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    Death Scene Guide by AdmiralPo

    Version: 1.64 | Updated: 09/19/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ||                                                                            ||
    ||                                RESIDENT EVIL 4                             ||
    ||                              B I O H A Z A R D 4                           ||
    ||                                                                            ||
    ||                               - Death Scenes -                             ||
    ||                                                                            ||
    ||          By :                                                              ||
    ||                    Admiral Po                                              ||
    ||                    (admiral_popovsky@yahoo.com)                            ||
    ||          Version :                                                         ||
    ||                 1.64                                                       ||
    ||                                                                            ||
    \\\ VERSION //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// VER
    - v 1.00
      = Completed the main guide (most...)
      = 14 death scene groups recorded for Leon, 5 for Ada
    - v 1.20
      = Updated host sites
      = Added "Version History"
      = Added "Spoiler Alert"
      = Added "Acid Burst" scene (thanks to Darth Lonks)
      = Added "Hit a Truck" scene (wow, it's 16 total for Leon now!)
      = Added more locations on "Cut Off Head" death scene
      = Added more locations on "Falling" death scene (thanks to Joe Liu)
      = Added more locations on "Stabbed" death scene
      = These also means rearranged the list and TOC...
    - v 1.50
      = Revise the Version History (Well, what else...?)
      = Some minor Intro revisions
      = Some additions to make the scene groups separation clear
      = Added "Wolf Scratch" scene (thanks to Joe Liu)
      = Added "Squeezed" scene
      = Added "Claw Strike" scene (thanks to Joe Liu)
      = Added "Axe Slice" scene (thanks to Joe Liu)
      = Added "Lava Ambush" scene (thanks to Joe Liu)
      = Added "Full Pressed Bodies" scene (thanks to Joe Liu)
      = Added "Halved" scene (thanks to Joe Liu)
      = Added more locations on "Crushed" death scene
      = Added more locations on "Cut Off Head" death scene (thanks to Joe Liu)
      = Added more locations on "Suffocated" death scene
      = Added more locations on "Falling" death scene (thanks to Joe Liu)
      = Rearranged the list again, had to follow the storyline... :s
      = O_O it's 23 scene groups for Leon now...
    - v 1.51
      = Nothing realy new here, just host sites update...
        (thanks Leo for the reminder)
    - v 1.6
      = Some minor addition on Ada scene intro
      = Minor addition on "Falling" death scene
      = Added more locations on "Swallowed" death scene (thanks to William Bolt)
      = Added "Cut Throat" scene (thanks to William Bolt)
    - v 1.63
      = Added "Spiky Love" scene (thanks to Chainsawmaniac)
      = 25 scene types now... will the number grows more?
      = Renamed the decapitation scene title
      = Start the polling for "Best Death Scene"!
    \\\ INTRO ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// INT
    Resident Evil 4 is one of the best RE series, in my opinion. A little sway from
    RE mainstream that is shooting-mindless-walking-dead-zombies, this game still
    maintain the horror theme of Resident Evil series. Your enemies now still have 
    enough of their intelligent that make them able to bring and use various weapons
    that make you choose what tactics you should use. Fighting your way to save
    Ashley; killing those Plagas-infected persons, ranging from villagers, cultists,
    up to soldiers ; giant bosses (you could even face two in an area); crazy 
    chainsaw maniacs that love to cut your head; Quick Button Events that could mean
    between life and death; and don't forget the famous Leon vs Krauser knife fight,
    are some features that make this game interesting and even worth replaying again
    and again.
    From those features, I would like to cast the spotlight on the Death Sequences
    or Death Scenes, the scenes of your death (I mean the character you're playing,
    Leon or Ada) before you get the "You Are Dead" and "Continue? Yes / No" screen.
    Is there anything interesting in it? YES. You see, for example, Leon could die
    in MANY ways, instead of just having the lifebar entirely depleted. Head cut
    off, stabbed, falling, etc. Most of the death scenes are the result of failing
    to comply with the requested orders in Quick Button Events (such as pressing
    simultaneously or tapping quickly). I believe you could "achieve" most of them
    in one playthrough, and if you miss some, you could simply replay or load to
    catch the death scenes you miss that I mention here :) Note also that my stress
    here is mainly on the one-hit-kill death scene, rather than the usual death
    way, except if the death scene is distinct from the normal. In other words, the
    scenes mentioned here because they have either of these components :
    1. It is a one hit kill (instant kill/death), or
    2. Distinctive death scene, or
    3. Special cause of death.
    All other death scenes will be included in the "Normal" or "Mission Failed"
    section. Hmm... now that I'm thinking, if you are playing the "Mercenaries"
    mini-game, even Krauser, Wesker and Hunk can have their death scenes too!... =)
    But it's not worth mentioned here anyway... they have only the "Normal" or
    "Cutt Off Head" or "Blown" scenes (no spesific ones), also considering the fact
    that it's only a sidegame.
    Okay, consider this as a just-for-fun-guide, compared to the serious-complete-
    walkthrough-guide. You could be surprised too to know how many various ways
    the character could get their death, instead of simple 0 hitpoints or 0 life.
    This could be a replay value too, isn't it...? XD
    ### UPDATE: VOTES! ###
    Because there's now enough scenes (especially for Leon...), I think we can begin
    the voting for "Best Death Scene"! Just email your preferred one... um, or maybe
    your 3 (three) best nominees... and I shall update the next versions with the
    result (if there are enough participants, hope this is not tooo late...). 
    So, vote now! 
    Email contact can be found at the title and end of guide, please also mention
    something like [RE4 vote] or such in your subject.
    \\\ TABLE OF CONTENTS ////////////////////////////////////////////////////// TOC
    To browse this document quickly, you can search by input the three letters
    assignment that listed in this TOC. The index code appears at the rightmost part
    of a chapter title.
       VER   Version History
       INT   Intro
       TOC   Table of Contents
       DSL   Death Scenes - Leon
             L-01 Normal
             L-02 Mission Failed
             L-03 Crushed
             L-04 Axe Cut
             L-05 Swallowed
             L-06 Drowned
             L-07 Wolf Scratch
             L-08 Squeezed
             L-09 Off with His Head!
             L-10 Friendly Fire
             L-11 Suffocated
             L-12 Claw Strike
             L-13 Acid Burst
             L-14 Axe Slice
             L-15 Lava Ambush
             L-16 Full Pressed Bodies
             L-17 Falling
             L-18 Hit a Truck
             L-19 Stabbed
             L-20 Blown
             L-21 Cut Throat
             L-22 Spiky Love a.k.a. Hug of Love
             L-23 Laser Toasted
             L-24 Halved
             L-25 Hit a Rock
       DSA   Death Scenes - Ada
             A-01 Normal
             A-02 Off with His... ehm, Her Head!
             A-03 Axe Cut
             A-04 Blown
             A-05 Stabbed
       PCK   PC Keys
       THK   Thanks
       CPR   Copyright
    ########################   S P O I L E R   A L E R T   #########################
    Unless you are a veteran, or intent to spoil your own adventure, this guide may
    be a little bad for your gaming experience, as it could contains some spoiling
    parts of the game. If you can understand this, then click OK or cancel...
    \\\ DEATH SCENES - Leon //////////////////////////////////////////////////// DSL
    Other than the "Normal" death scene (L-01), most of the scenes is a one hit kill
    or instant status you will get, regardless of your health / HP / lifebar. I have
    also tried to arrange them so that they are in the order of the gameplay 
    progress, for convenient.
    \ L-01 : Normal /
    Scene : Just fall down to the ground, and dead...
    Cause : Depleted HP / lifebar (or life circle-bar)
    Location : Throughout the game
    Explanation : 
    This is the scenes that you will encounter the most, because you are too busy
    shooting and forget to refill your lifebar, or because someone give you a
    dynamite present, or you are too enjoy the scenery until you step up on a bomb
    trap, etc. Depending on the amount of damage, you will have the lifebar drained
    slowly and when it's empty, you get the "You Are Dead" achievement. Congrats!
    \ L-02 : Mission Failed /
    Scene : Yelling "Oh... Nooo..."
    Cause : Ashley killed or taken away
    Location : Throughout the game, and Ashley with you
    Explanation : 
    This scene is more like a Game Over status. Regardless of your HP, if you are
    careless enough to let Ashley being killed (either by the enemies or because
    you are a shooting maniacs and forget that Ashley is not included in your
    target), or being taken away, you get this scene. Well, a bit of annoyance she
    can be (I hate escort mission type myself...), but she is your subject of rescue
    anyway, and the daughter of the president, so just go on and be careful... ( and
    no peeking around XD )
    \ L-03 : Crushed /
    Scene : Lying dead after crushed
    Cause : Stomped by a large object...
    Location : 1. Falling big rock at the village
               2. Fight with the giant
               3. Running from Salazar statue
               4. Boulder trap after 2 giants boss fight
               5. Ashley trapped with a drill machine , after the first ceiling trap
    Explanation : 
    You get this if something big fall upon you, which can happen at these 
    locations : (1) when you get your first tapping button sequence at the village
    where you have to race against rolling boulder; (2) at the fight with the giant,
    after you kill him if you stand too close to him, there will be a button
    sequence for you to evade the falling body of the giant; (3) the sprint race
    against Salazar statue, you can either stomped by the giant statue if you're not
    fast enough, or have the falling pillar crush you if you cannot evade it; and
    (4) after you fight the 2 giants where you must open a sealed door using
    reflected lights from mirrors, once you are able to open it you will directly
    get a boulder trap sequence that you should do precise timing to pass, or you
    will be crushed under. For (5), I'm unsure where this section should go to, but
    I'll just put it in here, because the death scene is the simple one. After you
    escape the first spiked ceiling trap commenced by Salazar, you will run through
    a long corridor with Ashley. At the end of the corridor, a fence trap will fall
    and separate Leon and Ashley, while a huge drilling vehicle show up in her back
    crushing the wall and attempt to crush Ashley either. If you fail to kill the
    two drivers/operators in time, you may get the "Mission Failed" screen. Another
    interesting thing is after saving Ashley, try to get in the vehicle's path while
    it's still moving (leave Ashley somewhere save). You'll get knocked back and
    see the "You Are Dead" message.
    \ L-04 : Axe cut /
    Scene : A villager chop you
    Cause : An axe and a maniac villager
    Location : When you got tied up with Luis Sera
    Explanation : 
    After you find Luis in a wardrobe and get caught, you will wake up and find got
    tied up with him in a room. And after a long chit-chat a villager wielding big
    axe will come in and tried to chop you (perhaps the villager assume you as wood
    logs?). If you are unsuccessful in the button sequence, you will get this scene,
    a bloody one.
    \ L-05 : Swallowed /
    Scene : Being eaten by a monster
    Cause : A hungry, annoyed, or angry monster
    Location : 1. Before the battle at the Lake (Del Lago)
               2. In the battle at the Lake (Del Lago)
               3. Battle with Salazar (and his... which one is it... ah, Left Hand)
                  < thanks to William Bolt for the reminder >
    Explanation : 
    Most of this scene is happen at the battle with the lake monster after you get
    in the boat to cross the lake. If you fall off your boat in the battle (either
    knocked by the monster or wood logs), you must swim back to your boat fast, or
    otherwise you will get this scene. The other one can be considered as hidden
    death scene, because you may never knew it unless you read somewhere. Before
    get in the boat, stand at the end of the pier, then just shoot anything to the
    lake. The monster will get pissed off and will suddenly jump out of the water
    and swallow you awhole. Yay! For the third cause, you can get it when battling
    Salazar, who merged with his Left Hand and that giant plant Plagas monster
    (hmm... as far as I remeber, this is the only Plagas mutation on plant...?
    maybe...). The Left Hand (the protruding one with that big eye) will sometimes
    opening his mouth wide. Don't run or evade or just stand right in front of it
    and you may get bitten, awhole... Note that this will only happen or occur if
    you're standing in the upper area, not in the lower floor.
    \ L-06 : Drowned /
    Scene : Drowned at the lake
    Cause : A died monster who forgot to take off the anchor
    Location : After the battle at the Lake (Del Lago)
    Explanation : 
    Still the continuation of the boss battle at the lake, after you kill it, it
    will fall to the bottom of the lake. The problem is, it still have the anchor
    attached to its body, and -luckily- the rope will wrap around Leon's leg and
    pull him. If you're not good enough at tapping buttons (that is to cut the 
    rope), you may get this drowned scene.
    \ L-07 : Wolf Scratch /
    < thanks to Joe Liu for the reminder >
    Scene : A wolf with dripping blood in its mouth on top of Leon's corpse
    Cause : Sharp fangs
    Location : Encounter with wolf/dog-type enemy (Colmillos)
    Explanation : 
    It's a wolf or a dog? Anyway, when Leon meet this enemy, they will either jump
    to Leon and bitting and scratching, or use the whipping Plagas that emerge from
    its back. When they jump to Leon, while they are scratching his face, there will
    be a shake off sequence. If your health is low enough, they may even kill Leon.
    He will just lying dead there, while the Colmillos on top of him showing its
    fangs dripping blood. Nice dog! (or wolf...)
    \ L-08 : Squeezed /
    Scene : Get squeezed (and thrown away, for the giant battle)
    Cause : Angry giant(s)
    Location : 1. Battle with the giant (Gigante)
               2. Battle with the vilage chief (Bitoru Mendez)
                  < thanks to Joe Liu for the reminder >
    Explanation : 
    The giant has some types of attacks, whether at the first encounter, the second,
    or at the battle with two of them. Stomping, hitting, etc., also this one. Grab
    you and squeeze with his both hand until you are dead. Shake it off or he will
    quickly empty the lifebar then throw Leon's dead body away. While Mendez (his
    first form) will sometimes use his tentacle or arm or whatever it is that wrap
    around Leon's body and squeeze him to death. Another shake off sequence here or
    get squeezed.
    \ L-09 : Off with His Head! /
    Scene : Leon's head cut off
    Cause : Sharp chainsaw, hungry Plagas, giant roach, Garrador claw, flying scythe
    Location : 1. Encounter with the chainsaw maniac
               2. Encounter with the green Plagas parasite
               3. Encounter with a giant bug
               4. Encounter with Garrador
                  < thanks to Joe Liu for the reminder >
               5. Encounter with scythe-wielding zealot
                  < thanks to Joe Liu for the reminder >
    Explanation : 
    There are two main cause of this scene: one is that huge chainsaw maniac with
    masked face that love to cut someone's head instead of trees or logs; and a
    spesific Plagas type that usually sprout from enemy's head. This Plagas type
    come in green flavor, and has big mouth too... When you're too close to these
    enemies, the maniac will swing his/her chainsaw towards your head (perhaps they
    forget to read the safety guide manual...), or in case of the green Plagas,
    it will cut and swallow your head instantly (somebody feed that hungry Plagas
    please...). For the encounter of that giant insect (Novistador), it has various
    attacks. One of them is a slash that can cut off Leon's head in a sway. Also
    when you fight the Garradors, especially when the health is low, the swinging
    attack can cut Leon's head too. The zealot with the scythe can also take Leon's
    head away, preferrably with low HP and when they are in a spesific distance,
    they will throw the scythe and cut his head in a swing. Bulls eye!
    \ L-10 : Friendly Fire /
    Scene : Shot by an ally
    Cause : Friendly fire (or a mistrust?)
    Location : When you are sieged in a house and meet Luis the second time
    Explanation :
    When you are swarmed by the Ganados in a house and you have to fight them along
    with Luis at your side, if you shoot Luis several times -either by mistake or
    intended purpose- you will get a cutscene where Luis will shot you twice and
    send you to the "You Are Dead" screen. Adios, Leon!
    \ L-11 : Suffocated /
    Scene : Leon is suffocated to death
    Cause : Something that impede the prespiration process
    Location : 1. Before boss fight with the Village Chief (Bitoru Mendez)
               2. Boss fight with U3 / "It"
    Explanation : 
    After you enter the shed, you will have a cutscene where the Village Chief
    (Bitoru Mendez) will lift Leon and smack him down, then bend the door handles.
    He will then turn around at Leon and try to grab him. Another button event to
    evade and save your live. If you fail, he will lift Leon once again and this
    time he will strangle Leon to death, and you have another cool death scene...
    Another boss that can make Leon suffocated is U3 (or "It", according to Sadler).
    I don't really know whether Leon die because of suffocation or broken neck, or
    both... Anyway, at some point in the fight you will get a button prompt to dodge
    and if you fail, its tounge will wrap around Leon's neck and pull him. Shake it
    off or you get this scene.
    \ L-12 : Claw Strike /
    < thanks to Joe Liu for the reminder >
    Scene : Stabbed in the face, scream, lifted, and stabbed again in the body
    Cause : Wolverine-type claws
    Location : At the castle after the first encounter with Novistador
    Explanation : 
    At the battle with Garrador, when he commence charging attack with his claws,
    be prepare to dodge away. If not, instead of just getting a lot of hurt, he will
    stab his claws right in Leon's face. While screaming, the Garrador will lift
    him and use his another hand and stab Leon in his body (unnecessary I think,
    it seems that Leon has already dead in the first face-stabbing...). 
    \ L-13 : Acid Burst /
    < thanks to Darth Lonks for the reminder >
    Scene : Leon's head skin get burnt by acid
    Cause : Acid-spewing giant insect
    Location : Encounter with Novistador
    Explanation : 
    The Novistador (that giant insect) has many attacks. Kicking you, slashing your
    head, and also this one. Not to mention its ability to become invisible (where
    does it learn that stealth spell? Pentagon should capture some...). At some time
    it may jump to you then spewing acid. Though this is not a one hit kill
    (instant kill), it is worth mentioning here as the scene is somewhat... special.
    \ L-14 : Axe Slice /
    < thanks to Joe Liu for the reminder >
    Scene : Smashed by giant axe
    Cause : A giant swinging axe(s)
    Location : At the castle after the first encounter with Novistador
    Explanation : 
    After get introduced to the insects, next you will face a swinging pendulum axes
    where you should time your passing. Just walk past or jump after it swing away,
    NOT when it's right in your position, or you'll get smacked to the wall and die.
    \ L-15 : Lava Ambush /
    < thanks to Joe Liu for the reminder >
    Scene : Ambushed by a giant and dragged to a lava pit
    Cause : A giant swimming in lava...
    Location : The battle with two giants
    Explanation : 
    In the battle with the two giants in the castle, you have the option to use the
    lava pit to trap and eliminate one of the giants. Once you succeed in doing so,
    you'll notice that for some moments the lava pit trap door still open and you
    can see the fallen giant is trying to swim in the lava... (Okay just kidding, he
    actually try to grab the edge, though useless). Try to get close near the open
    lava pit, and the trapped giant will may grab Leon instead and get him fall to
    the lava with the giant... a sweet revenge!
    \ L-16 : Full Pressed Bodies /
    < thanks to Joe Liu for the reminder >
    Scene : Ceilings pressing something (or someone...)
    Cause : Compressing ceiling
    Location : 1. At the Castle, before getting the Queen's Grail
               2. At the Castle, before the mine cart ride
    Explanation : 
    Two exact traps, on one level: spiked ceilling that designed to make some full-
    pressed-bodies (from Leon's and Ashley's). The first one is when meeting
    Salazar in a room where he commence a trap then run away. Don't bother following
    him yet, as the exit door will close. The second one is before the mine cart
    ride sequence. Both has the same override to stop it, shoot the lamps in the
    ceiling. The second will get a little harder as there might be some Plagas for
    your companion around. You have to do it quickly, or the ceiling will come down
    and press whatever below it.
    \ L-17 : Falling /
    Scene : Fall to the bottomless abyss
    Cause : You fall off the cliff... What's more?
    Location : 1. At elevator cars, before the fight with Bitoru Mendez
                  < thanks to Joe liu for the reminder >
               2. End of mine cart ride
               3. End of running from Salazar statue
               4. Battle with U3 ("It")
                  < thanks to Joe liu for the reminder >
    Explanation : 
    Only on a few sequences in the game that you can get this scene. One is before
    you fight the village chief, where you will ride the elevator car or lift or
    gondola or whatever its name with Ashley. Beside shooting the incoming cars that
    carry villagers, pay attention to your left side. Some villagers will just stand
    there, and when the time is right, they will jump to the top of your car and try
    to cut the chain. If they are succeed, then your car (along with the passengers
    -legal & ilegal one) will have a freefall to the bottomless abyss. Also at the
    mine cart ride at the end of the track, so after shooting those villagers and
    chainsaw freaks that wants to accompany you in your ride, be ready to jump away.
    Another one is when you are racing against Salazar giant statue, after you open
    the lock at the exit. You will run accross the bridge and Salazar statue will
    fall and crush the bridge so you have to jump accross. For #2 and #3, you will
    also still have to help Leon to "climb" (button mashing), otherwise Leon will
    loose his grip and fall to the "You Are Dead" world... Last, at the battle in a
    hanging cage with U3, or some may call it "It" (Well, Saddler only said "It"
    without referring any names...). There's a timer here, which you should pay
    attention to, especially after pressing the emergency switches. If you can't
    make it out in time, then the entire cage will fall down to the abyss. You must
    do this three times to escape.
    \ L-18 : Hit a Truck /
    Scene : Hit by a truck and laying dead
    Cause : A drunken driver?
    Location : After the fight with Bitoru Mendez, before entering the castle
    Explanation : 
    After you obtain access to get out from the village and going to the castle, you
    will meet several villagers on the road. Up the road, you will see a cutscene
    that a truck is starting its engine and head towards you. The driver seem to be
    drunken or something, because it also hit the other villagers in his path
    (perhaps it is a bad idea to have a Plaga in your body while driving...? Plaga
    and drive really don't mix). You have two tasks here: shoot the truck and evade
    as it crash. Fail either of it will get you this simple scene.
    \ L-19 : Stabbed /
    Scene : Various, you choose it :)
    Cause : A stalacmite, your own knife, a commando knife, or a transformed arm
    Location : 1. Before the fight with the Right Hand
               2. After the Salazar statue sequence
               3. Leon vs Krauser knife fight
               4. Leon vs Krauser with transformed arm
    Explanation : 
    Yeah, many scenes you can get from this one, especially at the knife fight with
    Krauser. First, after you solve the clock tower puzzle in the castle and enter
    the next building greeting two Garradors, you'll meet Salazar. He will then
    press a secret button that activate a trap door and Leon will fall down. Button
    sequence will appear, so Leon will survive. A failure here will make Leon fall
    right on a sharp stalacmite under him, an instant death. Leon sure does lucky.
    Second, after you won the race against Salazar statue and enter the next
    hall, a cutscene appears where you have some talk with Salazar, and at one point
    Leon will throw his knife that hit Salazar's hand. Not long after, his guard
    will pull the knife and throw it back at Leon, so be ready to dodge. Otherwise,
    you will taste your own medicine right below your neck. Third, is the famous
    knife fight with Krauser (first encounter). Even before the fight begin, you
    must evade his surprise attack in order to stay alive. Many death scenes you can
    choose here: stabbed in the chest, neck slashed, heart stab, and more... try it
    all yourself. Last, at the second encounter with Krauser, where he will begin to
    use his Plagas-infected transformed arm. You will have a timed fight here, and
    at some point especially when Krauser is near you he will slam you to the ground
    and then jump. A dodging sequence will appear to evade the attack. If you fail,
    he will instantly kill you by stabbing with his transformed arm while you're
    still lying on the ground.
    \ L-20 : Blown /
    Scene : You, or an entire island, get blown
    Cause : Dynamite, or time-bomb
    Location : 1. Encounter with dynamite maniac
               2. Water ski sequence (end of game)
    Explanation : 
    For the first cause, I have only once meet this situation. When you encounter a
    dynamite-wielding maniac, let them ignite the fuse first. Before they get the
    chance to throw it, go near them, and as usual the enemy will try to grab you,
    with the ignited dynamite still on their hand! If let long enough, both of you
    could be blown up... cool. For the second one, is at the end of the game after
    you beat Saddler mutated form (the final boss), and have to escape the island
    because Ada have activated a time bomb to clean up the whole mess (Why don't she
    give a little ride for Leon and Ashley so you don't have to use the water ski
    anyway? There are still enough room on the chopper...). You have to make it in
    time to escape with the water ski, otherwise the island will be toasted with
    Leon and Ashley still in it.
    \ L-21 : Cut Throat /
    < thanks to William Bolt for the reminder >
    Scene : Get a cut throat, or a really serious bite on your neck...
    Cause : Sneaky Krauser, or vampire's... I mean, Regenerator's fangs
    Location : 1. Leon vs Krauser (before using his transformed arm)
               2. Encounter with the Regenerator (the normal variant)
    Explanation : 
    During your second encounter with Krauser, you're playing some hide-and-seek
    game with him. Krauser will often use flash grenades and dissapear, then just
    reappear again from nowhere surprising you, shooting arrows from far away
    (looser!), or trying to cut your throat. Get some shaking off sequence or you'll
    be dead. For the second cause, you could find it when you come across a
    Regenerator (the normal one, NOT the spiky one). Just get up close and personal
    with him, and he will show his fangs then bite you on the neck, dracula style,
    yeah... Another shake off moment to be done, or watch Leon vainly try to
    staunch the blood flow, then fall down because of heavy blood loss. Ouch!
    Okay, Krauser's ambush isn't a one-hit-kill, just note that both has relatively
    the same death animation (Leon desperately holding his bleeding neck).
    \ L-22 : Spiky Love a.k.a. Hug of Love /
    < thanks to Chainsawmaniac >
    Scene : Being stuck on spikes
    Cause : Aw! Spikes!
    Location : Encounter with the Regenerator (the spiky variant)
    Explanation : 
    When you encounter the Regenerator, what will you normally do? Take out the
    infrared scope, aim at the parasites on its body, and start shooting away (well,
    blasting him with everything you got work also, though could take looonger...).
    Okay, now try something different. Go find the Regenerator type that protrudes
    spikes when you are near them. Get your health low, then go near him and let
    the spikes kill you. Tada... you could end up being stuck on the spikes. Nice...
    \ L-23 : Laser Toasted /
    Scene : Get toasted and lying dead
    Cause : High intensity laser beams
    Location : After the knife fight versus Krauser
    Explanation : 
    Remind you of the film, especially the third and fourth set of laser beams. The
    first and second is quite easy to pass, while the last ones will require some
    button sequences so you can evade them by jumping through (cool...!). If your
    timing or button pressing ability is bad, then you could be toasted in no time
    (and don't hope that the death scene is somewhat like in the movie, it's just a
    simple death scene though...).
    \ L-24 : Halved /
    < thanks to Joe Liu for the reminder >
    Scene : Cut in half in the waist
    Cause : "It"
    Location : Boss fight with U3 / "It"
    Explanation : 
    Another attack type of "It". In his first form the tounge will only strangle
    Leon. In the final form, especially at the battle in the ledge after escaping
    the hanging cage, it will grab Leon's leg. You should shake it off, because if
    you late his scissor will cut Leon's in his waist separating the upper and lower
    body. "It" will then lift Leon's lower body so you can examine the death scene
    clearly. Cool distinct death scene you see...
    \ L-25 : Hit a Rock /
    Scene : Off the water ski
    Cause : Enjoying water skiing too much...
    Location : Water ski sequence (end of game)
    Explanation : 
    Also in the water ski sequence at the end of the game, while riding you will
    also have to make a left or right dodge to evade the rocks that block your
    route. So remember to move the control left or right instead of just
    accelerating, or else you will hit them and have to start all over again.
    Wow! Over TWENTY various ways to die, not to mention the scene breakdowns,bravo
    for Leon! (Okay, no offense for Leon...) Have you tried them all...? Hmm, how
    about some polling for the "Best Death Scene"...? Just send your preferred Death
    Scene to my email (up to three nominees). Note that I'll only display the
    results if there are only enough voters. So, vote now!
    Email contact can be found at the title and end of guide, please also mention
    something like [RE4 vote] or such in your subject.
    \\\ DEATH SCENES - Ada ///////////////////////////////////////////////////// DSA
    This section is dedicated for the extras that available after you beat the game
    once, where you will play as the femme Ada Wong. There are two extras which
    has Ada as the main character, that is "Assignment Ada" or "Ada the Spy"; and
    "Separate Ways". I will include them all here, note that most of them are the
    same with Leon's death scenes. The only difference is on "Separate Ways" at the
    final battle where you can get another spesific death scene. For the others that
    have similarities with Leon's, I will only give a brief explanation. This list
    is not as lenghty as Leon's, as the gameplay is also much shorter than the main.
    Uhh... I know we love Ada... this is only for the completion of this guide, ok?
    Sorry, Ada... XD
    \ A-01 : Normal /
    Scene : Just fall down to the ground, and dead...
    Cause : Depleted HP / lifebar (or life circle-bar)
    Location : Throughout the game (Assignment Ada & Separate Ways)
    Explanation : 
    Same with Leon (see above). Pay attention to your health or you can visit the
    "Continue? Yes / No" screen several times.
    \ A-02 : Off with His... ehm, Her Head! /
    Scene : Ada's head cut off
    Cause : Sharp chainsaw or hungry Plagas
    Location : 1. Encounter with the chainsaw maniac
               2. Encounter with the green Plagas parasite
               (Separate Ways only)
    Explanation : 
    Same with Leon (see above). Watch out for chainsaw freaks or a green Plagas that
    may sprout from the enemies, and stand far enough from them.
    \ A-03 : Axe cut /
    Scene : A villager chop you
    Cause : An axe and a maniac villager
    Location : After Ada save Leon from Bitoru Mendez (village chief)
               (Separate Ways only)
    Explanation : 
    Ada will be taken to a cave and apparently prepared for a ritual sacrifiction.
    At the cutscene, after done praying, the frontmost villager will begin to swing
    his axe. Button sequence here, and Ada will perform a life-saving summersault.
    If you fail, you got a bloody scene, same like Leon.
    \ A-04 : Blown /
    Scene : Ada, or a warship, or a platform get blown
    Cause : Dynamite, heavily-broken warship, or time-bomb
    Location : 1. Encounter with dynamite maniac
               (Assignment Ada and Separate Ways)
               2. Battle at the warship on the dock
               3. Rocket launcher sequence (end of game)
               (Separate Ways only)
    Explanation : 
    For the first cause, it is the same like Leon. Get near an enemy who hold
    ignited dynamite and let them grab you, wait a little longer, and KABOOM!... The
    second one is at the warship on the dock, especially when you are near the exit,
    where all turrets on the ship now targetting Ada. After Ada get a hold on a
    machine gun using keycard and blow a turret, the ship will begin to brake, and
    a timer will appear. Ada will have to make it out in time, before the ship
    finally explode and sink. The last one is after Saddler mutates into his final
    form and Leon has to fight him to save the world. Ada will have to jump platform
    to platform using her Grappler Gun with a timer on, to reach the rocket launcher
    at the end and give it to Leon to save the day. If the time is up, the platform
    will explode and the "you Are Dead" screen appears.
    \ A-05 : Stabbed /
    Scene : Stabbed in the ground or in the air
    Cause : A tentacle with blade or a transformed arm
    Location : 1. Encounter with Krauser
               (Assignment Ada and Separate Ways)
               2. Boss fight against Saddler
               (Separate Ways only)
    Explanation : 
    Ada will meet Krauser both in Assignment Ada and Separate Ways with his
    transformed arm, where in Assignment Ada he is the last boss. Same with Leon,
    there is a chance where he will use his finishing move after slam you to the
    ground and jump trying to stab with his transformed arm. Dodge by button
    sequence, or get this death scene. The final one is on the boss battle against
    Saddler in his normal form. At some times Saddler will extend his tentacles
    (from his right hand) and grab Ada. His bladed tentacle will then also coming
    out, and a button sequence appears. Do the button tapping correctly will release
    Ada, while doing the opposite will make the bladed tentacle stab Ada and lift
    her to the air, just like when he kills Luis in the maingame cutscene.
    \\\ PC KEYS //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PCK
    Okay, just consider this a little bonus. Because I'm playing the PC version, and
    not many guides out there that talk about this version, so I have to figure out
    all the buttons myself... If you have the X,Y,L,R,A,B in game consoles, in PC
    version it is 1,2,3,4,5,6 buttons. The control configuration only state the
    actions and assigned buttons (keyboards), while in the game (like in the Quick
    Button Event) it is shown as " 1 / 3 " instead of " Ctrl / Enter ". For example,
    the button for "Ready knife" is Left Shift ("Shift(L)") and "Ready weapon" is
    Right Shift ("Shift(R)"), but at the Quick Button Event when it is displayed
    " 5 + 6 " to dodge, how would I know it is to press Left Shift and Right Shift?
    So, here are the control keys for PC version, where the action keys already
    defined at the control configs.
       1  =  Enter
       2  =  F
       3  =  Ctrl
       4  =  I
       5  =  Left Shift
       6  =  Right Shift
    \\\ THANKS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THK
       - GameFAQs & supercheats & neoseeker
            for accepting and hosting this guide
       - Capcom
            for their great game (or perhaps greatest RE series...?)
       - Darth Lonks, Joe Liu, William Bolt, Chainsawmaniac
            for reminding some death scenes that I missed
       - myself
            for making this guide
       - you
            for reading this!
    \\\ COPYRIGHT ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CPR
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       > GameFAQs.com (primary host site)
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