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"It's Resident Evil 4 in HD! Well sorta..."

For those that have ever played this game before be it on the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Wii or PC this game is pretty much how you remembered it (well not exactly for GameCube gamers since this version has all the goodies the PlayStation 2 version added. The first Resident Evil game that was in third person and began the shift into more action oriented titles hits the Xbox 360.

Obviously the graphics are the first thing you want to know about. Well Capcom claims this game is in HD but I have my doubts. To be fair if you were to hook up any of the other console versions on the same HDTV the 360 version would without a doubt be the best looking of the four. It's not Resident Evil 5 but it probably won't make you cringe on your big fancy HDTV.

Well... Except for Separate Ways... The actual game play for it looks like the rest of the main game but when the cut-scenes hit watch out because it's not going to be pretty. Suffice to say only for Separate Ways the cut-scenes leave a bit to be desired.

For those that have never played this game before I'll set you up with the gist of it. You play as Leon Kennedy (from RE2) assigned to rescue the President's kidnapped daughter Ashley Graham. In addition to the main game you also get all the extra goodies the PS2 version added. The new costumes, the nifty laser gun, and the extra side game Separate Ways.

Control wise this game plays exactly like it did before with buttons mapped to the 360 controller as accordingly. It may feel clunky at first but after a while it will become second nature.

Other things I should note to start wrapping up this review: barring leaderboards no additional features were added to this game that wasn't present in the PS2 version. That means no Co-Op for The Mercenaries mini game you unlock.

While at times the graphics fall flat this game is still a classic third person shooter (there is a reason this game has been ported several times). Buy this if you want to feel nostalgic or if you never had a chance to play this before pick it up if you're interested just bear in mind that to it's core this title still plays the way it did back in 2005.

Author Note: Originally posted on the website TrueAchievements

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/17/12

Game Release: Resident Evil 4 HD (US, 09/20/11)

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