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    Speed Guide by VMerken

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    "Ahh, the good stuff."
    ._______. ._______. ._________.___._______. ._________._______.   ._______.
    |   ._. !_|   ._. !_|   ._.   |   |   ._. !_|   ._.   |   ._. !_._! ._.   |
    |   |\|   |   |\|   |   |\!___|___|   |_|   |   |/|   |   |/|   |   |/|   |
    |   | |   |   !_!   |   !__\__|   |   | |   |   !_!   |   | |   |   | |   |
    |   | !___|   ._____!_____.   |   |   | |   |   ._____|   | |   |___! |   |
    |   | |\__|   !\_____\____!   |   |   !_!  _|   !_____|   | |   |__/| |   |
    !___! |   !_________________. |   |_______|_!   ._________! !___!   | !___!
     \___\!    \________|   ._. !_|   |\______!_|   |________/!/___/    !/___/
                        |   |\|   |   | |   |___|   |
                        |   !_!   |   | |   |   |   | .___.
                        |   ._____|   !_!   |   |   |/|   |
                        |   !\____!_.     ._|   |   !_!   |
                         \________! !_____! !____________/
                          ._______. .___. .___.___. .___.
                          |   ._. |_|   | |   |   | |   |
                          |   |_|   |   | |   |_  |_|  _|
                          |   | |___|   | |   |_|  _  |/.
                          |   | .\__|_. !_! ._|   |_|   |
                          |   !_!   |_|     |_|   | |   |
                          !_________! |_____| |___| |___|
                           \________! !_____! !___! !__/
                          REsIDEnt EVIl - CodE VERONica X
                            SpEed GuiDE  OUt oF ThE BOx
                                 PS2 and DreamCast
                       (PAL - 2:33   NTSC (estimate) - 2:07)
                                    by VMerken
    This document is best viewed using a non-proportional font, which is able to
    align the numbers and characters below (eg. Courier New, OCR A Extended...):
    0         1         2         3         4         5         6         7
    Also, adjust your viewer settings in such a way that the above ASCII logo is
    rendered correctly (linefeed according to window, increase window size to at
    least 80 chars width).
    030730 Beta version finished. Implemented extra suggestions by Carl Haynen.
    030706 Carl Haynen's suggestions on Zombie biting and skipping the Magnum -as
    well as my own suspicions on these techniques while completing the alpha
    version- have led me to start the beta version. Along the way, Carl also added
    that Explosive Rounds are very effective vs. Alexia III. He was right, you know
    030705 Alpha version finished.
    030623 Began work on the alpha version.
    Boo! After two Rocket Launcher speed guides, I'm more than happy to present you
    with something requiring a little more skill - a run through Resident Evil:
    Code Veronica (X/Complete) straight "Out of The Box" (the expression meaning
    that I'm providing you with a very fast run starting from a New Game, thus
    excluding any bonusweapons such as the infamous Rocket Launcher).
    This guide was way overdue. Aeons ago, I've already written a speed guide for
    Code Veronica on an NTSC DreamCast, but it wasn't really optimized as I only
    had the game in my possession (as well as the console) for two weeks. An update
    was promised, and here it finally is - my apologies for the loooooooong delay.
    Although the guide has been compiled from the game Resident Evil: Code Veronica
    X on a PAL PS2, everything can be applied to DreamCast versions of Code
    Veronica (Complete) as well. There is virtually no difference between these
    versions, except for some added cutscenes in X and, if memory serves me right,
    the ability to skip the last cutscenes and final upscroller. For some reason,
    you can't skip them in Code Veronica: X, so a whopping 6 minutes and 52 seconds
    are added (timed it), just like that - otherwise, you'd be able to finish in
    2:26 instead of 2:33.
    Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy this revamped speed guide. Good luck, Zombie
    _00 About PAL/NTSC_
    This is a very important topic, as it affects the thing which usually has a
    central role in my guides: time. So I feel that I should explain a bit about it
    here. You see, PAL and NTSC are two different TV display modes. NTSC is
    typically used in the US and Japan region, whereas Australia and Europe are
    typical PAL regions.
    So where lies the difference? Well, PAL has more rasterlines (lines that make
    up the image), namely 625 versus 525 for NTSC, so the line density on your PAL
    screen is higher, leading to a somewhat smoother picture. However, this comes
    at a price, a price which us PAL speed players are not really happy with - a
    loss in frame rate (25 versus 30 for NTSC).
    As you can imagine, when a game originally created for the NTSC format is
    converted to the PAL format, there are some serious drawbacks for the PAL user.
    The game will still have 525 rasterlines, leading to black bars on top and
    below the PAL image. But the largest drawback is that fact that, compared to
    NTSC, the game will run in "slow motion", by the ratio 1 / (30/25) = 1 / (6/5)
    = 1 / 1.2 (PAL to NTSC). The ratio becomes 6/5 = 1.2 if you go from NTSC to
    A good example of this is Code Veronica (X/Complete) itself. The previous
    version of this guide once was an unoptimized 2:30 walkthrough. But that 2:30
    counted for NTSC regions only. If someone followed the exact same route in a
    PAL game, he or she'd get an end result of about
    2h30m * 1.2 = 9000s * 1.2 = 10800s = 3h00m
    Now, this result is not entirely correct, as you have to consider other factors
    such as drive loading speed, mintness of your CD and your console etc, but the
    conversion is certainly a good estimate. As you can see, NTSC players are 30
    minutes faster than PAL players - kind of frustrating for the PAL community.
    Don't worry, we're still PALs *rimshot* :).
    Hence in the future, I'll make sure to clearly state what format I'm using
    while playing the game, as well as providing estimates for the other format.
    That way, everyone has a clear picture about what times to aim at, regardless
    of region. I should probably incorporate these estimates into my existing faqs,
    but that's something for the future.
    _01 Controls_
    In the guide, Control Type B was used as preferred setting. Hence, moving
    Claire and Chris around goes a little like this:
    D-Pad     Directional Pad. Moves the character (also: left analog stick).
    Square    Square Button. Makes the character run, cancels selections in menu.
    X         Action Button. Search/Pick up items, confirm selections in menu etc.
    R1        Auto-aim Button. Lets character Auto-aim at nearest target.
    L1        Switch Button. Switches targets during Auto-aim.
    Start     Menu Button. Enter the menu.
    Select    Pause Button. Also used to skip cutscenes (only a few of them).
    You are free to configure the controls as you see fit, but keep in mind that
    whenever I mention a control button, its function will be as the above.
    _02 Basic Terminology_
    While the Resident Evil franchise developed into the strong series it is today,
    a whole community formed below its skin, and I'm happy to do my modest part
    within. The fun thing about communities is that, after a while, a sort of
    'jargon' develops between strategy guide authors. Here are some basic jargon
    terms I've grown accostumed to:
    180           A full character turnaround (press Down on D-Pad + Square)
    Sleeper       An inactive Creature (Zombie, Hunter, ...)
    Ninja Zombie  A (dangerous) Zombie with high characteristics (hitpoints and
    Clip          Superglue character against a wall and run along to evade
    FAS           First Aid Spray.
    Hug           Bump into object, then turn away, again to evade enemies.
    Drop          Fire enough shots to drop an enemy (no intent to kill it)
    Here's some more I'll be using throughout the guide:
    CUTSCENE      Announcing a cutscene (which can hopefully be skipped with
    PICK UP       Pick up an item.
    COMBINE       Combine items.
    EXAMINE       Examine object(s) of interest.
    Phteefe       Steve. Properly pronounced out of respect for the voice actor.
    _03 Walkthrough layout_
    I will use the layout which debuted in the Resident Evil 0 rocket launcher
    walkthrough, except for a few minor alterations:
    <Room Number> <Room Name>
    <Flavor Text>
    <More Actions>
    <More Flavor Text>
    <Room Number> is a 3-digit number, XYY, with X being the general area in which
    you're playing, and YY the sequence number in which this particular room first
    appeared. So for example, 007 is the seventh room you visit in the Prison area,
    411 is the eleventh room you visit in the Military Training Facility.
    <Room Name> Is a brief room description.
    <Actions> What has to be done before leaving the room. Very cryptic. Very
    jive-like. If nothing's said, just run from exit A to exit B as quickly as you
    <Flavor Text> If there's a need for a deeper explanation of the universe's
    fundamental truths, I'll satisfy it here.
    Also, since I'm particularly lazy, I'll be working from the Rocket Launcher
    guide, which was done earlier. Many enemies don't get shot there or here, thus
    require the same evasive manoevers and so it'd be a waste of time to rewrite
    the entire guide from scratch.
    _04 Character Profiles_
    __/Claire Redfield\________________________________________________________
    Like Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Claire's spent some time and
    money in the 3D Modelling clinic, resulting in a new set of improved polygons
    as compared to the original model in Resident Evil 2. Things like that tend to
    happen as the series moves on to a new console (cfr. Resident Evil the Remake
    and on GameCube).
    Her character didn't change that much. She's still quite the tomboy, and her
    experience with biohazard creatures shows. I enjoyed her company in CD1,
    especially the way she interacted with Steve. No stupid cliches, Claire simply
    looked at Steve as a friend. Beautiful.
    Unfortunately, this all changes in CD2, when you get to play Chris. Suddenly,
    Claire transforms into an emotional cesspit, becoming Chris' 'little sister'
    and the 'crying widow' all at once. Overall, however, she wasn't all that bad.
    It's clear that Rodrigo wasn't thinking straight. A shortage of hemoglobine can
    do that to a man, otherwise he wouldn't have liberated Claire Redfield, the
    girl that got away with destroying half the Paris facility and survived the
    horrors of Raccoon city.
    But then again, keeping someone with that kind of track record locked up would
    be a serious mistake, especially when you're on your last breath. And maybe
    there'd be a bonus in it for him? He wasn't wrong.
    In short: Rodrigo's a filler character. Few things to say, few things to do,
    boiling down to giving Claire her 'trademark Lockpick' and Chris his 'trademark
    Lighter'. His voice acting's good, though.
    __/Steve Burnside\_____________________________________________
    No, I'm not going to state the obvious fact that Steve, aka "Phteefe" looks a
    lot like a certain Hollywood moviestar. It's just a coincidence, I'm sure.
    It occurred to me that Steve is quite comparable to Carlos from Resident Evil
    3: Nemesis. Like, Carlos, Phtheefe has a little 'accent' that girls go crazy
    about - or so they
    claim -, except that the trick hardly works for Jill and Claire, let alone for
    the spectator, who can barely restrain laughter.
    It's also clear that Carlos and Steve develop a boon for Jill and Claire, but
    their advances are hardly noticed. Jill gets showered with presents (Grenade
    Rounds-all flavors) but is used to things like that as Barry used to do the
    very same thing in Resident Evil.
    Steve doesn't exactly use the presents approach, but rather relies on his good
    looks and romantic gestures in order to score. Of course, his good looks and
    romantic gestures are quite ridiculous, so the score remains a big fat zero.
    I had loads of fun watching the transport plane sequence, where Steve homes in
    at sleeping Claire, who wakes up just before he... well, you know. Almost
    instinctively, I banged on the table, only to see Steve do the very same thing
    on the plane's window :). Knew just how he felt there.
    Another great laugh is Steve's transformation into a huge toad, his face nearly
    unaltered, and the hilarious confession sequence after that... Anyway, if you
    thought that Steve is a pretty whacky character (which he is), think again...
    __/Alfred Ashford\____________________________________________
    Thank you, Capcom. After the pretty good cast in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, I
    yearned for a new chief Irons. Alfred's been more than worth the wait, I must
    This is, hands down, the most insane character ever to appear in the Resident
    Evil saga. Forget Irons. Forget Birkin. This is the King of Crazy Hill. For
    starters, he's so nuts that the developers could barely contain him in one
    voice actor. Two were needed, one of them being female!
    Yes, that's right, in his mind, Alfred's male and female. Not able to cope with
    his sister Alexia being absent, he simply created her in his mind. And likes to
    wear her clothes when she surfaces. And is able to talk like her as well,
    something a man could only achieve by basically becoming a eunuch or being a
    helium addict.... nahh, he wouldn't be THAT crazy. Would he?
    I love him to bits. This is one helluva cartoon villain and no mistake. I
    thought Chief Irons was sick, but Alfred easily steals the crown. Man, it
    really brings back the fun in destroying Umbrella, and hopefully, Capcom can
    retain its high standards in RE4.
    ____/Alexia Ashford\__________________________________
    Referring to Thomas Wilde&President Evil's RE thesis, it's astounding how
    Veronica awakened from cryogenic sleep without any outside help and immediately
    knew that Claire and Steve were bad guys that had to be destroyed using giant
    mind-controlled tentacles.
    It made her look seemingly invincible, and my first reaction was, 'Whoa! How am
    I going to beat THAT?!'. Well, as it turned out, all you need is a Shotgun and
    heavy calibre Magnum. A linear launcher is there to finish the job. As usual,
    big "kill-all" weapons in the final battle is quite customary in the Resident
    Evil universe.
    Alexia doesn't say much, and she doesn't have to. She radiates fear. She's the
    kind of girl that turns up at a party, and everyone knows that chairs will fly
    soonish. That it means certain death to all the visitors is new, but still, you
    get the picture.
    Her constant grins at Chris disturb me. It's as if she knows that Chris -or
    you, the player- is her only threat, the only one that can stop her from
    becoming the ultimate being. And she knows that she hasn't got a chance -you're
    gonna win anyway-, so she decides to mock fate right in the face.
    There's a lot of symbolism in this game. Shinji Mikami decided to grin at his
    own universe. Or I'm simply looking too deep. After all, it's just a video game
    but then again, a lot of people are inhabiting it and writing thesi about the
    subject. Hmm...
    ___/Albert Wesker\________________________________________
    I don't care. So he's back and likes to wear novelty contact lenses. I don't
    mind about the scenario hickup here, as long as he's back. Wesker and his
    shades are cool, and I'm happy to see that in Code Veronica X/Complete, his
    significance to the plot was dramatically increased (as opposed to the original
    Code Veronica).
    "But it's just not possible! He's DEAD! Tyrant decapped him in front of my
    Hey, I said I don't care. He's back, programmed to get superior viruses and
    work out his vendetta with Chris for the higher glory of a yet unknown rival
    company (probably called Raincoat or something). What more do you want? I
    welcome The Man back with open arms.
    Only one thing: where are Wesker's superior abilities in the Battle Game? There
    I sat, going like "Oh yeah. Let's clobber some Hunters with bare hands. Come
    and get some! (for some reason, Wesker brings back memories from the almighty
    Duke. Have no clue why)"
    But then, all I got was a standard RE character, and felt kinda ripped. Still,
    knifing Zombies with him is fun and challenging to boot.
    /Part 1 - CLAIRE\__________________________________
    NOTE to Speed Play Trainees:
    Use the many Green Herbs strewn around the game while you're still practicing
    your runs, possibly combine them with Red and Blue Herbs when the need arises,
    or pick up an extra FAS or two. You learn much more by completing an entire run
    from start to finish rather than having to reset at the start time and again
    because you refused to take that Green Herb because it's not mentioned in this
    walkthrough. In such cases, forsake the golden path and take the Herb. Your
    character needs it. Do it. You're just training, remember?
    "But, my inventory is full because of your walkthrough! I'm *so* dead!"
    Don't worry, you can still use the Herb directly.
    NOTE to Ranking Hunters: We're only interested in the fastest route here, so
    ranking loss through the use of FAS will be ignored because these things save
    us time (no annoying Herb mixing or additional pickups). Ranking is not a
    concern (although finishing on an A (or S) ranking _is_ much more elegant and
    satisfying :), hence you will not be able to unlock the Rocket Launcher with
    this guide.
    NOTE to players who already unlocked the Rocket Launcher: You'll have to ditch
    the Launcher during your Security Box visit, which costs a few seconds. In
    order to avoid this (remember, this is an 'out of the box' walkthrough :),
    start the game without the Memory Card inserted. Insert it during one of the
    'heartbeat' sequences (first one's clearly  MARKed in the walkthrough).
    It's finally time to get going! Boot up Code Veronica (X) and select a New
    _00 JailBreak_
     =Area 1: The Prison=
    101 [Cell]
    EQUIP: Lighter
    102 [Cell Corridor]
    MARK: The first 'heartbeat' sequence rears its ugly head here, as you climb the
    stairway to the Small Graveyard.
    103 [Small Graveyard]
    Two Zombies on the way out: run past the left of Zombie 1, then _immediately
    clip to the right, then run straight ahead to evade Zombie 2 without getting
    hit. It's very important that you run a straight line, without 'bumping' into
    the borders: it will keep your speed at such a level that you _can_ get by
    unharmed (of course, don't run *into* Zombie 2 :).
    IMPORTANT: If the second Zombie *does* get to you, anticipate this and start
    tapping the Action button like crazy. When done right, the Zombie won't be able
    to bite Claire; in fact, she'll shrug him off instead.
    This technique will be used throughout the remainder of this walkthrough, as it
    has several advantages:
    (a) you don't get hit
    (b) shrugging off Zombies will drop other closeby Zombies as well
    (c) you're not wasting time shooting the Zombies
    Sometimes, the technique *will* fail due to bad timing and such. We'll cater
    for this by augmenting the amount of health pickups. You will notice, however,
    that the increase isn't nearly as large as you'd expect.
    (TIP): a way to make sure that you'll anticipate a Zombie bite in time: when
    you're about to run into the area where the Zombies roam, start tapping the
    Action button while running. This works wonders, but you must also make sure
    that you don't bump into objects/walls which can be examined - otherwise,
    you'll be forced to read unwanted texts.
    104 [Prison Courtyard]
    EQUIP: Handgun [12x] (mandatory)
    105 [Barracks]
    Run around the large building.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    106 [Guillotine Courtyard]
    Three Zombies block your path. To get rid of the first two, bump into the
    garbage container, rotating left until you can move Claire in a straight line
    (she'll run slightly northeast from her viewpoint). Bump into the wall dead
    ahead, then clip to the right to evade the third and last blocker.
    107 [Put The Metallic Items You Have _IN_ The Security Box]
    At the security box, ditch the Handgun.
    Do NOT forget to ditch the LIGHTER as well.
    108 [Security Area Control Room]
    Curb to Claire's left.
    PICK UP: Emblem
    Run to the flashing panel and pull the lever.
    107 [Put The Metallic Items You Have _IN_ The Security Box]
    Activate the duplication device.
    USE: Emblem
    106 [Guillotine Courtyard]
    The three previous Zombies are gone.
    Press button to open the shutter.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Run into the Zombie pair guarding the Fire Extinguisher and shrug them off.
    PICK UP: Fire Extinguisher
    PICK UP: Padlock Key (near guillotine)
    105 [Barracks]
    Right before the Zombie Dogs appear, clip to the wall on the left. This will
    ensure that the Dogs will never get you as long as you continue running around
    the building.
    104 [Prison Courtyard]
    103 [Small Graveyard]
    Try to evade as many Zombies as you can. Eventually, you'll run into one or two
    undeads - again, shrug them off.
    USE: Fire Extinguisher
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    PICK UP: Duralumin Case
    104 [Prison Courtyard]
    105 [Barracks]
    Turn right and run up to the gate. Enter the menu.
    EXAMINE: Duralumin Case
    This will yield the TG-01 Alloy. Skip-read the document accompanying it.
    USE: Padlock Key
    Unlock/Enter the gate - the Padlock Key will be discarded. Hello, shortcut.
    106 [Guillotine Courtyard]
    107 [Put The Metallic Items You Have _IN_ The Security Box]
    Put following items _IN_ the Security Box:
    Fire Extinguisher (empty)
    Run to the duplication device, right side.
    USE: TG-01 Alloy
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    PICK UP: Emblem (duplicate)
    Three Zombies come shattering through the windows. Only Zombie 1 is critical,
    the rest is easily evaded. To get past Zombie 1 unscathed, clip to the wall on
    Claire's right, then run past him in a clear, straight line. After that, clip
    to the other wall and hug it, going around the corner bite-free. Don't worry
    about the Zombie blocking your viewpoint, he's at a more or less safe distance.
    Don't forget to pick up the Handgun from the Security Box.
    106 [Guillotine Courtyard]
    105 [Barracks]
    104 [Prison Courtyard]
    USE: Emblem (duplicate)
    109 [Burning Bridge]
    Run over the bridge, then shove the loose metallic crates upwards towards the
    other metallic crates (7.2 pushes). Move it to the right with 1.1 push, then
    climb/descend the crates to get to a long flight of stairs. Go up.
    110 [Tri-Area Point]
    Turn right, then run straight ahead, clipping left and right by your own
    judgement to evade the two oncoming Zombies.
    _01 The Palace I_
     =Area 2: The Palace=
    201 [Palace Courtyard]
    Clip to the pathway on the right, run along for two seconds, then suddenly clip
    to the left to offset the orientation of one, then two Zombie Dogs. Climb the
    steps and go through the entrance.
    202 [Reception]
    <<<TIME: 0:11  STATUS: Claire - No damage   Chris - No damage>>>
    Try to descend the stairs.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Run towards the computer terminal.
    Activate the terminal, then enter the code:
    Remember that the keyboard wraps, this helps entering the code as quickly as
    possible. Don't enter ESC or BS (ie. Escape and BackSpace) by accident.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    180, then enter the unlocked door.
    203 [Gold/Silver Key Hallway]
    There are three blocking Zombies in this Hallway. Run past the first to bump
    into the second, which you must shrug off. The final Zombie is easily evaded.
    204 [Model Display Room]
    Push the button on the ornamented ant on the opposite side of the room.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped
    PICK UP: Steering Wheel
    203 [Gold/Silver Key Hallway]
    202 [Reception]
    Try to exit.
    Ow! Phteefe's in trouble! Tomboy Claire To The Rescue!
    203 [Gold/Silver Key Hallway]
    204 [Model Display Room]
    Activate monitor, then press C-E-DECIDE. Phteefe's saved!
    203 [Gold/Silver Key Hallway]
    202 [Reception]
    201 [Palace Courtyard]
    205 [Das Boot Surface Point]
    USE: Steering Wheel
    Activate it, then move into the Submarine.
    206 [Das Boot]
    EQUIP: Sidepack
    Pull the lever to dive.
     =Area 3: Airport=
    301 [Aquarium Hallway]
    302 [The Aquarium]
    Run a few steps ahead, then stop for a second to activate the stationary Zombie
    in the back. Clip right and evade the Zombie using your own judgement. You can
    try and run by without the halt, but it's risky.
    303 [Gate-Bridge]
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    304 [Loading Area]
    Run onto the elevator, go up.
    Activate the crane, then play the minigame: move up first, wait for the shadow
    to partially float over the stacked crates, then move left until the shadow's
    precisely over the large blocking crate.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    180 onto elevator, go down.
    Activate largescale elevator.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Wait briefly to let the walker Zombies get closer together, then run around
    them in a wide arc to Claire's left - you should be on a collision course with
    a shiny object.
    PICK UP: Biohazard Card
    180, then wait another moment so that the Zombie group again closes in on
    Claire (hopefully, the Crawler is not going left). Run around the pack in a
    clockwise fashion in order to escape the ambush.
    303 [Gate-Bridge]
    302 [The Aquarium]
    301 [Aquarium Hallway]
    206 [Das Boot]
    205 [Das Boot Surface Point]
    201 [Palace Courtyard]
    110 [Tri-Area Point]
    <<<TIME: 0:20  STATUS: Claire - no damage   Chris - no damage>>>
    _02 Exploring The Military Training Facility_
     =Area 4: Military Training Facility (aka MTF)=
    401 [MTF Courtyard]
    402 [MTF Welcoming Hall]
    Run to the back of the hall.
    USE: Biohazard Card
    Run into the new area, watch how the shutter closes behind Claire.
    403 [Emblem Card Courtyard]
    Move into the open.
    Go up the stairs to end the surprise attack, then follow Alfred into the door.
    404 [Not Found Error]
    Pick Up: Handgun Ammo [15x]
    Try to enter the door at the very end of the corridor.
    Enter the door alltogether. Btw, I _really_ don't like these slow-loading,
    heartbeat-pulsing, door-opening animations, taking up to 20+ seconds all by
    405 [Bandersnatch Heaven]
    PICK UP: Submachine Guns
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Head for the staircase.
    Once the Bandersnatch has arrived, return to the exact same spot where you
    picked up the Submachine Guns. From there, if you positioned Claire correctly,
    the Bandersnatch won't be able to attack her successfully. Shoot your rubbery
    adversary (switch targets after 5 bullets) until it croaks, then try to descend
    the staircase.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Finally, you can go down. Try to enter recently opened door.
    Phteefe's now under your control. Hurrah.
    406 [Grenade Launcher Area]
    Ignore everything.
    407 [Ventilation Room]
    Turn left, then go down the staircase. As you go down, you'll notice a Zombie
    making its way towards Phteefe. Quickly aim the Submachine Guns to shoot the
    nearby barrels to eliminate this Zombie (and quite possibly get 2 bonus kills
    as well). After that, ignore everything.
    408 [Demonic Statue Basement]
    Run dead ahead.
    Claire and Phteefe enter elevator, bringing them to the 2nd floor.
    409 [MTF Control Room]
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Follow Phteefe.
    410 [Storage]
    Go to Phteefe, fall through the walkway.
    The Submachine Guns have been replaced by a pair of Gold Lugers. Move left,
    past Phteefe, unlatch/enter door.
    411 [MTF Miniature Room Corridor]
    Clip Claire against the wall on her left to safely evade two roaming Zombies.
    412 [MTF Miniature Room]
    PICK UP: Eagle Plate
    411 [MTF Miniature Room Corridor]
    Immediately rotate left and run to get past Zombie 1 - Zombie 2 is merely a
    410 [MTF Storage]
    413 [Tank Courtyard]
    401 [MTF Courtyard]
    402 [MTF Welcoming Hall]
    USE: Biohazard Card (again)
    403 [Emblem Card Courtyard]
    As long as you keep running, the two Zombie Dogs will never be a problem. Climb
    the stairway.
    USE: Eagle Plate
    This grants you the Emblem Card.
    Go down the stairs again, now run into the hole beyond the grating. Down the
    ladder you must go.
    407 [Ventilation Room]
    Use the Emblem Card on the shutter, drop down and ignore everything (pretty
    406 [Grenade Launcher Area]
    The Zombies here disappeared as if by magic. Use the Emblem Card on the reader
    to open the large shutter.
    PICK UP: Grenade Launcher
    407 [Ventilation Room]
    408 [Demonic Statue Basement]
    Enter the lift, select 2F (second floor).
    409 [MTF Control Room]
    Use the Emblem Card on the reader - discard it afterwards.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    PICK UP: Army Proof
    Use the Security Camera and zoom in on Red Painting to unveil a code - 1126.
    Unlatch/enter the first door on the way out.
    403 [Emblem Card Courtyard]
    402 [MTF Welcoming Hall]
    Use the Biohazard Card one last time on the other card reader in this area, go
    upstairs, enter the door on the left.
    414 [MTF Research Facility]
    Enter 1126 code to unlock the door leading to the research area.
    PICK UP: Red Painting
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    IMMEDIATELY after the cutscene ends and the timed emergency procedure begins,
    180 and run away to evade the electric bursts from the baby Albinos. This
    doesn't always succeed.
    402 [MTF Welcoming Hall]
    Quickly move down the stairs with 20+ seconds on the clock (in NTSC, you'd have
    about 24-25+ seconds, which corresponds to the results I used to get on the
    NTSC Dreamcast).
    401 [MTF Courtyard]
    413 [Tank Courtyard]
    410 [MTF Storage]
    411 [MTF Miniature Room Corridor]
    412 [MTF Miniature Room]
    EQUIP: Grenade Launcher
    USE: Red Painting (opposite to the Blue Painting)
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    PICK UP: Gold Key
    413 [Tank Courtyard]
    401 [MTF Courtyard]
    110 [Tri-Area Point]
    A couple of Bandersnatches will appear. Don't worry, they're harmless.
    <<<TIME: 0:35  STATUS: Claire - no damage   Chris - no damage>>>
    _03 The Palace II_
    201 [Palace Courtyard]
    202 [Reception]
    Go up the stairway, 'protected' by an easy-to-evade Zombie. Turn right, climb a
    smaller stairway, then evade the Zombie in the alcove (if not, shrug him off).
    207 [Palace Save Room]
    USE: Gold Lugers (do not EQUIP them)
    208 [Alfred's Office]
    Activate the computer.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Enter the code:
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    A Bandersnatch will make its entrance. Don't bother shooting it, just disappear
    through the secret opening.
    209 [Long Bridge to Manor]
    Run up the stairs and giggle more insanely than the game does.
    210 [Manor Courtyard]
    It's not necessary to kill the two Bandersnatches here, just run, run, run your
    heart out to pass them unscathed. Climb the stairs, and don't be afraid if one
    of the 'snatches follows you.
    211 [Manor Staircase]
    Quickly head for the staircase and climb it to evade the many Bats roaming the
    area. They will never get close if you climb it perfectly. On top of the
    staircase, you'll find a couple of goodies.
    212 [Sleeping Quarters Hallway]
    Go into the nearby door.
    213 [Alexia's Sleeping Quarters]
    Stop the music box from playing.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    PICK UP: Silver Key
    212 [Sleeping Quarters Hallway]
    211 [Manor Staircase]
    210 [Manor Courtyard]
    209 [Long Bridge to Manor]
    208 [Alfred's Office]
    207 [Palace Save Room]
    202 [Reception]
    203 [Gold/Silver Key Hallway]
    Run to the very back of the hallway, then turn right and start tapping X to
    unlock/enter the door using the Gold Key, which is discarded afterwards.
    214 [Family Art Gallery]
    Start pushing buttons under each of the six available paintings, in following
    1 - The only woman present
    2 - Geezer holding two babies
    3 - Red-haired dude with tea set (the one with the intelligent face)
    4 - Other red-haired dude (the one with the devious visage)
    5 - Man reading book (smart looking fellar)
    6 - Goatee man (Alexia's and Alfred's father)
    Graphically, you get this:
    . . 4 . 2 . .
    .           Entrance
    6   . . .   5
    .   .   .   .
    1   . . .   3
    .           .
    . .       . .
      .   7   .
    Once you have them all, go to Alfred's picture in the back of the room (picture
    7). Skip-read the butler's document, then push the button.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    PICK UP: Earthenware Vase
    203 [Gold/Silver Key Hallway]
    Use the Silver Key on the one door you haven't been to yet.
    215 [Briefing Room]
    This is a tricky part, highly dependant on random factors. Run straight ahead,
    right into the clutches of Bandersnatch 1. Pass him, then curl around the
    conference table to meet and greet Bandersnatch 2. Ignore him as well to get to
    the blue plate lying on the floor.
    PICK UP: Eagle Plate
    While you're doing this, Bandersnatch 1 will join its colleague and help out
    chumpblocking your only escape route. With the Eagle Plate in your possession,
    leave this room of doom as soon as possible. With a little practice and good
    fortune, you'll be hit just once, but normally, you'll be taking two hits. With
    a lot of good fortune, they'll never lay a hand on you. And if you're having
    bad luck, they'll show Claire the good times.
    From this point, use the single FAS you have at your own discretion.
    203 [Gold/Silver Key Hallway]
    202 [Reception]
    201 [Palace Courtyard]
    110 [Tri-Area Point]
    <<<TIME: 0:45   STATUS: Claire - 'snatch damage   Chris - no damage>>>
    _04 Go Straight To Jail. You May Not Pass Start_
    109 [Burning Bridge]
    104 [Prison Courtyard]
    105 [Barracks]
    106 [Guillotine Courtyard]
    Evade the two Zombies, then enter the little guillotine area.
    USE: Eagle Plate
    CUTSCENE (very short, cannot be skipped)
    Run into the two surprise Zombies to drop them, then quickly enter the door.
    111 [Morgue Runway]
    Aim your Handgun, then point it at the explosive barrel. Shoot it to drop the
    two Zombies currently present in this area. Should either of them have survived
    the blast (unlikely), be sure to finish the job. Enter the fence at the end of
    the runway.
    117 [Security Area Back Door]
    Climb the crate blocking the door, then get off at the other end.
    Push the crate down to enable access to the door. Go in.
    108 [Security Area Control Room]
    107 [Put The Metallic Items You Have _IN_ The Security Box]
    PICK UP: BOW Gas Rounds [3x], Flame Rounds [6x]
    These will come in handy later.
    For the needy, there's a FAS here as well (don't take it unless absolutely
    108 [Security Area Control Room]
    117 [Security Area Back Door]
    111 [Morgue Runway]
    112 [The Doctor Is IN]
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You're going to need this FAS *much* later, so don't use it
    until then. If you get hurt somewhere, fetch and use a Green Herb.
    Enter to the only obvious exit on the other side of the room.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    113 [What the?]
    Don't ask questions, just 180 yourself out of there.
    112 [The Doctor Is IN]
    Run to the operation table in the middle of the room.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Destroy the Zombie Doctor using the Grenade Launcher. He'll drop a shiny item
    of interest.
    PICK UP: Glass Eye
    USE: Glass Eye
    180, run into the secret entrance when the wall is lifted.
    114 [Secret Hallway]
    Move move move move. A Bat is bound to get you this time. *Extremely* Lucky
    Zombie Hunters will certainly gain a couple of seconds here, but so far, I'm
    not one of them. Once got really close, though.
    115 [The Doctor Liked To Get His Freak On]
    Run straight ahead, then sway left and evade the single Zombie posted there.
    116 [Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That]
    PICK UP: Rusted Sword
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Push center statue around using pole.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    USE: Rusted Sword
    Run into the surprise Zombie and drop it in order to get the key item it was
    PICK UP: Piano Roll
    180 and leave.
    115 [The Doctor Liked To Get His Freak On]
    Evade Zombies until you're close to the exit door. Run into the Zombie blocking
    114 [Secret Hallway]
    Move move move move. A Bat may get you yet again.
    112 [The Doctor Is IN]
    111 [Morgue Runway]
    Run into the blocker Zombie, then exit.
    106 [Guillotine Courtyard]
    Solid running (ie. follow the shortest path) will enable you to leave this
    place without ever being touched.
    105 [Barracks]
    104 [Prison Courtyard]
    109 [Burning Bridge]
    110 [Tri-Area Point]
    <<<TIME: 0:56   STATUS: Claire - Bat and 'snatch damage   Chris - no damage>>>
    _05 The Palace III_
    201 [Palace Courtyard]
    Try to enter the Palace.
    Enter again.
    202 [Reception]
    Climb the stairs, then swing left and try to evade the Zombie stationed there
    (if not, shrug him off). Go up a few steps, then use/discard the Silver Key on
    the door.
    216 [Piano Room]
    Go to the Piano.
    USE: Piano Roll
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    PICK UP: King Ant Object
    202 [Reception]
    207 [Palace Save Room]
    208 [Alfred's Office]
    209 [Long Bridge to Manor]
    You can get past the Zombie pack by running into them. With a little luck,
    you'll only have to shrug off one Zombie.
    210 [Manor Courtyard]
    Bandersnatches appear, but Claire's already gone. Silly boys!
    211 [Manor Staircase]
    IMMEDIATELY after you appear, swing left around the visible Zombie, then curb
    right to evade a second one. Climb the staircase and shrug off any Zombies that
    get in your way.
    212 [Sleeping Quarters Hallway]
    Same chant as in the previous room: shrug off any Zombies that get in your way.
    213 [Alexia's Sleeping Quarters]
    EXAMINE: Earthenware Vase
    This yields the Queen Ant Object.
    USE: Queen Ant Object
    PICK UP: Music Plate
    212 [Sleeping Quarters Hallway]
    This chant isn't growing old, is it? Shrug off any Zombies that get in your
    217 [Alfred's Sleeping Quarters]
    USE: King Ant Object
    USE: Music Plate
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Climb the ladder.
    218 [Merry-Go-Round]
    Get out of the Merry-go-round, run to the back of the room.
    PICK UP: Silver Dragonfly
    Run back to the giant ant painting.
    EXAMINE: Silver Dragonfly
    Detach the wings of the Dragonfly Object
    USE: Dragonfly Object
    Climb the ladder.
    219 [Alfred's In-Dee-Diddly-Sane]
    Shove crate to the right, climb it. Skip-read Alfred's Confession, then
    PICK UP: Airforce Proof
    Descend the ladder.
    218 [Merry-Go-Round]
    Descend the ladder.
    213 [Alexia's Sleeping Quarters]
    Drop off, try to exit.
    217 [Alfred's Sleeping Quarters]
    Try to examine the blonde wig.
    212 [Sleeping Quarters Hallway]
    211 [Manor Staircase]
    210 [Manor Courtyard]
    209 [Long Bridge to Manor]
    The Zombies are easier to evade, now.
    208 [Alfred's Office]
    207 [Palace Save Room]
    202 [Reception]
    201 [Palace Courtyard]
    PICK UP: Navy Proof
    Try to run to the Submarine area.
    <<<TIME: 1:05  STATUS: Claire - Bat and 'snatch damage   Chris - no damage>>>
    _06 Escaping The Nightmare_
    205 [Das Boot Surface Point]
    Go to Phteefe.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    301 [Aquarium Hallway]
    Try to go down the stairs.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Now go down the stairs.
    302 [The Aquarium]
    PICK UP: Handgun Ammo [15x]
    Go left this time, evade two Zombies (simple).
    305 [Boarding Area]
    Go to Phteefe, activate the computer.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    USE: Army Proof
    USE: Airforce Proof   (the order in which you enter the Proofs doesn't matter)
    USE: Navy Proof
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    306 [The Plane]
    PICK UP: Lever
    305 [Boarding Area]
    302 [The Aquarium]
    303 [Gate-Bridge]
    304 [Loading Area]
    Go up the small elevator, exit through the first floor door.
    303 [Gate-Bridge]
    USE: Lever
    Raise the Gate-Bridge.
    307 [Gate Pressure Room]
    PICK UP: Airport Key (somewhere inbetween a pack of Sleepers)
    303 [Gate-Bridge]
    304 [Loading Area]
    Use Airport Key to raise shutter, exit as soon as possible.
    308 [Airport Elevator]
    PICK UP: Explosive Rounds [6x]
    COMBINE: Explosive Rounds, Grenade Launcher
    Shove boxes as follows (crate A goes first):
                 ||    |
                 ||  __|_
                 || |  | |
            <-------| A| |
                 || |__|_|
                 ||  __|_   ____
                 || |    | |    |
                 || | B  | |Pile|
                 || |____| |____|
    Use the elevator to trigger a countdown: 5 minutes until detonation. Don't
    worry, we'll get out alive and well.
    CUTSCENE (tap SELECT while in the transport elevator)
    301 [MTF Courtyard]
    110 [Tri-Area Point]
    Run towards The Palace.
    BOSS FIGHT: Tyrant
    Timing's vital to this battle. Run up to Tyrant, keeping a moderate distance.
    Stand right in front of him and shoot so that almost the entire grenade burst
    hits your foe. This will unbalance him. Wait for him to resume normal walking
    after the "stagger" animation has ended, then plug in the next round.
    Tyrant will now fall to his knees, which gives you the time to adjust Claire
    position. After a while, he'll get back up and repeat his menacing little walk.
    Repeat the above cycle of two well-timed shots - after 7-8 shots total, he'll
    give up and fall on the ground.
    201 [Palace Courtyard]
    205 [Das Boot Surfacing Area]
    206 [Das Boot]
    301 [Aquarium Hallway]
    302 [The Aquarium]
    305 [Boarding Area]
    306 [The Plane]
    Oops, trouble a-brewing.
    COMBINE: BOW Gas Rounds, Grenade Launcher
    309 [Cargo Hold]
    After the catapult's 'ready' message, immediately aim the Grenade Launcher and
    start tapping the Action Button like crazy to make Claire fire her BOW gas
    rounds faster (shorter reloading animation). Once all 3 rounds are spent:
    COMBINE: Grenade Launcher, Explosive Rounds
    (failsafe method) Run one step forward - Tyrant will appear very closeby. Fire
    two shots in quick succession. Now if you had the time to take a good look at
    your foe, you'd see that he's limping and bleeding from his right leg? Your cue
    to access the nearby control panel and launch the catapult. Byebye Tyrant! Have
    a nice drop!
    (high risk factor) You can get by shooting only one Explosive Round, but then,
    you MUST make the burst count for all its worth, and that can be risky, as it
    involves you getting somewhat closer to Tyrant, who then might be very prone to
    do a dash attack, after which all your hard work was for naught.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Re-enter the cockpit.
    <<<TIME: 1:16  STATUS: Claire - Bat and 'snatch damage   Chris - no damage>>>
    /PART 2 - CHRIS TO THE RESCUE\____________________________
    NOTE to Speed Play Trainees: okay, you've done well: This is the halfway point,
    at which the game will ask you if you want to save or not. This dialogue window
    opens up regardless of anything and the game won't count it as a save, so the
    procedure will cost you something of 10, up to 20 seconds. Uncle V's advice is:
    use the occasion and save when you're not sure about part 2! Nosferatu can be
    tricky, and should *something* happen, you won't have to play through the first
    1:16 again.
    Of course, once you're confident enough, skip the dialogue. Let's get back to
    the walkthrough, shall we?
    _07 Antarctic Facility I_
     =Area 5: Antarctic Facility=
    501 [Facility Core]
    Go down the ladder, 180 and eventually take the stairs down.
    502 [Moth Corridor]
    Descend stairs, turn left as soon as possible.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Evade the single Moth (easy), then enter the double doors.
    503 [Sorting Facility, Ground Floor]
    Evade the 3 Zombies (easy), enter the door on the left (marked 'BOW').
    504 [BOW Area]
    Turn right, run straight ahead, then diagonal (turning right) to evade two
    Spiders. Go to the back of the area.
    PICK UP: Bar Code (lies on top of a crate)
    180 and return from whence you came as quickly as possible.
    503 [Sorting Facility, Ground Floor]
    Clip left while running forwards to evade the Zombie stationed nearby, then try
    to enter the door marked 'WEAPON'.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Enter the door.
    505 [WEAPON Area]
    One of two things may happen (chosen at random by the game):
    Sleepers: Well hello. That's a good thing. Don't worry about evasion tricks
    Walkers: Oops, now you have to evade the Zombies. Zombie 1 is no problem, and
    Zombie 2 can be passed to the right.
    PICK UP: Mining Room Key
    On the way back, watch out how to get around Zombie 2 (try Claire's right).
    Don't get hit (shrug off otherwise). Zombie 1 is easy - just try to hit the
    exit doors as quick as you can.
    503 [Sorting Facility, Ground Floor]
    One door (reachable after climbing a few steps) has been left unexplored.
    Proceed to this door, then use/discard the Mining Room Key to unlock it. Go in.
    506 [Mining Room]
    Rotate right to climb a few bumps, then examine the security valve to verify
    that it has a hole shaped like an octagon. Go back down to enter the next area.
    507 [Power Generator, Ground Floor]
    Run straight ahead, take a left, disturb the Zombie Dog in its sleep, enter the
    small isolated area and move the lever to activate the power generator. Run
    back out of the isolated area and immediately clip right to avoid an annoying
    jump attack (if you were fast enough, you won't even get to see it). Take
    another left into a small alcove, where a second Zombie Dog is waking up. Pass
    him and pull the lever to restore power to the entire facility.
    506 [Mining Room]
    503 [Sorting Facility, Ground Floor]
    Go to the sorting machine.
    Activate the power (press shimerring button on the left).
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    COMBINE: Grenade Launcher, Flame Rounds
    USE: Bar Code (on crate)
    Pull the activation lever to send the crate to the BOW room.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    504 [BOW Area]
    PICK UP: Gas Mask
    503 [Sorting Facility, Ground Floor]
    502 [Moth Corridor]
    As you storm down this corridor to the next exit, odds are that a Moth
    successfully casts an 'inject egg' attack on Clair. When that happens, wriggle
    the controls like crazy to avoid having the egg on your back, as the ovoid's
    bad news generally.
    508 [Antarctica Facility Save Room]
    Open the Save Box and ditch the Grenade Launcher and any leftover Explosive
    Rounds. Chris will be needing it shortly. Don't worry about Claire, she still
    has her trusty 9mm with something better coming up soon.
    Go to the bookcase at the back of the room and give it 3.8 solid pushes, then
    run up to the locker.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Skip-read the Butler's Confession, then push the button and try to enter the
    shifting lockers as quickly as possible.
    PICK UP: Plant Pot
    502 [Moth Corridor]
    Dead ahead you go.
    501 [Facility Core]
    Enter the double doors near the ladder.
    509 [Sorting Facility, 1st Floor]
    Place Claire in front of the door on the right (from your perspective).
    EXAMINE: Plant Pot
    This yields the Machine Room Key
    USE: Machine Room Key
    Discard this key afterwards.
    510 [Machine Room]
    511 [Power Generator, 1st Floor]
    PICK UP: Valve Handle
    510 [Machine Room]
    Run to Phteefe.
    509 [Sorting Facility, 1st Floor]
    Go to the door on the opposite side.
    512 [Utility Room]
    There a workstation at the back of this room. Don't worry about the lone Zombie
    USE: Valve Handle
    This yields the (octagonal) Valve Handle.
    509 [Sorting Facility, 1st Floor]
    501 [Facility Core]
    502 [Moth Corridor]
    Watch out that you don't get poisoned. If you do, there's a case of Blue Herbs
    (endless supply, can't be taken) near the exit. Alternatively, go into the next
    room, get yourself killed, answer No at the "Continue?" prompt and start from
    the top again.
    503 [Sorting Facility, Ground Floor]
    Zombies stationed themselves at new positions, but you should be able to evade
    them easily on your way to the Mining Room. Tip: stay left, bump into the wall,
    go to the staircase hugging the wall. Trickier: stay left, then pass the second
    Zombie at his right, following a straight diagonal path. You'll reach the
    stairs more quickly, but beware the 'hidden' Zombie which is very closeby.
    506 [Mining Room]
    You'll have the Gas Mask equipped.
    USE: Valve Handle (on octagonal hollow)
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    You can turn Claire into the right direction as she goes down the steps.
    PICK UP: Sniper Rifle
    Claire will auto-equip this item.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    513 [Arctic Facility Roof]
    Try to descend the ladder.
    BOSS FIGHT: Nosferatu
    Timing's crucial in this fight. Immediately at the start, run a few steps
    southwest (screen perspective), then aim the Sniper Rifle. You'll zoom in on
    Nosferatu's vulnerable, pulsating heart area (press the L1 button to do this),
    but watch out, as your opponent will go into a "knock you down" animation. Let
    rip at the right moment - Nossie won't like what you did and hiss in
    frustration. Use the moment to put Claire in a top position for the next shot,
    then repeat the above. He'll go down in 3-4 shots.
    With the above procedure, you shouldn't get poisoned at all, which is vital for
    the rest of the guide. Should you, by a stroke of extremely bad luck, get
    poisoned after all, reset the game and start anew.
    CUTSCENE (I've got you now)
    Over to Chris.
    <<<TIME: 1:28  STATUS: Claire - Bat and 'snatch damage   Chris - no damage>>>
    _08 Military Training Facility A La Chris_
    415 [Island Mortuary]
    Run along the road.
    Go to the Item Box.
    Keep the Combat Knife, but ditch the Glock, trade the Handgun Ammo for the
    Grenade Launcher and add the Explosive Rounds to your inventory. How all these
    items got here? Boy/girl, you really shouldn't question the powers of the BOX.
    416 [Big Gravedigger Has Big Issues]
    EQUIP: Grenade Launcher
    BOSS FIGHT: Gulp Worm
    Destroy the Gulp Worm by firing Flame Rounds once it surfaces - 4 Rounds are
    sufficient. Using the 'fast reload' trick (ie. tap Action like crazy), you can
    get all 4 Rounds in when it surfaces for a long pose, so when it does this
    first... you're in luck. Stick to 1 Round during all other forms of attack
    unless you're certain about the second hit.
    Activate and enter the personnel elevator.
    410 [Storage]
    Evade any oncoming Zombies.
    413 [Tank Courtyard]
    No Doggies this time, run to the back of the tank and press the button there to
    activate a secret lift. Take it down.
    417 [Jet Transit Hall]
    PICK UP: Battery (at end of hall)
    Try to return.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Run straight past the Spider, it's the last threatening action you'll ever see
    from it and its companion.
    413 [Tank Courtyard]
    410 [Storage]
    Go to the elevator unit and run into the single Zombie barring entrance to the
    control panel. Shrug him off for the drop.
    COMBINE: Grenade Launcher, Grenade Rounds
    USE: Battery
    Step onto the elevator unit, then go up.
    PICK UP: Chemical Storage Key
    Skip-read the document accompanying it.
    409 [MTF Control Room]
    Run a few steps forward.
    180 and enter the elevator, select B1F (basement).
    408 [Demonic Statue Basement]
    you can go down a stairway now.
    PICK UP: Flame Rounds
    Enter the nearby door.
    418 [Cryogenics Lab]
    419 [Turntable Area]
    420 [Chemical Storage]
    USE: Chemical Storage Key
    This unlocks the chemical storage. Set the temperature to
    to get Clement Sigma, then leave.
    419 [Turntable Area]
    PICK UP: Door Knob
    Wait for a split second, then curl 90 degrees right to evade the first Hunter
    (the second one's in the back, desperately trying to catch up, so don't worry
    about him), then exit as quickly as possible.
    418 [Cryogenics Lab]
    408 [Demonic Statue Basement]
    Enter the elevator, select 2F (second floor).
    409 [MTF Control Room]
    Evade the the 2 Zombies here: clip to the wall on the right to pass number one,
    then tap the Action Button frantically to exit before mister two gets lucky.
    403 [Emblem Card Courtyard]
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    404 [Not Found Error]
    Clip around the wall to go straight into the research facility.
    EQUIP: Side Pack (lies on the table to the left of the screen)
    402 [MTF Welcoming Hall]
    Use the Door Knob automatically to get to your destination.
    421 [I Need Useless Useful Items]
    PICK UP: Miniature Tank
    402 [MTF Welcoming Hall]
    404 [Not Found Error]
    Watch out for the Hunter Spycam(tm) - glue Chris to the wall on his right on
    your way to the exit.
    403 [Emblem Card Courtyard (upstairs)]
    409 [MTF Control Room]
    Evade the Zombies (easy this time, as one is sleeping, the other too far away
    to be a nuisance). Access the elevator, select 1F (first floor).
    411 [MTF Miniature Room Corridor]
    Another Hunter Spycam(tm). This one's more active, so be swift but careful
    enough to enter the door without running into the detection ray. You do NOT
    want an active Hunter here.
    412 [MTF Miniature Room]
    COMBINE: Grenade Launcher, Flame Rounds
    USE: Miniature Tank (on the MTF model)
    The picture behind Chris will slide away, giving access to a file (skip-read as
    usual) and an item of interest. Don't worry about the RGB laser system just
    PICK UP: Turntable Key
    411 [MTF Miniature Room Corridor]
    The Hunter Spycam's still up there, but entirely inactive. Hah. Access the
    elevator and select B1F (the basement yet again).
    408 [Demonic Statue Basement]
    418 [Cryogenics Lab]
    As you approach the exit to the next room, Wesker will disturb you.
    A single Bandersnatch magically appears, but is virtually harmless. Run past it
    (don't kill it).
    419 [Turntable Area]
    Activate the turntable, then go up.
    402 [MTF Welcoming Hall]
    It's a little redecorated since last time. Move over the crate to get to your
    next destination.
    422 [MTF Office]
    Run past the first Zombie secretary, then incinerate the remaining two using
    the Grenade Launcher.
    403 [Emblem Card Courtyard (downstairs)]
    Run past the Sleeper - he's really no contest. The same goes for the way back,
    except that now, the Sleeper will lie on the other side.
    407 [Ventilation Room]
    Flick the Circuit Breaker to clear the area of any poisonous gas, then drop
    down and evade/shrug off everything.
    406 [Grenade Launcher Area]
    Run straight ahead, tapping the Action button like crazy so that Chris may
    enter the door in front of him as soon as possible. That Hunter isn't joking
    423 [Alfred's Do-It-Yourself Shack]
    PICK UP: Clement Alpha
    406 [Grenade Launcher Area]
    Again, straight ahead you go whilst tapping the Action button. This time, the
    Hunter has his back turned on you, but that still doesn't mean you should be
    fooling around.
    407 [Ventilation Room]
    403 [Emblem Card Courtyard (downstairs)]
    422 [MTF Office]
    402 [MTF Welcoming Hall]
    401 [MTF Courtyard]
    Twirl to the right on a straight route to the largescale elevator and watch how
    a Hunter opens pursuit, a second one too drowsy to pose a threat. The active
    Hunter *will* perform a jump attack when you get close to his partner, so you
    must anticipate his jump and start a curling motion to the right in order to
    live. Should you get hit, you'll automatically be in yellow Caution status,
    which'll cost you a herb pickup, so.. don't get hit.
    308 [Airport Elevator]
    304 [Loading Area]
    Run to the small elevator and note the presence of a single Hunter.
    303 [Gate-Bridge]
    307 [Gate Pressure Room]
    Activate the pressure console, and restore pressure using following values:
    3 - 3 - 3 - 3(empties 1) - 10(drain) - 3(actually 2) - 5
    The surprise Zombies are guarding something you're not interested in.
    303 [Gate-Bridge]
    Raise the lever to lower the gate-bridge.
    304 [Loading Area]
    Run efficiently so that the Hunter never gets you.
    303 [Gate-Bridge]
    Move, clipping Chris to the right side of the gate-bridge, then, as the camera
    perspective changes and the Hunter comes into view, clip left. The single
    Hunter, which either slashes or attempts a jump attack, will miss.
    302 [The Aquarium]
    Run past or into the C-4 Zombie. Shake him off if necessary, then evade the
    other two Zombies on your way to the next exit (easy).
    305 [Boarding Area]
    Run to the monitor to cut off the electricity. The somewhat drowsy Hunter won't
    bother you. After, run to the elevator platform containing the Proofs Claire
    collected earlier.
    PICK UP: Army Proof
    PICK UP: Airforce Proof     (again, the sequence doesn't matter)
    PICK UP: Navy Proof
    302 [The Aquarium]
    303 [Gate-Bridge]
    The Hunter right in front of Chris is unaware of his presence. Drop it with a
    single Flame Round, then quickly run to the other side of the bridge. The
    distance between you and the Hunter is a safe one.
    304 [Loading Area]
    Head for the exit in a clear, straight line, the Hunter here will always miss.
    308 [Airport Elevator]
    401 [MTF Courtyard]
    This area is plain scary now, what with two Poison Hunters. Move Chris slightly
    towards the back wall and dash to the exit like a madman. You'll be able to get
    out just before one of the Poison Hunters hits you with a damaging and possibly
    very poisonous jump attack.
    402 [MTF Welcoming Hall]
    419 [Turntable Area]
    418 [Cryogenics Lab]
    408 [Demonic Statue Basement]
    Enter the elevator, select 1F (first floor).
    411 [MTF Miniature Room Corridor]
    412 [MTF Miniature Room]
    Go to the small Red-Green-Blue laser array.
    COMBINE: Clement Sigma, Clement Alpha
    USE: Army Proof
    USE: Airforce Proof    (sequence doesn't matter)
    USE: Navy Proof
    You can now pull a lever, which will cause the MTF miniature to disappear,
    opening up a new pathway.
    PICK UP: Shotgun Shells [7x], Shotgun Shells [7x]
    Climb down the ladder.
    424 [Goin' Underground]
    Two Spiders do nothing.
    Near the second Spider's an interesting item:
    PICK UP: Explosive Rounds
    425 [Swimming Pool 'Albino']
    Run until you trigger something.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    "BOSS FIGHT": The Albino
    Drop into the pool, head straight for the Eagle Plate.
    PICK UP: Eagle Plate
    Get back out. During the process, the Albino might have hurt you a bit to drop
    you to yellow Caution level. If not, that's okay, if yes, pick up and use a
    single Green Herb (I would've preferred the former, but what can you do? This
    part depends on luck mostly, and the willingness of the Albino to fool around
    in parts of the pool that aren't of interest to you).
    424 [Goin' Underground]
    The Spiders still do nothing, unless you hang around for too long. Won't
    412 [MTF Miniature Room]
    411 [MTF Miniature Room Corridor]
    Enter the elevator, select B1F (basement).
    408 [Demonic Statue Basement]
    Go down the stairway.
    PICK UP: Shotgun
    The stairway becomes raised, so you can now wade through the water to get on
    the other side.
    Climb the ladder.
    418 [Jet Transit Hall]
    Go to the door where you found the Battery earlier on. Position Chris in front
    of it.
    This yields the Clement Mixture.
    COMBINE: Clement Mixture, Eagle Plate
    This yields the Halberd.
    USE: Halberd
    <<<TIME: 1:58  STATUS: Claire - Bat and 'snatch damage   Chris - Albino
    _09 Antarctic Facility II_
    514 [VTOL Airport]
    501 [Facility Core]
    Use the Launcher on the blocking tentacles, which react very strongly to the
    burn (you only need 2 Rounds per tentacle).
    502 [Moth Corridor]
    What? No Moths? They will be missed (not).
    508 [Antarctica Facility Save Room]
    USE: Halberd (on halberd-shaped opening)
    PICK UP: Paper Weight (don't get the Ink Ribbon, obviously)
    502 [Moth Corridor]
    501 [Facility Core]
    509 [Sorting Facility, 1st Floor]
    510 [Machine Room]
    Ooh, scary.
    PICK UP: Valve Handle (octagonal)
    As you run back...
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Aim and destroy the Zombie behind you on the screen. After that, manoevering
    past the Zombie array is only a formality.
    509 [Sorting Facility, 1st Floor]
    The fun begins. Drop Chris onto the ice to reach another walkway. Note the
    Crane assembly back there as well as a giant spider below the ice. Cool.
    515 [Corridor Upon Descent]
    Run into the Hunter Spycam(tm) (there's no escape anyway, so might as well
    accelerate the process). Empty your Grenade Launcher on the activated Hunter
    (the 2 remaining Flame Rounds should be lethal, if not, switch to Shotgun and
    finish the job), then continue down the corridor and take the door at the very
    <<<TIME: 2:02   STATUS: Claire - Bat and 'snatch damage   Chris - Albino
    _10 Descent Into Madness_
    516 [Antarctica Fun House]
    Head straight for the door directly in front of you.
    517 [Brr - Is It Cold In Here Or What?]
    There's a nearby door - go in.
    518 [Power Room]
    To the right in this room, you'll be able to use a certain octagonal thingy...
    COMBINE: Grenade Launcher, Explosive Rounds
    EQUIP: Shotgun
    USE: Valve Handle (octagonal)
    Pull the lever on the other side to restore the power.
    517 [Brr - Is It Cold In Here Or What?]
    Two Zombie packs roam the area - break through them using the run-in/shrug off
    519 [RE REvisited]
    Go into the red corridor left of your screen and run around until you reach a
    tiger statue. Take out the left jewel.
    PICK UP: Blue Jewel
    PICK UP: Valve Piece
    Put the Blue Jewel back into place.
    Enter the door opposite to the tiger statue.
    520 [ANTZ]
    Run up to the
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    PICK UP: Wing Object
    Turn right, not minding the small bugs everywhere.
    521 [Alexifred's Tomb]
    At the back of the room, ascend a few steps, then place Chris behind the
    console on the right. Activate it, then enter the code
    AA - King - Hearts - Clubs
    USE: Paper Weight
    PICK UP: Alfred's Ring
    520 [ANTZ]
    519 [RE REvisited]
    517 [Brr - Is It Cold In Here Or What?]
    Remember, those Zombie packs are still here...
    518 [Power Room]
    Deactivate the power by pulling the lever a second time.
    517 [Brr - Is It Cold In Here Or What?]
    516 [Antarctica Fun House]
    515 [Corridor Upon Descent]
    Enter the first door you meet.
    522 [The Valve Handle Dies]
    Go up the elevator, position Chris in front of the Valve Handle-needing
    pressure tube.
    COMBINE: Valve Handle (octagonal), Valve Piece
    USE: Valve Handle (square again)
    Once the pool is drained, use the ladder to climb down.
    PICK UP: Crane Key
    Oops! Poison Hunter! Oops!
    180, quickly return to the ladder, climb it, go down the elevator. The Poison
    Hunter will block your path. Blast it until it drops (1 Shell should do the
    trick, normally), then exit.
    515 [Corridor Upon Descent]
    509 [Sorting Facility, 1st Floor]
    Activate the crane by using/discarding the Crane Key.
    Immediately move out of the Giant Spider's attack range (or else you'll get
    decked), get on the ice, run around the ice crater towards Nosferatu.
    PICK UP: Alexander's Pierce
    Leave this place of impending doom swiftly (the Giant Spider should have its
    back turned on you; use that to your advantage).
    515 [Corridor Upon Descent]
    516 [Antarctica Fun House]
    Turn Chris left and move down the darkened hallway until a Poison Hunter is
    visible and targetable. Kill it (3-4 Shells), then search the area for two more
    Wing Objects (they stack with the one found earlier).
    523 [Spencer Mansion Hall Duplicate]
    At the back of the hall, below the staircase, hangs Claire, suspended in goo.
    Put Chris directly in front of her.
    COMBINE: Shotgun, Shotgun Shells (to make sure it's fully loaded)
    EQUIP: Combat Knife
    Aim at Claire.
    524 [Claire Likes Me.. Claire Likes Me Not..]
    If Claire's in yellow Caution status through some bad karma,
    PICK UP: Green Herb
    If she's still in green Fine status, forget what I just said.
    525 [Dog Corridor Duplicate]
    Run along the Corridor. Two tentacles will burst through the windows - only
    number two is your concern.
    USE: Green Herb (if you picked it up earlier)
    EQUIP: Handgun
    Blow the tentacle away (11-13 bullets should be enough) and move on.
    526 [What the?]
    Run along until you can climb a few steps on Claire's left.
    PICK UP: Security File
    Skip-read the document, then turn the handle on the cannon.
    PICK UP: Glass Ball (watch out for the crushing trap)
    USE: Glass Ball (run directly into the trap, then use the Glass Ball)
    PICK UP: Security Card (deactivates crushing trap)
    Go down stairway, pass lonely Zombie, move into door on the left.
    527 [WHAT THE?]
    Use the Security Card to activate a
    Run to Phteefe, who becomes PHTEEFE in a
    Start running like mad. PHTEEFE will hit you once.
    USE: FAS
    Keep running like a turboed dervish on speed. PHTEEFE will hit you one last
    Back to Chris.
    523 [Spencer Mansion Hall Duplicate]
    BOSS FIGHT: Alexia I
    EQUIP: Shotgun
    Let's do the 'Alexia Waltz'. It goes a little bit like this: Think of Strauss'
    waltz masterpiece, but replace the final four notes with 'Aim-Shoot',
    'Shoot-Run'. With good timing, you'll always run away just before Alexia's
    fire-liquids catch flame (or she's able to launch her acid attack), pumping two
    shells into her body each time. Reload through the menu screen once you run out
    of lead, and about 11-14 Shells later (stay relatively close to get in more
    damage and economize on Shells), she's history - for the time being.
    PICK UP: Alexia's Choker
    Climb the staircase and get Chris in front of that painting, would you?
    EXAMINE: Alfred's Ring
    Remove the metal portion to get Alfred's Jewel.
    USE: Alfred's Jewel
    EXAMINE: Alexander's Pierce
    Remove the metal portion to get Alexander's Jewel.
    USE: Alexander's Jewel
    EXAMINE: Alexia's Choker
    Remove the metal portion to get Alexia's Jewel.
    USE: Alexia's Jewel
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    Leave through new door.
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    528 [Antarctica Sleeping Quarters Corridor]
    Run past the first Zombie you meet, then turn left and enter the first door you
    529 [Alexander's Little Shack]
    Run dead ahead to examine the desk drawers.
    PICK UP: Sterile Room Key
    528 [Antarctica Sleeping Quarters Corridor]
    523 [Spencer Mansion Hall Duplicate]
    Go down the stairs, move left, use/discard the Sterile Room Key to enter...
    519 [RE REvisited]
    The tiger statue's ready to be looted.
    PICK UP: Blue Jewel
    PICK UP: Red Jewel
    523 [Spencer Mansion Hall Duplicate]
    528 [Antarctica Sleeping Quarters Corridor]
    Evade/shrug off Zombies until you can go to the left bedroom.
    530 [Alfred's Antarctica Sleeping Quarters]
    Go through the 'secret' woman statue entrance at the back of the room.
    531 [Alexia's Antarctica Sleeping Quarters]
    Stop the music box from playing.
    USE: Red Jewel
    PICK UP: Music Plate
    530 [Alfred's Antarctica Sleeping Quarters]
    USE: Blue Jewel
    USE: Music Plate
    Climb the unveiled ladder.
    532 [The Secret Nice Room]
    PICK UP: Dragonfly Object
    530 [Alfred's Antarctica Sleeping Quarters]
    528 [Antarctica Sleeping Quarters Corridor]
    Move through the metallic double doors near the 'painting' entrance. Beware the
    many Zombies.
    533 [Alexander's Lab]
    Go down the small elevator, then mash the button on the computer console.
    PICK UP: Wing Object (last one of the set)
    Go up the elevator again, leave through the only other exit.
    525 [Dog Corridor Duplicate]
    <<<TIME: 2:19   STATUS: Claire - Bat, 'snatch and PHTEEFE damage   Chris -
    Albino damage>>>
    _11 Teh Phat Phinale_
    526 [What the?]
    You will get the Security File from Claire.
    Go all the way down the corridor, then up a long stairway to the right.
    534 [Final Battle Platform]
    Get Chris in front of the Dragonfly imprint near a door on the left.
    COMBINE: Wing Object, Dragonfly Object
    This yields the Dragonfly Key
    EXAMINE: Security File (press lower-right on the D-pad to rotate, open the map
    to find the Security Card)
    USE: Dragonfly Key
    535 [Big Boom Room]
    Decap the single Zombie blocking your way to the security console.
    Go to the console and use/discard the Security Key.
    Enter the magic word:
    (yes, the easiest password EVER. Even a total nitwit could've blown this place
    to bits)
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    On your way out, evade the other Zombie, which will have wandered far enough to
    just not be a nuisance.
    534 [Final Battle Platform]
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    BOSS FIGHT: Alexia II
    Fire a single shot.
    BOSS FIGHT: Alexia III
    EQUIP: Grenade Launcher
    You should have 7-8 Explosive Rounds. Run up close, aim up and use the fast
    reload trick to empty them on Alexia as quickly as possible. Don't worry about
    worker drones and tentacles - she's history after about 6 Rounds, so Chris can
    take a little damage.
    BOSS FIGHT: Alexia IV
    Things aren't looking so good. Alexia's still alive and you're pretty much out
    of ammo. Luckily, there's an equally destructive alternative nearby. First
    things first, though: Check Chris's health and use the FAS if he's in Red
    Danger status.
    PICK UP: Linear Launcher
    EQUIP: Linear Launcher
    Take aim, a deep breath and yell "Who's your daddy/mommy?" as you fell the
    flying queen in one clean shot (aim at the location where you estimate that
    she'll be in the next second). Should you miss, get out of targeting mode and
    run circles to evade Alexia's fire attack (4 bursts). After that, gear up for a
    second try. Or a third. Or a fourth. Of course, this'll cost you time, so try
    and look for that first-attempt success...
    CUTSCENE (actually, I don't *know* how many cutscenes there are exactly,
    CUTSCENE  just keep mashing Select and you'll be fine)
    CUTSCENE (cannot be skipped)
    End up-scroller (cannot be skipped)
    ***THE END***
    <<<TIME: 2:33  STATUS: Claire - Bat, 'snatch and PHTEEFE damage   Chris: Albino
    and Alexia III damage>>>
    . 101 FINAL WORDS.
    Et voila. Although there's no guarantee that the current alpha version _is_ the
    optimal path, it's still a nice one. The mark has been set to a cool 2:33 (PAL)
    or 2:07 (NTSC) at the moment (yes, I'm aware that this is only a 3 minutes
    difference with respect to the Rocket Launcher walkthrough - hee!), but I can
    imagine that with the necessary refinements, faster times can be achieved.
    However, I'll leave these refinements up to you - should you be willing to
    share them (for example, a way to skip the final cutscene and end sequence
    would be FANTASTIC =), please send me an e-mail.
    Special credit, at this point, must go to Carl Haynen. He confirmed my
    suspicions about running into Zombies without taking damage and enlightened me
    about using Explosive Rounds versus Alexia's third form. Also, by playing my
    guide on his NTSC console, he confirmed that the PAL to NTSC estimate is pretty
    much okay. Additional thanks to him for testing the beta version as well.
    In the meantime, I'll be working on something non-Resident Evil for a change. I
    stumbled upon a Silent Hill 2 workfile (about 30% finished) and figured that
    it'd be a waste to let it go to waste. Will complete this guide, as well as
    begin work on a Silent Hill 3 speed guide. Just this once, PAL players received
    the game before the NTSC region, so I should probably seize the opportunity...
    As always, I can be reached at: vip(at)padua(dot)org
    Use it for Resident Evil or Devil May Cry-related questions, suggestions,
    criticism, pointing out possible errors, discussions... enfin, go nuts.
    questions which are already being covered by this FAQ or other guides featured
    on gamefaqs.com will not be answered. You have been warned.
    Oh, before I forget - my respects to the people behind following webcomics:
    KungFool (now CrazyKimchi), Something Positive and Penny Arcade. I like a
    comical note from time to time, and these comics provide them in large
    quantities. Respect.
    Yoohoos, shoutouts and beverages-of-choice (in no particular order) go to: My
    family, Tim, Stijn, Frank, Tam, Inge, Koen, Bart, Peter, Gert, Geert, Griet, my
    colleagues at work, Frank, Joerg, Elisabeth, Alexander, Lea, Thomas, JR, Carl,
    Tyson, Oak, Vance, Tracey, Thomas, everyone at WOW, Role, Padua, ViruZ, 64ever
    and the scene.
    Quality FAQs over Quantity FAQs - Be innovative Be diFfeRENt. Word.
    . 110 FAQ OVERVIEW.
    Here's a list of all the FAQs I've written in case you have one of these games
    and wish to play it in a somewhat 'different' way. The list will be shown and
    updated in any future FAQ.
    Game                            Genre
    Resident Evil                   1:17 Speed Guide (Jill, PAL version)
    Resident Evil 2                 1:15 Speed Guide (Leon A, PAL version)
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis        Handgun Only Guide (NTSC version)
    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis        Knife Only - 100% Kill (NTSC version)
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica(X) 2:33 Speed Guide (PAL version)
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica(X) 2:30 "Rocket Launcher" Speed Guide (PAL
    Resident Evil: Game Cube        Guide Spectacular (Jill, NTSC version)
    Resident Evil: 0                1:38 "Rocket Launcher" Speed Guide (NTSC
    Silent Hill                     1:00 Speed Guide (PAL version)
    Parasite Eve 2                  0:55 Speed Guide (NTSC version)
    Alone In The Dark 4             Speed Guide (Aline 1:15, Edward 1:30, PAL
    . 111 DISCLAIMER.
    Game concept & characters are (c)2001 by Capcom.
    This entire text is (c)2003 by Vincent Merken (aka VMerken).
    All rights reserved.
    Explaining the previous sentence:
    This document is hosted by GameFAQs, thus only CJayC has the right to display
    it. You are not allowed to print out this document for any commercial purpose
    (such as putting it into a strategy guide or separate booklet with the
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    You are not allowed to ask money or any other service of any other kind in
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    free, why should you do otherwise?
    You may not, in any way, alter the text. Not one letter. Lots of work and many,
    MANY hours of play went into this and I don't want to see any other name saying
    its their walkthrough. If you want to see this document on your website, send
    me an e-mail telling your intentions. I'll generally concur, if you agree with
    the terms stated in this disclaimer.
    Sorry to be so strict, but I don't like reading about people who see their text
    appearing on websites they didn't give permission for. The Internet is a FREE
    information center for anyone and serves to make our lives a bit easier.

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