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    Achievement Guide by Gamer364

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    *                          Game: Resident Evil 4 HD                          *
    *                       System: Xbox 360 (also for PS3)                      *
    *                       Type: Achievement/Trophy Guide                       *
    *                            Written By: Gamer364                            *
    *                            Copyright 2012/2013                             *
    |                            Table Of Contents                               |
    Part 1: The Guide's Timeline
    Part 2: Intro
    Part 3: Achievement/Trophy Overview
    Part 4: The Game's Achievements/Trophies and How to unlock them
    Part 5: How to Contact me
    Part 6: Legal Junk, Special Thanks and Other Guides I've Done
    |                        Part 1: The Guide's Timeline                        |
    04/30/2012: The guide's birth.
    Dates that are unlisted: I worked on the guide quite a bit.  The reason for
    the unlisted dates, is because I intended to do something with this guide, but
    ultimately decided to scrap it.
    05/25/2013: Finally desided to work on the guide and even finished it.  Just
    need to summit it to GameFAQs and I'm set.
    07/26/2013: Did some minor updates to the guide.  Nothing special here.
    *                               Part 2: Intro                                *
    Hey Guys, welcome to my next guide in my series of works.  As you can tell
    from my user name, my name is Gamer364.  This guide is designed to help all
    players playing this game to all of the game's achievements (or trophies for
    those playing the PS3 version of the game).  I know their's an achievement
    guide on GameFAQs already, but I felt like it should have explained all of the
    achievements more, so I figured I write one.  I know you guys probably don't
    like long Intros, so I'll get on with the guide already.
    Warring: This guide can and will contain spoilers from the game, especially
    in the walkthrough itself, so read at your own risk.
    |                     Part 3: Achievement/Trophy Overview                    |
    Achievement/Trophy difficulty: 2/5 if you've played RE4 and/or RE5 before
    			       3/5 if you haven't but do use the Special 2 for
    			       4/5 if you haven't and don't use the Special 2
    Number of Achievements and Trophies: 12
    Least amount of playthroughs to get all Achievements/Trophies: 3
    Main Game - 2
    Separate Ways (or The Another Order in Japan) - 1
    Number of Missable Achievements/Trophies: 3
    Details: Not much to say in the details department.  All you'll be doing is
    playing through the main game twice and Separate Ways (The Another Order)
    once.  1st off, you'll be playing on Normal and playing the game the way you
    normally would.  When you beat the game for the 1st time, you'll unlock the
    Pro Setting and a bunch of other unlockables.  Depending on rather or not you
    want to get the Special 2 1st or not, You'll be taking on Separate Ways/The
    Another Order next.  Once you're done with that, You'll be playing the Main
    Game again, but this time on Pro.  Do note that you're weapon progress does
    not carry from Normal to Pro, so you'll have to be extra careful while playing
    on Pro.  With enough determination, you'll beat the game on Pro and 100% this
    game.  All that said, their are some things I should mention about some of the
    other versions of this game.
    In the International Versions of the game (or at least Europe and Japan), the
    game has an Easy setting (lucky sons of *******).  However, the Pro setting
    does not unlock on the Easy setting, so for those who have access to the Easy
    setting, you can use this as a "Just want to see the Story" playthrough if you
    In the German Version of the game, Assignment Ada and Mercenaries have been
    removed from the game under the orders of the German goverement when the
    Gamecube version was released and still hold true with the PS2, PC, Wii, 360
    and PS3 versions of the game.  However, the lack of either game mode will not
    affect the German Player's ability to 100% this game.
    -       Part 4: The Game's Achievements/Trophies and How to unlock them      -
    This part talks about the Game's Achievements (or Trophies for PS3 players) as
    the title suggests.  If your having trouble at some points of the game, here's
    a walkthrough of the game.  It was made by Berserker of GameFAQs.
    A. It Begins With a Ring
    Description: Ring the mysterious bell.  What happens after that, is up to you.
    Achievement Points: 50G
    Trophy Color: Bronze
    Guide: The "Ring the mysterious bell" part of the description is/can be a bit
    deceptive.  While the achievement/trophy itself is story-related, the
    description would have you believe that you need to do the 1st Chapter of
    Seperate Ways for this to unlock, when you unlock this during Chapter 1-1 of
    the main game.  Reguardless, you'll unlock this as soon as the bell rings,
    telling you that you survived the Village Ambush.
    B. Do Not Shoot the Water!
    Description: Summon the master of the lake. Don't rock the boat.
    Achievement Points: 50G
    Trophy Color: Bronze
    Guide: Story-related, but it can be missed.  Make sure you save at a
    Typewriter near the dock when going for this, because this achievement/trophy
    will get Leon killed.  Anyway, just shoot the lake 6 times and the boss will
    come out of the water, ending Leon's life and unlocking this
    achievement/trophy.  Hit "Yes" when asked to continue after that.  This is
    done in Chapter 1-3 and the boss' name is Del Lago, by the way.
    This can be missed simply by getting on the boat and riding around in it until
    a cutscene plays out, triggering this boss fight.
    Warring: The way Leon dies will catch you off guard if you're not prepaired,
    so I would watch a Youtube video depicting this way to die 1st, so you're not
    as surpised (if at all) when you do this yourself.
    C. A Rock and a Hard Place
    Description: Outmaneuver the rampaging beast, El Gigante.
    Achievement Points: 50G
    Trophy Color: Bronze
    Guide: Story-related, so it can't be missed.  Just go about killing this boss
    and that's it.  The fastest way is to stick a Rocket Lancher up it's butt,
    pull the trigger and watch the fireworks.  This is done in Chapter 2-1.
    D. Secure the Ballistics
    Description: Rescue the president's daughter, Ashley.  Afterwards, the real
    fun begins.
    Achievement Points: 50G
    Trophy Color: Bronze
    Guide: Story-related, so it can't be missed.  Ashley's the person that Leon
    has to save and her kidnapping is the reason why this game happend in the 1st
    place.  Anyway, once you find her, the achievement/trophy will unlock.  Like
    the last achievement/trophy, this is also done in Chapter 2-1.
    E. A Bloodline Severed
    Description: Defeat the village chief in battle.
    Achievement Points: 50G
    Trophy Color: Bronze
    Guide: Story-related, so it can't be missed.  Some time during Chapter 2-2,
    you'll be in a boss fight with Chief Mendez (the boss the description's
    refering to).  You'll have to have Leon survive a quick-time event before that
    happens though.  After that, do what you did with the other bosses before him
    and kill him by any means necessary.
    F. A Terrifying Assassin
    Description: Turn the tables on Verdugo, the right hand of Salazar.
    Achievement Points: 150G
    Trophy Color: Silver
    Guide: Story-related, but it can be missed.  Like the "A Rock and a Hard
    Place" and "A Bloodline Severed" achievements/trophies, this is obtained by
    killing the boss by any means necessary.  You'll want to freeze this boss
    using the Liquid Nitrogen tanks before you try anything.  This boss can be
    defeated without doing so, but freezing it makes this boss somewhat easier.
    If you've played RE 3 before (I haven't), you may notice it acts a little bit
    like Nemesis, except it won't being chasing you through out the game.  Like I
    said though, I haven't play RE 3, so I wouldn't know for certain.  Anyway,
    it'll unlock itself once this boss is down for the count.  This is done in
    Chapter 4-1 by the way.
    This can be missed by lasting long enough to the point where the door in the
    room your trapped with the boss in decides to unlock itself and you have Leon
    make a mad dash for the elevator.  However, since it take forever for that to
    happend, it's unlikely that you will end up missing this achievement/trophy.
    G. The Castellan Falls
    Description: Defeat Salazar, and make your escape from the castle.
    Achievement Points: 50G
    Trophy Color: Bronze
    Guide: Story-related, so it can't be missed.  Same old song and dance if you
    ask me.  Just kill the boss by any means necessary and be on your way.  This
    is done in chapter 4-4.
    H. The Ties That Bind
    Description: Defeat Krauser, your former partner, in battle.
    Achievement Points: 50G
    Trophy Color: Bronze
    Guide: Story-related, so it can't be missed.  You'll end up facing Krauser
    on several occasions in Chapter 5-3, the final time being after you've picked
    up the "Piece of the holy beast, Eagle" key item.  A cutscene will play out
    and the boss battle will begin.  You know when it's about to begin when
    Krauser says "Prepare for your death Leon" and you'll have to perform a quick
    time event to dodge his 1st attack.  I normally go for the Rocket Launcher
    method when it comes to killing the bosses in my game, but I'm not sure how
    I'm going to get far enough away from him in order to use it.  Besides, using
    Leon's knife seems to work better with this boss, so I would use that.  Kill
    him and the achievement/trophy's yours.  By the way, you have 3 minutes to
    kill Krauser, get the pieces to the door that takes them, insert them and get
    out of that area, before the C4s planted around the area explode, killing Leon
    in the blast.
    I. We're Going Home
    Description: Defeat Saddler in battle, and escape from the nightmare.
    Achievement Points: 100G
    Trophy Color: Bronze
    Guide: Story-related, so it can't be missed.  You'll get a chance to face
    Saddler and end Leon and Ashley's nightmare once and for all in the Final
    Chapter (Chapter 6-1).  Kill the Final Boss with anything you happen to have
    at that point and you'll win this achievement/trophy.
    After that, you'll be given the "Jet-Ski Keys" key item and 3 minutes to get
    the heck out of the island, starting the momment Ada (the mysterious and (as
    Krauser calls her) "the ***** in the red dress") presses the detonation
    button (time will be ticking down during the cutscene).  Once you've escape
    within the 3 minutes, give yourself a pat on the back, because you've beaten
    this game.
    J. A Heart of Steel
    Description: Clear the game on the highest difficulty.
    Achievement Points: 150G
    Trophy Color: Gold
    Guide: This one's a long one, so expect a lot of reading.  Anyway, the
    Diffculty setting the description's refering to is the Pro setting.  It is
    story-related, but you have to beat the game on Normal (the only setting
    avaiable in the US version) in order to unlock it.  Before attempting the Pro
    setting, it would be a good idea to go through "Seperate Ways" 1st so you'll
    unlock the Special 2 (Refer to "The S Stands for Stylish!!" to know what that
    costume does).  You'll also want to know what weapons you should grab and
    upgrade as often as you're PTAS (the game's form of money) and the game will
    Handguns: Besides Leon's Foot and Knife, these are his most basic weapon.
    They are not known for their Firepower, but you do get plenty of Ammo for it.
    They're 4 handguns in the game:
    1. Leon's Handgun
    Firepower: 2.0
    Firing Speed: .33
    Reload Speed: .87
    Ammo Cap: 25
    Exclusive: Increases Critical Headshot chance by x5
    2. Red9
    Firepower: 3.7
    Firing Speed: .40
    Reload Speed: 1.67
    Ammo Cap: 22
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 6.5
    3. Punisher
    Firepower: 1.9
    Firing Speed: .33
    Reload Speed: .83
    Ammo Cap: 25
    Exclusive: Can hit up to 5 enemies at once
    4. Blacktail
    Firepower: 3.2
    Firing Speed: .27
    Reload Speed: .83
    Ammo Cap: 35
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 4.5
    Note: The stats for the Handguns and the other types of weapons assume that
    you upgrade the gun to its max without the exclusives.
    Which Gun do I recommend?: Either the Red9 or the Blacktail
    Reason: Leon's Handgun seems to be more focused on Critical Headshots (as
    shown by its exclusive) which won't do much good if you're on Pro.  As for the
    Punisher, being able to hit mulitple enemies at once sounds nice, but the lack
    of Firepower (even at its highest level) will pretty much kill your chances of
    lasting on Pro for quite some time in the game.
    Now with the remaining two guns I gave you a choice.  The Red9 is the most
    powerful handgun in the the game thanks to its Firepower, but has a slow
    Reload Speed and the lower Ammo Cap of the two remaining guns and of all of
    the handguns in general.  The Blacktail on the other hand has a low Reload
    Speed and high Ammo Cap with the faster Firing Speed to boot, but doesn't have
    the Firepower the Red9 has.
    For my money, I went with the Red9, but the Stats on the Blacktail makes it
    sound like I should've at least considered the Blacktail a bit more, or even
    take both guns with me.  If you're going to use the Red9, make sure you buy
    the Stock with it, so you have an easier time aiming the gun.
    What gun you should use before you get either gun?: Leon's Handgun
    Of the two guns I don't recommend using as you're main choice of Handgun, I
    would rather use Leon's Handgun than the Punisher, though I do recommend that
    you shoot the 15 blue medallions for the Upgraded Punisher just for the extra
    PTAS.  If you intend on using the Blacktail, then I would pick up the Red9
    w/Stock to use for awhile until you're able to purchase the Blacktail.
    Shotguns: These bad boys can do a **** load of dammage and can hit multiple
    enemies at once (much like the Punisher can, only better).  However, with
    high Firepower comes with a slow Firing and Reload Speed and low Ammo Cap (for
    the most part).  They're 3 shotguns in the game:
    1. Normal Shotgun
    Firepower: 8.0
    Firing Speed: 1.53
    Reload Speed: 1.67
    Ammo Cap: 18
    Exclusive: Firepower is the same no matter the range.
    2. Riot Gun
    Firepower: 8.0
    Firing Speed: 1.53
    Reload Speed: 1.67
    Ammo Cap: 17
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 10.0
    3. Striker
    Firepower: 12.0
    Firing Speed: .73
    Reload Speed: 1.50
    Ammo Cap: 28
    Exclusive: Increases Ammo Cap to 100
    Which Gun do I recommend?: The Striker
    Reason: The Striker is argueable the Best Shotgun in the game.  It has the
    highest Firepower of the Shotguns, defies the shotgun stereotype that Shotguns
    take a long time to reload and fire (although, the shotgun still takes a bit
    to reload), has a high Ammo Cap of all of the shotguns (even without the
    exclusive) and lets you perform a bug known as the Ditman Glitch (the 4th
    Capcom didn't intend on happening).
    The Ditman Glitch is a bug where if you were to aim it, but you (quickly) go
    the weapon loadout screen and select another weapon like the Red9 Handgun,
    you'll do everything from running, reloading and shooting (just to name a few
    examples) at a much faster rate than you normally would.  I've put a Youtube
    video that goes into more detail with the bug itself in the Tips and Tricks
    part of the guide for this achievement/trophy.
    What gun you should use until you can get the Striker?: Player's Choice
    Shotguns are useful weapons, no matter what shotgun happens to be the best.  I
    would at least pick up the Normal Shotgun (which you can get for free in a
    two-story house in the Village at the begining of the game) though.  Keep in
    mind that if you try to pick it up during the Ambush, the Chainsaw dudes will
    come into the picture and try to (let's just say) give Leon a deadly case of
    a bad hair day.  If you intend on using the Riot Gun, then sell the Normal
    Shotgun when it becomes available.
    Rifles: These things are Long-Ranged Killers.  They can kill a enemy from a
    long-distance, but can leave you really put you in tight spot if you're not
    careful of where you pick to make you're stand with a Rifle.  They're 2 Rifles
    in the Game:
    1. Normal Rifle
    Firepower: 12.0
    Firing Speed: 2.73
    Reload Speed: 2.33
    Ammo Cap: 18
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 30.0
    2. Semi-Auto Rifle
    Firepower: 15.0
    Firing Speed: 1.43
    Reload Speed: 1.33
    Ammo Cap: 24
    Exclusive: Decreases Firing Speed to 0.80
    Which Gun do I recommend?: The Semi-Auto Rifle
    Reason: The reason for this is simple: On the Normal Rifle, once you fire it,
    you are forced out of Aiming mode, so Leon can eject the bullet from the gun.
    The Semi-Auto Rifle doesn't do this.  Plus with the Semi-Auto Rifle, it has
    the higher Firepower (unless you count the Normal Rifle's Exclusive, in which
    case, that Rifle will have the Higher Firepower), the faster Firing Speed
    (with or without the Rifle's Exclusive), Reload Speed and Ammo Cap.
    Should you get the Normal Rifle until you can get the Semi-Auto?: If you
    intend on using Both Rifles, Yes.  If not, No.
    The Normal Rifle really sucks with its lower Firepower and Ammo Cap and with
    its slower Firing and Reload Speed, its a wonder this rifle wasn't removed
    the PS2 release onwards.  The only reason I can see wanting to go with this
    Rifle is if you intend on fully upgrading it.  Even then, you have to make
    your shots count with this thing.  It is cheaper to fully upgrade than the
    Semi-Auto, but to me it's not worth it.
    Magnums: This type of gun were practicly created for the sake of killing
    bosses.  They boast a high Firepower with a fast Firing Speed.  However, they
    have a slow Reload Speed and have low Ammo Cap.  The low Ammo Cap is not
    helped out by the fact that the ammo for these things are rare as all heck.
    They're 2 Magnums in the game:
    1. Broken Butterfly
    Firepower: 28.0
    Firing Speed: .70
    Reload Speed: 2.33
    Ammo Cap: 12
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 50.0 (Oh Mama!)
    2. Killer7
    Firepower: 35.0
    Firing Speed: .70
    Reload Speed: .93
    Ammo Cap: 14
    Exclusive: N/A
    Which Gun do I recommend?: Player's Choice
    Reason: Both Magnums are pretty powerful in their own right.  The Broken
    Butterfly is kind of inferior to the Killer7 in terms of Pre-Exclusive stats.
    The slow Reload Speed and the lower Firepower doesn't help the Broken
    Butterfly's cause.  However, you can get this thing for free, which is a huge
    plus.  Here's how:
    After you've saved Ashley again, make your way to the point where you couldn't
    access the contents of a locked door.  Then boost Ashley through a hole in the
    wall and she'll unlock it from the other side.  Go right in and grab its
    contents, including the Broken Butterfly.
    The Killer7 on the other hand pretty much domminates the Broken Butterfly in
    every way except for one thing: Exclusives.  This Magnum doesn't have any,
    while the Broken Butterfly has an exclusive that makes this thing's Firepower
    go up to 50.0, which would blow the Killer7 right out of the water in the
    Firepower department.  Exclusive or no Exclusive, I feel this Magnum pretty
    underrated for what its stats are (though, I never really used it in my pro
    run because I never really looked at its stats close enough).
    Normally, I would tell you if you should go with another gun until you can get
    your hands on my recommend gun and my reason behind it.  Since I left this up
    to the Player, I'm not going to do that.  However, if you plan on using the
    Killer7, I would at least pick up the Broken Butterfly until you're able to
    purchase the thing.
    The TMP: This gun is like a Machine Gun.  It fires at a fast rate and has a
    high Ammo Cap.  However, its Firepower does kind of suck and the wild aiming
    when holding the trigger doesn't help its cause.  Since this is the only gun
    in this department, let's just look at its stats.
    Firepower: 1.2
    Firing Speed: .10
    Reload Speed: 1.17
    Ammo Cap: 250
    Exclusive: Increases Firepower to 1.8
    Do I recommend the TMP?: Yes and No
    Reason: The TMP can be used as an Alterative Handgun if you just barely pull
    the Trigger and quickly release it.  Besides, the game will give you TMP ammo
    rather you even pick up it up or not.  As for why you may not want to use it:
    its wild aiming when you start firing will cause you to miss quite offen.  Of
    course, that can be remedied somewhat by buying its Stock, which I recommend
    doing if you plan on using this gun.
    With that, here's a summery of what guns I recommend picking up:
    Handgun: Red9 or Blacktail
    Shotgun: Striker
    Rifle: Semi-Auto
    Magnum: Player's Choice
    Pick Up the TMP?: Player's Choice
    The Stats for each of the guns were taken from ZackScott's Weapon Analysis
    Guide.  Here's a link below for those who are interested.
    Note: This guide assumes that you're playing the Gamecube version, but has the
    stats for the Post-Gamecube version as well (PS2, PC and Wii) and the stats
    are based on the Post-Gamecube version, so it should still apply to the Xbox
    360 and PS3 HD versions.
    Here are some tips and tricks to help you through Pro:
    1. Before begining the game, pick the Special 2 as your choice of costume.
    It'll make Ashley pretty much immune to almost anything the game throws at
    her, so the only character you need to worry about is Leon.  You get this
    costume by beating Seperate Ways (The Another Order in Japan).
    2. Make use of glitches should the opertunity come.  This game may not be
    littered with glitches that I'm aware of, but their are quite a few useful
    glitches in the game that have yet to be patched last time I played this.
    Here are some Youtube videos demoing the following glitches:
    A. Ditman
    B. Los Gigantes Skip
    C. Waterfall Skip
    The Ditman and Los Gigantes Skip videos was made by Youtube's romvaleri
    The Waterfall Skip video was made by Youtube's BakaEditZ
    3. If you're about to get grabed, get grabed from behind (if at all possible);
    you won't suffer any damage should you escape fast enough.
    4. If you shoot the Merchant on Pro, he doesn't come back to life, so be
    careful of where you fire your guns at.
    5. If you have enough patience for this, do some Egg farming.  The eggs not
    only sell well at the Merchant, but they can be an alterative source of
    healing (especially the Gold ones).
    That's all I can really think of at the momment.  I'll update the guide if I
    think of anything else, or if someone else has some tips for Pro.
    K. What Are They Worth?
    Description: Acquire all of the bottle caps in the game.
    Achievement Points: 150G
    Trophy Color: Silver
    Guide: Story-related, but it can be missed.  Their are 5 shooting ranges in
    the game, but you only need to visit 4 of them.  Well, in theory you could
    visit only 1 of the final 2 shooting ranges if you wait enough chapters and
    all 4 type of shooting game types are avaiable in them, but you may need the
    PTAS to buy certain stuff like Upgrades for certain guns or 1st Aid Sprays.
    Anyway, they're 4 types of shooting game type like I said last sentence (A, B,
    C and D respectively).  Once you've beaten all 4 types, you'll unlock this
    150G Achievement/Silver Trophy.  This is easier said than done however (unless
    you were playing the Wii version, in which case it's a complete joke thanks to
    its aiming system with the Wiimote, but this guide doesn't cover the Wii
    version so...).  When you enter one of the Shooting Ranges, you'll be given a
    choice on what weapon package you want: Sniping and Rapid-Fire.  I recommend
    using the Sniping package so you don't hit the Ashley targets by mistake
    (although it's still possible to do so).  Here are all of the Bottle Caps that
    you have to win and how to get them in each type below.  I threw in the amount
    of PTAS you get for collecting all of the Bottle Caps for each Game Type as
    well.  Non of the Bottle Caps for each Game Type appear in this order
    Type A
    A) Leon w/rocket launcher
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    B) Leon w/shotgun
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    C) Leon w/handgun
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    D) Ashley Graham
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    E) Luis Sera
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    F) Ada Wong
    How to get: Score 4000 or more or hit all of the targets.
    Prize: 15,000 Pesetas
    Type B
    A) Don Jose
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    B) Don Diego
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    C) Don Esteban
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    D) Don Manuel
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    E) Dr. Salvador
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    F) Bella Sisters
    How to get: Score 4000 or more or hit all of the targets.
    Prize: 25,000 Pesetas
    Type C
    A) Merchant
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    B) Zealot w/ scythe
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    C) Zealot w/ shield
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    D) Zealot w/ bowgun
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    E) Leader Zealot
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    F) Don Pedro
    How to get: Score 4000 or more or hit all of the targets.
    Prize: 35,000 Pesetas
    Type D
    A) Soldier w/ dynamite
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    B) Soldier w/ stun-rod
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    C) Soldier w/ hammer
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    D) Isabel
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    E) Maria
    How to get: Score 3000 or more points.
    F) J.J.
    How to get: Score 4000 or more points or hit all of the targets.
    Prize: 50,000 Pesetas
    This info was taken from the Xbox360achievements.org's achievement guide for
    this game
    Here are the points you could get or lose depending on what you hit (thank you
    Berserker for the point totals):
    Male Ganado (in head)   = 100 pts
    Female Ganado (in head) = 200 pts
    Any Ganado (body)       = 50 pts
    Ashley                  = -1000pts
    *Salazar Head           = 500 pts
    *You need to hit 5 Ganados (doesn't have to be in the head) in a row for this
    target to show up.
    I've read in another guide that you can get 300 points (once per round) for
    shooting moon and then the castle.  If this is true (which I don't believe
    that it's the case, but saying that it is) then this would only apply to game
    types C and D.  Anyway, once you've gotten all of the Bottle Caps and claim
    your prizes for each game type, the achievement/trophy will unlock.
    This can be missed if you don't enter the shooting ranges at all.
    L. The S Stands for Stylish!!
    Description: Acquire all of the costumes in the game.
    Achievement Points: 100G
    Trophy Color: Bronze
    Guide: In the guide for the "A Heart of Steel" achievement/trophy, I mentioned
    that you should unlock the Special 2 before you take on Pro.  If you deside to
    take my advice, you'll unlock this before the said achievement/trophy.
    Reguardless, you'll unlock this as soon as you complete Seperate Ways.  Here
    are the coustumes that you need to unlock.
    |Costume   |Unlocked by...                                            |
    |Normal    |Leon's wears this from the start                          |
    |Special 1 |Beating the Main Story once                               |
    |Speical 2 |Beating Seperate Ways (A.K.A. The Another Order in Japan) |
    As a bit of a bonus, I'll throw in what each costume does for both Leon and
    Ashley.  You'll notice that their's a "Leon A" and "Leon B" in the "What it
    does" box for a costume.  That's because their's another effect to this
    costume when Leon's wearing the Tactical Vest (this only applies to
    Normal/Easy modes though).  I could be wrong, but I don't think that the
    Special 1 doesn't have another effect when the Tactical Vest, becasue it acts
    like a Tactical Vest already.
    |Costume   |What it does						  |
    |Normal    |Leon A: Nothing						  |
    |	   |Leon B: Has the effect of the Tactical Vest 		  |
    |	   |Ashely: Gives Leon the ability to look up her Skirt		  |
    |Special 1 |Leon: Acts like the Tactical Vest				  |
    |	   |Ashely: Beyond looking like she should be a Pop Star, nothing |
    |Speical 2 |Leon A: Beyond making him look like a Mobster, nothing	  |
    |	   |Leon B: Protects Leon from 90% of damage done to him	  |
    |	   |Ashely: Makes her immune to almost anything in the game	  |
    |                          Part 5: How to Contact me                         |
    You have 2 Main ways of contacting me:
    1. Send me a E-mail
    2. Send me a message on my Gamertag on X-Box Live
    My E-mail address shadowjohn91(at)yahoo(dot)com.
    My Gamertag is Gamer364.  This can be done only through a text message.
    E-mail or Message me if you:
    A. See a spelling error: I may have made spelling errors as I was writing
    B. Have a question that needs asking: You may have something that needs
    clearing up or something to that affect.
    C. Have a correction to make: I'm not 100% sure on some of the stuff mentioned
    though out the guide.
    D. Want to use my guide on your website: I personally have no problem
    letting you use my guide on your website, as long as you ask me first, and you
    give me credit for it.
    E. Think you see someone using my guide without permission: I don't like it
    when people steal my stuff (at least, not without asking me first).  I don't
    do it to other people (at least without giving other people credit for the
    idea), so why do it to me anyway?
    F. Have something to add-on to this or that/there's something I forgot to
    include: If there something you think I should have included, but I didn't,
    you are encouraged to send me an Email for this or that.
    Do note that if you do decide you want to message me, make sure if the topic
    is about Resident Evil 4 (or I will also accept Biohazard 4 if you happen live
    in Japan).
    As of right now the only sites that have permission to use my guide:
    A. GameFAQs (I have an ancount with them, so they don't really need my
    B. Neoseeker (The owner got permission in advanced)
    C. Supercheats (The owner got permission in advanced)
    More to come (maybe).
    Don't even think about email me if you are going to send me:
    A. Hate Mail
    B. Spam
    C. Name Calling mail
    D. Barelly readable/Unreadable mail
    E. Mail with mostly creative words (if you get my drift)
    Letter A I take offence to, because I don't send hate mail to no one.
    I have a Spam safeguard with yahoo, and it'll tell me if I have spam or not
    with Letter B.  Also, if I think your trying sending me spam on Xbox Live,
    don't think I won't wirte a complant about you, and/or tell Microsoft on you.
    With letter C, I also take offence, because I get name called in school.
    Letter D, If your sending me an E-mail, have spell check avaiable to you and
    your not sure of your spelling, then why not use it?
    Letter E, Unless I messed up that badly, there's really no reason for that
    All of these things can and will make me think your a bad person, when in
    reality your probably not.  All in all, just don't do it.
    Follow these rules, and if you add-on and/or correct something, I'll give you
    credit for it.
    Note: Don't get discouraged if I don't answer you right away.  Sometimes, I
    might be on the Computer and sometimes I'll be on Xbox Live.  Your best bet
    is to send both an E-mail and an Xbox Live message.  That way if I don't get
    one of your messages, I'll still be able to get the other message.  Even
    then, I might still not get your message right away.
    |       Part 6: Legal Junk, Special Thanks and Other Guides I've Done        |
    Legal Junk
    This guide is copyrighted and writen by me.  I wrote this with the help of
    reasoures used and other people mentioned special thanks protion of this
    chapter.  It may not be redistributed nor sold for commercial purposes and/or
    profit at all, nor can it to be used in other websites without writen
    permission first.
    Special Thanks
    Capcom: For making this game.
    GameFAQs: For alowing my guide to be on the website.
    You: For taking the time to read this.
    Other Guides I've Done
    As mentioned in my Intro, this is not the only guide in my series of guides.
    Here are the links to all the other ones I've done in the past.
    1. Lost Odyssey
    Type: Achievement Guide
    Summited: 10/16/10
    2. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
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    3. Sonic Adventure
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    4. Mass Effect 2
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    Xbox 360/PS3: www.gamefaqs.com/xbox360/944907-mass-effect-2/faqs/61954
    PC Version: http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/944906-mass-effect-2/faqs/63751
    5. Crazy Taxi
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    8. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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    10. Catherine
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    11. Mass Effect 1
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    Summited: 2/19/2012
    12. Lego Rock Band
    Type: Achievement Guide
    Summited: 12/19/2012
    Well, that's the end of my guide.  This has been Gamer364, signing out.
    The End

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