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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Desert eagle

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 02/08/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     |       _// __ \ /  ___/  |/ __ |/ __ \ /    \   __\  |    __)_\  \/ /  |  |  
     |    |   \  ___/ \___ \|  / /_/ \  ___/|   |  \  |    |        \\   /|  |  |__
     |____|_  /\___  >____  >__\____ |\___  >___|  /__|   /_______  / \_/ |__|____/
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    			     For Gamecube
                                 Author: Desert eagle
                                 Guide created: 16th Jan 2005
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      1.  Introduction with Version History....................... RE4A
      2.  Game basics with tactics and characters ................ RE4B
      3.  Weapons and enemies .................................... RE4C
      4.  Game walkthrough........................................ RE4D
             Game walkthrough..................................... RE4D1
             Assignment Ada  ..................................... RE4D2
             Mecenaries mini guide.................................RE4D3
      5.  Q and A................................................. RE4E
      6.  Diary List/item list.................................... RE4F
      7.  Legal notes............................................. RE4G
      8.  Secrets ................................................ RE4H
      9.  Contact info............................................ RE4I
     10.  Credits................................................. RE4J
      1.    Introduction with Version History                     MSA
    HI,it's me again,you might or might not be familiar with me,but anyway,
    I'm writing this guide to start off a new year. Anybody that played the demo
    will be looking forward to this game as well as hardcore RE veterans. This
    game has revamp a lot from the previous version,enemes are smart and there
    are no longer zombies but instead, parasite controlled humans.
    The story line is as follows: Several Years passed since the destruction
    of Raccoon City, where this City is nuked and Umberella is finished,Leon
    has become a government agent. Now he faces a ultimate challenge: A 
    mysterious village..., Creatures that defy nature, Human...?. Leon now 
    faces a new breed of evil in his quest to save the President's daughter.
    It's up to you to decide whether he can survive this encounter......
    The game’s is a survival horror one player game with lots of action 
    and as well as plots to uncover in order to move on further to the game.
    This game is created and copyright by Capcom and licensed by Nintendo for 
    this game port to be possible for the Gamecube.
    Meanwhile,sit back and hope you find the guide useful and good luck to
    you in this game as I can assure you that this game is different from
    the other previous installments. Good Luck. Over and out.
    All characters and story plot are (c)opyright by Capcom ptd ltd.
            Version History:
    Version 0.1 16th Jan 2005
    Created the guide,walkthrough not finish,be sure to update when i'm free,
    self-explantory. Expect guide to be updated fast as well as fixing up
    errors for future versions. I'm slowly adding things on the guide, so
    be patient, I'm still on this version because of minor updates now and 
    then, oh another thing, try not to email because i'm rather busy these
    days and chances are i might reply late. Sorry. :)
    Chapter 1-1 has been completed,still on this version as this is a small
    update. Did the merchant guide,not completed yet and damn, i wish to
    find time to get it done as soon as possible. Ashley mini guide done.
    Treasure guide has been done, which a one half of the merchant guide,
    the other part is the range stuff.
    Vwesion 0.2 3rd Feb 2005
    Updated quite a few areas of the guide; the walkthrough, the characters
    the tips for players, hopefully can get it done with fast for the other
    parts such as the weapon and enemy guide, I will try my best to do it in
    my spare time and try to finish this guide as soon as possible. I have 
    completed the game in Professional mode, so quite experience enough to
    try to help readers if possible. Updated the secrets section. You may 
    notice I'm not updating the walkthrough, it's because I'm trying to 
    do the other sections first before doing the walkthrough, so you
    need any help, just drop a mail, do accept my apologies if you are looking
    for a guide for the game walkthrough. Diary list has been completed.
    You will notice I have add some new sub sections into the guide, but I
    will try to complete them as soon as possible.
      2.    Game basics and characters                      RE4B        
    2.1 Game Controls
    Dpad:  Controls character movements
    A button: Action,fire button(if gun is raise)
    B button: Run with help of Dpad
    X button: Organise items in inventory, communicate with Ashley
    Y button: Opens up Inventroy screen
    Z button: Map screen
    L button: Rotate items in Inventroy screen and draw out knife(hold button)
    R button: Holds up gun
    C stick: rotate camera view or zoom in/out of sniper scope
    2.2 Game inventory intro
       () Keys/Treasures  ()Weapons Recovery    () Map   () Files  ()Exit
                                                               | 1000 PTAS
                        ======================================= ===========
                       /  |   Gun  |         |          |         |
                      /   |________|_________|__________|_________|
                     /    |        |         |          |         |
                    /     |________|_________|__________|_________|  Leon
                   /      |        |         |          |         |
                  /       |________|_________|__________|_________| __________
                 /        |        |         |          |         |(  _____   )
                /         |________|_________|__________|_________|( (  __ )  )
               /          |                                    |   ( ( (||))  )
               ================================================ =  ( (   10)  )
                                                                   (  -----   )
              ===================================================  (__________)
                  () HANDGUN
                                       X Move weapon
    Well, this is about like the inventory screen.
    Moving weapon items:
    To move weapon press X, and place the item where you want it to be.
    Health and ammo:
    - Character's health is in the outer circle,at default health level
    - ammo is in the inner circle with no of rounds left.( eg:10)
    Rotating weapon / items:
    Press L button to adjust around to free up spaces that is possible
    It's above Leon's head. 
    Goes to the keys and treasures you have pick up
    Weapons Recovery
    Goes to the normal inventory screen with item such as weapons,herbs
    Straightforward one,some items like the herbs need to be combine etc
    Use that particular item like herb or keys to unlock doors etc
    View the object in 3D motion,pressing action button explains the object
    Temporary space
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    |              |              |
    This option is there if you plan to combine stuffs that can be combine.
    *This game now can not longer able to reload from invertory*Remember!!
    This option helps to use on things like doors and stuff.
    This option view the object in 3D motion,useful to view items you pick up
    that have some items inside.
    2.3  Health Guide:
    Green herb: Cure an injury condition
    Red herb: No use till you combine with green herb
    Yellow herb: Increases maximum life(nothing when use alone)
    Green herb+yellow mixture: Cure an injury condition and Increases maximum life
    Green herb and Red herb: Bring back to full health,like the first aid spray 
    Two green herbs: Cure up to medium recovery
    Triple Green herbs: Bring back to full health,like the first aid spray 
    First aid spray: Bring back to full health,like the first aid spray but does
    not cure poison.
    Super herb(Red,yellow,green): Increases maximum life,cure back to full health
    Black Bass: Restore half of character health
    Black Bass(darker in color): Restore full health
    Chicken egg: About the ability of green herb
    Brown egg(shoot snake): About two green herb ability
    Golden egg: Restore full health
      Items       no of spaces
    |Green         | 2   |  
    |Red           | 2   |  
    |Yellow        | 2   |  
    |GreenX2       | 2   |  
    |GreenX3       | 2   | 
    |First aid     | 2   |  
    |Green/Red     | 2   | 
    |Green/Red/yellow| 2 |  
    |Green/yellow    | 2 |  
    |black bass     | 3  | 
    |eggs            | 1 |  
    |BLACK BASS(L)   | 16|  
    2.4   Merchant Guide
    The merchant guy is a villager who yearns to make money at this point of 
    time rather than be under Saddler. This shows that at times money talks.
    Heh. These guys are basically traders that buy and sell items. But however,
    they sell in much a higher price than they buy, so a simple maths 
    calculation will make you understand that, you stand to lose and they
    stand to gain when it comes to selling weapons. But they are weak guys
    and die easily when shot and will never appear again in that spot. They
    buy your treasures in terms of pesetas. One negative thing that they
    do not sell ammo to you, but instead they buy ammo from you. They appear
    a lot in the game for tune ups and weapons that become buyable in the game.
    They also own target ranges for you to improve aiming where ranges are set
    up for you to improve accuracy, they will reward you when you complete 
    a game type set and this is where you are paid most while praticing!! They
    are easy be indentified, they wear a block robe with a purple mask and a 
    portable fieldpack or they are situated at areas with small stalls with
    ammo. If you are still in doubt, whenever there's a purple flame lighted 
    around, they will confirm be around unless they are shot by you which means
    you shot yourself in the foot.
    ( Treasure item mini guide )
    Amber ring
    Value: 10 000 pesetas
    Description: A ring with red jewel which a history behind it
    Antique pipe
    Value: 10 000 pesetas
    Description: A pipe for smoking, quite a valuable treasure
    ButterFly Lamp
    Value: 4500 pesetas
    Description: A lamp that has a potential to sell at a very high price
    |  Combinations          |  Value       |
    |  Lamp with blue eye    | 8500         |
    |  Lamp with red eye     | 7000         |  
    |  Lamp with green eye   | 6500         |
    |  Lamp with R/G eye     | 11 000       |
    |  Lamp with B/R eye     | 15 000       |
    |  Lamp with B/G eye     | 13 000       |
    |  Lamp with G/R/B eye   | 32 000       |
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: A Beerstein that has a potential to sell at a very high price
    |  Combinations            |  Value     |
    |Beerstein with yellow gem | 10 000     |
    |Beerstein with red gem    | 10 000     | 
    |Beerstein with green gem  | 10 000     | 
    |Beerstein with Y/G gem    | 15 000     |
    |Beerstein with Y/R gem    | 15 000     |
    |Beerstein with R/G gem    | 15 000     |
    |Beerstein with Y/G/R gem  | 20 000     |
    Blue stone of treason
    Value: 3500 pesetas
    Description: A catseye gem that can be combine with Lynx statue for a 
    higher price
    Blue eye
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: A small gem that can be combine with the butterfly camp 
    for a higher price, you can get them by killing a Novistador
    Brass Pocket watch
    Value: 10 000 pesetas
    Description: A antique watch from almost a long time ago.
    Value: 4000 pesetas
    Description: This treasure is the most potential expensive in the whole 
    entire game, you need to combine with the Royal Insigna and the Crown
    jewel for the high price.
    |  Combinations          |  Value       |
    | Crown with Crown Jewel | 25 000       |
    | Crown with R.Insigna   | 27 000       |  
    | Salazar Family Crown   | 48 000       |
    Crown jewel
    Value: 11 000 pesetas
    Description: A valueable treasure that can be combine with the Crown
    to maximise its value
    Dirty Pearl Pendant
    Value: 1000 pesetas
    Description: Found in a dirty water which lowers the price rather badly
    Dirty Brass watch pocket
    Value: 1000 pesetas
    Description: Found in a dirty water which lowers the price rather badly
    Elegant Chessboard
    Value: 13 000 pesetas
    Description: A valueable chessboard with a good price
    Elegant Headdress
    Value: 10 000 pesetas
    Description: A beautiful adownment for woman's hair
    Elegant mask
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: Elegant mask that has a potential to sell at a very high price
    |  Combinations               |  Value     |
    |Elegant mask with purple gem | 10 000     |
    |Elegant mask with red gem    | 10 000     | 
    |Elegant mask with green gem  | 10 000     | 
    |Elegant mask with P/G gem    | 15 000     |
    |Elegant mask with P/R gem    | 15 000     |
    |Elegant mask with R/G gem    | 15 000     |
    |Elegant mask with P/G/R gem  | 20 000     |
    Elegant perfume bottle
    Value: 10 000 pesetas
    Description: A perfume bottle fit for queen
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: This gem is found in the island,commonly found treasures like
    spinel and velvet blue
    Gold Bangle
    Value: 8500 pesetas
    Description: This bangle brings a decent amount of money when sold. Can be 
    found throughout all chapters.
    Gold bangle with pearls
    Value: 10 000 pesetas
    Description: A gold bangle fitted with pearls, can fetch a decent amount of 
    Golden Lynx
    Value: 15 000 pesetas
    Description: Found in chapter 5, quite expensive itself but can be combined
    to get higer value. This cat idol will certainly bring a good amount of
    pesetas for you to upgrade weapons.
    |  Combinations              |  Value     |
    |Golden Lynx with blue gem   | 20 000     |
    |Golden Lynx with red gem    | 20 000     | 
    |Golden Lynx with green gem  | 20 000     | 
    |Golden Lynx with B/G gem    | 25 000     |
    |Golden Lynx with B/R gem    | 25 000     |
    |Golden Lynx with R/G gem    | 25 000     |
    |Golden Lynx with B/G/R gem  | 35 000     |
    Green catseye
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: This item has little value of its own, but can be commbine
    with the Beerstein to fetch a good amount of pesetas.
    Green Gem
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: This item has little value of its own, but can be commbine
    with the Elegant Mask to fetch a good amount of pesetas.
    Green eye
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: A small gem that can be combine with the butterfly camp 
    for a higher price, you can get them by killing a Novistador,refer 
    to the table for price for combining with butterfly lamp.
    Green Stone of judgement
    Value: 3500 pesetas
    Description: A catseye gem that can be combine with Lynx statue for a 
    higher price, refer to the table for price for combining with Golden Lynx.
    Hourglass with golden decor
    Value: 12 000 pesetas
    Description: This hourglass can bring a decent of money, an hourglass which
    excellent craftsmanship.
    Illuminados Pendant
    Value: 12 000 pesetas
    Description: This treasure has a symbol of evil cult of Salazar. Normally
    found when Leon killed the red robe cults.
    Mirror with Pearls and Rubies
    Value: 12 000 pesetas
    Description: This Mirror with Pearls and Rubies can bring a decent of money.
    Purple Gem
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: This item has little value of its own, but can be commbine
    with the Elegant Mask to fetch a good amount of pesetas.
    Red Catseye
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: This item has little value of its own, but can be commbine
    with the Beerstein to fetch a good amount of pesetas.
    Red eye
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: A small gem that can be combine with the butterfly camp 
    for a higher price, you can get them by killing a Novistador,refer 
    to the table for price for combining with butterfly lamp.
    Red Gem
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: This item has little value of its own, but can be commbine
    with the Elegant Mask to fetch a good amount of pesetas.
    Red Stone of Faith
    Value: 3500 pesetas
    Description: A catseye gem that can be combine with Lynx statue for a 
    higher price, refer to the table for price for combining with Golden Lynx.
    Value: 10 000 pesetas
    Description: Can fetch a decent amount of money, normally you will get
    it when Leon kills the chainsaw manic, at least you can this jewel to
    get some money for it.
    Royal Insignia
    Value: 13 000 pesetas
    Description: Earns you a decent amount of money, but can be combine with
    the crown for the highest value for a treasure, refer to the crown table
    to check the prices out. :)
    Value: 2000 pesetas
    Description: Commonly found treasure in the game for the first few chapters
    of the game, when you have a lot of them, they can actually fetch a good
    amount of money for you to buy items.
    Staff of Royalty
    Value: 20 000 pesetas
    Description: Gives you good amount of money for tune up for weapons. Can be
    only be found in Chapter 4, this staff is once held by a king.
    Velvet Blue
    Value: 2500 pesetas
    Description: Commonly found treasure in the game for the first few chapters
    of the game, when you have a lot of them, they can actually fetch a good
    amount of money for you to buy items, more expensive than the spinel.
    Yellow Catseye
    Value: 3000 pesetas
    Description: This item has little value of its own, but can be commbine
    with the Beerstein to fetch a good amount of pesetas, refer to the Beerstein
    table for the value when combined.
    2.5  Tips for players
    Never shoot the Merchant
    Why? They are traders that sells weapons,tune up weapon for you. In other
    words, they help you improve chances of beating the games further. They
    are generally weak and you kill them easily. Once they are killed, they
    not longer appear on that spot ever again.
    Knife to save ammo
    Yes,this trick is still active,but only on one on one basis.Shoot their 
    legs to drop them,quickly run towards them and slash about 5 times,the
    villagers will die easily and you saved ammo and especially later in the
    game where the villagers at night will reveal the Las Plagas which makes
    them tougher to kill
    Use the stun 'em and kick them trick
    Early or later in the game,this is quite useful trick, by just shooting
    at the head,they will be stun or shooting the legs,they will kneel down.
    run towards them and the the A button will be active to kick them. This 
    tip is also useful in bunches where you can kill a bunch of them down all
    at once. Who knows, there's a chance Leon might kick the enemy's head off!
    Shotgun decap trick 
    One of the useful ways to save pistol ammo but with the expense of one shotgun
    ammo,but it must be with great accuracy.when a bunch of villagers come your
    way,wait for them to come near,aim the shotgun up and fire,it would at least
    decap the villagers near you and push the other villagers down. Although 
    the accuracy of head decap has gone down a bit, but you will find yourself 
    relying on this weapon because it can take a bunch down at once and powerful
    enemies like the chainsaw manic guy.
    Yes,another easy alternative to spot whether there are any enemies around you
    or not. They give the enemy away,so turn your sound volume up and you will 
    hear the enemy shouting.
    Save the game only when you are full of ammo and peak of health
    Yes,save the game only when you are full of ammo and peak of health.This will
    ensure survival and also in case you screw anything up,you can use this save to
    your advantage and do not save when you are doing badly in the game.How to save
    a game? Go to any typewriter to save your game or at the end of sub chapters,
    statices will be reveal and also prompt your save as well. Notice the there's
    no longer need of ink ribbon to save your data! Note that each saves costs
    9 blocks in the memory card.
    Destroy crates/barrels to get items
    Yes, destroy them to get items like ammo, grenade etc. Read this carefully. 
    The items given will be Random and don't ask why this is the case and the
    crates and barrels might or might not give you items at times so take
    notice of it. Always use the knife to break them until later in the game
    where they might place snakes inside to surprise you so shoot the crates
    with handgun.
    Wildlife hunting
    Yes,isn't it like MGS3? Shoot the crows for it to give items as well as
    snakes to give you brown egg. But do not shoot the hen!! Observe it for
    a while for it to have a chance to lay a golden egg!! Do note that for it
    to lay an egg,it needs to be at a spot for a while and once you shoot it,
    it will die!!So don't waste a cheap way to gain health. In water, you
    can hunt fish to regain health, one way to save ammo is to use the 
    harpoon to hunt.
    The hen trick
    Save the game and reload it,the hens will lay egg after youy reload the save!!
    I have tested it a few times at the farm area,sometimes, it gives a golden
    Learning simple commands
    Yes,this basic commands needs to be mastered to succeed in the game well,
    some examples are the 180 degree turn etc. Remember you can no longer reload
    from the inventory. Dodge buttons are important so that you won't get hit.
    Yeah, when ggrabbing,rotate the thumbstick quickly so that you won't get 
    thrown, squeeze by El Gigante etc where fast enough, Leon will hit the enemy
    right way,escaping from the enemy.
    180 degree turn: down + b
    Reload: Raise up gun + b
    Dodge(when needed,commands is on screen): L + R or A + B
    Dash(when needed,commands is on screen): A
    Slash parasite(on EL Gigante,when needed,commands is on screen): A or B
    Climb on EL Gigante(when needed,commands is on screen): A
    Breaking free when enemy grab: Left thumb stick
    Dodge grenade(when there is a barricade) : A
    Mix herbs to save space:
    Yes,mixing herbs saves space,combining them together only costs two blocks,
    thus saving space. To have a knowledge of mixing herbs, read the health 
    Weapon deflection
    Very important skill to master, as it will save your health to decreasing.
    Just have a calm and cool mind to aim for it. Make use for the infared 
    scope of any weapon to aim it and deflect it. It's rather important 
    especially in chapter 2. It is better to use the handgun for it. Shotgun
    works well, because it shoots a rather wider range even you are not
    accurate. But you wouldn't want to waste a shotgun ammo on that way.
    Flashbangs the Las Plagas when they reveal from their hosts
    Yeah, they work; they parasites die instantly when the flashbangs are 
    thrown. But my advise is not to waste flashbangs just like that unless
    you are low on ammo or there are plenty of LAs Plagas hosts so you
    might as well kill all at once.
    Flashbangs enemies
    Yes, this is a good way when you ambush them, or they are plenty of them
    cominng to greet you. This effect lasts a while so giving you ample time
    to kill, recupurate, reload or escape. This trick also works well on
    El Gigante while you reload or damage him.
    Grenade them when they come in bunches
    Yes,this is one good way to save ammo and kill most of them instantly.
    The hand grenade works well when they come in bunches, then quickly throw
    towards them, kill all the villagers at once. The incendiary grenade
    works well when most of them come after one another, this is where this
    grenade come in handy because the grenade effect last for a while,thus
    catching many enemies when they advance.
    Shotgun blasts on parasite
    Las Plagas when they reveal from their hosts are deadly. They come in 
    different forms, but early in the game,you will face the tenticle 
    version. They reduce your life a lot so take a lot of shots to take
    the parasites down. So use the shotgun, aim the mid level of the 
    parasite,shoot, if done right,it kills the parasites instantly
    rather than using plenty of ammo on the parasite.  Don't bother
    shooting the hosts at this point, they don't damage much to them. Handgun
    shots take a long time to defeat them because on shot will stun the parasite,
    moving them backwards, not allowing you to take a second shot in and you
    will need to reaim again.
    Shoot traps before advancing
    Shoot the bear traps and clarmores that come in your way. This is one way to
    prevent you from stepping on the traps when the going gets tough as this
    game is rather fast pace when enemies come and go. Shoot them also ensures 
    Ashley won't get hurt this way because you would want to protect her as
    much you can so that you won't need to waste curing items on her.
    Don't hesitate to buy attache case
    Yes, don't be afraid to but them so thay more spaces are added in the 
    inverntory. Why? Because later in the game, you will need to buy better 
    weapons to survive in the game, as better weapons take up more space,
    you should know the drill and get what i mean.
    Fall back when needed and funnel the enemies
    Yes,this is important,when the going gets tough especially in the open,
    it's best to fall back and regroup, reload and do whatever you want in
    the short time you have so that you won't run out of ammo during the
    firefight. Funneling the enemies is also a good trick to survive, 
    first, fall back, go to a narrow corridor so that the enemies comes and
    you can handle them well rather than fighting them in the open. As
    narrow corridor works well as it reduces the number coming at you and you
    are also able to shotgun them all at once!!!
    Shoot explosive barrels,boulders to damage enemies
    Yeah, they work well as they get rid of enemies fast and even damages the
    bosses; thus weakening them.
    Always have a curing item with you
    Always keep one to ensure survival,or else you will be in trouble should you
    got hurt badly during the game. Try to get healing items that are useful and
    not take up a lot of space. Example is eggs,first aid spray. A bad example is 
    the large black bass fish.
    Making sure that the enemy is dead
    This is a very important factor to ensure survival,or else you will be wasting
    ammo all the way.To see all the enemies are dead or not, just see their bodies
    dissolve or hear them scream or said "Lord Salazer" to confirm that they die.
    If you are stuck,read maps and files for help,if you run out of ammo,don't
    worry,there's always ways to progress and ceratin rooms you haven't visited,so
    go there and you might find yourself with some supplies of ammo.Also any mid
    level boxes that reach up to your waist,you can push them and also climb on
    them,many of this simple tactics can be found in the the manual itself.
    Remember,there's always a way out unless you tell me you are a total scrub.
    Watch you character's health
    If your character is seriously hurt,best is to view by the movement,during
    caution condition,your character put their left arms at the right chest,if they
    are dying,they stagger.So watch out and cure them asap.It's best to always bring
    a health item with youin case you are hurt it can always save your skin,but do
    not waste your herbs,cure only if your are around orange caution or dying and
    best is to mix herbs,don't use them as single herbs. Use health right way when 
    take them if you want. Your health bar can be seen in the screen so don't worry.
    Tune up weapon
    Yes,this way,you can save ammo and increase the weapons ability if you are 
    not able to afford more poweful weapons.I advise you to tune up the firepower
    first,then  the capacity if you have spare cash. The reload thing is secondary 
    becuase you can  always fall back and reload, speaking of reload, reload your 
    weapon when there's time becuase you would want all weapons to be fully loaded 
    when engauge yourself in battle so that you won't get yourself in the stupid 
    and vulnerable situation.
    Unarming the enemies
    Aim the hand where the weapon is held,you can disarm them,this way they can only
    grab you and throw you so you have a distance advantage. But some enemies that
    carry shackles can take out one more, or those carrying explosives can also
    take out. Speaking of explosives, killing the person carrying explosives, the
    enemies around will die as the explosives fall in their area,thus saving ammo
    for yourself so be smart in these situtations.
    Aiming the legs of the enemies during the night and further in the game
    Why? So that this reduces the chances that the parasites will reveal from
    the host and you will save a lot of ammo on that trust me. When you shoot
    their legs, sometimes they are stun or they fall down, gives a chances to
    kick them or knife them and don't worry to knife them in front of them, as 
    long as you keep kniving the enemy,he is in pain and needs time to recupurate
    and won't be able to lay a finger on you.
    Use the sell/buy items
    If you are low on cash, don't hesitate to sell the treasures to gain money to
    buy the weapon and health aids for yourself. But remember,so treasures can 
    be combined, thus, raising the values of the treasures,I'm will update the 
    Merachant guide soon so be patient.
    The art of sniping/art of shooting
    This is the most important skill to master because this the the most critical 
    part to be a very good player. First of I will explain the art of sniping. Any
    players who player counterstrike, brute force etc will pick up the skill fast.
    Brute force is a good game to improve sniping because it rather similar to 
    this game, the characters will breathe and make your sniping inaccurate. So
    be sharp and be fast. A fast reaction is also important also. Don't go all
    the way to aim the enemy that is moving but predict the spot the enemy is 
    going and wait there to go for the kill. The tough part is when Leon tends 
    to breathe, so the crosshair tends to move, so a quick aim and scope is a 
    fast way to kill enemies. For the art of shooting, it's about the same,
    Leon also tends to breathe and make the gun move about, make aim tough and
    you might get fed up when target practice comes. One way is to either have 
    control your dpad well to aim where you need to be fast to adjust when
    gun is raise or put your gun down and raise it again as it will stop the 
    aim from moving up and down for a while.
    Map reference
    Flashbang crows for items
    Yup, just like mgs3, you can flashbang them to straight up to get items that
    they will leave behind, but I think it's better to use the handgun to get
    one crow at a time rather than use the flashbang unless there are plenty
    of them in a group together where you can get all of them at once.
    Take notice for all shiny items
    Whether they are keys or treasures or items, they can be identified as they
    glow a shiny way, those enemies who leave items behind will glow in red
    or greem or blue, grab them in case you are new to the game.
    2.6 Rules/options of the game
    There are several ways the game will end:
    - You die when your life gauge ends
    - Ashley is grab by them and they escape from the doors
    - Ashley dies
    - You are not able to dodge some attacks when screen prompt
    - You die when you trip on the traps
    - You got decap instantly by the chain saw ass
    - The timer runs out and you die
    ( Options in the game )
    2.6 Ashley mini guide:
         ( ( )  )
        (   |   )
       (   / \  ------
       (        Ashley
      (         ------
     {           )
    (    ()    ------ 
    (          LEON 
    (          ------
    Well, Ashley has her health bar on her own,just watch her health. Her 
    health bar is on top of Leon's. Leon's main task in the game is to
    protect and rescue her and Leon needs to lead her saftely through these
    areas and protect her at all costs.
    (Commanding Ashley)
    The X button commands and decides Ashley movement. Press it once to make her
    stay where she is, pressing the second time makes her follow you. At certain
    areas where there are containers around that can hide her. Do use the command,
    press X near the container and make her hide,this way nobody will hurt her or 
    kidnap her.To get her out of the hiding place, just press X again,Leon will
    whistle and she will get out and go straight back to Leon.
    (Cooperating with Ashley)
    At ceratin areas, you are solve the puzzle yourself, where places are too high
    up to grab, there's where you is useful in the game, let just say you need
    to get over a high wall to unlock the other side of the door, all you need to 
    do is to lead her to the wall and the command piggyback will appear and Leon
    will help her up. She can help you turn the handle at times while you are 
    busy with the enemies,this way, you will concentrate at one thing which 
    makes life easier for you.
    (Ashley Icons)
      ( ) ( )
       |   |
      / \ / \
    This means that she is following Leon where ever he goes, when Leon raises, his
    weapon,she will either go behind Leon or just duck down if she is front of Leon.
      ( )
      / \
    This means that she is alone in the room waiting Leon's next command. This 
    command is useful when you hide her or let her stay a place for a while when
    you recce around the place or when you need to solve certain puzzles. But
    this command is quite dangereous because when left alone too long, some 
    cultist may appear out of nowhere and grab her and the game end as describle
    above in the Ashley mini guide.
    Y E L L O W 
      ( ) ( ) O
       |   |  L
      / \ / \ L
    /         E
    W O L L E Y
    This command appears when Ashley is in danger of being grab by the enemy, 
    just like the yellow caution health. This is a warning sign of the danger 
    that will pose and you will need to attend to the problem as soon as 
     |  |
     |  |
     |  |
     |  |
    This red danger command will appear and Ashley is grab by the enemy and you 
    will need to attend to this problem immediately. This occurs when she is 
    grabbed by the enemy to the nearest exit.
    2.7  Characters in the Game
    Leon S. Kennedy
    Six years after Raccoon city incident, Leon has become a government agent,
    working up the ranks from agency to agency to climb up the top ranks. Leon
    now completed the training to serve the secret security service of the 
    President himself. He now faces a task; save the president's daughter. With
    the clues given, he was led to a small European community, where he was led
    to this mysterious village where he had never experience before after the 
    Umberella incident, can he survive the strange villagers and rescue the 
    president's daughter? Only you can do that.
    Ada Wong
    Many years ago at the Raccoon city incident, Leon met her while she was
    searching for her boyfriend, John. She's actually after the G virus 
    sample and she died to save him or so he thought.Now working for Wesker,
    she attempts to get the plague specimen. Although this was her objective, 
    she seems to be helping Leon when Leon is in need of help, does she still
    have feelings for him?
    Ashley Graham
    She's the daughter of the President, whose kidnapped by a mysterious group
    on the way home from college in Massachusetts. Allegedly spotted in Europe,
    this defenceless girl awaits Leon to rescue her, not knowing that her captors
    have plans for her upon her return back home. Does she has any idea of what
    the captors done to her? Can you save her? 
    Luis Sera
    He is a fellow villager in this village, save and cured when he was injected
    with the virus. He tries to help Leon and Ashley contain the virus in expense
    of his life, he knows a great deal more about the Plague than anybody else
    shown in the Luis memo.
    Bitores Mendez
    He is the village chief himself. A very tall and menacing figure, he commands 
    the villagers at his will to attack any strangers present in the village. The
    educated person himself when you see a cutscene of him talking to Leon. A 
    very strong person which Leon faces first hand when he encounters this chief.
    Jack Krauser
    This commando is a very highly skilled fighter whom Leon taught died years 
    ago in the helicopter tragic incident. At Leon's surprise, he appears alive
    and well and working at the different side now, he seem to have supernatural
    powers himself. He's now working for the Los Illuminados but he's not 
    controlled by the plague itself, he will prove more than Leon can handle 
    later in the game when Leon enters the island.
    Ingrid Hunnigan
    She serves as Leon's intellgence and advices on what Leon should do. He seeks 
    her advice, intellgence and objectives when the missions starts. A person 
    trained with field communcations officer for the government.
    Osmund Saddler
    The ruler of the cult 'Los Illuminados', he reigns supereme for the group 
    which he leads, he tricks Ramon Saddler into releasing the Las Plagas and 
    like Umberella, he has a hugh facility to experiment with the virus. He 
    controls the Las Plagus which in turn control the villagers. He plans to
    rule the world, can he succeed? Can Leon stop this insane man?
    Ramon Saddler
    Upon entering the castle, you will meet this guy. He appears childlike, but
    has a sadistic nature in him. Quite a funny guy before you fight him at a 
    cutscene. He was tricked into releasing the Las Plagas which his ancestors
    sealed long ago. He believes in running the show for the cult, but he is also
    a victum whose also being toyed around by Osmund himself. He has two meancing
    bodyguards when you see him at the castle.
      3.    Weapons and enemies                                        RE4C         
    3.1 Weapons
    3.2 Enemies
      4.    Game walkthrough                                           RE4D         
                                  D I S C 1
                             CHAPTER 1.1  FOREST
    Forest path
    After the cutscene explaining the events of what happen after RE 2 and 3,
    you gain control of Leon. You can get back to the police car and hear 
    the crap talking by the police officer. There are crows along the way,
    you can shoot them to get items such as grenades. Then head into the 
    small cottage.
    Note: Remember to shoot the crows from a distance, or else they will
    escape upon hearing the gunshot.
    Small cottage
    Continue on and have a cutscene with a villager. After that you will have
    to kill him.Shoot him for about two shots,the second or third shot to
    stun him in order to run up to him and kick him to kill him. He may or
    may not drop items. Then another cutscene is triggered. After that,
    barrel up the stairs and grab the handgun ammo. Head downstairs and 
    break the windows and wait till the villagers approach. Neutralise them
    with your firepower or play around with them to head back the cottage so 
    that you won't get attack sideways.
    Note: Use the knife to break the crates you see to grab more items as since
    it's still early in the game, snakes won't be inside.
    Forest path
    Follow on the path and enter a small shelter and grab handgun ammo and break
    the crates for more items. Move on more and two more crows to snipe to get
    more items. Release the wolf from the bear the trap and grab the red herb
    near the signpost in the vegetation. Move on until you see a signpost with 
    two skulls. As you head down the path, you will see two tripwires on the 
    trees, there a free gap on one tree, but don't pass through because there's
    a bear trap there. Then aim a villager on the top and shoot him to get
    his attention. Then lure him to the tripwire to kill him. Pass through the
    destroyed claymore and head up to another shed.Grab handgun ammo and kill
    two villagers near the bridge. 
    Note: Don't shoot the bear trap because if you use the lure method, he will
    go through the bear trap trees.
    NOTE: Release the wolf, it might aid you in the future(*hint*)
    NOTE: There's a typewriter over at the small shelter,save if you want,but
    since this is still early in the game, saving by be a bad idea.
    Then cross the bridge to another path.
    Then go be near another shed to lure a villager out and dispose of him.Don't
    go in and attack him, instead, be smart to use the lure method.Then go in and
    grab handgun ammo. Enter the double doors.
    Pueblo Village
    Screen will prompt you to use A button. You may or may not want it.So head
    left  and till you see a female. Shoot her and dispose of her and backtrack 
    all the way and enter the main route. This is where you got their attention
    and want all have one motive: Get rid of you. You may lure them to come and 
    I believe they come in sets of 5. You may want to use the lure method and  
    use grenades to get rid of them. Then head into the double storey house. 
    That will give a risk: Chainsaw pain in the ass will be active. But you will
    gain a weapon. Push the carboard to the door to prevent them to come in 
    easily. Then grab a handgun ammo near the shelf,barrel up the stairs, break
    the glass to grab the grenades. Grab the shotgun on the rack and shotgun 
    shells and money on the bed.
    Throw the ladder down to make them fall. Grab money nearby and head out the 
    window and throw the ladder down and use the shotgun to get rid the villagers. 
    Whenever you hear a chainsaw,just be wary of the surroundings, if things get 
    out of hand,drop down the roof and head into the metallic house. Enter the
    house and break the lock of the metal door. And wait for the villagers to
    come. Either use the shotgun or grenade when they knock the door open to 
    get rid of them all at once until a cutscene triggers where bell tolls.
    Why camp in the metallic door? Because they can't destroy the door, they 
    can only break open it,there's where they are vulnerable to your attacks,
    especially the chainsaw ass. Remember to loot him of gold bars since he's 
    hard to kill as he takes several shotgun shots to kill him.
    |H  H      M          |        
    |   tower             |
    |             metallic|                 
    |             house   | 
    |   double            |
    |   storey            |
    |                     |
    |   |                 |
    |   |                 |
    |    -----            |
    |                     |
    H = HUTS
    Now you are alone, feel free to explore around and destroy crates for items,
    or wait for the chicken to lay eggs. Go up the tower to grab more items.
    Grab the Spinel on the double storey rooftop and the Alert Order file
    in the shack northeast. Continue on the northeast path and enter the
    double doors.
    Note: Why be cautious of the chain saw ass? Because he will decap you 
    straight and fast when you are busy with enemies which kills you instantly.
    So just you hear the chainsaw noise, look around or retreat. It's best 
    you track his movements and keep him in sight if you spot him early and 
    when you floor him down with the shotgun.
    Note: You are also able to throw the ladder set up by them,if they are high
    up, they will plung to death,but the chainsaw guy is around,just do a couple 
    of times by waiting for them to climb to the top before flinging them down.
    This way also saves ammo
    Well,this is a quiet place huh? Nope, soon as you enter, you turn left and in
    the small shack, there's a typewriter there so save if you want. There's a
    pearl pendant on the wall,shooting it and you will be able to retrieve it 
    but the value will drop. This will trigger an enemy to attack so get rid of 
    him if you want. You will then have a choice, whether you want to take them 
    all out at once or take them out individually. The other one is at the left 
    over at the cow fence, you may get his attention by going the the fence.
    There's three over at the hen's fence area,two in the farm, while one is
    visble outside,but once one is shot, normally all will come over, then 
    take them all out. But if you want them to die as a group, quickly get
    their attention, go over the farm, climb up the stairs, you may want to
    hit one enemy down because he's up the ladder, then wait while deflecting 
    some sickles,until all of them are present,then throw a bomb to kill them
    all at once!! There's a sub mission here, see, when you get over the hen's 
    fence, you will see a Blue Parchment there, which will reveal a sub mission:
    You will need to shoot fifteen blue medallions to get a secret item from 
    the merchant, you need to just shoot 10/15 of the blue medallions
    to get it. There are seven here to shoot over the farm. There's some barrels
    over at the farm as well in small shelter, feel free to break them to get 
    some items. Up the ladder in the farm, has a small drawer which as a handgun
    ammo. There's two spinels over this area, one is at the farm where the 
    barrels are(in the drawer) and the inside the shelter after you jump over at
    the bridge. There's also a beerstein, after you head up the ladder,jump over 
    the window, drop in the fenced area and break the crate to get it. After you
    are done with this area, then go under bridge, then enter the double doors.
    There's also an incendiary grenade.
    One medallion at the cow fence's area, on the tree.
    One medallion is is at the windmill
    One medallion is at the double doors on the top after you cross the bridge.
    One medallion is on the tree where you got the blue parchment.
    One medallion is on top of the farm window.
    One medallion is inside the cows barn, on the top of the entrance.
    One medallion is on top of the farm also near the other entrance.
    | ()  |            ARM    |
    |     |           F  F    |
    |  () L(BRIDGE)--()FARM()-|
    |-----            E       |
    | () ---          N   ()  |
    |-    ()          C       |
    |-   ---          --------|
    |       F                 |
    |       E                 |
    |       N                 |
    |       C                 |
    |       E                 |
    DD: Double doors
    L : LADDER
    - : Sheds
    () : Blue medallion locations 
    Note: This sub mission is completely optional, if you want to get a secret
    item from the merchant, you need to just shoot 10/15 of the blue medallions
    to get it. If you want to find all the blue medallions, feel free to refer
    to the map to look for them,the blue dot refers to where the medallions are.
    Note: The Beerstein has little value on it's own, you will need to combine 
    them up with some gems to increase the value of it, so just hold on to it
    for a while.
    Booby trap path
    Move on this path until a cutscene occurs. The villagers has tried to ambush
    you by push a big boulder towards you. Quickly keep press A so that Leon and
    sprint faster until another command comes, which allows Leon to dodge away 
    from the boulder. The command is either A + B or L + R. After dodging, you
    may want to backtrack and kick the enemies on the top which tried to kill
    you earlier. You need to make them fall to get items. Or else follow the 
    dark corridor, there are two sparkling spinels here to shoot. As you reach 
    towards the end of the corridor, stop moving, there's bombers around here.
    Notice there some wooden barricade near the corridor, stay there and use
    the handgun to try to hit the bomber there,once you got his attention,keep
    shooting until he falls over and dies, blowing himself up. Another one
    should appear and also shoot him until he dies. Switch to the shotgun and
    quickly move toward the house because the bomber will be throwing bombs 
    inside the house. There's bear traps in the right side of the house, so be 
    careful. Use the shotgun to blast the bomber to death or when he throw the
    bomb,just shoot the bomb, the afterblast will kill him. The shed on the left 
    has trip wire so be careful, then move left,circle around the house, there 
    another enemy inside the house, you may shoot him with the handgun, get his
    attention to get out of the window and then get rid of him,go into the house
    to pick up any goodies including the hand grenade. There's a bird nest to 
    shoot on the tree,shoot it to get the red catseye.Move into the other house 
    further up,kick the pad lock and slowly move into the house. Grab the handgun
    on the table as well as the pesetas,there's also a typewriter here, but don't
    bother saving since this is near the end of the chapter. Move in and destroy 
    the trip wire on the walls near the small gap. There's also another tripwire
    in the next room,then take the 1000 pesetas on the table as well as the green 
    herb in the cabinet. Push the bookcase to uncover a secret entrance and move
    on and hear bangings in a cupboard, open it to see a cutscene with Luis Sera
    and the village chief and this ends the chapter. Save if you want after the
    stats is shown, proceed to chapter 1-2.
    Note: If you fail to outsprint or dodge the boulder, you will die instantly,
    so concentrate and quickly press on the commands when prompt.
    Note: Whenever a villager is climbing through the window, he is open for 
    shots including kniving him if you plan to save ammo.
    |                 |
    |  ---            |     Legend:
    | |   |           |     w = window 
    |  ---            |     B = beartrap
    |                 |     T = trip wire
    |       --w--     |
    |      |     |    |
    |       -----     |
    |            BB   |
    | |  |       BB   |
    | | T             |
    |  --             |
    |                 |
     ------    ------
           |  |
                                CHAPTER 1-2   VALLEY
    Small hut
    Even during the cutscene, they don't let you relax, isn't it? Well, you will
    need to dodge when the command is prompt. After the cutscene, move on and 
    see a masked mearchant asking you to follow him, well, this is your first 
    encounter with the merchant, you need him to survive further in the game.
    Anyway, Grab handgun ammo on the shelf and the rifle ammo near the 
    Exit through the door and go behind the building to meet up 
    with the merchant. Look through the list that is there to buy. Feel free
    to sell the spinels, the dirty peral pendant. But remember, don't touch the
    beerstein and the catseye just yet, because you will need to collect the
    rest of the catseye to increae the value of it, refer to the merchant for
    the details for it. You may or may not want to but the treasure map, but 
    frankly, I find it useless. The important part now is to buy the rifle and
    the scope,continue on the path and destroy the two barrels in hope to get
    some money or item. Then head back to the front of the hut and see two gaps
    to snipe. Try sniping all the villagers from the top,bottom, be sure to get
    an accurate headshot. Get out through the double doors, the enemies might 
    spot you and cry out loud,just head back in and wait for them to come and 
    not go after them head on. the follow the bridge, snipe a villager station 
    on top of the house, then cross the the middle bridge as enemies come towards 
    you, where you use a handgun with one shot will knock them out of the bridge 
    and plunge to death. Go back to the house and destroy the crates to get items,
    or else head up the ladder and see a treasure box to get the right half of the
    emblem. Exit back and follow the path on the right side on the raise ledge 
    and grab the left side of the emblem, after grabbung it will trigger more 
    enemies, shoot the explosive barrel if they come near to decimate them in
    numbers. After all enemies are cleared, feel free to look around and destroy
    the crates to get random items. Combine to two emblems together and go 
    northeast and see a small hut here, go inside and grab the yellow herb and
    you may want to combine the green herb with the red herb to save space as 
    I suggest you keep the rifle for now, if you are really desperate for space,
    just sell back the rifle back to the merchant but prepare to make a loss for
    now. Use the emblem on the green double doors and enter battle area.
    Battle area
             5. Q AND A                                                 RE4E
    How do play this game?
    Refer to the FAQ.
    Why do you not reply to my email?
    Any secrets in the game?
    Read my codes and secrets section
    Hey, how come there's no difficulty selection in the game?
    Well, the first time you play the game is on normal default difficulty,
    after you complete it,the Professional mode will be there.
    Are there any tips for the game?
    Yeah, read the tips section for details.
    Is there a list of price of the treasures?
    Yeah, read the merchant guide for details.
    Can I get the punisher for free?
    Yeah, just complete the sub mission,getting 10/15 blue medallions.
             6. Diary List/Item List                                    RE4F
                                  Diary List
    (Comunications log)
    Saddler: I'm sorry Leon
    Leon: Saddler you....
    Saddler: It's nothing to get upset about.Don't tell me you've never swatted
    a bothersome fly.In essence it's the same thing.
    Leon: What did you say?! Insects' life doesn't compare to human lives!
    Saddler: When you've acquired this power,you too will understand.
    Leon: Guess it's another good reason to get the parasite out of my body.
    Saddler: I wish you luck.
    Village files
    ( Player Manual 1 )
    1. Shooting - hold down the R button then use the control stick to aim the 
    laser sight
    2. Combat knife - Press and hold the L button to ready the knife then press
    the A button to swing the weapon
    3. Action Button - You'll be able to perform various actions by pressing the
    apporpriate buttons that appear on the screen
    4. Camera - You can change the camera angle by moving the C stick
    ( Info on Ashley )
    Name: Ashley Graham
    Age: 20
    Daughter of the United States President
    She was kidnapped by an unidentified group while on her way home from her
    university. The kidnapper's motives are still unknown. Although there's 
    reliable information that the prepetrator is an insider. Only a handful
    of people know about this kidnapping. It's kept under wraps mostly due to
    the fact that we can't determine who the traitor is. The guys in intellgence
    say they have reliable information that Ashley's sighted somewhere in Europe.
    But until we find out who the insider is, I don't know that to believe. It 
    could be a ploy. We have a few leads as the whereabouts of Ashley. But members 
    of the Secret Service and anyone else related to Ashley are being questioned 
    by an investigative team. Even the active agents are being investigated for
    any information. It's just a matter of time before the kidnapper is exposed.
    ( Player Manual 2 )
    1. Reloading - Press the B button while holding down the R button to reload
    the firearm.
    2. Kicks - Approaching enemies that are either stunned or on their knees 
    will allow Leon to perform kicks as prompted by the action button.
    3. Changing inventory screens - Use the L and R buttons to switch back and
    forth between the Weapons/Recovery and the Keys/Treasures screens.
    ( Alert Order )
    Recently there has been information that a United States government agent is
    here investigating the village. Do not let this American agent get in contact
    with the prisoner. For those who not yet informed, the prisoner is being held
    in an old house beyond the farm. We will transfer the prisoner to a more 
    secure location in the valley when we are ready. The prisoner is to stay there
    until further notice. Meanwhile, do not let the American agent near the 
    We do not know how the American government found out about this village. But 
    we are investigating. However, I feel this intrusion at this particular 
    time is not just a coincidence. I sense a third party other than the United 
    States government involved here.
    My fellow men, stay alert!
                               - Chief, Bitores Mendez
    ( About the medallions )
    15 blue medallions...
    7 in the farm... 8 in the cemetry..
    For those of you who destroy more than 10 medallions you will be awarded....
    ( The rest is illegible. )
    ( Chief's note )
    As instructed by Lord Saddler, I have the agent in the confinement, alive.
    Why keep him alive? I do not full understand what the Lord's intentions are.
    I would, however, think he'd keep them seperate; not confine them together
    as has been ordered. I don't expect Luis would trust the stranger but if by
    chance they would cooperate, the situation could get a bit complicated.
    If for some reason, an unknown third party is involved, I don't think they'd
    let a chance slip by. But maybe it's all Lord Saddler's ploy - leaving us
    vulnerable so that the third party will surfaced, if they exist that is....
    It's unlikely possibility, but if a prowler is already amongst us, then our
    plans could be ruined. I guess the Lord thinks it's worth the risk, if we're
    able to stop whatever the conspiracy is at work. At any rate, it's the Lord's
    call. We will trust his judgement always. 
    ( Closure of the church ) 
    Regarding the two fugitives, the apprehension of Luis is our top priority; the 
    American agent is a distant second. What Luis stole from us is far more 
    important than the girl. Unless we get is back, the girl will become useless
    to us. We must get is back to execute our plan to the end. If it gets to the
    wrong hands, the world would become a totally different place than what Lord
    Saddler has envisioned. At all costs, we mustn't let it happen.
    Nevertheless, we're not letting go of the girl. To ensure the agent does not
    get to her, I have locked the church door where the girl is held. Anyone
    who needs access to the church must first get approval from Lord Saddler.
    There is a key beyond the lake but it should be safe now that "Del Lago"
    has been awakened by our Lord. No one will get accross the lake alive.
    Plus our same blood courses through the agent's veins. It'll be just a matter
    of time before he joins us. Once he does, there will be nobody else left that
    will come looking for the girl.
    ( Anonymous Letter )
    There's an important item hidden in the falls. If you are able to get it, you 
    might be able to get Ashley out of the church. But I'll warn you, the church
    isn't in the park by any means. They've deployed "EL Gigante", so God bless.
    About what's going on in your body...
    If I could help you, I would. But unfortunately it's beyond my power.
    ( Player Manual 3 )
    1. Commands - Leon can give commands to Ashley to either "Wait" or "Follow"
    by pressing the X button.
    2. Ashley and the Action button - Depending on the situation, Leon and Ashley
    can cooperate to get past various obstacles.
    3. Ashley's health - You can use recovery items not only on Leon but on Ashley
    as well
    4. Ashley and Game over - Leon has failed his mission if Ashley is either 
    killed or carried away by the enemy.
    ( Sera and the third party )
    The whereabouts of Sera is still unknown. Most likely he's using an old secret 
    passage taught bto him by his grandfather who used to hunt in this region 
    long ago. I'm pretty certain that he's hiding in our property somewhere in the
    forest. If his grandfather is still alive, I would have used him to find Sera.
    But how did he find out about the egg injected in his body? And the fact he 
    was able to remove it before it hatch is concerning. Another fact that Sera
    escaped with our property just before the American agent arrived. I don't
    believe that it was just a coincidence.
    There could be another player involved in this. In order to settle the whole
    situation, we have to capture Sera and wait for the drug to wear off before
    we inject him with another egg. Once this is done, whoever behind this will
    surfaced. Nobody shall interfere with our plans. Those who do shall suffer
    severe consequences.
    ( Two Routes )
    Just a while ago, I was informed by Lord Saddler that our men had shot down a 
    United Stated helicopter. There shouldn't be any more outside interference
    for a while now.Unless the United States government determines who the traitor
    is, they can only initiate very small covert operations.
    We must use this time to our advantage and recapture the girl. The two 
    Americans can only get out of our territory by using one of the two routes. 
    This is where we will stop them. We shall make use of our forces to the 
    greatest degree. We will deploy a large number of Ganados in one of the 
    routes to ensure that they do not slip by us. For the other route we shall
    leave the task to EL Gigante. Whichever route they take, the agent will 
    never leave here alive. Not with the girl at least.
    ( Village's Last Defense )
    I clearly underestimated the American agent's capability. He's still alive.
    I thought we could wait until the egg hatched, but at this rate, he could
    destroy the whole village before it does. We must take care of this nuisance.
    We shall change our priorites - for the time being, we will cease hunt for
    Luis and ambush the two Americans.
    There is a building used to enlighten betrayers just beyond the point where
    you get off the lift. It's a perfect place ambushing them. If all else fails,
    they would face me in order to get past the last gate that leads out of 
    village. For only my sight will the gate open.
    Castle Files
    ( Capture Luis Sera )
    I have confirmation that Sera has entered the castle. Why would he return
    during the escape leaves me to question his motives. But we must seize
    this moment and capture.We will get the other two Americans after we 
    apprehend Sera. 
    It appears he took some vaccines when he stole our "sample". The vaccines
    we can do without but we must retrieve the "sample" for it is our life
    blood. I feel there is somebody else or other group involved in this 
    affair. If the "sample" were to get into the hands of the other entity,
    the world which we seek to create will not come. We must apprehend Sera
    as quickly as possible.
    ( Target Practice )
    - Game Rules - 
    1. Receives prizes by scoring above 3000 points.
    2. Bonus points will be awarded for headshots.
    3. A high - scoring Salazar will appear with 5 consecutive hits.
    4. Shooting the Ashley Target will deduct points.
    - Prizes - 
    1. Normally 1 bottle cap will be awarded as a prize.
    2. Special bottle cap will be awarded by either shooting all wooden targets
    except Ashley or scoring above 4000 points.
    3. There is 24 bottle caps in all. Each time you enter a new shooting range,
    6 bottle caps will become available.
    - Special Bonuses -
    1. Each time you complete a row on the collector's base, you'll earn bonus 
    2. There are a total of 4 rows, you have 4 bonus chances!
    Note: Bottle cap collections can be viewed in the Key/Treasures screen.
    ( Luis' Memo )
    There are some parasites that have the ability to control the hosts. It's
    basic knowledge among biologists but not much is known as to how the parasites
    do it.Studying these parasites specifically might reveal some clues to as to
    how the power of the Las Plagas work. And perhaps provide more insight on the
    victims of the Las Plagas, the Los Ganados. Here is a list of parasites that
    have the ability to manipulate the behavioral patterns of their hosts.
    Once the larvae of this parasite migrates to the ant's esophagus, it alters
    the behavior of the ant. When the temperature drops in the evening, the 
    infected ants climbs to the top of a plant and clamps onto a leaf using its
    mandible. It stays there until the next morning, placing the ant where it's
    most vulnerable to be eaten by a browsing herbivore such as sheep. One could
    conclude that the parasite is manipulating the host's behavior to make its 
    way into the body of its indefinitive host.
    The larvae of this parasite makes its home inside the brain of a fish such as
    yellowtail and the parrot brass. Once infected, the fish will make their way
    up the water's surface where they'll swim until eaten by seabirds. Once again,
    this peculiar behavior can only be explained by the parasite's desire to get
    into the bodies of the seabirds.
    This parasite's sporocysts develop in the snail's tentacles. The sporocysts
    are vivid in color and pulsate continually somewhat like a worm. Surprisingly,
    the infected snail makes its way to the top of the plant where it is more 
    visible to the eyes of the birds, therefore more likely to be eaten. Once
    eaten by a bird, the parasite will complete its metamorphosis into an adult.
    ( Castellan Memo )
    For many years the Salazar family has served as castellans of this castle.
    However, not everything is bright, for my ancsetry has a dark past. Long
    ago there once was a religious group that had deep roots in this region
    called the Los Illuminados. Unjustly however, the first castellan of the
    castle took away their rights and powers. As a follower of this religion
    and as the 8th Castellan, I felt that it was my duty as well as my 
    responsibility to atone that sin. I knew the best way to atone for the sin
    was to give power back to those we once took it away from the Los Illuminados.
    As expected it took a little time, but we were able to rejuvenate the once
    sealed Las Plagas. With this success I was once step closer to the revival 
    of the Los Illuminados. The reason why I released the Las Plagas from deep
    under the castle and gave them to Lord Saddler was not only to repay for
    the sins of my ancestors but I felt certain that the Lord would make better
    use of this power to help save the world.
    To save those that have sinned with the power of the Las Plagas and to cleanse
    their souls creating a world without sinners. The way it was meant to be. Once
    cleansed, they would become one of the many Ganados where they find their 
    reason to live. And after the Lord has succeeded in creating the world in
    which he has envisioned, then the sins of my Salazar family will be atoned for
    ( Female Intruder )
    There seems to be a female intruder among us. We believe she's connected with
    Sera. We also believe that she was the one who removed the egg injected into
    Sera before it hatched. She may have had him retrieve the "sample" before the
    American agent's arrival. It's obvious that her objective is the "sample".
    We must get to her before she is able to reestablish contact with Sera.
    There's also rr reason to believe that she's working for somebody. We meed 
    her alive for interrgation. The female should be able to answer all our 
    questions. After we have captured her, Sera will no longer be a concern.
    As long as we retrieve the sample, you may dispose of him as you see fit.
    ( Butler's Memo )
    Knowing that Sr. Ramon Salazar had no family, Lord Saddler must have used his
    strong faith in the Los Illuminados to his advantage to talk Sr. Salazar into
    the seal of the Las Plagas once done by his ancestor. Sr. Salazar would 
    never done such a thing unless he was in some way being used unknowingly.
    I should have sensed the Lord's dirty scheme sooner. I feel partly responsible
    for all this. I have no idea what the Lord is planning, but Sr. Salazar was 
    just being used. It is too late now however, Sr. Salazar has already taken
    the Plaga into his body. There is no turning back once the Plaga has turned
    into an adult in the body.
    The plaga parasite will not die unless the host dies. There's no cure. Perhaps
    Sr. Salazar may have been vaguely aware of the Lord's plan all along. But it's
    hard too tell. Nevertheless, there's nothing I can do about it now. I have
    served the Salazar family for generations. I am prepared to continue my 
    services until the very end.
    ( Sample retrieved )
    As you may have heard, Luis Sera has been disposed of by Lord Saddler. The
    "sample" is back where it belongs. I had hoped the whole matter could be 
    resolved without troubling the Lord. However, as long as the "sample" is
    safe we can all rejoice, for our time is nearly at hand. Now that the "sample"
    is back in our hands, it'll be a bit more difficult for that troublesome
    woman to get it. In light of all this, it's unfortunate that Sera had to go.
    Like us, he would have a bright future if only he had shown more faith in
    our beliefs. As for the two Americans, the Lord has left the matter in our
    hands. We must not disappoint the Lord. We shall capture Ashley and take her
    to the Lord and dispose of the American agent.
    ( Ritual preparation )
    Thanks to the efforts of the "Novistadors", we have been able to recapture 
    Ashley. We shall prepare for the scared ritual as quickly as possible and 
    make Ashley an offical member of the Los Illuminados. While we prepare for
    the ritual, those who feel inclined can attend to our American friend. 
    We should be able to hold off our friend for at least a little while by 
    jamming the gears in the clock tower with something. I think we jam gears 
    in 3 places, we should give us enough time to prepare everything for the 
    ritual. Now go and entertain our American tourist.
    ( Luis' Memo 2 )
    The first castellan buried the Las Plagas deep underground to hide their
    very existence. But when Salazar released the Las Plagas, on one thought
    he could bring them back to life. Because when Salazar found them they
    were all in fossilized remains. Everyone knew that the parasitic organisms
    could not survive without hosts. That they could't substain life on their
    own. But when Salazar and his men excavated the remains, it almost appeared
    as if they were just waiting to be discovered so that they could resurrect.
    Several years later, unexplainable convulsions started occuring among the 
    villagers helped with the excavation with the Las Plagas. Then one day, all
    of a sudden, these villagers turned violent savages. They later found it was
    caused by the Las Plagas. Although they appeared fossilized, they were able to
    survive the long years by lying in a dorment state at cellular level remaining
    in a spore like form. Apparently, during the excavation, the villagers inhaled
    the spores and within their bodies the parasites became active again. This was
    how the Las Plagas was resurrected. Even as I'm writing, excavation of the Las
    Plagas continues. God only know how may Las Plagas have been resurrected. Not 
    to mention the countless number of Ganados that have been created. Their 
    inhumane activity must be put to the end. If they are not stopped, people 
    around the world could turn into victims of this crazy cult organization.
    ( Letter from Ada )
    Once the Plaga egg hatches, it's nearly impossible to remove it from the body.
    But if it's before it hatches, then it can be neutralized by medication. If it
    does hatch you might get it out by surgery before it turns into an adult. But 
    it won't be easy. There's a high chance you won't survive the operation. As 
    far as I know the girl is injected with the egg before you. Her time is 
    ticking. You should be prepared yourself with the worst case scenario.
    Island files
    ( Luis' Memo 3 )
    The hideous creatures such as El Gigante and the Novistadors are merely by - 
    products of the diabolical and inhumane experiments conducted on the specimens
    that were once human. But there's one type that clearly distinguishes itself
    from the rest. Those creatures are called Regenerators. Regenerators have 
    superior metabolism that allows them to regenerate their host body parts at
    an incredible speeds. I've never seen anything like it.........
    It is this characteristic that makes them almost invincible to conventional
    weapons. But like any living creature, there's a way to kill it. Apparently
    there are Plagas that live in its body somewhere like leeches. To stop its
    regeneration process, these leech - like Plagas must be located and then
    destroyed. But they can't be seen with naked eye. They can only be located 
    through thermal imaging. As far as I know, most of the Regenerators host a 
    number of this leech-like Plagas. To kill the Regenerators, each one of these
    leech - like Plagas must be killed.
    ( Paper Airplane )
    Perhaps you have it figured out already, but you might be able to get out of 
    here by using the waste disposal vent.
    ( Our Plan )
    Because of the agent we lost chief Mendez and Ramon. Nevertheless, everything 
    willproceed according to plan. I must admit however, the loss of my loyal men 
    is a bit  disheartening. But I will deal with it. Replacing the loss will not 
    come easy. I must choose wisely, for the Plagas reflects the conscience of
    their hosts. If chosen poorly, they could betray me. I need men who will 
    swear their allegiance to me. I've learned my lesson when Sera betrayed me.
    I will not make the same mistake again. In this important hour, I cannot 
    and will not have anyone stand in my way.
    ( Luis' Memo 4 )
    I'll report my findings about the Plagas here. The Plagas have 3 distinct
    1. As mentioned previously, the Plagas have the ability to manipulate the
    behavioral patterns of their hosts.
    2. The Plagas are social organisms. By this I mean that instead of living 
    individually, they live in perfect social harmony. It is believed that they
    have a collective intelligence.
    This type of behavior can be seen among insects such as bees and ants. However
    this kind of social behavior is rarely seen among parasitic organisms.
    Perhaps it was learned behavior of the Plagas. I'm finding out if this has 
    any relationship with their first characteristic.
    3. The Plagas have expectional adaptation skills. They are able to live off
    many kinds of organisms by creating a symbiotic environment quickly. This
    ability, combined with their social behaviors, allows them to interact
    intellgently between hosts regardless of the host organism. 
    I am ashamed to admit my pure fascination with the Plagas, in hindsight, has
    blinded me to true research objectives of the Los Illuminados. Even with the
    knowledge of Saddler was going to abuse the results of these experiments, 
    I could not pull myself away from my research. As a result, I am just as 
    responsible for this whole mess as he is. I see now that I was wrong, but
    can I stop their evil plans alone......?
    ( Krauser's Note )
    It turns out that the old man Saddler wasn't buying me from the start. Even
    though I succeeded in kidnapping Ashley, I sort of sense this when Saddler
    didn't completely let me in the loop. Under the circumstances, I had no other
    alternative but to call for her assistance. Perhaps she knew this was the way
    it was going to turn out all along...
    My guess is that her ultimate goal might be different from Wesker's and mine.
    This is just the perfect opportunity to find out. And after I get rid of Leon
    and retrieve the sample, I'll put her in a bodybag along with Leon and sent
    them both to Wesker.
    ( Luis's Memo 5 )
    From the initial stages of the research, we have been searching for a safe and
    practical removal procedure of the Plaga. Ironically, it turns out that the 
    real objective of this research was not to find a way to remove the Plagas 
    from the infected person but to find a way so that the Plaga could not be 
    removed from the body easily. In the end, we are able to find out the Plagas
    could be removed only by exposing them to a special radiation. The only
    drawback with this method is that it is a very painful procedure. Since the
    Plaga attaches itself to the nerves, there is a possibility that it may impair
    the consciousness of the host. Another fact that must be mentioned is that once 
    thta Plaga turns into an adult, the removal procedure would kill the host. But
    perhaps death isn't so bad when you think about the alternative.
    ( Our mission )
    The real power of the United States lies in three areas.The Justice Department
    , the Administrative bodies, and the Military. In order to take control of
    these areas, we must influence the minds of the people who advice the 
    President. Adter this is done, the rest of the departments will quickly fall
    under our sway. If by chance the United States were to figure out our plan,
    the damage caused should be minimal.
    We will still be able to conquer the country as planned using out backup plan.
    Once we control the country, we will use their international influence to our
    advantage. The rest of the world will fall swiftly. As already stated, if our
    first plan doesn't go smoothly as expected, we'll proceed to our secondary 
    plan. By sending our "special" forces we will infiltrate the country from 
    within. Fear and Chaos will spread through the nation like a virus. It'll
    only be a matter of time before the country loses its stability. At that 
    time, when they're most vulnerable, we will strike. Rejoice my brethren;
    the world shall soon be cleansed.
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            8.  Secrets                                                RE4H
    Complete the game once
    Complete the game once, take note that the enemies are tougher
    Special Costumes:
    After beating the game the first time, when starting a new game or playing a 
    Round Two game, a new option appears that allows for Leon and Ashley to wear 
    special costumes. Leon wears an R.P.D. uniform, Ashley wears pop 
    sensation clothes and Ada wears her black outfit from her mini-game.
    Unlocking the Punisher Pistol:
    When the guy who runs around and sells you upgrades for weapons, 
    he has a secret "quest" for you.Just shoot 10/15 blue medallions 
    to get it,refer to walkthrough.
    Unlock Handcannon: 
    Beat the mecenaries game with S ranking for all characters scoring more than
    60,000 pts in every map. The handcannom is cannot be used to reload with the 
    magnum ammo,but you can upgrade the weapon to infinite ammo but it cost a lot 
    of money. But it provides 99.9 max power, second to the rocket launcher.
    Unlock the Chicago typewriter:
    Complete Assignment Ada to unlock this weapon for sale, it costs a bomb for
    this weapon but it has infinite ammo and it is very powerful as even the 
    bosses will feel the effect of this weapon.
    Unlock infinite rocket launcher and Matilda:
    Complete the game once to unlock the weapons for sale, the infinite rocket
    launcher is damn expensive,but it has infinite ammo. Matilda is a expensive
    weapon itself, but it shoots in three round bursts, it consmues ammo quickly
    but it's able to contain 100 ammo at a time when upgraded to the maximum!!
    Unlock characters in mercenaries mode:
    Ada wong = Get four star ranking of 30 000 pts in Pueblo map
    Hunk = Get four star ranking of 30 000 pts in Island
    Albert Wesker = Get four star ranking of 30 000 pts in Waterworld map
    Jack Krauser = Get four star ranking of 30 000 pts in Castle map
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