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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

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    Oh oh! Why a guide for this one, just because i haven't the opportunity to post
    one in the time of the first version. Fortunately for the game. I know that
    with the translation a special vocabulary appeared. I have used the japanese
    version of the complete edition (the only one in fact) so i will use the
    japanese vocabulary. It's up to you to understand of what i am talking. I have
    absolutely no idea of what a translation of this game is, because i think i
    don't need english to understand that the square key didn't fit in the triangle
    basic note : Resident Evil = american name of the game.
    Bio Hazard = japanese name of the game.
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    Summary :
    1 Review
    2 Characters
    3 Bosses
    4 Weapons
    5 Tips
    6 Walkthrough for CD 1
    7 Walkthrough for CD 2
    8 Credits
    1 Review :
    The first time i heard of a Bio Hazard it was on the Genesis. It was an
    excellent Shooting game made by Sega. Later on Playstation appears Bio Hazard
    the action game by Capcom. After few days it was a hit because Capcom has
    created a new genre. The first time i played this game was on the Saturn, which
    was the best version, yes even better than the director's cut remix, because it
    included a battle game and was incredibly superior technically. It seems also
    that the story was different on the Saturn. I remember clearly that Wesker
    disappears after Barry hits him. Napalm said at that time that Wesker was
    clearly killed by the tyrant on the playstation version. He was right. Wesker
    effectively disappears after Barry hits him and then we find him in the next
    room awaiting the tyrant. I forget it. Anyway if you wish to know why Wesker is
    in Code Veronica, you can simply read the Wesker's report.
    You must understand that this game is nothing but a remake of the old Code
    Veronica for DC. It is also the same game as on PS2. The news are a best
    technique, and 3 new long scenes with Wesker inside... This review has 2
    purposes, showing the difference between old and new and saying if or not i
    like this game.
    If you remember my Nanatsu no Hikan and Undercover guides, you know that i
    didn't appreciate Code Veronica. It's not a secret and i maintain that it is
    only half of a hit (thanks to Chris's adventure). I will explain...
    The first and major problem was Claire, aka the ugliest character of all times
    in an adventure game. Ok, maybe Jessifer Manning in Carrier was a little more
    ugly, but who knows her ? Unfortunately this fact doesn't change at all and i
    will live with it. In addition of that she was always complaining herself in
    the cinematics, it continues here but it is less expressive. I think it's a
    good point because it really sucks to see a heroine who has no hope to survive
    (if the hero didn't think he can survive, who will think to it ?).
    I had also a bad recall of Claire because she was sad, human in fact. In Bio
    Hazard 2, she was inferior to Jill even with her Lara Croft costume but i
    appreciated her design. Again when my father came to see the "new" (ahem...)
    Bio Hazard he asked me why the missed boy was shooting on the zombies. The
    answer was the same, "it's not a man it's a girl, i know it's hard to
    believe...". This time Capcom avenges me with Wesker. I simply identify myself
    to him. It was my pleasure to see him hitting Claire violently, like a poor
    dog. He even strangles her at the end of the game, woa he is a tall guy.
    The second problem was Leonardo aka Steve. He was ugly too, and accumulated
    mistakes one after the other. In this version, he has a new design and it
    changes drastically the guy. No more Leonardo here but a man we respect for his
    feelings. The errors he makes are of no importance. I really think that he
    gains in credibility. At the end, Wesker lets understand that he is alive, or
    will be reborn. A good point.
    After the design comes the problem of the technique.
    The main problem was that there was a fog during all the game. We couldn't
    enjoy the high resolution graphics as if we have a white curtain in front of
    the eyes. Capcom simply removes it. Now we can play this game even during the
    day without closing our curtains. It is the best improvment.
    Last i finish with the poor controls, no analogic thumb used (correctly) as in
    Blue Stinger. This fact unfortunately didn't change and will probably never
    That makes 2 errors on 4 corrected. Let's talk of the game itself.
    Basically this is the story of Claire. After she left Leon in Bio Hazard 2, she
    goes in the Umbrella fortress to pick up informations about Chris. She was
    captured and throwed on the prison which is also the residence of the Umbrella
    family. There she will meet Steve and they will escape. After this, Chris will
    come by his own will to search for her twin sister. He has learned she is
    involved in the story by intercepting a mail from Claire to Leon. What Chris
    has done after Bio Hazard to now is a mystery. Anyway he is back...
    The presentation was, is and will stay forever the best FMV and cinematics of
    the DC. The degree of quality has also no equal on other supports too. Sorry if
    i offend PS 2, Xbox and Gamecube fans but the FMV are the best. Due to the lack
    of antialiasing, they are downgraded on PS 2. Capcom could simply copy and cut
    them all but he didn't stop here. The quality of the cinematics increased since
    the old version. The characters are perfect now. No more geometrical aspect on
    them. All scenes were rebuilt as well as for Steve's design. The FMV are not
    overscan, but the pictures are larger than in the old version. We simply have
    the best of Capcom here !
    Graphically, as i said, the fog was removed. we can now enjoy the graphics of
    the antartics and not only in the battle game as in the old version. Decors and
    sprites are excellent. The real difference with all other DC's opponent of code
    Veronica is the very huge sprites. They move more quickly than in the old
    version, a lot of zombies attack you and explosions are more intense. It's
    impossible to make it on an old 32 bits system. This game is really for the DC.
    In the way of the animations, it is sure that Capcom has seen Matrix and liked
    it. All new events include "Matrix battle style". During the game, the
    animation is quicker than in the old version and it NEVER slows.
    The sound is good but i recall only of voice acting. Musics are here sympathics
    and offer a good atmosphere but nothing else. I will not get up of my bed
    during the night to hear them again...
    The controls stay awful. The cross of the DC is terrible to move quickly.
    Claire, as the poor Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Chronicles, visit places which
    need desperatly an analogic control. Sincerely, if it wasn't of this old
    gameplay Code Veronica can be the best after Nanatsu No Hikan (sorry but we
    cannot play a pair con game in Bio Hazard). I definitely prefer Nanatsu no
    Hikan and Illbleed to Code Veronica CE. Controls create difficulties in the
    tough battles. Sincerely i regret it. It was our last chance but Capcom didn't
    make it...
    To conclude, i will talk of my preferences for the saga. I prefered Bio Hazard
    3 and i really though it was the best. After i played to this version of Code
    Veronica i changed my mind. Plus there is not Wesker in Bio Hazard 3, and the
    technique is now too great to be ignored by me anymore. Eventually i admit it,
    this is the best Bio Hazard of the saga. But even with all of this, it stays
    the number 4 behind Nanatsu no Hikan, Illbleed and Blue Stinger cause of the
    lack of fun during all the game.
    This is a great game and all DC owners must buy it !
    PRESENTATION : 20/20
    GRAPHICS : 19/20
    ANIMATION : 19/20
    SOUND : 14/20
    CONTROLS : 12/20
    INTEREST : 16/20
    FINAL NOTE : 93%
    ADK, the true Wesker of the saga.
    2 Characters :
    CLAIRE : The ugliest character of the saga. It's a missed boy and unfortunately
    the main character. Capcom thinks she is actually intelligent because she must
    solve some riddles in order to succeed in her quest. Same problem as in Bio
    Hazard 2, we desperatly wait for a boss during her adventure...
    CHRIS : He is THE hero of Bio Hazard. In the first episode he was a rookie. I
    didn't feel it at the time of the first episode, but everyone wanted to see him
    again. I prefer Jill, but i admit that Chris's new design since the first
    episode transforms him into the real hero of the saga (Jill was a little
    downgraded in the original costume, but upgraded with the others...). 100%
    Action only when you control him. He will fight all the bosses.
    STEVE : He is very stupid but i like his new design. It gives more credits to
    his character and god knows Steve needs alot. His part is fun, because he will
    be attacked by more zombies than in the old version.
    WESKER : Wesker is my favourite character. This ghost rises from the past to
    haunt Chris's nightmare. In this adventure, he will hit alot Claire but we will
    not fight him. However we learn that he is working for a new organization who
    wants the T virus. Maybe in others Bio Hazard, we will fight him. Eh Capcom
    don't forget to explain to us who destroyed the BRAVO team of the first episode
    and what becomes Rebecca after Resident evil 1...
    3 Bosses :
    TYRANT : The monster of Resident Evil 1. He is easy to kill. Normal when we
    think that Claire is not a member of the STARS.
    WORM : A giant worm is on the island. Chris will take care of him. Avoid him
    with Claire.
    ALEXIA'S FATHER : He looks like Voldo of Soulcalibur. Claire must beat him
    before he poisoned her. if he does so, you will play an event with Chris where
    he will search for a vaccin. I have never been in this case, even in Normal
    difficulty, so i suppose that only bad players will play this ridculous event.
    ALBINOID : A very annoying boss. Chris must run after him without going in the
    water. He must shoot him from the good distance.
    SPIDER : You can kill it with Claire, but as i don't like her, i always use
    Chris for this easy boss. If you shoot her correctly she will not launch all
    his children on the ground. Of course bad players will see a lot of arachnas on
    the ground and they will suck their hero's life.
    ALEXIA : This boss is nothing but a clone of the last boss of Deep Fear on
    Saturn. To limit the shame, Capcom lets us kill her with 2 or 3 magnum bullets
    even in Normal.
    STEVE ZOMBIE : Time has come for those of you who don't like him to exterminate
    the guy. It is very hard because he can kill you in less than 2 hits when he is
    angry. Others players (i will not call them "bad" because it was initially the
    plan) will run and let Veronica kill him, or so is he supposed to be...
    VERONICA/ALEXIA : Ah, at least an interessant and oppressive boss. You must
    shoot her one once for her to transform. Then use the magnum, the grenade
    launcher, the shotgun and even the gun to kill her. In the last phase you must
    use the rocket launcher to finish her, but i didn't say it will be easy. I
    laugh when in the battle mode we must kill the last phase without the rocket
    4 Weapons :
    MAGNUM : The best weapon in all Bio Hazard episodes. No need to tell more.
    ARBALEST : It appears in Bio Hazard 2 and is useful with fire arrows. Normal
    and poison arrows are good against the long arm zombies.
    KNIFE : Pfff... useless.
    MACHINE GUN : Chris will find it at the beginning of his adventure. Good guns
    but not so powerful.
    SHOTGUN : Yes, the power, the combo. Too bad that the bullets are limited.
    HANDGUN : The first weapon, search for it quickly. Once upgraded it becomes a
    useful weapon and an alternative to the shotgun. Problem : once upgraded it
    eats the bullets.
    GRENADE LAUNCHER : Various bullets are available for this one. My favourite are
    the gold and the red one.
    ROCKET LAUNCHER : Only for the last boss, phase 3. Fortunately, it has infinite
    2 GOLDEN LUGERS : Steve will use it. They are fun.
    THE SNIPER SHOTGUN : Used by Claire to beat the father of Alexia. Cool weapon
    but limited bullets.
    5 Tips :
    If you have an old save file of Code Veronica, near the end, you can upload it.
    The complete edition will recognize it, will update it and offer the new events
    automatically. Nothing else unfortunately.
    6 Walkthrough for CD 1:
    Note that the only item i didn't use is the gold gun in Chris's adventure. I
    suppose that it's related to the vaccin we must find if Claire is poisoned. In
    any case, as you can complete the game without using them, simply take them and
    put them in the item box.
    PRISON :
    You begin in a jail. Use the lighter. Now collect ammos, green herb in the
    jail, a knife and read your files in the inventory. Read your mini instruction
    if you need so. Now exit. Collect the ink ribbons. Save. Go outside (Collect
    ammos on the way). Once in the cimetery you will watch a scene of a burn
    zombie. In this scene he will call clearly Claire, as in the demo disc in the
    Bio Hazard 2 package. This voice was removed of the old version to not hurt the
    youngster. It's back now and we can understand why Claire is afraid of this
    zombie : he knows her name. For the moment run to the other side of the
    cimetery and pass the door.
    Claire will go from Charybde to Scylla because when she passes the door,
    someone hits her. She is blinded by a strong light. Again the brightness effect
    was removed of the old version. We can understand now why she hides and then
    shoots it with the gun she finds. You meet Steve and he goes away. You have the
    Handgun !
    You see a locked door and a house (of the dead...). Use the stairs and enter in
    it. Kill the zombies inside in order to collect green herb and a map on the
    wall. Pass the door and read the file. Collect the ammos here and kill
    everyone. You find a Uzi. Search for ammos in the showers. Exit of this house
    and continue to find a door. Pass it.
    You see now, zombies in a jail. Kill those outside and enter in the building.
    Deposit all items in the security box. Once you have passed the trap, collect
    the ammos and items here and deposit them in the other security box. Activate
    the scanner and pass the door in this room. You meet Steve again. After the
    scene, activate the switch and read the file. Claire sends a mail to Leon.
    Collect the ribbons here to save. Exit of here to the cimetery. On your way you
    notice that a switch is "on" on the metallic door outside of the building. Open
    it, kill the zombies, collect the extinguisher and the key in the jail. It
    opens a shortcut. Go in the cimetery to stop the fire and collect an attache
    case. Examine it in your inventory to find a button. Press this button to
    obtain the TG 101. Return to the scanner. Go in the room where you meet Steve
    and open a drawer near the PC to obtain an emblem. Go to the scanner. Use the
    emblem and the TG 101. You have a copy of the emblem the security box can't
    detect. You can exit. Beware of the zombies on your way to the other side of
    the trap. Go where you meet Steve the first time to open the door with the
    false emblem.
    You are on a bridge. Beware of the fire. Use the metallic bridge near to go on
    the other side. Collect the ammos in the jeep and push the boxes. Walk on it to
    reach the stairs. Use the stairs. Kill the dog and collect an hexagonal item.
    PALACE :
    Enter in the house. Scene. Go to the stairs and go to the right. Enter. You are
    in a save room. You find a card under a piece of furniture, ammos and goodies
    in the item box according to your difficulty level. Look at the card in your
    inventory, the code is NTC0394. Enter this code in the PC of the hall to unlock
    the doors. Pass the blue door and collect a case and a spray. Hidden are ammos
    in this room. Kill the bats and exit. Pass the door you have unlocked. In this
    corridor collect ammos and pass the only door that opens, Room A. In it, press
    a button to see a video. Collect the wheel and try to exit of the house. You
    hear Steve and you must return to Room A to save him. Press switches C and E
    quickly. After the scene with Steve and the one with Alfred Ashford (he thinks
    you attack him, but it's the work of Wesker) you can exit to the sub marine.
    Once outside of the house, go right then use stairs. You can collect arrows and
    then use the wheel. Go in the submarine. Take the bag in it to add 2 more items
    in your inventory. Use the lever. Use the metallic door. Pass the bridge and
    use the mini elevator. Look at the device and push the lever up to the maximum
    then left. Go down and activate the new accessible lever. Kill. Collect arrows
    and a card key. Go back to the room with an aquarium and pass the other door.
    Kill the bats and activate the switch. Put the first hexagonal piece on the
    device. Go back to the Palace.
    From the palace, exit. Near the stairs is a huge door. Near this huge door is a
    small one, you can pass. You meet the worm. Collect arrows and enter in the
    building quickly. Use the card to open the metallic door. Search for the phone
    to find an item. Pass the door straight. In the locker room, kill to collect
    arrows in the locker. Exit. In the bathroom kill and go in the pool. Use the
    wheel to collect a key. Come back to the hall and open the other door in 1F
    here. Kill then use the switch and take the photo from the copier. Use the key
    found in the pool to find explosive arrows. Collect ammos. Exit. Go to 2F.
    Collect the arbalest and a file. Watch the scene. Now use the last corridor. Go
    up the stairs and pass the door. Collect ammos and enter in the room with a
    metallic door. It's a save room. You find green herb, ammos and the serum for
    the guy in the prison. Exit. Pass the other door. Scene. Kill the long arm
    zombies with the arbalest. Then in a Matrix scene Steve arrives to save Claire.
    Claire exchanges the machine gun against the Golden Luger. Then you will
    control Steve. Check all the rooms. After a short battle you retake the control
    of Claire.
    Follow Steve on the bridge. You take an elevator. Pass the door and in the next
    scene, Steve will kill the zombie to save Claire. Unfortunately he recognizes
    the zombie, who was his father. As Claire, pass the small door. Kill and pass
    another door. Save here. Take the emblem on the wall and exit to where Steve
    is. Exit by the big door and kill. Go back to the mansion in the save room.
    Bring the serum to the guy in the prison. He gives you a lockpick. With it you
    can open the duralumine case to obtain goodies for the arbalest.
    Go to the place where you found the extinguisher. There is a door you can open
    now. Pass it an kill the zombies. Walk on a box and push another one to free
    the access to the room with the PC and the scanner. You can collect the items
    you let in the other box and then put them in the item box outside. You can go
    back to where Steve is, because you can collect ammos in the lion mouth in the
    sewer, ammos for the handgun and grenade launcher in other rooms.
    There is a door near the item box which is outside of the scanner room. Pass
    it. You arrive in a hospital. Collect a spray in the cupboard and ammos. Pass
    the door and kill. In the duralumine case is a cool item. Collect ammos and
    exit. Kill the doctor zombie. You collect an eye. Put it in the model of the
    office. Go in the passageway. Kill some bats and then zombies. Find the stairs
    to go down. Take the sword and push the lever to drain the gas. Put the sword
    in the hole. Kill the zombie and collect a piano scroll. Save the game.
    PALACE :
    Go back to the palace. Try to enter.
    Wesker surprises Claire and then tells her who he is. Claire is completely
    afraid by this guy. He begins to hit her and throw her on the ground. Wesker
    continues to torture Claire when he receives a call. While he is talking he
    hits Claire again (i was quite surprised that the Japaneses use free violence
    in this scene but it's excellent). Wesker leaves Claire in bad shape.
    Go in the save room. Use the golden luger. Pass the door. Use the PC. Too long
    to explain, just know that the code is 1971 (you must play with a device, the
    kanjis are the left and the right). Enter the code in the PC. Use the new way
    and kill the monster.
    Enter in this new mansion. Visit the room on 1F to collect ammos and exit to
    2F. Collect ammos and a spray. Pass the door. Scene. Collect the ammos in the
    corridor. Enter in the room on the right. Close the musical box to obtain a
    key. Go back to the palace. Open the door of the same floor with the key. Put
    the piano scroll in the piano. You can collect a blue bettle, green herb and
    ammos (there is a spray hidden in a machine). Exit of to the private residence
    and put the blue beetle on the musical box in the room of the left in 2F.
    PALACE :
    Go back to the palace again and to the first floor. In the corridor of room A
    you can open a new door (the first of this corridor). You are in a conference
    room and you can take on the ground the eagle emblem, the file of Hunk and
    ammos. Exit to the military training.
    Avoid again the worm and enter in the building. Exit by the door on the right
    (the one in a corridor you must re open). Put the eagle emblem in the pedestal
    at the top of the stairs. You find an emblem card. You can use it in the
    following locations :
    1) You open a shortcut by using the ladder down the stairs.
    2) You obtain a grenade launcher in the part where you played Steve. Don't use
    the door now.
    3) Go back to the elevator and to 2F. Open the metallic door.
    Now you can collect informations about the albinoid, you take the red hexagonal
    piece and mostly, you use the camera. Zoom on the painting to see the code
    1126. You will use this code to re open the access to the room you are watching
    with the camera. Go there and re open the metallic door. Use the stairs and
    pass the door. You can enter the code 1126. Take the red painting with you and
    the ammos for the grenade launcher. Now return in the save room in the second
    floor of the other building with a mirror on it. You can put the red painting
    there. You discover a square key and you can use the lockpick on the drawer on
    the right to obtain a spray.
    PALACE :
    Go to the hall of the palace (1F). You can open the last door in the corridor
    of Room A. Here is the solution to the puzzle. Collect the memo and read it.
    Then activate the switches in this order :
    1) The woman
    2) The man with 2 babies.
    3) The man with a cup of coffee.
    4) The man with a plate.
    5) The man with a book.
    6) The man with a candlestick.
    7) The huge painting.
    You obtain a jar. Search for a red objet in it.
    Go back to the private residence, and put in the musical box. Take the orgoll
    wheel and put it on the other musical box. Use the new ladder. You collect a
    tenbo. Look at it in your inventory to cut the wings. It becomes a key. Put it
    in the mouth of the ant on the wall. Use the new ladder now. Push the box to
    collect a file and the blue hexagonal piece. Save.
    It's time to go back to the submarine. Your goal is to reach the airport of
    course. Go down and watch the scene. Use the secret passage, find the message
    card and look at the wig. Scene. Now go to the palace and then to the airport
    with Steve. Put the hexagonal pieces in the device. In the plane search for a
    lever. Exit and go to the bridge. Use the mini elevator, follow the way to a
    device outside. Put the lever to control the bridge that blocks the way of the
    plane. Use the bridge to pass a door. You find the key K402. Go back to the
    previous room, use the mini elevator. You can open a new door. Here, collect
    items and save. Push the box in the elevator. You have 5 minutes from now
    because the T virus was released in the nature. You arrived in the military
    Use the grenade launcher to beat him. Now run to the airport.
    Scene + FMV.
    In the plane, save the game. Equip Claire with the fire arrows and the crossbow
    (the arbalest). Pass the door.
    the game is simple. You must push a button and a box will push the boss in the
    void. Now you have to wait that the button can be pushed again. To avoid the
    tyrant, fire with all the arrows. Push the button and it's over. In level
    normal it's random but you need to do this 2 or 3 times...
    Now watch the long scene and the FMV.
    END OF CD 1.
    7 Walkthrough for CD 2 :
    This cd begins with a long scene.
    Use the ladder. There are 2 doors and stairs. Use the first door. Go left. In
    this room, you find blue herb, 2 ammos in the locker and a zombie in a cage.
    Exit to the second door. It's an infirmery. Collect the fire arrows, kill
    zombies and collect 2 ammos and a spray. Exit. Use the stairs. Go straight to
    the save room. Collect items, push the library, find the letter. There is a
    switch here but it doesn't work for the moment. Exit to visit the corridor.
    Avoid the butterflies. Pass the door. Kill zombies. There are 3 doors in this
    room and a switch. The first door at the top of the stairs is locked for the
    moment, so pass the door near. Kill the spider in this room and collect arrows
    and ammos. Don't forget the stick. You must paste it on a box of the conveyor
    belt of the main room.
    Pass the third door. Kill zombies and collect a control key and a door knob.
    You can use it on the locker. Use the key to open door 1. Pass another door.
    Kill the dog and push the lever. Search for a second lever in this room and
    kill the dog in front of it. Activate the lever and the light on the conveyor
    belt is on. Use the belt. Use the lever near the conveyor belt.
    Go in the BOW room with the spider. Take the gas mask. Go in the weapon room :
    behind the flames is the magnum. Go back to the save room and use the switch.
    Watch the scene. Search for the ground to find a pot. Look at it in your
    inventory to find a blue key. Use this blue key to open the locked door you see
    on the map of B1. Search for a lever. Scene with Steve. Use the gas mask to
    pass the door inside the toxic room and collect a crank. Exit. Go in the room
    with the zombie in the cage. Use the crank on the device and it becomes a 8
    holes crank. Go in the room with the conveyor belt and pass the door at the top
    of the stairs. Use the stone stairs and then the 8 crank.
    Scene : Alfred will try to kill Claire. Again Steve saves her.
    Take the weapon of Alfred. FMV : Veronica won't let you escape. You can go on
    the roof.
    In very easy mode, you need only to snip him with the weapon of Alfred.
    In other mode, you will need to shoot him with another weapon. You have 2 cases
    : Claire is poisoned or not. I have never been poisoned.
    After the last FMV, the adventure of Claire ends here.
    This adventure begins by a small scene where Chris explains that he has
    intercepted the mail from Claire to Leon. Then he arrives on the island.
    Collect the items you see. Talk to the guy. Save the game when you can. It's
    time to kill the worm. After the battle you obtain the lighter. Go back to the
    save room and search for a switch to open the wall. You can take the machine
    gun. Exit by using the elevator. Note that if you don't kill quickly the worm,
    the guy will die and it's possible you need to serch for the lighterto obtain
    You kill zombies and go outside. You are in the military training. Push the
    button of the tank. Collect ammos then use the elevator. You have the battery.
    Kill 2 spiders. Pass a wooden door. Play with the drawer (red, green, blue) to
    open the brown drawer and collect a luger. Collect all items here. Exit. Use
    the battery in the room where Steve killed his father. Collect the small key
    and the file. Pass the door. Go to the computer room for a scene. Go to 1F and
    kill. You can save. Go to B1.
    You find the shotgun. Pass the door and use the stairs. There is a switch. Use
    it to obtain the uzi clips. Pass the door. Collect a door knob. Kill 2 hunters.
    You can go in the laboratory. Take all the items here and the Clement Sigma
    (enter 128). Go back to where you found the shotgun, go in the water and use
    the ladder. Save the game. Return to where you found the shotgun and put it at
    his place. Go to 2F. Use the door in the computer room. You see the eagle
    emblem falling in the sewer.
    Go straight to find the side pack. exit. Put the door knob on the door you see
    before the stairs. Enter. Take the mini tank and bullets. Go back to the
    computer room. Go in the save room in 1F (the one with a mirror). Put the tank
    on the model of military training. You obtain the turn table key and a file. Go
    back to B1.
    Scene : Wesker finds Chris. After he hits him, Chris is in danger. Chris hits
    Wesker and see the strange eyes of Wesker. He is no more a human... Wesker lets
    2 hunters for Chris.
    Pass the door. Use the turn table key to move the elevator. Don't go outside.
    Pass the wooden door. Kill zombies and pass in the hole of the wall. pass the
    door. Kill the zombie and go in the sewer. Push the lever, it drains the gas.
    Kill and exit by the right.
    Kill the hunter and pass the door. You can custom your gun here. You find a
    Clement Alpha. Combine the two Clement to obtain acid. Go outside of the
    military training. Kill 2 hunters and use the elevator. Exit of the save room.
    Kill another hunter and use the mini elevator. Pass the bridge. You must play
    with the balloons 3 and 5 to fill the balloon 10 until the volume in it reaches
    the red mark. After this you will kill 3 zombies. Exit. Send the bridge to 1F
    to reach the room with the rift (just near). Kill zombies and then a hunter.
    Deactivate the rift computer and take the 3 hexagonals pieces. Go back to the
    save room with the mirror and the 2 paintings. Put the 3 pieces in the device
    to stop the laser field. Push the lever. Use the ladder. Kill 2 spiders and use
    a ladder. Collect the herbs here.
    Run after him and shoot him with your best weapon. You can waste a lot of times.
    Once he dies, you can take the eagle emblem. Use the clement on it to obtain
    the gold halbert. Save the game and put the halbert in the door near where you
    found the gold luger.
    At least Chris takes a plane to the antartics.
    Chris arrives. You can use the second door (the references are the same as in
    Claire's part) Use your gun on the green arm (the monster). You will find a map
    on the wall. It's time to pass the first door. Go right and walk on the ice to
    find the crank. Go left and you find a duralumine case and the shotgun ammos.
    Walk on the ice to reach a new door. In this corridor pass the first door. Use
    a switch. You can fill the extinguisher. Use the mini elevator to reach the
    room of the magnum. Use the extinguisher on the flames. Take the magnum and go
    back to the elevator. Go back in the corridor and pass the second door. Pass
    the door immediatly in front of you. Pass the door left of Chris. Use the 8
    crank in the hole then switch on the generator. If you use the second door of
    this corridor full of zombies, you arrive in the mansion. If you use the other
    corridor, kill a hunter and collect 2 wings.
    Everyone will notice that it looks like the one of Bio Hazard 1.
    Enter in the mansion by the second door. Collect the shotgun ammos. Go in the
    little corridor with 3 suits and a tiger. Take the blue eye to obtain a socket
    and the red one to obtain bullets. To collect the 2 eyes you need to shutdown
    the generator. Combine the socket and the 8 crank. The door is an elevator. You
    find the third wing. Go right and pass the door. The answer to the puzzle here
    is AA, crone, heart and spade (but for the moment there is nothing inside). Go
    left and collect a file. kill. Go back to the generator and save.
    You remember the room where you filled the extinguisher, go there. Use the
    crank to drain the water. Go down and collect a key. A hunter comes, so kill
    him. Go to the room with ice on the floor. Go to the control pannel to use the
    key. Scene.
    Take the medallion of Alexander. Look at it in your inventory to obtain a green
    jewel. You can put this jewel in the big painting of the mansion. Take the
    knife on the second floor and go down to save Claire. She is hidden behind the
    stairs. FMV.
    Now you are playing Claire. Use the shotgun to obtain an item. Pass the
    corridor. Here go to the cannon (to find the bubble) and collect the file then
    push a button. Use the bubble in the middle of the circle and you have the
    card. Pass a door and use the card. You find Steve. He mutates.
    You must run. Whichever difficulty level you are playing, you can resist to one
    hit. The second is fatal. In level Normal, if Steve is very angry, you will die
    in one hit.
    There will be a scene. You must escape. Be sure that Chris has the magnum on
    him before the next boss.
    Wesker comes to the mansion to kidnap Alexia because she has absorbed the T
    virus. Of course she refuses to come and changes into the T monster. She hits
    Wesker because he was surprised. Wesker orders her to come with him. She
    refuses again. There will be an action scene in the matrix style where Wesker
    runs on a wall and jumps to punch Alexia. But he receives also a hit. The next
    ray of flame misses Wesker and Chris who was looking their fight. Wesker has a
    moment of humanity and wishes to save Chris (no one except for him can kill
    Chris). A new ray of flames stops Wesker. He says that Chris was his best man
    in the STARS team, and that's why he will let him deal with Alexia. Wesker goes
    With the magnum it is just a matter of time. Avoid the flame and never lets her
    catch you or you are dead.
    Take the medallion of Alexia to obtain the red jewel. Go in the save room of B2
    to put the gold halbert in the hole of the wall. You obtain a file, a ribbon
    and a dice. Put the dice in the room where you solved the puzzle
    (AA,crone,heart and spade) to obtain the blue jewel. Last put these 2 jewels in
    the big painting of the mansion. Pass the door and kill. Now go left and pass
    the door. It's as in private residence. Use the secret passage to open the
    other room. There is a save room here. You find a halbert key. There is also a
    computer room. Go down in it to obtain the fourth wing and some ammos. Use the
    halbert key. switch off the generator and take the eyes of the tiger. Put them
    in the musical boxes. In the red first, you obtain an orgoll. You obtain a
    second orgoll with the blue musical box. You can go upstairs. You find ammos
    and an objet. Combine it with the four wings to obtain the original animal.
    Pass the door up in the computer room. You can join Claire. Talk to her and go
    up the stairs. Use the animal to enter. Search for the book Claire gave to you
    to find the security card. Put it in the computer. The code is ... VERONICA.
    Now exit.
    In the next scene Claire joins Chris. Alexia arrives and strangles her.
    Phase 1 : You must use one bullet of the magnum to shoot Alexia. If not, game
    over. It's clear, isn't it ?
    Phase 2 : Alexia mutates in Veronica. Use the grenade launcher on her. If you
    run out of ammos, use the shotgun. If it is not sufficient use your gun and she
    dies. Beware of the small worms who eat your life.
    Phase 3 : In the next scene, Chris can take the rocket launcher. Do this. You
    must be quick. Use the launcher. Now your goal is to shoot Veronica when she
    comes in the visor. She dies in one hit.
    We see a complete new FMV of Chris running as fast as he can to not be burned.
    When he finally escapes, he meets Wesker who strangles Claire (the neck of this
    girl is pretty solid). Wesker says that Steve was kidnapped by his men because
    he is the only remain victim of the T virus. Steve is probably alive in these
    conditions. Chris says that he wants to fight Wesker. Wesker accepts and throws
    the poor Claire like a dog out of the arena. Claire goes to the plane. Chris
    begins the battle. Unfortunately Wesker is no more a human and his power is too
    great for Chris. Chris falls after a summersault in the matrix style. But it's
    not over he uses a metal pipe to hit Wesker. Wesker answers again. The battle
    stops after a pipe falls on Wesker and burns a part of his skin. The result is
    strange. For an unknown reason, Wesker stops to fight and laugh. Chris decides
    to run because he can't fight anymore. You probably think that Wesker dies here
    but it's wrong. Have you notice the giant submarine in the decor ? Why was it
    here ? He he Wesker will be back soon.
    The last scene shows Chris running to Claire. Together they take the plane.
    Chris wants to finish the Umbrella, it is also what Barry said to Jill at the
    end of Bio hazard 3. Be sure that the next episode will offer a ton of
    characters. TO BE CONTINUED.
    8 Credits :
    Thanks to Capcom for this incredible remix.
    This walkthrough is copyrighted 2001, ask for my permission to post it on your

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