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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Minesweeper

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/15/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "This document Copyright 2001-2003 Nathan Norris"
    Resident Evil Code Veronica X: PS2 Version
    FAQ/Walkthrough - Version 1.5
    Last Updated    - 3/14/03
    Written By      - Minesweeper (Nathan Norris)
    Email           - minesweeper2[at]hotmail[dot]com
       _____  ____  ____  _  ____  ____  _  _  _____   ____  _  _  _  _
       |    ||  __||  __|| ||    \|  __|| || ||_   _| |  __|| || || || |
       | [] || |__ | |__ | || || || |__ | \| |  | |   | |__ | || || || |
       |    ||  __||__  || || || ||  __||    |  | |   |  __|| || || || |
       | |\ \| |__  __| || || || || |__ | |\ |  | |   | |__ | || || || |__
       |_||_||____||____||_||____/|____||_||_|  |_|   |____|\____/|_||____|
           __  __   __   __          __  __   __          __  __
          |   |  | |  \ |__ 0  |  | |__ |__| |  | |\ | | |   |__|  \__/
          |__ |__| |__/ |__ 0  \__/ |__ |  \ |__| | \| | |__ |  |  /  \
    -Table of Contents-
    1:  Revision History
    2:  Introduction
    3:  Game Basics
    4:  Walkthrough
    5:  Weapons Section
    6:  Enemies Section
    7:  File Transcripts
    8:  Secrets
    9:  Frequently Asked Questions
    10:  Thanks
    11:  E-mail Policy
    12:  Copyright
    1: Revision History
    Version 1.0 9/15/01 - First Edition (If you care, this is the first year 
    anniversary of the day I released my first guide!)
    Version 1.1 10/18/01 - All I am updating is putting in a notice that any 
    emails sent to me that say, "I have x amount of ammo and y amount of health 
    items, can I beat Tyrant/Alexia?" will likely be ignored.  Sorry, but I 
    never got around to determining exactly how much ammo these two bosses take. 
      I recommend you at least TRY to beat the boss a few times before you come 
    to ask help for me.  This will be repeated above the key newbie filters, as 
    I like to call them.
    Version 1.2 11/26/01 - This is a small copyright revision about psxcodez.com 
    hosting my guides, and not much else.
    Version 1.3 12/26/01 - I hope you all had a good Christmas.  Anyway, I am 
    making a minor update concerning looking for the Serum.  You DO NOT need the 
    Fire Extinguisher for the Serum.  Okay, I'm glad we got that straight, so 
    please stop sending me irritating emails to ask if you need the Fire 
    Version 1.4 8/14/02 - I have a small copyright revision today and a new 
    email address. http://faqs.ign.com may now host my guides, and my new email 
    address is minesweeper2[at]hotmail[dot]com.
    Version 1.5 3/14/03 - The walkthrough and the general strategies secion have 
    both undergone a major reconstruction.  Hopefully the new objective headings 
    will help you navigate the guide better.  Also, the file transcripts, 
    secrets section, and frequently asked questions section have been added on.
    2:  Introduction
    Welcome to my RECVX guide!  Resident Evil Code Veronica X may be a fun game, 
    with the guns, the zombies, and the great graphics.  But, it can also be 
    hair-pulling at times, especially around puzzles or in the boss encounters.  
       So, I've compiled this guide to help others through any difficulties they 
    may have with this game.  I hope that this guide will help you through any 
    rough spots you get to!
    3:  Game Basics
    LEFT CONTROL STICK  - move character
    X BUTTON            - confirm selection
                        - examine surroundings
                        - action
                        - use weapon when R1 BUTTON is depressed
    CIRCLE BUTTON       - Cancel selection
                        - run while pressing up on Control Pad
                        - 180 spin while pressind down on Control Pad
    R1 BUTTON           - ready weapon
    L1 BUTTON           - change targets while holding R1 BUTTON
    TRIANGLE BUTTON     - display map
    START BUTTON        - display inventory screen
    SELECT BUTTON       - display options screen
                        - skip cutscene/FMV
    This is the most basic of all controls.  If you're a newbie to Resident
    Evil, then you'll need to spend about an hour or so before you can get used
    to the odd way your characters walk around.  Pressing up on your Control Pad 
    does NOT move them up, it moves them in the direction they are facing.  This 
    can be very disorienting at first.  To turn, you have to push left or right 
    on the stick to rotate your character.  They move like remote control cars 
    almost.  You WILL get used to it eventually, so don't get discouraged when 
    you get killed the first few times because you got stuck turning a corner.
    This is another control function that gets a lot of newbies confused at the
    start.  To fire a weapon, you must hold down the R1 button to make your
    character ready the weapon.  You can't shoot unless you're holding the R1
    Button.  Next, to fire your weapon, press the X Button.  When you're firing
    a weapon you have to stand still, so make sure you have enough distance
    between you and your enemies.  Also, this game has auto aim, which means
    you'll automatically turn to face the closest enemy when you ready your
    weapon.  If there's a zombie behind you, press R1 and you'll instantly turn
    to face it.
    180 SPIN
    This move was newly introduced in Resident Evil 3 for Playstation.  By 
    pressing down on the Control Pad/Left Control Stick, you can instantly turn 
    around and face the opposite direction.  It's helpful because if an enemy's 
    getting too close for comfort and you're facing the wrong way, you can 
    quickly spin around and start running.  It's helpful when you need to back 
    up from enemies while you're shooting at them.
    3B - HEALTH
    In your inventory, you check your health on this.  As you take damage, the
    meter will decrease to mirror your health.  There are several statuses you
    can be in.
    FINE - Everything's A'OK.  You've taken little damage and you have no need
    of using healing items.
    YELLOW CAUTION - You've taken some damage from the enemies.  Your character 
    will start to limp and you will move a little slower.  One Green Herb will 
    usually fix you right up.  If not, then two will certainly bring you back up 
    to FINE.
    ORANGE CAUTION - You've sustained quite a few hits and you're still limping. 
    You should heal immediately, because you've lost over 2/3 of your health.  
    Two Green Herbs or a Full Healing Item ought to be used if you're in this 
    DANGER - You're about to die!  You'll move extremely slow even when you're 
    holding the run button!  Find medical supplies IMMEDIATELY!!!  You'll need a 
    Full Healing Item to take you back up to FINE status.
    POISON - If you're hit with an attack that can poison you, you could enter
    this status.  You'll move as if in YELLOW CAUTION, ORANGE CAUTION or DANGER 
    status, depending upon how badly injured you are.  This status also makes it 
    difficult to judge your health, because your life meter simply reads POISON. 
      You need a Blue Herb to cure poison.  Find one fast because you're 
    gradually losing health while you're in this status.
    If you're a newcomer to the Resident Evil universe, you're probably a little
    confused about how to use the Red Herbs, Blue Herbs, and Green Herbs you
    find around the place.  This is what each healing item does:
    GREEN HERB - heals 1/3 of your health.
    BLUE HERB - cures poison.
    RED HERB - has no effect by itself, but if you mix it with a GREEN HERB the 
    mixture will be able to heal you completely.
    FIRST AID SPRAY - heals you completely.
    This is a chart on what kind of mixes you can do and what their effects will
    Be.  Some of these mixtures must be mixed in order from left to right, so be 
    sure to make note of that:
    GREEN =                 1/3 health
    GREEN + GREEN =         2/3 health
    GREEN + GREEN + GREEN = full health
    BLUE =                  cures poison
    GREEN + BLUE =          1/3 health and cures poison
    GREEN + GREEN + BLUE =  2/3 health and cures poison
    RED =                   nothing
    RED + GREEN =           full health
    RED + GREEN + BLUE =    full health and cures poison
    This is what you will use to manage all three of the things in the heading
    above.  From here you can access your weapons and defense items, reread
    files you've found about the mansion, and check maps you've either made
    yourself or found lying about the mansion.
    On the right side of your screen is all the items you have in your 
    possession. At the start of the game you will have eight item slots.  
    However, you'll get a Side Pack to expand your inventory to ten slots.  Both 
    of these things also occur when you change characters about two thirds of 
    the way through the game.
    Make sure you have at least one weapon and ammo for it in your inventory at 
    ALL TIMES.  Also, make sure you have at least one medical item with you at 
    ALL TIMES.  You can't ward off the undead if you don't have a weapon, and 
    you can't do anything to heal damage unless you're carrying about some 
    medical supplies.  Keep your eyes sharp when you're searching for items.  
    They can be very small and difficult to see.  Sparkles will indicate the 
    more important items you find, such as keys.
    In the top right corner of the screen is one slot for your
    character's special item.  The item in the slot absorbs none of the main 
    inventory space.  So, there's no real point in leaving your special item in 
    the item box (with the exception of one puzzle. Read about it in the guide.)
    Claire begins the game with a Lighter, but she can get a Lockpick if you do 
    a small subquest.  This subquest will also allow Chris to get the Lighter 
    once it's his turn to play.  The subquest is to give the Hemostatic to 
    Rodrigo.  Make sure you get the Lockpick, because you'll be able to unlock 
    simple locks on cases and cabinets to get more items.
    These boxes you see around are where you'll keep all the junk you accumulate
    during your adventure.  You'll usually find them around Typewriters.  Be
    sure to stop at an Item Chest whenever you can to clear away things to make
    room for new items.  This is especially important to do if you're a newbie
    who's trying to pick up every single item that you come across.
    These are VERY important to getting around.  Keep keys on you as much as 
    possible.  As soon as you have unlocked all doors that need the key, you'll 
    be asked if you want to discard the key. Do so, because there aren't any 
    more doors that will open for your key.  This wil also open up some 
    inventory room.
    A few times during the game, you will change characters.  Items that are in 
    the first character's inventory will NOT transfer to the second character's 
    inventory, so make sure that you empty the first character's inventory as 
    much as possible before you make the change.  If you don't, then you might 
    wind up stuck on a boss as Chris, but he can't use the Grenade Launcher 
    because Claire has it.  I'll warn you ahead of time in the guide when you're 
    about to change characters.
    You'll be finding many documents throughout your travels, which will provide
    useful clues for proceeding through the game.  Make sure you pick up files
    you find, because they can provide useful clues for solving puzzles.  Not 
    only that, they don't even absorb inventory space!  I'll tell you where to 
    find them during the game because they will be useful to beginners.
    These will be your best friends in the game before you get to learn the
    layout of the estate.  As you move about the area, your character
    will draw his or her own map.  However, you can get the whole map if you
    find it hidden somewhere in the area you are exploring.  There are different
    ways of acquiring maps other than simply finding a piece of paper with the
    drawing on it, so stay sharp in looking for them.
    If your weapon uses clips, make sure to reload it manually on the inventory 
    screen whenever you get the opportunity.  You'll be vulnerable during the 
    automatic reload animation when your clip runs out.  It's very frustrating 
    and deadly when you try to shoot an enemy, and then your character fumbles 
    for the next clip instead of firing.
    The first thing to do upon entering a new room is to listen for sounds that
    indicate monsters are in the area.  Stand still for a few moments and listen
    for sounds like groaning, shuffling footsteps, barking, screeching, etc.
    It'll keep you from accidentally running into a potential ambush.
    Edge past a corner you can't see around, and press R.  If your
    character autoaims something, there's a monster or two back there.
    In general, the closer you are to the enemy, the more damage your shots will
    inflict.  This is especially true with the SHOTGUN.  However, it's usually
    not safe to stand next to an enemy.  If you're using a weak weapon, like the 
    Handgun, fire from a distance.  I advise you only use the knife on zombies.  
    Slash their legs, and they will fall down.  You can then hack them to death 
    while they're on the floor.  There's also a way to kill zombies in one hit 
    with the SHOTGUN.  Stand right next to them and fire up at their heads.  
    This causes their brains to blow out of their skull and it kills them in one 
    You've busted five caps into that zombie's arse and now it's lying flat on
    the floor.  It ought to be okay to go on right?  Not necessarily.  The enemy
    might just be pretending to be dead, so that when you walk past it'll get up
    again and surprise you.  There are three ways to tell if a monster is really
    dead for good.  If you see a blood pool spreading around the corpse, then
    the enemy is dead.  Try turning away from the enemy then pressing R.  If the
    enemy isn't dead, then your character will autoaim it.  The last way is if
    there is threatening music playing.  When all enemies in the area are
    killed, the music will stop.
    In this game, you usually have little ammo to use.  You simply can't kill 
    everything that gets in your way or you'll be out of bullets in no time.  If
    you can evade an enemy and not fight, DO IT!  Enemies tend to respawn into 
    rooms over time.  So, even if you do kill the enemies, more will be around 
    when you come through later.  You can fake out enemies by going to one side 
    of the hall, then zipping past on the other side when the enemy gets close 
    to the wall on one side.
    3E - PUZZLES
    In between the action sequences, you'll have to solve some puzzles to gain
    items necessary to move on.  There are a few general tips that can be used
    to solve most of the puzzles.
    Usually, you'll get all the clues you need to solve the puzzles in the 
    general area you find them in.  Check the paintings you see in the rooms.  
    Look for strange holes and other things that seem to be out of place.  You'd 
    be amazed how much easier the puzzles become simply by checking your 
    Use the CHECK feature in your inventory screen to check items.  Rotate them
    and look at all sides of them.  You may find an essential item you're
    looking for just by flipping an item over and looking at it from a different
    angle.  It's especially important that you open up any books you find.  You
    do this by looking at the pages of the book opposite the spine, like you'd
    open an ordinary book.
    If you listen to what your fellow comrades tell you, read any papers you
    come across, and read the descriptions you get by checking surroundings,
    some of these puzzles will be a heck of a lot easier to solve.
    3F - SAVING
    To save your game, you'll need to find a Typewriter, and have at least one
    Ink Ribbon in your possession.  These Ink Ribbons can usually be found near
    Typewriters, so looking for them isn't that big a pain.  However, I'll tell
    you where they are for the newbies' sakes.  I usually won't tell you when to
    save, but feel free to save as often as you'd like.  However, I will warn
    you when there's a sticky situation coming up and I'll advise you to save
    then.  The rooms that contain these Typewriters are safe havens, so
    go to a save room whenever you start getting put down by the monsters.
    4:  Walkthrough
    At the start of the game, the screen is black.  A narrarator begins speaking 
    about the events in the past Resident Evils that have led up to this point, 
    while the text of his speech scrolls past.  Be sure you listen in on what 
    the narrator has been saying if you've never played Resident Evil 2, 
    otherwise you won't have any idea what's going on once the game starts.
    After the speech is over, we see a few helicopters flying towards an island 
    in a rough sea.  They all have Umbrella logos on them.  The scene shifts to 
    a person in a prison being uncuffed and having a shroud taken off her face.  
    We see that it's Claire Redfield.  The guard says her prison number, and 
    says "Welcome to you new home," before giving her the butt of his rifle to 
    her face.  Claire collapses inside a cell, while another guard says why she 
    has been brought to this prison.  The scene then goes into a flashback to 
    show why Claire was captured.
    We see Claire running down the hallway of Umbrella's Paris lab while dodging 
    bullets from two guards chasing her.  As Claire reaches the end of the hall, 
    an attack helicopter appears in the window.  It starts to warm up its 
    gattling gun.  Claire quickly runs back past the two guards and ducks down 
    another hall.  Meanwhile, the gattling gun completely destroys the guards 
    and the first hallway.  It flies away to continue the pursuit.
    Claire is sprinting down a windowed corridor now.  The helicopter pilot 
    detects her inside the building with a thermal scope, and starts shooting 
    again.  She's barely managing to stay ahead of the hail of bullets when she 
    jumps through a door at the end of the hall.  The helicopter flies away, but 
    now Claire is faced with a new danger.
    She looks on the other end of the room and sees several dozen guards 
    pointing their weapons at her.  Claire rasies her hands to surrender.  Then, 
    she sees an explosive canister behind the guards.  Claire drops her gun, and 
    then she drops to the floor too and grabs the gun again before it can hit 
    the floor.  She shoots three bullets into the canister, and that triggers a 
    massive exposion.  After Claire gets up, she sees that all the guards in the 
    room are either dead or dying.  She begins to walk for the exit when another 
    guard points his gun at her.  Claire does the same, but unfortunately her 
    gun has no bullets left in it.
    The scene shifts back to the prison again, where Claire is still unconscious 
    on the floor of her cell.  Suddenly, an explosion outside awakens her.  The 
    lights in the room fizzle out.  Claire hears somebody approaching the door 
    to the room.  A figure lurches into sight and stands in front of the bars...
    ______   _____   _____   _____     ___
    |  _  | |  _  | |  _  | |_   _|   /_  |
    | |_| | | |_| | | |_| |   | |       | |
    |  ___| |  _  | |  _  /   | |       | |    -  ROCKFORT ISLAND
    | |     | | | | | | \ \   | |      _| |_
    |_|     |_| |_| |_|  \_\  |_|     |_____|
    ___  __   __  __
    |__||__|||__ |  ||\ |
    |   |  \| __||__|| \|
    Once the FMV is over, equip the LIGHTER in your inventory.  It's the guy who 
    captured you in the opening!  He lets you go free, as he doesn't see any 
    point in keeping you locked up.  The reason is because a "special forces 
    team" has attacked the complex.
    He then falls asleep in a chair.  Check the clipboard and you'll find out 
    his name is Rodrigo Juan Raval.  If you check him, you'll be told he needs 
    hemostatic medicine.  We'll need to come back later after we find some.  Go 
    back inside your cell and take the GREEN HERB.  Next, take the HANDGUN 
    BULLETS off the chair, and the COMBAT KNIFE off the desk.  Also, read the 
    PLAYING MANUAL to make it vanish from your inventory.  Make sure you pay 
    attention to what it's saying though if you're a first time Resident Evil 
    player.  Also, read it in the future, as sometimes it will provide hints on 
    puzzles during the first half of the game.  Leave through the only exit.
    Take the HANDGUN BULLETS near the Typewriter and go up the stairs at the end 
    of the corridor.  You don't need the Ink Ribbons right now (since you just 
    started the game), so don't bother taking them.
    Go around the bend and walk past the truck that crashed through the wall 
    here.  Suddenly, the truck will blow up and a briefcase will fall onto the 
    ground. After that happens, a guy who's on fire climbs out through the 
    windshield.  When he looks up, you can see he's a zombie!  Just then, about 
    three million more zombies will climb out of their graves!  You're 
    surrounded!  Because you are only armed with a Combat Knife, I advise you 
    don't try to fight with the zombies.  Continue down the path, evading any 
    deadheads who try to stop you.  It's okay if you get bitten once or twice.  
    Leave out the gate at the end of the path.
    You only manage to take a few steps before somebody in a guard tower puts a 
    light on Claire and starts shooting.  She ducks behind a burning truck and 
    finds a handgun next to a dead guard.  After she picks it up, the shooter in 
    the tower runs out of ammo.  Claire shoots out his spotlight and manages to 
    get him to surrender.  He then realizes you're not a zombie and says he'll 
    be down in a minute.
    He leaps down from the tower to greet you.  He introduces himself as Steve 
    Burnside.  He's a Leonardo DiCaprio wannabe (a bad one at that), and 
    unfortunately you'll be spending a fair amount of time with him during the 
    first half of the game.  He quickly runs off through a gate.  Steve claims 
    he doesn't want you following him around because you'll slow him down.
    Chris wrote to me and said that there's HANDGUN BULLETS on the corpse next 
    to the wrecked truck, so be sure you pick them up.  The front gate is locked 
    and needs an emblem of some kind, and another one is nailed closed.  So, you 
    have only one route to take from here.  Choose the gate Steve left through.
    Run past the broken gutter then go up on the porch in front of the 
    bunkhouse.  Take the GREEN HERB at the far end of the porch then enter the 
    Turn left after entering and climb up the stairs.  Kill the zombie up here 
    and take the GREEN HERB from the table.  Use all three GREEN HERBS to make a 
    FULL GREEN MIXTURE.  If you're patient, you can wait up here and slash the 
    zombies with the Combat Knife when they climb up the stairs to get you.  
    This'll save some ammo.  Take the HANDGUN BULLETS from the magazine shelf 
    and then take the PRISON MAP from the kitchen.  You won't find anything 
    inside the toilet stall except for a really bad smell.  Take the door you 
    didn't use to get in this room.
    You can hear a rapping noise, but ignore it for now.  Take the PRISONER'S 
    DIARY from the bed on your left.  After reading it, you can conclude there's 
    some pretty freaky stuff going on in the infirmary in this prison...  
    Continue into the room.  After you pass the last of the prison bunks, you 
    can see a box of HANDGUN BULLETS on a shelf.  You also can see that the 
    rapping is being caused by a zombie banging on the window.  DON'T pick up 
    the ammo here yet though.  Instead, go around behind the bunks to enter the 
    showers.  Check the dead body in the last shower stall for a box of HANDGUN 
    Go back and take the HANDGUN BULLETS off the shelf near the window.  When 
    you do, the zombie crashes through the window.  Note the pistols the zombie 
    drops.  Knock down the zombie and take the M-100Ps he dropped, then run back 
    into the bunks.  A crawling zombie has appeared on the floor.  Scrape along 
    the bunks on the left to pass him and get out.  If you manage to pull it off 
    you'll waste minimal ammo and life.
    I would only use the M-100Ps if you run out of ammo for your Handgun.  The 
    only ammo available for the M-100Ps is what they're loaded with.  If you run 
    out of bullets for them, you'll never be able to use them again.  The 
    M-100Ps are good guns to give away to Claire when you're about to change 
    New zombies now take the places of the zombies you killed on your first run 
    through this room.  Quickly get out the exit door before they can attack.  
    You don't need to kill the zombies, since you're never coming back to this 
    place anyway.
    Go down the stairs.  You'll get a short POV shot of...something...underneath 
    the porch.  Run forward and follow the path around the side of the building. 
      You then see a dead body, being dragged into a hole.  Ewww, nasty.  Follow 
    the path to the door at the end.  Ignore the chainlink gate because it's 
    Kill both zombies in the area, but ignore the ones behind the fence.  For a 
    weird reason, your bullets can't penetrate the wire fence.  When you get to 
    the turn near the shutter, be careful because a zombie has been cleverly 
    hidden just out of sight behind the corner.  Kill him then enter the door he 
    was in front of.
    Walk towards the metal detector, and a stern female voice will order you to 
    leave all your metal items in the security box.  Do as the voice says, or 
    you will set off the metal detector.  This will cause a shutter to lock down 
    the corridor, and that will prevent you from proceeding any further.
    Deposit every metal item you have, including the Lighter, then proceed 
    through the metal detector.  You will pass some zombies banging on the 
    windows.  After you pass through a second metal detector, you find yourself 
    in a kind of workshop.  But before you go looking for items, take the blue 
    door near the metal detector.
    Any items you put in a security boxes will stay in the security box.  You 
    can't put your items in the security box and then get it at the other 
    security box, or at an Item Chest.  Because of this, make sure you take 
    everything out of the security boxes while you're your way out.
    Take the FACILITY ENT. FAX nearby.  If you read the file, it will point you 
    to your next clue.  The briefcase mentioned in the file is the one you saw 
    fall out of the burning truck in the beginning.  Remember to go back there 
    after we leave here.
    When you walk around the corner, you'll find Steve operating a computer.  He 
    is researching surveillance data...on Chris Redfield!  Claire gets exicted 
    at this.  She decides to contact Leon about it.  Claire sends the data files 
    and the coordinates of the base to Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, in the 
    hopes that Chris will come to help.  Steve believes that Chris won't come, 
    and gets very frustrated when Claire protests.  He then angrily storms out 
    of the room.
    Turn around and check the computer's desk again.  You will find the HAWK 
    EMBLEM inside the drawer!  Great!  You found the key to get out of 
    here...but it's made out of metal, so we won't be able to take it past the 
    metal detector!  D'oh! Throw the switch near the barricaded door, then leave 
    out the door you used to enter this room.
    Go over to the machine in the back corner of the room.  Read the USER'S 
    MANUAL.  It will tell you that the weird machine is a "3D Duplicator," used 
    to make exact copies of three-dimensional objects.  Cool, why not take it 
    for a test drive?  Turn on the 3D Duplicator and put the Hawk Emblem inside 
    it.  The machine will scan the device.  Unfortunately, you don't have any 
    materials to make the duplicate with, so you'll have to look for something 
    to use.
    But before you go, take the FLAME ROUNDS, the B.O.W. GAS ROUNDS, and the 
    FIRST AID SPRAY from the tables in here.  Put all of them inside the 
    security box at the metal detector, because all of these things are made of 
    metal.  Don't worry, because we'll be able to come back later to get them 
    out.  Go past the metal detectors and exit out the door at the end of the 
    hall.  Organize your inventory at the first security box:
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Full Green Mixture
    Leave out the door to the Execution Yard.
    Run to the shutter and press the blue button next to it.  The shutter will 
    raise up to reveal two zombies.  Then, the zombies trapped in the cage will 
    crash out to make your life even harder.  Run back around the corner to the 
    metal detectors, then aim at the explosive barrel.  When you see a zombie 
    that's about to pass it, shoot to kill the enemies around it.
    Kill the survivors and take the FIRE EXTINGUISHER from the little storage 
    room you opened up.  Next, take the PADLOCK KEY from the guillotine.  
    There's a gate behind the guillotine, but you won't find the key for it 
    until much much later, so don't bother messing around with it.  Take the 
    gate to the Barracks
    Run down the path.  Dogs will then crash through the vents underneath the 
    bunkhouse to attack.  If you keep running to the gate at the other end of 
    the path, then you should be able to escape without having to fight.
    Zombies have infested the courtyard while you were gone.  Run to the door 
    leading to the Graveyard.  Watch out for the surprise zombies standing right 
    next to the door.
    Run past the zombies and get to the flaming truck.  Use the Fire 
    Extinguisher to put out the fire so you can take the BRIEFCASE.  Check the 
    Briefcase on the inventory screen and rotate it so you are facing the side 
    with the handle.  Press the red button to open the case and get the TG-01 
    you read about in the Prison Office.  There's also a TG-01 PRODUCT DES. with 
    it.  It says metal detectors cannot detect this alloy!  We can use this 
    material to make a copy of the HAWK EMBLEM that we can take past the 
    detectors!  Leave the Graveyard through the door to the Prison Courtyard.
    Run across the yard to the only other unlocked door.
    Turn right and use the Padlock Key to open the gate.  Discard it and enter 
    the door just past it.
    Enter the door past the open shutter.
    Dump everything inside the security box except for, of course, the TG-01 and 
    Green Herbs you might have left over.  Run down the hall, and take something 
    out of the second security box.  Use the metal object to purposely activate 
    the security system.  This will keep the zombies from breaking through the 
    windows in a little bit.  Use the TG-01 on the 3D Duplicator to get a 
    Since you've activated the window shutters, the zombies won't be able to 
    break through the windows to attack you.   Deactivate the alarm at the metal 
    detector, place the metal items in the security box, then laugh as you pass 
    the zombies still struggling to break in.
    When you get back to the security box near the exit, take all your stuff, 
    INCLUDING THE EMPTY EXTINGUISHER!  Many beginners make the mistake of not 
    taking the Empty Extinguisher with them.  You'll be kicking yourself later 
    if you leave it behind.  Purposely activate the security system again so the 
    zombies won't be able to get into this room when you come back later.  
    Take the gate past the fenced-off yard.
    Go through the gate you unlocked with the Padlock Key, and take the door to 
    your left.
    Use the Special Alloy Emblem on the entrance gate to unlock it.  Go through 
    the gates.
    A wrecked jeep is blocking the bridge.  Get around the jeep by taking the 
    walkway beside the bridge.  Use the GREEN HERBS at the other end of the 
    bridge to heal up if you're injured.  Search the jeep on this side to get a 
    box of HANDGUN BULLETS.  The next thing to do is to find a way around the 
    fire blocking the stairs.  Shove the lone crate on the bridge over the fire 
    near the other crates to make a path.  Head up the steps.
    There's a fork here.  You can take the pink door to the east to enter the 
    Military Training Facility (henceforth known as the MTF), or you can take 
    the path that leads north to the Palace.  You ought to go to the Palace 
    first, since you don't have a key yet that you need to completely explore 
    the MTF.  Run down the path straight ahead, while evading zombies, until you 
    come to a set of stairs.  Go up them and Claire will automatically open the 
    If you want to, you can make the zombies fall over the path's railing into 
    the pit.  Simply let them grab you.  Make sure you are between them and the 
    railing.  Once Claire shoves them off, they'll fall over the railing and 
    into the pit.
    ___  __      __  __  __
    |__||__||   |__||   |__
    |   |  ||__ |  ||__ |__
    Gun down the three dogs here, as you'll be passing through this area quite 
    frequently for the first half of the game.  Look at the little sparkly near 
    the collapsed passageway.  Take the NAVY PROOF then enter the front doors of 
    the grand building.  If you have the item space, then take the GREEN HERB on 
    the porch.
    Walk down the stairs in front of you, then go up the long flight of stairs 
    to the right.  Turn right and go up yet another set of stairs.  Enter the 
    door on the landing here.
    Walk around the desk to find your first Item Chest in the game.  Temporarily 
    empty your inventory here so you can take all the other items in the room.
    First, get the HANDGUN BULLETS on the shelf behind the desk, and the INK 
    RIBBONS near the Typewriter.  Check the little nook on the other side of the 
    room to find another GREEN HERB.  Take it, then examine the odd door here.  
    Instead of a key, you have to have a pair of guns to open the door.  Shove 
    away the cabinet nearby to discover an ID CARD.  Check the card and then 
    flip it over to find an employee's registration number:  NTC0394.
    The "0" in the code NTC0394 is not the letter "O", it is the number zero.
    Also, read the SECRETARY'S NOTE on the coffee table.  The secretary talks 
    about his boss, "Sir Alfred," which you might remember being mentioned in 
    the Prisoner's Diary.  The secretary mentions he lives in a private house 
    nearby with his sister Alexia.  You might wanna check out that place 
    later...  Go back to the Item Chest and organize your inventory:
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Navy Proof
    - Green Herb
    Go down to the main floor, then go behind the reception counter.  Take the 
    HANDGUN BULLETS, then check the computer.  Enter the number NTC0394 to 
    unlock a door in the northwest corner of the room.  But before you check it 
    out, take the blue door behind a pillar on the western wall.
    Equip your Lighter so the bats won't torment you.  Take the HANDGUN BULLETS 
    from the broken toilet stall, the FIRST AID SPRAY off the sink basin, and 
    last the DURALUMIN CASE in the back of the room.  Leave.
    Enter the door you unlocked earlier.
    Kill every zombie in here.  Be sure not to miss the zombie standing next to 
    the double doors at the east end of the hall.  Take the HANDGUN BULLETS from 
    near the vase, and search behind the bench for a RED HERB.  Use it with a 
    GREEN HERB to make a RED-GREEN MIXTURE.  Enter the single door at the east 
    end of the hall.
    Unfortunately, you can't steal any of the guns in the display cases here.  
    When you are finished looking around, take the HANDGUN BULLETS from the 
    coffee table.  Next, check the case with the jeweled ant inside it.  Press 
    the button beneath the ant to start an interesting home movie.  Two blonde 
    twins are playing with a dragonfly.  They are tearing off the wings of it 
    before dropping it into an ant farm to be devoured.  Aww, ain't dat cute?  
    The end of the film triggers a secret passage to open up.  Look inside this 
    new room to take the STEERING WHEEL, then leave.
    Don't try to take the GOLD LUGERS in the secret room, or the passage will 
    close up again.  There's nothing you can do to get the guns out of here, so 
    you'll just have to leave.  There's no ammo in them anyway.
    Take the single door at the west end of the corridor.  All the other doors 
    are locked anyway.
    Go to the main entrance and leave.  But before you can do that, Steve cries 
    for help!  He fell for the trap in the War Museum, so we'll have to come to 
    his rescue.  Reenter the door you used to get into this room.
    Run to the War Musuem.
    The projection screen has now been replaced by a kind of control panel.  
    Check the panel, and it will tell you to choose a pair of items.  Choose C 
    and E, then press Decide.  The trap will be disabled, and Steve will come 
    out.  He took the Gold Lugers from the secret room, and he refuses to hand 
    them over to Claire.  He does agree to giving them to her if he finds her a 
    fully automatic weapon though.  Follow him after he runs out the door.
    For the THIRD time, go to the door at the other end of the corridor.
    Claire is caught in a sniper rifle's laser sight as she enters the room.  
    After the sniper takes a few shots at her, he identifies himself.  The 
    sniper is Alfred Ashford, the man you have been reading about in everyone's 
    diaries.  Finally we get to match the name to the face.  Alfred is quite off 
    his rocker.  Just listen to that insane voice of his!
    He brags about how his family's so old and fine.  In particular he brags 
    about his grandfather being one of the original founders of Umbrella.  Well 
    whoop-dee-do for him, but who really cares?  Claire doesn't apparently.  He 
    yells at Claire to tell her who she's working for.  Eventually he gives up 
    and says Claire is "a rat in a cage anyway."  He walks up the stairs while 
    giving out a crazy giggle.  Do what you were originally planning to do and 
    exit through the front doors.
    Walk down the stairs and turn right.  Go down the stairs at the west end of 
    the path.
    Before going to the area in front of you, walk around behind the staircase 
    to find a hidden nook underneath it.  Take the HANDGUN BULLETS and the 
    PALACE MAP.  Next, go the other way to find a supply pile.  Take the BOWGUN 
    ARROWS, then use the Steering Wheel on the podium.  Rotate the Steering 
    Wheel to summon a submarine.  Go inside it.
    Walk around the ladder to find a SIDEPACK on a bench.  Equip it and you will 
    gain two extra item slots.  They will be very handy, believe me.  Pull the 
    lever on the control panel to send the submarine on its merry way.  When it 
    docks, climb up the ladder.
    ___   __  __  __  __  ___
    |__|||__||__||  ||__|  |
    |  |||  \|   |__||  \  |
    Walk down the stairs, and enter the door at the end of the passage.  Check 
    out the cool underwater camera angles too!
    You can easily evade the zombies because there is a lot of floor space to 
    work with here.  Take the HANDGUN BULLETS from the couch, then enter the 
    door near the aquarium.
    Equip your Lighter to keep the bats away.  Go to the glowing screen to 
    activate the boarding lift.  You can see a seaplane, in perfect condition, 
    waiting to get you out of here.  Unfortunately, we don't have all the keys 
    needed to open the hatch yet.  You have only one proof, and there are three 
    holes.  So, there must be two others somewhere on the island.  Use the Navy 
    Proof on the podium, then turn around and leave.
    Enter the shutter behind the desk.  You can get some Ink Ribbons on the 
    boxes, but I'd just ignore them.
    Go across the bridge.
    Far below in the elevator shaft, you can see a little sparkly.  There's no 
    way to get down there, so you have to make the lift come up.  Take the 
    one-man lift in the northwest corner to a little control box.  Operate the 
    computer at the window to find controls for a crane.  Push the crane up as 
    far as it will go, then push it to the left as far as it will go.  The crane 
    will then pick up a box that was blocking a control panel.  Take the little 
    elevator down again then operate the panel you moved the box from.
    The big cargo elevator will rise up so you can get to the key, but it also 
    brings up a crowd of zombies with it.  The zombies will all home in on you, 
    leaving a clear path behind them.  Run around the crowd, then snatch the 
    BIOHAZARD CARD and the BOWGUN ARROWS off the crates.  Now get out through 
    the shutter before you get surrounded.
    Run back across the bridge again.
    Exit out the first door beyond the desk.
    Run up the stairs and enter the submarine.
    Throw the lever to go back to the palace.  Then climb up the ladder.
    ___  __      __  __  __
    |__||__||   |__||   |__
    |   |  ||__ |  ||__ |__
    Rotate the Steering Wheel, then go upstairs.
    Go to the little gate at the other end of the path.
    Run down the path while evading zombies.  When you come to the fork at the 
    south end of the path, go through the little pink door next to the big pink 
               ___  __  __     ___  __  __            __   __
    |\/|||   |  |  |__||__|\_/  |  |__||__|||\ |||\ || _  |__
    |  |||__ |  |  |  ||  \ |   |  |  \|  ||| \||| \||__| |   O
    (there wasn't enough room to write "FACILITY")
    We have finally arrived at the MTF.  This calls for a welcoming committee, 
    in the form of one giant Gulp Worm!  If you want some ammo, you can get some 
    BOWGUN ARROWS on the oil drums on the south side of the courtyard.  I'd 
    rather just run for the front door of the building though to avoid dealing 
    with the worm.
    Go up the stairs to your immediate right.  The first door you see has no 
    doorknob, so you'll have to take the second door.
    Search the table with the laptop computer to find the BOWGUN and PASS NUMBER 
    MEMO.  It says that the code to the door nearby you is the number on the 
    painting in the back of the lab.  Unfortunately, the lights are out in 
    there, so you can't see the number.  You'll have to leave.  Before you can 
    get out the door, an alarm goes off inside the lab behind the glass.  A lab 
    tech is trapped inside, but Claire can't get the door to open.  Suddenly, 
    the lab guy is killed by...something...and eaten.  Do what you were 
    originally planning to do and exit the lab.
    After exiting, the computer declares the air in the area to be contaminated. 
      Claire quickly runs down the stairs and just manages to get into the main 
    lobby before a shutter can lock her in the lab.  Take the RED HERB on the 
    bench, and the BOWGUN ARROWS from the telephone booth.  Go through the door 
    at the north end of the room that's near the other shutter.
    Kill all the zombies in here.  Check the locker doors that are slightly ajar 
    to discover more items.  After searching the two lockers you can open, 
    you'll get two packs of BOWGUN ARROWS.  Search the dead body near the other 
    door in here to find one last pack of BOWGUN ARROWS.  You should combine all 
    these Bowgun Arrows with the BOWGUN so they only take up one item slot.  
    Enter the door with the broken window.
    Go down the stairs and jump into the wading pool.  Look around for a valve.  
    Turn it to stop the water from flowing out from the statue.  You'll discover 
    the incredible KEY WITH TAG in the water after doing this.  Take it and exit 
    the room.  Don't bother searching the sauna, because you won't find anything 
    inside it.
    Run to the door at the other end of the room.
    Take the door between the two shutters.
    Kill the sleeping zombie to the left and take the GREEN HERB he was 
    protecting.  Use it with the Red Herb you found in the LOBBY.  Next, check 
    the big computer on the other wall.  Print out the MTF MAP on the computer, 
    then take it from the printer.  Search the table near the computer for more 
    BOWGUN ARROWS, then enter the cubicle behind the table.  Use the Key With 
    Tag on the cabinet in the back of the room, then discard it.  You'll find 
    BOWGUN POWDER.  Combine it with the Bowgun Arrows to get some GUNPOWDER 
    ARROWS.  Leave the room.
    Don't EVER use the GUNPOWDER ARROWS until I tell you to, or you might be 
    very sorry later.
    Open the shutter to the right with your Biohazard Key and run down the hall 
    to the door at the other end.  The shutter will then go down again to keep 
    you from going back into the main room.  Kind of scary, huh?
    As soon as you step out of the little nook, Alfred starts shooting at you.  
    His first shot misses you and hits an oil drum.  This causes an explosion 
    that blocks a gate.  Quickly go up the stairs to Alfred's sniper nest, 
    before he can take another shot.  He'll get scared and run away.  You have 
    no choice but to follow him, because the shutter locked down in the lobby 
    and the other door up here is locked.  You know, it's almost like we're 
    being pushed, herded to where the game wants us to go...
    Walk down the corridor and take the two boxes of HANDGUN BULLETS near the 
    soda machine.  Take the white door in this little area.
    Your inventory is laden with junk right now.  So, for the moment, dump 
    everything inside the Item Chest.  Take the HEMOSTATIC, the two GREEN HERBS, 
    and the INK RIBBONS.  After doing that, go to the Item Chest again and 
    organize your inventory:
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Biohazard Card
    - Full Healing Item
    You might want to save before you leave the room, since things are going to 
    get a little tougher in a minute.
    Go to the tan door and try to open it.  A shutter will slam down and lock 
    you into the room.  Alfred then come on over the intercom with his annoying 
    voice again.  He says he's got a nice little playground all set up for you 
    on the other side of the door.  Isn't he sweet doing that for us?  Let's go 
    inside and see his evil little playground.
    Turn left from the door and take the SUBMACHINE GUNS.  Unfortunately, they 
    have no ammo.  Don't worry though, because there's a clip on the other side 
    of the room for them.  Go past the door you used to get in here.  The door 
    will lock itself, and then another door in the room will open.  A 
    bandersnatch monster then leaps out to greet you.  It consists of a deformed 
    human body with one REALLY flexible arm.
    Run away from the bandersnatch and head down the stairs.  The bandersnatch 
    will jump down to follow you.  Quickly run back up the stairs again.  The 
    bandersnatch will use its arm to get up to where you are again.  However, he 
    might be standing too far away now to slap you with his arm.  From the top 
    of the stairs, you should be able to kill Bandy before he can get in range 
    again.  Once he's dead, a door will open at the bottom of the stairs.  Go 
    through that door.
    As you enter the next room, another bandersnatch will appear.  The 
    bandersnatch quickly grabs Claire by the head before she can get away.  
    Suddenly, Steve crashes through a window above the bandersnatch while 
    shooting his guns at it Matrix-style!  After a flurry of bullets, the 
    bandersnatch lies dead against the wall.  He boasts about being Claire's 
    "knight in shining armor."  Claire brushes it off and offers him the 
    Submachine guns in exchange for the Gold Lugers.
    Steve agrees to the trade and accepts the new guns.  He then decides to test 
    them out, only to discover they have no ammo in them.  "You cheated me!" he 
    yells in rage.  Hey, you gave us an empty pair of Gold Lugers so who cheated 
    who?  Anyway, Claire climbs up on top of the crate and gets him the ammo 
    clip.  I wonder how just one clip can fill both guns...  Just then, Alfred 
    activates the cargo lift they are standing on and says that you are now 
    heading for a "descent into DEATH..."
    Steve runs off into the next room to play with his "new toys."  You will now 
    get to play as Steve for a short time.
    The point of this little mini-quest is to KILL EVERYTHING.  This is a pretty 
    fun part of the game, since you don't have to worry about saving ammo! 
    Zombies + Double Uzis = FUN!  After killing all the zombies in this room, 
    take the door on the north wall.
    If you need more ammo when you run out, go back to the TURNTABLE ROOM and 
    Claire will give you some .
    Go to the tan door across the room from you.
    KILL EVERYTHING.  Take the door on the east side of the room.
    Run across the bridge to trigger another cutscene.  Steve calls to Claire 
    that he's killed all the zombies.  He says his guns are far more dependable 
    than any person.  Claire tries to get Steve to talk about why he's here and 
    where his family is.  Steve gets angry and shoots at the wall so she'll shut 
    up about it though.   The two then board a nearby elevator.  Steve sends the 
    elevator to go to the second floor.
    Follow Steve into the next room.
    Turn left and walk over to join Steve.  Suddenly, the walkway collapses and 
    you two fall to the floor.
    As Claire struggles to free herself, a zombie climbs up from its sleep and 
    advances on the pair.  Steve aims his guns at the zombie, but for some 
    reason he just can't shoot it.  While Claire is screaming at him to shoot 
    the zombie, Steve isn't moving at all.  Just when the zombie's about to bite 
    Claire, Steve wakes up from his trance.  He yells "FATHEEEEEEERRR!" while 
    emptying every bullet he has into the zombie.  He's so dazed that he keeps 
    trying to shoot even when he runs out of ammo.
    Steve explains that his dad used to work for Umbrella.  He said his dad 
    tried to steal information about Umbrella, but he was caught.  They killed 
    his mom and they brought him and his dad here.  Steve gets angry at his dead 
    father for trying to do something so reckless.  He then slumps down next to 
    his father to mourn.
    Claire decides that it would be better if she left him alone.  Climb up the 
    crates to the left of the double doors to find a box of HANDGUN BULLETS on 
    an oil drum.  Take them and exit through the door to the left of Steve.
    Take the hard-to-see HANDGUN BULLETS to your immediate right.  Kill all the 
    zombies, then enter the door at the far end of the hall.
    Examine the painting nearby you as you enter.  It's a picture of this very 
    room.  If you proceed further into the room, you'll notice that the picture 
    is different from the actual thing.  In the place of the red painting in the 
    picture is an EAGLE PLATE.  Take it and leave.  I wouldn't fuss with the Ink 
    Ribbons near the Typewriter if I were you.
    Go back to the door at the far end of the hall.
    Take the double doors to the right of Steve.
    Run to the little pink door but don't go through it yet.  This is the safest 
    place to take out the dogs from.  After shooting them down, take the BOWGUN 
    ARROWS, then use the little pink door to exit the area.
    Enter the front doors of the building.
    The lab is still being ventilated, so use your Biohazard Card to unlock the 
    other shutter in this area.  Enter the door at the end of the hall it was 
    Run past the sleeping dogs and get up the stairs.  Use the Eagle Plate on 
    the podium-like thing in the railing to get the EMBLEM CARD.  Enter the door 
    to the left.
    You can also use the Eagle Plate on the door in the Guillotine Yard back in 
    the prison.  In this way, you'll be able to get to the infirmary early.  
    However, I think it's more convenient to get the Emblem Card first so you'll 
    be able to explore the MTF in one trip.
    Unlock the shutter, then use the white door in this little area.
    Go to the Item Chest and load the Bowgun with the Bowgun Arrows you found 
    while searching the facility.  Then organize your inventory:
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Biohazard Card
    - Emblem Card
    - Full Healing Item
    Since the tan door nearby is locked, enter the door past the shutter.
    Go down the stairs, then enter the area that is fenced off.  Climb down the 
    ladder here.
    Run down the corridor and use the Emblem Card to raise the shutter.  Jump 
    down then enter the door on the west side of the room.
    Take the GRENADE ROUNDS from the shelf in the background, then use the 
    Emblem Card here to raise another shutter.  Take the coveted GRENADE 
    LAUNCHER from its hiding place.  Combine the Grenade Rounds with the Grenade 
    Launcher so that they only take up one item slot.  Take the door on the 
    north wall.
    DO NOT use this Grenade Launcher, EVER, until I tell you to.  You could 
    spare yourself lots of trouble later.  Also, I advise you don't take the 
    door near the Grenade Launcher.  It only leads to a dead-end room which has 
    nothing inside it but two bandersnatches and one measly quiver of BOWGUN 
    Get the HANDGUN BULLETS near the workbench, then leave.
    Take the door across the room from the one you used to get in.
    Take the door on the east side of the room.
    Search the statue head for HANDGUN BULLETS, then take the elevator to 2F.
    Unlock ANOTHER shutter with the Emblem Card, then discard it.  On the other 
    side is some kind of control room.  Walk up the stairs and search near the 
    commander's post for a bag of GRENADE ROUNDS.  Combine them with the Grenade 
    Launcher.  If you want to, you can check the computer screen on the wall for 
    information on a creature known as an albinoid.  Take note, because the 
    information you read could come in handly later...
    Go down the stairs again and turn right.  Take the two GREEN HERBS and then 
    check the glowing monitor at the front of the room.  You'll find the ARMY 
    PROOF here.  Two proofs down, one to go.  After collecting the proof, check 
    the glowing monitor to control a security camera.  It's installed in the lab 
    where you saw the lab tech get killed before.  Aim the camera at the red 
    painting on the back wall, and zoom in on it with the X button to get the 
    number 1126.  You now know the code to unlock the laboratory in the MTF.
    After you find out the number, the computer declares the lab's ventilation 
    process is complete.  After you turn off the computer, the zombies in the 
    room will wake up.  Quickly unlock and escape through the brown door in the 
    control room.
    Go down the stairs, then enter the door in the nook down here.
    Use the Biohazard Card to unlock the shutter to the lab, then discard the 
    key.  Go upstairs and enter the lab again.
    Use 1126 on the door in this room, then enter the other half of the lab 
    through it.
    Search the desk with the computer to find ACID ROUNDS, then take the 
    SKELETON PICTURE off the back wall.  As you remove it from the wall, an 
    albinoid breaks loose from its tube and quickly scurries out through a 
    ventilation duct.  The lab declares the air contaminated again, and a 
    45-second countdown begins.  You have to get out of here before the 
    countdown finishes or it's GAME OVER!  Get out of the lab as fast as you 
    can, while watching out for the baby albinoids.
    Get to the other door in this room.
    Get down the stairs to escape the lab before it seals off.  Whew, safe 
    again.  Leave through the main entrance.
    Turn left and enter the door at the east end of the yard.
    Take the double doors.
    Take the door to the right.
    Kill the zombies again and go to the door at the far end of the hall.
    Put the Skeleton Picture in its rightful place on the wall, and a model of 
    this facility will be revealed.  Take the GOLD KEY, then check the podium to 
    the left of the model.  You will read "Dedicated to the training facility's 
    completion.  December 8th Alfred Ashford."  Well whoop-de-doo, but be sure 
    to keep the date in mind, because it will important later.  Leave the room.
    You may notice the hole in the model of the MTF, and the items behind the 
    podium.  Don't concern yourself with these things right now.  You can't get 
    the items or do anything with the hole until Part 3.
    Exit out the door at the south end of the hall.
    Exit out the double doors.
    Take the pink door nearby.
    Instead of going back to the Lobby again, enter the other pink door at the 
    west end of the courtyard.
    Turn right at the fork and enter the gate at the other end of the path 
    before the new bandersnatches can start a slap war.
    ___  __      __  __  __
    |__||__||   |__||   |__
    |   |  ||__ |  ||__ |__
    Go inside the palace.
    Zombies have found their way inside, but they won't cause a lot of trouble.  
    There are two on the ground floor, and two on the upstairs balcony.  Kill 
    both zombies upstairs, and take the door into the Waiting Room.
    Organize your inventory:
    - Gold Lugers
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Full Healing Item
    Use the Gold Lugers to unlock the door with the indentation, then go through 
    Take the HANDGUN BULLETS from the coffee table, then examine the paper on 
    the desk near the...big...window (shudder).  What is written on the paper is 
    rather cryptic.  It reads:
    (First digit:  Left, Right)
    (Second digit:  Left)
    (Third digit:  Right)
    (Fourth digit:  Right, Right, Right)
    You must not reset while maneuvering.
    Well, while we're thinking about it, let's turn on the PC.  You get a short, 
    edited version of the film you saw in the WAR MUSEUM, which concludes with 
    the strange, clock-like device in the corner activating.  Check it and you 
    will receive the commands left and right.  So, this is where we are supposed 
    to use those strange directions.  Press the buttons as the paper tells you 
    to, and you should wind up with the number 1971.
    Use it as the PC's password and the clock will slide aside to reveal a 
    secret passage.  Hurray!  But before you can get a party started, a 
    bandersnatch busts in through the big window and ruins the fun.  Kill it if 
    you want to, but you'll save a lot more health and ammo if you simply run 
    for it.  Leave through the new secret passageway.
    Whoa, is this Spooksville or what?  Run down the bridge.  On the other side 
    of the bridge is a staircase...leading up into mist...and at the top...is a 
    creepy house...  Did we just step into the movie "Psycho"?  All that's 
    missing is a dark figure of an old woman in one of the windows.  As you go 
    up the stairs, spine-chilling laughter rings in your ears.
    ___  __       __  ___  __   __  __  __   __  __      __  __
    |__||__||\  /|__|  |  |__  |__||__ |__ ||  \|__ |\ ||   |__
    |   |  \| \/ |  |  |  |__  |  \|__  __|||__/|__ | \||__ |__
    There are two bandersnatches hanging around.  I wouldn't kill them, because 
    you'll save ammo and health by running away.  After going up a staircase, be 
    sure to get the Red Herb hidden behind the railing.  Enter the house.
    Welcome...to the residence...of EVIL!!!  Bwahahaha :)  This has to be among 
    the freakiest rooms in the entire series.  There are spooky dolls and 
    decorations everywhere.  The crown jewel of the room, however, is the big 
    doll hanging from the ceiling that's all torn up.  However, the only enemies 
    around are bats.  All you have to do is flick on your good ol' Lighter and 
    you'll be safe.  Before you head upstairs, take the door on the ground 
    Turn left and take the HANDGUN BULLETS, then exit.  It's not worth killing 
    the off-screen bandersnatch to get the BOWGUN ARROWS or the INK RIBBONS.
    You can light the fireplace in here with the Lighter, but I haven't 
    discovered anything that happens if you decide to do that.
    Go up the stairs and continue going up and circling the room until you at 
    long last come to the top of the room.  Take the First Aid Spray and the 
    HANDGUN BULLETS on the table, then use the door nearby.
    Claire does some eavesdropping on a conversation between Alfred and this 
    mysterious Alexia we've been hearing about.  Alexia is angry with his 
    brother, since he can't seem to kill somebody who's only a little girl.  
    Alexia says that it is up to Alfred to restore the Ashford family's glory.  
    Suddenly, Alexia comes over to the window because she thinks she heard 
    something.  Claire quickly moves away from the window.  Alexia decides that 
    it was just her imagination.  They then leave the room, but nobody comes 
    into the corridor...
    Check the back corner you are hiding in for a GREEN HERB, then search around 
    on one of the stands for a box of HANDGUN BULLETS.  Enter the door near 
    where you found the GREEN HERB.
    You hear a music box playing upon entering the room.  Go over and check the 
    music box.  There is writing on the inside.  It reads:  "Red queen and blue 
    king return.  The path opens."  Yet another cryptic phrase that we'll have 
    to decipher if we want to progress further, hmph...  Anyway, turn off the 
    music box and a key is revealed on Alexia's bed.  Take the SILVER KEY and 
    exit the room, because there is nothing else to do here.
    I wouldn't bother searching Alfred's bedroom on the other end of the 
    corridor, because there is nothing to be found there, save a MESSAGE CARD 
    written by Alexia.  Leave out the door at the midway point of the hall.
    Run down the stairs and leave out the front door.
    Go to the staircase at the other end of the path.  Again don't bother to 
    attack the bandersnatches.
    Run across the bridge to the door at the other end.  Nothing will jump out 
    at you.
    ___  __      __  __  __
    |__||__||   |__||   |__
    |   |  ||__ |  ||__ |__
    Quickly exit the secret room and get out the front door before the 
    bandersnatch can attack.
    Go to the Item Chest and organize your inventory:
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Gold Key
    - Silver Key
    - Hemostatic
    - Full Healing Item
    Go into the Foyer.
    Unlock the door on the other side of the balcony, but don't go in there yet. 
      Instead, go downstairs and enter the door in the northwest corner.
    Run down the hall towards the War Museum.  Turn right into an alcove where a 
    set of double doors are.  Use and discard the Gold Key, then enter the room.
    Here we have the famous RE puzzle of pushing buttons underneath paintings in 
    a certain order.  This puzzle's much harder than the first one in the 
    original Resident Evil.  Walk to the front of the room where the big 
    portrait of Alfred is and take the MEMO TO NEW MASTER.  Study this document 
    carefully, because you'll need the information inside it to solve this 
    difficult puzzle.  If you can't figure out the solution from this file and 
    all the clues in the room, here's the solution:
    1.  The only woman.
    2.  The man with the twins.
    3.  The red-haired man with the teacup.
    4.  The red-haired man with the earthenware plate.
    5.  The man with the earthenware vase.
    6.  The man with the candlestick.
    7.  The large portrait at the front of the room.
    When you get it right, the Alfred's portrait will rotate to reveal a 
    portrait of Alexia.  Take the EARTHENWARE VASE.  Look inside the vase to 
    find the QUEEN ANT OBJECT.  Leave the room after collecting the Queen Ant 
    Go to the double doors at the west end of the hall.  Use and discard the 
    Silver Key, then go through the doors.
    Get ready when you come into this room, because you'll be attacked by two 
    bandersnatches.  After entering, immediately run to the front of the room 
    where the video screen is, and shoot from there.  They'll be unable to hit 
    you.  When they get close enough to start slapping again, run to the other 
    side of the room and continue the attack.  Repeat this maneuver until they 
    are dead.
    Now that you are alone, search the room.  You will find a box of HANDGUN 
    BULLETS on a chair, and HUNK'S REPORT at the front of the room.  It does not 
    have any useful information, unless you would like to find out what Mr. 
    Death has been up to since Resident Evil 2.  When you are finished 
    exploring, take the second EAGLE PLATE from the floor in the middle of the 
    room and leave.
    Since there's nothing to do here right now, let's do some backtracking and 
    revisit the prison.  Exit out the single door across the hall.
    Leave out the front entrance.
    Turn left after going down the steps and take the gate there.
    Evade the bandersnatches and go down the stairs at the fork.
    Follow the route back into the prison's front gates.
    ___  __   __  __
    |__||__|||__ |  ||\ |
    |   |  \| __||__|| \|
    Take the door behind the wrecked truck.
    Evade the zombies and get to the stairs at the other end of the path.  By 
    the way, how is it that the zombie that fell out of the burning truck at the 
    start of the game is STILL burning yet doesn't look any worse than he did 
    Run down the corridor to the door at the other end.
    Claire walks over to greet Rodrigo, and Rodrigo greets her with a pistol to 
    the face.  He then realizes that she's not a zombie and slumps down again.  
    Claire hands him the Hemostatic and the Lighter, and Rodrigo thanks her.  In 
    exchange, he gives her a LOCKPICK.  I wonder how Rodrigo knows that Claire 
    knows how to pick locks... Anyway, there's absolutely nothing else to do 
    here, so leave.
    Run down the corridor to the door at the other end.
    Evade the zombies and get to the door at the other end of the path.
    Run across the courtyard to the BARRACKS.
    Turn right and go through the unlocked gate, then take the door just past 
    Go inside the fence to the guillotine area, and use the Eagle Plate on the 
    door here to open it.  Two zombies will come staggering out.  Kill them, and 
    then go to the door that's behind the gate.
    Shoot the oil drum after entering to give yourself some breathing room, then 
    run down the path in front of you and shoot a second oil drum to kill more 
    zombies.  After killing the survivors, take the chain-link gate at the back 
    of this passage.
    Search the oil drums to the left for a box of HANDGUN BULLETS, and then 
    climb over the one box in front of you.  Push it away from the door so you 
    can enter the building.
    Well, this looks familiar.  Run around the filing cabinets and take the blue 
    door back there.
    If you "accidentally" set off the security system the last time you were 
    here, the zombies will not be hanging around.  Go to the security box and 
    withdraw the B.O.W. Gas Rounds, the Flame Rounds, and the First Aid Spray.  
    Exit out the way you came in.
    Go back outside.
    Go to the Item Chest and take out the Duralumin Case.  Rotate the case so 
    you are facing the handle.  Unlock it with the Lockpick and you will get 
    BOWGUN POWDER.  Use it to make more GUNPOWDER ARROWS.  Organize your 
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    Exit via the gate.
    Like the last batch of Gunpowder Arrows, never use these until I tell you 
    Go near the door at the far end of the passage, then turn into a nook to 
    find another door and a GREEN HERB.  Don't use it yet, as we'll find a RED 
    HERB inside.  Enter the door.
    Search around the cabinets to find a box of HANDGUN BULLETS and a FIRST AID 
    SPRAY.  Then check the cubicle to the left.  If you look on the desk, you'll 
    find the ANATOMIST'S NOTE.  From what you read, he was REALLY sick, sicker 
    than any patient he ever had.  The doctor has a secret room at the bottom of 
    this building, and he has the key.
    But, he could be anywhere, or dead, so we'll just forget about it for now.  
    Leave the cubicle and take the door near the stacked body bags.  Notice that 
    a body bag on the bed trembles.  May I hear a shudder?  *crowd shudders*  
    Thank you.
    Gun down the zombie to your right and take the Red Herb he was in front of.  
    You know what to do with it.  Now, proceed further into this room and 
    eventually you'll find a DURALUMIN CASE and HANDGUN BULLETS on a shelf.  
    Check the case and rotate it until you are facing the handle.  Use your 
    Lockpick to open the case and take the M93R PART.  Combine this with your 
    Handgun to get a CUSTOM HANDGUN.  It now gains rapid fire and can hold up to 
    20 bullets!  Get out of this terrifying room.
    As soon as you enter, you can see that the body bag on the bed is empty, 
    plus, there's a loud chomping noise on the other side of the wall...  Walk 
    around the partiton and you'll see that Doc has come back to life.  His 
    patient also wakes up to join him with his meal.
    Too bad for them that you just got hold of the Custom Handgun.  Rip them to 
    bloody pulps with auto fire.  Watch out though, because Doc's very fast. 
    Search Doc's body for a GLASS EYE.  Plug the GLASS EYE into the model of the 
    human body in the cubicle and a secret passage will open up.  Go down the 
    stairs into what Doc refered to as "the sacred place."
    There are bats down here, but as long as you walk and don't run, they won't 
    attack you.  When you reach a bend in the path, take the GREEN HERB and 
    continue to slowly walk to the door at the other end of the hall.
    Whoa, now this place is REALLY sick-o.  Well-used torture devices are in 
    every available space.  Blood covers everything else.  Still worse, there's 
    a comfortable chair in the middle of the room where the doc could watch it 
    all happen at his leisure.  Kill off the zombies and take the HANDGUN 
    BULLETS from the chair and the BOWGUN ARROWS from the restraining chair on 
    the right side of the room.  Go down the stairs and use the door there.
    If you check the statue at the back of the room, you'll be asked if you 
    would like to take the RUSTED SWORD from its grasp.  Do so, and the statue 
    in the middle of the room will rise up with its handle.  The door will lock, 
    and then poison gas will leak into the room!  Quickly shove the statue's 
    handle up and behind it.
    Once you have pushed it 180 degrees, the statue lowers down.  The statue 
    that had the Rusted Sword turns around to reveal an iron maiden.  Stab the 
    Rusted Sword through the hole, and a zombie will pop out with the sword 
    impaled on it!  Kill the skewered zombie, then take the PIANO ROLL from its 
    elusive hiding place.  Leave the room.
    Something odd happens if you don't kill the zombie down here.  When you go 
    up the stairs in the TORTURE ROOM, the skewered zombie will come through the 
    door and follow you up the stairs.  Perhaps he's a relative of the zombie in 
    the original Resident Evil that went down the stairs and opened the door to 
    the kitchen.
    We've done everything the prison has to offer, so now we can get out of 
    here.  Run up the stairs and take the door out of this place.
    Tip-toe...through the baties...to the exit...with me...bleh...
    Go out the front door.
    Take the door closeby.
    Walk out of the fenced in area, then turn right into the door leading to the 
    Turn left and go through the gate.  Then enter the door just past the gate.
    Leave out the front gates.
    Follow the path to the stairs.
    Since you have a Lockpick now, you can go back to the MTF and unlock every 
    locked cabinet in there to get more ammo, if you want to.  If, like most 
    beginners, you have foolishly wasted lots of ammo, then go there to collect 
    more.  You can find HANDGUN BULLETS in the MTF Office, a FIRST AID SPRAY in 
    the Model Room, and last but definitely not least, you'll get ACID ROUNDS in 
    the Weapon Maintenance Room.  I'll be waiting here for you after you've 
    gotten the stuff.  You're back?  Okay, good.  Now let's head back to the 
    palace.  Remember to evade the bandersnatches.
    ___  __      __  __  __
    |__||__||   |__||   |__
    |   |  ||__ |  ||__ |__
    Go inside the palace.  However, before you can do that, a hearty voice 
    interrupts you.  Claire turns around and she discovers it's Albert Wesker!  
    I guess he works for the Huge Cookie Factory now, since that's probably what 
    the HCF logo on the back of his uniform stands for.
    He casually strides over to Claire, while revealing his evil plans to kill 
    Chris Redfield.  Wesker wants to kill Chris because he despises him, which 
    is exactly what he wants Claire to understand very, very much.  Claire gets 
    tossed across the yard by Wesker, and then he walks over to stomp her back 
    down to the ground.
    However, before he can finish Claire off, somebody calls him with a CODEC he 
    stole fron Solid Snake.  Wesker gives Claire one final kick, then walks 
    away.  As he leaves, he says Claire might be of some further use to him, so 
    he's "letting her live...a little longer."  He turns around with 
    Terminator-style laser eyes, before leaping over the courtyard wall with 
    this weird Matrix jump.
    Anyways, lets go into the palace before Wesker decides to annoy us some more 
    with his robot laugh and his evil mad scientist British accent.
    Go upstairs and enter the one door that you still haven't explored yet.  If 
    you haven't unlocked it yet, use the Silver Key to open the door.
    This place is thankfully free of zombie life.  Plus, Alfred left behind a 
    lot of cool stuff for you to steal.  Take the HANDGUN BULLETS from the 
    podium, the Bowgun Powder from the roulette table, and the two GREEN HERBS 
    from the bar.
    The last thing to do here is use the Piano Roll in the piano to start that 
    song you've been hearing over and over ever since beginning the game.  A 
    slot machine's door opens, revealing something blue...  It's the KING ANT 
    OBJECT.  You have finally gotten both the queen and king.  We now need to 
    pack our bags for the private residence, since we did not explore that area 
    thouroughly enough the first time.  Leave the casino.
    Walk across the balcony to the Waiting Room.
    Use your Bowgun Powder to make another batch of GUNPOWDER ARROWS.  Organize 
    your inventory:
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Bowgun
    - King Ant Object
    - Queen Ant Object
    - Full Healing Item
    You'll be facing stiff resistance unlike the last time you were at the 
    private house.  That's why we're taking an extra gun.  Take the Gold Lugers 
    Again DO NOT do anything at all with the Gunpowder Arrows.  Sorry about 
    making such a big deal about it, but if you don't use them until I say go 
    ahead, you'll save yourself a very large quantity of pain and frustration in 
    the near future.
    Quickly take cover in the secret passage before the bandersnatch can attack. 
      Get out the door.
    There are now zombies all over the place.  I would recommend running.  But, 
    if you must shoot at them, use the Bowgun because you probably have a ton of 
    ammo for it right now.  Get up the stairs at the opposite end.
    Run from the bandersnatches like always and get inside the house as fast as 
    you can.
    The bats are gone, but now there are zombies everywhere.  If you need to, 
    put them down with the Bowgun to conserve Hangun ammo.  Your ultimate goal 
    is to take the door at the top of the stairs.
    There are even more zombies in here!  Go to Alexia's bedroom first.  It's to 
    the right, remember?
    Place the Queen Ant Object in the music box and it will open up.  Remove the 
    MUSIC BOX PLATE and leave the room.
    Go to Alfred's bedroom, which is at the other end of the hall.
    Use the King Ant Object on the music box, just like in Alexia's room, and it 
    will open up.  Place the Music Box Plate here and yet another secret passage 
    will be revealed.  Up the ladder you go now!
    You emerge into a...playroom?!  Get off the carousel and search around the 
    room for a GREEN HERB and a SILVER DRAGONFLY.  You'll notice that one of the 
    drawings on the wall is an ant.  Remember the old film you saw near the 
    start of the game?  Check the Silver Dragonfly to remove the wings, just as 
    the boy did in the film.  Place the de-winged insect in the mouth of the ant 
    drawing.  The carousel will then start up, spinning around to give access to 
    a new area that's even higher up above you.  Climb up the completed ladder.
    Search the stool to the left to find a NEWSPAPER CLIP.  It tells of a girl 
    who graduated from a top university at age 10, probably Alexia.  She was 
    then offered a high position at Umbrella Inc.  Alexia is one VERY smart 
    girl...  Check behind the chair at the desk to find another box of HANDGUN 
    BULLETS, then push the box on the right to the butterfly display case.  
    Climb on top of it to find the CONFESSION LETTER.  Whoa, Alfred is EXTREMELY 
    psycho.  After you finish reading, you'll find the AIR FORCE PROOF 
    underneath the paper.  Take it, then climb down the ladder again.  If you 
    want to, you can use the INK RIBBONS in here to save at the Typewriter, 
    though I usually don't.
    Climb down the second ladder.
    Climb down from the bed.  As you try to leave, Alexia will ambush Claire 
    from behind with Alfred's sniper rifle.  Well, we get to be annoyed by yet 
    another person with a stereotypical evil British accent.  After she's done 
    with small talk, she'll fire a shot.  She misses Claire, but Alexia manages 
    to reload and get over to Claire before Claire can get out.
    But before she can shoot Claire, Steve bursts in.  He mutters in a 
    Barry-esque way "What's going on?"  Alexia shoots at Steve, but 
    misses...AGAIN.  Spoiled rich people should NOT use guns.  Steve fires a 
    flurry of bullets her way and scores a hit.  Alexia manages to escape 
    through a secret door behind a relief. That explains how she was able to 
    just pop up out of nowhere when she ambushed Claire.  Steve nearly got hit 
    by the bullet, but fortunately it's only a scratch.  They pursue Alexia 
    through the secret passage.
    Hmm...a party dress, a trail of blood, and what's this?  A blond wig?  Let's 
    look a little closer...  As Claire examines it, Alfred leaps down from above 
    the bed to attempt to crush her skull.  Not only does Claire swiftly dodge 
    the attack, but Steve manages to shove him into a wall.  He staggers up, 
    then sees his reflection in the window.  He shrieks and runs off like a 
    little girl.
    It turns out that Alfred was only PRETENDING there was an Alexia.  Just 
    after this realization hits the two...*cough* a self-destruct sequence is 
    activated...*cough.*  Not THIS again.  Capcom must really think of better 
    ways to end Resident Evil games.  Anyways follow Steve out the door.  Our 
    destination is the airport.  Forgive the long string of short sentences to 
    Exit out the door in the middle of the corridor.
    Go down all the staircases to the bottom of the room.  Then go out the front 
    Follow the path down the second set of stairs.
    Sprint down the bridge to the patiently waiting door.
    Get out the front door before Bandy can launch an attack.
    Go to the chest and organize your inventory:
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Air Force Proof
    - Army Proof
    - Full Healing Item
    Go out into the FOYER.
    Go down the long staircase and exit out the front door.
    As you skip down from the porch, Steve catches up to you.  Both of them spot 
    an amazing THREE planeloads of survivors overhead.  Steve says they ought to 
    hurry up too.  He sprints towards the MOAT.  Follow him down the stairs.
    Join Steve at the podium and he will move the platform over to the docked 
    Steve pulls the lever and the submarine quickly moves over to the airport.
    ___   __  __  __  __  ___
    |__|||__||__||  ||__|  |
    |  |||  \|   |__||  \  |
    Follow Steve down the corridor and into the next room.
    Turn left at the fork and take the door over there.
    Plug in the crests...erm...the Air Force Proof and the Army Proof at the 
    podium then press the button to go down to the plane.  If you didn't do it 
    earlier, also use the Navy Proof here.  The platform will descend so that 
    you can get to the plane's hatch.
    Walk up the stairs nearby.  Steve discovers that the bridge in the hangar is 
    blocking the way.  Claire volunteers to go and fix the problem.  Take the 
    CONTROL LEVER off the floor and exit the plane.
    After the lift carries you up, take the door out of here.
    Take the shutter behind the desk.
    Run across the bridge to the the next door.
    Take the one-man lift up into the crane box, then take the door on the other 
    side of the overlook.
    Insert the Control Lever into the console and then pull it.  The bridge will 
    raise up, clearing the path for the plane, but this also means you'll have 
    to take a long detour through the MTF and the Palace.  Go over the bridge 
    and take the door at the other end.
    Search the dead bodies in here for the AIRPORT KEY, then turn tail and 
    leave.  A reader has also told me that you can unlock a cabinet near the top 
    of the aquarium in here for a FIRST AID SPRAY.  (Whoever contributed that 
    the First Aid Spray is in the cabinet, please email me back so I will know 
    who to credit.)
    Go across the bridge again and out the door at the other end.
    Take the lift down, then use the Airport Key at the blocked-off shutter.  
    Discard the key and take the door behind the shutter.
    In here, you find out why you couldn't use the cargo elevator in the MTF 
    Courtyard.  It was because there were crates blocking the door down here.  
    Push the crate on the right under the door, then shove the second crate on 
    the left as far up as it will go, then push it under the door as well.  This 
    will allow the door to close.
    Before going up to the surface however, collect all the goodies in here.  
    Take the two GREEN HERBS, the HANDGUN BULLETS, and the GRENADE ROUNDS.  It's 
    finally time to make use of the Grenade Launcher.  Organize your inventory:
    - Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Grenade Launcher (loaded with 10 Grenade Rounds minimum)
    - Full Healing Item
    You might want to save now.  Take the elevator, and the computer will 
    announce the official countdown.  There are five minutes remaining.  
    Elsewhere on the island, Alfred is talking to himself in his female voice 
    while punching in passwords.  He says to "feel my revenge!" and releases 
    Tyrant T-078 from cold-storage to stalk you.  Meanwhile, your elevator has 
    arrived at its destination.
               ___  __  __     ___  __  __            __   __
    |\/|||   |  |  |__||__|\_/  |  |__||__|||\ |||\ || _  |__
    |  |||__ |  |  |  ||  \ |   |  |  \|  ||| \||| \||__| |   O
    Run around the corner and take the pink door there.
    Run towards the palace and an explosion will hike Claire off her feet.  The 
    debris seals off the pathway behind her.  Right after that happens, the 
    Tyrant manages to find Claire here, despite how slow it walks.  He crashes 
    through the gate in front of you and steps out to block the path.  You're 
    sandwiched between Tyrant and the fire!  If you don't kill him he'll push 
    you back into the fire!
    Tyrant's not as tough as he looks.  If you try to run past him, he'll knock 
    you back with a punch.  When you shoot him a few times, he'll slump down to 
    one knee.  Don't try to run past him when he slumps though, because he'll 
    still punch you back.  You can't get past Tyrant until you knock him down 
    Run up to Tyrant and blast him twice with the Grenade Launcher.  He'll slump 
    down from the attack, but don't shoot him when he slumps because it won't 
    hurt him.  Wait for him to get up and repeat the two-grenade attack three or 
    four times.  Tyrant will then fall flat on his face to the ground.
    Sprint past Tyrant's corpse and resume your run to the airport.
    ___  __      __  __  __
    |__||__||   |__||   |__
    |   |  ||__ |  ||__ |__
    Run to the stairs at the far end of the path.
    Go to the Steering Wheel and summon the submarine again.  Climb down.
    Throw the switch to go to the airport.
    ___   __  __  __  __  ___
    |__|||__||__||  ||__|  |
    |  |||  \|   |__||  \  |
    Go down the stairs and enter the door at the end.
    Take the door to the left.
    Take the lift down to the plane.
    Finally, the plane can take off!  Steve kicks the plane into gear and they 
    fly away as the island is destroyed by various explosions.  After they get 
    into the sky, Steve asks where they should go now that they're free.  Claire 
    says Hawaii sounds nice, so Steve decides to set course for there.
    Meanwhile, back on the island, we see Alfred drunkedly stumble towards the 
    tank in the Tank Yard.  He reveals a hidden switch on the back of the tank.  
    When he presses the button,  the tank rolls forward to expose yet another 
    secret passage.  He uses a special key he has to unlock another hangar where 
    two Harrier VTOLs are stored.  He promises to show Claire "what reeeeeeell 
    terror is ALL about!"  He flies a Harrier out of the hangar and zooms off 
    into the night.
    Meanwhile...back at the ranch...err seaplane, a sudden impact causes the 
    plane to shake violently.  While an alarm blares,  Steve checks the controls 
    and says that the cargo room door is open for some odd reason.  Claire 
    volunteers to check it out.  It's finally time to use those Gunpowder 
    Arrows.  Go to the Item Chest and organize your inventory:
    - Custom Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Bowgun (loaded with 30 Gunpowder Arrows)
    - Full Healing Item
    - Full Healing Item
    I would recommend saving your game here, as things are going to get real 
    tough in just a few moments.  When you're ready, walk out into the cargo 
    As Claire looks into the cargo hold, she sees the Tyrant has somehow gotten 
    aboard the plane.  Tyrant's hand has now mutated into a giant single claw.  
    The computer then announces that the catapult is ready to be fired.
    Since I've gotten so many emails that read "I have x amount of ammo and y 
    amount of health, can I beat Tyrant?" I decided to make a chart on how much 
    ammo it takes from each weapon to kill Tyrant.  This is how much ammo I had 
    to use per weapon in one trial run.  Use it, because I've gone to a lot of 
    trouble to make this thing:
    Knife            - don't even bother
    Handgun Bullets  - 128
    M-100P           - 84%
    Bowgun Arrows    - 84
    Gunpowder Arrows - 27
    Grenade Rounds   - 13
    COMBOS - 3 B.O.W. Gas Rounds + 5 Flame Rounds
           - 3 B.O.W. Gas Rounds + 2 Acid Rounds
           - 3 B.O.W. Gas Rounds + 2 Grenade Rounds
    The grenades were fired at close range.
    This guy is usually the toughest boss in the whole game.  It's not because 
    he's so hard to kill, no no...  It's because most people who play this game 
    are way too trigger happy to conserve ammo.  This is where the Rambo people 
    get spanked and are forced to start over, since they don't have enough ammo 
    to kill Tyrant.  If you don't have the ammo or health to kill Tyrant, tough 
    luck, it's back to the start again for you!
    Anyway, enough of my ranting.  The way to win the fight is to use the 
    catapult to cause the big crate to knock Tyrant out of the plane.  The 
    problem is, he's too strong to be pushed out by it.  You have to weaken him 
    first by shooting him or hitting him a few times with the crate.  You may 
    notice that during the battle, Tyrant will begin bleeding.  When he starts 
    leaving big bloodspots and starts to limp a little, that means he's ready to 
    be knocked out of the plane.  Watch closely for that limp for the signal to 
    press the button.
    His favorite attack is to rush at you quickly when he gets close, knocking 
    you down.  He then charges up an overhead slam punch to whack you hard.  You 
    ought to move out of the way quickly.  Don't let him trap you next to the 
    catapult controls, or you'll probably get whacked by him several times 
    before you can break free.  He's also hard to evade in the narrow space of 
    the plane.  If you have to run past him, do it on his left side, which is 
    the one with the smaller claw.  His punches are weaker on that arm.  Also, 
    be careful not to stand too close to the open cargo door at the back of the 
    plane.  If you're not careful, Tyrant will knock you out of the plane and 
    you'll be killed instantly!
    If you listened to me and saved all your Gunpowder Arrows for this fight, it 
    will be over in seconds, and you'll waste minimal ammo and life.  Simply 
    plug all your Gunpowder Arrows into Tyrant, slap the catapult switch and say 
    "Buh-bye!" to Tyrant.
    As you can see from this chart above, if you still have the B.O.W. Gas 
    Rounds, you can also kill Tyrant as easily as if you had the Gunpowder 
    Arrows.  Fire off the three B.O.W. Gas Rounds at the start of the battle, 
    then shoot a few more of any type of other grenade ammo at close range to 
    get him weak enough to knock him out.  If you don't have any of that stuff, 
    there's always the Bowgun or the Handgun, though it'll take a TON of ammo to 
    kill him as you can see from the chart.
    Even if you don't have any ammo, you can still kill Tyrant by hitting him a 
    few times with the crate.  I highly discourage doing this though, unless you 
    don't have any choice.  You'll have to constantly run back and forth past 
    Tyrant while waiting for the catapult to charge up.  I hope you saved 
    healing items better than you saved ammo, if you're forced into killing 
    Tyrant this way.
    After you win, retreat to the COCKPIT.
    Steve asks what was back there, and Claire casually says it was nothing but 
    a "giant bug that needed to be stepped on."   I don't know about you, but 
    when I first beat Tyrant I almost felt like STRANGLING Claire for joking 
    about such a difficult boss battle...  Anyway, the plane suddenly goes into 
    auto-pilot mode.  Steve tries to fix it, but nothing works.  Alfred comes on 
    over a video screen in the plane.  STILL talking in a female voice, he says 
    he cannot allow you to escape.  Claire yells "Cross-dressing freak!" at 
    Alfred before he switches off the monitor.
    We now fast-forward ahead several hours.  Night has gone to day, and Steve 
    and Claire are sleeping next to each other.  Well, actually, Steve woke up 
    early, and we now must endure the "romance" between them for the rest of 
    Steve's screen time.  Steve looks at Claire sleeping, and he decides to give 
    her a kiss.  But, right before he can make it, Claire stirs.  Steve gives up 
    the attempt and pretends to be just waking up.  He then bangs the window.
    Steve then looks outside, and sees...snow...and mountains!  While Steve 
    checks their position, Claire rises and glances out the window.  After 
    seeing that they're at a latitude of 82.1, Steve determines they are in the 
    ______   _____   _____   _____     ____
    |  _  | |  _  | |  _  | |_   _|   /__  \
    | |_| | | |_| | | |_| |   | |        / /
    |  ___| |  _  | |  _  /   | |       / /    -  THE SECRET ANTARTIC BASE
    | |     | | | | | | \ \   | |      / /__
    |_|     |_| |_| |_|  \_\  |_|     |_____|
    Claire and Steve both strap into their seats.   They see a kind of base 
    below, where all the other escape planes are!  That probably means Umbrella 
    owns this base too!  The auto-pilot tries to land the plane, but it's rather 
    unsuccessful in doing so.  After the plane's wings are torn to bits by the 
    landing, the fuselage crashes through the wall of a building.  Steve and 
    Claire are knocked unconsious by the impact.
    Be sure you save your game when you're prompted to do so.
    ___  __  __      __  __  __  __  ___   ___  __  __           __
    .|  |__||__||\ ||__ |__||  ||__|  |     |  |__ |__||\/|||\ ||__||
    .|  |  \|  || \| __||   |__||  \  |     |  |__ |  \|  ||| \||  ||__
    A little later, they wake up.  Steve bangs out the entrance hatch and drops 
    to the catwalk hanging from the wall of a huge shaft.
    Steve then holds out his arms to catch Claire while she jumps from the 
    plane.  He slips under the impact and they end up hugging each other on the 
    floor.  Claire quickly rises to her feet and offers Steve a hand.  Steve 
    refuses and gets up on his own.  Hastily changing the subject, he points out 
    that the plane is wrecked and that they'll have to find another way out.  He 
    then runs off alone again to explore.  Don't worry about having to do lots 
    of exploration again, because you'll only be around here for a VERY short 
    time, especially when compared to Part 1.  Part 1 I think is large enough to 
    be its own Resident Evil game.
    After Steve leaves, run forward and go down the ladder.  Ignore the double 
    doors to the left for now.  Instead, proceed down the walkway to the second 
    door you see.
    You'll notice that it's very dark in here.  That's because the power is out. 
      Be sure to make getting the power back on your first priority.  Walk 
    between the rows of bunks until you come to an area with a set of lockers 
    and a bookcase.  You can see a sparkly on the table here.  DON'T PICK IT UP 
    RIGHT NOW!  Instead, scrape along the bookcases while searching them to find 
    HANDGUN BULLETS, then scrape along the lockers to find a FIRST AID SPRAY and 
    another box of HANDGUN BULLETS.
    After taking these items, you may now take the BOWGUN POWDER which was the 
    sparkly.  When you do this, a dead body will fall down from the bunks.  Then 
    it will come to life!  Kill all the freshly undead, then continue to search 
    the room.  You can find a box of HANDGUN BULLETS on the lower bunk of the 
    bunk bed the first zombie fell off of, another box of HANDGUN BULLETS on the 
    other side of the bookcase, some INK RIBBONS beneath the overturned bed, the 
    TRANSPORT FACILITY MAP on the wall, and lastly the WORKER'S DIARY on the 
    The worker writes he would rather be dead than do his job here.  I think he 
    finally got his wish, heh heh.  Anyway, he says that it's rumored there's a 
    monster imprisoned here called Nosferatu.  You better hope you don't run 
    into him... Anyway, leave the room.
    About that Bowgun Powder you found, save it and don't use the explosive 
    arrows you make until I say so or you will be crying to mommy near the end 
    of the game.
    Take the set of stairs nearby.
    Go down the small set of stairs, then take the door directly in front of 
    you.  DO NOT go down the corridor to the left.
    You can hear a "scritch-scritch" sound from somewhere in the room.  Run to 
    the bookcase near the desk and push it backwards to reveal a secret room.  
    In here, you can see a small set of lockers.  One of them is rattling, so 
    that's the source of the odd noise.  You ought to go in closer to inspect 
    it...  When you get near, the locker will burst open and a rat will jump 
    out.  The rat will then run away.
    If you look inside the locker you can find the BUTLER'S LETTER.  It details 
    some of the events as to why Alfred is so insane.  As his father Alexander 
    disappeared and his sister Alexia was killed during an experiment 15 years 
    ago, he was forced to assume the responsibilities of an adult at a young age 
    and nearly lost his sanity.  So...there really WAS an Alexia, but she was 
    killed a decade and a half ago.
    Okay, now that those plot points have been cleared up somewhat, try to press 
    the switch you see in the locker.  There's no electricity, so it's not 
    working right now.  Go back to the Item Chest in the room and temporarily 
    empty your inventory so that you can gather up all the items in here.  Take 
    the BOWGUN ARROWS, the INK RIBBONS and the GREEN HERB, then search the stand 
    that has the record player on it.
    You will find ALEXANDER'S MEMO, which details upon the creation of the 
    T-virus and the founding of Umbrella.  Towards the end of the note, 
    Alexander also states that there is a room built in this facility to 
    resemble the design of his old mansion.  The mansion...from the first 
    Resident Evil?  Oh well, you have no time to think about this.  Go to the 
    Item Chest and organize your inventory:
    - Custom Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Grenade Launcher (loaded with Grenade Rounds)
    We'll be gathering up a lot of stuff in a short while so we need to conserve 
    inventory space.  Don't bother searching the cabinet, because there is no 
    way to make it open until Part Four.  Leave the room.
    Turn right and go down the corridor to see the appearance of the most 
    ANNOYING enemy ever in a RE game, the moth.  Anyway, evade this first moth 
    and quickly escape through the double doors ahead of you.
    You can dodge or kill the zombies here, but it doesn't really matter.  
    Because the power is out, you can't use any machinery in here.  Enter the 
    first set of double doors you come to.
    Equip your Grenade Launcher and get ready for a fight.  We are about to take 
    on the spiders, who have been beefed up A LOT from the past Resident Evil 
    games.  Run out into the main part of the room to grab their attention, then 
    retreat to the alcove where the exit is and shoot from there.  About two 
    shots from the Grenade Launcher ought to kill each one.  Don't think of 
    using the Custom Handgun, because all it will do is annoy them.  The spider 
    beneath the floor grating can't be killed, but it can still spit poison at 
    you.  Watch out for it.
    When you have exterminated both spiders above the floor, collect the items 
    in this room, which include two boxes of HANDGUN BULLETS on the box under 
    the conveyor belt, some BOWGUN ARROWS on the receiving platform, a GREEN 
    HERB and a BLUE HERB near the big cage in the back corner, and lastly the 
    BAR CODE STICKER next to the big spider web.  Leave after looting the place 
    of all its items.  On the way out, note there's a GASMASK inside an 
    emergency case.  The case will only open if gas floods the area.  That mask 
    could be useful later.
    Run to the north, deeper into the room, to another set of double doors.  
    Before you can open them, you'll get a brief cutscene indicating a sparkly 
    on an overhead conveyor belt.  Ignore it for now and enter the double doors.
    Gun down the zombies in here.  Take the MINING ROOM KEY from the recieving 
    platform, then look in the back corner for a body that is truly dead.  Take 
    the DETONATOR from its grasp, then use the Detonator on the plastique on the 
    locker next to you.  You can't blow up the plastique right now, so you'll 
    have to leave it alone.  On the way out, search the green lockers near the 
    rack of missiles for an ASSAULT RIFLE.  You shouldn't use it right now.  
    Save it for later when you change to Chris.  Leave the room.
    Go to the area with the door at the top of a small set of stairs.  If you 
    search to the left, you'll find an alcove where the controls for the 
    conveyor belts are.  Go to the box on the conveyor belt and post the Bar 
    Code Sticker on it.  Turn around and unlock the door on the stairs with the 
    Mining Room Key.  Discard the key and enter the room.
    After entering the room, climb up the ledges to your right and examine the 
    hole in the pipe on the work platform.  You will be told it is a octagonal 
    hole, and that the hole is for sealing off poison gas if it leaks into the 
    area.  The reason we are doing this is because eventually you will have to 
    check the hole to solve a puzzle.  It's better to do it now while you're in 
    the area.  Enter the other door in this room.
    There are three dogs in here, but currently they are sleeping.  Immediately 
    turn left then hook right into an alcove where a dog is sleeping.  Kill it , 
    then wait for the other dog to foolishly rush into the path of your bullets. 
      The last dog is in an alcove further down the "corridor."  As it is waking 
    up, kill it.
    You are now free to safely explore the room.  Walk around the X supports of 
    a platform above you, and eventually you'll come to a glowing panel.  
    Activate the panel to start up the generator.  Next, go back to the alcove 
    where you killed the first two dogs and activate the switchboard there to 
    get the power running through the facility.  The lights will come on and you 
    can now see clearly at long last.
    Search the room for items.  If you sniff around on the outer walls of the 
    chamber, you'll stumble upon four GREEN HERBS and two boxes of HANDGUN 
    BULLETS.  If you look around on the middle piece of machinery, you'll 
    discover another GREEN HERB.  Combine three of the Green Herbs to make one 
    FULL GREEN MIXTURE.  You can use the last two to heal CAUTION status if you 
    were wounded during the battle.  Leave the room.
    Cool, at long last we get some music.  Leave the room through the other door 
    in this room.
    Go down the steps, then enter the alcove where the control panels were.  
    Activate the one with the blue light to send the mysterious sparkly on its 
    merry way.  Then, throw the switch next to the belt to send the crate you 
    posted the Bar Code Sticker on to another room.  Go back to the B.O.W. 
    The sparkly you saw on the crate was a MAGNUM.  It will go to the ARMORY 
    after you turn on the conveyor belt, but you won't be able to pick it up 
    right now.  The reason is because the power caused a broken wire to start a 
    fire in that room.  The fire will keep you from getting the gun.  You'll 
    have to wait until Part Four before you can pick up the Magnum.
    Collect the GAS MASK from the cabinet nearby, then leave the room.
    Go back to the set of double doors you used to enter this room the first 
    Snipe the moths from where you are with a gun, then enter the ANTARTIC 
    Because power is now supplied, you can push the switch in the locker.  The 
    lockers will slide aside to reveal ANOTHER secret room.  Go inside and 
    Claire will kneel down to see a downright hideous-looking guy under the wire 
    mesh.  I believe we have found the Nosferatu mentioned in the Worker's 
    Diary.  After the scene is over, look inside this room for the PLANT POT, 
    which has no herb for once.  Check underneath it to discover the MACHINE 
    ROOM KEY taped to the bottom of it.  Leave the secret room and go to the 
    Item Chest to organize your inventory:
    - Custom Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Gasmask
    - Machine Room Key
    - Full Healing Item
    Run straight for the stairs.  If you move fast enough you won't have to 
    fight the moths.
    Run to those double doors you passed by at the beginning of this part.
    Turn left up here and unlock the door you come to with the Machine Room Key. 
      Discard it and enter the room.
    DON'T check the machinery in front of you.  Instead, go to the door at the 
    other end of the catwalk.
    Take my most hated item in all of Resident Evi history, the VALVE HANDLE.  
    This thing really drove me nuts in Resident Evil 2.  It has a square-shaped 
    end, so we can't use it yet to turn off the gas.  See?  It's already 
    irritating us!  Turn around again and leave.
    Steve pops up out of nowhere, and then tells you his plan to escape the 
    base.  There's an Australian observation base only a few miles away.  Steve 
    says they can get out of the building if they use the digging vehicle to 
    bust through the base's wall.  Steve then gets to work using the crane to 
    lift the digging vehicle to the right ledge.  Well, this plan WOULD have 
    gone smoothly, if Steve hadn't temporarily taken a moment off to check out 
    Clare.  Claire then wakes him up from his trance, but not before he can 
    accidentally break a pipe that releases toxic gas into the area.  They are 
    forced to retreat out of the room.
    Steve frets about his mistake, and Claire gets him to calm down.  Claire 
    says they will have a better chance of shutting off the gas if they split 
    up.  I dunno what Steve could do, as he has neither the tool nor the gasmask 
    required to get into the room and shut it off.  Anyway, he sprints off to 
    look for some way to help.  Go to the other extreme end of the catwalk and 
    enter the door there.
    There's lots of neat stuff in here, including two boxes of HANDGUN BULLETS, 
    an INK RIBBON, a BLUE HERB, and a GREEN HERB.  Take it all, then use the 
    machine in the back of the room to make the Valve Handle an OCTA VALVE 
    HANDLE, so it can fit the hole in the Mining Shaft.  Leave the room.
    If you didn't check the hole for shutting off the gas in the Mining Shaft, 
    then you won't be able to cut the Valve Handle into its proper shape.  Go 
    and check the hole now if you haven't already.  Also, don't bother trying to 
    get inside the cage the zombie is in, because you won't be able to get in 
    there until Part 4.
    Leave through the double doors.
    Go downstairs.
    Snipe the moths from the stairs, then go inside the ANTARTIC OFFICE.
    If you got implanted or poisoned in the last room, DON'T use a Blue Herb 
    yet.  You'll have to make another run through the moths anyway, so its kind 
    of stupid to use up a Blue Herb only to get poisoned again right after you 
    use it.  Go to the Item Chest and organize your inventory:
    - M-100P
    - Gasmask
    - Octa Valve Handle
    - Full Healing Item
    - Blue Herb (if you have one)
    Save your game and then leave the room.
    You are about to change characters.  Everything that you give to Claire 
    right now you won't be able to get back again until late in Part 4.  So, 
    choose wisely what you decide to give to Claire, otherwise you'll be lacking 
    in supplies once you begin Chris' part of the game.
    Try to get out through the double doors without being poisoned/implanted.
    If you were poisoned/implanted, then use the Blue Herb.  Try not to shoot at 
    the zombies as you move through the room, because you'll need to conserve 
    what ammo you have for the fight to come.  Enter the door at the top of the 
    little staircase.
    Go to the hole in the pipe and use the Octa Valve Handle to shut off the 
    gas.  At that point Alfred springs another ambush, but it gets foiled when 
    Steve suddenly launches his own surprise attack.  After Alfred misses THREE 
    shots in a row, Steve fires a burst and manages to knock Alfred over the 
    railing.  After hitting the floor near the cliff, Alfred is in extreme pain. 
      He reaches over to grab his rifle, but the cliff gives way beneath him.  
    He plummets into the fog and disappears.  Suddenly, there is a loud 
    growling.  Meanwhile, back at the ANTARTIC OFFICE, Nosferatu manages to 
    break free from captivity and is now on the loose in the base.  The scene 
    will shift back to Claire and Steve.
    Take the SNIPER RIFLE Alfred dropped to start the next cinema.  Steve orders 
    you into the digging vehicle and he starts it up.  The drill starts going 
    into the wall.   The ice the drill is breaking through melts into water that 
    fills up the base as Steve drills on.  They finally crash out of the base's 
    wall.  Steve and Claire then leap out and climb a ladder up to a helipad 
    because "maybe we can escape through there!"
    Steve urges you onto the stairs, but before you go, check the heliport 
    beacons on the bottom of the heliport (from the camera's view) to discover a 
    box of HANDGUN BULLETS and a FIRST AID SPRAY.  When you're ready, take the 
    Claire starts down them, but then she sees someone coming up in the opposite 
    direction, someone with heavy footsteps...  It's Nosferatu, and he's coming 
    after you!  The first time I saw this, I was wondering how he was going to 
    attack me, as his hands were tied behind his back.  My question was then 
    answered as tentacles sprouted from his body.  "Oooohhhh...so THAT'S how 
    he's going to attack me..." I said.
    Anyway, Nosferatu swats Steve off the helipad like a fly before he can fire 
    a shot.  Claire runs to look over the edge, but fortunately Steve did not 
    fall to the ground.  He just managed to grab onto one of the heliport's 
    supports before he could fall.  Claire says she'll help him after she 
    "wastes that monster!"
    Nosferatu has two attacks.  The first one is to swings his tentacle around 
    in a long arc, while dropping poison vapors that blow in the direction of 
    the wind.  If you are poisoned, don't bother using a BLUE HERB because it 
    will have no effect on Nosferatu's special poison.  The arc can also slap 
    you around.  You might fall off the helipad and die when this happens.  His 
    second attack is to grab you if you get too close.  After he grabs you, 
    he'll throw you with a mighty toss.  This can also end up killing you, 
    because you might fall off the helipad.
    You should have the Sniper Rifle equipped.  Note how Nosferatu has a large, 
    exposed heart in the middle of his chest.  That is what you ought to aim 
    for.  If you PRECISELY hit him on the heart, you'll get a special scene of 
    Claire taking Nosferatu out with a single bullet.  Get behind Nosferatu, 
    then aim with R1.  Use L1 to zoom in and out.  When Nosferatu turns around, 
    you'll have a good shot at his heart, and his poison gas clouds won't be 
    distracting you.  You only get the seven bullets the rifle comes with, so 
    don't waste them.  Even so, you should use up all the bullets for the rifle 
    here.  The reason is because you won't get to use this gun again after the 
    Be careful when sniping, as Nosferatu appears much farther away than he 
    really is when you look at him through the scope.  If you stand still for 
    too long, he might suprise you by hurling you off the helipad, so stay 
    mobile while sniping.   If you run out of bullets for the Sniper Rifle, then 
    use the M-100P'S.  Fire constantly and Nosferatu will be too busy being 
    pushed back by the bullets to attack.  It will take about a third of your 
    ammo to kill him even if you already used the Sniper Rifle, so I hope you 
    didn't waste a lot of ammo for the guns on the way here.
    After you win, Claire helps Steve up to firmer ground, and they both head 
    down the stairs.  They discover a large snow-cat that they can use to travel 
    to the Australian observation base.  They take off into the tundra.
    Meanwhile, deep inside the base...  Alfred staggers down a corridor, 
    promising to Claire that he will never forget what she has done.  He 
    stumbles into a lab, muttering "Alexia..."  Suddenly, the computers in the 
    lab activate by themselves, releasing a woman from a tube.  It is Alexia.  
    Alfred's final words after this occurs are "Alexia...you're finally 
    awake...Alexiaaaaaaaaahhhhh......."  He then slumps dead.
    A tentacle then crashes out of the complex, streaking across the tundra at 
    lightning speed.  Steve spots it in the rearview mirror as it approaches 
    their vehicle.  Claire tries to evade it but the tentacle is upon the 
    snow-cat before she can even turn the wheel.  The vehicle is then beaten up 
    and down with Claire and Steve rolling over each other.
    Again the scene returns to the secret lab.  Alexia sits on the floor while 
    she strokes Alfred's hair.  On a monitor, she sees the snowmobile burning 
    ______   _____   _____   _____     _____
    |  _  | |  _  | |  _  | |_   _|   |___  |
    | |_| | | |_| | | |_| |   | |      ___| |
    |  ___| |  _  | |  _  /   | |     |___  |  -  ROCKFORT ISLAND REVISITED
    | |     | | | | | | \ \   | |      ___| |
    |_|     |_| |_| |_|  \_\  |_|     |_____|
    While all this mess is happening in Antartica, a boat arrives at Rockfort 
    Island.  Somebody gets out and prepares to scale the cliff.  It turns out to 
    be Chris Redfield.  Leon managed to contact Chris, and despite what Steve 
    said, he DID come to help.
    We hear a awesome music score as he scales the cliff.  Chris is doing really 
    good, but at one point he accidentally grabs a loose rock.  After it breaks 
    in his hand, Chris drops his bag in the water below and nearly falls 
    himself.  However, he bears with the loss and continues on without the extra 
    gear.  Eventually, he climbs over the lip of a ledge where a cave is.
               ___  __  __     ___  __  __            __   __
    |\/|||   |  |  |__||__|\_/  |  |__||__|||\ |||\ || _  |__
    |  |||__ |  |  |  ||  \ |   |  |  \|  ||| \||| \||__| |   O
    As soon as Chris enters the cavern, an earthquake causes a rockslide, 
    sealing off the entrance.  Well, looks like the search for Claire is off to 
    a real good start. :)  Anyway, take the GREEN HERB and proceed around the 
    corner.  Chris finds Rodrigo down here.
    Rodrigo tells Chris about what happened and says that he helped Claire 
    escape.  Chris thanks him for helping Claire, and then suddenly Rodrigo is 
    swallowed by the Gulp Worm that Claire saw in the MTF Courtyard!  Chris says 
    to himself that he must save him.  Run around the corner to find a Item 
    Chest.  Take the BOWGUN ARROWS, the INK RIBBONS, then organize your 
    - Custom Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Full Healing Item
    Take the door nearby.
    This worm's no big deal.  Basically, all it does is pop out of the ground, 
    and then it will do one of three attacks.  It will try to hit you as it 
    dives into the dirt again, it will cause rocks to fall from the ceiling and 
    then dive into the dirt, or it'll do a quick surface and dive that's 
    difficult to evade.
    Turn right and head for the area where the tunnel curves.  Run in circles in 
    this area, and the Gulp Worm will have a difficult time hitting you.  Watch 
    for where the dirt moves so you'll know where the worm is.  It's real easy 
    as long as you keep running around, only pausing to shoot when the worm 
    If you kill the worm in time, it will spit out Rodrigo and the worm will 
    die.  Rodrigo repays the favor by giving you the Lighter that Claire gave 
    him in Part 1.  He then dies.
    After that happens, gather up all the goodies in the room, which are a GREEN 
    HERB, a BLUE HERB, a box of HANDGUN BULLETS, and a quiver of BOWGUN ARROWS.  
    You can see an elevator in one end of this room, but don't take it yet.  
    Instead, go back to the door you used to get in here.
    Walk around the corner to the left, then check the wall to your right.  You 
    will find a relief of a monk holding an unlit torch.  A phrase written here 
    reads "Dedicate a light on my right hand."  Use your light to light the 
    torch and a secret compartment beneath the statue will open, revealing two 
    SUB-MACHINE GUNS!  Take them, and then go to the Item Chest in the area to 
    organize your inventory:
    - Custom Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Full Healing Item
    Leave the room.
    Note that the Gulp Worm's corpse has vanished...how long were we in that 
    other room anyway?  Take the elevator at the other end of the passageway.
    Kill off all the zombies in here, as you will be passing through this room 
    quite frequently.  As the single door in this room is blocked by an 
    "unmoveable" barrel, you'll have to take the double doors.
    Do as Alfred did in the cutscene at the end of Part One and press the switch 
    on the back of the tank.  It will roll aside and reveal the secret passage 
    that Alfred used to escape the island.  Before taking the elevator down, 
    pick up the HANDGUN BULLETS someone carelessly left underneath the tank.
    Run down this dull corridor until you collide with a cache of items.  Take 
    the SHOTGUN SHELLS, the BLUE HERB, and the GREEN HERB.  At the end of the 
    hall you'll find the door Alfred opened to get into his VTOL hangar.  You 
    don't have the special key Alfred used to get in, so you'll need to do some 
    exploring.  DO NOT pick up the BATTERY PACK yet.
    Take the INK RIBBONS, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and the HANDGUN BULLETS from the desk, 
    then take the GREEN HERB and the ACID ROUNDS from the lockers.  Free up your 
    inventory a little at the Item Chest, then examine the drawers in the back 
    corner with the helmet on top of it.  This is a small puzzle that you can 
    solve to get Steve in Battle Mode after you complete the game.  If you know 
    the proper way to mix a BROWN MIXTURE from herbs, then this puzzle is cake.
    1.  Open the red drawer.
    2.  Open the green drawer.
    3.  Open the blue drawer.  (something unlocks)
    4.  Open the brown drawer to receive the LUGER REPLICA.
    This model of the Golden Lugers can't be used as a weapon, and serves no 
    purpose in the main story game.  You only get it to unlock Steve in the 
    Battle Game.  Stow it away in the Item Chest and forget about it for the 
    rest of the game.
    While you're there, organize your inventory:
    - Custom Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Grenade Launcher (whatever type has the most rounds, preferably Flame)
    Take the BATTERY PACK at the end of the hall and head for the elevator.  
    Before you can do that, two spiders crash out of a vent in front of you.  
    Kill them with the Grenade Launcher, since this room is bound to be an area 
    you will pass through frequently.  When they are dead, go up in the 
    Use the double doors.
    Walk around the back of the jeep to discover a slot in a lift platform.  Put 
    the Battery Pack here to get the elevator running again, then use it to 
    ascend to the second floor.  Turn left to find a little stand.  Take the 
    CHEMICAL STORAGE KEY here, then read the ALLOY REPORT.  This document is 
    important to this part of the game.  It'll hint at what you need to spend 
    Part 3 doing.
    You need to get Clement a and Clement Z, mix them together, then use them on 
    an Eagle Plate to get a Halbred.  You'll then be able to use the Halbred 
    like Alfred did to open up the hangar to escape!  But first, we have to 
    actually FIND these ingredients...
    After finishing your reading, go back across the elevator platform and take 
    the door you come to.
    Walk down the hall some and Chris will hear someone singing.  It turns out 
    to be Alexia on one of the video screens in the control room.  She's still 
    caring for her dead brother.  Chris mumbles "Who is THAT?"
    Meanwhile, at the airport, Wesker is looking at a computer, getting worried 
    about Alexia awakening from her sleep in the cryo chamber too soon.  Wesker 
    then accidentally hits a wrong button, and a screen shows the security 
    camera's view of the control room where Chris is.  Wesker says "Oh little 
    fishy come see my hook!" and says he's sending some company.  He opens a 
    container, and activates a small hovercraft with a spotlight on it.  We'll 
    call these spotters from now on.  He laughs in his stereotypical evil laugh 
    while a green monster climbs out of the container.
    The scene quickly shifts back to Chris.  Take the door in this control room.
    Whoa, this place is real different from when Claire explored it.  The lower 
    floor now has a huge gaping hole in it, preventing you from crossing to any 
    other doors except the one to the Security Hall.  We get a quick scene of an 
    EAGLE PLATE falling into the sewer and being dragged down into the depths.  
    There's nothing you can do to reach it, so take the door across the balcony 
    from you.
    A hole has now been blown in the wall, giving you access to the MTF LAB.  
    Gun down the zombies shambling about, then take the SIDEPACK from the top of 
    the fallen cabinet in the lab area.  You can also find BOWGUN ARROWS on the 
    floor nearby.  Go out the way you came in, since the door in the lab only 
    leads to a deadend for now.
    Run across to the door on the other side of the balcony.
    Take the elevator down to B1F.
    Go down the new stairs.  You can see a SHOTGUN mounted on the wall, but 
    don't take it yet.  Instead, collect the FLAME ROUNDS from the shelf, and 
    the HANDGUN BULLETS off the floor.  There's also some INK RIBBONS here, but 
    I wouldn't fuss with them.  Take the door nearby.
    You may recognize this as the place where Alfred unleashed the Tyrant.  Take 
    the GREEN HERB at the foot of the stairs, then go up the steps.  Run around 
    the railing and across the wire mesh platform.  At the end of the platform, 
    you'll come to a terminal on the wall.  Activate it and one of the huge 
    containers will descend.  Search the top of the canister to find ASSAULT 
    RIFLE BULLETS.  Leave out the double doors up here.
    If you want them, you can get some BOWGUN ARROWS on your left in a corner.  
    You also can see a sparkly on the turntable, but DON'T pick it up yet or 
    you'll be sorry.  Enter the door across the room from the turntable.
    Walk through various electronic doors until you enter the lab itself.  
    Before picking up anything else, go to the back of the lab and search the 
    table there for a RED HERB and a BLUE HERB.  Use these with the GREEN HERB 
    you found in the Tyrant Lab to make a BROWN MIXTURE.
    Next, search the chemical refrigerator near the table with the ammo on it.  
    Use the CHEMICAL STORAGE KEY here to unlock it. You will now be asked to 
    reset the temperature of the refrigerator.   Remember that the ALLOY REPORT 
    said that Clement Z would change color at a certain temperature, and that 
    the temperature was the same as the date of completion of this facility.
    Think back a long time ago, in the Model Room, when you looked at the podium 
    honoring the facility's completion...  It said December 8th, remember?   
    Punch in "12.8," then hit the activation button.  A chemical will change to 
    blue, indicating the right vial to take.  Take CLEMENT Z, then collect the 
    HANDGUN BULLETS and the SHOTGUN SHELLS in the room.  Leave.
    Get your Grenade Launcher ready.  This time, look at the sparkly.  Take the 
    DOOR KNOB, and Chris will then be seen by a spotter.  An alarm will go off, 
    and you'll get a POV shot of an agile creature.  It springs about the 
    Warehouse,  before leaping down the turntable shaft...
    ..and then landing on the crates next to you.  It's a hunter, one of the 
    longest running enemies in the RE series.  Unfortunately, the creators 
    decided to use the green, tough fighting machines from the original Resident 
    Evil for this game.  Oh well, enough distractions, blast away the hunter and 
    his buddy with the Grenade Launcher, then leave out the double doors.
    Remember the original Resident Evil, when the hunters replaced all the 
    zombies in the mansion?  They'll do the same here!  Only, now the hunters 
    have little cameras to help them find you even faster!
    Walk to the door at the other end of the passage.
    Take the SHOTGUN from the wall and the hooks will rise up to activate a 
    pulley which causes the stairs to rise up.  You might have to sacrifice a 
    health item to get the Shotgun if you've been picking up too many items.  
    This seals off one passage while opening up another.  Run under the stairs 
    and jump into the water.  Climb up the ledge at the other end of the 
    wateray, then blast the zombie who drags himself out of the water.  Take the 
    ladder up, and ignore the RED HERBS right now.
    Oh look, two adorably cute spotters are running around in here.  Try your 
    best to evade the spotter's searchlights as you go to the VTOL OFFICE.
    You probably have A LOT of junk in your inventory now, so go to the Item 
    Chest and organize your inventory:
    - Custom Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Grenade Launcher
    - Shotgun
    - Door Knob
    - Green Herb
    Evade the spotters and take the manhole's ladder down.
    Take both RED HERBS.  Use one of the Red Herbs here to make a RED-GREEN 
    MIXTURE.  Place the Shotgun back on the rack to make the stairs come down, 
    then go up the steps and take the elevator to 2F.
    Go into the control room and take the door in there.  Shoot any undead who 
    try to stop you.
    Run across the balcony to the other door.
    Quickly run through the hole in the wall to escape the spotter's beam.  Take 
    the door in the lab area.
    Use the DOOR KNOB on the door-knobless door.  Take the door.
    Turn right to find a box of HANDGUN BULLETS, then go left past the door to 
    find another small stand.  This time you get a TANK OBJECT.  Leave the room.
    Enter the lab as the stairs are blocked at the bottom.
    Exit out the door in the hall.  If you get spotted just run for it, because 
    you'll never have to come back to this room again anyway.
    Take the door across the balcony.
    Take the elevator to 1F.
    Turn right at the fork and enter the Model Room.  Watch out for the spotter 
    directly in front of the door.
    Use the Tank Object on the model to reveal a secret compartment behind a 
    painting.  Take the TURNTABLE KEY, and read the PASSAGE MEMO.  Alfred writes 
    in the note that a secret passage can be opened here using the "diorama 
    trick".  Note the curious holes beneath the lever in the secret compartment. 
      Don't they look like they fit the Proofs from Part 1?  You better bring 
    them here from the airport!  Leave the room.
    Take the elevator to B1F.  Don't worry about the spotter; it's scurried off 
    to somewhere else.
    Go down the stairs and enter the door at the bottom.
    Go up the stairs, and after you walk around some, Wesker will make his 
    appearance to Chris, with that robotic laugh again.  Chris accuses Wesker of 
    attacking the island and his sister, then pulls his gun.  But Wesker uses 
    superhuman speed and strengh to knock him flying across the room before he 
    can even raise the weapon.
    As Chris moans, Wesker calmly adjusts his sunglasses before zooming over to 
    grab him by the throat.  Chris gets hiked off the ground and up into the 
    air.  As Wesker chokes him, he tells Chris that his sister is in Antartica, 
    and that its too bad he won't get to see her again.  As Alferd continues to 
    laugh, someone else joins in with his laughter.  It's Alexia on a video 
    screen.  The image quickly fades away as fast as it appeared.  Wesker, 
    suprised by the image, throws Chris into a glass tube, which cracks it.  A 
    bandersnatch claws its way out.
    You are now in control.  Sprint past the bandersnatch and out the double 
    doors, since you'll never be coming to this room again anyway.
    Use the Turntable Key on the console in the turntable to raise it up.
    Thanks to a hole in the wall, you have easy access to the lobby.  Before 
    going inside, climb over the crate blocking the way, then push the crate 
    near the gap between the double stacked crates.  Climb up and search on top 
    to find BOWGUN POWDER.  Go inside the lobby.  Whoa!  What a mess...anyway, 
    leave out the front door, and get your running shoes ready.
    Like every other batch of explosive arrows you make, never use the Gunpowder 
    Arrows you make with the Bowgun Powder until I tell you to use them.
    Quickly turn right and scrape along the wall to elude the hunters.  Take the 
    cargo elevator Claire used after the self-destruct sequence was activated.
    ___   __  __  __  __  ___
    |__|||__||__||  ||__|  |
    |  |||  \|   |__||  \  |
    Organize your inventory:
    - Custom Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Grenade launcher
    - Full Healing Item
    Leave out the shutter.
    Kill off the hunter that approaches from the left.  Take the one-man lift 
    up, then use the door up here.
    Go across the bridge to the door at the other side.
    Go to the blue lights to find the controls for the bridge's oil pressure.  
    The goal for this puzzle is to get 7 liters of oil into the 10-liter tank.  
    You only have  3- and 5-liter tanks available though.  So how do you do it?  
    Follow my directions.
    1.  Use the 5-liter tank.
    2.  Use the 3-liter tank twice.  After the 10-liter tank empties after the 
    second usage, you'll have 1 liter left inside the 3-liter tank.
    3.  Empty the 10-liter tank
    3. Use the 3-liter tank three times.
    The oil pressure on the bridge will now be fixed.  As you make for the door, 
    the zombies in the back of the room come to life.  Run for it, because all 
    you will get for putting them down is a box of SHOTGUN SHELLS.
    Run to the other end of the bridge and use the lever to send the bridge down 
    to the first floor.  Leave.
    Take the lift down, then exit out the shutter to the left.
    Blast the hunter that is lurking about on the bridge, then use the shutter 
    at the other end of the passage.
    Evade or kill the zombies here, I don't really care.  Just take the door 
    near the fish tank.
    Kill the hunter, then use the glowing monitor to shut off the electricity 
    running to the boarding platform, then take all three Proofs.  Leave.
    Take the shutter behind the desk.
    Guess what you are supposed to do here.
    Enter the shutter dead ahead.
    Organize your inventory:
    - Custom Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Grenade Launcher
    - Full Healing Item
    - Navy Proof
    - Air Force Proof
    - Army Proof
    - Chris's Handgun
    You'll only need the Handgun Chris brought if you want to modify it.  It's 
    not really necessary, because the Custom Handgun you already have is 
    adequate protection.  Take the elevator after making your choice.
    Quickly get into the front door as the new, poison hunters are closing in.
    Take the door past the destroyed shutter.
    Gun down the zombie that is in your face upon entering.  Note that a box of 
    SHOTGUN SHELLS has been shaken loose from the shelf near you.  Take them 
    then enter the cubicle.  Kill the zombie that pitifully tries to stand in 
    your way.  Search the locker nearby for a bag of ACID ROUNDS.  Walk into the 
    back of the cubicle and you will discover that the back wall here has been 
    blown in.  Go through the hole and out the door in the hall.
    Go into the fenced-off area.  Take the ladder there.  You can easily slide 
    around the sleeping zombie.
    Throw the switch nearby you to turn off the gas.  This will make the main 
    area of the room passable again.  Gun down the zombies with Chris's Handgun 
    (as you'll get a free reload for it shortly), and take the door past the big 
    Kill the hunter in here, and run to the door across the room from you.
    Walk around the corner into the area with all the supplies.  Take CLEMENT a 
    from the shelf to the left.  Two ingredients down, one to go...  If you 
    brought Chris's Handgun with you, use it with the modification part on the 
    desk to make an ENHANCED HANDGUN.  You'll also get a free reload for doing 
    this.  Leave.
    Run across the room to the door you used to enter this room.  All the other 
    doors are blocked anyway.
    Go across the room and take the door at the top of the stairs.
    Go into the elevator and take it to 1F.
    Turn right at the fork, and use the door at the end of the hall.
    Plant all three crests, err, Proofs in the hole beneath the secret 
    compartment.  All the laser beams will deactivate, giving you access to a 
    lever.  Pull this lever and the whole model will slide into the wall to 
    reveal the secret passage Alfred mentioned in the SECRET PASSAGE NOTE.  
    Before going down the ladder, take the GREEN HERB and the two boxes of 
    SHOTGUN SHELLS hidden behind the podium.
    There are spiders lingering above.  Use your Grenade Launcher to blow them 
    up.  Take the GRENADE ROUNDS and the GREEN HERB.  Go down the ladder at the 
    other end of the corridor.
    Walk until you come to a group of two GREEN HERBS, and a BLUE HERB.  Use 
    three GREEN HERBS to make a FULL GREEN MIXTURE.  You are gonna need one for 
    what's just around the corner.  As you move forward some more, we see the 
    Eagle Plate in the water!...with something else...It's the albinoid that 
    escaped the lab upstairs, and the little guy sure has grown.
    The adult albinoid will not come out of the water to attack, but 
    unfortunately, that is exactly where you need to go to get the Eagle Plate.  
    Every time you jump in the water, it'll start electrocuting the water.  The 
    electricity will hurt you very badly.
    You COULD try to shoot it to death from the surrounding ledge, but its a 
    heckuva lot easier just to leap into the water, get the EAGLE PLATE, 
    quickturn, then get out of there before you are too severely damaged by 
    electricity.  It will likely cost you the Full Green Mixture you recently 
    made, but you would have wasted a TON of ammo just trying to hit the 
    Finally, you now have all three ingredients to create the key to get out of 
    here.  Let's be making our way back to the VTOL CORRIDOR.  Get the HANDGUN 
    BULLETS here and taunt the albinoid on the way out.
    Take the ladder at the other end of the corridor.
    Leave out the door in here.
    Take the elevator to B1F.
    Go down the stairs, take the Shotgun from its resting place, and wade 
    through the water to the ladder on the other side of the room.
    Enter the VTOL OFFICE.  We have some preparations to make before takeoff.
    Organize your inventory:
    - Enhanced Handgun
    - Handgun Bullets
    - Shotgun
    - Shotgun Shells
    - Clement a
    - Clement Z
    - Eagle Plate
    - Full Healing Item
    - Empty Extinguisher
    Mix Clement a and Clement Z to get the CLEMENT MIXTURE.  Use the Clement 
    Mixture on the Eagle Plate to get the HALBERD!  At long last we have the key 
    we need to get out of here!  Leave.
    Use the Halbred on the door to the left to open up the hangar.  As Chris 
    walks in, automated machinery guides a Harrier into position for takeoff.  
    Chris says to himself that he's coming for Claire.  According to his 
    biography in the original Resident Evil, he was formerly with the Air Force, 
    so he knows how to pilot one of these things.  He climbs in and zooms off 
    into the night.
    ______   _____   _____   _____     _   _
    |  _  | |  _  | |  _  | |_   _|   | | | |
    | |_| | | |_| | | |_| |   | |     | |_| |
    |  ___| |  _  | |  _  /   | |     |___  |  -  THE SECRET ANTARTIC
    | |     | | | | | | \ \   | |         | |       BASE REVISITED
    |_|     |_| |_| |_|  \_\  |_|         |_|
    Several hours later, it's daybreak and Chris has finally found the secret 
    base in Antartica.
    Chris skillfully guides his plane into a hangar as automated machinery 
    brings over a ladder for him to disembark on.  After you regain control, 
    leave the room out the silver door.
    Tentacles have bashed through the walls, but fortunately they are too short 
    to reach you.  Stand at a safe distance while pounding them full of Handgun 
    Bullets until they go away.  Take the stairs at the far end of the platform.
    As the moths are not adapted to cold weather, they have all died...boo hoo, 
    boo hoo hoo... :)  Take the door straight ahead.  There is nothing down the 
    left way except for a zombie ambush and a pot of BLUE HERBS.  The door 
    leading to the Convyeor Belt Room over there is blocked by ice now anyway.
    Look at the pillar near the locked cabinet you couldn't open before.  Place 
    the Halbred here to unlock the cabinet.  Inside, you will find a PAPER 
    Before you begin reading, keep in mind this file was written 15 years 
    before, in 1983.  In this file, a teenaged-Alferd says he knows there is a 
    hidden room in a hallway.  Be sure you make note of the part about needing 
    the family jewels to open the secret room.  Another interesting thing the 
    file talks about is how Nosferatu was created with a little help from 
    Alexia's virus and her dad Alexander...  After you've had enough of reading 
    about the dysfunctional Ashford family, go to the Item Chest and organize 
    your inventory:
    - Shotgun
    - Shotgun Shells
    - Empty Extinguisher
    - Full Healing Item
    Go up the stairs in front of you.
    Take the set of double doors on this walkway.
    Cool room.  Anyway, go left and take the door at the end of the catwalk.
    This place has also been filled up with ice.  Run over to where Claire used 
    the OCTA VALVE HANDLE and take it.  As you try to exit the room, all the 
    zombies come to life and attack you.  Beware, some of the zombies were 
    implanted by the moths earlier.  If you get too close, a parasite will burst 
    out of the body and cling to your back, like the moth eggs.  You'll have to 
    wait for them to let go too.  Run along the outer wall to avoid fighting, as 
    you'll never be coming back to this room again anyway.  Escape out the door 
    you used to enter.   The other door in this room leads to a dead end.
    Go to the other end of the catwalk and take the door before the broken 
    Kill off the zombies, then search inside the cage that was inaccesible 
    earlier.  Take the DURALUMIM CASE and the SHOTGUN SHELLS.  Leave.
    As ice has filled the room, you can now cross the gap that was inaccessible 
    to Claire.  Take the door you find here.
    Chris sees a spotter heading right for him.  Wesker must be around here too. 
      It's almost impossible to evade the spotter's beam, so don't feel bad if 
    you are seen.  Stay where you are and aim at the turn ahead of you.  The 
    hunter will come from a long ways down the corridor, so he's a sitting duck. 
      Knock him down, then stand over the hunter and fire down to finish him 
    off.  Take the double doors nearby.
    You have to have the Empty Extinguisher in order to get the Magnum.  If you 
    don't have the Empty Extinguisher, you should skip this section until the 
    If you look inside the water tank, you can see a sparkly.  Unfortunatley, 
    the water is too deep to traverse.  Also, your Octa Valve Handle is not the 
    right shape.  Don't fret, we'll be able to fix that a little later.  Press 
    the blue button on the console in the middle of the room to raise a barrel 
    of extinguishant up to your level.  Refill the Fire Extinguisher, then take 
    the elevator nearby.
    You can see that a fire has started in this room.  If you have it, use your 
    Fire Extinguisher to put out the blaze, then take the all-mighty MAGNUM from 
    the crate.  Go to the back of the room where Claire put the detonator in the 
    plastique.  Use the Lighter to ignite the explosive.  Open the cabinet to 
    get three boxes of HANDGUN BULLETS.
    You see, I told you you would be kicking yourself for not hanging onto the 
    Emtpy Extinguisher :)  If you didn't bring it, you would not have been able 
    to get the Magnum at all.  Take the elevator after collecting the stuff.
    Leave out the double doors.
    The spotter is active again, and he also has another buddy with him.  Go 
    left immediately to get away from the first spotter.  You now have to get 
    past a second spotter.  When you hear the "rhee" noise, run past and get in 
    the elevator.
    You can hear splashing somewhere nearby, but ignore it for now.  Take the 
    door in front of you.
    Take the door to your immediate left.
    Go to the corner of the room with the green light, and use your Octa Valve 
    Handle here to push the giant socket into the power outlet.  Next, go to the 
    panel on the other side of the socket, and throw the switch to activate the 
    power again.
    You can now see all the cool stuff in this room!  Take the SHOTGUN SHELLS 
    from the green corner, the two GREEN HERBS and BLUE HERB from the other side 
    of the room, and last the two boxes of HANDGUN BULLETS and the INK RIBBONS 
    off the desk.  Go to the Item Chest and organize your inventory:
    - Shotgun
    - Shotgun Shells
    - Paper Weight
    Go left and run down the hall to the electric door.  Battle any undead you 
    see and take the two GREEN HERBS along the way.  I would leave behind the 
    BLUE HERB, as it will only eat up space in your inventory.
    Whoa, this is one of the rooms from the mansion in the original Resident 
    Evil!  Alexander wasn't kidding in his memo.  They even have the same statue 
    in the middle of the room, with the same map tucked inside the vase.  
    Unfortunately, this time there is no stepladder to climb up to get it.  What 
    you must do this time is push the statue itself.  Shove it into the corner 
    of the room where the floor is cracked.  The tile will break under the 
    weight, allowing you to reach the LAB MAP.  After taking that, get the 
    HANDGUN BULLETS and the SHOTGUN SHELLS off the table nearby.
    Enter the open door to go inside a red hall.  If you go past the biohazard 
    suits, you will find an elevator, but don't go there yet.  Continue down the 
    hall, and we get to see another relic from the first Resident Evil, the 
    tiger statue.  This time, Mr. Tiger already has his eyes, so take out the 
    RED JEWEL and he will give you MAGNUM ROUNDS.  Put the Red Jewel back and 
    take the BLUE JEWEL this time.  Our ol' buddy Tigey will then hand over the 
    SOCKET.  Take it as well and give him his Blue Jewel back.  Use the elevator 
    you passed by.
    Walk forward and you will see a HUGE anthill, with plenty of little ants to 
    go with it.  Take the WING OBJECT Chris stops over, then turn around and go 
    left to find a GREEN HERB.  Use it to make a FULL GREEN MIXTURE.  You will 
    realize this is where Alferd was when he staggered to his death in the 
    secret lab, judging from the bloody mess he left as he scraped along the 
    wall.  Enter the lab.
    Go to the broken video monitor to discover the VIRUS REPORT.  In it, Alexia 
    tells of why she chose to go into cryo-storage.  She is doing it so that 
    when she awakens, she will be the queen ant of the world, where all the 
    other "ants" will exist to serve only her.  This is her dream, and it looks 
    like it may come true now, if you don't hurry!  Go up the stairs to find the 
    place where Alexia's capsule is.  Go to the podium to the right of the 
    capsule, and you will read an odd sentence:
    "As twins, Alexia and I are two sides of a coin."
    "Heart, Spade, AA, Crown"
    Next examine the Paper Weight.  You will discover it has all the symbols of 
    the podium on it, plus two more.  We already know what Alexia's sequence is, 
    so now we must figure out Alfred's.
    The sentence said it was like two sides of a coin.  If you start at the 
    heart symbol on the PAPER WEIGHT and rotate it to the left, you will find 
    Alfred's sequence.  So for Alexia, start with the symbol on the other side 
    of the cube, "AA", and again rotate it to the left.  You should get "AA, 
    Crown, Heart, Spade."  Input this into the podium, then put the Paper Weight 
    in the compartment that appears.  This will cause the capsule to slide up 
    and open.  Alfred's body will fall out.  Take ALFRED'S RING from his hand 
    and leave.
    Go to the door at the other extreme end of the catwalk.  Take the GREEN HERB 
    here.  You can use it if you were wounded because of the ants nibbling on 
    your feet.  Enter the door.
    Exterminate every zombie you see, then use the Lighter on the oil lamp in 
    the first room to get some light in here.  Take the BLUE HERB and the GREEN 
    HERB from the first room, then take the two boxes of HANDGUN BULLETS from 
    the table in the "queen ant" room.
    Read the QUEEN ANT REPORT in the first room.  It says how the T-Veronica 
    virus was created, and how to cure the special poison generated by 
    Nosferatu.  If needed, it is in the ARMORY.  You only need read this if you 
    were poisoned during the fight with Nosferatu at the helipad.  Oh yeah, and 
    did I mention Alexia brags again about what the world will be like when she 
    becomes queen? :)
    Leave the room.
    Take the elevator in the middle of the catwalk.
    Use the electric door since the double doors are locked.
    You are probably loaded down with a ton of junk right now, so go to the Item 
    Chest and organize your inventory:
    - Shotgun
    - Shotgun Shells
    - Octa Valve Handle
    - Socket
    - Wing Object
    - Alfred's Ring
    - Full Healing Item
    Combine the Socket with the Octa Valve Handle to get a SQUARE VALVE HANDLE.  
    Take the door right next to you.
    Ignore the splashing and take the elevator directly in front of you.
    Take the double doors at the other end of the corridor, while trying to 
    evade the spotters' beams.
    Take the elevator in the back of the room up, then use the Square Valve 
    Handle for the FINAL time to drain the tank.  Climb down the ladder and get 
    the CRANE KEY, then hold R1 + X during the short cutscene of the sweeper 
    jumping through the glass.  You'll blast it point blank after the scene 
    ends.  Stand over the fallen monster and fire repeatedly at it until it 
    dies.  Climb out of the tank again and leave out the double doors.
    Quickly turn right and get out the door.  If you move fast enough, the 
    spotter beam won't even have time to fully activate.
    Turn right and enter the crane control box.  Use the CRANE KEY here to drag 
    Nosferatu's body from the ice.  Alexia appears, saying "said the spider to 
    the fly, how do you wish to die?  Hahaha!"  A giant spider crawls out of the 
    big hole and attacks.  Chris manages to jump out of the crane box just 
    before the spider crushes it
    The giant spider has two attacks:  spitting poison and ramming you.  You can 
    evade these somewhat by frequently moving from the ice on the floor to the 
    catwalk and back again.  Don't try to fight it, because you won't get 
    anything for your trouble.  Instead, leap down, look for the green sparkly 
    near Nosferatu's body, take ALEXANDER'S PIERCE, then get back into the 
    SPOTTER CORRIDOR.  If you must kill it, try the Magnum.
    You've got two family jewels now, and all that's left is Alexia's...but how 
    will you make her give it to you?  Don't worry, we'll figure something out.
    Hurray!  The spotters are gone, this time for good.  Take the elevator at 
    the other end of the corridor.
    Again take the door in front of you.
    Enter the door next to you.
    Organize your inventory:
    - Magnum
    - Magnum Bullets
    - Wing Object
    - Alfred's Ring
    - Alexander's Pierce
    - Full Healing Item
    Save your game here, because there will be many good opportunities to die 
    very soon.  Leave.
    Take the door next to you.
    You can still hear that splashing in the distance.  Run down the hall and 
    you will emerge into an open area under some arches.  Wait here for the 
    sweeper, then kill it with one shot from the Magnum.  Examine the area you 
    are in.  You are in some kind of room that's designed to look like a garden 
    on a lovely spring day.  Take the GREEN HERB near the double doors.   Then,  
    take the WING OBJECT from near the carousel, and another WING OBJECT from 
    the fountain in the water.  After you do that, go through the double doors.
    WHOA!  Did we just step back through time or something?!  This is the main 
    hall from the mansion in the original Resident Evil!  Is this cool or what?  
    This room was always one of my favorite rooms from the whole series.  
    Anyway, go upstairs.  Look around on the balcony for a COMBAT KNIFE, then go 
    downstairs again.
    Look behind the staircase.  In the original there was nothing back there, 
    but this time Claire is hung up here in some weird slime.  Use the Combat 
    Knife to cut her loose.  At long last, the Redfield siblings are united!  
    Claire then wakes up, and Chris is very happy to see her alive.  But if 
    Claire was poisoned during the fight with Nosferatu, Chris will have to go 
    looking for the SERUM.  Follow the directions in the subquest section below 
    if Claire needs it.
    While the Serum is in the ARMORY, you DO NOT need the Fire Extinguisher to 
    get the SERUM.  It will be on a shelf that is not blocked by the fire, so 
    you don't need to panic if you left it behind in Part 1.  Also, if you had 
    tried to get the Serum before this time at the ARMORY, it would not have 
    been there.
    Exit out of the mansion through the front door.
    Go to the place where the two doors are and take the one on the right.
    Evade the spotters, then take the double doors.
    Take the elevator down.
    The SERUM will be on the non-overturned shelf to the right of where the fire 
    was.  Take it and leave.
    Leave out the double doors.
    Get to the elevator at the far end of the hall.
    Go into the front doors of the "mansion."
    Use the Serum on Claire.  She will be cured of the poison.
    Chris says they should go, but Claire says they have to find Steve first.  
    He agrees to help her look for him.  Suddenly, Alexia makes an appearance on 
    the balcony.  She's holding Alfred's rifle, and she says "it is almost time 
    you genetically inferior siblings!".  Claire and Chris try to pursue her, 
    but they're stopped by a tentacle that smashes the baclony in half.  Both of 
    them are okay, but Claire will have to go alone because the balcony is now 
    impassable for Chris.
    This is yet another old Resident Evil room that returns to my delight.  
    Claire has a lot to do here.  Take the GREEN HERB and RED HERB here.  Use 
    them to make a RED-GREEN MIXTURE.  Take the HANDGUN BULLETS from the coffee 
    table and the SHOTGUN SHELLS off the couch.  and then open up the Item 
    Chest.  Take out the Shotgun and the Duralumin Case.  Use Claire's Lockpick 
    to unlock the Duralumin Case to get more MAGNUM BULLETS.
    Next, push away the bookcase to reveal a shotgun rack.  Place the Shotgun 
    here, like it was in the original, and a secret compartment with GRENADE 
    ROUNDS and FLAME ROUNDS will open.  Put all of this stuff away in the Item 
    Chest, including the Shotgun, and organize your inventory:
    - M-100P'S (with at least 40%)
    - Full Healing Item
    - Full Healing Item
    - Full Healing Item
    Leave out the door next to the secret compartment.
    Don't take anything else, because whatever Claire has at the end of her turn 
    you won't get to use again for the rest of the game.
    Are we going to see dogs again here like in the original?  Nope.  Run down 
    the hall and a tentacle will crash out of a painting.  Shoot it until it 
    goes away, then run around the corner.  Another tentacle will burst from a 
    painting.  Treat this one in the same fashion.  Leave out the door it was 
    Shoot the lone standing zombie that's not in a jail cell, then go up the 
    small steps here into a place with a cannon.  Take the SECURITY FILE, and 
    read it.
    In this file, Alexander tells about the self-destruct system he installed.  
    He says the system will cause all door locks will be released, and an 
    emergency elevator will activate, allowing easy escape if it is activated.  
    The password is "the name of my beautiful ancestor."  No brainer figuring 
    out who that is.
    After you stop reading, rotate the handle on the cannon and a CRYSTAL will 
    fall out.  This also activates a booby trap in the form of a smashing 
    concrete block.  Run under its shadow and the block will fall, then take the 
    CRYSTAL and run under the shadow again to make the block fall again.  While 
    the block is retracting, place the crystal in the bright spot in the middle 
    of the shadow.  If you do it correctly, the block will smash the Crystal.  
    If you stopped in the wrong spot, then quickly get out of the block's way or 
    you'll be smashed to death.
    If you were successful, quickly take the SECURITY CARD and the trap will 
    deactivate.  Take the door to the left of the door you used to get in here.
    You might want to drop off everything you have (including weapons) right now 
    in the item box in the Living Room, minus the Full Healing Items and the 
    Security Card.  Whatever's in your inventory after this next room you won't 
    be able to use for the rest of the game.
    You find yourself in a room devoid of any features, save a card reader 
    beside a gate.  Use the Security Card to raise the gate.  After hearing the 
    spooky noise of the door locking behind you, go past all the statues.  
    You'll see Steve in the exact same place as Nosferatu was...this could be 
    bad.  Claire tries to help get him out of his restraints, but she can't do 
    Steve then starts to grab at his chest as terrible music plays.  Steve is 
    probably remembering something Alexia told him..."Steve!  Do not be 
    distracted by Claire's beautiful figure!  Do what you have been trained to 
    do...AND KILL CLAIRE THE HOOKER AAHHH!"  Claire backs away scared, and Steve 
    transforms into a terrible monster!  Meanwhile, a gate is starting to seal 
    off the only exit!
    Actually, this is more of a chase than a fight.  Quickturn and run for it!  
    You can't kill him, plus he'll bash you in with only two blows from that 
    axe.  While you are fleeing for the exit, heal everytime he hits you, no 
    matter what.  If you go fast enough you should only need two FULL HEALING 
    ITEMS.  However, sometimes you can get by by using lesser healing items like 
    Shored88 writes that it's possible to fight off Steve with the Grenade 
    Launcher's Flame Rounds so that you don't get hit by him.  After the 
    mutation cutscene is over, hit Steve with a Flame Round then quickly turn 
    180 and run out of there.  Every time you are about to get hit by Steve, 
    quickly shoot Steve again with another Flame Round so he doesn't hit you.  
    180 again and keep running until you get out of there.  You'll have to 
    sacrifice your Grenade Launcher to do this, however.
    If you manage to run far enough, Claire will automatically slide under the 
    gate before it closes.  Steve pounds relentlessly on it to knock it down.  
    Suddenly, a tentacle bursts out and ensnares Claire.  Meanwhile, Steve has 
    managed to break down the bars and is moving in to finish Claire off.  He 
    takes a big swing at Claire's head, but he stops the axe literally inches 
    from her face.  He grumbles "Claire!" and then cuts the tentacle instead.  
    The tentacle slaps Steve against a wall as Claire falls to the floor.  Steve 
    shrivels back into his old self again, and gives his goodbyes to Claire 
    before he dies.
    Meanwhile, one of the best cinemas in the game is about to unfold here!  
    Chris is spying in on a conversation between Wesker and Alexia.  Wesker is 
    after the T-Veronica virus.  Since the only sample is in Alexia's body, 
    Wesker orders her to give it to him.  However, Alexia is not as helpless as 
    she looks.  She suddenly catches on fire, and all her clothes burn away.  
    Her skin goes gray, and she grows some insect-like growths on her body.
    Wesker is a bit taken aback by this.  Alexia gives him one gentle slap and 
    he goes head over heels!  Wesker quickly climbs to his feet, evading a foot 
    stomp from her.  He yells "You're coming with me!"  Not today pal.  Alexia 
    thows some strange blood at him, which catches on fire.  Wesker runs up the 
    wall to evade the fire, then kicks off and flies past Alexia while 
    delivering a solid punch to her face.
    She is dazed for a moment by the hit, but begins throwing fire again.  When 
    Chris grunts to evade an oncoming throw, Wesker finally realizes he's there. 
      He says that since Chris is one of his best men, he's going to let Chris 
    handle this.  Wesker manages to get out the front door right before Alexia 
    sets it on fire.  Chris then tries to go upstairs but Alexia throws some 
    fire and blocks it before he can get away.  Now, you have to fight with 
    Alexia if you want to get away.
    The first thing I must say is don't EVER let Alexia touch you, or she will 
    set you on fire.  This will kill you instantly.  Her other attacks consist 
    of throwing flamable blood, or spitting acid.  Don't let this fight drag on 
    for too long, or Alexia might corner you with her flames.  You won't be able 
    to run away from her very well if that happens.  The easiest way to kill her 
    is to take some distance, fire two shots from the Magnum, then run to a new 
    location in the room.  Repeat this maneuver a few times until Alexia is down 
    for the count.  It should take about five shots.  Alexia will shoot her 
    projectiles at you while you're shooting, but they will always go where you 
    After you win the fight, take ALEXIA'S CHOKER near the foot of the stairs.  
    Head up to the center of the stairways.  When you come to the painting of 
    the three current members of the Ashford family, check each jewelry piece 
    and remove the jewel portion from the metal.  Plant all three JEWELS in the 
    painting to reveal a secret door.  Take this door.  Meanwhile, Alexia gets 
    back up on her feet behind you.
    Take the double doors next to you, because you don't want to be wasting your 
    valuable Magnum Bullets on stupid zombies.
    Look at the VERONICA REPORT on the chair.  It tells of how Alexia and Alferd 
    were created.  After you are done reading, get the two GREEN HERBS up here, 
    then take the lift down to the lower floor.  Get the HANDGUN BULLETS from 
    the tubes, then get the SHOTGUN SHELLS from atop the computers.  Press the 
    shiny blue button on the console.  This opens a tube so that you can get the 
    fourth and final WING OBJECT.  Take it, then go up in the elevator.  Use the 
    door at the top of the little steps.
    In here, push aside the middle case in each row of cases to find some ammo.  
    You'll get GRENADE ROUNDS in one, and BOWGUN ARROWS in the other.  Take the 
    door at the east end of the hall.
    Go to the Item Chest and organize your inventory:
    - Shotgun
    - Shotgun Shells
    - Wing Object
    - Full Healing Item
    Go out the door you used to get in.
    Take the door at the curve in the hall.
    Go out the double doors.
    Blast any zombie who dares get in your way.  Go left to the north end of the 
    hall, and get the two GREEN HERBS  Take the door on the wall that you passed 
    on the way to the end of the hall.
    Check the bench that is nearly hidden behind the table with the Typewriter 
    and the INK RIBBONS.  Here you will find a FIRST AID SPRAY and a box of 
    SHOTGUN SHELLS.  Next, check the drawers on the right side of the other desk 
    to find the STERILE ROOM KEY.  Leave.
    Turn right, then go right at the fork.  Take the door at the end of the 
    little hall.
    Go down the stairs and unlock the double doors to the left with the Sterile 
    Room Key.  Discard it and enter.
    Take the electric door out of here.
    Go to the Auxilary Power Room.
    Shut off the power.  Leave.
    Take the door next to you.
    Enter the front doors of the "mansion."
    Take the double doors to the right.
    Walk around to the tiger statue in here.  Because the power is off, you can 
    easily remove both the BLUE JEWEL and the RED JEWEL.  Leave out the double 
    Go upstairs and take the secret door.
    Watch out for the new zombies that appear in this hall.  Turn left at the 
    fork and enter the door at the end of the hall.
    Put the Blue Jewel in the music box to unlock it, then use the secret 
    passage of the woman relief.
    Stop the music box, then put the Red Jewel in.  Take the MUSIC BOX PLATE and 
    use the secret door again.
    Put the Music Box Plate in to cause the secret ladder to appear.  Climb the 
    You may recall this place as the exact room where Alfred and Alexia were 
    filmed feeding the dragonfly to the ants.  Take the DRAGONFLY OBJECT and 
    combine it with all four Wing Objects to get the GOLD DRAGONFLY.  We nearly 
    have all the pieces to finish the puzzle now...  You only one more puzzle 
    item to escape this place.  Take the HANDGUN BULLETS off the table, the two 
    GREEN HERBS in the corner, and the INK RIBBONS on the counter if you want 
    them.  Go down the ladder again.
    Leave out the green door.
    Go out the door at the end of the middle hall.
    Go downstairs and out the front doors.
    Go into the FREEZER HALL.
    Take the door next to you.
    It's now time to prepare for the final fight!  Organize your inventory:
    - Magnum
    - Magnum Bullets
    - Bowgun (with Gunpowder Arrows)
    - Grenade Launcher (preferrably loaded with Grenade Rounds)
    - Grenade Rounds (preferrably Acid Rounds)
    - Gold Dragonfly
    - Full Healing Item
    - Full Healing Item
    - Full Healing Item
    Be sure one item slot is free, and take as many Brown Herb Mixtures as you 
    can.  Be sure to save your game too!  Leave.
    Take the door next to you.
    Enter the front doors of the "mansion."
    Go upstairs and take the secret door.
    Take the double doors.
    Take the door atop the little steps.
    Take the door dead ahead.
    You can hear Claire crying.  She is crying over Steve.  What's even worse is 
    that the door of the room she's in won't unlock.  Claire tells him how to 
    unlock it, and slides the Security File under the door.  Take the SECURITY 
    FILE and check it.  Rotate it so you are facing the side that opens.  Take 
    the SECURITY CARD.  Go up the stairs at the end of the hall.
    If you really, really want some BOWGUN ARROWS, they're in the jail cell next 
    to the place where the crushing block is.
    Run across the platform to the door with the dragonfly hollow.  Put the Gold 
    Dragonfly there and it will unlock the door.  Go inside.
    Use the Grenade Launcher to get the zombies out of the way, then use the 
    Security Card to activate the computer.  You ought to know the password.  
    It's VERONICA.  After inputing the password, the self-destruct system 
    activates.  Take the GREEN HERB, equip the Magnum, and get out.
    Claire and Chris are united again.  But then a tentacle crashes through the 
    wire mesh platform, and it starts forming itself into a human 
    shape...Alexia's shape!  Chris quickly hatches a battle plan.  They operate 
    the controls to release a new type of anti-B.O.W. weapon called the Linear 
    Launcher.  They manage to release the cover, but the weapon must be 
    recharged before it can be used.  Alexia has now fully formed, and slowly 
    strolls towards Chris and Claire.  Chris tells Claire to run for it, but 
    Alexia puts up a firewall before she can get away.
    Quickly shoot Alexia with the Magnum before she can slap Claire off the 
    platform.  If she does that, it's GAME OVER.  If you are successful, Claire 
    manages to get away while Alexia is stunned by the bullet.  She then 
    transforms into a new form, which is a giant mountain of flesh.
    Since I've gotten so many emails that read "I have x amount of ammo and y 
    amount of health, can I beat Alexia?" I decided to make a chart on how much 
    ammo it takes from each weapon to kill Alexia.  This is how much ammo I had 
    to use per weapon in one trial run.  Use it, because I've gone to a lot of 
    trouble to make this thing:
    Knife            - don't even bother
    Handgun Bullets  - 306
    M-100P           - 100%+ (not enough ammo to use this gun alone)
    Assault Rifle    - 101%
    Sub Machine Gun  - 43%
    Bowgun Arrows    - 81
    Gunpowder Arrows - 18
    Shotgun Shells   - 36
    Magnum Bullets   - 18+ (not enough ammo to use this gun alone)
    Grenade Rounds   - 10
    COMBOS - 24 Acid Rounds + 5 Shotgun Shells
           - 17 Acid Rounds + 6 Flame Rounds
           - 2 Grenade Rounds + 17 Magnum Bullets
    Every type of ammo except for the Bowgun Arrows was fired at the lower body. 
      The Bowgun Arrows automatically home in on the upper body.  Also, the 
    grenade launcher ammos were used at close range.
    Alexia is a frustrating opponent, because of all the stuff she flings at you 
    to distract you from attacking.  She can spawn little slug creatures that 
    surround you and whip you with tentacles.  These guys are VERY irritating.  
    She can also sprout large tentacles from her body that can either knock you 
    down or smash you to the ground.  Fortunately, the slugs can also be killed 
    by the tentacles.  Lastly, she can spit acid at you, which causes much 
    damage in addition to maybe causing POISON status.
    You have to keep moving or you'll be an easy target for Alexia's attacks.  
    Never stay in one spot too long.  Fire a few shots form one place, then move 
    to another spot.  Especially take care to dodge the acid Alexia spits, 
    because it can take off about a fifth of your health.  Make sure you shoot 
    at the slugs if you can, because they'll keep whipping you and disrupting 
    you while you're trying to shoot Alexia.  This whipping also leaves you open 
    to Alexia's attacks.  Check your health every several seconds, so you'll 
    know how badly you're hurt.  Those hits from the slugs don't do much damage 
    each, but they add up.
    The easiest way to kill Alexia is to use the Gunpowder Arrows.  Fire all of 
    them at her and she'll be dead in a matter of seconds. I hope you learned 
    your lesson from the fight with Tyrant that Gunpowder Arrows must be 
    reserved for bosses.  The Bowgun shoots very rapidly and causes a lot of 
    damage, so it ought to finish off this form.  If she still is not dead, then 
    use the Grenade Launcher or the Magnum.  Note that if you aim up at Alexia's 
    upper body your shots will cause more damage.  You'll see red blood instead 
    of green blood if you're hitting it.
    When you finally defeat Alexia's second form, Alexia is attacked or 
    something by her fellow ants from the anthill.  She drags herself away from 
    the base of her body and is now a giant mutated dragonfly.  Howevever, the 
    Linear Launcher has also finished charging at this time as well!  You might 
    have a chance to beat her with that gun!
    The only attack that Alexia has left is the flame spit.  If you keep running 
    though, it will usually miss.  Grab the LINEAR LAUNCHER from its case right 
    after the battle starts, and start trying to hit Alexia with it.  Take only 
    two shots between Alexia's spits or you will be hit by them.  Alexia 
    flutters about, so you'll probably miss a lot.  However, since the Linear 
    Launcher has infinite ammo, you should get her eventually.  Just don't run 
    out of time or health and you'll be okay.
    After you nail Alexia with that lucky shot, she will be vaporized into a 
    million pieces.  The explosions begin coming and Chris bounds down the 
    stairs to the prison.  Chris sees Wesker holding Claire by the neck.  He 
    laughs, then roughly shoves her into a hole that has been blown in the wall. 
      Chris follows after the two.  Chris stumbles into a dim corridor and 
    sprints down it while punching and shoving zombies that get in the way.  
    Eventually, he comes to a set of double doors and crashes through them.
    Chris finds Wesker and Claire inside the submarine bay beyond the doors.  
    Wesker says that the only objective he has left now is revenge.  Chris tells 
    Wesker to release Claire, saying that he really wants him.  Wesker simply 
    says "Fine," and shoves Claire over to Chris.  He helps Claire to her feet, 
    and tells her to leave.  Claire protests, but Chris says that as a surviving 
    member of S.T.A.R.S., its his job to handle this.  Claire says not to forget 
    their promise, then runs off, leaving him alone with Wesker.
    Chris says to "say hello to my teammates, who you killed!"  Wesker accepts 
    the threat and starts walking towards Chris.  Chris backs away, afraid of a 
    repeat of the last fight.  His hand taps on a pipe, and he decides to pick 
    it up and use it as a club.  He slams Wesker across the face, but it does no 
    damage.  He doesn't even flinch!  Chris attempts another swing, but Wesker 
    blocks it with his arm and the bar dents under the impact!  He then kicks 
    Chris across the room and onto the floor.
    Meanwhile, Claire has arrived at the VTOL HANGAR and is patiently waiting 
    for Chris to burst out of the emergency elevator.
    Back at the submarine place, Wesker is beating the crap out of Chris.  Chris 
    begins to stagger and kneels on the floor as blood dribbles from his mouth.  
    Wesker gives him a little break to boast about his new strengh.  "Sure I'm 
    not human anymore!  But just look at all the power I've gained!"  While 
    Wesker is bragging, Chris sees a load of steel beams overhead, attached to a 
    little crank on the floor...
    Wesker give Chris another solid hit and he goes flying.  Wesker does one of 
    his Matrix tricks and leaps hight into the air.  He comes down for a final 
    killing blow, but Chris rolls out of the way as Wesker dents the concrete 
    where he was before.  Chris dives onto the crank and the steel beams start 
    to wriggle.  Wesker looks up as the beams fall on top of him.  He's 
    completely buried in them.
    Chris looks at the damage he's done and seems to think he has gotten rid of 
    Wesker for good, but the beams start to slide, and Wesker drags himself out 
    of the steel.  He looks up, and he doesn't even have a scratch on his face!  
    Chris stands up and they both drunkedly stumble towards each other to 
    continue the fight.
    At that time, an explosion causes a large pipe to collapse between them.  
    Wesker gets his face horribly burned by the fire, and as the flaming 
    wreckage is in the way, they can't get to each other.  Wesker says Chris is 
    lucky today.  Chris says he will get him next time.  Wesker waves him off.  
    As Chris runs for the exit, Wesker stands amid the fires and laughs.
    Chris runs back to the emergency elevator and it begins its descent down to 
    the VTOL HANGAR.  The explosions threaten to catch up to the elevator as it 
    slowly makes its way downward.  Claire hears the booms and continues to 
    worry.  When the elevator arrives, Chris just steps out the door before 
    being blown onto the nose of the Harrier.  Chris says to Claire that "I 
    always keep my promises."
    They lift off as explosions follow them out into the sky.  After they are 
    out of harms way, Claire asks Chris to never leave her again.  Chris says he 
    is sorry, but they still have to take down Umbrella.  They zoom away into 
    the sky as a giant explosion destroys the secret base.
    ______   _   _   _____     _____   __    _   _____     _   _
    |_   _| | | | | |  ___|   |  ___| |  \  | | |  _  \   | | | |
      | |   | |_| | | |___    | |___  |   \ | | | | | |   | | | |
      | |   |  _  | |  ___|   |  ___| | |\ \| | | | | |   | | | |
      | |   | | | | | |___    | |___  | | \   | | |_| |   |_| |_|
      |_|   |_| |_| |_____|   |_____| |_|  \__| |_____/   |_| |_|
    5:  Weapons Section
    These are all guns you will obtain thoughout the game.  I have listed them 
    in the order you receive them, except for the customized HANDGUNS, which are 
    right next to each other.
    FOUND AT - On the desk in the Cell Block in the prison.
    AMMO ITEM - none
    AMMO FREQUENCY - what the gun's loaded with
    CLIP SIZE - limitless
    FIRE RATE - slow
    POWER - weak - high (depends upon how many hits in swing)
    This is the first weapon you obtain, but fortunatley this is the very first 
    Resident Evil game when the knife can actually be used as a effective 
    weapon.  The knife multi-hits as it passes through the enemies during a 
    slash, so you can take out most enemies in a few hits.  This is a fantastic 
    weapon for zombies, especially if they're alone.  When a zombie gets close, 
    slash low for his kneecaps.  The zombie will fall down on the floor.  You 
    can then hack at the zombie on the ground until he dies.  On most of the 
    other enemies though, it's difficult to use without getting hurt.  To avoid 
    hits, slash the enemies from the back.
    FOUND AT - automatically picked up when you go to the Prison Courtyard in 
    the prison for the first time.
    AMMO ITEM - Handgun Bullets
    AMMO FREQUENCY - very common
    CLIP SIZE - 15 bullets
    FIRE RATE - medium
    POWER - below average
    This will be the second weapon you find.  You will use this gun a lot during 
    Part 1.  It's a little weak, so make sure you shoot at the enemies from a 
    FOUND AT - created after you modify the M92R with the M925 PART from the 
    Crematorium in the prison.
    AMMO ITEM - Handgun Bullets
    AMMO FREQUENCY - very common
    CLIP SIZE - 20 bullets
    FIRE RATE - fast
    POWER - below average
    This is probably the most useful weapon in the game.  It has a 20-round 
    clip, and it can even fire three shot bursts.  If you are skilled enough 
    with this gun, you can even take down hunters with it!  You'll likely be 
    using this weapon for the rest of the game after you get it.  Use the same 
    tactics that you would with the regular M92R.
    FOUND AT - dropped by the window zombie in the PRISONERS' BUNKS in the 
    AMMO ITEM - none
    AMMO FREQUENCY - what the guns are loaded with
    CLIP SIZE - 100% (200 bullets, 100 in each gun)
    FIRE RATE - medium
    POWER - below average
    These guns are somewhat more powerful than the regular Handguns.  Shoot from 
    far away so that the enemies won't be able to get to you.  Since this is a 
    pair of weapons though, you can use it to aim at two enemies at once.  This 
    is a good weapon to give to Claire when you're about to change characters.
    FOUND AT - on the desk in the FRONT OF MTF LAB.
    AMMO ITEM - Bowgun Arrows, Gunpowder Arrows
    AMMO FREQUENCY - Bowgun Arrows - very common
                   - Gunpowder Arrows - very rare
    CLIP SIZE - limitless
    FIRE RATE - Very fast
    POWER - Bowgun Arrows - weak
          - Gunpowder Arrows - very high
    This is the weakest weapon in the game, if you are using its regular ammo.  
    One regular arrow has about the same power as a knife stab in the past RE's. 
      It's good for taking out zombies as long as you stay far away from them 
    while you fire.  Strangely, I've noted that the Bowgun Arrows are stronger 
    on bosses than Handgun Bullets!  It only takes about 90 Bowgun Arrows to 
    kill Alexia Type 2, while it takes over 300 Handgun Bullets to do that.  I 
    think it's because the arrows automatically home in on weak points on the 
    bosses, judging from the fact they produce red blood on Alexia instead of 
    green blood.  Red blood signals you are hitting her weak point.  You can 
    also make special Gunpowder Arrows that are ridiculously powerful.  Sadly, 
    there is only enough Bowgun Powder in the game to make 50 explosive arrows.
    FOUND AT - behind the gate in the Dark Chamber in the MTF.
    AMMO ITEM - Grenade Rounds, Flame Rounds, Acid Rounds, B.O.W. Gas Rounds
    AMMO FREQUENCY - somewhat rare
    CLIP SIZE - limitless
    FIRE RATE - slow
    POWER - above average
    This is an incredibly useful gun, since this weapon has several flavors of 
    ammo that are good for specific types of monsters.  The flavors include 
    Grenade, Flame, Acid, and B.O.W Gas.  Zombies will succumb under Grenade 
    Rounds, bandersnatches are weak to Flame Rounds, hunters sometimes die in 
    one hit from Acid Rounds, and Tyrant is very weak to B.O.W. Gas Rounds.  
    Reserve this gun for bosses and hunters, because ammo is for it is a little 
    hard to find.
    FOUND AT - in a weapons locker in the Armory.
    AMMO ITEM - Assault Rifle Clip
    AMMO FREQUENCY - very rare
    CLIP SIZE - 100% (100 bullets)
    FIRE RATE - fast
    POWER - average
    The bullets from this weapon aren't very powerful individually, but this gun 
    does throw lead out fast.  However, since the bullets are weak, it takes 
    awhile for enemies to die.  Avoid using it on packs of enemies unless 
    they're far away.  Make sure that all the enemies stay on one side of you, 
    otherwise you might get surrounded before you can kill them all.
    FOUND AT - dropped by Alfred when he falls in the hole in the Mining Shaft.
    AMMO ITEM - none
    AMMO FREQUENCY - what the gun's loaded with
    CLIP SIZE - 7 bullets
    FIRE RATE - very slow
    POWER - high
    The only monster you get to use this weapon on is Nosferatu.  If you hit 
    Nosferatu right on the heart with this weapon, you'll kill him with one 
    shot.  This is very hard to do though, mostly due to all the defenses he has 
    to keep you from getting a clean shot.  Head shots will also do a lot of 
    damage, so go for them if you can't hit Nosferatu's heart.
    GLOCK 17
    FOUND AT - in inventory at start of Part 3.
    AMMO ITEM - Handgun Bullets
    AMMO FREQUENCY - very common
    CLIP SIZE - 18 bullets
    FIRE RATE - medium
    POWER - below average
    This is the gun Chris begins Part 3 with.  It's essentially the same as the 
    M92R, except it holds three more bullets.  Fire from a distance, so you can 
    stay out of harm's way.
    FOUND AT - created after you modify the Glock 17 in the Weapon Maintenace 
    AMMO ITEM - Handgun Bullets
    AMMO FREQUENCY - very common
    CLIP SIZE - 18 bullets
    FIRE RATE - medium
    POWER - average
    This gun is virtually identical to the unmodified Glock 17, except sometimes 
    this gun fires "critical shots."  A critical shot has about the power of a 
    Magnum Bullet.  Critical shots are rare though, so don't count on one to 
    come when you need it.
    FOUND AT - in the monk relief's compartment in the Outer Caves, after you 
    light its torch.
    AMMO ITEM - none
    AMMO FREQUENCY - what the guns are loaded with
    CLIP SIZE - 100%
    FIRE RATE - very fast
    POWER - average
    When you first find these in Part 1, they will have no ammo.  That is 
    because you need these to trade Steve for the Golden Lugers.  Once you 
    actually do find these weapons with ammo in them, they're very effective at 
    stopping crowds of enemies.  You should use them on hunters.  This gun 
    throws out so much lead that the hunters will be too busy recoiling from the 
    bullets to attack you.  Also, since you can aim at two different enemies, 
    you can hold up two hunters at the same time!
    FOUND AT - on a rack in the B1F Elevator Landing.
    AMMO ITEM - Shotgun Shells
    AMMO FREQUENCY - uncommon
    CLIP SIZE - 7 shells
    FIRE RATE - somewhat slow
    POWER - above average
    This is one of the most versatile weapons you'll get.  Since it fires 
    multiple pellets, it's great for shooting several enemies packed into a 
    group.  If an enemy gets all the pellets point-blank, it will do severe 
    damage.  It's terrific for killing any of the non-boss enemies, especially 
    zombies.  Point it up at a zombie's head, and you'll blow its brains out.  
    This kills the zombie in one shot.
    FOUND AT - on the box receiving platform in the Armory, after you put out 
    the fire.
    AMMO ITEM - Magnum Bullets
    AMMO FREQUENCY - very rare
    CLIP SIZE - 6 bullets
    FIRE RATE - fast
    POWER - very high
    The bullets from this gun have INSANE stopping power.  Plus, the bullets are 
    very powerful even over long distances.  You can kill almost any non-boss 
    enemy with one shot.  However, ammo for it is EXTREMELY rare.  You'll only 
    get 18 bullets during the whole game, and that's even counting the ammo that 
    the gun is already loaded with when you find it.  Reserve it for bosses.
    FOUND AT - in the weapons locker on the Ant Platform, after it unlocks 
    during the final battle.
    AMMO ITEM - none
    AMMO FREQUENCY - what the gun's loaded with
    CLIP SIZE - limitless
    FIRE RATE - very slow
    POWER - very high
    This weapon is basically the Rocket Launcher with a 3D scope.  You can kill 
    virtually any enemy with one shot.  However, it's a real pain to hit Alexia 
    with this cumbersome gun, both due to its painfully slow fire-rate and 
    Alexia's aeriel acrobatics.  However, it's quite fun to use in the Battle 
    Game after you unlock it.
    FOUND AT - in Steve's Battle Game inventory.
    AMMO ITEM - none
    AMMO FREQUENCY - what the gun's loaded with
    CLIP SIZE - limitless
    FIRE RATE - medium
    POWER - average
    You will find these guns during the regular game, but you won't have any 
    ammo for them.  They're only for unlocking a door in the palace.  You'll 
    only get to actually shoot them when you play as Steve in the Battle Mode.  
    You could shoot them at enemies like any other handgun, but they'll only do 
    regular damage.  However, you can get headshots on zombies with them.  Press 
    R1 and X at the same time, and the bullets might hit zombies in the head.  
    This will kill them in one shot, like the Shotgun.  Out of the entire 
    Resident Evil series, these are probably my favorite guns!
    FOUND AT - in inventory at the start of the game after getting an A rank.
    AMMO ITEM - none
    AMMO FREQUENCY - what the gun's loaded with
    CLIP SIZE - limitless
    FIRE RATE - very slow
    POWER - very, very high
    You get this as a prize for finishing the game with an A rank.  Is it worth 
    the trouble?  To be honest, no.  This gun drains away all the fun from the 
    game, because it kills almost anything with one shot, except some bosses.  
    It has unlimited ammo, so you can use it as often as you like.  You can't 
    aim it up or down, so it's worthless against flying enemies.  I see it more 
    of as something to show off to friends that you are a Resident Evil master.
    6:  Enemies Section
    This section tells about enemies you will encounter in the game.  Beware, 
    there are spoilers here so read at your own risk!  They are listed in the 
    order you encounter them in.
    DIFFICULTY - Easy-Hard (depends upon situation)
    Of course the ol' zombie had to be in this game.  They are not as smart as 
    in RE3.  In RE3, they were smart enough to not stick to the wall and arrowed 
    in right on you while easily evading obstacles.  Now, they drag along walls, 
    allowing you to slip past.
    But, to make up for this lapse in AI, the range with which a zombie can 
    reach is far greater.  I have seen them reach up to over a foot past the 
    reach of their arms to grab you.  It will be extremely hard to stay out of 
    harms way if you try to zip past them.  They also are much speedier.  They 
    can 180 very quickly, and they can go very fast when they do run.  They are 
    also more durable than before.  I have seen RE:CVX zombies take up to 10 
    Handgun Bullets before going down.  Bring plenty of ammo.
    On occasion, there is the rare exploding zombie.  This kind of zombie has a 
    brick of C4 strapped to its back.  Be sure to take distance when fighting 
    it, as it could blow up at any moment while you shoot at it.  There are also 
    some fat zombies in this game.  These fat zombies are able to absorb more 
    firepower, but they're otherwise identical to the skinny zombies.
    WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?...urgh, I hate that song.  Anyway, since someone let 
    them out, you'll have to deal with them.  They are extremely fast and can be 
    upon you in seconds.  They can chomp on your arm, giving the rest of the 
    pack time to get to you.
    Unfortunately, they have some BIG weaknesses that you can exploit to make 
    them mostly harmless.  They tend to sleep on the ground when you are not 
    around.  They are also slow to get up from lying down.  This gives you a 
    long time to escape without having to fight.
    The easiest way to kill a dog is to let it run at you.  When it's about to 
    jump, fire a shot.  The dog will fall to the floor, where you can easily 
    shoot it over and over on the ground until it dies.  It works equally well 
    with packs, as long as you can keep all of them coming at you from one 
    DIFFICULTY - Medium
    These guys are real nasty-looking and absorb much firepower.  With that 
    stretch arm of theirs, they can hit you from across the room!  They can also 
    use their stretch arms to follow you up and down ledges if you try to flee.
    There are two effective ways to engage them.  The first way is to get VERY 
    far away from them and shoot from a distance.  Their arms can only reach so 
    far, despite how long they are.  Since their arms are their only means of 
    attacking, they will be totally helpless.  The second way to engage them is 
    to get behind them and then shoot them in he back.  Only do this though if 
    you don't have room to get far away.  Unlike zombies, they are very sluggish 
    when turning around.  If you can stay behind their backs, you can kill them 
    even with the Combat Knife without taking a hit!
    DIFFICULTY - Very easy
    The mostly harmless crows are replaced by the TOTALLY harmless bats.  Just 
    flick your Lighter on and they won't be able to attack you.  If you don't 
    have the Lighter, then don't run or shoot when in their presence and you 
    will not be attacked.  If you MUST shoot them, just one shot from anything 
    will take them down.
    There is only one room you will see them in.  If you get close you'll get 
    electrocuted and take small damage, but otherwise they are harmless.  Don't 
    shoot at them because there is a time limit to escape the lab you are in.  I 
    assume that one shot from anything will kill them as they are so weak in 
    causing damage.
    DIFFICULTY - Medium
    These...abominations easily take the title of "Most Annoying RE Enemy."  
    They are in only one room, but since this room is a major crossroads in the 
    facility you are exploring, they will cause major frustration.  They will 
    respawn every time you come through the area, so beware of that too.
    As they fly about, they sprinkle poison dust, which in addition to causing 
    damage has a good chance of inflicting POISON status.  Another annoying 
    ability they have is laying eggs in your back.  It causes no damage 
    initially, but when the baby hatches, you'll take some damage and you will 
    be poisoned.  It is EXTREMELY easy to be poisoned or implanted by them.  
    Better have some BLUE HERBS handy...
    Since they fly in an erractic pattern, it is difficult to hit them.  Wait 
    for them to temporarily stop on a floor so you can get a clean shot at them. 
      It only takes one shot from any weapon to knock them to the floor.  I just 
    love to watch them suffer as they die because I hate them so dearly.
    This is the very first Resident Evil game where the spiders are actually a 
    threat.  They can spit poison, and now they can also hug you while giving 
    you a severe chomping, kind of like the Drain Deminos in RE3.
    Spare no expense in firepower when fighting them.  The Grenade Rounds in the 
    Grenade Launcher can kill them with two good shots, so use those.  It's a 
    real good thing these enemies only appear in three rooms in the whole game.
    These guys are real pains in the butt.  They zoom in quickly on you, then 
    slash you until you are in CAUTION, which is quickly followed by the 
    trade-marked decapitation cut.  The decapitation cut kills you in one hit, 
    so be very careful you don't get into CAUTION status when you're around 
    them.  They also have a slash jump move, which will cause a lot of damage if 
    it connects.  Even if it doesn't connect, it's very disorienting when a 
    hunter jumps over your shots and then lands behind you.
    If they are in pairs, they like to play cheap by doing a one-two slash 
    combo.  In this combo, the hunters time their slashes so that they hit you 
    one right after the other.  Since your character has to recoil from the blow 
    and you can't fire during a recoil animation, they can keep slashing you 
    like this so you can't shoot at them.
    The most effective way to fight hunters is to keep your battles one-on-one.  
    There is a good chance you will be overwhelmed if there are two of them 
    after you at the same time.  A hunter by itself cannot do the one-two slash 
    combo to prevent you from attacking.  Also, learn where hunters appear, so 
    that you will be prepared for them.  If you know they are coming around the 
    next corner, you'll have a big advantage.
    Use the Shotgun or something more powerful since they can walk right through 
    weaker ammo.  If you knock them down, play dirty by standing over them and 
    shooting repeatedly so they cannot climb to their feet.  This will end 
    battles quickly and painlessly.  Automatic weapons are also excellent to use 
    on hunters, since the hunter won't be able to attack while being hit by a 
    rain of bullets.
    This is a special variety of the hunter that can also inflict POISON status 
    with its slashing attacks.  It is very colorful in contrast to the typical 
    dark green hunter.  Treat it like a regular hunter, only be extra careful 
    not to get hit so you don't get poisoned.
    DIFFICULTY - Medium
    These tiny machines scurry about on the walls and ceilings, while their 
    search light searches for enemies.  If you are spotted in the light, an 
    alarm will go off.  This will trigger the appearance of a hunter.  They 
    don't directly attack you, and you can't destroy them.  All you can really 
    do is stay out of the way of that search light.  The spotter's light will 
    only set off an alarm if it's fully on.  You won't get spotted if the light 
    is starting to come on after being switched off.  Listen for the "rhee" 
    noise too.  That means the spotter is temporarily switching off its 
    spotlight.  You can use that time to slip past without being seen.
    DIFFICULTY - easy
    They aren't any big deal.  All they do is block corridors and slap you when 
    you get close.  They might pop out of the wall suddenly to scare you though. 
      Just shoot them until they go away so you can proceed.
    DIFFICULTY - easy
    This is what happens if you were to let a moth egg stay in your back.  It 
    grows into this creature.  These enemies are hidden inside zombies.  If you 
    get close to an implanted zombie, the parasite will leap onto your back.  
    When the parasite gets on your back, it'll stay there awhile until your 
    character automatically tears it off.  You'll take some damage and you'll 
    get poisoned when this happens.
    DIFFICULTY - easy
    All they can do is nibble on your feet when you get close.  You can step on 
    them to kill them, but you should just run away because there's too many to 
    7:  File Transcripts
    LOCATION: PART 1/In your inventory at the start of the game.  This file will 
    get new sections as you proceed through the game.
                                  PLAYING MANUAL
    When you obtain a new item, always remember to look at it with the "CHECK" 
    command on the status screen. Remember, it's always best to rotate the item 
    so you can check it from different angles.
    If you face an object and then press and hold up on the directional button, 
    sometimes you will be able to push it. You may find hidden rooms and items 
    this way.
    You can turn 180 degrees instantly by pressing the Cancel button while 
    holding the directional button down. This is a very effective move when you 
    attack an enemy and then want to turn around and run.
    When you are lost or are unsure of what to do, check the map screen. You can 
    easily tell where you've never been and can see which doors you have 
    You can climb/descend some objects. To do this, face the object and then 
    push the Action button.
    The items you store in a Security Box in the prison area cannot be accessed 
    through an Item Box. Make sure you remove all important items from a 
    Security Box before existing a room.
    You cannot release the trap by yourself. After certain events occur, you 
    will be able to release the trap and obtain the Gold Lugers.
    Once the shutter near the bio-experiment room shuts, you can't open it until 
    the ventilation process completes due to the in-room air pollution problems.
    You will need to place a pair of items onto the two music boxes. Then you 
    will have to...
    The sorter judges which room each load will be sent to by an item that is 
    posted on the load. You should check an already sorted load in the room you 
    would like to send your item to and then...
    When your player character changes, make sure to leave enough weapons and 
    ammo for the others.
    While you are playing as Chris, there's an occasion where you'll need to use 
    the same item you used when you played as Claire. If you get stuck, remember 
    what you did in Claire's story.
    During the game, there are many traps that may jeopardize your life. These 
    traps can possibly work to your advantage if you know how to use them...
    LOCATION: PART 1/in the PRISON office in the prison area.
    Be sure to verify the content of the following facility access application 
    form, and add the applicant's name to the expected visitors list.
                                                      Chief, Prison guard room
                                                                  Paul Steiner
    I hereby apply for access permission for Prison Area D.
    Details follow.
    Visitor's name: Carl Grisham
                                Purpose of entry:
    Carrying in the following materials;
    1. New product sample from Metal Industries Co.: "TG-01".
    2. Various daily commodities ordered by the prison.
    1. Will use a transportation truck.
    2. "TG-01" sample will be stored in a designated briefcase.
    LOCATION: PART 1/Inside the Briefcase that fell out of the burning truck in 
    the prison area's GRAVEYARD.
                         "TG-01" PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
    Thank you for your continued support and for using our products.
    This time we have gathered our most advanced technologies, and have 
    succeeded in creating the unique anti-metal detection alloy "TG-01".
                              - TG-01 features? -
    1. Cannot be detected by any metal detectors.
    2. Cannot be pictured by roentgenography at the immigration check.
    3. Lightweight, yet durable.
    We plan to develop various weapons utilizing this innovative new alloy. We 
    have enclosed a sample for you to review. We look forward to hearing from 
    you regarding possible business opportunities.
    Metal Industries Co.
    Development Planning
    Carl Redhill
    USERS' MANUAL (this is a typo the programmers made, not me)
    LOCATION: PART 1/In the workshop at the end of the METAL DETECTOR HALL, in 
    the prison area.
                                 USER'S MANUAL
                          3D Duplicator User's Manual
    Our new product, the "3D Duplicator" consists of two parts.
                               3D Scanner Portion
    This portion scans a 3D object.
    Simply place the material that you want to have scanned onto the try of the 
    scanner. The scanned object will be processed into 3D data, which will be 
    transferred to the duplicator portion.
                               Duplicator Portion
    If you place the material you wish to have converted on the machine, you can 
    begin conversion based on the 3D data that was created by the 3D scanner 
    portion. The conversion will be executed with complete data accuracy. The 
    result will be an object precisely true to the original.
    LOCATION: PART 1/On the desk in the FRONT OF MTF LAB in the MTF building.
                            MEMO ON THE PASS NUMBER
    The emergency door lock system in the biology experiment room can be 
    released with the 4 digit pass number. I hope you haven't forgotten about 
    that already.
    I have just received an order from the system administrator requesting us to 
    change the pass number periodically. What bothers me is that you often lose 
    important memos, pass numbers or even chemicals...
    So, in an attempt to solve that problem, I came up with an idea. You know 
    the red human skeleton picture at the back of the biology experiment room? I 
    have decided to use the number signed on the picture as the pass number. If 
    you happen to lose the memo, just look at the picture.
    Well, I don't think you would ever need to use the emergency pass number, 
    anyway. But just in case, now you know. Take it easy, Mr. Careless!
    LOCATION: PART 1/In front of Alfred's portrait in the FAMILY PORTRAIT 
    GALLERY in the palace.
                      MESSAGE TO THE NEW FAMILY MASTER
    Sir Alfred,
    Congratulations on your succession as master of the Ashford famiy.
    I hereby present you with an earthenware vase, according to the Ashford 
    family tradition. As you may know, this tradition first began when a butler 
    presented a golden tea cup as a commemorative to Veronica. As founder of the 
    Ashford family, her intelligence and beauty are legendary.
    The second and third masters, Stanley and his son Thomas, were also 
    presented with similar tea cups. It was their hope to achieve glory as 
    Veronica did before them.
    The position of family master then shifted from Sir Thomas to his twin 
    brother Sir Arthur. It then went to Sir Edward, your grandfather. That was 
    when the Ashford family enjoyed its golden age. It was also Sir Edward's 
    acheivement that established the large chemical enterprise, Umbrella Inc.
    However, when Sir Edward passed away and your father Sir Alexander succeeded 
    the position, the glorious Ashford family gradually began to sink...
    I sincerely hope that the Ashford family regains its glory with your 
    guidance, just s this vase continues to shine eternally.
                                                                 Scott Harman
                                                       Butler, Ashford family
                                 SECURITY FILE
    The Ashford family's most important secret is kept at this lab.
    As a safety precaution, I have installed a self-destruct device in the 
    control room and have placed the activation code inside the computer. Once 
    inputted, all door locks will be released to provide easy access to escape 
    By using the elevator that directly connects to the hangar, one should be 
    able to escape from the lab easily.
    Please remember that I have used the name of my beautiful ancestor for the 
    activation code.
                                                      Glory to the Ashfords,
                                                             Alexander Ashford
    LOCATION - PART 3/On a podium on the upper catwalk of the JEEP GARAGE.
    Although we planned to utilize the enhanced anti-decay alloy called 
    "Deploid" to create stoage capsules of the new B.O.W., we have had to cancel 
    the plan. This is primarily based upon the fact that despite its excellent 
    resistance to all kinds of liquid including strong acid, it easily dissolves 
    when soaked with a mixture of the two chemicals, "Clement a" and "Clement 
    Z". Due to the lethal nature of the new B.O.W., we cannot be too careful in 
    choosing the material for their storage capsule
    We have instead decided to use the Deploid to create the plate portion of 
    the "Eagle Plate", which shines in indigo-blue.
    The a type is used for gun maintenance and possesses no conspicuous 
    characteristics. However, the Z type will change its color to blue at a 
    certain temperature. (It is an odd coincidence that the temperature is 
    exactly the same as the date of completion of this training facility.)
    Based upon our analysis of the Z type, we believe that Clement possesses 
    more features. As new information is learned, we will update this file.
    LOCATION: PART 2/Next to the record player in the ANTARTIC OFFICE.
                               ALEXANDER'S MEMO
    My father, Edward, discovered the mother virus in cooperation with Lord 
    Spencer, who was also a nobleman. They studied it for the purpose of 
    military use. Eventually their study took shape. They named a variation of 
    the mother virus, the "T-virus."
    To camouflage their research, they established Umbrella Chemical, Inc. I 
    majored in biogenetics and have been involved with a top secret project, 
    supporting my father's research.
    However, my research went through a difficult phase, and my father died in 
    the middle of the project. We are now at a major disadvantage against other 
    researchers, as there is great competition in the field of T-virus research. 
    I have disgraced the honorable name of the Ashford family that our great 
    ancestor Veronica established.
    If nothing is done, Umbrella will be taken over by Spencer. I must expedite 
    the project to its fullest, without being detected by Spencer.
    After much thought, I decided to establish a large-scale advanced research 
    facility. It will be located in the transport terminal that I created by 
    using the abandoned mine in the Antartic. Within the facility, I'll have a 
    room built. It will be similar to the design of my mansion, the legacy of 
    the late Trevor.
    I will be able to cherish my sweet memories there...
    For security purposes, this confidential project will be given a code name. 
    It is the name of the beautiful ancestor of the Ashford family, "Veronica" 
    whom I wish to revive so badly. I am confident that the result of my 
    research will be as glorious as her name, and that honor will be restored to 
    the Ashford family once again.
    LOCATION: PART 2/In the locker in the ANTARTIC OFFICE.
                              BUTLER'S LETTER
    Sir Alfred,
    Please forgive me, as I must tell you of my abrupt departure by leaving this 
    I first served your father, Lord Alexander, and have for so long shared in 
    the joys and sorrows of the Ashford family. Lord Alexander disappeared 
    unexpectedly 15 years ago, then an accident during an experiment took the 
    life of our dear Alexia.
    You were forced to become the master of the family at a very young age, and 
    nearly lost your sanity from the sorrow of having lost all of your family 
    members at once. There was nothing I could do, and I felt powerless.
    I firs thought that I should kill myself to apologize. I then realized that 
    it would be an insult to our dear Lord Alexander and Alexia, in the other 
                                                                 Scott Harman
                                                               Ashford family
    LOCATION: PART 1/On top of a bookshelf in the PRIVATE LIBRARY in the private 
                              CONFESSION LETTER
    Alexia, my sister, is a genius and possesses unmatched beauty. She is 
    everything to me. I would overcome any obstacle and be willing to risk my 
    life for her. For Alexia, I must revive the glorious Ashford family which 
    fell during the era of my father, Alexander.
    Together, we will restore our family name. Once that has been acheived, I'll 
    build a palace where only nobles may gather. I cannot allow the unwashed to 
    see my dear Alexia, to whom my life is devoted to. She reigns the world as 
    queen, with I as her servant.
    That is my dream, and how sweet it will be. Those accomplishments will be 
    the proof of my love toward Alexia.
    It is the purpose of my existence.
    All other people are meaningless, and they shall soon prostrate themselves 
    before Alexia and I.
                                                 Devoted to my beloved Alexia,
                                                                Alfred Ashford
    LOCATION - PART 3/Behind the painting that you move in the MODEL ROOM with 
    the Tank Object.
                             SECRET PASSAGE NOTE
    The underground passage which leads to the mansion where Alexia and I live, 
    has been badly damaged. Although I can never allow the unwashed to see 
    Alexia, I cannot go on using the underground waterway that those local 
    people made, either.
    Oh yes... I think I'll have those prisoners build a bridge. It must be a 
    gorgeous bridge that befits the perfection that is Alexia.
    Of course, I must kill everyone who's involved in the construction of the 
    bridge after it is done, so that no one will know about the existence of our 
    mansion. But that is okay, as I have no problem executing such matters. Once 
    the bridge is completed, I'll seal the mansion entrance door at the end of 
    the under-ground waterway. The entrance of the waterway is locked by the 
    diorama trick, ensuring the secrecy of our mansion.
                                                               Alfred Ashford
    LOCATION - PART 4/In a chair in ALEXANDER'S LAB.
                            CODE: VERONICA REPORT
    After many long years of research, I finally identified the inheritance 
    element that administers the intelligence of man. I even succeeded in 
    manipulating the absolute value of intelligence artificially, by recomposing 
    the base alignment of the element. I then sampled the gene of our great 
    ancestor, manipulated its element, then implanted it into the unfertilized 
    egg of a surrogate mother.
    What I didn't expect was that twins, a boy and a girl, were born. The boy 
    had higher intelligence than normal, but not high enough for him to be 
    considered a genius. However, the girl had unmatched intelligence that 
    easily allowed her to be classified as a genius. She was exactly what I had 
    been looking for, the revival of our great ancestor.
    I already determined their names; the girl's name, Alexia, and the boy's 
    name, Alfred.
    I'm certain that Alexia will elevate the name of the Ashford family to 
    extreme glory.
                                                             Alexander Ashford
    LOCATION - PART 4/In the cabinet you unlock with the Halbred in the ANTARTIC 
                               ALFRED'S DIARY
    January 30th
    There's a sealed room in the hallway located inside of the Antartic 
    facility. I don't know what is hidden there, but I do know how to get in. I 
    can use the three jewels that each one of our three family members wear as 
    proof of being a legitimate descendant of the Ashford family. The only 
    problem is, I do not know how I can gain possession of my father's proof.
    February 17th
    I finally succeeded in entering that sealed room. I never could have 
    imagined that such an insane secret existed regarding the birth of both 
    Alexia and myself...
    I hate my father. That fool, Alexander... Now it is obvious that we were 
    merely created in an attempt to cover my father's blunder. I can never trust 
    him again. I must regain the glory of the Ashford family with my sister.
    I have nothing to be afraid of, as long as Alexia is with me.
    March 3rd
    Alexia carried out the experiment on the human body that we've been talking 
    about. Our useless father must be happy now, since he can finally contribute 
    to the Ashford family. The only thing we should be careful about is that the 
    butler, Harman, does not become wise to our activities.
    April 22nd
    The experiment resulted in failure. Our father was useless after all. Even 
    worse, he turned into a dangerous monster that is completely out of control. 
    We tied him down and locked hin up in an underground prison cell. However, 
    Alexia seems to be close to a solution. Beyond all my expectations, she now 
    says that she wishes to conduct the experiment on her own body.
    On top of that, she feels she must be kept asleep for 15 years in order to 
    accomplish the experiment. Thanks to that idiot, I can't see my dear Alexia 
    for as long as 15 years. Alexia is going to sleep, with all of her trust 
    relying upon me. Now, I am the only one who can protect Alexia.
    LOCATION - PART 4/on a desk in ALEXIA'S LAB.
                       RESEARCH REPORT ON QUEEN ANT
    After discovering the remains of an ancient virus within the genes of a 
    queen ant, I have been concentrating on the research of ants. The ecosystem 
    of the ants seems truly ideal to me. There is one queen ant in each anthill, 
    and the soldier and worker ants are the queen's slaves. They dedicate their 
    lives to the queen.
    The death of the queen ant means the doom of the entire anthill. However, 
    the soldier and worker ants can be easily replaced as long as the queen ant 
    is alive. This is exactly the same relationship between myself and the other 
    ignorant masses.
    I have succeeded in creating an ideal virus by implanting the queen ant's 
    gene into the mother virus that Spencer found. I used my otherwise useless 
    father as a test subject. However, as I expected, the virus caused a rapid 
    change in his cells, triggering the complete destruction of his brain cells 
    and body flesh.
    Furthermore, a special type of poison gas was generated inside his body, 
    that the blue herb had no effect against. Because of this, I created an 
    antidote in case of emergency, and stored it inside of the weapon/chemical 
    warehouse on the B2 floor.
    I have decided to name this virus with inimaginable potential, the 
    "T-Veronica" virus. When I find out how I can utilize the power of this 
    wonderful virus, my great research will finally be complete.
                                                               Alexia Ashford
    On the counter in front of the broken video screen in the CRYO STORAGE LAB.
                           VIRUS RESEARCH REPORT
    Work continues on the "T-Veronica" virus which I extracted from the queen 
    ant. The more research I conduct on it, the more I am impressed by how much 
    potential it has.
    I have finally implanted the virus into my own body, and discovered how to 
    utilize its power. I will avoid making the mistake that I made on my father. 
    I will suppress the activity of the virus at an ultra-low temperature, so 
    that my cells will change slowly.
    My calculations indicate that it will take 15 years before my body will gain 
    immunity, and become able to coexist with the virus. Until then, I have no 
    choice but to trust the capsule that I will be in, to that inept but loyal 
    soldier ant who is my brother. For me to obtain unlimited power, some risks 
    need to be taken.
    When I awaken, I will be the queen... And the "T-Veronica" virus will be 
    unleashed upon the entire world by my children. Every last creature on earth 
    will exist to serve me. At that time, the world will acheive the perfect 
    ecosystem, just like the anthill, but on a much grander scale.
                                                               Alexia Ashford
    LOCATION: PART 1/Found on a bed in the PRISONERS' BUNKS in the prison area.
                                PRISONER'S DIARY
    May 13th
    This room stinks of death. Based upon the information I've found, I believe 
    that I'm far south of the equator.
    Lucky for me that Bob in the bunk below me, is one of thos interesting types 
    of guys...
    May 16th
    Today Bob told some crazy story of why he was put this place with me. Bob 
    said that he used to be an attendant of the head of this place. This "boss" 
    named Alfred supposedly placed him in here because of a tiny little mistake.
    What does that mean?
    What's going to happen to me?
    May 20th
    Without warning, a group of military men took Bob to the building behind the 
    guillotine stand.
    At midnight, I'll sneak out of here to see him.
    I've been hearing that anyone taken to that building never comes back. On 
    top of that, there are these REALLY large plastic bags constantly being 
    removed from that place. I'd better pray for Bob...
    May 21st
    I was wrong. I shouldn't have gone there. What is going on in there?! All I 
    could heare was some insanely creepy laughter and the sound of Bob 
    screaming! I don't know what to do. I can't stop thinking about it...
    Is that going to happen to me?!
    I can't let it...
    I just can't...
    May 27th
    Since my last entry, all of my fellow inmates have been taken to that 
    building! I know that I am next... It's obvious that we were all here to be 
    used as Alfred's guinea pigs. There's no way out!
    What am I going to do?!...
    LOCATION: On the desk in the MORGUE in the prison area.
                               ANATOMIST'S NOTE
    There is a demon in my mind. I can't control the fierce impulses that the 
    demon sometimes drives me to act upon. It is a brutal ceremony. With the 
    demon next to me, I enjoy watching people agonize in pain, screaming and 
    convulsing repeatedly as they die...
    But, Sir Alfred was kind enough to acknowledge me, and has given me the 
    facilities, chemicals, and "equipment" necessary to study everything.
    I must never betray Sir Alfred's kindness. It is especially critical that no 
    one discovers the sacred place that only he and I know about. I swear, the 
    basement of this medical building will be kept secret.
    Of course, I keep the key to the sacred place with me at all times... Even 
    if an outsider sees it, they will never be able to tell that it is the key. 
    I must remember that my life ends when I lose Sir Alfred's trust.
    LOCATION: PART 1/In the WAITING ROOM in the palace area.
                               SECRETARY'S NOTE
    Four years have passed since I began serving Sir Alfred.
    He doesn't trust anyone! Even though I am his attendant, I am still strictly 
    prohibited from entering his private house! What is his problem anyway?! 
    They say he lives with his twin sister Alexia in his private house on the 
    Occasionally, I've seen someone standing by the window of the house. It 
    might have been Alexia, whose extreme beauty is often talked about. I once 
    asked Sir Alfred about this, but it only enraged him. Even though I am his 
    attendant, he will not show me any lenience. If I ask about her again, I 
    could put my life at risk.
    After all, it is a mystery why he so desperately tries to keep his private 
    life with Alexia a secret.
                                                                Robert Dorson
    D.I.J.'S DIARY
                                D.I.J.'s DIARY
    During a heavy squall, a girl in a red outfit was brought to this island of 
    Rockford, my home.
    What could she possibly have done?
    I've been living here for quite some time now, but many who are brought to 
    this island seldom leave alive.
    Through the sounds of guns and fire, soldiers appeared. There was something 
    going on. I went to the prison, but the girl in red was nowhere in sight. I 
    hurried to the military training facility. The "man" of Rockfort was 
    attacking her relentlessly. How stupid of me. I got too close and almost got 
    myself smashed by the shutters. But, thanks to my natural agility, I was 
    able to get out of the situation and get outside.
    Anyone other than me would not have been so lucky.
    Again, I was able to find the girl in red. There she was; in front of the 
    residence. Then from behind her appeared a man with blonde hair. As he 
    called to her, he approached her in a friendly manner and started saying 
    something to her...and it happened abruptly.
    The man with the bloned hair started to hur the girl in red. "I have to save 
    her." I thought to myself. But the man with the blonde hair went away. Who 
    was that blond haired man? What did he want from the girl in the red?
    The self-destruct announcement and the emergency siren warned the end of 
    Rockfort Island. I hurried to the hangar of the transport. The tranport we 
    were on took off as everything exploded into flames. With my neck risking 
    effort, the girl in red slammed the monster out into the open sky. Sure 
    enough, she was a Valkyrie, a goddess of destruction.
    I couldn't believe it. The transport landed in a base on the icy Antartica. 
    And on top of it all, the transport that landed before us spilled tons of 
    the T-virus and everything alive had already turned into zombies.
    If I stayed, there was no way I could stay alive. I had to find a way to get 
    out of there, quickly. I parted with the girl in the red. I started 
    searching the base to see if there was anything I could use.
    As I was resting in the dark, someone was coming. Whatever it was, it was 
    right there. The door suddenly closed and there was no escape. I kept 
    slamming the doors. Then the door opened. I exploded out of there. But I was 
    no chicken. I stopped to turn around and there she was, the girl in the red, 
    standing there looking at me.
    Where was this place? I was stuck in a room with an elevator and an old 
    cannon. Where was I supposed to go? I was stranded. I felt endless despair. 
    Then that bloned haired man with the sunglasses appeared. He had that girl 
    in an arm lock. Then a man in a black vest came running after them. The man 
    with the blonde hair disappeared into the prison cell with the girl. The man 
    in the black vest followed them. I also hurried to chase after them.
    It was a grueling fight, head to head. Was the man who knew that girl also a 
    monster? The fight looked like it could last forever. Then suddenly there 
    was an explosion, which interfered the fight.
    That was the last chance I had to get out of there. I snuck through the 
    hatch of the sub just as it was about to close. Finally, I was released from 
    a world of death and I was able to come back to a world where desire and 
    power ruled.
    LOCATION: PART 1/On a stool in the PRIVATE LIBRARY in the private residence.
                                NEWSPAPER CLIP
    A 10 year old girl genius graduated at the top of her class, from a 
    prestigious university.
    The international corporation, Umbrella Chemical Inc., offered her the 
    position of head researcher.
    LOCATION: PART 1/On the desk in ALFRED'S BEDROOM at the private residence.
                                MESSAGE CARD
    My dear brother,
    I firmly believe that the glory of the Ashford family will be revived 
    through your courage and strength as an honored soldier.
                                                            Yours faithfully,
                                                               Alexia Ashford
    LOCATION: PART 1/On the desk at the front of the CONFERENCE ROOM in the 
                                HUNK'S REPORT
    Attn: Mr. Alfred Ashford, head of the facility.
    Today at 16:32, I arrived successfully from the Umbrella transport base with 
    the large-scale B.O.W. capsule. Extreme care was taken during transport, and 
    all 108 check points were confirmed condition "green", in accordance with 
    standard procedures.
    It is currently being stored in a freezer.
    There's one thing I don't understand. We are normally assigned to special 
    missions. Why were we ordered to transport a frozen capsule this time? I 
    understand that this may be classified as top-secret, but without knowledge 
    of the contents, our safety could be at risk during the transport. This is 
    especially important if the contents are potentially harmful. We would like 
    to ask you provide us with more information, should we be assigned similar 
    missions in the future.
    I still remember the good old days that I spent here in the military 
    training center. Nothing has changed since then.
    We will gear up for the next mission, today at 23:00.
                                                 Umbrella Special Forces Unit
    LOCATION: PART 2/On the table in the WORKERS' BUNKS.
                               WORKER'S DIARY
    October 30th
    When I joined Umbrella Inc., I thought I would be able to live care-free for 
    the rest of my life, being employed by this huge corporation. It's a joke 
    that I ended up being a driver at a place like this. I asked for a position 
    change, but they completely ignored me. It feels more like a prison! Work is 
    extremely demanding, and there's nothing fun about it. I'd rather be dead!
    November 3rd
    My hard-earned vacation was cancelled suddenly. I heard they failed to  
    secure enough manpower due to a mistake by the facility head, Alfred. That 
    fool doesn't deserve forgiveness. He doesn't even treat use like human 
    November 5th
    I heard an interesting story from a guy who's been working here for over 8 
    years. He must be awfully patient...
    He says thathere is a man who has been confined for over 10 years, locked up 
    in a cell located deep below here. People call him "Nosferatu" and are 
    deathly afraid of him. What an absurd story!
    November 10th
    At midnight I woke up to an ominous growling sound that seemed to be coming 
    from deep under ground... I'm so pathetic to have been frightened by such a 
    foolish story. Then again, I suppose anyone would have a hard time 
    maintaining their sanity if they were confined in a place like this!
    8:  Secrets
    To unlock the Battle Game, complete the regular game once.
    To unlock First-Person View, pick up the Sniper Rifle in the Mining Shaft in 
    Part 2, after Alfred drops it.
    To unlock Steve, get the Luger Replica in Part 3 by solving the puzzle in 
    the VTOL Office.
    To unlock Alternate Claire, complete the Battle Game once with Claire.
    To unlock Wesker, complete the Battle Game once with Chris.
    To unlock the Linear Launcher, complete the Battle Game with every character 
    while getting an A Rank.  Get faster times in the Battle Game to get better 
    rankings.  The Linear Launcher will now be in the inventory of every 
    character when you start the Battle Game.
    To get the Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo for the regular game, complete 
    the game with an A Rank.  The requirements for an A rank are:
    - finish the game in under 4 hours and 30 minutes
    - do not save at all, except for the midway point save
    - do not retry at all
    - do not use any First Aid Sprays
    - rescue Steve quickly from the Palace Trap
    - give the Hemostatic and the Lighter to Rodrigo as Claire
    - get the Lighter from Rodrigo as Chris by saving him quickly from the Gulp 
    After you unlock the Rocket Launcher, it will be in your inventory every 
    time you start a new regular game.
    9:  Frequently Asked Questions
    These are the questions that I'm asked the most about this game.  Make sure 
    you check out this section before you email me a question, because the 
    answer might be here.
    Q:  How do I change the difficulty level of the regular game?
    A:  If you're playing the North American version or the European version, 
    you can't.  This feature is only available in the Japanese version.
    Q:  I used the Eagle Plate in Part 1 to access the Infirmary first, before I 
    got the Biohazard Card in the Military Training Facility.  Will I have to 
    start my game over or anything?
    A:  No, it's okay.  You just didn't do things in the order I suggested in 
    the walkthrough.
    Q:  Claire has a lot of ammo and medical supplies in her inventory that I 
    need as Chris.  How do I get my items from Claire to Chris?
    A:  If you are playing as Chris in Part 3, you'll have to wait until you 
    play as Claire again in Part 4 to get them back.  If you've already finished 
    playing as Claire though in Part 4, there's no way to get your items back 
    from her anymore.
    Q:  What do I do with the Luger Replica after I get it?
    A:  You don't do anything with it once you get it.  You simply need to find 
    it so you can unlock Steve in the Battle Game.  Just stow it away in the 
    Item Chest after you find it, because there's nothing to do with it in the 
    regular game.
    Q:  I saw a Magnum in the Armory in Part 2, but I can't get it because there 
    are flames in the way.  How do I get the Magnum?
    A:  You will have to wait until Part 4 before you can get the Magnum.  
    You'll also need the Empty Extinguisher at that time, so you can fill it up 
    again and use it to put out the flames to get the Magnum.
    Q:  I left the Empty Extinguisher in a security box in the prison in Part 1. 
      I can't get the Magnum now because I don't have an Extinguisher.  How do I 
    get past the fire now?
    A:  You must have the Fire Extinguisher to put out the flames.  There's no 
    way around it.  The only Fire Extinguisher in the game is the one you find 
    in the prison in Part 1.  If you left it behind in a security box, then 
    tough luck, no Magnum for you!
    Q:  I left the Empty Extinguisher in a security box in the prison in Part 1. 
      Claire's been poisoned by Nosferatu, and your walkthrough says that the 
    Serum to cure her poison is in the Armory.  Is the Serum going to be blocked 
    by flames so that I can't get it without the Fire Extinguisher?
    A:  No, it's not.  It's on a shelf that's not past the flames.  You can 
    easily get it without the Fire Extinguisher.
    Q:  How come the Serum isn't in the Armory like your walkthrough says it is?
    A:  The Serum will only appear in the Armory after you discover Claire has 
    been poisoned by Nosferatu.  You can't pick it up ahead of time.
    Q:  How do I open the Security File when Claire gives it to me at the end of 
    the game?
    A:  Look at the part of the book that opens up (opposite the spine), and 
    press X.  It's like opening a book in real life.
    Q:  I have X amount of ammo and Y amount of healing items.  Can I beat 
    A:  Check the ammo charts above the boss strategies and see if you have 
    enough ammo.
    10:  E-mail Policy
    Please DO:
    - put the name of the game in the subject title and/or in the message
    itself.  It's VERY IMPORTANT the name of the game is in the subject.  I have
    numerous spam filters set up to catch certain messages.  If you only put in
    the game's title in the subject, the message has a much better chance of 
    getting through.  Not only that, I will know what game you're talking about. 
      I've got more guides out there than just this one, so it's critical I know 
    what game you need help on.
    - read the guide BEFORE you send an email.  At least read the sections that 
    could probably answer your question.  Use Ctrl + F to help you seek out 
    specific items.  This goes for you contributors as well.  Sometimes people 
    have contributed things that have already been posted in this guide.
    - use proper spelling and grammar.  Don't write something like: "hym an dou
    ha vecodez furt his game."  You may not think it's a big deal, but I
    appreciate it when somebody takes the time to type out a message correctly.
    - send a message in English.  English is the only language I can effectively
    communicate with.  I know a little Spanish, and a handful of random words
    from other languages, but that's about as far as my knowledge of foreign
    languages goes.
    Please DO NOT:
    - send emails in excess of 100KB without prior warning.  Klez virus
    emails have been pouring into my email accounts every day.  Since the emails
    always exceed 100KB, I delete them the moment I see them.  If you send some
    large attachment, then there's a very good chance I'll delete the message
    right away without looking at it.
    - ask me to send you a copy of my guide.  If you want a copy of my guide,
    just go to an address where it's being displayed, click "File" on top of
    your screen, and then click "Save As."
    - send several messages at once.  It's okay if you accidentally hit the send
    button twice or something, but please don't spam my inbox with three or more 
    messages at the same time.  Put everything that you want to talk about in 
    one email.
    (Replace "(at)" with "@", and "(dot)" with ".")
    11:  Thanks...
    - to my dad for giving me jobs to do to pay for my PS2 and this game.
    - to Chris for contributing an item location.
    - to Shored88 for contributing an alternate way to get away from Steve.
    - to Capcom for producing the Resident Evil series.
    - to all the sites for hosting this document, especially www.gamefaqs.com.
    12:  Copyright
    This document is the intellectual property of Nathan Norris.  This document
    is only for private use.  You may save it to your hard drive, and print it
    out without permission.  What you may NOT do without permission is post it
    on a website (for profitable or non-profitable reasons).  This document may
    not be sold or bought for any reason.  It must be accessible free of charge
    on any website it is displayed on.  Only these sites have permission to use
    my guides:
    If you find this guide on some other site, and it is incomplete, go to
    www.gamefaqs.com. before requesting help from me.  www.gamefaqs.com is the
    first place I send every piece of my work, so they are sure to have the most
    up-to-date version of my guides.

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