Wolf                            |
    After the chat at the campfire, open your map and look for the white hexagonal
    Frontiersmen symbol. It is near the eastern part of the Diamond Basin area of
    the Frontier. Once you arrive you should see a green circle on your minimap and
    a camp with two dead men. Examine one of the bodies and a wolf will come out to
    you. Be VERY prepared for after the scene the wolf will IMMEDIATELY attack.
    I got pinned down by the wolf and very nearly lost all of my health. In any case
    just kill the wolf and the mission is instantaneously complete.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 2: Finding the Sasquatch                         |
    Oh boy, Sasquatch now? This time the location in question is in the really FAR
    northwest so I would advise you get your horse. When I reached the northwest
    it was really foggy outside for me, but I'm not sure if it was just a random
    weather thing or part of the mission.
    In any case, examine any of the clues within the green circle and you'll narrow
    the zone of interest. Run towards the waterfall but keep to the right of it. You
    will enter a cave and at the end find the answer to the quest!
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 3: The Haunted Lighthouse                        |
    More creepy stories, and by creepy, I mean not scary at all! Your destination is
    the northeastern section of the Great Piece Hills area of the Frontier. Once you
    reach the lighthouse, you simply climb it to the top and investigate the fake
    ghost at the top. Mission over, already!
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 4: The Headless Horseman                         |
    The destination is the eastern portion of Troy's Wood. Look about at the dead
    bodies and you will see your goal... and the mission ends! Mighty short again.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 5: Monster of the Sea                            |
    NOTE: You find this quest by going to one of the taverns in Boston with the
          Frontiersmen symbol and talking to one of the men inside.
    You now need to listen to conversations in the northwestern section of North
    Boston, so use the Fast Travel there and walk about following the groups of
    people talking. After you do so three times, go talk to the old man's wife in
    the graveyard. After that, follow the map icon to the big moat-like area to the
    west. By the workshop you should find a big, weird diving helmet, so investigate
    it as a clue and the mission ends.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 6: Unidentified Flying Object                    |
    NOTE: Like the previous mission, this mission is found in Boston taverns.
    Head to the map icon in the midwestern part of South Boston. Once at the scene,
    climb the trees around to find your clue in the last tree.
      /                         \
        Perform a Leap of Faith [10/10]
        This challenge should come while playing the naturally. If it does not, then
        you are somehow playing this game incorrectly, haha.
        Discover Underground network entrances [5/5]
        The Underground is the Fast Travel inside Boston and New York. See the
        guide Section 12.00 for more information.
        Reach a high point [5/5]
        Again, another natural challenge. What this challenge really means is to
        find five viewpoints, the eagle icons on your map where you synchronize
        and locate more things.
        Discover the location of every fort [7/7]
        See the guide Section 09.03 for more information.
        Explore the canopy by traveling 100m through the trees
        Be your nimble self and find an entrance into the trees up above in the
        big, wide Frontier. Just keep traveling through them without leaping down
        and you will see this challenge unlock. It will likely come natural while
        you are running about hunting or trying to move quickly about.
        Collect a feather [5/5]
        The Feathers are scattered about the Frontier. See Section 13.01 for info
        on the Feathers. Take note that you can buy the Feather maps.
      /                         \
        Dive into water from a height of 50 meters
        Head to the Frontier, to the far East side of Diamond Basin. If you have
        not already uncovered parts of it on your map, walk to the West from the
        border between Diamond Basin and Great Piece Hills. You should see a giant
        body of water there. Just to the East of that body of water is a HUGE cliff
        that you can climb all the way up. At the top of the cliff is a tree that
        sticks out over the water. Walk out onto it and dive right in.
        Complete an Almanac
        Simply collect all four pages of a given Almanac. See Section 13.02 for
        more general information (but not the actual locations of the pages).
        Climb for a total of 1500 meters
        This challenge is cumulative so you will likely already have this one done
        before you get access to it, like I did.
        Discover the location of every trading post in the Frontier
        There are three (3) of them in Lexington, Concord, and Monmouth.
        Listen to all of Washington's conversations
        Washington becomes available in Sequence 9, Memory 1. I believe that you
        must listen to what he says during this portion of the game, so if you have
        not, reload the memory and talk to him until he is done. Keep coming back
        to him and talk to him until eventually he should only offer to play a game
        and the achievement should have popped. If it doesn't, then reload the above
        memory and talk to him then.
        Take note that after you beat the storyline, he will be found in New York.
      /                         \
        Reveal the whole map for Boston, New York, and the Frontier
        No easy way of doing this challenge. Just run around these places and look
        at the map often, trying to spot where the map is fuzzy. Take note that you
        only really need to reveal about 80%-90% of the map for any of these places,
        so not every little corner needs to be revealed. I had blurry and empty
        spots all over my Frontier map and a good portion of northern New York was
        undiscovered and yet the challenges completed themselves for me.
        Reach all of the High Points [30/30]
        If you are used to playing Assassin's Creed, then you likely will have this
        challenge long before it becomes available. If not, then check all of the
        eagle viewpoints between Boston, New York, and the Frontier.
        Discover all of the Underground network entrances in New York and Boston
        See Section 12.00 for more information on the Underground.
        Visit every tavern in the Frontier, New York, and Boston
        You need to enter every building with a dice icon as well as a Liberation
        icon, as the Liberation icons will replace the dice icons as you progress
        through the story. There are 4 taverns in Boston, 5 taverns in New York,
        and 4 taverns in the Frontier.
    | Thief's Club                                                     07.04 |
    To obtain an invitation from the Thief's Club, you must first pickpocket 100
    pounds off of citizens. That's it. Just pickpocket 100 pounds total. Afterwards
    you will receive your invitation.
    Note that the Thief's Club has no missions, unlike the other three clubs, but
    it only has challenges to complete.
    If any set of challenges aren't showing up for the Thief's Club, Fast Travel
    around between New York or Boston. I had to be approached by a "representative"
    of the thieves before the new challenges showed.
      /                  \
        Loot a dead body [10/10]
        As simple as it sounds, just loot bodies.
        Perform an Air Assassination [25/25]
        You should get this challenge after a while, unless you never assassinate
        people and always choose to fight. Just climb above people, target them,
        then assassinate!
        Catch a courier
        These guys are random encounters and show up as quick-moving red icons on
        your minimap. Chasing after them and while holding RT, press B when you are
        close up to tackle them. You will get a small amount of money plus usually
        some random item.
        Pickpocket 200 pounds
        Run about stealing from people by walking behind them while holding B.
        Kill an enemy from a hiding place [25/25]
        Probably the one that won't come so naturally. You need to hide places like
        in hay piles or brush in the Frontier, then whistle for someone to come
        over to you. When they're close, press X while targeting them to take them
        out from your hiding place. I only had done this move once by the time that
        I was almost finished with Sequence 6.
        There are decent places to do this challenge, but I actually did it during
        the Fort Wolcott side mission (the Peg Leg Trinkets). Right towards the
        start of the mission, you crash into a hallway and can lean against a wall,
        whistle at a guard, take him out, then reload the checkpoint over and over
        again to gain the kills. See Section 06.01.
      /                  \
        Escape from open conflict by using blending or hiding [10/10]
        Trigger some conflict with guards in New York or Boston (the Frontier seems
        to be a hard place to hide in) and then run through the alleyways until you
        find a group of people to stand in or a well or hay stack to jump into. Make
        sure that the markers for the guards following you are all grey before you
        do so, meaning that they cannot see you jump into the well, etc. Then just
        wait for a short bit until the conflict clears up. Rinse and repeat.
        Lure away a guard dog using bait [3/3]
        Not that difficult to do but annoying if you do not know about it in advance
        like me. Guard dogs can most of the time be found near the Templar Chests
        that you collect (see Section 13.03) and they will start barking should you
        alert them. Simply equip the Bait, throw it somewhere away from the dog, and
        you will lure it away. If you wish, you can wait a moment and throw some
        more bait down and lure the same dog all three times.
        Steal everything a guard owns [3/3]
        Simply waltz up behind a guard, hold down B to pickpocket them, and wait
        until all of his items are taken, i.e., the pickpocket marker stops even
        though you are still holding B.
        An easy place to do this challenge is during the first Peg Leg mission, so
        see Section 06.01 for that.
        Steal everything a rich citizen owns without being detected
        Travel to midwest Boston and look for women wearing bonnets & outfits and
        men wearing getup suits. Walk behind one, hold B to pickpocket until you can
        no longer do so, and the challenge should be done. Try doing so behind a few
        different people as I did not get the challenge the first couple of times.
        Perform a stealth kill without being detected [30/30]
        Simply sneak up behind guards and take them out without them or anyone else
        around seeing you. This challenge should really come naturally as you play,
        but you can reload checkpoints at certain points (again, like the Peg Leg
        mission in Section 06.01) if you really have not done this challenge yet.
      /                  \
        Poison enemies [5/5]
        Simply buy some Poison Darts along the way through the game, hide in a tree
        in the Frontier or on a roof in one of the cities, aim at a guard, and there
        you have it.
        Find and empty the chests in New York [10/10]
        See Section 13.03 for more information about the chests. Note that you can
        simply purchase a map for these chest locations.
        Win 500 pounds by playing games
        Go play Fanorona, Bowls, or Nine Men's Morris and bet some money. Personally
        the easiest game was Bowls, of which you can find an easy player over on
        the Homestead by the Aquila.
        Pickpocket or loot 1500 pounds
        Quite simply loot dead bodies and pickpocket people walking along the street
        as you go. I had about 900 pounds before this challenge even showed itself
        during the game
        Successfully attack and loot an enemy convoy [3/3]
        These convoys go around the Frontier somewhat randomly, and you might not
        find them all that often. Take a horse and go riding about between General
        Stores and hope to see one along the road. Take out the guards and loot all
        of its goods.
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Homestead Missions             |             08.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    The "full" Homestead becomes available towards the end of story Sequence 5. To
    learn about the majority of the game mechanics for the Homestead, please see
    the Section 01.04.
    Below is a listing of the various missions available. They will be roughly in
    the order of availability as I did most of the missions as soon as possible.
    The first person that you recruit will unlock the {HOUSE PARTY} achievement,
    while {A COMPLETE SET} requires you to recruit everyone. The {AN EXTRAORDINARY
    MAN} achievement requires you to finish the Encyclopedia of the Common Man (see
    below) which will take you quite a while.
    Lastly, you need to win all three (3) minigame types (Fanorona, Nine Men's
    Morris, and Bowls) on the Homestead to gain {ORIGINAL GAMER}.
    If a Homestead Mission icon is not on your map, then don't bother looking. The
    missions unlock as you play the storyline and they will show up on your map
    regardless of whether you have found an area or not, so again, do not go looking
    for missions in the areas that I mention below unless you see the icons. That
    simply means that you have not gone far enough through the storyline.
    | Encyclopedia of the Common Man (Achilles)                        08.01 |
    The very first Homestead Mission given by Achilles (besides the story-related
    mission) is a VERY long mission. It CAN last beyond the end of the game as well,
    depending on your luck.
    Achilles wishes you to examine the people that come to the Homestead. Various
    people that come to work will perform different actions at random and you are
    responsible for observing their work by holding LT and looking at them while
    they do whatever it is that they are doing.
    NOTE: Make sure that you visit each person on the Homestead as often as you can.
          The randomness of their actions can severely prolong the amount of time it
          takes for them to do a specifically new action than what you have recorded
          already. As you are playing the game, and as it will take you quite a long
          while to do everything, you increase your chances of getting this mission
          (and achievement, among other things) out of the way the more often you
          stop by and observe people.
    You cannot complete this objective until you have recruited everyone for the
    entire Homestead. Also, some of the people will not do anything new until you
    get further along in their Homestead missions as they will need upgrades and new
    tools and so on. Further, you still have to rely on luck for people to perform
    various actions when you want to examine them. Below is a list of the people
    that you need to recruit, of which you must record 3 actions per:
        . Blacksmith (Big Dave, 08.18)
        . Doctor (Lyle, 08.14)
        . Farmers (Warren and Prudence, 08.04)
        . Huntress (Myriam, 08.02)
        . Innkeepers (Oliver and Corinne, 08.10)
        . Lumberers (Godfrey and Terry and Catherine, Storyline)
        . Miner (Norris, 08.08)
        . Tailor (Ellen, 08.20)
        . Woodworker (Lance, 08.03)
    Take note that the Lumberers are recruited through the storyline. Further, note
    that Catherine is one of the wives, yet you can observe some of her actions and
    still count towards the Lumberers.
    | Silent Hunter (Myriam)                                           08.02 |
    You will encounter Myriam wounded near a path to the southwest of the manor. You
    need to carry her up to the manor. After the little scene make your way across
    the land to the northwest and find the green marker. Climb the ladder to get
    a better viewpoint of the enemies.
    There are only three enemies and here is good practice with the Rope Darts if
    you have not used them much. Stay up in the trees among the branches and aim
    down below (with LT) at an enemy. HOLD Y, not just press, and Connor will latch
    onto the enemy and pull him back and upwards, possibly suffocating them. I
    am not entirely sure to be honest.
    Using the above method will allow you to keep your current Rope Dart for Connor
    will simply drop the person back down. Another manner of approach is to hold Y
    and pull backwards on the L-Stick. Connor will drop down and create something
    of a pulley, thus hanging the enemy from the tree. You will lose your Rope
    Dart however, thereby depleting your quantity.
    Lastly, as the game will demonstrate, hide in the bushes with the last enemy
    and hold Y, then while on the ground pull backwards on the L-Stick so you drag
    the enemy to you. Connor will then dispatch them easily and you keep your
    nice tool, not losing any of them.
    With the tutorial complete and the first three poachers down, you have another
    two walking nearby to take out. If you wish, you can continue using the Rope
    Darts and actually hang them so that you work towards the {PREDATOR} achievement
    early on. However, since the achievement only requires you to hang five (5)
    enemies, it should not be a problem. You can also creep up and perform a double
    assassination using the Hidden Blade.
    With those two gone, head over to the green marker, then return to Achilles
    following the cutscene. Now Myriam is recruited!
    | The Whittler's Weapons (Lance)                                   08.03 |
    This mission is shown to you from faraway during the storyline. It is near the
    burning carriage on the cliff roadside near the exit to (or the entrance from)
    the Frontier. Run near the burning carriage and take out the ruffians, then help
    good old Lance up. He will now join the Homestead as a Woodworker.
    | Abused (Warren/Prudence)                                         08.04 |
    This mission is found in the eastern edge (just west of the General Store) of
    the Monmouth section in the Frontier. Simply run up and slay the guards.
    | Prudence's Primrose (Warren/Prudence)                            08.05 |
    Head over to Warren and Prudence's farm in the Homestead. After the scene, you
    need to run to the green marker. Hunting for clues you should be used to by now
    so analyze some primrose within the green zone, then look for Prudence's cloth.
    Both are on the ground. Then (I found it to the southeast) look for her flower
    bag near some bushes. Run around the bushes and run up to the bear in front
    of Prudence. If you are quick, you can just take it out. Then carry Prudence
    over to Warren.
    Note that vegetables and produce will become available to the Homestead.
    | Burglar on the Homestead (Godfrey/Terry)                         08.06 |
    Just southwest of Godfrey and Terry's home. You will have to chase the thief
    at their home down across the river. It is not too difficult as the whole event
    is pretty well scripted. Take the thief out and you are done.
    Walnut lumber and some other items become available to you.
    | The Fight (Godfrey/Terry)                                        08.07 |
    After the burglary, you will find this mission near Lance's workshop. Follow the
    kids and you will start a minigame to stop Godfrey and Terry from fighting. The
    minigame, while many people seem to find it irritating, really isn't that bad
    if you know what you are doing.
    You are using your L-Stick and R-Stick to control position on two different
    horizontal lines, but the two lines connect in the center of the screen. One is
    for Godfrey and one for Terry. On each line, there is a single colored bar that
    moves/bounces. The object is to keep the L-Stick and R-Stick icon BETWEEN the
    center-point and the corresponding bar for that line.
    If you move the L-Stick too far to the left and you go past the colored bar,
    then the bar rapidly moves towards the center/connector of the two lines. The
    same happens with the R-Stick and the bar on the right line. If either of the
    bars touches the center, then that corresponding character will punch the other
    one. You will notice the colored bars change based on their position. The closer
    to the center, they will be red; somewhere in the middle, orange; and the closer
    to the edge of the screen, green.
    You need to SLOWLY push the L-Stick to the left and the R-Stick to the right so
    that their corresponding bars start edging outward to the edge of the screen. If
    you push too quickly then you will go past the bar and it will start flying
    towards the center point.
    Just alternate back and forth with the control sticks, edging one bar outward
    some, then the other, back and forth. When I did this manner, I had no issues,
    as the bars stayed there and never went past the L-Stick or R-Stick icons. Once
    you have edged both bars to the end of the line (edge of the screen), and they
    should be both green, then the fight ends. Return to Godfrey and Terry to finish
    the mission as a whole.
    Spruce lumber and some other items become available at this point.
    | The Brawler (Norris)                                             08.08 |
    Head up to North Boston and you will see the mission marker just nearby the
    Harbormaster icon that is further south. In an alleyway guards are beating on
    a man, so simply rush in and dispatch them. That's all.
    | White Trophy (Myriam)                                            08.09 |
    Go over to the far West side of the Homestead to find Myriam wandering about;
    when the mission starts, head over to the green zone and walk about looking for
    clues on the ground. Once you find the dead carcass, chase after the cougar and
    drop down to the mine. Talk to Norris and enter the mine. Walk in, press the
    button when prompted, and then the mission is over!
    | Room at the Inn (Oliver/Corrine)                                 08.10 |
    This mission is in the southern center of the Homestead, just West of Lance's
    home. After the scene, you simply need to give Oliver and Corrine 1000 pounds.
    You may not have the money now, but it isn't a lot at this point in the game (as
    it was about Sequence 10 until I saw this mission). After the transaction, the
    mission is done.
    Now you can get things crafted like Meat Pies and Alcohol.
    | Manor Mysteries (Achilles)                                       08.11 |
    Head back up to the manor on the Homestead and talk to Achilles. Follow him down
    below the house and when he is done, head out to Norris (the green marker) and
    talk to him. Follow him to the cave and blast the barrel in front of it. Inside,
    it seems tricky, but it really isn't. You simply need to run through the varying
    paths towards the green marker. Eventually you'll reach a little open area to
    jump through. Pick the chest at the end, then you have to get out of the cave
    in under 2:00 minutes.
    Climb along the wall back to where you entered this little room, then take any
    path to head out of the cave. Along the way, rocks will drop in your way. When
    this happens, immediately look to the left or right for another way about and
    just keep going. Do NOT try to turn around and head back the way you came, as
    the correct way to go is ALWAYS next to where the rocks fall. Beware that there
    may be a time or two where you will have to turn around and a small pathway will
    be to the side of where you had just entered.
    When you are out of the cave, return to the manor and you are done.
    | Norris Goes Courting (Norris)                                    08.12 |
    Head to the southwest corner of the Homestead to find Norris sitting in a little
    stream by himself. Run all the way to Prudence and talk to her at her farm. When
    you do, head to the new green marker and climb up the mountainside. Once up at
    the very top, pick the flowers, then return to Norris.
    Copper ore and some other items become available to you after this mission.
    | Bowls Beginner (Godfrey/Terry)                                   08.13 |
    Head just North of the inn and talk to Godfrey and Terry. You will be introduced
    to the game of Bowls. Simply play and win or lose, and the mission will end.
    | Happy Expectations (Warren/Prudence/Lyle)                        08.14 |
    Go talk to Warren and Prudence about their baby, then head to the marker found
    in mid-eastern Boston. Talk to the man, then run around the corner and take out
    the group of men beating up the doctor.
    | Pig Herder (Warren/Prudence)                                     08.15 |
    Head back to Prudence on the Homestead. Talk to her and then you will have to
    herd pigs into the pen, which is somewhat annoying. Get behind a pig and they
    will try to run away from you. Try running around to the OPPOSITE side of where
    you want them to turn. So if they need to start turning right, run up past their
    left side. Sometimes the pigs will just turn 180 degrees and run away, which can
    make this part stupidly annoying. Honestly, the pigs just didn't want to get
    into the pen for me, but I found no "good" way of doing this mission, as it just
    seemed like a waste of time placed here by Ubisoft.
    Wheat and certain grains will become available now.
    | Norris Tries Again (Norris)                                      08.16 |
    Head back to Norris in the southwest of the Homestead again. After the scene,
    now make your way all the way up North to Myriam's camp. When Myriam is not
    looking towards her door, examine the clue in front of it. After the little
    scene, you do not have to worry about being discovered. Return to Norris and the
    mission is over. Really, these Homestead missions seem an artificial waste of
    time, at least a good amount of them... but anyway!
    Lead ore and sulfur will become available from the mines.
    | Raw Materials (Norris)                                           08.17 |
    Head over to Norris and talk to him outside of his little home. After the little
    scene, head to the Frontier. Norris is in the Packanack district, so meet him
    there. You need to protect Norris from the British that come nearby. There is
    not too much challenge here for yourself--but just make sure that Norris stays
    alive. Lay some traps during the breaks if you wish, and it should be easy.
    | Deserter (Big Dave)                                              08.18 |
    Head to the southwest corner of John's Town in the Frontier. Take out the guards
    standing over the man. When the fight ends, press Y to shoot the soldiers in the
    little scene.
    | The Proper Tools (Big Dave)                                      08.19 |
    Head to Dave's new home in the southern part of the Homestead. When here, talk
    to him and then depart for New York. Head into ANY General Store, then buy both
    of the hammer-related items under Citizen Mission Items. Return to Dave, and
    you're done!
    You might, like me, freak out if you do not see any General Store locations on
    the map even though you might have discovered them. The game places Homestead
    icons over them, so the three are: in the northeast at the border between North
    and East New York; along the border between East and West New York; and at the
    very southern tip of East New York.
    Dave can now craft some finer items.
    | Cutting Ties (Ellen)                                             08.20 |
    Head to the marker just East of the border between West and East New York. Go
    after the girl and beat up the man abusing her mother. The mission is over!
    | Silk Errand (Ellen)                                              08.21 |
    Head to the marker just South of the inn on the Homestead. Talk to Ellen and go
    back to New York yet again. When there, go to the alley near the border between
    West and East New York (just follow the green marker). Examine the crate and
    then collect the silk. Return to Ellen on the Homestead and that's all.
    | Finding His Flock                                                08.22 |
    Walk into the inn and interact at the counter. When the man comes in, simply
    give him 1000 pounds and the mission is done.
    You should unlock {A COMPLETE SET} at the end of this mission, if you have done
    everything in the order above. Otherwise, you may get it with Ellen or Dave.
    | Tools of the Trade (Lance)                                       08.23 |
    Head on over and speak to Lance at his place on the Homestead. Now go back to
    the lovely city of Boston and head to the northern marker. Talk to Lance and
    follow him, then head over to the bar. Follow Patrick through the alleyways.
    The tailing is easier than usual as you can go 0:25 seconds before you are
    desynchronized, which means you can hang back easily. Just watch the distance
    as you can fail if he gets too far away from you. Once he reaches the end of the
    path, run over and examine the box (the green marker). The mission will be over.
    | Get Me a Doctor! (Warren/Prudence)                               08.24 |
    Head just to the northwest of the manor. This mission marker is just nearby on
    the road. Talk to Prudence and then hop on the horse. You are going to have 3:00
    minutes to get Lyle and Warren and return to Prudence. Head down the road and
    reach the doctor, then start heading back to Prudence. IMPORTANTLY, take notice
    of the doctor as you leave. For me, he got glitchy and stuck several times when
    I kept retrying this mission, so it prevents you from moving on.
    Ride back towards Prudence and the doctor mentions Warren, so prepare to turn
    left and get him. Once you have both of them, make sure that they do not get
    stuck and ride back to Prudence. The mission is over.
    | Fool Me Once... (Norris)                                         08.25 |
    Head up to the marker near Myriam's camp in the North. Talk to Norris and then
    to Myriam. Head over to the red markers and take out some wolves. Skin them and
    then climb your way into the trees to reach the green marker. Afterwards, hurry
    yourself along the tree branches to reach Myriam before her health is gone. When
    you do, chase the poacher and take him out.
    | The Final Straw (Ellen)                                          08.26 |
    Head to the group of people meeting between the inn and Lance's place. Follow
    the group of people to Ellen's home. You will see that her door and windows have
    health bars. The aim here is to take out the thugs before any of the bars drop
    empty. Most of the thugs at a given time will be fighting other members of the
    Homestead. But one thug will always have a red marker above their head. This
    marker means that they are trying to attack the house, so always take this thug
    out first. If you wish, you can simply take out each of these thugs one at a
    time as they run up to the house. Once they're gone, the mission is done.
    | The Wedding (Norris/Myriam)                                      08.27 |
    Find Myriam somewhere south of the manor. Follow Timothy to the inn now, and
    then, after the time skip, walk inside the manor and talk to Norris. Head up
    the stairs and investigate the clues in the room. Go outside and follow through
    the trees to the green zone. Climb up and chase Myriam through the trees and
    eventually some scenes cut in. The scenes made absolutely no sense to me, but
    whatever. Talk to the people in the room and more scenes go on.
    | Manor Mysteries, cont. (Achilles)                                08.28 |
    Go talk to Achilles in the manor. Head to New York; the marker is near a Fast
    Travel in the West. Climb up into the building and interact with the green
    marker. Head back to Achilles and the mission is over. You can talk to him after
    this mission, should you wish.
    | An Eye for Trouble (Oliver/Big Dave)                             08.29 |
    This mission marker is at the inn. Run after the man, jump onto the horse, then
    chase him and assassinate him. Run back to Big Dave and Oliver and that's all!
    | Thousand-Pound Idea (Lance)                                      08.30 |
    Head on over and talk to Lance outside of his place. Head out to southeastern
    New York near the docks and head to the mission marker there. Talk to the man,
    then follow around each of the three red markers. You can either pickpocket or
    kill and loot the men. After that is done, return to Lance and you're done.
    | The Comeback (Big Dave)                                          08.31 |
    Head over to Big Dave's home and talk to the group there. Follow Big Dave around
    the corner, then take one of the kegs and lay it in the road in front of where
    everyone else is waiting. If you have time, put another one further up. When the
    guards come down, shoot one of the barrels to take out the group, then take out
    the rest. One more group of soldiers comes, so do the same thing while making
    sure that Big Dave and everyone else are fine. After that, you are done!
    | Slander (Lyle)                                                   08.32 |
    Head up to Lyle's place and talk to him. When he finishes, head to Boston. The
    courier is way down at the southern part of Boston, slightly North of the exit
    towards the Frontier. Talk to him, then run around the corner and bribe the boy
    screaming about news. Do the same thing in the next green zone, and then do so
    two more times! Now run about the streets using Eagle Vision and look for the
    culprit as he is randomly walking about; he'll glow gold. Beat him up or steal
    the pamphlets from him and you are done.
    | Wait Times (Lyle)                                                 08.33 |
    Head on over to the Harbormaster on the Homestead and talk to Lyle nearby. You
    will have 1:00 minute to run over to the green marker which is not far away at
    all. Return to Lyle, then after the scene run over to all of the green markers
    and help the sailors out. I counted five (5) of them within the 2:00 minute time
    limit, so that is more than enough time. Return to Lyle when you're done.
    | Legacy (Achilles)                                                08.34 |
    Head on up to the manor on the Homestead. Walk into the room at the end of the
    hallway. Head out to the green marker and talk to Timothy. When you are given
    control again, listen and press X as the game prompts you. After more scenes,
    the mission is over.
    You should notice a chest appear on the cliff behind you, so climb down to it.
    | Achilles' Painting                                               08.35 |
    Head back inside the manor for the final mission. Examine the painting that your
    friend Achilles had you fetch some time ago. After the short scene, you are
    finally done with all of the Homestead Missions.
    If you have not finished the Encyclopedia of the Common Man, be sure to continue
    on with that as well as any other side missions you have left here.
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Liberation Missions and Forts  |             09.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    In Assassin's Creed III, a new subset of side missions have been made that
    are called "Liberation Missions." But in reality, they are no real different
    than some missions from previous games. There are two sets to the Liberation
    side missions: city district Liberations and Fort Liberations.
    City district Liberation does not unlock until after Sequence 6 begins, and it
    requires you to complete small tasks in sections of Boston and New York until a
    bigger Liberation Mission appears for that given section, or district. If you
    complete that mission, then, well, the district is liberated! Completing these
    Liberation tasks allows you to recruit Assassins and to send them off on their
    own little missions to gain experience and upgrades like in previous AC games.
    Fort Liberations are similar to raiding Templar camps and lighting the bonfire
    towers in previous games. There are seven (7) Forts to be found throughout
    the game: two (2) in Boston, two (2) in New York, three (3) in the Frontier.
    You MUST enter each Fort undetected, then once inside you must destroy an ammo
    shed as well as assassinate the Fort's captain, then raise a flag in the center
    of the Fort, liberating it. Take note that once you are in the Fort, detection
    is no longer an issue. Go crazy on the soldiers should you wish. Just note that
    you cannot do things like ignite ammunition sheds while detected, so kill enough
    guards and move somewhere until you are undetected again.
    NOTE: When a Fort is liberated, it becomes a new Fast Travel location for you.
    | Boston Liberation                                                09.01 |
    Take note that Central Boston's Liberation Mission is part of the storyline and
    you will complete it during Sequence 6.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 1: Gangs of Boston (North Boston)                |
    You'll find this mission at the eastern side of North Boston, near the docks
    just above the Harbormaster (the Harbormaster that is further South). Your job
    is to head up North and take out the Templar Leader. Just go up the far pier to
    the big old ship and you will fight enemies like normal. Nothing too difficult.
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 2: Martial Law (South Boston)                    |
    If you turn slightly to the right from where you start, you can run past all of
    the soldiers and then up the stairs to your left to immediately assassinate
    the Templar Leader up on the stand.
    | New York Liberation                                              09.02 |
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 1: Protect the Clinic (West New York)            |
    Lay down your new ability to ambush some soldiers, then simply take out the rest
    of them as they come. That's all!
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 2: Hoarding Provisions (North New York)          |
    Make your way to the red marker, like usual, down near the water. You can now
    lure people, although it didn't seem to really do anything for me. Use it if
    you wish, then just take out the captain!
      |                                                          |
      | Mission 3: In the Wolf's Lair (East New York)            |
    Head all the way out to the docks via the red marker. Use your decoy ability to
    get onto the ship and then, well, take out the captain!
    | Fort Liberation                                                  09.03 |
        Fort Independence (Boston)
        LOCATION: Southwestern edge of Boston near the water. Look westward from
                  the Frontiersmen meeting place at the southern end of the city.
                  Take note that the South Commons Underground exit is nearby.
        ENTRANCE: Run all the way around the southeastern corner of the Fort until
                  you meet the water's edge, where everything is sort of swampy. You
                  should see a guarded entrance when look at the Fort now, and to
                  the right of said entrance, you should see stacks of boxes up
                  against the wall. Simply climb the boxes and the wall, and you
                  are in!
        HINTS: None. This Fort is probably the easiest of them all to take over.
        Fort Hill (Boston)
        LOCATION: Eastern area of Central Boston. Just southeast of the ports with
                  the Harbormasters.
        ENTRANCE: Follow the roadway around the western side of the Fort. You will
                  find a little shed-looking entrance being guarded by two soldiers
                  so take them out and head inside. There will be a chest in the
                  next room along with two more guards. Just follow the pathway and
                  you will wind up inside the Fort.
        HINTS: It is terribly easy to be stealthy here for there are many soldiers
               walking around by themselves. Sneak your way over to the captain
               first and then take out the ammo shed.
        Fort Duquesne (Frontier)
        LOCATION: Mideastern section of Black Creek
        ENTRANCE: Head to the North of the Fort and you shall see some pathways up
                  into the trees. If you take notice, there will be a rather HUGE
                  tree with a branch leaning into the Fort's yard. Climb up, try
                  to avoid the soldier below on horseback, and jump into the Fort.
        HINTS: None really, for this Fort is rather easy to take over.
        Fort St-Mathieu (Frontier)
        LOCATION: Southwestern section of Scotch Plains
        ENTRANCE: Make your way around to the Southeastern side of the Fort. Around
                  the corner you should be able to slide down to the cliff edges
                  below. Make your way across and you'll wind up climbing up near
                  the Southwestern side of the Fort, entering right where some
                  cannons are sitting.
        HINTS: BEWARE of the mass of enemies here. There are so many soldiers here
               shooting at you that it's really difficult to survive. I died here
               twice, which is not that much, but it was rather annoying. The lot
               of soldiers here tend to join up in firing lines quite often.
        Fort Monmouth (Frontier)
        LOCATION: Southwestern section of Monmouth
        ENTRANCE: Head East past the Fort and you will see that you reach water. Go
                  around towards the South and jump into the water. You'll see a
                  rocky path that you can take around the corner of the Fort. Once
                  around that corner, watch out for the two guards on the little
                  dock. Sneak past them or stealthily kill them and you will see
                  the entrance where the dock is.
        HINTS: Again, watch out for the sheer number of enemies.
        Fort Washington (New York)
        LOCATION: The large western corner of West New York
        ENTRANCE: Head around to the northeast of the Fort. You should see little
                  wooden poles sticking out of the water near an area where a ship
                  is visible. Run across the poles and you should be able to make
                  your way into the Fort easily.
        HINTS: None really. The powder shed is right near the entrance and the
               captain is not too far ahead. If you have too much trouble, you can
               release some prisoners from the center of the Fort to help you fight.
        Fort Division (New York)
        LOCATION: Far northeast corner of North New York
        ENTRANCE: Swim around to the southeast of the Fort to find a hole in the
                  walling that you can swim under. That's it!
        HINTS: When I was here, the captain was riding a horse, so I was able to
               sneak up and pull him off for an automatic kill.
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Privateer Contracts            |             10.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    The Privateer Contracts, like the Naval Missions, do not unlock until you have
    the Aquila on the Homestead, which is not until after Sequence 6 has begun. But
    these missions, unlike the Naval Missions, are much shorter and will help you
    towards making money with Naval Convoys (see Section 01.05).
    Access these missions through any Harbormaster. Take note that these missions,
    like the storyline, have optional objectives.
    You can purchase upgrades for the Aquila by going to the notebook next to the
    ship itself (and the Harbormaster) on the Homestead. Purchasing new weaponry
    for the ship is not a bad idea at all for these missions.
    | Henderson in Distress (Saint-Augustine)                          10.01 |
    Right away you have a {100% SYNC} objective to not allow the Henderson to lose
    more than 50% of its health. This objective is ongoing, so you need to take out
    the other enemy ships as quickly as possible. This objective is actually pretty
    challenging. You're going to want to use the swivel gun (LT) and the cannon (RT)
    back and forth.
    First, take out the ship in front of you, then look to your right to see three
    or more boats to the East. Try your best to take them out with the swivel gun,
    though it proves to be a pain. Then try to maneuver your way BETWEEN the boats
    coming from the North and the Henderson. You are not really worried about taking
    much damage yourself. If you can do so, position those boats to be on the side
    of your ship and unleash your cannon. I was able to take out three ships at once
    after a few tries. If you can stay over to the North and prevent any of the
    ships from getting back over to the Henderson, you should be clear.
    | Paving the Way (Saint-Augustine)                                 10.02 |
    At the mission start, guide your ship around the edge of the lighthouse. When
    you do, ships will appear from far away. You will have a {100% SYNC} objective
    to destroy three (3) ships by ramming into them. There are ten (10) ships so
    there are more than enough to do this objective, although I suggest doing so as
    soon as possible, as eventually the ships crowd up on you and you will WANT to
    start thinning them out with the cannons. Doing so without starting on the
    objective means you will be chasing two ships out in the open water, trying to
    ram into them forever, as opposed to just doing so from the beginning.
    This battle isn't really hard, and it is less annoying than the previous mission
    thankfully. So just keep using your swivel gun and launch the cannons whenever
    you get a ship or two on your side. When you take all ten out, you are done.
    | Dread of Night (Saint-Augustine)                                 10.03 |
    Start off by approaching the ship, and it will take off. You have to chase the
    ship for a couple minutes, and while you do so, there is a {100% SYNC} objective
    for not taking more than 25% damage from the environment. This simply means to
    navigate properly and avoid the rocks, so go slower around bad edges.
    Eventually you will reach open water and have to fight eleven other ships, so
    do as you normally do and fire your guns and cannons. You do NOT have to worry
    about the objective anymore, by the way. Taking damage from the ships does not
    count against you, so don't worry if you get hit around a bit. But notice that
    the big ship takes quite a few rounds to go down, at least it did for me.
    | Blistering Dawn (The Bahamas)                                    10.04 |
    Now in this mission, you right away need to destroy a bunch of ships, but you
    cannot take more than 25% damage for a {100% SYNC} objective. There are four
    ships total, two of which require a lot of damage to go down. On top of that,
    you must attack their weak spots with your swivel gun when the white circles
    show up on the ships. This mission was really hard for me simply because the
    game decided that any time I was playing poorly, the enemy's attacks would do
    almost no damage, but whenever I was down to only one ship left (with a FULL bar
    of health) that single simple would do 50% damage with a single-placed shot. I
    really thought that this mission was up to luck, all in all, and whether the
    ships would shoot you at specific times (e.g., shooting at you right when you
    choose to shoot at them).
    | A Call for Help (The Bahamas)                                    10.05 |
    Watch out for the beginning here, as the game threw my ship right into some
    rocks along the water. I'm not sure if it is meant to happen for sure, but I
    thought that it was an annoying way to start. Anyway, steer around the rocks and
    make your way over to the Independence. You will have yet another {100% SYNC}
    objective here to protect the Independence and not allow it to lose more than
    75% of its health.
    There are a TON of ships coming from all directions (not just the direction in
    which the game points you initially), so you need to be prepared. Steer towards
    some ships (in which there are 17 total) and start unleashing your cannons on
    groups of them if you can, as that will thin the numbers rapidly. Once you are
    able to get some of them out of the way, I actually found it easier to start
    taking them out one by one with the swivel gun, taking out those closest to
    the Independence first and foremost. Luckily, 75% of its health is a LOT so you
    should not have too much to worry about here. I destroyed all 17 ships and yet
    the Independence had just over 50% of its health still left. Take note that the
    swivel gun can actually hit from far away and at the weirdest angles, so take
    advantage of that feature a lot.
    | Search for the Somerset (The Bahamas)                            10.06 |
    Similar to the Dread of Night mission, you simply need to navigate your way
    further and minimize your damage to less than 25% of your health for a {100%
    SYNC} objective until you reach the end of the pathway. Then five smaller ships
    and a large ship appear. Try to take the little ships out with the swivel gun
    from further away, then unleash your cannons onto the larger ship.
    | Troubled Waters (Louisbourg)                                     10.07 |
    Sail forward and the game will introduce you to rogue waves. When the wave is
    almost upon you, press X to take cover from it. Afterwards, boats will appear
    as well as a {100% SYNC} objective to not take more than 50% damage from the
    boats AND the waves coming around. You're going to want to use your cannons here
    for the ships are huge and take a lot of damage before they go now. Notice that
    the waves will be going around you, so surely press X should a wave come up or
    should the other ships be firing at you.
    Also notice that the waves will sometimes get in between you and the enemy ship,
    so pay very close attention and don't waste the time firing and reloading if a
    wave is coming up, as you will not hit the other ship even if it is just beyond
    the wave. Take your time, try to keep to one ship at a time, and you're good.
    | Raiding the Prospector (Louisbourg)                              10.08 |
    Right away, use your swivel gun and try to shoot the other ships far away before
    they get any closer. There are eight (8) smaller ships just waiting to be taken
    out, but if they get closer, try to group them together with cannon shots. After
    you take these ships out, continue sailing towards the objective zone.
    After the scene kicks in, you will have to take out an entire fleet with in the
    time of 1:30, which is probably one of the most annoying objectives in these
    missions. Do your best to take out the little ships with single swivel gun shots
    and then focus on the larger ship. If you miss more than three or so times on
    any of the ships, you probably should reload as taking down the bigger ship is
    going to eat up the majority of your time. It took three whole cannon shots for
    it to go down in my game.
    There are indeed upgrades that you can get for the Aquila via the notebook next
    to the Harbormaster on the Homestead. Purchase extra cannons, the Grape Shot,
    and the Piercing Round for this particular mission alone.
    | One of a Kind (Louisbourg)                                       10.09 |
    This mission is actually one of survival. Sail your ship forward until you see
    ships come out. Now you will have a timer of 4:00 minutes to survive, so simply
    blast as many ships that come out as you can, and make sure to brace for impact
    any time that they shoot at you.
    Note that at the 2:00 minute mark, frigates (much larger ships) will come out,
    and there is a {100% SYNC} objective to sink them, thus blast away at them with
    your cannons and they should hopefully go down. You only have to sink one of
    the frigates, however, and then keep surviving until the time runs out.
    Having the Grape Shot as well as a reinforced ship is VERY helpful here. Go to
    the notebook near the Harbormaster on the Homestead to upgrade the Aquila.
    | The Sea Wolves (Virgin Islands)                                  10.10 |
    This mission is REALLY difficult. Right from the beginning, you have a goal to
    keep at minimum FOUR other ally ships alive for {100% SYNC}. The battle breaks
    off right away, and basically your goal is to maneuver as fast as you can and
    destroy the enemy ships. You have eight (8) allies total, so only four can be
    destroyed thus leaving four alive.
    I am not entirely sure of a given strategy here, but having full upgrades on
    the Aquila is almost a must for this mission, as having a reinforced hull, the
    Grape Shot, faster control of the ship, and everything else truly helps you here
    as this mission is just plain hard. I would actually suggest ramming into the
    ships (especially if you have purchased the ram that is added to the ship) as it
    allows you to move quickly and deal damage.
    Honestly, I had to retry this mission SO many times even with a fully upgraded
    ship, as the enemies just destroy your fleet so quickly, and there's only four
    enemy ships! Be careful not to ram or shoot your own ships, too, as that part
    just makes this mission even more annoying, not to mention the stupid AI of your
    allies, as I had three out of the four enemies destroyed, and only one ally
    casualty, and half of my allies decided to sail TOWARDS the only enemy ship left
    on the ocean. Needless to say, I was more than angry.
    Anyway, again, try to ram the ships if they aren't too far out of the way, and
    do your best not to destroy your allies as they stupidly conglomerate around
    the enemy ships that you need to shoot.
    | A Midnight Engagement (Virgin Islands)                           10.11 |
    Similar to Dread of Night again, as you follow the ship and avoid taking more
    than 25% damage from the environment, then at the end of the chase, you need to
    take out four smaller ships as well as the big ship you were chasing. Note that
    ramming the big ship works out really well, as it was immediately destroyed when
    I had the ramming upgrade for the ship.
    As for the little ships, the swivel gun should work, but just watch the waves
    as they are still rather crazy out there. This mission is rather short and easy
    even though it is towards the end of these types of missions.
    | The Giant and the Storm (Virgin Islands)                         10.12 |
    Depending on the order you have done these in, this mission should be the last
    one that you have left for the Privateer Missions. At the beginning, you have
    a battle where you must take out five (5) ships. By now, you should definitely
    be used to all of these battles, so just take out the ships with whatever you
    favor, though it is rather easy to use the swivel gun from so far away.
    Now three more ships will come, along with a {100% SYNC} objective: you must
    destroy all three ships by exposing their powder stores and firing upon them.
    This objective is not the hardest by any means, but it is BY FAR the stupidest
    and most annoying one in here, as you need to ram into the front of the ships
    but you need to side-swipe them mostly, as full speed ramming WILL destroy the
    ship and thus cause you to fail the given objective. If you swipe the front of a
    ship, you should see a GIANT circle appear over the front (and you may have seen
    these in previous missions), so use the swivel gun to target it and destroy it.
    Note that you can also try to use the Chain Shot to take out the masts of each
    ship, and then use the Heat Shot upgrade to shoot the FRONT of the ship and
    NOT the entire ship itself. If you hit it right, you should expose the powder
    store that way as well, but that method didn't work well at all for me.
    Keep trying to do that forever like I did (it took me 3+ hours to get this
    objective complete) or just move on, and you'll get the {ENTREPRENEUR, NOT
    PIRATE!} achievement!
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Miscellaneous Side Quests      |             11.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    | Courier Missions                                                 11.01 |
    The Courier Missions have been around for a while in the AC series. The object
    is simple: deliver four (4) letters to some citizens and you get money! In this
    game, you get 500 coins for each mission completed. You really can't go wrong
    with that!
    You need these missions for {100% SYNC} and can look at your DNA Tracker to
    see how far you've come. They are rather simple to do, and one new improvement
    is that there is no longer a time limit. Previous games would make you rush
    about to each individual but now you have unlimited time to deliver all of your
    letters so take as much time as you need.
    The Courier Missions can be found in North Boston, Central Boston, East New
    York, and the Frontier. There is one guide in each location. Take note that
    the Courier for the Frontier is found in Lexington.
    | Delivery Missions                                                11.02 |
    The Delivery Requests are entirely new to Assassin's Creed III and honestly they
    are almost not worth it at all. Sadly, should you be aiming to 100% complete the
    game, they are necessary. You will not be able to access most of them before
    the story Sequence 9, however.
    Long story short, you find people randomly about in Boston, New York, and the
    big old Frontier, and they request that you bring them items. The requests can
    range from simple hunting items like skins of an animal to elaborate items that
    you must craft yourself.
    Take note that Crafting requires tons of time, tons of collecting as well as
    discovering of Recipes, lots of work to recruit the majority of the Homestead
    members, and so on. See Section 01.04 for a little more information on Crafting.
    Below each mission will be listed as well as the person's location, their item
    list, and any tips I think will be useful. These missions are just a pain in
    comparison to the Courier or Assassination Missions.
    I highly suggest saving most of these for the end of the game, after you have
    collected almost everything, found all of the Recipes, upgraded the Homestead,
    and so on and so forth. Chances are you will find some of the items you need
    along the way in addition to the ease of the Recipes. Also, some items cannot
    be made until the workers on the Homestead are upgraded anyway.
    Most, if not all, of the following items have Recipes or can be bought from the
    workers on the Homestead. For each Recipe, look through the workers' stocks to
    buy the materials needed for them.
        Lexington Items (Frontier)
        LOCATION: From the General Store in Lexington, head pretty much directly
                  South and you will find the man by a home.
        ITEMS: Bear Pelt (x3), Wolf Pelt (x5), Beaver Teeth (x5), Bobcat Pelt (x3),
               Cougar Pelt (x3)
               I really do not have much to offer on this one, as it is relatively
               easy in light of the later missions. You may have already gotten all
               of the items before accepting the request, like I had. If not, see
               Section 07.02 for more information on these animal locations.
        Troy's Wood Items (Frontier)
        LOCATION: Northeastern Corner of Troy's Wood in the Frontier.
        ITEMS: Bear Claws (x3), Bobcat Claws (x3), Wolf Fangs (x3), Cougar
               Fangs (x2), Elk Antlers (x3)
               As before, just hunt the respective animals. See Section 07.02.
        Valley Forge Items (Frontier)
        LOCATION: Far West of Valley Forge near George Washington's encampment (not
                  available until Sequence 9).
        ITEMS: Bear Grease (x1), Deer Marrow (x3), Rabbit's Foot (x5), Elk
               Heart (x1), Fox Tail (x1)
               All of these items come from just hunting the respective animals. I
               already had all of these items when I accepted the mission. See the
               guide Section 07.02.
        Central Boston Items (Boston)
        LOCATION: Eastern side of the border between Central and North Boston. It is
                  in, as the name implies, Central Boston though, near the water.
        ITEMS: Paper (x3), Hair Accessory (x2), Toy Dolls (x2), Golden Rings (x1),
               Soap (x2)
               PAPER: Tailor, Woodworker. Oak Bark and Flax.
               HAIR ACCESSORY: Tailor. Deer Tail and Sewing Threads.
               TOY DOLL: Tailor. Dyes and Wool.
               GOLDEN RING: Blacksmith. Gold Ore.
               SOAP: Innkeeper. Bear Grease and Charcoal and Rosemary.
        South Boston Items (Boston)
        LOCATION: In the southeast, go to the Fast Travel at the border between
                  South and Central Boston. Head just northeast from there.
        ITEMS: Raccoon Pelt (x5), Deer Pelt (x5), Beaver Pelt (x5), Buttons (x2),
               Fox Pelt (x3)
               Not too bad, actually. Mostly typical hunting, so again see the guide
               Section 07.02 for animal locations. Besides that is the BUTTONS which
               need the Woodworker as well as Hickory Lumber.
        West New York Items (New York)
        LOCATION: Just North of Fort Washington in West New York.
        ITEMS: Salt (x1), Venison (x5), Hare Meat (x5), Elk Meat (x5), Bread (x2)
               Most of them are animal items. However, to get the SALT you must have
               the Innkeeper and Rock Salt, and for Bread you need the Innkeeper as
               well as Eggs and Flour and Milk.
        East New York Items (New York)
        LOCATION: Central part of the southern half of East New York. Almost exactly
                  West from the Harbormaster in the middle.
        ITEMS: Ales (x3), Ciders (x2), Spirits (x2), Tea (x2), Deer Jerky (x2)
               ALES: Innkeeper. Barley and Barrel.
               CIDERS: Innkeeper. Apples and Barrel.
               SPIRITS: Innkeeper. Barley and Barrel and Rye.
               TEA: Innkeeper. Honey and Rosemary.
               DEER JERKY: Innkeeper. Rock Salt and Venison.
        North New York Items (New York)
        LOCATION: In the northeast area of New York, just by the ships and docks.
        ITEMS: Cough Syrup (x1), Eye Drops (x1), Pomade (x1), All-Purpose
               Remedy (x1), Stomachache Remedy (x1)
               COUGH SYRUP: Doctor. Glass Bottle and Honey.
               EYE DROPS: Doctor. Glass Bottle and Rosemary.
               POMADE: Doctor. Bear Grease and Deer Marrow.
               ALL-PURPOSE REMEDY: Doctor. Glass Battle and St. John's Wort
               STOMACHACHE REMEDY: Doctor. Catnip and Charcoal and Glass Bottle.
    | Assassination Missions                                           11.03 |
    These missions are... well, almost too damn easy. You talk to a "client," they
    give you a list of people, and you take said people out. They are never with
    anyone else either, so there is no fight. Below are the locations of the three
    different Assassination clients:
        Frontier's Contracts
        LOCATION: Very southwestern part of the map in the Frontier. In the Monmouth
                  area. It is not the exact southwest, for it is slightly northwest
                  of Fort Monmouth.
        Boston's Contracts
        LOCATION: In North Boston alleyways, just to the northwest of the Brawlers
                  and to the West of the Harbormaster.
        New York's Contracts
        LOCATION: Southeast of East New York, in an alleyway just north of the
                  tavern near the docks.
    | Pivots/Hacks (Post-Story)                                        11.04 |
    Something new to Assassin's Creed III, although somewhat useless unless you just
    want to mess around, are Pivots, or Hacks. Essentially, these are cheat codes
    and they are meant for just that, cheating and doing whatever you feel like at
    a given moment. When you activate a Pivot, however, the game disables progress
    tracking so you cannot blaze through missions with invincibility and such, and
    you cannot gain any achievements while using them.
    Take note that the pivots are only available AFTER completing the Epilogue, so
    do not try to worry about them ever as they are simply not available. After the
    Epilogue, you will notice a new part called Animus Synching in your Map. The aim
    of this synching is to locate more Pivots given the Pivots that you already have
    obtained. You start with three of them from the beginning.
    What you must do is run around a given location, open your Map, then plant one
    of your Pivots onto the Map. You can only plant a Pivot where you are standing,
    so that makes it somewhat annoying as you have to run about finding the right
    locations to plant these things.
    You need to plant three Pivots at any given time and they will "triangulate,"
    so to speak, the location of another Pivot so long as you know one exists. You
    can check the Pivots Info menu in the Map to see where a given Pivot is detected
    like in Boston, New York, etc. When you place two Pivots onto the Map, you will
    see an area shaded in green (or at least you should if you know a Pivot is in
    the city or area that you are in). You will need to move somewhere into that
    green area, then move a third Pivot in it. Repeat this process, adding more and
    more Pivots (you can plant as many as you have found) until the green area will
    shrink considerably. Within the green area left, there is a Pivot for you to run
    about and find. It SHOULD show on your minimap as a square with a single dot
    inside of it, and you will notice its distinct look. Just walk up and collect it
    and then move on to your next Pivot to find.
    You CAN use Fast Travel so that you do not have to run about on foot.
    I am not entirely sure how else to explain Pivots, for they take a little time
    to get used to. But there are twelve (12) of them total. Further, all of the
    Pivots are RANDOM. I cannot write a location guide for them as the Pivots come
    from other players through the Ubisoft servers.
    Therein is the final piece of information, and probably the most annoying. You
    MUST be connected to the Internet and Ubisoft's Servers via whatever method you
    are using. If you are not, then the servers do not connect to other players and
    thus they will never reveal any Pivots to you. If you don't have the capability
    to connect with your system, then I'm sorry but Ubisoft has made it impossible
    for you to do this weird part of the game otherwise.
    After you have collected all of the Pivots, go to the Pivots Info menu and after
    your data "connects to the Cloud" you will get {HEAD IN THE CLOUD}.
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Underground and Fast Travel    |             12.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    To obtain Fast Travel locations in Assassin's Creed III, you must venture into
    the Underground. The entrances to the Underground (and thus the Fast Travel
    locations) are shown on the map with a white circle with an arrow pointing
    down. If you run over to one, you should find some sort of opening to a basement
    or tunnel of some sort. Interact with it to go down below.
    You will find yourself in a dank tunnel holding a lantern. The Underground is
    a labyrinth of some sort through which you run about and find doors leading out
    to popular destinations in the town. There is one Underground for Boston and one
    Underground for New York. There are 10 Fast Travel locations to be unlocked for
    Boston and 11 for New York, so 21 total through both towns.
    The majority of the exits are found just by wandering through and looking for
    colored signs with the names of locations. But there are 3 exits in Boston AND
    3 exits in New York that require you to solve puzzles via clues. Should you
    wish, you can find the puzzle solutions below.
    Other things to take note of:
        . The lantern is your friend. As you go through, you will find torches along
          the walls. Hold the lantern and interact with the torches to mark your
          pathway and where you have been.
        . Red bricked doorways. They may look like you cannot get through them, but
          usually look around for little barrels nearby. Place the barrel at the red
          bricked door, step back, and target the barrel and shoot it with your gun.
          The doorway will now be open to continue.
        . Locked, grated doors. There are doors that have one-sided locks on them.
          Usually, if you cannot get through one, drop the lantern and either look
          for a way to climb up OR down around the area. You can almost always make
          your way to the other side of the door with a little maneuvering.
        . Lockpicking is also used at some of the exits. Remember, rotate L and R
          SLOWLY to find the proper spots and then break the lock.
        . Some doors also have a weird alignment minigame. Use L and R to control
          two wheels. Each wheel will move these locks on the door in specific
          ways. Observe carefully which wheel moves which lock and how far the locks
          are moved. Doing so will allow you to figure out the pattern much easier.
        . Should you see a wheel on a wall that you can interact with, it should
          lower or raise an elevator shaft. To raise it, use the wheel down below.
          To lower it, use the wheel up above. You can place your lantern in the
          shaft to get it to change floors.
        . Look around you and you will occasionally see black arrows on the walls.
          Following these arrows will usually lead you to an exit door, but they
          may lead you back where you just came from, so watch out. If you see an
          arrow point down to the ground, use Eagle Vision and a new arrow will
          point in the correct direction.
        . Occasionally you will also find little circles that look like manhole
          covers with G's on them. Lighting a torch nearby will point you along
          to the next exit.
        . Lastly, beware of enemies. Although not common, you will find enemies
          down here, and the last thing you want is to get shot or attacked while
          you are holding a lantern.
        . Once you have unlocked all of the areas, there is NO need whatsoever to
          return to the Underground.
    I would advise you to unlock most of the exits as soon as you can, as using
    Fast Travel will save you time.
    | Boston                                                           12.01 |
    The locations in Boston are as follows:
        . Green Dragon Tavern
        . Crown Coffee House
        . North Port
        . Old North Church
        . Beacon Hill
        . King's Chapel
        . South Commons
        . Fort Hill
        . East Fields
        . Boston Gate
    The following are the three puzzles:
        Crown Coffee House
        BOOK: Concerning God and Religion
            . UP = The Globe
            . LEFT = The Cross
            . RIGHT = The Wheel
            . DOWN = The Balance/Scale
        South Commons
        BOOK: Of the Civil Magistrate Supreme and Subordinate
            . UP = The Crown
            . LEFT = The Wheat
            . RIGHT = The Person
            . DOWN = The Masonic Symbol (The G)
        Boston Gate
        BOOK: Of Lodges
            . UP = The Masonic Symbol (The G)
            . LEFT = Female Symbol (Circle with Cross)
            . RIGHT = Male Symbol (Circle with Arrow)
            . DOWN = The Balance/Scale
    | New York                                                         12.02 |
    The locations in New York are as follows:
        . South Market
        . Brewery
        . North Dutch Church
        . East Countryside
        . Presbyterian Church
        . West Countryside
        . City Hall
        . Trinity Church
        . Old Dutch Church
        . Bowling Green
        . St. Paul's Chapel
        . Fort George [Unlocks only during the storyline]
        North Dutch Church
        BOOK: Of Behaviour, Viz
            . UP = The Pyramid Eye
            . LEFT = The Cross
            . RIGHT = The Balance/Scale
            . DOWN = The Jester Hat
        Trinity Church
        BOOK: Masters, Wardens, Fellows, and Apprentices
            . UP = The Pyramid Eye
            . LEFT = The Double Headed Eagle
            . RIGHT = The Crown
            . DOWN = The Masonic Symbol (The G)
        St. Paul's Chapel
        BOOK: Of the Management of the Craft in Working
            . UP = The Sun
            . LEFT = Male Symbol (Circle with Arrow)
            . RIGHT = The Masonic Symbol (The G)
            . DOWN = The Balance/Scale
    | Frontier                                                         12.03 |
    The Frontier does not have the Underground. Rather you unlocked Fast Travel hubs
    by discovering General Stores and by unlocking Forts. More information on Forts
    can be found in Section 09.00, but the list of General Store locations and Fort
    locations can be found here.
       ____________________ ________________________________
      | AREA               | GENERAL STORE?  /  FORT NAMES  |
      | Black Creek        | No; Yes - Fort Duquesne        |
      | Kanien:keh         | No; No                         |
      | John's Town        | No; No                         |
      | Valley Forge       | No; No                         |
      | Diamond Basin      | No; No                         |
      | Great Piece Hills  | No; No                         |
      | Concord            | Yes; No                        |
      | Lexington          | Yes; No                        |
      | Packanack          | No; No                         |
      | Troy's Wood        | No; No                         |
      | Scotch Plains      | No; Yes - Fort St-Mathieu      |
      | Monmouth           | Yes; Yes - Fort Monmouth       |
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Collectibles                   |             13.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    There are three main types of collectibles: Feathers, Almanac Pages, and the
    Treasure Chests. There are also the Peg Leg Trinkets but that is a separate
    entity. Please see Section 06.00 for those.
    The difficulty in finding these is SEVERELY reduced from the previous games in
    the series. It used to be that there were tons and tons of varying heights that
    you would have to climb (or in reverse, lots of underground areas you would drop
    down to) to find certain collectibles. Now, in America, the cities are nearly
    flat in all reality. The "hardest" collectible is probably the Feathers due to
    the wide open Frontier, but Connor can climb nearly anything in his path.
    The easiest way to find these, in all seriousness, is to purchase the IN-GAME
    maps that are available. Feathers, Almanac Pages, Treasure Chests, AND the Peg
    Leg Trinkets all have maps that you can buy which locate them on the map for
    you, so as you are running about you can grab them. Maps can be purchased at ANY
    store, so location does not matter. You can purchase New York maps in Boston
    and so on.
    The maps will surely save you time in trying to read vague descriptions (due to
    the vastness of these areas and lack of truly good landmarks), so be sure to
    purchase them. They become available in Sequence 5, but you likely have not
    the money until later.
    | Feathers                                                         13.01 |
    The Feathers are actually Eagle Feathers that Connor collects. This collecting
    begins with Sequence 4, Memory 2. ALL of the Feathers are located in the big,
    wide Frontier. They are not available anywhere else.
    Below I will list the Maps available for purchase as well as some quantity
    information based on the "district" inside the Frontier. The "districts" that I
    speak of can be seen by going to the Hunting section while in the map of the
    Frontier. The map will be split up into the districts.
    Another thing to note is that you can unlock some Feathers on your map earlier,
    should you wish, by climbing viewpoints. Some Feathers will show up after an
    area is observed.
    There are 50 Feathers total in the Frontier, split up via the maps as such:
       ____________________ __________
      | MAP                | MAP COST |
      | Black Creek        | 2500     |
      | John's Town        | 2500     |
      | Lexington          | 2500     |
      | Monmouth           | 2500     |
    Then, to actually look at each district in the Frontier:
       ____________________ __________
      | AREA               | QUANTITY |
      | Black Creek        | 11       |
      | Kanien:keh         | 3        | [These are from the storyline. See 03.04]
      | John's Town        | 2        |
      | Valley Forge       | 2        |
      | Diamond Basin      | 4        |
      | Great Piece Hills  | 4        |
      | Concord            | 2        |
      | Lexington          | 5        |
      | Packanack          | 5        |
      | Troy's Wood        | 5        |
      | Scotch Plains      | 3        |
      | Monmouth           | 4        |
    | Almanac Pages                                                    13.02 |
    Almanac Pages are for Benjamin Franklin. They become available early in the
    game, during Sequence 2, yet only a few of them can be collected. They do not
    open up altogether until later in Sequence 5 and some still further on.
    There is only ONE map to purchase which will place all of the Almanac Pages on
    your map for easy access. Whenever you come by an Almanac Page, it will be
    floating in the wind. You must look for the easiest access nearby to get to it,
    usually some barrels or climbing windows of a home.
    There are thirty-six (36) Almanac Pages total between Boston and New York, of
    which twenty (20) are in Boston and sixteen (16) are in New York.
       ____________________ __________
      | MAP                | MAP COST |
      | Almanac Pages      | 5000     |
    Completing an Almanac adds an invention for you to craft back at the Homestead,
    and there are nine (9) Ben Franklin inventions total needed for 100% completion.
    | Treasure Chests                                                  13.03 |
    Treasure Chests are found in all three areas: Boston, New York, and the big old
    Frontier. These are not hard to find either really, as they make the biggest
    glaring noise when you are nearby (although some other collectibles do so as
    well). Just purchase the maps and be on the lookout.
    There are 38 Treasure Chests total between the three areas.
       ____________________ __________ __________
      | MAP                | QUANTITY | MAP COST |
      | North Boston       | 2        | 1000     |
      | Central Boston     | 7        | 1500     |
      | South Boston       | 4        | 1000     |
      | Frontier           | 13       | 3000     |
      | North New York     | 3        | 2000     |
      | West New York      | 4        | 2000     |
      | East New York      | 5        | 2500     |
    A breakdown of the chests in the Frontier:
       ____________________ __________
      | AREA               | QUANTITY |
      | Black Creek        | 2        |
      | Kanien:keh         | N/A      |
      | John's Town        | 1        |
      | Valley Forge       | N/A      |
      | Diamond Basin      | N/A      |
      | Great Piece Hills  | 1        |
      | Concord            | N/A      |
      | Lexington          | 2        |
      | Packanack          | 1        |
      | Troy's Wood        | 2        |
      | Scotch Plains      | 1        |
      | Monmouth           | 3        |
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Achievements/Trophies          |             14.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    | Achievement/Trophy List                                          14.01 |
     ____________________ ________________________________________________________
    | NAME               | DESCRIPTION                                            |
    | Rude Awakening     | Re-Enter the Animus.                                   |
    | No Good Dead Goes  | Open the Temple Door and learn Desmond's fate.         |
    |     Unpunished     |                                                        |
    | Mystery Guest      | Complete Sequence 1 & 2.                               |
    | How D'ya Like Them | Complete Sequence 3.                                   |
    |       Apples       |                                                        |
    | Heroes are Born    | Complete Sequence 4.                                   |
    | The Day the Temp-  | Complete Sequence 5.                                   |
    | lars Cried         |                                                        |
    | Tea is for         | Complete Sequence 6.                                   |
    |      Englishmen    |                                                        |
    | The Whites of      | Complete Sequence 7.                                   |
    |      Their Eyes    |                                                        |
    | Caged Wolf         | Complete Sequence 8.                                   |
    | Two if by Sea      | Complete Sequence 9.                                   |
    | Grim Expectations  | Complete Sequence 10.                                  |
    | Difficult End      | Complete Sequence 11.                                  |
    | The Sum of Truth   | Complete Sequence 12.                                  |
    | Perfectionist      | Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.         |
    |  An Extraordinary  | Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.           |
    |        Man         |                                                        |
    | Patent Not Pend-   | Craft one of Franklin's inventions to decorate your    |
    | ing                | Manor.                                                 |
    | House Party        | Recruit any of the Artisans and see them settled on    |
    |                    | the Homestead.                                         |
    | A Complete Set     | See all the optional characters settled at the         |
    |                    | Homestead.                                             |
    | Original Gamer     | Win a game of Fanorona, Morris and Bowls on the        |
    |                    | Homestead.                                             |
    | Bring Down the     | Explore Fort Wolcott.                                  |
    |            House   |                                                        |
    | Kidd Gloves        | Uncover the mystery of Oak Island.                     |
    | All Washed Up      | Complete all Naval Missions aboard the Aquila.         |
    | Entrepreneur, not  | Complete all 12 Privateer Contracts.                   |
    |      Pirate!       |                                                        |
    | Tumblehome         | Upgrade the Aquila.                                    |
    | By Invitation Only | Be invited to join a Club.                             |
    | In Good Standing   | Complete all challenges for any of the Clubs.          |
    | Man of the People  | Liberate all districts in Boston OR New York.          |
    | Monopoly Man       | Send a convoy to Boston, New York and the Frontier.    |
    | Blowing in the     | Retrieve every page for one of Ben Franklin's Almanacs |
    |             Wind   |                                                        |
    | Completionist      | Complete ALL progress tracker grid entries.            |
    | Multitasking       | Complete 50% of the Progress Tracker entries.          |
    | Spit Roast         | Perform a double assassination using a musket.         |
    | Circus Act         | Kill 15 guards with a single cannon shot.              |
    | Predator           | Hang 5 enemies by using rope darts.                    |
    | Prince of Thieves  | Loot a convoy without killing any of its guards.       |
    | Whit's fur ye'll   | Block a firing line 5 times by using a human shield.   |
    | no go by ye!       |                                                        |
    | Jager Bomb         | After becoming fully Notorious, kill 10 Jagers before  |
    |                    | losing your notoriety.                                 |
    | Magna cum Laude    | Have a Trainee reach the Assassin Rank.                |
    | Coureur des Bois   | Exchange undamaged pelts at all different general      |
    |                    | stores.                                                |
    | Eye Witness        | Witness a predator killing an enemy.                   |
    | Fin                | Complete each of the epilogue missions unlocked after  |
    |                    | the credits roll.                                      |
    | Abstergo           | Reach level 20 in the multiplayer mode.                |
    |     Entertainment  |                                                        |
    | Hunter/Killer      | Reach sequence 10 in a map on Wolfpack multiplayer     |
    |                    | mode.                                                  |
    | Winning Team       | Be on the winning team at the end of a multiplayer     |
    |                    | game session.                                          |
    | Personalized       | Customize your multiplayer Profile and Character.      |
    | The Truth Will Out | Unlock a hacked version of one of the Abstergo videos  |
    |                    | in the story quest.                                    |
    | Daddy Dearest      | Complete Present - Stadium.                            |
    | Criss Cross        | Complete Present - Skyscraper.                         |
    | The End is Nigh    | Complete Present - Abstergo.                           |
    | Head in the Cloud  | Find all pivots and sync the Animus to the Cloud.      |
    | Achievement/Trophy Guide                                         14.02 |
      /                  \
      The following achievements are collected just by completing the main story:
        . Rude Awakening
        . Mystery Guest
        . How D'ya Like Them Apples
        . Heroes are Born
        . The Day the Templars Cried
        . Tea is for Englishmen
        . The Whites of Their Eyes
        . Caged Wolf
        . Two if by Sea
        . Grim Expectations
        . Difficult End
        . The Sum of Truth
        . Daddy Dearest
        . Criss Cross
        . The End is Nigh
        . No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
        . Fin
      /                                   \
      By Invitation Only
      This achievement should come with the story, despite being a side mission type
      of achievement. By the beginning of Sequence 5 you should get invited to join
      the Hunting Society and this achievement will pop.
      An Extraordinary Man
      You need to complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man by observing people
      around the Homestead. First, you need to recruit all of the people before you
      can observe them anyway. See Section 08.01 for more information.
      House Party
      Recruit any of the Artisans for the Homestead. See Section 08.00.
      A Complete Set
      Recruit EVERYONE for the Homestead. See Section 08.00.
      Original Gamer
      This achievement might as well be the hardest one for the whole game, in my
      opinion. You must win a game of Fanorona, Nine Men's Morris, and Bowls while
      at the Homestead. Honestly, these games are a PAIN in the ass to beat, the
      worst of which is playing Fanorona against Achilles. I myself had tremendously
      bad luck with these games and they took me several hours to complete. I wish
      you the best of luck. Practice makes perfect, but luck helps.
      Bring Down the House
      This achievement corresponds to the first mission related to the collectible
      Peg Leg Trinkets. See Section 06.00.
      Kidd Gloves
      The ending to the Peg Leg side quests. See Section 06.00.
      All Washed Up
      Complete all of the Naval Missions with the Aquila. See Section 05.00.
      Entrepreneur, not Pirate!
      Complete all of the Privateer Contracts. See Section 10.00.
      Head to the Harbormaster in the Homestead and purchase an upgrade for your
      ship, the Aquila. All of them are in the book next to him.
      In Good Standing
      This achievement requires you to finish all three (3) sets of challenges for
      ANY of the clubs. Despite that fact, you still need to finish ALL of the clubs
      if you plan to get 100% Synchronization. See Section 07.00.
      Man of the People
      You unlock Liberations after the beginning of Sequence 6. In Boston and New
      York, each section or "district" of the city will have Liberation tasks for
      you to complete. Finish all in a given district and a bigger Liberation side
      mission becomes available for that district. Once that is completed, the whole
      district is now Liberated. You must liberate ALL of the districts in either
      the city of Boston or New York (NOT both) for this achievement. But again, you
      do need to liberate both cities for 100% Synchronization. See Section 09.00.
      Blowing in the Wind
      Benjamin Franklin has multiple Almanacs, but you only need to complete a given
      set for this achievement. The pages are found in Boston and New York, but not
      the Frontier. You still need every page for 100% Synchronization. See the
      guide Section 13.02.
      Patent Not Pending
      Once you have completed an Almanac set (see Blowing in the Wind), then you
      will unlock a Recipe. Find a Ledger in the Homestead or in a General Store to
      craft the Recipe. You can buy many materials from your Homestead workers later
      on during the game.
      Magna cum Laude
      An old aspect of previous games returns. You need to recruit Assassins via
      completing Liberation missions, then you must constantly send these Assassins
      out on missions to gain experience. Once one reaches the level of Assassin
      then this achievement unlocks. But you must level all of them to their max
      level for 100% Synchronization. See Section 09.00.
      Head in the Cloud
      This achievement is rather annoying and boring. After beating the main story
      you will unlock what the game calls Pivots. You must collect all of the Pivots
      for this achievement. See Section 11.04.
      Almost all of the main story missions (Sequences 1 through 12) have optional
      objectives to complete during them, and every one that does so also has an
      objective that you complete all of them in one playthrough of the mission,
      which can make some missions a pain. For this achievement, you need to do ALL
      of the main story missions and ALL of their optional objectives. You can see
      your progress using the DNA tracker.
      Observe the DNA tracker to see your progress. This achievement requires that
      you complete 50% of the game, which includes story missions, side quests,
      clubs, collectibles, EVERYTHING.
      The big daddy achievement. You must fill in the entire DNA Tracker! Take a
      look at Section 04.00 for information on what to do.
      /                                 \
      Eye Witness
      Running around the wild you will encounter many enemies. This achievement is
      actually one that should unlock by accident over some point in the game. You
      must simply be nearby when a predator kills another animal. Funnily enough,
      I am almost certain that I unlocked this achievement when I saw a soldier
      shoot a wolf, so humans perhaps count.
      Prince of Thieves
      This achievement is tricky in wording. You are not allowed to kill any guards
      when you loot from a convoy, but you CAN beat them with your fists. Convoys
      are found roaming around the Frontier and they are very random. The game will
      notify you if one is around.
      Simply swoop in, beat everyone with your bare fists, then loot the convoy. You
      will sometimes find a convoy with two carts, and you must loot both of them.
      Beware, however, that the game still can glitch (as of February 2013) and you
      may get stuck inside of one of the carts if there are two.
      Monopoly Man
      An easy achievement but you must wait until you have reached New York. When
      you are sending Convoys about with your goods, simply make sure to send one
      to a merchant in Boston, New York, AND the Frontier.
      Spit Roast
      You must grab a musket from a soldier or a weapons rack nearby. If you do not
      know the musket, it is the rifle with the blade on the end. The easiest thing
      to do is find a musket lying about (or get one from a guard), then look for
      a big pier like in Boston. Usually there will be pairs of guards standing at
      the entrance to a ship. Make sure you are not Notorious or else they will move
      from their place.
      When you find a pair of guards with enough open space around them, run at them
      by holding RT while also carrying the musket. Make sure that you run AT THE
      SIDE of them, so one of the guards is on the other side of the guard that you
      are running at. When close, start bashing X while still running with RT. If
      you approached at the correct angle, Connor will stab the first guard and
      shoot the other guard at the same time.
      Circus Act
      Only during Sequence 10, Memory 3 did I find it capable to do this. You will
      be placed in charge of a giant cannon and must fire at troops. Simply wait
      for groups to form up and you should easily get 15 kills with a single shot.
      Rope Darts will not be available until somewhere around Sequence 5. You need
      to hang five (5) enemies from a tree. To do so, equip a Rope Dart and climb
      into the trees. Find a branch to perch on above and enemy, use the Rope Dart
      on them, then jump backwards out of the tree. A good place where you really
      get an "introduction" to Rope Darts is the Silent Hunter mission (08.02).
      Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye!
      Rather annoying, you will be introduced to firing lines during the story. The
      enemy soldiers will, well, line up and try to shoot you all at once. You must
      grab the nearest enemy with A to use them as a human shield. As you're playing
      the game, just do your best to notice the firing lines and grab someone nearby
      to block the shots. You will need to do so ten (10) times for a club challenge
      but only five (5) times for this achievement.
      Jager Bomb
      You need to become fully Notorious by either raging on multiple guards in a
      crowded area or by replaying certain story scenes (like Sequence 5, Memory 2)
      as there are places where you automatically get full Notoriety. Jagers are the
      German hired soldiers and they are quick-moving and a lot more difficult than
      anything you will face normally. Just do your best to kill one and keep a
      chain going through the group if you can. You do NOT have to do a combo kill
      for all of them, however, only just take out ten in the same battle.
      Coureur des Bois
      You need to find all of the General Stores and sell pelts to them. The pelts
      must be undamaged, so the enemies must have been killed by melee, not ranged,
      attacks. The locations of the stores are:
       ____________________ ____________________________________________________
      | AREA               | LOCATION                                           |
      | North Boston       | In the northwest, just above a Fast Travel.        |
      | Central Boston     | Just west of the Harbormasters.                    |
      | South Boston       | From the southern Harbormaster in Central Boston,  |
      |                    | head west until you are into South Boston.         |
      | Frontier           | Lexington, Concord, Monmouth                       |
      | North New York     | Over to the East near the Southern border between  |
      |                    | North and East New York. Open the district map and |
      |                    | go to the square corner that is along the North &  |
      |                    | East border. It is somewhat North of the docks.    |
      | West New York      | Technically this store is in East New York. Open   |
      |                    | the map and look at the vertical border between    |
      |                    | East and West NY. Start at the top and run South   |
      |                    | down the border on the East New York side.         |
      | East New York      | Head to the VERY bottom tip of New York, southwest |
      |                    | of the bottom Harbormaster, and it's right there.  |
      /                        \
      Abstergo Entertainment
      The long haul. Really no "guide" for doing this achievement other than to play
      and play and play! You'll reach Level 20 after you sink enough time.
      Wolfpack mode is almost like a co-op arena. You and a group of friends just
      take down enemies. Each Wolfpack game has twenty-five (25) sequences that you
      can make it through, but the achievement only requires ten (10).
      Winning Team
      Self-explanatory: you need to win a team-based match.
      You need to play a few games until you get some money to purchase a new
      customization for your character. Take heed that the white-colored money is
      money earned in-game by playing matches, while the gold-colored money you can
      purchase with real money should you really be that desperate to do so.
      The Truth Will Out
      Just look into the Abstergo Story part of the multiplayer menu. You need to
      complete certain challenges to unlock specific videos. Choose a set of video
      challenges that you think you can handle, play some multiplayer, and do them.
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Credits                        |             15.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    Thanks to Ubisoft for making this game.
    Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this. :)
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Legals, Copyright and Info     |             16.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright © 2013 Duane Niles
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.

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