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    Character Analysis by YeahokLives / cvxfreak

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    Resident Evil Code: X by Capcom  for the Playstation 2 game console
    Version 2.6
    Resident Evil Code: Veronica X: Character Analysis
    Playstation2, Dreamcast, Gamecube
    Written by: Vaughn Jones(YeahokLives)
    Formatted by: CVXFREAK
    Copyright 2002 by YeahokLives and CVXFREAK
    Last Update: September 7, 2002
    E-mail: vaughnjones3000@hotmail.com (YeahokLives)
            FireEmblemPride@hotmail.com (CVXFREAK)
    Table of Contents:
    1) Introduction
      i) Legalities
      ii) Notes on RECVX
    2) The characters:
       i:    Claire Redfield
       ii:   Chris Redfield
       iii:  Steve Burnside
       iv:  Albert Wesker
       v:   Alfred Ashford
       vi:  Alexia Ashford
       vii: Rodrigo Juan Raval
    3)Plot Guide
    4)File Analysis (Written by CVXFREAK)
    5) Thanks
    1) Introduction
    When Code: Veronica first came out on Dreamcast, it quickly became my 
    all-time favourite game. When it came out on PS2, added scenes and all, 
    nothing had changed. I decided to write this FAQ to find a way to pay homage 
    to Code: Veronica X, so I hope this guide is as fun to read as it was to 
    Capcom please restrain from suing me,  I have no money to give to you. All 
    these characters, storylines, etc. belong to Capcom.
    ii) Notes on RECVX
    Code: Veronica was first released on Dreamcast back in March, 2000. With 
    it's groundbreaking graphics and engrossing storyline, it quickly became a 
    hit. Today, on PS2 and Gamecube, with added cut-scenes and small changes, it 
    is still impressive, not only to look at and watch, but also to play.
    The first half of the game takes place on a place called Rockfort Island, 
    where the games protagonist, Claire Redfield is taken. The second half of 
    the game takes place in Antarctica, through the eyes of both Claire and her 
    brother Chris.
    The  changes in the more recent versions include things like a largely 
    extended ending,  added cut-scenes featuring the game's sideline villain, 
    Wesker, and the small but notable change of Steve's hairstyle and portrait.
    2) The Characters
    i)Claire Redfield
    	Claire Redfield
    	Age: 19
          Weight: 115 lbs
          Height: 5.5 ft
          Blood Type: O
          ID Number: WKD4496
    Exceedingly resourceful and remarkably intelligent, Claire Redfield plays 
    the role of main protagonist in Code Veronica. Many things have changed 
    about Claire since RE2, most notably that Claire has received a virtual 
    makeover. Claire, now sporting a strikingly beautiful face, a slim, 
    curvaceous body(as opposed to her almost frumpy, plain appearance in RE2) 
    and a whole new set of moves, is more than ready to hop into the spotlight. 
    Anyone around here can tell you about my unhealthy obsession with her. From 
    what we are told in the games, Claire is a brave young woman with a passion 
    for motorcycles and a sarcastic tongue. She is also compassionate, loyal, 
    and optimistic(seems almost contradictory).
    Claire played surrogate mother to Sherry Birkin in RE2, and in
    CVX; irritated babysitter to young Steve Burnside. One thing we can  
    definitely grasp from the games is that she has a deep love for her brother 
    Chris, who we assume feels the same way,  he is more than willing to stick 
    his neck out for her.
    In her latest adventure, her love for Chris has put her into quite a bit of 
    trouble. While searching for Chris in an Umbrella facility located in Paris, 
    she is discovered, chased, and with great effort, she is caught. She is then 
    flown in to Umbrella’s Rockfort Island Prison Facility, as simply killing 
    her would have made too much sense. But thanks to the compassion of captor 
    Rodrigo Juan Raval, and a miscalculation by Albert Wesker, she escapes. 
    While running wild in Rockfort, she comes across the reckless Steve, who 
    causes her quite a bit of trouble. Can Claire escape the island, with all 
    these odds against her? Read my plot guide to find out...
    Chris is Claire's beloved brother, whom she is willing to risk everything 
    for, Claire has confidence in Chris, and he in her. They share an 
    unbreakable bond that not even a pair  Miracle Shears could cut through.
    Steve starts off as a speed bump in Claire’s quest, but eventually becomes 
    useful, saving Claire a few times. He likes her quite a bit, but isn't 
    willing to admit it until quite late in the game.
    Although they had no contact whatsoever in Code:Veronica for the DC,
    in CVX they have quite a little confrontation, starting with his
    personal introduction, and leading up to a swift kick to her face. It
    is seems that she knows all about his Machiavellian ways, regarding him with 
    suspicion. In the game’s closing sequence, he uses her as a human shield to 
    lure Chris out into the open. I don’t think there’s any love lost between 
    these two.
    Claire- Alfred
    Claire feels, as we all do, no great liking for Alfred, considering the way 
    he persistently tries to kill her. He attacks her with a sniper rifle in his 
    introduction, and later resorts to unleashing a Tyrant on her.
    Claire only comes across the real Alexia twice, although neither times are 
    pleasant. She first sees her when she is freed from the back of the 
    staircase by Chris, and Alexia arrives to taunt them. Upon seeing her, 
    Claire exclaims " There really is an Alexia?!" The second time Claire comes 
    across her, she is advancing toward her with the intention of smiting her. 
    While there isn’t much contact between these two, I’m sure once again that 
    Claire doesn’t feel a desire to go over to the Ashford mansion for a 
    sleep-over.  The fake Alexia isn’t any different, although Claire only comes 
    across "her" once. "she" tries to knock off Claire with a sniper rifle.
    While Claire isn’t overly thrilled that Rodrigo had been the one  
    responsible for her incarceration, she feels compassion for him, in his 
    weakened condition. This is best demonstrated when she brings him his 
    hemostatic medicine, although she didn’t have much to gain personally by 
    doing it.
    Claire Game vs. Claire Book
    The Claire of the game isn’t all that different from the Claire Redfield 
    from the Resident Evil novels.  S.D. Perry and Capcom seem to have the same 
    idea as to her personality. Both regard her as strong and independent, while 
    still caring and sensitive. However, one large difference is that Claire 
    from the novels is far more teenager-ish than the Claire of the games. She 
    makes smarmy cracks, comments, and swears occasionally.
    In the game, Claire is more subtle, and doesn’t have too much to say outside 
    the usual "Steve!", and "Hang in there!" The Claire in the game does, 
    however, have a few sarcastic things to say to Alfred, which are not present 
    in the novel.
    Generally the idea stays the same.
      Brown hair pulled back in a just-below shoulder-length ponytail, red 
    leather vest with illustration of a female angel warrior-type and "Let Me 
    Live" written in large letters on the back, tight black t-shirt underneath, 
    denim jeans and some form of boot, pink choker, black gloves.
    My Opinion of Claire
    Strong, beautiful, intelligent, what's not to like about Claire? She is 
    definitely my favourite RE character.
    ii)Chris Redfield
    Chris Redfield
    Stats: Chris Redfield
             Age: 25
             Weight: 177 lbs
             Height: 5.11 ft
             Blood Type: O
             ID Number: MRD6251
    Chris Redfield is the most often recognized male protagonist of the
    Resident Evil series. The burly hero who kills the monster and saves the 
    females. Irony, in this adventure, he takes the backseat to his little 
    sister Claire. Chris is only really a sort of Deus-Ex-Machina, arriving only 
    at a time where Claire is in need of aid in the game. Chris is an Air-Force 
    veteran, which is realistically impossible because I’ve heard they don’t let 
    you quit until you’re at least twenty-six.
    Chris’s only known family (well as far as we know) is the lovely Claire 
    Redfield, with whom it seems he has almost a sort of father-daughter 
    relationship with. It's easy to pick up that
    Chris loves Claire very much, and is willing to do almost
    anything for her. There are also rumours of an involvement between him and 
    the er... nice Jill Valentine.
    Anyhow, after having received a transmission from Leon S. Kennedy telling of 
    his sister's predicament, Chris races to rescue her. However, instead of 
    finding his sister on the island, he finds someone he thought he had left 
    behind not too long ago....
    Chris loves his sister very much, and would literally wade
    through any putrid abyss for her.  Chris probably played the
    parental role for Claire during a good portion of his (and her)
    life. Chris and Claire do not have the same sort of relationship that is 
    seen most often in siblings. They don’t fight, pull each other’s hair or 
    read each other’s diaries. They are every parent's dream of what siblings 
    should be like.
    Chris only hears of Steve when he first rescues Claire, and
    the two never actually meet.
    Chris and Wesker share a deep hatred for each other that cannot be broken. 
    Chris despises Wesker because he is directly responsible for the deaths of 
    the majority of his team mates, and almost responsible for his own death. 
    Wesker despises Chris because he and Jill Valentine single-handedly ruined 
    his plans for the Spencer estate. The two meet on Rockfort island, and a few 
    violent confrontations follow.
    Chris- Alfred
    Chris never has the "pleasure" of meeting a live Alfred,
    but instead, the corpse of. Chris finds Alfred’s corpse in the room from 
    which Alexia emerged, after he opens her stasis tube, giving him quite a 
    Being that Alexia is the final boss of the game, and the
    fact that Claire in that point of the game is in no shape to finish Alexia 
    off herself, it is Chris’s duty to rid the world of the last remaining 
    Ashford. Alexia recognizes Chris as a threat to her, and takes it upon 
    herself to kill him. She doesn’t succeed, but instead
    is blasted with the linear launcher. Chris is clearly threatened by Alexia, 
    but fears more for Claire’s safety within Alexia's vicinity than his own.
    Chris- Rodrigo
    Chris comes across Rodrigo minutes upon his arrival on the island. Rodrigo 
    lies on a wall, wounded, and tells Chris of his aiding Claire in her escape. 
    Chris recognizes Rodrigo as an ally, and is about to help him before he is 
    eaten by the gulp worm. Chris rescues him, although he is too late. Chris is 
    sympathetic towards Rodrigo, although there is not much he can do for him.
    Chris Game Vs. Chris Book
    Chris in the game is very similar to Chris in the book, as both are
    extremely devoid of any personality, besides the fact that they hate
    Wesker, and love Claire. Chris never really has any interesting thoughts in 
    the novel, unlike Claire, and is almost too valiant to be believable. The 
    same is true for Chris in the game, because he seems 
    too...well...invincible. He just doesn’t seem believable to me, and I 
    suppose S.D. Perry couldn’t think of a way to make him more human. Chris in 
    the novel does at least have some negative thoughts, and occasionally a 
    curse word or two, but I’m still left with the same bland aftertaste of his 
    Short brown hair spiked up, black RPD STARS flak jacket over a green golf 
    shirt, dark green army pants, black boots and black leather
    My Opinion
    Well, Chris has an interesting design, and does some cool
    things, but without a personality, it’s hard for me to form an opinion of 
    him. But, he does save Claire, so that earns him some respect from me.
    Steve Burnside
    	 Steve Burnside
           Age: 17
           Weight: 148 lbs
           Height: 5.7 ft
           Blood Type: AB
           ID Number: MFD2872
    Young, wild and  strangely androgynous, Steve Burnside plays the role of 
    Claire Redfield’s love interest. First meeting her in the prison, he shuns 
    her, due to some people issues he has. However, as he has more contact with 
    her, he grows to like her more and more, and those feelings eventually turn 
    to love. At first, Steve seems like a thorn in Claire’s side. However, when 
    Claire is about to be decapitated by a Bandersnatch, Steve is quick to 
    rescue her with some moves that would make the Wachowskinbrothers sue. She 
    then grows to appreciate him, and the two have a few close moments. Steve 
    isn’t beyond the gauche act of kissing her while she’s asleep, 
    Steve begins to grow on you however, and you almost feel sad when he dies. 
    Steve is a martyr of a sort, sacrificing himself so Claire can escape during 
    his last moments, assuming that Alexia would have spared him, had he killed 
    Claire, which is unlikely.
    Also notable, Steve is a dead ringer for former teen idol Leonardo DiCaprio. 
    I guess Capcom felt adding a good looking male love interest would boost 
    sales or
    Steve- Claire
    Steve at first dismisses Claire, seeing her only as a
    liability to himself. Which is sort of ironic. However, as they spend more 
    time together, he grows more fond of her, until eventually he is
    protective of her to a great degree. He ultimately dies, so that she may 
    live, but it is revealed that Wesker’s troops have taken his corpse, and 
    that it is likely that he will revive, due to the virus within him.
    Steve has no contact with Chris whatsoever, and all he knows about Chris is 
    what he sees on the computer in the prison facility. He is also aware of 
    Chris’s efforts to rescue Claire, which makes him happy that his sacrifice 
    was not in vain.
    Steve has no knowledge of Wesker’s existence, but it is notable that 
    Wesker’s troops take Steve’s body as a sample of the
    T-Veronica virus.
    Steve does not like Alfred, and considering what we read about Alfred in the 
    files, most likely hates him. Steve is ultimately responsible for the death 
    of Alfred, when he shoots of off the rail and into the icy pit of the 
    Antarctic facility. Alfred, however, for some strange reason, blames Claire.
    Steve is exposed to the T-Veronica virus by Alexia, who was either getting 
    revenge on him for the death of her twin, or simply as an experiment. Steve 
    regards Alexia to Claire as a crazy woman, and I’m sure isn’t too happy with 
    her. Steve also shoots the fake Alexia within moments of Claire’s planned 
    demise in the Private Residence.
    Steve and Rodrigo never meet in the game, but in the novel
    Steve dislikes Rodrigo simply because he is an Umbrella employee.
    Steve Game Vs. Steve Book
    Steve is slightly less irritating and more rational in the novel than in the 
    game, as we are given more insight into his character, and his
    dialogue is made less ridiculous. It also gives more information regarding 
    the relationship between Steve and his father, and his mother’s death.  The 
    Steve in the novel is less violent than the Steve of the game, although they 
    are both fairly sadistic. A similarity though, is that they are both 
    instantly taken with Claire.
    Eye length reddish hair, bangs covering one side of his
    forehead, black button-up prison shirt over a yellow beater, camouflage 
    pants, brown boots, a black collar with a device of some sort, black 
    My Opinion of Steve Well, I am slightly biassed against Steve, but then 
    again, I would be biassed against anyone who wanted to befoul my precious 
    Claire.  But, despite his foolishness and naivete, he is almost sort of 
    likable, and his death scene would be rather sad, if it weren’t so pathetic.
    iv) Albert Wesker
              Albert Wesker
              Age: 38
              Weight: 186 lbs
              Height: 6 ft
              Blood Type: O
              ID Number: MSD6377
    Albert Wesker is the main surprise of Code: Veronica X. He was thought to 
    have perished in the Spencer Estate lower labs, but as we learn in his 
    report, he had a back up plan. Now brandishing unimaginable physical 
    strength and agility, he is after Alexia.  The role that Wesker plays is the 
    side-line villain, because we are never meant to fight him (well Chris sort 
    of does), but he is always there to mock us for the losses we endure, and 
    make our lives miserable. Albert Wesker is cool, determined, and evil.
    Wesker is more than willing to demonstrate a sadistic tendency in the 
    game.When Wesker finds Claire on Rockfort, he slaps her around a little, 
    probably taking out some of the anger he has for her brother. When he 
    confronts Chris, we can see his expression of glee, as he begins to cut off 
    his air supply.  His primary goal was to recover the virus that Alexiahad 
    developed, but when he meets her face-to-face, he is driven out of the power 
    Wesker first encounters Claire near the palace, and
    recognizes her instantly. He decides to back hand her, step on her
    shoulder, and kick her in the face, before taking off. In the ending, he 
    holds her hostage, grabbing her by her ponytail, in an attempt to lure out 
    Chris. Wesker hates Claire simply because she is related
    to Chris, and that Claire hates Wesker, simply because he always seems ready 
    to smack her around.
    Wesker despises Chris above all else. He considers
    Chris responsible for everything that went wrong at the Spencer estate, and 
    beats him around  every time he comes across him. However, Chris is not 
    completely helpless, and does manage to mangle Wesker’s face (sort of) in 
    the ending sequence.
    We do not know exactly when Wesker finds out about Steve, but near the end 
    of the game, he has his troops remove Steve’s body for a sample of the 
    T-Veronica virus, a sequence we never see, but rather hear about from the 
    man himself.
    Wesker probably has heard of Alfred, and is aware of his
    existence, being that he attacked Rockfort, but the two never come in
    contact in the game.
    Wesker is hunting for Alexia because his new employers want
    a sample of her virus. When he finally confronts her, she turns out to quite 
    more formidable then he expected, and gives Chris the pleasure of having to 
    deal with her, seeing that he is clearly outclassed. However, Wesker does 
    not go home empty handed...
    Wesker- Rodrigo
    Wesker and Rodrigo have no knowledge of the other’s
    existence, as far as we know.
    Wesker Game Vs. Wesker Book
    Wesker is the character that changes the most between the novel and the 
    game. In the game, Wesker seems omnipotent, a force to be reckoned with. He 
    always has another plan, and is always one step ahead of everyone else. This 
    is quite a contrast to the Wesker of the novels, who is brash and foolish. 
    In the novels, Wesker actually expresses fear when it comes to Trent, a 
    character made up completely for the novels. Now, anyone who has played the 
    game knows that Wesker does not express fear very often, if at all. So, 
    understandably, this seems quite odd. I found S.D. Perry’s portrayal of
    Wesker to be very disappointing.
    Blonde hair slicked backwards, black, heavily pocketed jacket
    stopping at elbows, black gloves, black pocketed pants, black boots,
    My opinion of Wesker
    Wesker is a two faced, manipulative bastard. I love him.
    v) Alfred Ashford
              Alfred Ashford
              Age: Around 25-27
              Height: N/A
              Weight: N/A
              Blood Type: N/A
              ID Number: N/A
    Alfred Ashford is the main human villain for the first half of the game, 
    taking every opportunity to make Claire’s life miserable. Raised in a high 
    area of society, Alfred is understandably snotty. His grandfather being one 
    of the original founders of Umbrella, and his father being a base commander, 
    Alfred had a pretty good set-up for life. However, when his precious base is 
    attacked, he assumes that it is the fault of his newest prisoner, Claire 
    Redfield. He then takes it upon himself to eliminate her at almost any cost. 
    Claire, being the heroine of the game, of course escapes all of his traps, 
    much to his annoyance.
    Alfred is very much in love with his twin sister Alexia, and after she left 
    him to go into stasis while the T-Veronica settled in her body, he missed 
    her so greatly that he developed a split personality of her. This image is 
    shattered when Steve kicks him into a mirror while he is still wearing his 
    "Alexia" makeup. A truly pathetic creature.
    Alfred hates Claire above all else, believing that it is because of she that 
    his base was attacked. He is constantly trying to have her killed, but 
    ending always in failure, due to her unbelievable luck  He also blames 
    Claire for his imminent demise, although it was Steve Burnside who shot him 
    off the catwalk.
    Alfred is not living when Chris stumbles upon him, although
    I’m sure Alfred would not have liked him simply because he is related to 
    Alfred is probably not very fond of Steve, recognizing him
    not only as a prisoner, but as a compatriot to Claire. Alfred probably 
    believed that Steve was in on Claire’s "plot". It is Steve who ultimately 
    does away with Alfred.
    Alfred is not in any way aware of Wesker’s existence, as far as we know.
    Alexia is the person Alfred loves the most, and Alfred
    would do anything to protect her. Alfred develops a split personality of 
    Alexia, but when that is shattered, he flies to Antarctica, determined to 
    find her, taking Claire and Steve along for the ride.
    Alfred is probably barely aware of Rodrigo, but would not
    care about him, as he does not care about any of his employees.
    Alfred Game Vs. Alfred Book
    S.D. Perry captivated Alfred Ashford exactly as he is portrayed in the game. 
    Whiny, snidely, and irritating. The only real difference I can spot is that 
    the novel actually details his sexual desires for Alexia.
    Blond hair slicked backwards, a Yacht-club type red jacket
    with military badges, a froofy looking white collar underneath, red pants 
    with god stripes along the sides, black dress shoes, and a blue ring.
    My Opinion of Alfred
    Well, being that Alfred is the comic relief of
    sorts, I can’t bring myself to hate him. His snotty, high-pitched voice 
    brings laughter rather than rage. He is simply too ridiculous to take 
    vi) Alexia Ashford
              Alexia Ashford
              Age: Around 25-27
              Weight: N/A
              Height: N/A
              Blood Type: N/A
              ID Number: N/A
    Brilliant, beautiful, and rich, Alexia has everything any normal girl 
    wouldwant. However, being the hybrid of a monster and a crazy-man, Alexia 
    has intentions that are more odd. She desires to dominate the world with her 
    more powerful virus, which allows the user the power of the T-Virus, but the 
    control over mind that a normal human possesses.
    Alexia has spent 15 years in cryogenic stasis while waiting for the
    virus to adapt to her body. Now, released, she is on a rampage!
    While we assume that it is Alexia who captures Claire after
    the defeat of Nosferatu, Claire apparently never saw her. But it seemsthat 
    Alexia is clearly aware of her. Alexia is probably also aware that it is 
    Claire who is indirectly responsible for the death of Alfred, and was 
    probably plotting something horrible for her.
    Alexia makes only one effort to actually kill Claire, but it is foiled by 
    Alexia seems to be amused by Chris, due to the strange
    little smiles she gives him, and the disturbing little rhyme she mentions to 
    him by the Giant Spider. However, we do not know the extent of her power, 
    and whether she is actually telepathic, like in the novels. But she seems to 
    clearly know who every one is, and what they want. It is Chris who does away 
    with her in the end.
    Alexia is directly responsible for Steve’s death, as it is
    she who injects him with the T-Veronica virus, causing him to mutate into a 
    reptilian creature. It is debatable whether she actually knows that he is 
    the one who killed Alfred, but I suppose that is the mystery of it.
    Alexia comes across Wesker in the main hall of the
    Antarctic facility, as he demands that she give him the virus. She
    obviously doesn’t have much respect for him, laughing it off and slapping 
    him around, until she gets a swift matrix-style left hook in return. I think 
    she is amused by his demands.
    Alexia clearly loves her brother, as shown when she is
    almost disturbingly stroking his hair as he lays dying, singing him his 
    favourite childhood song. These two have a long history, and she clearly 
    appreciates his desire to protect her at any cost. I mean, would you stroke 
    the hair of a corpse of someone you didn't care about?
    It is unlikely that these two have had any relations.
    Alexia Game Vs. Alexia Book
    These two have some notable differences.  Alexia in the game is only
    confirmed to have increased physical strength and agility, while Alexia in 
    the novel has telepathic and telekinetic powers, as well as heightened 
    senses. Also, the Alexia in the novels is more foolish, choosing to have 
    things end dramatically, rather than taking care of them when it is 
    convenient. In the novels, Alexia clearly could have gotten rid of the 
    Redfields had she not been so melodramatic.
    i)Human form: Long blond hair, a good deal of  make-up, a
    black choker with a red jewel in the centre, a long black and purple
    dress, and white gloves. ii) Transformed 1: Grey flesh, Greenish-grey
    flesh-locks in place of hair, pebbled armour covering left leg and groin, 
    vine-like green veins covering breasts, a curved green blade-type object 
    from right hand, black fingernails. iii) Transformed 2: A large blob monster 
    with tentacles spewing from all sides, larvae pockets, and a creature 
    resembling form 1 with dragonfly wings for arms from the top. iv) 
    Transformed 3: The creature from the top of form two released, with a long 
    dragonfly-like tail and dragonfly wings.
    My Opinion of Alexia
    Well, I don’t mind Alexia too much. Her cheesy villainess antics never cease 
    to amuse.
    vii) Rodrigo Juan Raval
              Rodrigo Juan Raval:
              Age: N/A
              Weight: N/A
              Height: N/A
              Blood Type: N/A
              ID Number: N/A
    Rodrigo is Claire’s wounded captor who releases her when the island
    is attacked, thinking it only fair to give her a chance to escape, 
    howeversmall that chance is. While he was probably greedy and selfish before 
    the attack, the realization that he will die of his wounds probably awoke 
    some sort of sympathetic feelings within him. He is often a fan favourite, 
    next to Wesker, because he is so noble in his actions.
    Rodrigo captures Claire by catching her off guard after she has disposed of 
    the Umbrella Paris Lab Facility’s security guards. He is later confronted by 
    Chris, who is grateful to Rodrigo for aiding Claire in her escape. He dies 
    after he is swallowed by the gulp worm, and rescued by Chris, giving Chris 
    the lighter which Claire had bestowed upon him for comfort...
    I believe Rodrigo must feel regret for capturing Claire, realizing the fate 
    he had condemned her to. He is also very grateful when she brings him the 
    Hemostatic medicine for his internal
    bleeding. No hard feelings, I suppose.
    Chris is grateful to Rodrigo for helping his sister escape,
    and is even willing to risk his life to save Rodrigo. Rodrigo is probably 
    fairly unaffected by Chris.
    I doubt these two have had any contact.
    Times two.
    No contact.
    Rodrigo Game Vs. Rodrigo Book
    These two are very similar also, but the main difference is that Rodrigo in 
    the book is more strongly effected by Claire’s kind actions than the Rodrigo 
    of the games, referring to Claire as an angel when Chris arrives onthe 
    island asking about her. The Rodrigo in the game is slightly grateful to 
    Claire, but not emotional about it.
    Dark black hair, dark moustache, blood-stained white t-shirt, blue jeans, 
    black gloves.
    My Opinion of Rodrigo
    Well, he’s sort of dull in my opinion, but it’s cool
    that he saves Claire and everything.
    3) Cut Scene Walkthrough and Analysis:
    Cut-scene 1: The Introduction
    The game opens with a text prologue, detailing Claire Redfield's escape from 
    Raccoon City. Following that, in the gorgeous introduction (still among the 
    top-detailed FMV sequences today, far more detailed than the Resident Evil 
    remake's intro), we see a helicopter flying into a misty island. The scene 
    cuts to an unseen man undoing the handcuffs on a pair of female hands. A bag 
    is removed from the girl's head, revealing the pale, slightly confused, but 
    otherwise notably beautiful face of a young girl. The unseen man tells the 
    girl her identification number, and welcomes her with a blow to the back of 
    the head with a rifle butt. Nice, eh?
    We now hear the voice of another unseen man, telling of the girl's
    adventure leading up to her incarceration. Her name is Claire Redfield. We 
    now see the girl running for her life down a dim hallway, chased by gunfire. 
    She reaches the end of the hall and is started by the spotlight of a 
    helicopter outside the window, which, she notices, is about to release a 
    burst of gunfire. She turns quickly, abruptly enough to confuse the guards, 
    and dives for a
    connecting hallway. The guards are not quick enough to avoid the gunfire, 
    and are killed. Claire gets up and begins to run again, just as the 
    helicopter turns and follows in her direction, spraying gunfire. She reaches 
    the end of the hallway, and throws herself into an open doorway, which turns 
    out to lead down a flight of stairs. Claire completely skips the stairs, and 
    lands on the ground below. She doesn't stop for a moment, and rolls when she 
    hits the ground, landing on her feet. Unfortunately, she is stopped by 
    several guards brandishing rifles at her. Claire raises her hands in the air 
    as if to surrender, and notices a canister of gas behind them. The "I've got 
    an idea!" look crosses her face, and she drops her gun, dropping herself and 
    catches it before it hits the ground. She fires three shots into the 
    aforementioned canister, causing it to explode. Claire dives for cover as 
    the guards are blown forward. She gets up, and whips around, hearing 
    footsteps on the stairway. She points her gun at the unknown man, and he 
    does the same. Unlucky for Claire, his gun is loaded, whereas her's is not. 
    Claire's last act had cost her the remainder of her ammunition. The camera 
    zooms deeper and deeper into Claire's defeated eyes.
    We see Claire unconscious on the floor of a jail cell . She is awoken by the 
    rumbling of the Earth. A confused Claire takes in her surroundings. The 
    light in the room goes out, and the camera zooms in on her eyes again as 
    they try to adjust to the darkness. She looks out of her jail cell, to see 
    the same man who had caught her. The camera cuts to a close up of her 
    beautifully shaped lips. The man approaches the cell, and she eyes him 
    Obviously, this scene is to set the background for the game. Naughty Claire 
    has invaded an Umbrella Facility, and now she's paying the price for it. It 
    is also possibly used to show us how much tougher Claire has become since 
    Resident Evil 2.
    Cut-scene 2: Rodrigo
    Claire takes her lighter out of her pocket, and is startled by the 
    expression of the man's face. He opens her cell, and turns the other cheek, 
    heading to a seat by a table. He tells her to get out. Confused, she asks 
    what he's saying. He repeats himself, telling her she's free to leave the 
    complex. "What about you?" She asks. He tells her not to worry, and slips 
    out of consciousness.
    This scene is used, in my opinion, to give some depth into the character of 
    Claire's captor, Rodrigo. It is used to show us that he is not without a 
    Cut-scene 3: The Graveyard
    At the end of the corridor is a set of stairs. Claire walks up the stairs, 
    and sees that she is in a graveyard. She cautiously walks along. Suddenly, a 
    loud explosion is heard from an exploding helicopter, and we see a flaming 
    zombie approaching from the explosion wreckage. Claire is terrified, and 
    walks backwards before tripping. Suddenly, zombies emerge from all corners 
    and begin to grapple her. She manages to shake them off, and runs through a 
    nearby door.
    This one is simply to frighten the player, by showing the zombies 
    desperately trying to grab our heroine.
    Cut-scene 4: Steve Burnside
    On the other side, she is greeted by a spotlight and the rattling of a 
    Gatling gun. Diving for cover, she notices a gun next to an outstretched 
    hand belonging to a corpse. Reloading it, she shoots the spotlight, and 
    fires at her assailant. A teenage voice is heard shouting for her not to 
    shoot. Claire of course questions him of his identity. He replies by 
    remarking that she is IN FACT, not a zombie. Geez. What's an Einstein like 
    that doing at a prison? He then tells her he is "coming over" and jumps 
    down. He apologizes for the "little misunderstanding", and introduces 
    himself. He is Steve Burnside, and he was a prisoner on the island. He 
    deducts that she is not from Umbrella. I just can't keep up with this guy. 
    She tells him to shut up, and raises her gun at him. Steve tells her to 
    relax, and refers to her as "Beautiful"(in a pathetic attempt to hit on 
    her). He states that there is an airport on the island, and if intending to 
    find a way to it. He also remarks that it appears she's not from Umbrella. 
    Claire introduces herself, and he starts to run off.  She stops him. "You'll 
    only slow me down" He barks. Claire responds with a stony glare as he 
    leaves. She decides to chase after him (For reasons unknown).
    This is the introduction of Claire's love interest, Mr. Steve Burnside. It 
    is used to give a negative first impression of him, so that his deeper 
    character can be revealed later.
    Cut-scene 5: The Office
    Through another door and several others, she finds herself in an office. 
    Inside is Mr. Macho himself, Steve Burnside. He is looking at files on Chris 
    on the computer. He questions her as to her relationship to him. She replies 
    that they are siblings, which is something Steve muses (I don’t know why). 
    Claire looks at the file, and notices that Umbrella has been keeping a very 
    close eye on Mr. Redfield lately. She notes she must contact Leon with this 
    info, so that he in turn can forward it to Chris. She begins to e-mail Leon, 
    when Steve pipes up, jokingly saying that Claire should give the coordinates 
    to her brother. Unaware of the existence of sarcasm, Claire is very 
    enthusiastic of this suggestion, and does so. “Hey! I was just kidding!” 
    Belts Steve. Claire says she knows that he will come. Steve freaks out, and 
    yells that you will just end up disappointed if you rely on others. Okay 
    then. He runs off as Claire calls after him.
    This gives more insight into Steve's character, to show that he's very 
    sensitive about trusting others. The reason why is given later in the game.
    Cut-scene 6: Dragonflies, and the Ants Who Eat Them
    Escaping the prison, Claire finds herself in some sort of palace. She 
    wanders down a hallway, and through a random door. Inside is a room filled 
    with strange paraphernalia. Guns, boats, dead bugs in display cases, the 
    works. Also, a projector and screen. She pushes a mysterious button on the 
    bug display. A movie starts on the screen, showing a lovely young blonde 
    girl, and a girly looking blonde boy. The boy approaches the girl, with a 
    dragonfly in hand. He pulls off the dragonfly’s wings, and drops it’s main 
    body into a tank full of ants, who attack it. He smiles evilly at his 
    sister. The movie ends, and a book shelf moves to the left, unveiling a 
    secret room. Inside are a collection of guns, the most notable being two 
    beautiful golden lugers. She tries to take them, but the room starts to heat 
    up. She puts them back, deciding on a steering wheel sitting on the floor.
    Also an introduction, this time to the two main villains that you will 
    encounter in the game. Alfred, the boy, who is the villain for the first 
    half of the game, and his far more dangerous sister, Alexia.
    Cut-scene 7: Steve CAN Take Care of Himself!
    She heads back to the front door, but can’t quite leave, and she hears a 
    girlish scream. Claire heads back to the room she was just in, and sees red 
    lights flashing. There is also a control panel that was previously not 
    there. On it, a small monitor screen of Steve pounding on the door. Should 
    have known that’s where the girly scream came from. On the panel also, is a 
    puzzle, asking for a pair. Claire pushes to two buttons with pictures of 
    guns on them.  Steve is released from his prison of heat. He asks her what 
    took her so long, but then thanks her, and shows her the lugers he took. She 
    insists that she needs them (for why we’ll see later). He refuses, saying he 
    will not trade unless she gives him a weapon that is fully automatic. He 
    tells her he will see her around, and bids her “adios”. Wow! He speaks 
    Spanish too! Anyone else really starting to like this guy? Once again, 
    Claire calls after him, but to no avail.
    A scene used to give us another glimpse of Steve's cocky side. Not much more 
    to say.
    Cut-scene 8: The Thin Red Line
    Thoroughly annoyed, Claire heads back towards the entrance, but as she is 
    walking in the main hall, a red line appears on her leg.. Claire realizes 
    that it is the scope of a sniper rifle, and jumps for cover behind a pillar 
    just as the sniper fires. The Sniper, a blonde man in a red jacket, berates 
    her for interfering with the island’s business, and blames her for it’s 
    destruction. She tells him she doesn’t know what he is talking about. 
    “Unacceptable!” He belts. He questions her as to who she is working for, and 
    makes one last attempt at her with the rifle, but misses. He says she can 
    have it her way, she is a simply rat in a cage anyway. He says he’ll be sure 
    to keep her entertained, and leaves. Close up on Claire’s face, where we can 
    see a clearly irritated expression.
    Analysis: A formal introduction of the villain, Alfred, to show his 
    extremely "pleasant" demeanor. Also, some fun cocky comebacks from Claire.
    Cut-scene 9: A Worm Gone Fishing
    Claire heads to the Military Training Facility, now to be referred to as the 
    MTF. She enters the courtyard, only to be attacked by a large worm. Claire 
    dives to the side, and retreats into the facility.
    Introduction of big evil worm.
    Cut-scene 10: Researchers Never Survive a Resident Evil Game
    Inside is a room with several doors around, and a set of stairs with a 
    lifted shutter above them. Heading up the stairs, she enters a room with a 
    locked door and some bullet proof glass giving a view into the locked room. 
    Suddenly, a researcher flings himself into the glass, banging on it for his 
    dear life. Claire exclaims that she can’t get the door open, but suddenly, a 
    large yellow-ish hand grabs the man’s head and slams him into the glass. 
    Blood flows down the glass. Claire leaves, only to hear that the shutter 
    will close because of a bio hazardous contamination. She runs down the 
    stairs and does a cute little roll, barely avoiding the closing shutter. 
    “That was close” says Claire.
    This scene is used to fore-shadow the new creatures to be introduced soon, 
    the Bandersnatches. Also shows off some of the lovely Claire's killer moves.
    Cut-scene 11: Mouse-Trap
    She unlocks a shutter covering a hallway, then follows it to a door. She 
    enters what seems to be another courtyard, filled with explosive canisters. 
    She walks slowly into it, but a strange red light trails her again...  
    Claire sees it, and dives again, and a frustrated Alfred accidentally hits 
    the canisters, causing a mild explosion. Claire runs up the stairs, only to 
    have Alfred run through one of branching doors at the top. Claire follows 
    after him, but the shutters behind the entrance of the new hall close. 
    Claire bangs on them, understandably angered. Alfred comes onto a nearby 
    speaker, saying that he has set up a little playground for Claire in the 
    next room, and that he hopes she will not disappoint him by dying too 
    quickly from whatever he has cooked up. Claire enters the next room.
    This cut-scene is shows off Alfred's sadistic manner, and possibly lack of 
    Cut-scene 12: The Lady and her Knight
    Inside the next room, is some sort of warehouse, with an upper area and 
    stairs leading down to it. There are no crates in the upper area. Claire 
    sees some uzis near the edge of the upper area overlooking the lower, and 
    grabs them. She heads for the stairs, and the other door locks behind her. 
    Suddenly, a shutter opens, revealing a yellowish monster with a face 
    resembling rubber stretched over a skull, and a large clawed arm. The same 
    sort of monster that killed the scientist. We see a look of utter surprise 
    and fear in Claire’s face. She kills the monster, with some difficulty, and 
    heads down the stairs, into a nearby room. Inside, she is assaulted by 
    another of the above monsters, now to be referred to as Bandersnatches. It 
    grabs her and pulls her up, trying to crush her head. It looks like all is 
    over, but suddenly, Steve “Neo” Burnside somersaults through a higher area 
    window, and shoots the Bander in mid-air, in a “bullet-time” fashion. It 
    drops Claire. Steve rolls on the ground,  looks at Claire, and then sees the 
    Bander getting up, so Steve rises to his feet. He unleashes a barrage of 
    ammunition on the creature, before side kicking it into a wall and shooting 
    one last bullet. It dies. Claire gets up slowly, as Steve gloats about 
    saving her. He refers to himself as her “Knight in Shining Armour”. “You 
    wish!” She replies, but thanks him for the help. He claims that situations 
    like this are why she needs him. He “has her back”. She pulls out the uzis 
    to show him, and trades him for the gold lugers. He is in awe of them, but 
    when he raises them to fire, is sorely disappointed. One thing Claire forgot 
    to mention. They are empty. He berates her for cheating him, but she 
    mentions that she sees some ammo on top of a crate. She offers to get it for 
    him. He gets on the ground so she can step on him to get it. He cracks that 
    she is heavier than she looks. It appears to me that she jams her feet into 
    his back at this point. She gets down with the ammo and gives it to him. 
    Unfortunately, the lift under them (Did i forget to mention that they are on 
    a lift? That is what the other room she entered is) begins to move. Alfred 
    comes over the loud speaker again, saying that since Claire’s “knight” is 
    here, he can join her on her descent into death. Below, where the lift 
    stops, Steve offers to go ahead and kill all the monsters on the floor. He 
    wants to test out his new toy. He goes through the door. You now briefly 
    control Steve.
    For the first time, this scene shows some chemistry between Claire and 
    Steve, not to mention a Matrix rip that could make the Wachowsky brothers 
    sue. Also, a reason to send Claire and Steve to the basement level.
    Cut-scene 13: Burn, Baby, Burn
    If you head back into the room Claire is in, she will insult him, saying “Do 
    you want me to take care of this for you, little boy?”,“What’s the matter? 
    Got cold feet?”, or “You’re not finished yet!”
    Ok, this isn't "officially" a cut-scene, but the graphics in them are more 
    detailed, and it is quite amusing.
    Cut-scene 14: Guns vs. People
    Steve navigates through the basement level, evading or killing zombies from 
    the storage room to the boiler room, to the strange-head-catwalk-room. Once 
    he reaches it, your brief romp as Steve is over. Claire will catch up, and 
    he will brag about how he either wiped out the zombies on the floor, or 
    saved ammo, depending on your actions. He will also remark that his weapons 
    are far more useful than people. “Than people?!!” Claire questions. This 
    leads her to ask why he is even at Rockfort, and where is his family? She 
    has clearly hit a soft spot, and he tells her to shut up, and blast his guns 
    in the air.
    Also used to show Steve's angry, distrustful of people side. We see now that 
    his family is the source of it.
    Cut-scene 15: Steve's Problems
    They move along to the elevator, up to the third floor, a small room with 
    two doors, one covered with a shutter. They enter the other door, which 
    leads to yet another catwalk. Claire must have put on weight during the 
    adventure, because the catwalk breaks when she stands next to Steve on it. 
    They fall down below, into what appears to be a storage room, filled with 
    crates, barrels, a jeep, etc. Steve rises, and asks of Claire’s condition. 
    Unfortunately, something has landed on her leg, and she is trapped on the 
    ground. This is especially inconvenient, because a zombie has just appeared. 
    Surprisingly, Steve is reluctant to shoot it. He seems almost...afraid. 
    “No!” He exclaims. He backs off and collapses on his knees. The zombie heads 
    for Claire, and is about to take a tasty bite. Claire screams Steve’s name, 
    and he in turn shouts “father!!” Guess that clears up why “Rambo” was 
    unwilling to fire. He shoots his father repeatedly with his uzis, until they 
    are empty. In shock, he continues to press the trigger. He collapses on his 
    knees again, crying his father’s name, over and over and over. When he is 
    ready to talk again, he explains to Claire that his father worked for 
    Umbrella, but was stealing formula’s and such, and selling them off to the 
    highest bidder. Steve curses his father for being so foolish. Claire puts 
    her hand on his shoulder and says “oh Steve” in an pseudo porno sort of way. 
    She decides to leave him there to mourn, and continues her search.
    And there you have it! Steve is distrustful because of his father. This is a 
    conclusion to Steve's cockyness/irritability(mostly).
    Cut-scene 16: Visiting Mr. Raval
    Claire returns to Rodrigo with some hemostatic medicine for his wound. 
    Rodrigo is of course thankful. "Here. Let me help you with that." She 
    offerns, but he responds that he can take care of it himself.  Claire gives 
    Rodrigo her lighter, from Chris, for comfort, so he'll feel more safe in the 
    Aw! Claire is showing some compassion for her captor. This scene is mostly 
    to give insight into the two characters.
    Cut-scene 17: Wesker the Unfriendly Ghost
    Having returned from the Prison with the piano roll she found, Claire heads 
    to the palace doors, only to be greeted by an old "friend" of her brother's, 
    Albert Wesker. He concludes that she is, in fact, the lovely Claire 
    Redfield. She sure is, Al. She sure is. She asks who he is. Wesker says that 
    he is simply a ghost from Chris's past. Wesker states that there is clearly 
    no need for further introductions, and is glad that "the cat has dragged in 
    this nice surprise." Claire, in a valiant attempt to stand up for her 
    brother, angrily tells Wesker that Chris is not the kind of person Wesker 
    takes him for. Wesker grabs Claire by the neck, choking her, and tells her 
    of how he despises Chris. He then backhands her off the stairs and onto the 
    palace walkway. Before Claire can rise, Wesker jams his foot into her upper 
    body, eventually her neck, telling her how Chris will despair to hear of her 
    death. He cannot finish her off, however, as he receives what sounds like an 
    important phone call. Claire tries to use this to her advantage, by slowly 
    getting up, but Wesker stops her in her tracks with a boot to the face. He 
    then tells Claire he will allow her to live, for now. He jumps over a nearby 
    wall, heading toward the dock. A fazed Claire rises to her feet.
    I guess this is to showcase Wesker's new found powers. I will note that this 
    is a scene not in the original Code: Veronica, but one of the added scenes 
    created for Code: Veronica X. The sheer brutality he inflicts on the young 
    beauty, Claire, is amazing in it's maliciousness.
    Cut-scene 18: Ashford Plots
    Claire has made her way to the secret Ashford manor, thanks to the lugers 
    Steve gave her, which were actually meant to be used as keys. She makes her 
    way in through the creepy main hall, and climbs the turning staircase to the 
    upper floor. There is a forking path on the upper floor, with a single 
    window-like cut in the middle. Claire can hear talking from within the room 
    where the cut is. She stealthily sneaks over to one of the walls, and 
    eavesdrops. Inside, a young blond woman, presumably Alexia, is scolding her 
    brother Alfred for failing to eliminate Claire. She tells him to keep focus, 
    because their enemy is only a little girl. Alexia tells him that the pride 
    of the Ashford family depends on Claire's elimination. He tells her 
    apologetically that he realizes this, and will not fail again. Claire 
    accidently makes a noise, and a suspicious Alexia looks out the window cut 
    to investigates. Luckily, Claire has gotten out of site, and Alexia 
    concludes she was hearing things.
    This is foreshadowing for Alfred's secret, below in cut-scene 19. If you 
    look closely, you cannot spot Alfred in any of the views of the room you 
    get. Guess why...
    Cut-scene 19: The Ashford Pride
    Claire, after finding all three items she needs to activate her getaway 
    plane, prepares to leave the private residence, starting with getting out of 
    Alfred's room. Before she can do that, however, Alexia emerges from a stone 
    relief/hidden passage within the room, brandishing a sniper rifle. She 
    introduces herself, apologizing that the two of them must say goodbye so 
    soon. Alexia spits that Claire must die for the pride of the Ashford family. 
    She fires a shot, stupidly, and misses, Claire scrambling on the ground, 
    telling Alexia to wait. Alexia aims properly, this time, and prepares to 
    fire. Suddenly, the door flies open, Steve rushing in with his sub-machine 
    guns. "What's going on?" He questions. Alexia answers with a rifle slug to 
    the shoulder. On his way to the ground, Steve fires a burst of ammo into 
    Alexia, as she screams and runs through the relief. Steve states they must 
    follow her!
    Also foreshadowing for the below cut-scene,  not to mention it looks really 
    cool when Steve blasts the Ashford beast.
    Cut-scene 20: The Adventures of Alfred: Queen of the Island
    Claire and Steve hot-foot it into the next room, searching for where Alexia 
    went. Instead, however, they see her clothing sprawled out all over the 
    room. Her dress over the bed, her hair on the music box. Wait! Her hair on 
    the music box? Claire goes to investigate it, as Alfred, hiding on top of 
    the upper area of Alexia's bed, jumps down, planning to bash her skull with 
    his rifle butt. Claire dodges, and Steve kicks Alfred into the mirror. 
    Alfred turns around, frightened, only to see his own reflection, with a good 
    deal of makeup on it! He screams, amazed, and runs out of the room. Steve is 
    confused. "So there never was an Alexia after all!" Says Claire. Steve, 
    thoroughly creeped out, says he's getting out of here, and leaves. Claire 
    starts to hear sirens and see flashing red lights.  A cool female voice 
    tells her that the self destruct sequence has been activated, please clear 
    the area, blah blah blah.
    This is the mystery of Alfred Ashford all wrapped up, folks. He thinks he is 
    his sister, on account of missing her too much. Creepy. Also, it introduces 
    a main component of every Resident Evil game. The self-destruct sequence!
    Cut-scene 21: All the Pretty Airplanes
    Claire sees Steve again at the entrance to the palace, and he tells her that 
    several airplanes up in the sky are actually from within the facility. This 
    means that there is a way out of there! They agree to jet over to the 
    airport, by way of the dock.
    None needed.
    Cut-scene 22: Flight Troubles
    When Claire and Steve reach the plane, they see that they cannot take off 
    until the bridge ahead has been raised. Since Steve is the experienced 17 
    year-old pilot, Claire agrees to go ahead with the task.
    I do not like Steve very much. Just to make that clear. Anyways, a way of 
    getting Claire introduced to the tyrant, which you will see.
    Cut-scene 23: Alfred's Lament
    Claire has successfully raised the bridge, and is getting back to the plane 
    in a roundabout way, back through the MTF. She reaches a Crate 
    Transportation Lift, and is then told that she has five minutes until 
    detonation. Meanwhile, we see Alfred/Alexia in the MTF control room, 
    swearing he/she will not allow Claire and Steve (referred to as "those 
    fools") to escape. He presses a button on the control panel, and our view 
    shifts to a cold looking lab room, where a crygenic capsule raises from the 
    ground. It opens, and a large almost human monster with a spiked club for a 
    hand emerges.
    The formal introduction of the much-beloved Tyrant. Here he is, ladies and 
    Cut-scene 24: He'll Blow You Away!
    Claire is running up an outdoor passage back to the dock, when a large 
    explosion simultaneously throws her back and destroys the nearby concrete 
    wall. The Tyrant emerges, Claire is horrified. She then easily dispatches 
    The first of two conflicts with the tyrant, meant to introduce him to 
    Cut-scene 25: Leaving, On a Sea Plane
    Claire returns, and Steve drills her (not in that way!) for taking so long. 
    They take off. Alfred, meanwhile, heads through the MTF, and presses a 
    button on a miscellaneous tank. It rolls forward, unveilling a hidden lift. 
    Alfred proceeds down it, and through a long hallway. It leads him to an 
    important looking door. He places a golden halberg into a like shaped 
    hollow, and the door opens, revealing several jet planes. He gets into one, 
    and takes off, stating that Claire and Steve will now know what real terror 
    is, still speaking in Alexia's creepy voice. Back on the seaplane, Steve 
    apologizes to Claire for causing her so much trouble. She tells him not to 
    worry about it. The experience was difficult for both of them. Steve, 
    changing the subject, asks her where in the world she wants to go. Claire, 
    obviously a summer, wants to go to Hawaii. She's heard it is nice this time 
    of year. They both laugh. Their moment is interrupted by a loud thump in the 
    cargo space. Claire goes to check it out.
    The conclusion of the Rockfort part of the game, or at least Claire's. We 
    see some more chemistry between Steve and Claire, more to appear very soon, 
    and we start to realize that the Tyrant is not dead just yet.
    Cut-scene 26: Tyrant, We Hardly Know Ye
    Claire enters the cargo room to see the Tyrant standing there, preparing to 
    take her to hell. A look of horror and disgust crosses Claire's face.
    None needed.
    Cut-scene 27: Bye, Bye, Birdie
    Claire dispatches the Tyrant by weakening him with her weapons, and then 
    presses a button on the crate propelling system that fires the Tyrant out 
    the back via an explosive crate.
    The demise of the Tyrant.
    Cut-scene 28:  Alfred, Evil Incarnate
    Claire returns to the cockpit. Steve questions her as to what the noise was. 
    "Oh nothing. Just a giant cockroach that had to be stepped on." Claire 
    coolly states. Her  feeling of satisfaction is interrupted when Steve 
    complains that the controls have locked up.  A vision of Alfred comes up on 
    the monitor. In Alexia's voice, he apologizes for not being able to allow 
    them to escape. Claire responds by calling him a cross-dressing freak.
    Well, some spunkiness seen in Claire. Also, this cut-scene is used to 
    foreshadow the whole Antarctica scenario.
    Cut-scene 29: The Mile High Club
    The scene cuts to Claire and Steve sleeping against the wall of the cockpit, 
    Claire nuzzling against his shoulder in a sleeping stupor. Steve awakes, 
    quite intrigued, and admires her, obviously quite taken with this beautiful 
    young girl. Without thinking, he moves in to kiss her, but she wakes up 
    before this is accomplished. Claire has no idea of what he just tried, but 
    he is rather embarassed none the less. He gets to his feet, and observes 
    their white, snowy surroundings outside the flying plane. "Where are we?" He 
    questions. He examines the longitude-latitude meters, and concludes, shaken, 
    that they over the Antarctic. Claire is equally surprised. Suddenly, the 
    plane becomes to descend, and Steve screams that they were going to crash! 
    Both get into their seats, and they notice that the planes they saw from the 
    island are parked by a facility below. It must be an Umbrella facility. The 
    plane crashes into the facility, it's head going right through the wall. 
    Claire and Steve are both knocked unconscious.
    The formal introduction of the Antarctica scenario, and more (sigh) romantic 
    interludes between Claire and Steve. This is the end of the first part of 
    the game, and any sense of tolerence I had for Steve.
    Cut-scene 30: The Aftermath
    Claire awakens in a wrecked plane, sideways on the floor. She wakes up an 
    unconscious Steve. Steve kicks open the cockpit door and jumps onto a 
    catwalk below. Claire follows, but lands right on top of him, his arms 
    around her instinctively. They lie there for a minute, as he gives her a 
    special look.  Claire gets up, and offers Steve her hand, but he gets up on 
    his own, and observes that the plane is wrecked. They will have to split up 
    and find another way out.
    More romantic mumbo-jumbo. Blech.
    Cut-scene 31: Nosferatu
    After exploring the Antarctic Facility a bit, Claire finds a hidden passage 
    in an office. Behind it, is a see-through metal grate, with a groaning 
    humanoid monster visible. It is bound, and blindfolded, held in a chair by a 
    large axe. It somehow directs it's head in her direction and screams.
    The introduction of the monster, Nosferatu. We get the impression he has 
    sort of a sixth sense, to be able to know where Claire is without seeing 
    Cut-scene 32: Steve's Staring Problem
    Claire finds a valve handle in a machine room, and through the door she came 
    from, finds Steve near a crane control in the mining room. He tells her that 
    there is an Australian base not too far away. Claire suggests that they use 
    a digging vehicle contained within the room (on a transportation thing) to 
    dig their way out. Steve pilots the crane, but stops to admire Claire's 
    um... assets. Before he knows it, Claire screams "Look out!", and the 
    vehicle has crashed into a pipe leaking toxic gas. Claire goes to evacuate, 
    but sees that Steve is not following. She runs to him and drags him out of 
    the room like a child. He leans over the catwalk in the next room and sulks 
    about it being his fault. Claire tells him not to say that (even though it 
    SO is), and that they will get out of there together. They go to split up, 
    and Claire again says her latter comment.
    This cut-scene is a vehicle to re-introduce Alfred in this facility, and 
    also to start off the poison gas dilemna.
    Cut-scene 33: The Return of Alfred
    Claire goes to the lower area of the mining room and turns off the gas 
    thanks to a gas mask she found, and the valve handle, which she modified. 
    She sighs in relief that they are safe, but a creepy feminine voice behind 
    her (well actually, on the catwalk where Steve crashed the vehicle) tells 
    her to think again. Alfred threatens Claire, telling her what a joy it will 
    be to hear her shriek in agony. Steve bursts in, and tells him "Not this 
    time!". Alfred tries to shoot Steve, but Steve flips onto the ground and 
    pumps some bullets into Alfred, sending him toppling over the rail. Alfred 
    tries to get up, but the ledge he's standing on breaks. Alfred topples into 
    the abyss below. Claire and Steve's momentary tranquility is interrupted by 
    another scream from Nosferatu, the monster under the grate. We see him 
    breaking free from his metal shackles, and getting up, his hands still bound 
    and his eyes still covered.
    This is sort of the demise of Afred, or maybe the reason thereof. We do see 
    him again in a bit. Also, to show why Nosferatu attacks us soon.
    Cut-scene 34: I be Working in the Mine Shaft
    Claire grabs the rifle that Alfred dropped, and she and Steve get into the 
    nearby digging vehicle. Steve retells his plan, and Claire encourages him. 
    They dig through the wall, releasing a great deal of water into the whole 
    facility, soon to freeze over. The bust outside, and go up a nearby ladder. 
    Claire and Steve find themselves on a deserted helipad, a staircase leading 
    toward some Snow Cats. Claire begins to head down the staircase, but sees a 
    Nosferatu countering from the other direction. She backs up slowly, as 
    Steve, unable to see Nosferatu, mocks her cowardice. Once Nosferatu comes 
    into his vision range, Steve pushes Claire behind him and readies his 
    sub-machine guns. Tentacles spring from Nosferatu's back, and Nosferatu 
    whacks Steve off the ledge of the helipad with them. Claire looks over where 
    he fell, and sees Steve holding on for dear life by a single stray pipe. 
    Claire tells Steve she will "waste the monster and then come back for him." 
    That's a direct quote.
    Claire is really cool. Not only now, but also in the next two cut-scenes. Oh 
    yeah. Used to set everything up for another romantic interlude, and also to 
    initiate the Nosferatu boss fight,.
    Cut-scene 35: A Slug to the Heart
    Actually, more like three slugs to the heart. Claire fires three sniper 
    rifle rounds into Nosferatu's exposed pumping heart. On the last shot, 
    remarks "I've got you now!", and pulls the trigger, causing Nosferatu's 
    heart to explode.
    Very cool, but the next one is my favourite.
    Cut-scene 36: A Dagger Through My Heart!
    This is more of an alternate cut-scene, but it's too cool not to put down. 
    Claire slashes Nosferatu in the heart several times, until finally she 
    gloats "I've got you now!", and jams her knife through his heart. She holds 
    it there for a few seconds, and then quickly yanks it out, causing his heart 
    to explode, and blood to spray everywhere. Cool.
    So cool!
    Cut-scene 37: Reawakening
    Claire helps Steve up, and he apologizes for failing to protect her. She 
    shrugs it off, saying not to worry about it. Claire hurries ahead, and Steve 
    promises to protect her next time. They hurry toward the Snow Cat, very 
    excited. They get in, and head toward the Austarlian base. Meanwhile, 
    underground, we see a mortally wounded Alfred stumbling down a hallway, a 
    trail of blood behind him. He enters what looks like a lab room, with many 
    consoles, and a large cryogenic capsule in the middle. Alfred reaches out 
    towards it, and cries "Alexia!". The consoles all light up, and Alexia is 
    released, stark naked, from cryosleep. Alfred lovingly reaches out to her, 
    joyful that she is finally awake. The celebration is cut short when he dies. 
    Alexia seems livid. The screen cuts to a large tentacle flying out of the 
    facility building, attacking the snow cat and smashing it against the 
    ground. Alexia looks on from the lab room, stroking the dead Alfred's hair.
    Analysis: Well, I guess Alexia really is real. And things don't seem to be 
    looking up for Claire and Steve, either.
    Cut-scene 38: The Return of Chris Redfield
    This is more of a narration, where Chris tells of receiving word from Leon 
    that Claire is on the island. We see Chris climbing a steep mountainside on 
    the nearly wrecked Rockfort Island. He enters a cave, after dropping his bag 
    of supplies off the side of the cliff.
    The title says it all. Clearly he hadn't gotten word of Claire's leaving the 
    island. Quite a ride he's in for.
    Cut-scene 39: The Return of Rodrigo (And the Gulp Worm)
    Chris stumbles upon Rodrigo, who marvels that there is anyone else left on 
    the island. Chris asks him if he's seen anyone named Claire Redfield, with 
    extra emphasis on Redfield. Rodrigo says her name, and Chris realizes that 
    Rodrigo has! He forcefully questions Rodrigo again, and Rodrigo tells of how 
    Claire helped him escape. Chris is thankful, and says that Claire owes 
    Rodrigo. Suddenly, Rodrigo is swallowed by a newly emerged Gulp Worm. Chris 
    must save him!
    This scene is a way of driving the story along, so Chris knows that Claire 
    is no longer on the island. Also, to initiate Rodrigo's death.
    Cut-scene 40: The Death of an Umbrella Supervisor
    Chris defeats the Gulp Worm, and Rodrigo is spewed out, acidic bile covering 
    him. In Redfield tradition, Chris hopelessly tells Rodrigo to hold on, but 
    Rodrigo knows what's coming. Rodrigo is actually joyful, because now he can 
    go to his family. He gives Chris Claire's lighter, he won't need it any 
    more. Rodrigo dies in Chris's arms.
    Poor Rodrigo. He wasn't so bad after all. But at this point, he isn't a 
    useful plot device.
    Cut-scene 41: Alexia; Fully Clothed
    After further exploration of the fragmented Rockfort Island, Chris stumbles 
    into the control room, where he sees a lovely blond woman (fully clothed) 
    singing to Alfred's corpse, while stroking his hair. Chris wonders as to who 
    she is. Cut to Wesker, at the Seaplane dock, fiddling around on the control 
    panel, as he sees the screen of Alexia singing. "She's already fully awake?" 
    He ponders. He sees Chris in a smaller screen, and invites Chris, the little 
    fishy, to come see his new hook. Always the gentleman, Wesker also sends 
    Chris some welcoming gifts, in the way of a strange, tiny bug-like robot 
    that alerts hunters as to where you are.
    This cut-scene is used to bring Wesker back into the game. Originally (in 
    Code: Veronica for DC), I believe this was where Wesker was first 
    introduced. Also to let you know that alexia is fuly clothed.
    Cut-scene 42: Wesker, Interrupted
    Chris, working his way through the island, finds himself in the same lab 
    where the Tyrant was released. Trying to get back to the turntable lift, a 
    voice behind him remarks at how long it's been. Chris turns around, only to 
    see Wesker! "You're alive?!" Chris marvels. Wesker tells him that he is 
    looking for Alexia, an assignment he received from his new employers. Chris 
    realizes that Wesker is behind the attack on the island, and indirectly, his 
    sister. Chris raises his weapon to hit fire, but Wesker, with superhuman 
    speed, knocks Chris backwards. After thoroughly adjusting his sunglasses, 
    Wesker flies forward and seizes Chris by the neck. Wesker chokes the young 
    man, lamenting about how much hates Chris for ruining his plans. Chris 
    flails his fist at Wesker, knocking off his sunglasses. Wesker turns his 
    face back towards Chris, showing him his cat-yellow eyes. Chris is amazed 
    and frightened at the same time, his eyes opening wide with shock. Wesker 
    also informs Chris that Claire is in Antarctica, with Alexia(not sure if 
    he's hinting that Alexia has her captive or not). Before he can successfully 
    choke Chris to death, a loud, eerie laugh is heard from behind, and Wesker 
    spots Alexia on a small screen, looking directly at him. Distracted, Wesker 
    throws Chris into a cryogenic pod, and leaves. A bandersnatch is released 
    from the pod, which Chris, after regaining his breath, quickly dispatches.
    This scene is one of the more interesting. It is used to showcase Wesker's 
    new powers, as well as let Chris know that his ultimate goal is definitely 
    to find a way to Antarctica.
    Cut-scene 43: Leaving, On a Jet Plane
    Chris crafts himself a nice halberd out of the eagle plate he grabbed from 
    an Albinoid tank, and some Clement chemicals. He goes into Alfred's private 
    Airport, and steals a jet to Antarctica.
    Not really needed, once again. Chris is leaving the island.
    Cut-scene 44: What Lies Beneath
    Chris is exploring the Antarctic facility, an icy room in particular, when 
    he comes across a valve handle. He picks it up, only to be accosted by some 
    zombies who have rising from beneath the ice. Chris kills them, or runs, 
    depending on you.
    Kind of Chris's version of what happened to Claire in one of the opening 
    Cut-scene 45: Spy-Cam
    Chris is walking down a miscellaneous hallway, only to find one of Wesker's 
    evil cameras snooping behind him. It spots him, and he is assaulted by a 
    Simply a subtle way of telling you that Wesker, too, has made his way to 
    Antarctica. That brings to mind some debate as to how. Maybe he had his 
    submarine with him at the island. I'm pretty sure, though, that Chris would 
    get there far before Wesker, if Wesker were taking a submarine. I don't 
    Cut-scene 46: How Would You Like to Die?
    Chris explores the factory like area of the facility, and sees something 
    embedded deep in the ice, on the end of a crane. He moves over to a nearby 
    control panel to use the crane to pull it out. The crane fishes out a frozen 
    and dead Nosferatu, who next to him, has a shiny earring. "How could anyone 
    do this?" Ponders Chris. Sorry Chris. The villain is your baby sister, as 
    far as this monster's death goes. Alexia (the real one) appears at the 
    nearby door, reciting a nursery rhyme; "Said the spider to the fly, how 
    would you like to die?". Alexia promptly leaves, and a giant black widow 
    emerges from the ice. Chris either kills it or runs past it, grabbing the 
    earring, and leaving.
    Sort of a hint as to Nosferatu's identity, as well as showing you the creepy 
    Alexia(I bet she has spiders in her hair).
    Cut-scene 47: The Last of Alfred Ashford
    Chris explores the laboratory section of the facility, and solves a strange 
    puzzle in the room Alexia emerged from. The cryogenic capsule opens, 
    revealing a dead Alfred Ashford. Chris is disgusted, but not too disgusted 
    to steal Alfred's family ring.
    Chris is a thief. It's true. We know now that Alfred is dead for sure, at 
    Cut-scene 48: The Hottie Under the Stairs
    Chris finds a strange replica of the Spencer Mansion within the facility. He 
    explores the main hall to some detail, and finds Claire webbed to the wall 
    under the stairs! Chris, ever-resourceful, cuts her out with a combat knife, 
    and she falls into his arms. Claire wakes, relieved to see her brother. She 
    promptly embraces him. But if you did poorly against Nosferatu, and got 
    poisoned, which I will assume you did, she will tell you that she's 
    poisoned. If so, you have to get her some medicine, after she passes out.
    The tearful reunion of Claire and Chris, and surprisingly the first time we 
    ever see them together.
    Cut-scene 49: Genetically Inferior
    Claire, after being administered the antidote if needed, tells Chris that 
    they cannot leave yet, because Steve is still somewhere around there. They 
    were seperated after the Snow Cat crash, she tells him. Loud laughter is 
    heard, as Alexia is seen at the top of the staircase. "It is over for you 
    genetically inferior siblings!" She laughs, running off through a close 
    doorway. "After her!" Commands Chris. They run up the staircase, Claire in 
    lead, when the giant tenticle that attacked Claire earlier breaks through 
    the wall and destroys part of the balcony, sending Chris tumbling. Claire, 
    looking over the ledge, sees Chris nursing what seems to be an injured leg. 
    Chris tells her to go find Steve, he will be alright. Claire hurries ahead.
    An excuse to make a future scene between Claire and Steve private, as well 
    as prompt Claire's once-again rescue, and therefore an excuse for the much 
    loved self destruct sequence.
    Cut-scene 50: The T-Veronica Virus
    Claire explores a twisted area of the mansion/facility, and ventures into a 
    small hall housing several knight statues. The door locks behind her. Claire 
    finds Steve strapped to the same constraining chair that once held 
    Nosferatu. Claire exclaims his name, glad to see him, and wakes him. She 
    presses a button, and he is released, except for a large axe pressing 
    against him. Claire is unable to move it. Steve warns her of Alexia's 
    madness, telling of how she injected him with something that she claimed she 
    gave her father, now to be known as the T-Veronica virus. Guess that solves 
    the problem of Nosferatu's identity. He is in fact Alexander Ashford. Steve 
    tells Claire to get out of there. Steve starts to convulse, and Claire is 
    frightened. After several strange moans, Steve transforms into a large 
    hunch-backed lizardy thing, and comes after her with his axe, just as a gate 
    near the entrace of the hall begins to close.
    Well, a way of getting rid of Steve, for now.
    Cut-scene 51: RIP Steve
    Claire dodges Steve's axe blows, and bolts under the gate before it closes. 
    She backs against a wall, shocked and exhausted, as Steve strikes at the 
    gate. That darned tentacle bursts through the wall and wraps her up, as 
    Steve busts through the gate. He moves to remove her head, but stops 
    suddenly. He looks at her almost lovingly, and grunts her name. Using his 
    axe, he severs most of the tentacle. The tentacle does not take kindly to 
    this, and drives itself into him. This probably crushed some internal 
    organs, because Steve begins to transform back into a human, now dying. 
    Claire moves toward him and tells him to hold on, her brother has come to 
    save them. Steve regrets not being able to keep his promise of getting out 
    with her, but says he is glad Chris can save her. Claire strokes his face, 
    and he hers, and tells her how glad he is that he met her. Steve finishes by 
    telling Claire he loves her, and dies, leaving a crying Claire alone in the 
    locked down hall.
    This scene could be were, if not so pathetic. I feel little to no sympathy 
    for Steve at this point. Claire, I am a little disappointed in, bursting 
    into tears like that. Oh well. She's hot, so I'll let it slip. Steve is now 
    dead, or so it seems, and Claire cannot get out of the hall. Looks like it's 
    back to Chris.
    Cut-scene 52: The REAL Alexia Ashford
    The scene cuts to Wesker at the bottom of the main hall staircase, Alexia at 
    the top. Wesker informs her that the last known sample of what he wants, the 
    T-Veronica virus, is inside her body, so she must come with him. She laughs 
    at him, telling him he is not worthy of it. On that note, she begins to 
    transform, her clothes burning off, her hair turning from golden and thin 
    into fleshy, gray, and large, ivy-like armour growing on her. Wesker moves 
    to strike her, but she is quicker, and delivers a swift backhand. Wesker 
    flips backward, and she forward, trying to strike again, but he is also 
    quite quick. Wesker, once again ripping off the Matrix, runs on the wall, 
    launching himself off to give Ms. Ashford a hook to the face. He is unlucky 
    in his timing, because at that exact moment she throws a barriage of 
    blood-turned fire at him. Wesker shakes his arm, putting the fire out, and 
    tells Chris, who's been discovered, to handle this, seeing as though he's 
    one of Wesker's best men. Chris blasts the she-beast, and steals her choker 
    jewel. He places all of the Ashford jewels into slots in a painting, and a 
    hidden door opens, which Chris promptly uses.
    Alexia is not only psychotic, but powerful. Not good. Not good at all.
    Cut-scene 53: Behind Closed Doors
    Chris finds his way to the area where Claire is located. He hears her crying 
    from the other side of the locked door of the hall, and she tells him that 
    Steve is in fact dead. She also tells Chris that the door can only be opened 
    when the self destruct sequence is activated. She slips a security file she 
    founds earlier under the door. Chris opens it to find a keycard.
    The full fledged introduction of the self destruct sequence. Okey dokey.
    Cut-scene 54: Code: Veronica
    Chris goes up a set of stairs nearby to where Claire is trapped, and uses a 
    strange dragonfly key to get to the control panel from a large square 
    catwalk, where a large weapon called the Linear Launcher is contained. 
    Finding the control panel, and taking a hint from a file he read, Chris 
    enters "Veronica" as the password for the self destruct sequence. He is 
    correct, and loud sirens are heard. He heads back to the square catwalk, and 
    Claire greets him, the two sharing a quick embrace. They are interrupted by 
    Alexia, who arrives via the large tentacle-like thing. She looks at them, 
    displeased. They move towards the Linear Launcher container, both of them 
    required to turn a switch simultaneously for it's release. They do so, but 
    they are informed it has to charge for some time. Chris orders Claire to 
    escape using a previously locked elevator leading to the airport. Claire 
    tells Chris not to die on her. Claire's escape is short lived, when Alexia 
    blocks the stairway with flame, and approaches Claire, fire in hand. Chris 
    blasts Alexia, temporarily disabling her, and Claire escapes, or so it 
    seems. Alexia turns her attention to Chris, and proceeds to transform into 
    what looks like a queen ant with a human/dragonly sticking out of it. She 
    So you know by now we are in the final part of the game, what with Steve 
    dead and Alexia transforming into a ridiculously large monster.
    Cut-scene 55: The Ants
    After fighting for a bit, some fiery ants attack Alexia's shell, gnawing 
    away at it's flesh. A distressed Alexia breaks free of the shell, which is 
    promptly eaten away to nothing. Flying around, she spits acid at Chris.
    Even Alexia's best friends, the ants are not fond of her. Poor girl. Here 
    comes the last fight (officially) of the game.
    Cut-scene 56: Linear Launcher
    The linear launcher finishes charging, and Chris grabs it. After some shoot 
    and dodge, Chris lands a shot from the launcher on Alexia, and she responds 
    by exploding, gore raining down on the area. Some explosions occur as Chris 
    Ok then.Gameplay is over, time for the ending.
    Cut-scene 57: The Ending
    Chris emerges into the corridor, only to find Wesker holding Claire by the 
    hair. He pushes her, ordering her to move, through a newly revealed (through 
    explosion) passageway, and Chris chases after them, dodging some angry 
    zombies. He emerges into an icy dock, where Wesker's sub is parked. Claire 
    calls out to Chris, probably hurting from having her hair pulled so 
    maliciously. Wesker congratulates Chris on evading Alexia, informing him 
    that Alexia's work wasn't much of anything. Wesker sneers that the only 
    thing left for him to do is get revenge on Chris. Chris cajoles Wesker into 
    releasing Claire, because she's not the one he wants. Wesker shoves Claire 
    toward him, and she stumbles and falls. Chris helps her to her feet, forcing 
    her behind him. Wesker is pleased. He may not have gotten Alexia, but 
    killing Chris will be good enough for him. "Sorry to disappoint you, but 
    Alexia is gone!" spits Chris. Wesker is indifferent, because he has Steve's 
    corpse to work from. "What?" asks a curious and furious Claire. Wesker 
    snidly tells her that there is still a living sample of Alexia's virus in 
    Steve's body, and that he could be quite a good specimen. Perhaps he may 
    come back from the dead and see Claire again. "Don't you touch him!" Yells 
    Claire, running toward Wesker with a belligerent attitude, before being 
    stopped by Chris. Wesker apologizes. His men have already taken Steve away. 
    Chris orders Claire to leave once again. Claire questions him, but Chris 
    says that as a surviving member of STARS, it's his duty to take care of 
    this. Claire reluctantly agrees, but reminds Chris of his promise. Chris 
    nods, and Claire runs to the jet. Chris vows to end this whole thing once 
    and for all. He invites Wesker to say hello to his dead comrades. Wesker is 
    amazed at Chris's confidence, dropping his sunglasses onto the floor as he 
    approaches him. Chris backs up fearfully, knowing what's coming. He backs 
    against a table full of steel pipes, and grabs one, swinging it at Wesker. 
    The first blow connects, but Wesker stops the second, bending the pipe. 
    Wesker throws the pipe to the side and boots Chris backward. Chris lands on 
    his stomach as the ground begins to shake.
    The scene cuts to Claire toward the jet within the airport. She looks toward 
    to upper catwalk, looking for any sign of Chris.There is none, of course. 
    The scene back to the submarine dock, where Wesker pummels Chris, first 
    delivering a gut punch, and following with three left hooks to the face. 
    Chris is shaken, and Wesker uses this to his advantage, kneeing the STARS 
    member in the stomach, and delivering another punch, this one slap-like. 
    Chris spits blood on the ground. "Sure I'm not human anymore, but just look 
    at the power I've gained!" brags Wesker, throwing a powerful uppercut at 
    Chris, causing Chris to fly backward in a handspring like manner. Chris 
    looks up at some steel beams near the ceiling, being held by a metal rope 
    attached to a switch. "Magnificent, don't you think?" Laughs Wesker as he 
    prepares to finish Chris off with a stomping jump. Chris dodges the jump and 
    pulls the level of the switch, causing the beams to drop on Wesker. Chris 
    relaxes a bit, thinking he's finished Wesker off, but Wesker rises from the 
    mess. Both stumble toward eachother, Wesker congratulating him on his 
    attempt to kill him. An explosion emerges from nearby, burning Wesker's 
    face, and leaving fiery wreckage between them. "Today is your lucky day! 
    Next time we meet, don't count on another." Seethes Wesker, holding his 
    burned face. Chris agrees that it will be settled next time. Chris runs off, 
    leaving Wesker laughing among the wreckage.
    Chris runs to the elevator, and it lowers to meet him, fiery bursts quickly 
    following it. Claire, sitting in the back seat of the jet,  ponders 
    worriedly about Chris. The scene cuts to the Anthill where the ants were 
    living being burned up. Chris gets in, an explosion following him quickly as 
    the elevator rises. Claire, in the plane, is shaken as the base rumbles 
    again. The elevator door opens, and Chris is thrown by the explosion onto 
    the tip of the plane. Chris jokes that he always keeps his promises. Claire 
    laughs. Awwww. The jet takes off JUST as the base explodes, narrowly dodging 
    the base's prime explosion. In the plane, Claire touches Chris's shoulder, 
    asking Chris to promise not to leave her alone again. He apologizes, but 
    tells there is still something to be done. "You mean..." Claire starts, 
    "Yeah! It's payback time! We've got to destroy Umbrella." Announces Chris.
    Analysis: Well, I don't think there's much else to be said. What an ending, 
    huh? Quite impressive. This author will be quite angry if he sees the very 
    ugly Jill Valentine anywhere near the main female role in RE4, which the 
    beautiful Claire surely deserves.
    6) Files)
      DIJ Diary: CVX Version                                                     
    During a heavy squall, a girl in a red outfit was brought to this island of 
    Rockfort. What could she have possibly done? I've been living here quite 
    some time now, but many who are brought to this island seldom leave alive. 
    Through the sounds of gun and fire, soldiers appeared. There was something 
    going on. I went to the prison, but the girl in red was nowhere in sight. I 
    hurried to the military training facility. The "man" of Rockfort was 
    attacking her relentlessly. How stupid of me. I got too close and almost got 
    myself smashed by the shutters. But, thanks to my natural agility, I was 
    able to get out of the situation and get outside. Anyone other than me would 
    not have been so lucky. Again, I was able to find the girl in red. There she 
    was; in front of the residence. Then from behind her appeared a man with 
    blonde hair. As he called her, he approached her in a friendly manner and 
    started saying something to her... and it happened abruptly. The man in 
    blonde hair started to hurt the girl in red. "I must save her." I thought to 
    myself. But the man in blonde hair went away. Who was that blonde haired 
    man? What did he want from the girl in red? The self-destruct announcement 
    and emergency siren warned the end of Rockfort Island. I hurried to the 
    hangar of the transport. The transport we were on took off as everything 
    exploded into flames. With my neck risking effort, the girl kin red slammed 
    the monster out into the open sky. Sure enough, she was a Valkyrie, a 
    goddess of destruction. I couldn't believe it. The transport landed in 
    Antarctica. And to top it all, the transport that landed before us spilled 
    tons of the T-Virus and everything alive had already turned into zombies. If 
    I stayed, there was no way I could stay alive. I had to find a way to get 
    out of there, quickly. I parted with the girl in red. I started searching 
    the base to see if there was anything I could use. As I was resting in the 
    dark, someone was coming. Whatever it was, it was right there. The door 
    suddenly closed and there was no escape. I kept slamming the doors. Then the 
    door opened. I exploded out of there. But I was no chicken. I stopped to 
    turn around and there she was, the girl in red, standing there looking at 
    me. Where was this place? I was stuck in a room with an elevator and old 
    cannon. Where was I supposed to go? I was stranded. I felt endless despair. 
    Then that blonde man with the sunglasses appeared. He had the girl in an arm 
    lock. Then a man in a black vest came running after them. The man in the 
    black vest followed them. I also hurried to chase after them. It was a 
    grueling fight. Was the man who also knew that girl a monster? The fight 
    looked like it could last forever. Then suddenly there was an explosion, 
    which interfered the fight. That was my last chance. I had to get out of 
    there. I snuck through the hatch of the sub as it was about to close. 
    Finally, I was released from the world of death and I was able to come back 
    to a world where desire and power ruled.
    Analysis: DIJ was thought to be a rat at first. I read this closely.  But 
    he's actually... the mouse!
    Playing Manual
    CHECK ALL ITEMS When you obtain a new item, always remember to look at it 
    with the "Check" command on the status screen. Remember, it's always best to 
    rotate the item so you can check it from different angles. TRY TO PUSH 
    OBJECTS If you face an object and press and hold up on the directional 
    button, sometimes you will be able to push it. You may find hidden rooms and 
    items this way. USE THE QUICK TURN You can turn 180 degrees instantly by 
    pressing the Cancel button while holding the directional button down. This 
    is a very effective move when you attack an enemy and then want to turn 
    around and run. USE THE MAP SCREEN When you are lost or are unsure of what 
    to do, check the map screen. You can easily tell where you've been and can 
    see which doors you have unlocked. CLIMB/DESCEND You can climb/descend some 
    objects. To do this, face the object and then push the Action button. 
    SECURITY BOXES The items you store in a Security Box in the prison cannot be 
    accessed through an Item Box. Make sure you remove all important items from 
    a Security Box before exiting a room. I CAN'T TAKE THE GOLD LUGERS FROM THE 
    PROJECTION ROOM You cannot release the trap by yourself. After certain 
    events occur, you will be able to release the trap and obtain the Gold 
    Lugers. I CAN'T ENTER THE BIO-EXPERIMENT ROOM Once the shutter near the 
    bio-experiment room shuts, you can't open it until the ventilation process 
    completes due to the in-room air pollution problems. I CAN'T CLIMB THE 
    LADDER IN THE BEDROOM You will need to place a pair of items onto the two 
    music boxes. Then you will have to... I CAN'T SEND LOADS PROPERLY WITH THE 
    SORTER The sorter judges which room each load will be sent to by an item 
    that is posted on the load. You should check an already sorted load in the 
    room you would like to send your load to and then...
    Analysis: This is the file that tells you what to do during the games. It 
    has no significance to the story-line of the game.
    Fax on the Facility Access Application
    Be sure to verify the content of the following facility access application 
    form, and add the applicants' name to the expected visitor's list. Chief 
    Prison Guard Room Paul Steiner I hereby apply for access permission for 
    Prison Area D. Details follow, Visitor's name: Carl Grisham Purpose of 
    Entry: Carrying in the following materials; 1. New product sample from Metal 
    Industries Co: "TG-01". 2. Various daily commodities ordered by the prison. 
    Note: 1. Will use a transportation truck. 2. "TG-01" sample will be stored 
    in a designated briefcase.
    Analysis: This hints where to find a certain item in the game.
    TG-01 Product Description
    Thank you for your continued support and for our products. This time we have 
    gathered our most advanced technologies, and have succeeded in creating the 
    unique anti-metal detection alloy "TG-01". -TG-01 features? 1. Cannot be 
    detected by any metal detectors. 2. Cannot be pictured by roentgenography at 
    the immigration check. 3. Lightweight, yet durable. We plan to develop 
    various weapons utilizing this innovative new alloy. We enclosed a sample 
    for you to review. We look forward to hearing from you regarding possible 
    business opportunities. Metal Industries Co. Chief, Development Planning 
    Carl Redhill
    Analysis: This hints that the TG 01 Item you get in the game can be taken 
    passed the Metal Detectors in the Prison.
    User's Manual
    3-D Duplicator User's Manual Our new product, the "3-D Duplicator" consists 
    of two parts. 3-D Scanner Portion This portion scans the 3D object. Simply 
    place the material that you want to have scanned onto the tray of the 
    scanner. The scanned object will be processed into 3D data, which will be 
    transferred to the duplicator portion. Duplicator Portion If you place the 
    material you wish to have converted on the machine, you can begin conversion 
    based on the 3-D data that was scanned portion. The conversion will be 
    executed with complete data accuracy. The result will be an object precisely 
    true to the original.
    Analysis: It hints at the puzzles of the game in the Prison Area.
    Memo on the Pass Number
    The emergency lock system in the biology experiment room can be released 
    with the four digit pass number. I hope you haven't forgotton about it 
    already. I have just received an order from the system administrator 
    requesting us to change the pass number periodically. What bothers me is 
    that you often lose important memos, pass numbers, or even chemicals... So, 
    in an attempt to solve that problem, I came up with an idea. You know the 
    red human skeleton picture at the back of the biology experiment room? I 
    have decided to use the number signed on the picture as the pass number. If 
    you happen to lose the memo just use the picture. Well, I don't think you 
    would ever need to use the emergency pass number anyway. But just in case, 
    now you know. Take it easy Mr. Careless!
    Analysis: This hints at what you need to see in order to find the Pass Memo 
    Message to the New Family Master
    Sir Alfred, Congratulations on your succession as master as the Ashford 
    family. I hereby present you with an earthenware vase, according to the 
    Ashford family tradition. As you may know, this tradition first began when a 
    butler presented a golden teacup as a commemorative to Veronica. As founder 
    of the Ashford family, her intelligence and beauty are legendary. The second 
    and third, masters, Stanley and his son Thomas were also presented with 
    similar teacups. It was their hope to achieve glory as Veronica did before 
    them. The position as family master then shifted to Sir Thomas to his twin 
    brother Sir Arthur. It then went to Sir Edward, your grandfather. That was 
    when the Ashford family enjoyed it's golden age. It was also Sir Edward's 
    achievement that established the large chemical enterprise, Umbrella Inc. 
    However, when Sir Edward passed away, and your father Sir Alexander 
    succeeded the position, the glorious Ashford family gradually began to 
    sink... I sincerely hope that the Ashford family regains it's glory with 
    your guidence, just as this vase continues to shine eternally. Ashford 
    Family Butler, Scott Harman
    Analysis: This helps solve the painting puzzle in the Palace on Disk 1.
    Enhanced Anti-Decay Alloy
    Although we planned to utilize the enhanced anti-decay alloy called 
    "Duploid" to create the storage capsule of the new B.O.W., we have had to 
    cancel the plan. This is primarily based upon the fact that despite it's 
    excellent resistance to all kinds of liquid including strong acid, it easily 
    dissolves when soaked with a mixture of the two chemicals, "Clement a" and 
    "Clement E". Due to the lethal nature of the new B.O.W., we cannot be too 
    careful in choosing the material for their storage capsule. We have instead 
    decided to use Duploid to create the plate portion of the "Eagle Plate", 
    which shines in indigo-blue. CLEMENT INFORMATION The "a" type is used for 
    gun maintenance and possesses no conspicuous characteristics. However, the E 
    type will change its color to blue at a certain temperature. (It is an odd 
    coincidence that the temperature is exactly the same as the date of 
    completion of this training facility.) Based upon our analysis of the E 
    type, we believe that Clement possesses more features. As new information is 
    learned, we will update this file.
    Analysis: This hints at the need to mix the Clements on Disk 2.
    Prisoner's Diary
    May 13th This room stinks of death. Based upon the information I've found, I 
    believe that I'm far south of the equator. Lucky for me that Bob in the bunk 
    below me, is one of those interesting types of guys... May 16th Today Bob 
    told some crazy story of why he was put this place with me. Bob said that he 
    used to be an attendant of the head of this place. This "boss" named Alfred 
    supposedly placed him in here because of a tiny little mistake. What does 
    that mean? What's going to happen to me? May 20th Without warning, a group 
    of military men took Bob to the building behind the guillotine stand. At 
    midnight, I'll sneak out of here to see him. I've been hearing that anyone 
    taken to that building never comes back. On top of that, there are these 
    REALLY large plastic bags being constantly being removed from that place. 
    I'd better pray for Bob... May 21st I was wrong. I shouldn't have gone 
    there. What is going on it there?! All I could here was some insanely creepy 
    laughter and the sound of Bob screaming. I don't know what to do. I can't 
    sto thinking about it... Is that going to happen to me?! I can't let it... I 
    just can't... May 27th Since my last entry, all of my fellow inmates have 
    been taken to that building! I know that I am next...It's obvious that we 
    are all here to be used as Alfred's guinea pigs. There's no way out! What am 
    I going to do?!...
    Analysis: This hints that we have to explore the guillotine in the Prison 
    Anatomist's Note
    There is a demon in my mind. I can't control the fierce impluses that the 
    demon sometimes drives me to act upon. It is a brutal ceremony. With the 
    demon next to me, I enjoy watching agonize in pain, screaming and convulsing 
    repeatedly as they die... But, Sir Alfred was kind enough to acknowledge me, 
    and has given me the facilities, the chemicals, and the "equipment" 
    necessary to study everything. I must never betray Sir Alfred's kindness. It 
    is especially critical that no one discovers the sacred place that only he 
    and I know about. I swear the basement of this medical building will be kept 
    secret. Of course, I keep the key to the sacred place with me at all times. 
    Even if an outsider sees it, they will never be able to tell that it is the 
    key. I must remember that my life ends when I lose Sir Alfred's trust.
    Analysis: Hints there's a secret basement in the Prison Area behind the 
    guillotine. Apparently where the people in the Prisoner's Diary were taken.
    Secretary's Note
    Four years have passed since I began serving Sir Alfred. He doesn't trust 
    anyone! Even though I am his attendant, I am still strictly prohibited from 
    entering his private house! What is his problem anyway?! They say he lives 
    with his twin sister, Alexia in his private house on the hill. Occasionally, 
    I've seen someone standing by the window of the house. It might have been 
    Alexia, whose extreme beauty is often talked about. I once asked Sir Alfred 
    about this, but it only enraged him. Even though I am his attendant. He will 
    not show me any lenience. If I ask about her again, I could put my life at 
    risk. After all, it is a mystery why he so desperately tries to keep his 
    private life with Alexia a secret. Robert Dorson
    Analysis: This hints that Alfred has a secret house on the hill behind his 
    Palace (Private Residence) .
    Newspaper Clip
    A 10 year old girl genius graduated at the top of her class, from a 
    prestigious university. The international corporation, Umbrella Chemical 
    Inc., offered the position of head researcher.
    Analysis: This hints Alexia is SUPER SMART!!!
    Messege Card
    My dear brother, I firmly believe that the glory of the Ashford family will 
    be revived through your courage and strength as an honored soldier. Yours 
    faithfully, Alexia Ashford
    Analysis: Alfred seems to be in love with Alexia. Perhaps he loves her too 
    Hunk's Report
    Attn: Mr. Alfred Ashford, head of the facility Today at 16:32, I arrived 
    successfully from the Umbrella transport base with the large-scale B.O.W. 
    capsule. Extreme care was taken during transport, and all 108 check points 
    were confirmed condition "green" in accordance with standard procedures. It 
    is currently being stored in a freezer. There's one thing that I don't 
    understand. We are normally assigned to special missions. Why were we 
    ordered to transport a frozen capsule this time? I understand that this may 
    be classified as top-secret, but without knowledge of the contents, our 
    safety could be at risk during this transport. This is especially important 
    if the contents are potentially harmful. We would like to ask you provide us 
    with more information, should we be assigned similar missions in the future? 
    I still remember the good old days in the military training center. Nothing 
    has changed since then. We will gear up for the next mission today at 23:00.
    Umbrella Special Forces Unit HUNK
    Analysis: HUNK is the 4th Survivor from Resident Evil 2. He was the one who 
    stole the G- Virus from William Birkin and attacked William Birkin.
    Worker's Diary
    October 30th When I joined Umbrella Inc., I thought that I would be able to 
    live care free for the rest of my life, being employed by this huge 
    corporation. It's a joke that I ended up being a driver at a place like 
    this. I asked for a position change, but they completely ignored me. It 
    feels more like a prison! Work is extremely demanding, and there's nothing 
    fun about it. I'd rather be dead! November 3rd My hard-earned vacation was 
    canceled suddenly. I heard they failed to secure enough manpower due to a 
    mistake made by the facility head, Alfred. That fool doesn't deserved 
    forgiveness. He doesn't even treat us like human beings! November 5th I 
    heard an interesting story from a guy who's been working here for 8 years. 
    He must be awfully patient... He says that there is a man who has been 
    confined for over 10 years, locked deep below here. People call him 
    "Nosferatu" and are deathly afraid of him. What an absurd story! November 
    10th At midnight I woke up to an ominous growling sound that seemed to be 
    coming from deep under ground...I'm so pathetic to have been frightened by 
    such a foolish story. Then again, I suppose anyone would have a hard time 
    maintaining their sanity if they were confined in a place like this!
    Analysis: This notes that Nosferatu has been around for a long time...
    Alexander's Memo
    My father, Edward, discovered the mother virus in cooperation with Lord 
    Spencer, who was also a nobleman. They studied it for the purpose of 
    military use. Eventually their study took shape. They named a variation of 
    the mother virus, the "T-virus". To camouflage their research, they 
    established Umbrella Chemical, Inc. I majored in bio genetics and have been 
    involved with a top-secret project, supporting my father's research. 
    However, my research went through a difficult phase, and my father died in 
    the middle of the project. We are now at a major disadvantage against the 
    other researchers, as there is great competition in the field of T- virus 
    research. I have disgraced the honorable name of the Ashford family that out 
    great ancestor Veronica established. If nothing is done, Umbrella will be 
    taken over by Spencer. I must expedite the project to its fullest, without 
    being detected by Spencer. After much thought, I decided to establish a 
    large-scale advanced research facility. It will be located in the transport 
    terminal that I created by using the abandoned mine in the Antarctic. Within 
    the facility, I'll have a room built. It will be similar to the design of my 
    mansion, the legacy of the late Trevor. I will be able to cherish my sweet 
    memories there... For security purposes, this confidential project will be 
    given a code name. It is the same name if the beautiful ancestor of the 
    Ashford family, "Veronica" whom I wish to revive so badly. I am confident 
    that the result of my research will be as glorious as her name, and that 
    honor will be restored to the Ashford family again.
    Analysis: This is where the "CODE: Veronica" of the game comes in. It's the 
    code for the explosion sequence.
    Butler's Letter
    Sir Alfred, Please forgive me, as I must tell you of my abrupt departure by 
    leaving this letter. I first served your father, Lord Alexander, and have 
    for so long shared in the joys and sorrows of the Ashford family. Lord 
    Alexander disappeared unexpectedly 15 years ago, then an accident during an 
    experiment took the life of our dear Alexia. You were forced to become the 
    master of the family at a very young age, and nearly lost your sanity from 
    the sorrow of having lost all of your family members at once. There was 
    nothing I could do, and I felt powerless. I first though that I should kill 
    myself to apologize. I then realized that it would be an insult to our dear 
    Lord Alexander and Alexia, in the other world...
    Scott Harman Butler, Ashford family
    Analysis: Scott Harman has discovered something strange about Alfred. It was 
    that he discovered Alfred's secrets about Alexia and Alexander Ashford.
    Confession Letter
    Alexia, my sister, is a genius and possesses unmatched beauty. She is 
    everything to me. I would overcome any obstacle and be willing to risk my 
    life for her. For Alexia, I must revive the glorious Ashford Family which 
    fell during the era of my father, Alexander. Together, we will restore our 
    family name. Once that has been achieved, I'll build a palace where only 
    nobles may gather. I cannot allow the unwashed to see my dear Alexia, to 
    whom my life is devoted. She reigns the world as queen, with I as her 
    servant. That is my dream, and how sweet it will be. Those accomplishments 
    will be proof of my love toward Alexia. It is the purpose of my existence. 
    All other people are meaningless, and they shall prostrate themselves before 
    Alexia and I. Devoted to my beloved Alexia, Alfred Ashford
    Analysis: Alfred seems to be VERY obsessed with Alexia. She vanished 15 
    years ago because she needed to perform an experiment...
    Secret Passage Note
    The underground passage, which leads to the mansion where Alexia and I live, 
    has been badly damaged. Although I can never allow the unwashed to see 
    Alexia, I cannot go on using the underground waterway that those local 
    people made, either. Oh yes...I think I'll have those prisoners build a 
    bridge. It must be a gorgeous bridge that benefits the perfection that is 
    Alexia. Of course, I must kill everyone who's involved in the construction 
    of the bridge after it is done, so that no one will know about the existence 
    of our mansion. But that is okay, as I have no problems executing such 
    matters. Once the bridge is completed, I'll seal the mansion entrance door 
    at the end of the underground waterway. The entrance of the waterway is 
    locked by the diorama trick, ensuring the secrecy of our mansion. Alfred 
    Analysis: Alfred loves secret passages. He built an underground tunnel that 
    connects the Private Residence to the Military Training Facility. But it has 
    no significance to the game, though.
    Alfred's Diary
    January 30th,
    There's a sealed room in the hallway located inside of the Antarctic 
    facility. I don't know what is hidden there, but I do not know how to get 
    in. I can use the three jewels that each one of our three members wear as 
    proof of being legitimate descendant of the Ashford family. The only problem 
    is, I do not know how I can gain possession of my father's proof.
    February 17th,
    I finally succeeded in entering that sealed room. I never could have 
    imagined that such an insane secret existed regarding the birth of both 
    Alexia and myself... I hate my father. That fool, Alexander...Now it is 
    obvious that we were merely created in an attempt to cover my father's 
    blunder. I can never trust him again. I must regain the glory of the Ashford 
    family with my sister. I have nothing to be afraid of, as long as Alexia is 
    with me.
    March 3rd,
    Alexia carried out the experiment on the human body that we've been talking 
    about. Our useless father must be happy now, since he can finally contribute 
    to the Ashford family. The only thing we should be careful about is that the 
    butler, Harman, does not become wise to our activities.
    April 22nd,
    The experiment resulted in failure. Our father was useless after all. Even 
    worse, he turned into a dangerous monster that is completely out of control. 
    We tied him down and locked him up in an underground prison cell. However, 
    Alexia seems to be close to a solution. Beyond all my expectations, she now 
    says that she wishes to conduct the experiment on her own body. On top of 
    that, she feels she must be kept asleep for 15 years in order to accomplish 
    the experiment. Thanks to that idiot, I can't see my dear Alexia for as long 
    as 15 years. Alexia is going to sleep, with all of her trust relying upon 
    me. Now, I am the only one who can protect Alexia.
    Analysis: Alfred Ashford and Alexia turned their "father" into Nosferatu 
    because Alexander did something... he made Alexia and Alfred through using 
    Veronica's gene and putting it into an embryo and giving birth to them. 
    Queen Ant Report
    After discovering the remains of an ancient virus within the genes of a 
    queen ant, I have been concentrating on the research of ants. The ecosystem 
    of the ants seems truly ideal to me. There is one queen ant in each anthill, 
    and the soldier and worker ants are the queen's slaves. They dedicate their 
    lives to the queen. The death of the queen ant means the doom of the entire 
    anthill. However, the soldier and worker ants can be easily replaced as long 
    as the queen ant is alive. This is exactly the same relationship between 
    myself and other ignorant masses. I have succeeded in creating an ideal 
    virus by implanting the queen ant's gene into the mother virus that Spencer 
    found. I used my otherwise useless father as a test subject. However, as I 
    expected, the virus caused a rapid change in his cells, triggering the 
    complete destruction of his brain cells and body flesh. Furthermore, a 
    special type of poison gas was generated inside his body, that the blue herb 
    had no effect against. Because of this, I created an antidote in case of an 
    emergency, and stored it inside of the weapon/chemical warehouse on the B2 
    floor. I have decided to name this virus with unimaginable potential, the 
    "T- Veronica" virus. When I find out how I can fully utilize the power of 
    wonderful virus, my great research will finally be complete.
    Alexia Ashford
    Analysis: This is how the T- Veronica Virus was created. Alexia took an Ant 
    gene and combined it with the T- Virus to create T- Veronica Virus.
    Virus Research Report
    Work continues on the "T-Veronica" virus , which I extracted from the queen 
    ant. The more research I conduct on it, the more I am impressed by how much 
    potential it has. I have finally implanted the virus into my own body, and 
    discovered how to fully utilize its power. I will avoid making the mistake 
    that I made on my father. I will suppress the activity of the virus at an 
    ultra-low temperature, so that my cells will change slowly. My calculations 
    indicate that it will take 15 years before my body will gain immunity, and 
    become able to coexist with the virus. Until then, I have no choice but to 
    trust the capsule that I will be in, to that inept but loyal soldier ant who 
    is my brother. For me to obtain unlimited power, some risks need to be 
    taken. When I awaken, I will be the queen... And the "T-Veronica" virus will 
    be unleashed upon the entire world by my children. Every last creature on 
    earth will exist to serve me. At that time, the world will achieve the 
    perfect ecosystem, just like an anthill, but on a much grander scale.
    Alexia Ashford
    Analysis: This is why Alexia vanished. She was put into sleep to adjust to 
    the T- Veronica Virus. Nosferatu was a mess compared to Alexia because 
    Nosferatu didn't cope with the T- Veronica Virus.
    5) Thanks
    Yeahok did: The Content(Character Analysis and Cut-scene Analysis)
    CVXFREAK did: The Formatting and the File Section
    My gratitude goes to:
    Cloud2049: for helping me defend Claire from all the blind unbelievers.
    Red Dwarf: For doing whatever I say. J/K. Thanks for reading my guide.
    CJayC: For running the best walkthrough site on the net, and letting me know 
    about some formatting errors in the initial version.
    This document Copyrighted 2002 Vaughn Jones
    Use of this guide will be authorized, most likely, as long as permission is 
    asked for.

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