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    Challenge Guide by Terminator_8464

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    Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalker 2012
    Challenge Guide
    Guide written by:
             with the help of BBullet
    Avaliable for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC
    Released on the:
              Playstation 3 via PSN Store on 6/14/2011 
              Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Marketplace on 6/15/2011
              PC via the Steam Marketplace on 6/15/2011
    Version History
    Version V3.0
          -Added Youtube links for each challenge.
          -Fixed minor typos.
          -Updated copyright section.
    Version V2.1
          -Fixed some typos and card names.
    Version V2.0
          -Added The Archenemy Expansion Challenges.
    Version V1.3
         -Added Copyright section with list of website hosting this guide.
    Version v1.2
         -Updated (#CC12) - Plots within Plots: Changed the order of what cards
          you need to choose from, causing the opponent to discard the cards
          needed to win.
    Version v1.1
         -Added Archenemy Challenge Solutions.
    Version v1.0
         -Basic outline of the Guide created.
         -Added The Campaign Challenge Solutions.
    Introduction andInstructions.
    Hey there, if you found this guide, it is because you're stuck on a
    challenge, and are about to pull your hair out as you tried just
    about every possible combination there is to try and complete
    it (or just wanna beat all challenges without much effort for
    the trophy/achievement and/or just don't wanna put much effort
    into completing the challenge yourself, which i sometimes do lol.)
    This is my first guide i've made, and may not be tidy and look
    in the best of shape, but it'll still help you complete the Challenges.
    There's really no hard tricks or anything to do, just follow the instructions
    step by step. The things you need to do will be broken down by steps, which
    will make it alot easier for you to follow. if there is a * before a step
    number, it means that you will have to stop the clock/timer to prevent the 
    game moving forward and spell effects to take place and move the next phase,
    it will also be in all caps "STOP THE TIMER" to further tell you to do so.
    To easily skip to a Challenge, use the Ctrl+F for the PC to open the Word
    find and copy and paste the # code below within the parentheses.
    In addition to the text guide, I have also added youtube links for each
    challenge if you would like a video rather than text walkthrough. 
    Hope this Guide helps, and have fun playing Magic!
    (#CC0) - Campaign Challenges
         (#CC1) - Rumble in the Jungle
         (#CC2) - In the Spider's Web
         (#CC3) - With Fire and Sword
         (#CC4) - Death Blooms
         (#CC5) - Lust for Blood
         (#CC6) - Welcome to the Pit
         (#CC7) - Master of Illusions
         (#CC8) - Bane of Bolas
         (#CC9) - Desperate Measures
         (#CC10) - The Tangled Vale
         (#CC11) - Master Your Destiny
         (#CC12) - Plots within Plots
    (#AC0) - Archenemy Challenges
         (#AC1) - Might of the Mountains
         (#AC2) - Kiss of Death
         (#AC3) - Seek No Longer
    (#EC0) - Expansion Challenges
         (#EC1) - Behold the Power of Destruction
         (#EC2) - Death on the Wind
         (#EC3) - Introductions are in Order
         (#EC4) - Feed the Machine
    (#EX0) - Copyright
    (#EX1) - Credits
    --------------------(#CC0) - Campaign Challenges---------------------
    (#CC1) - Rumble in the Jungle
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/mLSXArDTZs8
    1. Block Stomper Cub with Barony Vampire and Runeclaw Bear
    2. Place land and/or continue to next phase.
    3. Attack with Gloomhunter
    (#CC2) - In the Spider's Web
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/cABsXEuEtOE
    1. Block Storm Crow with Furnace Whelp
    2. Play the Mountans Land card, then continue to next phase.
    3. Attack with both of the Furnace Whelp, then continue to next phase.
    *4. when the Giant Spider chooses a Furnance Whelp to block, STOP TIME
        then use the ability of the Furnace Whelp that is not being blocked,
        and use all 5 Lands.
    (#CC3) - With Fire and Sword
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/Z7QqwIMuAnU
    1. Play the Kor Duelist creature card
    2. Equip the equipment Trusty Machete to the Kor Duelist creature
    3. Block the attacking Lightning Elemental with Kor Duelist.
    4. Play Plains land card and/or continue to next phase.
    5. Attack with Kor Duelist
    (#CC4) - Death Blooms
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/O7BUq3ULdic
    1. Use the ability Regenerate on the Cudgel Troll
    2. Block Mortivore with Cudgel Troll, block Gaea's Revenge with
       Zombie Outlander
    3. Play Island and/or continue to next phase.
    4. Attack with Zombie Outlander
    (#CC5) - Lust for Blood
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/tMLknvJDx-A
    1. Block Terra Stomper with Vampire Nighthawk
    2. Play Swamp and/or continue to next phase.
    3. Attack with Vampire Nighthawk
    (#CC6) - Welcome to the Pit
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/5CkFDHxODC0
    1. Block Colossus of Sardia with Bloodthorne Vampire
    2. Block Raging Goblin with Bloodthorne Vampire
    3. Block One of the Craw Wurm with Death Cultist
    4. Block the other Craw Wurm with Lord of the Pit
    *5. Continue, and STOP THE TIMER
    6. Use the Bloodthorne Vampire's ability that is blocking Colossus of Sardia
       and use the ability on the other Bloodthorne Vampire, Death Cultist,
       Lord of the Pit, and the tapped Mortivore.
    7. Continue to the next phase
    (#CC7) - Master of Illusions.
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/Q5HMxvMC3ME
    1. Play the Island mana.
    2. Cast Into the Roil (not kicked) on the Mind Control enchantment that
       is on the Krovikan Mist.
    3. Cast Time Warp on youself.
    4. Cast Preordain, and select both cards.
    5. Cast 2 of the Phantasmal Bear creatures
    6. Continue to the next phase.
    7. Cast the Island mana.
    8. Cast the Phantasmal Bear creature.
    *9. Cast Dreamborn Muse creature and STOP TIME before the ability
        takes effect, cast the Summoner's Bane instant on the Dreamborn Muse.
    10. Attack with Krovikan Mist.
    (#CC8) - Bane of Bolas
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/NfssSUvOo6A
    1. Cast Island mana.
    2. Cast Æther Tradewinds and target your Thunder Dragon and opponent's
       Blood Tyrant.
    3. Continue to next phase
    4. Attack with Spellbound Dragon
    5. Choose Thunder Dragon to discard for Spellbound Dragon's ability.
    (#CC9) - Desperate Measures
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/3GubQbtyME8
    *1.STOP THE TIMER, and cast the Quicksilver Amulet's ability
       Use the ability on Duplicant onto Sundering Titan.
    2. Choose any of the Plains to destroy.
    3. Continue to next Phase (Your Turn)
    4. Use Quicksilver Amulet's ability, and use it on Precursor Golem
    5. Cast Fleeting Distraction on Precursor Golem
    6. Play island mana and Mox Sapphire
    7. Play Show and Tell, use it on Icy Manipulator
    8. Use Icy Manipulator's Ability on Akroma, Angel of Wrath
    9. Continue to next phase
    10.Attack with Steel Hellkite and Duplicant
    11. After Sorin discards land, use Steel Hellkite's 2nd ability and
        use 4 Lands.
    (#CC10) - The Tangled Vale
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/fqTcrTMeO7s
    1. Cast Sign in Blood on Nissa Revane
    2. Cast Sudden Impact on Nissa Revane
    3. Cast Sickening Dreams, pick all cards in hand.
    4. Activate Terramorphic Expanse's Ability, chose any land.
    5. Pick Yes on all Bloodghast's Landfall (4 of them)
    6. Attack with all creatures.
    (#CC11) - Master Your Destiny
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/-6RnLcEolSE
    1. Cast Index and pick the cards in this order
              Erratic Explosion
              Bogardan Hellkite
              Coiling Oracle
    2. Cast Bloodbraid Elf creature, click on Coiling Oracle when
       it comes up
    3. Cast Island
    4. Activate Djinn of Wishes' Ability, use Bogardan Hellkite
       and with the ability, pick
              Creature - Illusionary Servant
              Creature - Air Elemental
              Creature - Air Elemental
              Creature - Air Elemental
              Creature - Air Elemental
    5. Attack with Bloodbraid Elf
    (#CC12) - Plots within Plots
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/xf7fbnIhI18
    1. Cast Gifts Ungiven instant and chose
              Gifts Ungiven
    2. Cast Intuition, and pick 3 Flame Bursts
    3. Cast Gifts Ungiven instant and chose
              Flame Burst
              Bogardan Hellkite
    4. Cast Flame Burst instant on Player - Karn
    5. Cast Flame Burst instant on Player - Karn
    6. Cast Grapeshot sorcery on Player - Karn (repeats 5 times)
    --------------------(#AC0) - Archenemy Challenges--------------------
    (#AC1) - Might of the Mountains
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/N1X53-xuwKQ
    1. Cast Flight enchantment on Koth's Ashen Monstorsity
    2. Cast Earthquake sorcery, pay 5 Lands
    (#AC2) - Kiss of Death
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/d6c0f3xVIt8
    1. Cast Hunters' Feast
    2. Use Legacy's Allure enchantment's Ability, use on Markov's Death's Shadow
    3. Cast Lure on Lilliana Vess' Deathcurse Ogre
    4. Cast Forest mana
    5. Continue to next phase
    6. Continue to next phase
    *7. When Sorin Markov choose blockers, STOP THE TIMER, cast Giant Growth
        on Death's Shadow
    *8. STOP THE TIMER, use Fires of Yavimaya's Ability, use on Death's Shadow
    (#AC3) - Seek No Longer
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/EQd7Vchf0OI
    1. Cast Wheel of Fortune
    2. Continue to next phase
    3. Attack with Dragon Mage
    4. Phyrexian Tyranny's ability will play, Pick "Pay 2 Life" 7 times
    --------------------(#EC0) - Expansion Challenges--------------------
    (#EC1) - Behold the Power of Destruction
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/NOsQDYTDN8M
    1. Use the Behold the Power of Destruction Scheme on Ajani Goldmane
    2. Cast Sign in Blood Sorcery on Sarkhan Vol
    3. Attack Liliana Vess with Nemesis of Reason
       Attack Ajani Goldmane with Flameblast Dragon
    4. Continue to next phase
    5. Use Flameblast Dragon's Ability on Player Sarkhan Vol, pay the additional
       cost and use 3 lands
    (#EC2) - Death on the Wind
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/le-JNJANa_4
    *1. STOP THE TIMER, play your Ally Ral Zarek's Sailmonger ability on itself
    2. Continue to next phase
    *3. When Jace Beleren chose his attackers, STOP THE TIME, use your
        Plummet instant on Jace Beleren's Air Elemental and use your Captive
        Flame ability on Jace Beleren's Wind Drake.
    4. Continue to next phase
    5. Cast Forest land
    6. Continue to next phase (causing Ral Zarek to play his Rorix Bladewing)
    7. Use your Captive Flame ability on your Ally Ral Zarek's Rorix
       Bladewing and use 3 Lands
    (#EC3) - Introductions are in Order
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/kpK8bTaQylA
    1. Using the Introduction Are in Order Scheme, Search your library for a
       creature card, and choose Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
    2. Play Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
    3. Attack Tezzeret with Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
    4. Using the Introduction Are in Order Scheme, Search your library for a
       creature card, and choose Conquering Manticore.
    5. Play Conquering Manticore, and use it's ability on Tezzeret's Platinum
    6. Play Hellkite Charger
    7. Attack Tezzeret with Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
       Attack Tezzeret with Conquering Manticore
       Attack Nissa Revane with Platinum Emperion
       Attack Nissa Revane with Hellkite Charger
    8. Continue to next phase
    9. when Hellkite Charger's Ability comes up, pick Yes
    10. Attack Nissa Revane with Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
        Attack Liliana Vess with Conquering Manticore
        Attack Liliana Vess with Hellkite Charger
    (#EC4) - Feed the Machine
    Youtube - http://youtu.be/bv4c5Jbd8HI
    1. Using the Feed the Machine Scheme, use it on Gideon Jura
    2. Cast Chain Reaction
    3. Cast Vision Skeins
    4. Play Sparkmage Apprentice, choose Creatures, cast it on Nissa Revane's
       Disciple of the Vault
    5. Cast Biorhythm
    --------------------------(#EX0) - Copyright-------------------------
    This Guide was made by Terminator_8464, with the help of BBullet
    The following sites are allowed to use this guide.
    GameFAQs --- http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker -- http://www.neoseeker.com
    CheatCC ---- http://www.cheatcc.com
    Steam ------ http://store.steampowered.com/
    (#EX1) - Credits:
    Terminator_8464 - Writing the guide and solving Challenges
    BBullet - Help with Solving Challenges

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