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"NCAA Football's refreshing new installment"

This years NCAA Football installment strives to improve on last years installment with more depth in school traditions, coaching styles, and overall gameplay. The added depth to this years NCAA football game however did hurt some other areas of the game but overall proved to be welcome additions to the game. To begin we will talk about the new gameplay editions and improvements on the field which is by far the biggest change present in this year's game.

This year the old tackling system of NCAA 11 has been fully overhauled and replaced with a new tackling physics engine which makes each individual in-game tackle more unique and realistic based on individual players momentum and skill set. Players who are big hitters will show some force in their hits and if running backs pick up speed their ability to truck over players becomes stronger. This new tackling engine also adds more realism to the passing game by disabling the long hated suction catches which has plagued the series for years. Now receivers must me in perfect position to make a catch and the hands of players becomes key to every catch. These improvements overall help make the game feel more real and truly make each play feel unique and true to life unlike last previous years games.

Besides the improvements made to the gameplay more depth has been added to the game in the areas of dynasty mode coaching and school traditions. Now in dynasty you create your own custom head coach who you play as through your school years at any program you choose. But you no longer are forced to be head coach. Now you can be your favorite schools offensive or defensive coordinator which allows you to coach one side of the ball. As years progress in your dynasty your coaching contract can be renewed at your school or canceled as well which adds more intensity to every season. As well you can use the new “coaching carousel” between seasons to find new coaching jobs throughout the NCAA and also follow other schools coaching changes.

The added depth in school tradition dips even deeper this year with more custom stadium entrances for most teams and authentic stadium chants and noises. Your team's crowd will use your school's rallying cries and team chants throughout the game which adds a unique feel to almost every team in the game. The focus on authenticity this year really makes every game feel like something you would watch on television and truly will impress any college football fan. Of course these additions to the games overall depth did not appear everywhere this year. The series Road to Glory mode and online dynasty were not touched or changed at all in this year's installment. In truth the the games Road to Glory mode lost the Erin Andrews reports which takes some of the personality away from this mode since players can no longer hear the exploits of their created players on the field.

Overall, NCAA Football 12 truly added more depth to the key areas of the game such as Dynasty mode and the overall gameplay. These additions though are still rather small and do not add tons of new hours to gameplay. Simply put they just add a small layer of depth and realism. That does not mean that this is a bad game though, in truth the game plays excellent and the new physics for tackles and passes really creates more realistic gameplay. The game gets an eight out of ten for the solid yet subtle improvements this year which left this year's NCAA feeling fresh to the game's veterans and revolutionary to the game's new players.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/19/11

Game Release: NCAA Football 12 (US, 07/12/11)

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