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    New Events Guide by cvxfreak

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                        Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X
                                New Events Guide
     Covers Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
                              Written by: cvxfreak
                        Copyright 2001-2011 by cvxfreak
                                  Version 2.1
                                October 1, 2011
                        E-mail: cvxguides[at]gmail.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History 
    3. New Event 1
    4. New Event 2
    5. New Event 3
    6. New Event 4
    7. About The Author
    8. Conclusion
    1. Introduction
    Resident Evil CODE: Veronica, known as Biohazard CODE: Veronica in
    Japan, was originally released on the Sega Dreamcast console  in
    February of 2000. When Capcom decided to bring CODE: Veronica to the
    PlayStation 2 in 2001, they decided to add new events to the game to
    ensure it was more than just a simple port. In the meantime, Capcom
    decided not to shun Dreamcast owners and released to them a version
    of CODE: Veronica with the new cutscenes as well, but only in Japan.
    In late 2001 when Capcom decided to send the whole mainline Biohazard
    series to the Nintendo GameCube, their plan included a port of CODE:
    Veronica X to the GameCube after the release of the remake of Biohazard,
    Biohazard Zero, Biohazard 2 and Biohazard 3: Last Escape, but before
    the release of Biohazard 4. 
    In 2011, Capcom commemorated the 15th anniversary of the Biohazard
    series by releasing Biohazard Revival Selection HD Remaster-ban, a
    compilation of both CODE: Veronica and Biohazard 4 with newly remastered
    high definition visuals for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In North
    America and Europe, CODE: Veronica X became a downloadable game on
    PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Games on Demand for $19.99 USD.
    The new events in CODE: Veronica X (CODE: Veronica Kanzenban in
    Japan) come in the form of three new cutscenes and an expanded ending.
    All of the cutscenes concern the mysterious Albert Wesker. The
    presence of these new cutscenes help flesh out the story more and
    provide some insight as to plot developments in future games in the
    series, particularly Biohazard: The Darkside Chronicles and Biohazard 5. 
    For those who own only the original CODE: Veronica and do not want to
    switch to the X version, this FAQ is here to detail the new events
    for you. In the age of Youtube you'll find the cutscenes online, but
    in the world of game FAQS, this document will help you out. Please note
    that this guide contains SPOILERS, so if you don't want the game's plot
    revealed to you before you play for real, I recommend that you stop
    reading this guide now. 
    2. Version History
    October 1, 2011
    Version 2.1
    Made a few minor changes to the layout and added in coverage for the
    PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 re-releases of CODE: Veronica X.
    June 13, 2007
    Version 2.0
    This FAQ needed an updated. Badly. So this is it. The writing and
    format have been improved, and unnecessary information cut out to make
    the FAQ better than ever. 
    July 28, 2002
    Version 1.11
    Made a major update to the guide, format-wise, and added copyrights, 
    making this FAQ look a lot neater than before.
    3. New Event 1
    Palace Courtyard, Part/Disc 1
    Claire Redfield, Albert Wesker
    Claire's returned to the Palace after visiting the Prison's torture room
    area. As she attempts to enter the Palace, a sinister voice calls out
    from behind her. Claire looks back and sees none other than Albert
    Wesker staring at her. 
    New Event Dialogue:
    Wesker: Greetings! You must be the lovely Claire Redfield.
    Claire: Who're you?
    Wesker: Let's just say that I'm a ghost... coming back to haunt your...
            *dear brother*!
    Claire: Wesker?
    Wesker: It seems there's not much explaining to do, is there? I was 
            the one who attacked this island. Who would of thought you'd be 
            here? *laughs* Now that the cat dragged in this surprise, your
            ever so caring brother... is sure to show up!
    Claire: I don't know what went on between you two, but you have him all 
            wrong! My brother is not kind of person you think he is... 
                       [Wesker begins to choke Claire]
    Wesker: I despise Chris!
    Claire: What are you gonna do to him? *screams*
                 [Wesker throws Claire across the courtyard]
    Wesker: Oh, how your brother will weep to see you die. *laughs*
                   [Wesker receives a call and answers it]
    Wesker: What? What is it? ...stay there! I'm coming! ...it appears
            you're still of some use to me. I'm gonna let you live... a 
            little longer!
          [Wesker leaps out of the courtyard, leaving Claire alone]
    4. New Event 2
    Underground Airport, Part/Disc 2
    Albert Wesker, Chris Redfield, Alexia Ashford
    Wesker and his crew have remained on the island after everyone else has
    evacuated. He is attempting to discover Alexia's status and location, 
    but he finds her fully awake on the airport's computer terminal. He also 
    sees Chris, unsurprisingly, and sends the Hunters after Chris. 
    New Event Dialogue:
    Wesker: Alexia? No! And she's already fully awake!
          [Wesker looks at another computer console and sees Chris]
    Wesker: Chris! Oh little fishy, come see my hook! Chris, I'm gonna send 
            you a welcoming gift from me! Enjoy! 
                      [Wesker laughs maniacally.]
    5. New Event 3
    Antarctica, Spencer Mansion Replica, Part/Disc 2
    Albert Wesker, Alexia Ashford, Chris Redfield
    After Steve's dies, Alexia returns to the main hall of the Spencer 
    Mansion replica, where Wesker immediately confronts her. Chris, after 
    recovering from his leg injury, hides behind a pillar as he witnesses
    Alexia mutate into a more sinister creature in order to challenge
    New Event Dialogue:
        [Alexia punches Wesker, causing him to flip backwards. 
                                         Wesker lands on his feet.]
    Wesker: You're coming with me!
    [Wesker dodges Alexia's attempts to engulf Wesker in flames by spewing
     flammable blood that erupts into flames as soon as it touches the
     floor. In response, Wesker moves around the room, flinging himself off
     of the walls and across the air using his legs, managing to punch
     Alexia straight in the face. However, Alexia is hardly phased by
     Wesker's assault,and throws more fire in Wesker's direction, where
     Chris happens to be hiding as well. Wesker and Chris dodge Alexia's 
    Wesker: Chris!
    Chris: Wesker!
    Wesker: Chris, since you're one of my best men... I'll let *you* handle 
    [Wesker leaves the hall before Alexia throws a wall of flames in front
     of the door, trapping Chris inside with Alexia. Chris has no choice
     but to battle Alexia.]
    6. New Event 4
    Antarctica (after killing Alexia III), Part/Disc 2
    Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Albert Wesker
    Chris finally destroyed Alexia's final form, but Wesker's managed to
    capture Claire before she could make her way to the harrier jet. Chris
    sees Wesker with Claire, and follows them through a set of hidden
    hallways to a dock with a submarine. Chris and Claire have one final
    confrontation with Wesker. 
    New Event Dialogue:
    [Chris heads down the stairs after killing Alexia and sees Wesker
     holding Claire captive.]
    Wesker: *laughs*
    Chris: Claire! No!
    [Chris chases Wesker through a hallway filled with zombies. Chris
     simply tackles the zombies as he goes after Wesker. Chris emerges
     in a dock with a submarine harbored and confronts Wesker.]
    Wesker: Well done Chris! It seems that Alexia's work wasn't much of 
    Chris: Let her go, Wesker! You don't want her!
    Wesker: Fine!
                       [Wesker releases Claire to Chris.]
    Chris: Claire!
    Claire: *moans*
    Wesker: Today's a good day! I came for Alexia, but killing you is even 
    Chris: Sorry to disappoint you, but Alexia is gone!
    Wesker: That is no longer a concern for me. I have Steve to work with!
    Claire: What?
    Chris: Steve?
    Wesker: In his body is still a living T-Alexia [sic] Virus. Steve should 
            be a good specimen. Maybe he'll come back alive just as I did, 
            and be able to see your sister again!
    Chris: You freak!
        [Claire attempts to charge at Wesker, but is held back by Chris.]
    Claire: Don't you touch him!
    Wesker: Sorry dear heart. But my men have already taken him.
    Chris: You get out of here Claire! I have to finish this!
    Claire: Alright. But remember your promise!
            [Claire leaves the room and heads for the harrier jet.]
    Chris: Let's end this once and for all! Say hello to my comrades who 
           you've killed!
    Wesker: I don't where you get your confidence, Chris.
    [Chris and Wesker attack each other. Chris attempts to hit Wesker with a
     metal pole, but Wesker, with his superhuman abilities, does not react to
     it, instead punching Chris and flinging him across the room. They
     continue to fight.]
    [The scene switches to Claire, having reached the harrier jet. Before she
     boards it, Claire stares at the emergency elevator, anxiously waiting 
     for Chris to arrive.]
    Speakers: The self destruct system has been activated. All personal 
              evacuate immediately.
    [The scene switches back to Chris and Wesker. Wesker continues to punch
     Chris, whose nose is bleeding. Wesker delivers one last punch that sends
     Chris flying onto his back. Chris lies on his back, nearly helpless, as
     Wesker raises his arms to praise his abilities. Chris looks at the
     ceiling and sees a bunch of metal bars suspended by a chain, which gives
     him an idea.]
    Wesker: Sure I'm not human anymore! But just look at the power I've
    [Wesker jumps and attempts to slam Chris' head into the concrete with his
     sheer strength, but Chris manages to roll away in time, causing Wesker
     to slam the concrete, cracking it. Chris dives for the crank that holds
     the metal bars, and hits it, causing the metal bars to fall straight
     onto Wesker. Chris sits for a moment, believing Wesker to be dead, but
     the bars begin to slide away, and Wesker rises, smiling at Chris.]
    Wesker: Nice try.
    Chris: Wesker!
    [A sudden explosion occurs, and Wesker is too close to the blast, which
     wounds his face. Wesker decides to give up and allow Chris to leave.]
    Wesker: Today's your lucky day. Next time we meet, don't count on 
    Chris: Next time!
    Wesker: Until we meet again! *laughs maniacally* 
    [Chris leaves the submarine dock as Wesker laughs maniacally. Then, the
     original CODE: Veronica ending resumes.]
    7. About the Author
    You can find me posting on the following websites regularly: 
    NeoGAF (www.neogaf.com)
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    Biohaze (www.biohaze.com) 
    Twitter (www.twitter.com/cvxfreak)
    I have a GameFAQs contributor page, where you can find my other guides:
    8. Conclusion
    This guide is complete and up-to-date to the best of my knowledge.
    I want to give the following special thanks:
    - My family and friends for their continued support
    - GameFAQs for being a great website after all these years
    - Capcom, for creating the Resident Evil series and CODE: Veronica
    This document is copyright 2011 by cvxfreak. Please respect this

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