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"Sorely Underrated. Entirely worthy of its name."

So it seems that this game has developed a bit of a negative reputation. I just want to address some of the complaints I have seen and hope to help people become a bit more inspired to try this outstanding final entry in the desmond story:

Complaint 1: Bugs

This game is indeed buggy. However I do think it has been blown out of proportion a bit. Some bugs include your horse being unable to go certain places, random guard attacks, poor lip synch and stuff like that. Most of the bugs are small annoyances but in my experience there hanvt been any bugs that are game breaking. In fact the previous two entries were far more buggy in my experience. Guards spawning out of nowhere, not being able to climb, horses just doing... a bunch of weird ****. Brotherhood in particular was much buggier than this game and it is also one of the best of the series, so why people cant seem to get over it in ac3 confuses me. Look at games from Bethesda Softworks. Their games are much more buggy than this one but people easily get over it because they are excellent games. No exception here.

Also I think bugs are pretty forgiveable as this was clearly their most ambitious attempt yet. Adding new weapons, hunting systems, new controls, naval warfare, seasonal weather, tree climbing, TONS of side quests, all in one of the most beautiful and large worlds I have ever seen on a console and having by far the longest story of any of the games. . The fact that there are no game breaking bugs is actually quite an achievement.

Complaint 2: Connor

Alot of people hate Connor. I think this has more to do with people's love affair with Ezio and less to do with Connor himself. But this is a matter of opinion and without playing you really can't form one. You have to see for yourself and not take people's opinions to heart on this one. I for one think that Connor was a very interesting and certainly well developed character, but of course is no Ezio. Nobody can beat Ezio Auditore da Firenze.

Complaint 3: You can't pay as an"assassin"

Blatantly untrue. In the vast majority of missions you can sneak and play as a proper assassin, and most optional objectives will in fact encourage that you do so. There will be certain missions where you will need to command an army or the like, but usually you can still be a good ol' assassin.

Complaint 4: Cities are lifeless

Again blatantly untrue. It is the opposite. To ins, to side missions, to more responsive heralds, to underground tunnels, to hunting/Frontier societies, to markets and merchants on horseback, to a fully upgradeable Homestead, this is by far the most alive world in any assassins Creed game.

Complaint 5: The story

Again this is a matter of opinion that you simply have to come to your own conclusion about. I thought the story was adequate, but indeed weak in areas, hence the non-perfect score. It seemed that it was just hopping to one major historical event, to the Homestead, to desmond, back to the Homestead, back to a major event with an assassination sprinkled in the middle somewhere. It was really hard to feel the magnitude of what was occurring around you until the final couple sequences and I would also have liked to actually interact with historical figures more often.

Still there were some brilliant story moments. Many missions were indeed memorable, such as the boston tea party and the final assassination, which was extremely well done. Anything involving the Homestead and naval warfare were also top notch. In addition, the entire desmond side of the story was outstanding.


Those were the main complaints I heard. Most of the smaller ones that I have seen have been either untrue, exaggerated, hilariously nitpicky, or a simple matter of opinion. Overall the game has its minor flaws but overall is still a highly entertaining and well done assassins Creed game. The combat, climbing, weapons, visuals, and world are the best in any AC game yet. Naval combat, hunting, side quests and the like were all outstanding additions. The story was weak at some points and good at most. Connor is a good protagonist, the desmond storyline rocked, and the bus are there but are blown way out of proportion.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me a message.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/10/13

Game Release: Assassin's Creed III (US, 10/30/12)

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