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    Boss/Enemy FAQ by tommyboyrules

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    Resident evil code veronica X Boss and enemy guide
    By: Tommyboyrules
    Game: Resident evil Code veronica X
    Format: Sony Playstation 2
    Age Rating: 15+/M
    Developer: Capcom
    0.1: Introduction
    0.2: Copyright Warning
    0.3: Walkthrough
    Hello and welcome to my guide on this cool game. It is a 
    Dreamcast remake and the first resident evil game I ever 
    played. I personally like the game even though some 
    people think it is boring. I hear lots of complaints 
    about how it doesn’t have any action in it because you 
    run out of ammo to quick, but these people do not see 
    that the game is all about preserving your ammo. I think 
    that this is good as it is realistic, in real life people 
    would not have infinite ammo. Preserving your ammo and 
    health adds to the scare. There are also some nice FMV 
    cut scenes in here. But, as in any resident Evil game, 
    there are many people stuck on the bosses. WARNING: I 
    recommend you have a lot of free space on your memory 
    card as you will want to be making a lot of save files, I 
    made the mistake of getting to the Tyrant Boss with 
    hardly any Ammo left. This is annoying if you are on your 
    first play through, as it would probably have taken you 
    some time to get that far. Anyway enjoy my guide and good 
    luck with the game; it can be hard at times. Now for what 
    this guide is all about, the bosses and enemies. Loads of 
    people have trouble on the bosses so I thought I would 
    give you a detailed guide as well as telling you the 
    enemies in the process.  
    0.2<<<Copyright Warning>>>
    I don’t want to bore you with all this but please don’t 
    put this on any site, it is only supposed to be on 
    GameFaqs/Gamespot. If you put it on your own site make 
    sure you don’t swap the name Tommyboyrules with your own 
    account name or whatever because that is plagiarising. 
    There are a few bosses in this game, less bosses than 
    resident Evil 4 but they are probably a lot harder. Lets 
    get straight into this:
    DIFFICULTY: Normal
    You face this tyrant on a plane; there are many ways to 
    do this. I will tell you the easy way (which is sort of 
    cheating but good for people who do not have enough 
    grenade launcher ammo to spare or explosive darts) and 
    also the normal way.
    About 10 explosive bow gun arrows,
    Normal bow gun arrows (50-80)
    30-40 explosive bow gun arrows,
    4 BOW gas rounds (for grenade launcher),
    2-4 healing items
    50 arrows
    People who have the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS should use this 
    way to prevent death. Start of by firing all your 
    explosive arrows into it. Then run to a corner of the 
    room, it is hard to explain, but if you lure it to the 
    corner you are standing in, then run to the opposite side 
    of the room before it hits you, then you will not take a 
    hit! NOTE: It is good to experiment until you find out 
    how close you have to be before it can strike you. Put 
    lots of arrows into him then run for the switch and hope 
    that you have fired enough into him. If you think you 
    have done enough, push the switch, if not, do a few more 
    rounds. Remember to only push the switch when you are 
    ready, if it does not work than you will have to damage 
    him all over again. The way to dodge him is to keep 
    Claire PRESSED to the Wall and to make sure the Tyrant is 
    not too near or the YOU DIED screen will show up faster 
    than you think. 
    Use those BOW gas rounds and all the explosive rounds, 
    and then start to fire your arrows. When he gets near you 
    he will hit you and you will be on the floor, if you 
    haven’t moved from the starting point, after you get up 
    run to the back of the plane. Then start firing the rest 
    of the arrows and heal. Then try and run around it and 
    get to the switch, if you get hit just heal or keep 
    moving towards the switch.
    MINIMUM REQUIRMENTS: Nothing you just need to pick up the 
    RECOMMENED: At least one healing item, or anti poison 
    This is one boss that you must not mess up on. You have 
    around seven shots if my memory serves me right. Aim for 
    the heart, take your time, the black gas that it fires 
    does not damage you that much. If you cant get a clear 
    shot, then run to the other end of the arena. Whatever 
    you do don’t stay in one place, if it gets too close it 
    can actually knock you right off of the edge meaning 
    instant death.
    DIFFICULTY: Normal
    Handgun plus 30 shots (maybe more maybe less depends how 
    good you are at aiming,)
    Use the bowgun when it pops up, it takes just a few shots 
    with explosive arrows to kill it. Even less with the 
    grenade launcher but it is slow, so I recommend the 
    bowgun. The Assault rifle you should save for killing 
    groups of zombies. The trick here is to keep moving, as 
    it pops up from out of the ground and takes a chunk out 
    of your health. This Boss isn’t too dangerous really, its 
    nothing compared to the Tyrant anyway. NOTE: You do not 
    actually have to fight the Boss but seeing as it 
    swallowed Rodrigo you will need to kill it in order to 
    get the lighter from his dead body, then you can go and 
    light the torch with it in the room that Chris started 
    the game in to get the Submachine Guns. 
    DIFFICULTY: Medium/Hard
    I would say that this Boss is the hardest optional Boss 
    in the game. You do not have to face it all you have to 
    do is run to the middle of the pool and get the Eagle 
    Plate. The only problem is this monster has an electric 
    attack. So, what does electricity travel through? Yes, 
    you guessed it, water, and what are you standing in? 
    Water! So if you try it this way, you are going to get 
    shocked at least twice. If you decide to face it, then 
    look below:
    Handgun or a Shotgun (with about 10-20 shells or 30-40 
    Shotgun with 25 shells,
    Bowgun with some arrows
    In this battle, no matter if you have the minimum 
    requirements or the recommended, should not be rushed 
    through. Because you do not even get hit in the battle if 
    you stay out of the water, I have not recommended any 
    healing items. So, why have I given it a Medium/Hard 
    then? It is simple: This boss has caused me the most 
    deaths, not by hitting me, but by wasting ALL my ammo. I 
    recommend you make a backup save before this battle, as 
    the Antarctica section as Chris is Impossible to do 
    without at least some ammo. The reason it wastes your 
    ammo is that it is very hard to hit as it swims fast. Get 
    out a shotgun and run around the outside of the pool and 
    chase it. For example: If it goes to the North end of the 
    room then run around the side of the pool to the North. 
    Basically go whatever direction it goes without going 
    into the pool. The reason for this is that the shotgun 
    does more damage at close range, and this boss takes a 
    few breaks once and a while. When it takes a rest and 
    stops swimming, Fire about 2 shotgun rounds into it. Then 
    follow it some more and repeat the process. Take your 
    time; make sure you hit it with every shot. If you are 
    running that low on ammo, then you can use explosive 
    arrows or the grenade launcher, however to my knowledge, 
    fire type weapons/ explosive weapons do not work 
    efficiently in water (how realistic huh?).
    Once again, another optional boss, if you don’t want to 
    waste your ammo, just go into the middle of the Ice and 
    take the item you need, after that get out of there. You 
    probably wont even take a hit. You do not get special 
    item or whatever for killing this spider, so there isn’t 
    much point. But if you want to kill it for fun, then look 
    Any weapon you want, preferably the grenade launcher or 
    the explosive arrows.
    A healing item (just in case you are unlucky enough to 
    get hit.
    Magnum with a full clip (will probably take less.)
    If you have the magnum then just fire away at it when you 
    climb down on the Ice and it will be dead in less than 10 
    seconds. If you do not have the magnum or do not want to 
    waste any of the precious rounds then just use the 
    grenade launcher and fire a grenade then run. It will 
    probably find it hard to catch you, as it is slow. When 
    there is enough distance, fire another. It should go down 
    fast enough.
    DIFFIULTY: Impossible
    You cannot kill this boss; it has some kind of sharp 
    spear type weapon. You had better run. I have seen a 
    person on YouTube use ALL of his ammo on it and it still 
    would not die. All you can do is run, take a few hits in 
    the process, and then enjoy the scene. I think that this 
    battle should have been like resident evil 4, and you 
    should have been able to tap X and run, then press the on 
    screen buttons to dodge his swings. Slightly 
    disappointing really, as all you have to do is pull off a 
    180 degree turn and use healing items while running.
    Two healing items that heal you to full health,
    The ability to run the way you came :).
    BOSS 7: ALEXIA FORM 1 (Mansion Battle)
    DIFFICULTY: Medium
    You are in the mansion, and are trapped in there with the 
    first form of Alexia. You face this 1st form twice in the 
    game, but this is the harder of the two as the second 
    time round she only takes one hit with any bullet. Use 
    the magnum if you have it, or any other high powered gun, 
    you are going to want to take this woman out fast as she 
    has a dangerous one hit KO move if she gets close to you. 
    If you are further away she uses fire on you. Just keep 
    running around to avoid the fire and then let rip if you 
    feel you are in the right position. Don’t reload too near 
    to her. You don’t need any requirements only a high power 
    weapon and some ammo.
    DIFFICULTY: Medium/Hard
    Alexia is in three forms, the first easy, the second 
    hard, and the third annoying.
    A Magnum with 5 bullets AND either a grenade launcher 
    with 10 grenades, or a shotgun with a full clip plus 10 
    extra rounds, the Submachine guns work as well if you 
    have 50-60%. One full healing item, a handgun with one 
    A magnum with a full clip and also a high-powered weapon 
    with a full clip, plus a few extra shots. 3-4 full 
    healing items, a handgun with one bullet.
    The first form only takes one shot to kill, but do it 
    quickly before Alexia kills Claire. Use the handgun and 
    the one bullet to kill her. In the second form, you just 
    need to run around and shoot at her, firstly with the 
    magnum, secondly with the weapon of your choice. Heal 
    when necessary and try to dodge the tentacles. I don’t 
    think you can dodge the small creatures that attack you. 
    After you damage her enough she goes into the final form. 
    You should have plenty of time to beat her, so grab the 
    linear launcher then keep running around to dodge her 
    fire. As soon as she finishes her fire attack, press R1 
    to go into the aiming mode and try to hit her. It is hard 
    to do it first time, and she always flies to one side, 
    but keep on trying and you will eventually do it. Just 
    wait for her to finish using the fire then shoot away 
    with the mega powerful and infinite ammo Linear Launcher. 
    It only takes one shot. I actually think you can kill it 
    with normal weapons, as you definitely can in the Battle 
    game. But I do not recommend it as it might not work and 
    takes a lot of ammo. 
    I hope my guide proves useful to you; it took me a long 
    time. Good luck with the battle game! Read on for the 
    Enemy list.
    Zombies are the normal enemies you face in the game, at 
    first they are slow and all they can do is grab you and 
    try to bite you. However, later on these enemies spit 
    acid at you and can make a sprint towards you at a few 
    occasions. When you can you should avoid killing them and 
    try running around them as the are slow, however if you 
    do need to kill them or are trapped then keep firing 
    until they fall on the floor, then you can use your knife 
    or aim down. When they die completely, blood will spread 
    over the floor. If they grab you just keep mashing 
    buttons to get them off really fast, if you are fast 
    enough they might not even get to bite you at all. Any 
    gun will do but do not waste your powerful guns on them.
    The first time you face one of these, you have to kill it 
    with a knife, and this is the hardest Bandersnatch you 
    will ever face in the game. These guys are pretty 
    dangerous in groups, but if you keep moving and 
    zigzagging then you can avoid the fist that they stretch 
    out to you. NOTE: These are long-range creatures that 
    have elastic like arms that grab onto you. I would not 
    recommend using a handgun on them, as they will take to 
    long to kill and by that time would probably have already 
    damaged you significantly. Use a powerful weapon on 
    groups and try to take on one at a time.
    These enemies are really dangerous if you are on low 
    health, and if there is two after you get hit you better 
    use a healing item instantly. These creatures are agile 
    and can take chunks out of your health in one quick 
    swipe. If you use the shotgun and aim down then you 
    should be able to knock it over, after that don’t stop 
    shooting at it while it’s down or it will get up and do a 
    jumping swipe. If you are fast enough you can aim up and 
    shot them in mid air but you are safer killing them on 
    the floor. In my opinion these are the second hardest 
    enemies in the game, poison hunters being the worst.
    The dogs are fast but can easily be killed by just aiming 
    down. YOU will likely have the handgun when you face them 
    but once they are on the floor they are dead. As long as 
    you are not limping on Caution or Danger status then you 
    can strangely outrun most of the dogs in this game. They 
    have to moves like all enemies, a strike and a grapple. 
    The strike they just jump and bite you, whereas the 
    grapple they bite onto your arm and will need to be 
    shaken off. When you get them off, the dog will be 
    floored, leaving you to finish it off.
    These Spiders can climb on the wall, and spit acid from 
    the wall, ceiling or ground. They do not really take that 
    many hits to kill and you probably have some powerful 
    guns at this stage anyway. I have ran around every spider 
    in this game not even coming close to a hit, so you don’t 
    really have to bother with them, unless you think they 
    are going to cause you trouble. Beware that they can 
    poison you so don’t hang around near them for too long.
    These are in the Antarctica section, they are the first 
    enemies to poison you, as they lay a poisonous egg on 
    your back when they grab onto you. Try to just run, as 
    you will probably end up getting poisoned. They are not 
    really that fast; so don’t waste your ammo as you can 
    just run.
    These annoying things come out of walls but there are 
    only about 4 in the game. Just shoot them with anything 
    you feel like and when they disappear inside the wall you 
    know they are dead. Not really much of a threat.
    They take one hit to kill but why waste the ammo when all 
    you need to do is Equip your lighter to scare them off? 
    They barely damage you anyway so do not even bother with 
    Chris encounters these tiny things later on in the game, 
    just run through them, its totally random whether you get 
    bitten or not but they do not hurt too bad. Think of them 
    like the mini Spiders you have to step on in Devil May 
    Cry, except they nip you.
    You only encounter these things once and you should not 
    hang around too kill them, as you do not have long before 
    the timer hits zero and you die. Try to run around them 
    and if they block your way then you should pop a cap into 
    them. They can electrocute you but are not as bad as the 
    actual Matured one.
    These are the most dangerous enemies, they are as fast as 
    the Hunters but this time they poison you, I would just 
    run if there is more than one and just hope that if you 
    get hit you wont get poisoned. I think it is like a 50/50 
    chance. Also there jumping slash does like double the 
    damage the hunters one does. You might want to kill these 
    fast. They are dangerous but fortunately there are not as 
    many of these as the normal Hunters. Take them out with 
    your most powerful weapon; even waste magnum rounds on 
    them because you really don’t want one of these to start 
    hitting you. 
    This ends my guide, I hope you all enjoyed it.
    Thanks to:
    Me for making this guide :)
    CAPCOM: For the great Resident Evil Series.
    GameFaqs: For being the best games site.

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