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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ChandooG

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    My worst enemy .. ascii..
    #####   #####  ####  #### ###    ##### ##    ## ####      #####  ##   ## #### ## TM
    ######  ##### #####  #### ####   ##### ####  ## ####      #####  ##   ## #### ##
    ##  ##  ##    ##      ##  ##  ## ##    ## ## ##  ##       ##     ##   ##  ##  ##
    ##  ##  ##    ##      ##  ##  ## ##    ## ## ##  ##       ##     ##   ##  ##  ##
    ######  ####  #####   ##  ##  ## ####  ##  ####  ##       ####   ##   ##  ##  ##
    ###     ####   #####  ##  ##  ## ####  ##  ####  ##       ####   ##   ##  ##  ##
    ####    ##        ##  ##  ##  ## ##    ##   ###  ##       ##     ##   ##  ##  ##
    ## ##   #####  ##### #### #####  ##### ##   ###  ##       #####   ## ##  #### #####
    ##  ##  #####  ####  #### #####  ##### ##    ##  ##       #####    ##    #### #####
       ####                                   ###########      ##########
      ##                                       ###    ###      ###   ###
     ##       ###   ####   #####                 ##  ##          ## ##
     ##      #####  #####  #####     ##           ## ##         ## ##
     ##     ##   ## ##  ## ##        ##            ## ##       ## ##
      ##    ##   ## ##  ## ####                     ## ##     ## ##
       ####  #####  #####  ##        ##              ## ##   ## ##
        ###   ###   ####   #####     ##               ## ## ## ##
                    ##      ## ##### #####    ####   ##   ## ##   ##  #####
                     ##    ##  ##### #   ##  ######  ###  ## ##  ### ##   ##
                      ##  ##   ##    ##  ## ##    ## #### ## ## ##   ##   ##
                       ## ##   ####  #####  ##    ## ## #### ## ##   #######
                        ###    ##    # #     ######  ##  ### ## #### ##   ##
                         #     ##### #  #     ####   ##   ## ##  ### ##   ##
                                                     ## ##    ## ##
                                                    ## ##      ## ##
                                                   ## ##         ## ##
                                                #### ####       ####  ####
                                                #########       ##########
       #                                                                   #
       #                       FAQ / Walkthrough                           #
       #                         By Adnan Javed                            #
       #                            Alias AJ                               #
       #             ChandooG on gamefaqs.com message boards               #
       #                 Returnofthemaniac@hotmail.com                     #
       #                        AJ@rebiohazard.com                         #
       #                      Updated on 06/1/04                           #
       #                     Original ver 24/6/03                          #  
       #                                                                   #
       #               www.planetdreamcast.com/residentevil                #
       #               www.rebiohazard.com *under repairs*                 #
       #                                                                   #
    Resident Evil : Code veronica X
    For the Nintendo GameCube
    FAQ / Walkthrough
    By Adnan Javed - AJ
    Alias ChandooG
    This walkthrough for Resident Evil Code Veronica X has been written by
    Adnan Javed, better known as ChandooG on the gamefaqs.com message boards
    and as AJ among his dearly beloved friends.
    This walkthrough is for all versions of Code veronica and can be used for
    em all so...
    any questions : returnofthemaniac@Hotmail.com or
    ENJOY !!.
    ######    ###       ####          ###
      #   ##  #  # #    #            #   # ####
      #  #  # #### #    ###          #   # #
      #  #### #  # #    #            #   # ###
      #  #  # ###  #### ####          ###  #
                                   ###      #   #     ####      ##### ###
                                  #     ##  ##  # ### #    #  #   #  #
                                  #    #  # # # #  #  ###  ## #   #   ###
                                  #    #  # #  ##  #  #    # ##   #     #
                                   ###  ##  #   #  #  #### #  #   #  ###
                        * Guide Information
                        * Introduction to Resident Evil Code : Veronica X
                        * Story
                        * Characters
                        * Controls
                        * Enemies and boss battles
                        * Weapons
                        * Full walkthrough
                               # Main game
                                       -->  Claire
                                       -->  Chris
                               # Battle game
                                      All players
                        * Item listing and Location
                        * File location and contents
                        * Tips and Cheats	
     			   # Tips
                               # In game secrets
                               # Cheat codes
                        * MAPS
                        * MISC information
                               # Official Resident Evil Timeline
                               # Wesker's report
                               # Wesker's report 2
                               # Herb mixing chart
                        * REVIEW
                               # Review at GAMESPY
                        * FUN stuff
                               # Observations
                               # Memorable quotes
                        * Legal things
                               # The Allowed - Unallowed list
                               # Legal mumbo jumbo
                               # Contacting information
                               # Credits and thanks
    Contact : returnofthemaniac@Hotmail.com
    NOTE : The GameCube version of this game is EXACTLY like the PS2 version
    there is NO difference in gameplay and story at all, so dont be mailing
    me about the differences or anything like that.
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    Game name : Resident Evil COde : Veronica X
    System : Gamecube
    Guide size : 290 kb
    Version : First and final
    Coments : I AM THE BEST !!
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
                      RE : CVx
    Residnet evil Code : veronica, well what more can i say about this
    game then sheer excellence, this game was first released on sega's
    128 bit console in early 2000. At that time the DC was the best
    console around and capcom used its power to advantage, this game
    was miles better in graphical terms then other Resi evil games
    also this was one of the best DC games when it was released
    Infact it still comes int the top 10 DC selling games of all
    time. This game was also given the title for the best DC game
    ever by alot of retailers.
    In short CV see's the return of 2 of the most important RE
    characters of all time, maybe that is one of the reasons it
    sold so well. The first of those 2 character is none other
    then our favourite hero of all time, mr chris redfield, this
    will be his first outing after the original Resident evil and
    he's in for the ride of his life cause he has to save claire
    before anything bad happens to her. The second of the 2 returning
    characters is the evil and awesomly cool albert wesker. He was
    presumed dead after the mansion incident, but somehow back from
    hell wesker is in this game, and he's not your normal human
    anymore, he's gained superhuman powers , what is he doing
    on this island and how did he got the way he is right now,
    all these answers lay in the game.
    CV was put on 2 DC disks and it was a large game, but then came
    the time for the PS2's release and capcom decided that they would
    port this awesome game to the Ps2 to keep the sony fans happy. But
    this wont just be a straight port, they decided to name it CV: Complete
    in japan and CVx in the rest of the world. The new vesion of the
    game was just like the old one but it featured 3 new cutscene
    which were reguarding the character of albert wesker, CVx also
    came with the infamous " WEsKER's REPORT " What was made by
    capcom to clear up those little plot thing's.
    All in all CVx sold well on the PS2 just as much as it did on
    the DC, the graphics were a little improved in the PS2 version
    and because of the DVD the loading times were reduced, the CVx
    DVD also came with a Devil may cry demo so it was double the
    fun for the retailers.
    This was the first RE game which came with full on 3D back
    grounds, meaning that no more static camera's and enemies
    and player models look better then ever before, the enviroments
    are more interactive then before and monsters can come through
    doors and windows due to the graphical power.
    Also there is the famous battle game in this game which can
    let us play as albert wesker himself, ok he may be only in
    the battle game but still players were thrilled to play
    as wesker, also the battle game is actually the most fun
    minigame in all of RE series.
    Now that the main story RE games have become exclusive to the
    NGS capcom have announced that they would also release CVx
    to the GC, we'll have to wait and see what new scary surprises
    capcom add's to the GC version of the game.
    Update the GC version of the game is no different then any other
    version of this game so far so all the people who thought about
    somethin new are left disappointed again.. Sorry
    Released first on Sega's Dreamcast; Code Veronica was the first RE
    game in the series to finally use a fully 3d environment rather than
    2d rendered backgrounds. This enabled the game to change camera angles
    on the fly without loading a new screen. The graphics of course were
    stunning, taking full advantage of the DC's advanced rendering hardware.
    In fact the in game footage looked better than the cinematics featured
    in previous titles, the actual non in game movies in CV looked spectacular!
    Unlike the previous games where monsters are just standing there when
    you enter a room, CV's new 3d environments had the ability of having
    enemies emerge from under buildings or climbing up into view from a l
    evel below. With the Matrix in theatres and akimbo guns becoming the
    style for action, Capcom included the ability to have a gun in each
    hand firing in multiple directions.
    Claire Redfield will once again find herself face to face with the
    undead creations of Umbrella. Trapped on a secret Umbrella military
    facility she's once again battling hordes of undead creatures. With
    the help of Steve Burnside a fellow prisoner they must find a way to
    escape death.
    Experience the most terrifying chapter in survival horror on
    the PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system. After narrowly
    surviving the horrific onslaught in Raccoon City, Claire Redfield
    now seeks clues in search of her missing brother, Chris. To her
    horror, she discovers Umbrella Corporation’s insidious activities
    are not isolated to the remote, mid-western city. No. Somethingmuch
    larger is going on here. Flesh-eating zombies and horrific beasts
    haunt Claire’s every move. Just how far does this twisted conspiracy
    extend? What is Umbrella Corporation really up to? And who is
    behind this bio-tech terror?
    Game Features:
    • The survival horror classic on the PlayStation 2 Computer
      Entertainment System
    • Everything you feared and more!
    • Added never-before-seen cut scenes
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    In the raccoon city incident claire redfield managed to escape alive
    with 2 of the survivors, an officer named leon kennedy and a little girl
    named sherry, soon after their escape leon and claire got in an arguement
    and leon asked claire to leave them both and go and search for her
    brother, claire reluctent at first then agree's to leon and leaves
    the two of them and steps into the wilderness.
    3 months after the raccoon city incident claire got an annonymous tip
    that her brother was somewhere in the umbrella facility in there paris
    branch and she goes over there to investigage. That is where out story
    begins, claire find everything dark around her when suddenly a soldier
    removes a bag from her head, he tells claire her seriel number and
    then another soldier hits claire with the but of his gun and claire
    falls down.
    Her eyes close and she remembers how she got here, she infiltrated
    the paris facility but she was spotted and the guards started to
    give chase to her in the long hallways, at the end of the hall claire
    spots a chopper about to shoot at her, she does a sneezy move and
    avoids the chopper while the 2 guards eat the bullets. Claire runs
    through another long hall avoiding the gun fire and jumps out an
    open door down some stairs, where she comes across a dozen troopers.
    She spots a barrel of flamable liquids behind them and does another
    cool move and empties her gun in the barrel.
    Suddenly anothe guard comes behind claire and captures her, claire's
    gun doesnt has any ammo and she is captured, her eyes open in the
    rockfort island prison cell, unknown to claire the T virus has
    spread here too, the same guard lets claire out of the cell but
    warns her that she has no chance of escaping.
    Later on in the game chris redfield attempts to find her sister
    at rockfort island after leon kennedy forwards a message claire
    sent him through the facility connection. Unknown to chris that
    by the time he reaches rockfort claire has already left for
    antarctica, but also that someone is waiting on rockfort
    especially for chris, someone who calls himself a ghost from the
    past who's come back to haunt chris. Wesker.
    Long stort short CV is the continuing adventure of one claire redfield
    in search for her missing brogher chris redfield, she is cought and
    trapped on the rockfort island facility, she must find a way to escape
    while avoiding the deadly traps of the island, the ending half of the
    game will see the return of chris redfield, STARS member and everyone's
    favourite hero. This game also see's the return of Albret wesker, play
    the game to find his story.
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    Note  : The description in # decription # is given by capcom.
                     We first saw claire during the raccoon city incident
    where she came to raccoon city to find her brother chris redfield, the
    hero from the original Resident evil, but clarie ran into a young
    officer named leon S kennedy there, she found out eventually that chris
    was not in raccoon city anymore by reading his diary, after that leon
    and claire barely managed to escape the city alive, leon ordered claire
    to go and find her brother and so claire does in this game, she infiltrated
    the umbrella facility to find her brother but she was cought and send to
    rofkfort, in rockfort claire is set free by the same guard she was cought
    by, now claire must find allies on the island and find a way to escape
    while avoiding any confrontation from the master of the island.
    Claire is just a college girl at first sight but ther's more to her
    then we see. All in all claire is a nice person and she cares for
    everyone else she meets, she loves her brother more then anything
    else and as we have already seen, she would risk even her own life
    to save anyone else in danger, claire doesnt get scared that easily
    and she's the only woman i've seen who rides a harley.
    ### She went to Raccoon City in search of her brother Chris. Immediately
    she became involved in a series of eerie incidents engineered by the
    Umbrella Corporation. Teaming up with rookie cop Leon, Claire saved
    Sherry from the G-virus infection, escaped and headed to Europe, following
    up on clues about Chris. Caught by Umbrella, she is sent to the
    corporation's prison on an isolated island in Resident Evil Code: Veronica X.
    Claire is a light-hearted and articulate modern woman. Her intelligence and
    optimism combine to make her both worldly and keenly aware of her surroundings.
    While Claire is somewhat of a tomboy at times, she is very attractive
    and retains very femininequalities. Her demeanor softens considerably
    when she deals with children. She can also be described as somewhat of a wild girl.
    Both extroverted and self-confident, she is typically the first to try things
    many others would not. With her strong opinionson most issues, she can come
    across as quite sarcastic. ##
                    Chris is the hero of the infamous mansion incident, he was
    originally a pilot in the US airforce but he was kicked out due to his
    rash behaviour, but a man named barry burton saw his talent and recruited
    the young redfield in the newly formed STARS branch of Raccoon city. Soon
    after the STARS were formed strange occourances started to happen around
    raccoon and the STARS were sent to investigate the stronghold of these
    disturbances, the mansion incident takes place and chris is one of the
    only few survivor's. Once they return no one believes there stories and
    then the remaining STARS decided to head out for the umbrella HQ in europe.
    Chris was working on his part against umbrella but unknown to him he has
    been under surveilance by umbrella ever since the mansion incident, and
    claire discovers this in the course of the main game,now chris gets an email
    from leon kennedy in which he informs chris that his sister was looking
    for him in rockfort island, chris takes the coordinates and heads over to
    rockfort, there he finds out that his sister has already left for antartica,
    and chris also finds an old friend on the island, can he save his sister ?!
    Chris is a rash man who has a roudy attitude and sometimes he can go out
    of his limits to do what he wants to do, that is why he was kicked from
    the airforce, but chris cares for his sister more then anyone on the
    planet, guess it runs in the redfield genes.
    ###A member of the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team. After being kicked out of the Air
    Force, Chris became a drifter until he met Barry Burton. Barry recruited
    him for S.T.A.R.S and then got him reassigned to a smaller unit at Raccoon
    City headquarters to prove himself quickly. After he escaped the mansion
    with Jill, Rebecca and Barry in Resident Evil, he rescued his sister Claire
    from Antarctica in Resident Evil Code: Veronica ###
                    Steve burnside is one of the prisoner brought to
    rockfort alongside claire, claire meets him very early on in the game, steve
    is a rash kid at first and he doesnt care for anyone else but himself, and he
    thinks that guns are more reliable then any human beings, but soon afterwards
    in the game, he tells claire the reason why he was on the island in
    the first place, his father used to work for umbrella but he was cought
    selling information to the highest bidder, they shot steve's mother at sight
    and took steve and his father prisoners on the island.
    Steve has to kill his father later on to save claire's life, after that
    incident steve attaches himself mentally to claire and his mission becoms
    to make sure that claire remains safe, eventhough he is a boy still but
    his skills when it comes to guns and machines is unmatchable, steve
    saves claire's life many a time in the game and he actually falls in
    love with claire during the course of the game, but later on in the
    game he tries to kill claire after something horribally wrong happens.
    All in all steve is just a normal teen boy trapped in the deathmaze
    along with claire, there is a little part in the story where you
    can actually control steve for a while, he likes to waste alot of
    ammo and killing zombies and monster makes him happy, the only time
    when he's freaked out in the game is when he finds out alfred's little
    Steve's voice may seem a little bit on the annoying side to most of the
    gamers and his attitude and his style also seems a bit awkward at first
    but after steve shoots his dad he gets more and more improved and serious
    by the minute. Steve's just a teenager so i guess we can cut him some
    ### Despite being young and often reckless, Steve is a good kid at heart.
    He has mixed feelings about his family, and his motivation remains wrapped
    in mystery. He was captured along with his father and held in the Umbrella
    prison on an isolated island. During a raid by an unknown organization, he
    escaped in the chaos. Steve meets up with Claire in Resident Evil
    Code: Veronica X. ###
                   " A ghost from the past coming back to haunt your
                     dear brother "
    This is how wesker introduces himself in this game and his words
    are exactly right, considered dead after the mansion incident wesker
    makes his return in CV, but what are his plans. Wesker was the leader
    of the STARS team which went to investigate the mansion incident,
    but unknown to anyone else wesker was working for umbrella at that
    time, during the course of the mansion incident wesker decided to
    betray umbrella and with the help of his partner in crime birkin, he
    intended to fake his death, with a virus which will resurect
    him a littel while later and give him superhuman powers, but his
    plans for the tyrant were foiled by chris redfield and wesker
    has been looking for revenge all this time.
    Now wesker came here to the rockfort facility to find alexia
    because wesker knows about the existance of the T-veronica
    virus and its his force that attacks the island in the beginning.
    Wesker finds out that claire is on the island and he confronts her
    but he also knows that chris will come there too so he leaves her
    and waits for a showdown with chris, later on in the game wesker
    eventually comes face to face with alexia, but will he get what
    we came here for ?
    Albert wesker was the leader of the STARS Alpha team. After the
    bizzare murders started to happen in the raccoon forest area
    wesker was the one who sent the BRAVO's to the forest in the
    first place, but unknown to the BRAVO's wesker has his own
    plans, while the BRAVO team is getting killed one by one
    wesker is sitting with his friend William Birkin and he is
    making his own plans about what to do with umbrella.
    Wesker's story is that of a sadistic mind, he doesnt care for
    alot of people in the world and he isnt afraid of killing
    anyone for his reasons. After wesker was sure that the BRAVO
    team is dead he sends in the ALPHA team and goes in with them,
    during the course of the mansion incident wesker reveals his
    own plans to jill valentine and chris redfield, two members of
    the ALPHA team. But wesker is killed by his own creation and
    presumed dead until chris meets him in december at rockfort base.
    ###Wesker excelled inside the S.T.A.R.S. organization and led the
    Alpha Team in Resident Evil. Viewed by many as a “cool guy,”, Wesker
    was recruited by a headhunter for his sharp insight. Although he
    founded the S.T.A.R.S. unit in Raccoon City, he was really spying
    on Umbrella. He was nearly killed by Tyrant and injected himself with
    the T-virus which made him all-powerful. In Resident Evil Code: Veronica
    X, he escaped the destruction and now remains at large. ###
                    Alfred ashford is the man incharge of the rockfort
    prison facility and he's the only sole survivor of the ashford familiy
    after her sister died in a lab accident some years ago alfred doesnt
    want anyone to know this and he creates an illusion that his sister
    is still alive, and to keep that illusion he goes as far as dressing
    up like his sister and all. This act will definetly be a reminder of
    Norman Bates from the psycho movies. Alfred is a sick twisted man and he
    is hunting for claire because he thinks that the people who
    attaced the island are with claire, but claire has no idea what
    he's talking about when they first meet. Alfred is a coward in
    real and he only shoots behind claire's back and then runs
    away. The best bit with alfred comes when he see's himself in
    the mirror.
    ###One of the inherited owners of Umbrella living on the desert island
    compound. He releases his sister from her deep freeze after years
    of not being able to cope with her “disappearance”. Delusional and
    mentally unbalanced. ###
                    Alexia ashford was thought dead by the people but
    the truth is that she performed an experiment on herself and put
    herself in 18 years of cryogenic sleep, but the final cries of
    alfred cause her to wake up and the first thing she does is get
    revenge from claire and steve for killing his brothe, alexia
    is a gorgeous women but not only that she's a born genius. She
    was employed by umbrella only at the age of 12 and she discovered
    the terrible secret behind her and her brother's birth, alexia
    is the one who performed the wicked experiment on her father
    but now she must perform that experiment again, on steve, while
    avoiding the attention of wesker and taking care of the intruder
    chris. Alexia is so smart that she even figured out a way of how she
    can manipulate the powers of the T veronica virus and use them to her
    advantage, according to her calculations she needed to be kept in
    containment with the virus for 18 years for the process to work.
    Now her years are over and she is once again alive and well, but
    now she has also managed to cope with the powers and during the course
    of the game we will see her become a monster at her will.
    ###The first of the twins born through Alexander’s experiment.
    At 10 years old, she becomes a head researcher at Umbrella. Later
    carrying a rare strain of the T-Veronica virus, she’s frozen for
    a number of years in order to increase the virus’s strength.
    She’s awoken by her brother Alfred, only to find herself stronger
    than ever. She begins spreading her virus to the rest of the world. ###
                        Rodrigo is the same soldier who captured
    claire in the paris area and he is the same soldier who lets her
    out, because rodrigo is a nice man and his nature is similar to
    mikhail's from Re3. He's just a good guy working for a bad company
    he lets claire out but warns her that she has no chance of getting
    out of this place, in gratitude claire finds her medicine and
    saves his life because he is a patient of hemostatic medicine.
    Later on chris also finds him and rodrigo tells her of claire's
    wareabouts, extremely helpfull and he also hands over chris the
    lighter he got from claire, chris thanx him but rodrigo doesnt
    live long after that to rethank him.. why.. ? play the game.
    Rodrigo didnt get as much game footage as he was supposed to
    in the original game, the developers had plans for a mini game
    which would start in rodrigo's home village and the main playable
    character would be none other then rodrigo himself, but in the
    end game capcom decided to scrap that game and instead we now
    have the infamous battle game tm .
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    X =  action button, fire shot, take items, confirm decisions
    A =  run forward with D pad held, also cancel decisions
    B =  inventory screen/statue screen, exit status screen
    Y =  show map
    R =  aim weapon ( keep the button pressed )
    L =  change target ( if autoaim is enabled and aim is held )
    START = Options screen, pause game, skip FMV's and scenes
    Analod pad = Move character, cursor in options menu
    D pad = Move character, cursor in options menu.
    X =  action button, fire shot, take items, confirm decisions
    CIRCLE =  run forward with D pad held, also cancel decisions
    TRIANGLE = show map
    Left analog stick = Move character, cursor in options menu
    Right analog stick = Display inventory screen by pushing down
    R1 =  aim weapon ( keep the button pressed )
    R2 =  change target ( if autoaim is enabled and aim is held )
    START = Pause game, go to options menu
    SELECT = Skip FMV's and scenes.
    Note : I dont know what capcom will make of the GC controls
    but i take it that they would be the same as RE2 and 3 for GC
    so here goes.
    A: Action, opens doors, shoot , pick up items, dodge
    B: Run, cancel decisions, head back in items menu
    Y: Open up the inventory screen
    Z: Open up the map screen
    R: Raise weapon, if auto aim on it will target the closest enemy
    L: Change target, only if auto aim is enabled
    Control Stick: Move the character around in the given direction
    Control Pad: Move the character around in the given direction
    Start: Open up the options menu and pauses the game
              (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    These are the regular enemies you find in any RE game, in this case
    these are the people of the Raccoon city who have turned into zombies due
    to the T virus, zombies basically bite you from front or behind, if a
    zombie falls down they sometimes grab you're legs and have a bite out of
    them. Pretty easy to kill but its just best to avoid zombies if they are
    less and the area is wide enough to escape. Along the game you will find
    various kinds of zombies, there are zombies later who can only spit acid
    at you and can't bite, and later you'll even find the famous naked
    zombies. But the zombies have been robbed of their power in CV because
    they fall down easily and can even die easily with the help of the knife.
    This is proof that the T virus also affects animals, these are the
    dogs which have turned vicious due to the virus, their flesh is hanging
    over their bodies, they move pretty quick but their attacks wont do a lot
    of damage, easily killable by the knife if there are only 1 or 2 around,
    otherwise use you're gun.  Once you shoot a dog he falls down for a few
    seconds and gets up after a while, that is the time to keep on shooting
    it while its still down and they'll soon die.
    CV is the first game to introduce bats to the RE series, but these things
    are exactly alike the crows from the other Re games, but unlike the crows
    they can damage the player good it not shaked away, the best thing to
    do with them is to just run away or if your playing as claire and
    have the lighter then equip it and they will all scatter away, no need
    to shoot at them as it will just waste ammo, so running away is the final
    These are a completely new addition to the RE series and a good one at
    that, looking more like rubber men then anything else , bander's have
    only one long arm but that one arm has a long long reach and they can
    also sometimes swing over things to reach their target, the best thing
    to deal with them is to use the grenade launcher with flame rounds
    because they are surprisingly weak to flame, only claire will find
    them, chris has to face only one after the encounter with wesker, its
    raelly hard to run away from them so its best to waste one when you
    see them..
    The hunters make another successful appearence in this game and once
    again take the title of the most annoying enemy in the game, this time
    they have put the gorrila like hunters back in the game, not the small
    weak one's from Re3, but the big one's from the original RE. Only chris
    can face these hunters, but damn they kick ass, this time its wesker who
    unleashes the hunters on chris after a scene, keep in mind that hunters
    are very very fast aswell as agile, so its best to take them out with
    an equally fast gun, namely the submachine gunes, or if there's a single
    hunter in the area then the shotgun will be able to do the trick, but dont
    start reloading when hunters are around, they can still do that single
    head-taking off attack just like before. But hunters dont just show up,
    see the machines wesker unleashed, if one of them see's chris then a
    hunter is released. Brings back old memories.
    These are a new form of hunters, these are the same in all other ways
    the only difference here is that they are purple in color and have poison,
    yes thats right poison, if they claw you then chris can become poisonous
    use the same strategies as the normal hunters.
    These wicked things also make a return in CV, but this time they have
    been robbed off their poison, the best thing to do against them is
    again, run away, because they are too slow and they cant catch you
    and it takes them alot of time just to turn around, so while they
    are still turning around looking for the player you should simply
    say aloha and run away from them, or otherwise if you want to kill
    them make sure you use a gun like the grenade launcher and aim for
    their front part, even when they die you can somtimes get hit by
    their moving legs so its best to be careful.
    Chris comes across these ants later on in the game near the ending
    parts, just like the bats these are small nuisances and arent
    important enough to be shot at so its just better to run away from
    them, or its  just more better to run over them, but that would
    make alexia really really mad.
    When your playing as chris you'll come across these things in one
    of the rooms, when they touch you they shock claire a little bit
    but their damage is not that much and again like all the other
    smaller enemies its just better to run away from them and no
    firing or wasting of ammo here too.
    TYRANT :
    Now after your game has been saved head through the door at the side of
    the item box, you'll see another scene in which claire see's that the
    tyrant has gotten onboard the plane and now your first kick ass boss
    fight begins.
    Ok so if you are playing the game in easy mode then this wont be a
    problem for you, just aim with the rocket launcher and fire one
    rocket into the tyrant, then head to the catapult button and press
    it and your fight is already over before it even began. But if your
    playing the game in normal mode then this will be a slightly diff
    ball game, equip your bowgun with explosive darts, now fire all of
    your darts from where you start the room, i mean all of your darts.
    As soon as your finished hope to god that the tyrant is weak and press
    the catapult button, if it doesnt work the first time then take out
    your grenade launcher and fire off the remaining grenades and then
    press the button, now the tyrant should definetly die, this fight
    can be both easy and very hard according to the player skills.
    This battle will be hard for those of you who are playing the game in easy
    mode cause there wont be any rocket launcher to help you, instead use up
    all of the magnum's round, if it doesnt die even then then use the assault
    rifle, make sure that you stay as far away from him as possible cause he can
    poisoin you and it will affect chris later on. If your playing the game in
    normal mode then take out alfred's sniper rifle. This part is a little hard
    but if your a good aim then aim for his large heart, only one straight shot
    to the heart and the battle will be over, if you dont manage to hit the heart
    then take out any weapon with ammo and start shooting at nossy from afar. If
    that doesnt work aswell, then take out your knife and head into nosferatu and
    start cutting his heart. Soon the battle will be over one way or the other.
    First things first, dont even try to kill this thing if your playing the
    game as claire. Now you have to fight the large worm, the easiest and
    the only pattern to kill it is to wait till it shows itself then let a
    rip with the guns you have, the best thing here is the bowgun rounds,
    otherwise use about 20% of the rifle and it will die, or use a few of the
    flame grenades, if you dont have any then just shoot with about 30 glock
    rounds and the battle will be over. There are some handgun rounds in this room.
    Here you'll have another boss fight, its the same little albanoid
    which claire found, but it aint no little anymore, its reached
    maturity in the span of a few hours.
    Now there are 2 methods of finishing this battle, one is the sure
    but slow method, the other is the quick but risky method, if you
    want to go sure then this is what you do , as soon as then fight
    starts equip your grenade launcher or the submachine gun if you
    have it, then wait by the edge of the water for the albanoid to come
    close, as soon as it comes close and rises shoot it with a grenade
    or submachine ammo, now continue this pattern each time he comes
    close, and after some time it should be dead, when the thing is dead
    head in the water and take the eagle plate then quickly head out the
    The other method is risky but its gonna make this battle alot shorter
    make sure that you have some full healing items with you, now quickly
    enter the water and make your way to the eagle plate, you will get shocked
    some times, for every second time that you are shocked use a full healing
    item cause it takes you to danger, quickly grab the plate and make your
    way out of the water, and the battle is over . capiche.
    Ok now this battle is extremely easy, trust me, when i say easy, i mean
    easy, now if your playing the game in easy mode then just one shot from
    the rocket launcher and the fight is already over, however if your not
    playing them game in easy mode then take out the handgun, if you have
    the advanced handgun which claire left then its even better for you,
    take out the handgun and shoot away, no more then 30 or so shots and
    the battle is already over.
    Or there is another method to finish this boss battle, just simply
    head over to the place where nosferatu's jewel is dropped and take it
    and exit back to the previous room leaving the spider all alone.
    This method will save you some ammo too.
    Now this boss fight is kinda wacky if you look at it, if you were
    playing the game in easy mode and brought the rocket launcher with you
    still you wont be able to even stop him for a second, so the only
    rational thing to do in this battle is to run away from him as soon
    as your back in control of claire and make your way back to the
    gate where you came in this room from, now he's gonna throw the
    axe at you , and for every second time you get hit make a full heal
    cause it hurts badly. Keep in mind that the gate is closing behind
    you all the time so its necessary to be quick.
    This is quiet an easy battle if you look at it, all you need to do here
    is keep at a safe distance away from alexia cause she can do a 1 hit death
    attack if your too close to her, so remain at a safe distance and take out
    the magnum, now shoot about 6 to 8 rounds and she should fall down, if your
    short on magnum ammo or dont have the magnum then the best guns here are
    the submachine guns, fire from a safe distance and soon this battle should
    be over.
    Now the boss fight will start, claire will try to run away but alexia
    traps her, now shoot quickly at alexia before she can get to clarie, or
    claire's dead meat. Now alexia will mutate again and claire runs off
    leaving chris alone. Now alexia will turn into a large, err, thing. If
    you are playing the game in easy then you just need to fire off 3 rounds
    from the rocket launcher, but if your playing the game in normal mode
    then first take out the magnum and put all rounds in alexia, then when
    the magnum finishes off take out the submachine guns and put all the
    remaining ammo inside alexia. Now when alexia is hurt enough you'll
    have another scene in which alexia mutates, once again, this time into
    a large dragon fly look alike, ok by now the linear launcher will done
    charging so head over to it and take it, now equip it in your item
    menu. Now as soon as you equip this thing you'll come into a first
    person view, groovy, now aim for the dragon fly alexia and let a shot
    out, just one shot and its all over.
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
                  The combat knife makes another appearence in this game
    both chris and claire start off with it, but for the first time capcom
    have increased the potential of this weapon, now zombies are far more
    vulnerable to the knife then they were ever in any other RE game, an
    easy way to kill zombies now is to aim low whenever zombies are near
    you, not only does the character move the knife faster , but there is
    a high chance that after a few slashes the zombie gets knocked down,
    and once its down, just slash away at it, also you better learn to
    use the knife cause this is the only weapon wesker has in the
    battle game. Overall a good improvement from the part of the knife.
    M93R HANDGUN :
                  This is the handgun claire finds first in the game, well
    she herself picks it off a dead body, this gun is slightly better then
    the normal handguns we see in the RE games, it shoots a bit faster then
    most and is excellent for taking out lone zombies, but once you find
    its attachments this gun becomes just something else, then it becoms
    capable of firing 3 rounds at once just like leon's custom handgun from
    Re2. Once upgraded you can even use the handgun for bigger enemies
    like bandersnatchers. Normally keep it for zombies and dogs and nothing
                      This is the handgun chris starts off his part of the
    game with, well he might have found something else if his bag didnt fell
    but he still has this handgun, it has the same firing power as claire's
    handgun, a little slow at most but once you get the parts for this gun
    it also improves, well not all that much but still , its a handgun for
    crying out loud. Use this gun only and only for dogs and zombies, and
    if you dont have anything else then it becomes a must for chris to use
    it agianst the worm boss, kills the boss surprisingly quickly, but dont
    think that this gun is good.
             Well its a shotgun, what more can i say about it, this is like
    the other shotguns from other RE games, these things area deadly at
    close range and can take out multiple number of enemies at once, but
    this gun also has the range problem and the damage reduces as far
    away you are from the enemy, and it can hold limited number of ammo
    at a time meaning that you would have to go through the painfully
    slow reloading animations, make sure that you dont go on and reload
    while your fighting something cause, believe me the reloading takes
    alot of time. Good against hordes of zombies and if there are single
    hunters. Whenever you shoot at a zombie be sure to aim up to blow
    the zombies heads clean off.
              Crossbow's are the ideal weapons for slaying demon's .. rright
    so CV see's the return of the crossbow after RE2, but this one is alot
    improved then that sucky one from Re2. This one cant fire 3 arrows
    at a time only a single one, and the good thing about this is that
    this gun fires as fast as you can press the button, alot of darts
    are present throughout the place so wasting ammo shouldnt be a problem,
    be sure to make as much explosive arrows as you can with claire because
    this will be the main weapon against the tyrant on the plane fight
    otherwise the standard arrow's are too weak to hurt anything. The main
    use of this gun is to fire off explosive arrow's.
    .357 MAGNUM :
                 This gun can only be found during chris's game and for
    the right reason cause this is the most powerful gun in the world for
    real and its recoil is more then enough to send an ordinary man hurdling
    back to the ground, but since chris is a veteran and the marksman award
    winner he can handle this gun better then most poeple can, there is
    very little ammo for this gun in the game so i guess you already  figured
    out that we should save it for the end boss of the game, using it on
    any other monster will be a mistake, precious ammo only made to enter
    the final boss.
                      The grenade launcer is one of the only few guns which
    has made its appearence in all of the RE games, and always it has proven
    itself to be an excellent gun, here it does the same thing, retreiving
    the 3 types of grenades from RE2, the acid, the flame and the grenade
    rounds, i really wished that capcom included the freeze rounds from Re3
    aswell, but well. The normal grenade rounds are best saved against
    zombies and spiders, cause they are the weakest of the three rounds, or
    save some for the tyrant in the plane fight aswell. The flame rounds
    work best against the bander's and for some reason kill them in one
    shot only. The final acid rounds should be saved for chris's game later
    on cause he faces the hunters and the acid's work best against the
    hunters and sweepers.
    M-100 DUAL PISTOLS :
                        Another new addition to the RE series are these new
    cool looking dual pistols, claire finds them early on in the game in
    the military training facility, these things can fire off rounds quickly
    at a power slightly more then the normal handgun can deliver, so its best
    to use these things when you are up against a large horde of zombies,
    but on the other hand its also good to save them for the banders and
    other powerful things, use them well as claire and save for chris if you
    can. These babies can be used as far in the game as nosferatu's battle.
                       Now this is what im talking about, these babies are
    my favourite guns in the whole game and only the men can handle this gun
    ie steve and chris, when you are in brief control of steve he has these
    guns equipped, that is the right tim to test these babies out, they shoot
    very fast and the good thing is that because of the two guns the player
    can aim at more then 1 enemy and hit more then 1 enemy at a time, really
    cool. This gun is especially useful when you enter a room and its full
    of zombies, but in less then a minute the room will be cleared, chris also
    finds a separate pair later on in the game and with chris this gun can
    ever be used for the bosses, even up to the final boss. Excellent guns
    My pick of the crop.
                 These are another cool pair of guns which only steve can
    handle, but the player cant use them in the main game, the only part
    where these guns are used in the maingame are in a scene where steve
    blasts a bander, otherwise the guns claire gets are always empty, if
    you want to test these babies out then you have to start the battle
    game with steve, matrix, here we come.
    AK-47 :
           Anoter new addition to the RE series these guns remind me
    somewhat of the assault rifle from RE3, but that was only fast and
    lacked in combat power, this gun is fast aswell as powerful meaning
    taht it can be used on both weak and strong enemies, another gun
    which should be taken to up till the final boss, the awesome power
    can help clean out rooms in an instance.
                  This is a completely new addition to the RE series
    the sniper rifle will first be seen in the hands of alfred in
    the cutscenes but after he dies claire can take his rifle and use
    it, this gun will only have 7 bullets, but the pariscope can
    be used to zoom in and out for better viewage, my recomendation
    is to keep the 7 bullets safe for the fight with nosferatu
    because if you can get a clean shot to his heart then he will
    die instantly making that battle a short one, otherwise this
    gun cant be found anywhere else in the game. sorry.
                     This is the alternative to the normal rocket
    launcher in the normal Re games, this time we use this gun to
    end the final battle, as soon as you equip this gun the game
    will turn into first person mode itself, then all you have to
    do is fire and the battle is over, this gun can also be unlocked
    in the battle game with getting an A rank, makes the battle mode
    helluva lot easier.
                     The rocket launcher is only a cheat in this
    game and can only be unlocked if your playing the game in very
    easy mode, in the game almost all of the enemies and bosses
    will take only one rocket to die, but the stve tyrant and
    the final alexia cant be killed with this baby so just use
    it on the other things.
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    	        #####      #####
    	        #  MAIN GAME   #
    	        #              #
                    #####	   #####
      ___                   __
     /                     |  \
    /         _   _  _     |__/ _  _   _    _      _
    \     |  |_|||_||_     |\  |_ | \ |_ | |_ ||  | \
     \___ |_ | |||\ |_     | \ |_ |_/ |  | |_ ||_ |_/
    The game starts and the first and probably the best FMV of the game plays
    you'll see some nice action cuts and a little bit of the matriz ripped off
    and after the action part FINALLY claire is captured, now how can a college
    girl cause so much mayhem in a umbrella facility, strange.
                 (              )
    When the game finally stars here's the first thing you should do, go to your
    inventory and use the lighter and you'll see a cutscene, the injured
    prison guard will let claire out but he warns her that there is no way
    she can get off this island, hmm, that was nice. Once your finally in
    control of claire after that head back to the cell area and take the
    items in there, namely the green herb, the handgun ammo and the knife.
    Once you've taken all this head out, remember that his name is rodrigo
    and he takes hemostatic medicine, and if you get him some then its gonna
    do you good later on in the game, so remember. When your finally done
    here exit .
    Now run down the hall to the typewriter and take the ink ribbons off the
    table, then take the handgun bullets on the ground there, now head down
    the hall again and make sure that you have the knife equipped then
    climb the stairs and get ready for some carnage.
    Your in the open again, somewhat actually. Head forward across the burning
    truck and you'll see a cutscene in which you'll see a briefcase and err
    ZOMBIES !!. Clarie almost gets killed instantly but she manages to save
    herself somehow, when your finally back in control of claire ignore
    the zombies and head for the other door, remember that you dont have any
    guns right now and fighting with the knife is almost useless so its best
    to ignore them for now, keep an eye on your health cause its very easy
    to get bitten here. No ned to use the herb unless needed.
    Now dont worry about that case, you'll get it back in a little while for
    now exit the door. Now you'll have another scene in which the oh- so
    fabulous STEVE burnside will be introduced, after some nice dialogue
    * wee wee dont shoot * steve will walk away and claire will be left
    alone. Once your back in control you'll have the handgun equipped
    now take the ammo from the truck and head towards the only open door.
    The large door will lead to other area's on this island and we'll get
    back to it in a while. Head through the door.
    Now this place is entirely optional if you wnat to , but the end reward
    will be some good guns to i would really like it if you just go as the
    walkthrough is going, head to the small stairs and climb them, now head
    forward and you'll see a door, ignore it for now and head forward, take
    the green herb and head back to the door you saw, now enter this door.
    NOw this is a nice place, aint it ?! Once inside yo'll see that there
    are some zombies here, shoot them, and when i say shoot them i mean kill
    them all, once they are all dead head up the small stairs, take the
    green herb off the table, then down again, be sure to take the map off
    the corner and head to the door which is on the right of the door you
    originally came in from.
    Now in here you'll see bunk beds, so head forwrd and take a look at
    the bed second to claire right, you'll see a file, take it and read
    what it has to tell you, then continue forward, take a left and then
    take another left, take the handgun ammo from here, now head back
    to the window with the bangin, near it will be some more handgun ammo
    take it and suddenly zombies will break in through the window, kill
    it and the 2 others which will come out of nowhere. Kill them all
    and once this easy errr.. not so easy battle is over take the guns
    which are the spoils of war, these are some nice double guns, but
    for now we dont need to use them, save them for now, head back to
    the main hall of this barracks.
    Once your back in the main hall you'll see that some more zombies
    have arrived here, its your call now, if you want to kill them then
    do so , otherwise head towards the main exit and exit out of the
    Okay now once your out of the barracks head foward and head down
    the small stairs again, small scene, now turn to the path and head
    down it, keep on heading until you come to one locked and one open
    door. Enter the door.
    Ok in this place you should kill all the zombies you see, kill em all.
    There should be zombies behind the gate too but ignore them for now
    and ignore the door to your right aswell, that is the same door which
    is nailed in the place where you first met steve. Now head to the little
    hidden door in the alley and enter it.
    Now here run forward and you'll see a cutscene in the end of which you'll
    have to place everyhing you have in the security box, yes everything means
    everthing, now once your clear head forward and you'll see another one
    of those boxes, dont take anything out yet, now head to claire's right
    and you'll see a table with flame rounds and grende rounds and a first
    aid spray, take all of these things and put them back in the security
    box, now once done here head to the nearby door and enter it.
    Once in here head forward and take the file, now head more and you'll
    see another scene with yet another appearence by the magnificent
    steve burnside, after some dialogue and steve showing emotions he'll
    run off and claire will be left alone again, once your back in control
    of claire check the small yellow box thingy and you'll get an emblem
    its the hawk emblem, take it , now press the little switch and you'll
    be able to open the gate with the zombies, head back to the previous
    hall, ignore the other door here cause its blocked and cant be entered.
    Once back in the secutiry box hallway head to the 3D duplicator machine
    it is to the right of the table where you found the goodies, examine
    it and then place the hawk emblem in the machine, now head back to the
    original exit of the room and take the handgun , its ammo and some
    herbs from the first ever secutiry box, now exit this room. Head to
    the gate and you'll see a blinking light near it, check it and its
    a switch, open the gate with it, once the gate opens quickly shoot
    the closer zombies with the help of the barrel and kill any zombies
    which remain after that. Once they are all killed head to the garage
    area and enter it.
    Here take the fire extinguisher and the padlock key from inside the
    cage, now head back outside. Now we have to do some backtracking, head
    back all the way to the first room with the zombies, remember the place
    where you saw the burning truck ? remember ? head there. Along the way
    in the barracks hallway you'll be attacked by some doggies, ignore
    them and head back through the steve area which will be infested with
    zombies now, and head back to the burning truck room.
    Once back here kill all the zombies, yes all the zombies with the
    handgun and head for the truck, use the extinguisher on the truck
    and you can take the briefcase now, take it and check it, examine
    it and turn it so the front part of the briefcase is facing you. Now
    press the action button and claire will open the case, revealing 2
    items, one file and a TG-01. Take em both. Now head back to the
    steve courtyard.
    Head back to the barracks hallway but this time head to claire's right
    from where you enter the door, open the locked door with the key you
    found inside the cage, this is actually a shotcut and when you reach
    the end you'll see where it led, no need to fight off the doggies
    now. From where you come out of the shortcut head back to the secutrity
    box rooms and again place all of your items inside, except the TG-01.
    The file says that it cant be detected, so its time to test that. Keep
    this item with you and head to the 3D duplicator machine where you placed
    the hawk emblem, remember ?!
    Now check to the right and you'll see a golden machine, place the TG-01
    item in there and you'll have another cutscene at the end of which go
    and check out the place where you put the TG-01. Now it should have
    turned into the alloy emblem. Take it and try to exit this place again.
    Some zombies will attack claire now, she's prolly unarmed right now so
    its best to dodge the zombies and head towards the first security box
    near the exit. Take all of your items from inside, dont forget the
    lighter and the fire extinguisher, now head out of this room.
    Backtracking time again and again head to the courtyard where you
    first met steve, now check the large doors and use the new alloy
    emblem on it and the doors shall open. Enter it.
    Now cross the large iron bridge before you and turn left at the
    first small pathway, then turn right and take the 2 green herbs
    Once done take a look at the crates, pushing time now, first push
    the crate closest to the truck to the other crates then push
    them all to the right allowing you to make a path to cross
    them safely, then head towards the truck and take the handgun
    ammo, now head to the crates, up and over and head up the
    stairs. Now we are officially out of the prison grounds.
    Now you'll see a hall with some zombies in it, you should have plenty
    of ammo now and it shouldnt be a problem in killing them all so do it.
    Now its a small choice time for you, either take the door to the
    military facility or head down the hall for the palace. Again i would
    like you to follow the path im taking for this walkthrough, makes it
    easier for me too.
    Ignore the door for now and keep on heading down the hall and enter the
    doors, now you'll see some doggies here, ignore them all and head down
    the hall, dont take anything here, head to the stairs and climb them.
    Then make a dash for the palace doors and enter them.
                 (              )
    Now in the palace main hall head straight for the computer terminal and
    enter this code NTC0394. Dont ask why were doing this right now but it'll
    save alot of time and were being cheeky. The door nearby will unlock but
    dont enter it right now, take the handgun ammo and head up the stairs.
    Once up the stairs turn to the right and enter the first door you see, its
    a save room and officially the first save room for claire in this game, save
    your game if you wish and setup your inventory, make sure you place the
    knifein the box for good and try to keep the herbs in there too so you could
    have some free space in your inventory.
    Now head back to the previous hall and head round the corner from the door
    and take the file, now keep heading down and you'll come across a locked
    door with a green herb near it. Take it and its time to get back all the
    way to the main hall of the palace. Once your back in here head to the
    door to the extreme left, it will lead you to a bathroom, once in the
    bathroom take the first aid kit from the sink and search the cabinets
    for some handgun ammo's now take the case, its the duralinum case and
    exit the bathroom.
    Now head to the door which the computer unlocked, remember ? enter it and
    your in a hallway with some zombies now, kill them all now and head down
    the path for some handgun ammo and a red herb, if you have any greeners
    left then use them with this red, now head down the hallway and you'll
    pass a double door but its locked now so head forward and enter the first
    single door you see.
    In this room press the blinking switch and take the steering wheel, now
    exit back and head back to the main hall, try to exit the palace doors
    and you'll hear someone scream, head back to the room where you got the
    steering and you'll see that good ol steve is trapped, time for a small
    puzzle, we have to free steve, check the computer terminal besides the
    place and simply press these switches.  C and E. After your done here
    some more amazing dialogues from the mouth of steve.
    Once your back in control of claire head back outside and head towards
    the main hall of the palace, try to exit and again you'll see a scene
    in whcih clair will be introduced to mr alfred ashford, after some
    nice chit chat and the goat like laughter of alfred he'll leave and
    claire will be left again. Now head back outside the palace through
    the main doors.
    Back in the courtyard outside the palace take the green herb near you
    you'll see something green blinking, its the navy proof, we dont need
    to even touch it right now, so ignore it and head to the stairs, turn
    to claire's right from them and enter the gate at the end of the hall
    while ignoring anything in between.
    Now head forward and after the U turn take the palace map and some
    handgun amo off the place, now head to the dock area and take the
    bow gun darts from ther, then head forward and use the steering
    wheel on the platform and a sub marine will come up, now nothing
    else to do then enter it. Once in it take the side pack off the
    chair, now claire can hold more items then ever before.
    Now head to the control panel of the sub and press the switch, after
    a scene head to the ladder and climb it.
                 (              )
    Your in the airport you've been hearing about, now head forward and down
    the stairs, then continue your path down and enter the first door you
    see. This is the airport office, there should be some zombies in here
    and you should have enough ammo to kill them, if your low on ammo then
    dont hesitate in using the double guns we've been saving all this time.
    Enter the first door you see to the right.
    Now your on a bridge so head forward it and enter the door at the end you
    see, in this room head straight for the small elevator in the corner and
    ascend it, near it should be a panel, check it and you'll come across a
    small puzzle, your moving the crates here, so do this , first move the
    crate up as far as it can go , then move it to the left as far as it can
    go, now exit and head back down the elevator, once back here head back
    do the place where the crate was.
    Press the blinking swith near it and you'll see a cutscene in which a
    large elevator will rise along with some zombies in it, take care of
    them all and when all the zombies are dead head to the elevator and take
    the bowgun darts then take the biohazard card and head back to the
    airport office.
    Now head back to the beginning tunnel and back to the submarine and use
    it again to get back to the palace grounds, once back here head back
    to the original stairs which you came to this place from, dont go down
    the stairs to the iron bridge, but insted enter the door on the side.
                 (              )
    Your in the military training facility now. As soon as you enter here
    you'll see a cutscene in which you'll be introduced to gravedigger's brother
    from RE3. Its another huge worm, no time to fight it right now though so
    ignore it as soon as your in control of claire and head to the left and
    enter the double doors.
    Now turn to claire's right and climb the staircase, then head to the left
    and you'll pass a door without a knob, ignore it and head down the hall to
    enter the door leading to the lab. In here you'll be attacked by the large
    worm, ignore it and quickly dodge then exit the door to area.
    Now head to the back area of this room and you'll see a shutter here, use
    the biohazard card you found earlier and open the shutter with it, then head
    through the shutter and you'll have a cutscene and the shutter will close
    behind you, no choice but to enter the door leading to the other courtyard.
    Ocne your in the courtyard you'll see another scene in whcih alfred will
    try and almost successfully shoot claire with his sniper rifle, so save
    your ass quickly head up the stairs, then run forward and you'll pass a
    brown locked door and a blue box, ignore them both and head forward
    and enter the door which alfred took to get away from claire.
    Now your in a simple hallway with no enemies for now, head down the hall
    and enter the gray doors you see, this is actually a save game room with
    an item box aswell, now head to the item box and make sure that you
    have atleast 3 empty spaces with you, once your done here save your game
    and exit the room, head down the hall and enter the brown dooor.
    Once you enter it another small scene in which alfred will lock claire in
    and make that god aweful goat-like laughter, once your back in control of
    clarie head through the other brown doors. Head forward and to claire's
    right will be a pair of ingrams, take them and head towards the stairs,
    once you try to go down a new type of monster makes his first appearence
    its a bandersnatch, and DAMN its hard, kill it with any means possible
    and a door at the bottom of the stairs will open up, head down the
    stairs and take the door.
    Another scene will start now in which you'll see another bandersnatch
    grab calrie and almost kills her but gool ol' steve00 makes another
    appearence and saves claire after doing the amazing matrix. Once
    the bander is dead steve makes his classic dialogue
       " your knight in shining armor is here " Claire completely blows
    him away and makes an offer he cant refuse, now steve has the ingrams
    and claire has the lugars and she can open the door in the palace now.
    Now the elevator will lower and once its down there steve will ask claire
    to wait and you'll be in control of the magnificent steve now.
    Once you get in control of steve dont worry about wasting ammo
    cause its literally sick fun to kill alot of zombies with him.
    Now your in control of steve, but only for a short while, kill all
    the zombies you see in the first room and enter the door at the
    left, kill all the zombies here aswell and take a look at the bottle
    remeber it, you wont be using it for now but later on in the game
    chris will use it. Head back to the previous hall. Now head to
    the other door and enter it.
    In here kill all the zombies again and head forward and climb
    the stairs, head forward and after some more excellent dialogues
    from steve your back in control of claire and they head up the
    elevator, once your out of it head forward and once your near
    the door another cutscene starts in which steve says some emotional
    things and heads in the door after wasting some ammo.
    Once your back in control of claire head after steve and you'll
    enter a door actually a balcony of some sort, head forward
    and you'll see steve standing, head towards him and the floor
    gives away and steve and claire fall down, another cutscene
    now in which you'll see steve shooting his dad zombie almost
    as he is about to eat claire, a very emotional scene i must
    say and some of the best dialogue work by steve, once the
    scene is over and your back in control of claire head to the
    door left of steve and enter it.
    Now kill the zombies in here and enter the door at the end of
    the hall, this has alot of models, take the eagle plate here
    and head back to the previous hall, then back to the hall with
    steve and exit through the double doors here.
    Ok now your in a tank room, head to the single door and enter it
    your back in the first room of the military facility where the
    large worm attacked you for the first time, head back to the
    double doors you first took, in here head to the far shutters
    and open them and enter, now head back to the courtyard where
    alfre tried to kill you with his sniper rifle, there will be
    dogs here now, head back to the blue box we saw when passing
    through here and use the eagle plate on it.
    NOw you'll get the emblem card, take it and enter the hall which
    alfred entered again, this time head forward and raise the shutter
    which alfred lowered on you with the biohazard card, then head to
    the save room and put the lugars inside the item box, then take
    the hemostatic medicine off the couch and put it in the itembox
    as well. Now exit and head back to the courtyard again with the
    Now head to the gate on the left side of the fire and enter it,
    once inside you'll see a ladder here so decend it. Now head forward
    and ignore the lever for now, you'll use it when your playing as
    chris later on in the game, now head to the door at the end
    and use the emblem card to open it, down the stairs and your
    back in one of the roooms which we played as steve. Head back to
    the first steve room and this time raise the gates next to the door.
    Now take the grenade launcher from there, if your playing in easy
    mode then you should already have found one in the item box, but
    otherwise this is the place where you first get it.
    Now head back to the first steve room you came in with claire and head
    to the balcony room, now take the elevator and ride it to the control
    room on the second floor. In the control room head forward to the
    blue gates and use the emblem card again, you'll be asked to get rid
    of it so do so. Now head forward and ignore the brown door for now
    and head to the central screen, check the computer and take the army
    proof. You will need it later on in the game, now check the camera
    scope and you'll see an infrared room, zoom in on the skeleton picture
    and remember the code you'll be shown here.
    Now head to the brown door and enter it, your in the same hall where
    you got the emblem card from in the first place, head back down
    the courtyard back to the first double doors you took in the
    military facility area, once in here use the biohazard card for the
    last time on the first shutters you see and discard it, then climb
    the stairs and past the door with no knob and enter the lab once
    Now head to the other door and enter the code you found off the skeleton
    painting to open the door, the code is 1126. Now head forward and take
    the painting and an albanoid will come out, dodge it quickly and head
    to the main exit of the lab before it closes, head towards the stairs
    of the main doors and you'll see a cutscene of claire jumping for the
    doors. After barely escaping this head back to the main courtyard of
    the military facility.
    Now head to the door which leads to the tank room, take it and enter it
    head through the double doors back to the room where steve shot his dad.
    Head to the single door and head again to the room where you got the
    eagle plate from, now put the painting in place of the plate and a
    wall will slide up showing the model of the facility and a key, take the
    key and head back to the main courtyard of the training facility.
    Take the main passage out of the facility and head back to the palace.
                 (              )
    Once your back in the palace grounds head to the main door of the palace
    enter it, once your in the main hall of the palace again head to the
    door which the computer opened up in the first place, head to the
    locke double doors AFTER the door where steve got trapped
    and open them with the golden key and discard it.
    Enter this room . Here you have a small puzzle and the simplest
    solution is here, press the paintings in this order.
    1. Woman painting
    2. Man with 2 babies painting.
    3. Red haired man with a teacup painting
    4. Red haired man with a plate behind him painting.
    5. Man holding a paper painting.
    6. Man in blue clothes painting.
    7. Giant painting.
    Once you do this in this order the painting wll spin and you'll get the
    vase, check the vase and you'll get the ant object from inside it, now
    head back to the main hall of the palace, head up the stairs and to the
    save room again, save your game here and reset your inventory. Take
    the 2 lugars with you and use em on the door and it will open up now.
    Once you've opened the lugar door you'll come in a study of somesort
    go to the centre and see the computer, use the code 1971 on it and a
    shelf in the corner will open up revealing a passage and a bandersnatch
    for the attacking, kill it by any means as you can and head down the
    passage, enter the door in the end, your in a tunnel now so head
    forward and take the stairs up, your in the residence of alfred and
    alexia now. Its the private residence.
                 (              )
    In the courtyard outside the private residence are some bandersnatchers
    ignore them or kill them anywho enter the main door of the residence
    with the ligher in hand, once inside climb the staircase up and enter
    the first door you get. Now you'll have another cutscene in which
    we see alexia for the first time, " She " is talking with alfred but
    from where claire is standing she only see's alexia. After the cutscene
    is over enter the door nearest to you.
    This is alexia's bed room, take a look at the music box and close it
    now the bed will go down and reveal a silver key, take it, but you
    wont be able to climb the ladder over her bed right now so head back
    to the previous hallway.
    Now head back down the stairs, outside the courtyard again, and to
    the bridge you came in through, and through the study passageway
    enter back into the palace.
                       ONCE MORE
                 (              )
    Once your back in the palace head back to the main hall of the palace
    now climb the stairs and head to the door around the corner to the save
    room. Inside you'll find that your in a casino room of some sorts now.
    There is also a piano here, take the explosive powder from here and
    make 10 explosive arrows out of them, now take the herbs and use them
    if you are injured, once done in here head back to the main hall of
    the palace.
    Once your back in the main hall head back to the door which the computer
    opened again, this time head to the first double doors you see and open
    them with the help of the silver key then discard the silver key as asked.
    Once in here you'll see some more bandersnatchers here, kill them or dodge
    them , whatever you do head to the area between the 2 desks and you'll find
    another eagle plate here, take it and take the nearby file on the desk. These
    are the orders to hunk.
    Now head back to the previous hall then back to the main hall of the palace
    now head up and enter the save room, use the item box and make sure that
    you have the hemostatic medicine and the eagle plate with you, save your
    game if you wish, were going for a little back trip to the prison.
    Now exit the room and head towards the courtyard outside the palace, head back
    to the passage and down the stairs, cross the iron bridge again and this time
    head back to the prison gates.
                 (              )
    You will be back in the room where you met steve for the first time in the
    game, now head back to the cell area where rodrigo is, namely head back
    through the burning truck passage, kill the zombies there or dodge them
    if you think you've gotten that good at it and head to rodrigo. Once you
    reach him another cutscene starts in which claire hands him over the
    medicine and he thanks her, claire also trades the lighter for the
    lockpick. This is very useful so be sure to save rodrigo.
    Once your done talking head back to the passage and save your game if you
    wish then out the burning truck alley again head to the steve room again.
    This time head to the door with the barrack passageway and enter the door
    to the right hand side again .
    Inside head forward and use the eagle plate on the door, it will open now
    and some zombies too, kill them before they can hurt you and enter the
    door. Go through the door and waste all the zombies in this new area
    then head to the door on the left.
    Now you find yourself in the doctors room, head to the next room and again
    to the next room in order, now your in the torture room, take the duralinum
    case from here and use the lockpick on it, you'll find handgun parts in it
    Combine these parts with the handgun and now you are in control of the
    custom handgun.
    Now head back to the doctors room and you'll see that the doctor has rised
    from the dead, kill him and the other zombie in here, the doctor may cause
    a little problem in killig, but when he's dead he leaves behind a eye ball.
    Take it and use it on the slot in the back part of this room, now a secret
    staircase will appear, use it.
    Now down here you'll find some bats, ignore them and head down the hall and
    enter the door at the end for another torture room, kill allthe zombies in
    here and head down the stairs and through the door.
    This is the sword room, head forward and take the rusted sword and the room
    will begin to fill up with gas after the statue rises, now look at the center
    statue, there is a bar, press it anti clockwise and the gas will stop
    coming , now you can do the thing safely. The centre statue will now spin
    use the rusted sword on it and a zombie will pop out of no where, kill it
    and take the piano roll, now our job in the prison area is done.
    Now head back to the bat hall, then back to the doctors room, then back to
    the barracks passage way, then back to the steve room, back through
    the iron bridge to the palace passageway.
    But before we go to the palace head to the military facility.
    Remember that we only came here to take ammo and if you want to then you
    can just skip this part and head directly to the palace, but since a
    huge boss fight will come not so later on then i suggest that you
    follow the walkthrogh.
    Once in the facility head to the room where you used the tagged key and
    open the drawer with the new lockpick and you'll find some handgun
    ammo in here, take it. Now head to the room where you played as steve
    remember where i told you about the green bottle, head there and open
    the cabinet with the lockpick and get the acid rounds inside here, now
    head to the room where you got the model for the military facility
    and use the lockpick on the drawer there and you'll get a first aid
                       AGAIN !!
                 (              )
    Once all this is done head back outside the military facility and continue
    your path to the palace. Once you try to enter the main doors of the palace
    a cutscene ( CVx ONLY ) starts in which claire in confronted by someone
    claiming to be a ghost from the past. Its wesker. He's still alive
    and somehow he survived the mansion incident. Claire knows who he is
    and wesker beats the living day lights out of her. Just as he's thinking
    about killing her someone radio's in to wesker and looks like he had some
    very important information because wesker leaves claire , and jumps
    the wall .
    Enter the palace and head up the stairs, now head to the casino room and
    this time use the piano roll you just recovered on the piano, one of the
    casino machines will reveal something, grab it, its the king ant object.
    Now head to the save game room , if you dont have the queen ant object
    then take it and from here head to the study room, take
    the bridge again and head to the private residence once more.
                 (              )
    Once your back in the private residence grouds head up the stairs and
    to the hallway where you heard alexia and alfred talking, now head
    to alexia's room, once inside use the queen ant object on the music box
    and a music box plate will be revealed, take it and head back to the
    previous hall.
    This time head to alfred's room, that is the room which is at the end
    of the hall, once your inside use the king ant object on the music
    box and it will open up, now use the music plate and alfred's bed will
    lower revealing a ladder for you to climb. Climb it and you will come
    across a merry go round, take note of the ant painting and head around
    the ride, you'll see something shining, take it, this is the dragon fly
    object, check it and remove its wings, then head to the ant picture
    and insert this key in the ant painting, now the ride will start spinning
    and you'll see another ladderway to climb.
    Climb this new ladder and in the new area push the crate under the book
    shelf now climb it and take the book and the airforce proof fromit, now
    climbd down the ladder and back down to the merry go round, here take
    the other ladder and decend it back down into alexia's room.
    Try to exit the room and you'll see another scene in which alexia comes
    face to face with claire, she has alfred's sniper rifle in her hand, she
    shoots but misses, when she is about to shoot again our hero steve comes
    in and makes the save again, almost gets shot himself and shoots alexia
    in the arm. Alexia fleds through a secret passage, you follow in that
    passage too and you'll end up in alfred's room via the secret passage.
    In here another cutscene in which AGAIN steve saves claire and this time
    gives a good kick to alfred, now we know that it was alfred who was
    pretending to be alexia all this time.
    Once alfred see's his own reflection in the mirror he creeps out and
    escape, steve also gets annoyed and exclaims that now they really
    need to get out of this place, now all we have to do is head back
    to the palace, use the same study passage way and when your back
    at the passage head to the courtyard outside where wesker kicked
    claire's ass. Now take the green item , its the navy proof, you
    have all three proof's with you now and a cutscene starts in which
    you realize that alfred's turned on the self destruct system.
                 (              )
    Remember the passage we took to get to the airport, take that path
    again and once your in the dock area outside the airport steve will
    come again and now head with him to the submarine and take it to
    the airport area.
    Once your back in the airport head to the area with the fork and this
    time take the left side of the fork, you'll come to a plane place
    and you'll see a plane there, use the three proof's and you'll enter
    the plane. Climb the stairs of the plane and another scene starts
    in which steve tells claire that she needs to raise the bridge or
    else they wont be able to take off, he sits on his butt there and
    claire has to do the hard work. Nice.
    Take the lever and head to the otherside of the fork, go to the bridge
    again and cross it to enter the cargo room at the end. In here use the
    elevator, now run past the controls and head to the door at the end.
    In here use the lever and raise the bridge, now cross the bridge and
    enter the door at the end, here take the airport key from the dead
    bodies and use the lockpick besides the machine to get a first aid spray.
    Now head back to the cargo room and use the airport key on the gate
    next to the lift.
    Now your in a save room and the only one your gonna find here, save
    your game here is a must, and then use the item box and put the grenade
    launcher in your inventory. Once this is done, if you took the duralinum
    case from the palace's bathroom use it with the lockpick right now and open
    it to get some explosive powder, combine the powder with the normal bowgun
    darts to make some explosive darts. Take the bowgun and the explosive darts
    with you too. Save the game and collect all the first aid's you can cause
    the worst fight in the game is about to come in a little while.
    There is an elevator but there are some crates blocking it, push the
    crate to the right most inside the elevator, then push the left most
    crate to the right side first then push it in too. Now ride the elevator
    Whilst the elevator is going up you'll see another cutscene in which
    alfred still talking in alexia's voice will swear his revenge on
    claire then he will release a familiar bloke, its a tyrant with the
    body of the RE1 tyrant and the face of mr X from Re2. and one more
    thing is that you have only 5 minutes left till the whole damn place
    explodes, as soon as claire steps out of the elevator you'll recognize
    that your in the main courtyard outside the military facility, where you
    found the worm for the first time.
    As soon as you step out of the elevator start running forward and
    dont stop for anything, well there wont be anything, along the
    path you'll see another scene in which some debris will block the
    path behind you after an explosion and in front of you the tyrant
    will step out of the fences, now as you step up your first tyrant
    fight has begun, this one is really simple and all you need to finish
    this one is the grenade launcher, start shooting immediately at the
    tyrant and dont wait until he's down on his knees.
    Once's he's back up start shooting immediately and he should fall down
    and kiss the dirt just as he should be over claire. As soon as he
    falls down face first run over it then make your way to the palace
    passage and head towards the airport, once at the dock use the steering
    wheel to call up the submarine again and take it to the airport once
    Now at the fork take the path which leads to the seaplane and enter it
    now you'll have a FMV in which steve will fly the plane right off the
    island as it is exploding behind them, after some nice claire and steve
    talk with each other and steve apolagizes, now you'll see another scene
    in which you'll see alfred, still in the base and still talking in alexia's
    voice, he opens up a secret path via the tank in the military facility
    and heads down to a hanger with 2 harrier jets standing in it. He takes off
    in one and proclaims
          " Now im going to show you what real terror is all about "
    After alfred's take off another scene back in claire and steve's plane and
    steve tells her that the cargo door is open, claire agree's to check it
    out. Now make your way to the typewriter and immediately save your game
    check the item box and take all your explosive arrows with you, if you
    were playing the game in easy then just take the rocket launcher with
    Now after your game has been saved head through the door at the side of
    the item box, you'll see another scene in which claire see's that the
    tyrant has gotten onboard the plane and now your first kick ass boss
    fight begins.
    Ok so if you are playing the game in easy mode then this wont be a
    problem for you, just aim with the rocket launcher and fire one
    rocket into the tyrant, then head to the catapult button and press
    it and your fight is already over before it even began. But if your
    playing the game in normal mode then this will be a slightly diff
    ball game, equip your bowgun with explosive darts, now fire all of
    your darts from where you start the room, i mean all of your darts.
    As soon as your finished hope to god that the tyrant is weak and press
    the catapult button, if it doesnt work the first time then take out
    your grenade launcher and fire off the remaining grenades and then
    press the button, now the tyrant should definetly die, this fight
    can be both easy and very hard according to the player skills.
    Once this fight is over head back to the front part of the plane
    and once back there another cutscene starts in which alfred turns
    the plane to autopilot and steve looses control, now the plane
    is heading where alfred wants it to, another scene later steve tries
    to kiss claire but she starts waking up and the hero backs away
    and bangs his hand on the plane . Then he realizes that the plane
    is over the antarctic. Now another FMV in which the plane crashes
    down and literally enters one of the buildings.
    Dreamcast players will be asked to save their game now, and the ps2
    users can just continue with their game after this scene is over.
    Gamecube players will ALSO be asked to save their games now, save
    your game and continue on with the next disk.
    Steve and claire now wake up and get out of the plane, claire accidentally
    falls on steve and almost *cough* crushes him, after this scene when steve
    has left and you'll be back in control, now your in the antarctic base.
                 (              )
    When your back in control of claire head to the right hand side of the
    plane and here you'll find a ladder, take it down and head some more
    right side, now you'll come across a door, enter it, here take all
    the items you can find like the handgun ammo, the explosive powder
    and the first aid spray, now you'll also get some zombies in this
    place, head back out the door.
    OK now head towards the stairs and take them down, quickly head straight
    to the door and enter it, this is a save game room with a typrwriter
    and a grenade launcher, now if you have some grenades take out the
    grenade launcher with the grenade ammo and then head towards the
    book shelf behind the desks. Push the shelf forward then to the right
    side in the new pathway, now you'll see some lockers, head towards them
    and a mouse will pop out of one of the lockers, his name is DIJ and he's
    actually very important, now check the lockers and claire will find a
    locker with a button, but that button isnt working now and you need
    power to use it.
    Now head back to the previous room, this room will be classified as the
    moth room because all the time when you enter here a new moth will be
    ready, now in easy equip the rocket launcher and the normal players
    take out the handgun, now head around the corner and you'll see your
    first moth, kill it quickly and dont let it poison claire or lay its
    parasite on claire, once you've killed the moth head to the door and
    enter it.
    Now your in a room with some zombies, ignore them for now and turn to
    the left and run forward, you will pass 2 doors but ignore them for
    now and turn right, enter the door you see here, in here kill the zombies
    and take the mining room key and the assault rifle from the green drawers.
    Be sure to take the rifle if your playing in normal mode cause it will
    be usefull.
    Now head back to the previous room and head to the 2 doors you passed
    enter the first one with the mining room key and once your in here
    climb the 2 stairs, once on top check the hole where a valve is required
    be sure to examine this hole for now, now head down the stairs and turn
    right and a door, this is the door to the power room, enter it.
    In this room you'll find some doggies, kill them and in this room what
    you have to do is find the generator and turn it on, now to get there
    take this path, from the entrance take left then take a right, then
    continue down the path and take another left, then take another right
    you'll find what your looking for, turn it on and head back to the
    entrance door of this room, now you'll find a blinking switch there, press
    it and you've got the power back online.
    Now once the power is back online head back to the room where you had the
    2 doors and now enter the only door remaining, once you enter it head forward
    and use the grenade launcher to finish the spiders, once they are done check
    on top of the silver craters and you'll find a bar code sticker, now take
    note of the gas mask near the entrance of this rooom, you cant take it for
    now but you'll get it later, so head back to the previous room.
    Ok now head to the door where you used the mining room key, remember ? now
    check near it and you'll find a convayer belt here, use it and it will power
    up and a crate will fall into the room where you got the assault rifle.
    Ok now use the bar code sticker on the crate on the belt and press the
    switch, now this crate will go to the room where you fought the spiders.
    Go there and take the gas mask now then exit this room again. Now head back
    to the save game room, remember where the mouse popped out, now go there
    and press  the locker button and the area will move to reveal an area behind
    you'll see a cutscene now in which you'll be introduced to nosferatu, you
    will have to fight him a little while later so take one good look at it.
    Now in the same area there is a pot, take it then examine it , check its
    bottom and you'll get a key. Its the machine room key.
    Now head back to the save room, then back to the room where you fought the
    moths, then back up the stairs, then run forward past the door, dont enter
    it, now head forward until you see a double doors, enter it. Now head to
    the door left of claire and use the machine room key to open the door.
    Now your in the upper part of the mining room, head to the only other door
    in this room and your in the upper part of the power room now.
    Here take the valve handle, now head back to the previous room, here you will
    find steve and another steve scene begins, he will screw up the machine now
    and gas will fill the area, after this scene your back in the first room
    of this new area, now head to the only other door in this area. Now in this
    room head to the machine in the back and turn the valve handle into the
    octagon valve handle.
    Now head back to the save room, remember its the only save room in this
    whole damn place, now here you must do something for chris later on, if
    your playing the game in very easy mode then place the rocket launcher
    in the item box now and instead take the magnum and magnum bullets and the
    assault rifle. Now if you are playing the game in normal mode then do this.
    Put the assault rifle in the item box, keep the sniper rifle with you and
    take the knife and ANY other gun you have ammo for , no saving time now.
    Once your done here save your game and head to the lower area of the mining
    room, where you originally used the mining room key. Now equip the gas mask
    and head to the valve handle hole, remember ? now use the new octagon valve
    handle and a excellent scene begins.
    Alfred walks in and threatens to kill claire, but our hero steve walks in
    and after some nice dodging moves he shoot alfred again, now alfred falls
    down the railing, but he falls on the rock formation, but the rock formation
    gives way and he falls down to unknown places, now you'll hear nosferatu scream
    and another scene in which nossy breaks free from his holding and walks away.
    When your back in control of clarie head down and take the sniper rifle which
    alfred dropped.
    Head out and a FMV begins in which claire and steve bust through the walls
    and your out again, they climb the helipad, head to the staircase and another
    scene in which steve tries to be the hero but gets smacked and hangs for his
    dear life, its nosferatu. We have to fight it now.
    This battle will be hard for those of you who are playing the game in easy
    mode cause there wont be any rocket launcher to help you, instead use up
    all of the magnum's round, if it doesnt die even then then use the assault
    rifle, make sure that you stay as far away from him as possible cause he can
    poisoin you and it will affect chris later on. If your playing the game in
    normal mode then take out alfred's sniper rifle. This part is a little hard
    but if your a good aim then aim for his large heart, only one straight shot
    to the heart and the battle will be over, if you dont manage to hit the heart
    then take out any weapon with ammo and start shooting at nossy from afar. If
    that doesnt work aswell, then take out your knife and head into nosferatu and
    start cutting his heart. Soon the battle will be over one way or the other.
    After nosferatu is dead another FMV will start in which alfred finally makes
    it to alexia, so there really is an alexia afterall, he takes alexia's name
    and the whole system lights up, alexia is finally awake, alfred looks at her
    sister then falls dead, alexia's eyes fill with rage, meanwhile steve and
    clarie are chatting and driving in the snow mobile, but a HUGE tenticle burst
    out of the facility and charges towards the mobile then destroys it. Alexia
    watches in the monitor as the mobile burns and she cradles her brother.
    Rememed leon forwarded claire's message to chris, chris comes to the island
    to find his sister but she's already in antartica by this time.
      ___                __
     /                  |  \
    /         _   _     |__/ _  _   _   _     _
    \     |_||_|||_     |\  |_ | \ |_ ||_ |  | \
     \___ | ||\ | _|    | \ |_ |_/ |  ||_ |_ |_/
    Now a very very excellent cutscene starts in which chris makes his heroic
    entrance to the rockfort island, climbing the ledge, but his bag falls
    down, chris dont mind that and climbs up, he reaches the top and promises
    to find claire.
    Once the scene is over chris will be inside a cave, head forward and chris
    finds rodrigo, remember i asked you to save him when we were playing as chris
    well hope to god that you did , now a scene later the large worm which attacked
    clarie will be back and it will swallow the man in whole. Head to the itembox
    and take any good guns which claire left , remember i asked you to. If you have
    the bowgun with explosive rounds, then take it, if not that then take the grenade
    launcher with the flame rounds, if not that too then just take the assault rifle.
    If not even that then just arm chris's glock handgun and head to the next door.
    Now you have to fight the large worm, the easiest and the only pattern to kill
    it is to wait till it shows itself then let a rip with the guns you have, the
    best thing here is the bowgun rounds, otherwise use about 20% of the rifle
    and it will die, or use a few of the flame grenades, if you dont have any
    then just shoot with about 30 glock rounds and the battle will be over. There
    are some handgun rounds in this room.
    Once the battle is over if you saved rodrigo with claire then he will be spat
    out by the worm and he will give you your lighter back, if you didnt save him
    then he's dead by now. Take the lighter and head back to the previous room.
    Now here head to the area where rodrigo was swallowed, you'll find a torch
    here, use the lighter on it and you'll find the submachine guns, these are
    just like the one's steve had, amazing guns these, so its best to take them.
    Now head back to the boss fight room and turn on the lift at the end, take
    the lift up and you'll end up in the room where steve shot his dad .
    Now here the single door will be blocked by the crates, so no choice but to
    take the double doorrs which lead to the tank room, now here you cant head
    back to the main courtyard cause there are more crates blocking the place.
    Instead remember what alfred did in the scene, he pressed a button on the
    crates, now you do the same thing and press the button and the tank will
    slide revealing a lift down, take it and your in the hall with the harrier.
    Now here take a look at the double doors first, you'll find that you need
    a helbred to open the door, but for that we would need the eagle plate
    and the last eagle plate was used by claire in the balcony where alfred
    tried to shoot her, so that is our destination. Dont think of taking the
    battery right now and head into the only other open door in this room.
    This is a save game room, here take all the items you can find around
    which include some herbs and acid rounds, now put the submachine guns
    in the itembox cause we'll be using them a little later, now you'll see
    there's a small drawer puzzle in this room, dont screw it up, open them
    in this order, first open the red, then open the green, then open the
    blue, the brown one will open up with a click, check it and inside you'll
    get the lugar replica's. These babies cant be used in the main game but
    you've already done something for the battle game after the main game.
    Now save your game if you want to and put the lugar's in the itembox cause
    they cant be used, now head back to the previous room, ok this time take the
    battery and some spiders will attack you, ignore them and quickly head up
    the elevator.
    Back at the tank room head back to the room where steve shot his dad, once
    here look around the elevator you used to get to this place as chris, there
    should be a small yellow elevator too, take it and you'll reach the second
    floor balcony area of this room, take a look at the desk to the left of the
    elevator you drop from and you'll find a file and a chemical storage key, take
    it and enter the nearby door.
    In this room you'll see a scene in which chris see's alexia cradling and
    singing to alfred through a monitor, wesker also see's it and he sends something
    after chris, something very familiar !.
    Go through the brown door and your back at the balcony, but the eagle plate is
    gone, it went down the sewers, but you cant go to the main courtyard of the
    military facility yet
    Now head back to the hallway alfred took to escape from claire, the same
    one which leads to the room where you find rod's medicine, head inside
    and you'll see that the wall is broken, a crack in the wall will lead you
    to the room where claire got the painting of the skeleton from. In here
    take the side pack off the table, then head back out to the balcony and
    back again to the room where you saw alexia singing.
    Now back in this room take the elevator to the sewer area's, back to the
    area's where you controlled steve, once your down here dont think of going
    to any other room, take a look and you'll see a new set of stairs
    which werent here the last time you crossed, take the stairs down and
    here you'll see a shotgun, but dont take it now, instead head to the
    door near it.
    This is the room where the tyrant was released from, see. Now head
    through this room to the next one, simple. Now here just head to the
    door to the left, this is a lab of some sorts, here just go on through
    the roll-up-doors until you finally come to a room called the chemical
    storage room, once in here find the storage refregirator then open it
    with the chemical storage key, check inside and it will ask you to set
    the temperature, set it to 12.8 Now you'll get an item named clement E.
    Take this item and head back to the previous room. In this room take
    a look and you'll find a door knob on the floor, take it and a scene
    starts in which some hunters will attack chris, so this is what wesker
    sent, well the best way to deal with hunters is acid rounds from the
    grenade launcher, once your done here head back to the tyrant room.
    There's a herb in here if you were wounded in the battle, take it and
    head back all the way to the room where you saw alexia singing.
    Once your back here take the brown doors to the balcony, once your
    in the balcony head back to the hall where alfred ran. Now head in
    that room and you'll see a small machine, those are the hunter senders
    if they catch you then they'll call for a hunter, so its best to stay
    very very away from them as possible. In this room avoid the machine
    and head to the only other door.
    Once your in here find the door which needs the knob and use the knob
    on it, now open that door and you'll see that your on the other side
    of the balcony where steve and claire fell down from, ok now look at
    the left and you'll see a desk, take the mini tank from it and head
    back to the previous room, now dodge the machines again and make your
    way back to the room where you saw alexia singing.
    Now take the elevator here and head to the first floor, once you step
    out of the elevator make your way to the room where you found the
    military facility model as claire, once you reach the room check the
    model and use the mini tank on the model, a painting on the side will
    slide up and you can take the turn table key and a file now, there
    are also 3 proof shaped holes and a lever but behind the laser.
    You need the 3 proof's claire used now.
    NOw head back to the elevator and take it back to the underground
    area, once back here take the new staircase again and head for the
    tyrant room. Now once your passing through this room a scene starts
    in which wesker finally confronts chris, face to face, after some
    scary dialogues, chris tries to raise his weapon to wesker but he's
    superhuman now, he runs up in a millisecond and knocks chris 30 feet
    back, then runs forward and grabs him by the thraot, he tells chris
    that he knows that claire is in antartic with alexia, but before
    wesker can finish chris off a screen lights up and alexia laughs
    , wesker gets freaked up and he throws chris then disappears.
    After this amazing scene a bandersnatch will be free, kill it with
    the help of the grenade launcher if you have, now head to the room
    with the turntable, the one where you fought the first hunter, then
    use the turntable key and it will rise, once it stops rising
    head through the hole in the wall. Now your in the main hall of
    the military facility.
    Now make your way to the courtyard outside, here kill the hunters,
    now make your way to the large elevator which led to the save room
    of the airport, remember it ? you cant head to the palace now cause
    the path is blocked. Anyway, make your way to the airport save room
    Once your in the save room make sure that you have atleast 3 spaces
    in your inventory, then head to the cargo storage room. Here just
    enter the door which is past the controls, once you enter this door
    your in the upper part of the bridge. Right now the lever which
    controls the bridge wont be working so make your way to the door
    at the end where claire got the airport key from.
    In this room there is a small puzzle which claire couldnt do, to the
    left of the door is a machine, press the buttons in this order.
    button 3 twice
    button 5 once
    button 10 once
    button 3 twice
    button 5 once
    This puzzle is over now, some of the zombies will rise now but you
    dont need to fight them so head back to the previous room again.
    Here just go to the lever and press it now, it will lower the bridge
    now head back to the cargo storage room and from there head to the
    bridge itself. Now from this place make your way to the airport office
    room, from there take the fork to the left, now your at the boarding
    area, here head to the lift, kill the hunter then take all 3 of the
    proofs , now head back to the office room.
    Now from this office make your way back to the bridge, then back
    to the cargo storage room, and then head back to the airport save
    room, here save your game if you wish and be sure to take the bowgun
    and explosive arrows if you have them.
    Ok now take the elevator back up to the courtyard area again, and
    now head back to the main hall of the military facility again, from
    here head to the brown door, dont go anywhere else.
    In this place kill all the zombies and head for the open door, then
    head through the hole in the wall and then head through the final
    door in this place, in this new room just kill the zombie and take
    the ladder down.
    Now your in one of the rooms where you came as when playing as
    steve, look at your right and you'll see a lever, quickly press
    it and you wont have to worry about the gas anymore, now make
    your way to the room with the green liquid, remember i told you
    about it when we were playing as steve, we couldnt take it before
    now head to that room, once your in that room take the green
    liquid , its the clement A. Combine it with the clement E and
    you'll get the clement mixture.
    Ok now head back to the steve room you came in from right now
    then make your way to the balcony room where the elevator
    is located, when your there take the elevator to the first
    floor and then make your way back to the room with the military
    facility model.
    Now place all 3 proofs in their slots and the model will move
    and you'll see a ladder, now its time to go down the ladder so
    do it, your in some tunnels now, there are spiders here, kill them
    with your grenade launcher and dont forget to take the grenade ammo
    along the path, then continue until you come to another ladder
    take it down again.
    Here you'll have another boss fight, its the same little albanoid
    which claire found, but it aint no little anymore, its reached
    maturity in the span of a few hours.
    Now there are 2 methods of finishing this battle, one is the sure
    but slow method, the other is the quick but risky method, if you
    want to go sure then this is what you do , as soon as then fight
    starts equip your grenade launcher or the submachine gun if you
    have it, then wait by the edge of the water for the albanoid to come
    close, as soon as it comes close and rises shoot it with a grenade
    or submachine ammo, now continue this pattern each time he comes
    close, and after some time it should be dead, when the thing is dead
    head in the water and take the eagle plate then quickly head out the
    The other method is risky but its gonna make this battle alot shorter
    make sure that you have some full healing items with you, now quickly
    enter the water and make your way to the eagle plate, you will get shocked
    some times, for every second time that you are shocked use a full healing
    item cause it takes you to danger, quickly grab the plate and make your
    way out of the water, and the battle is over . capiche.
    Now make your way back through the tunnels and back to the model room
    then go back to the elevator and take it to the underground sewer area's
    again, this time head down the staircase and take the shotgun, the stairs
    will rise up and it becomes the same as it was in claire's scenario, now
    head into the water which was behind the stairs, now dive in and climb
    up on the other side on the ledge, here climb the ladder and you'll
    find yourself back in the harrier hallways.
    Now before you do anything mix the eagle plate with the clement mixture
    and you'll have the halbred remaining, take it and head for the save room
    of the harrier halls, enter the save room and save your game immediately
    then go to the drawer puzzle and if you didnt do it before then its
    a must that you do it now, the result will be you getting the lugar
    replica's which arent usefull in the main game but it unlocks steve
    in the battle game, save your game, put the grenade launcher back into
    the item box then head back out.
    Head to the double doors and use the halbred on them, the doors will
    open now and chris finally see's the final harrier, and another good
    scene in which chris takes the harried and heads for antartica, chris
    is a good pilot aint he.
    Chris finally reaches antartica and sets the harrier down.
                   CHRIS IN
                 (              )
    Now when the scene is over run forward and enter the double doors. In
    this room kill the tentacles then run forward and you'll see the plane
    wreckage, run forward and head down the ladder, and make your way to
    the save room.
    Once here check the display cabinets and you'll see that there is a hole
    to put in the halbred in here, put the halbred and the bottom cabinet will
    open, check inside it for a paper weight and a file, take them both and now
    its time for a little long walk.
    Now we have to make our way all the way to the room where claire used the
    machine to turn the valve into the octagon valve, once you have reached
    that room you'll notice water along the path, that water came from the
    drilling steve and claire did, when you reach that room take the duralinum
    case, now for some more backtracking.
    Now its time to head to the upper part of the mining room, remember the
    room where claire used the octagon valve handle, head to that room and
    once your there take the handle, you'll be attacked by some zombies, kill
    them all and head to the previous room.
    Now head for the door which leads to the room where claire changed the
    handle, but dont enter it, look for the broken catwalk here, drop on
    the ice and climb the ledge to the other side of the broken catwalk.
    Now enter the door near you, this room has more of those wesker's machines
    you'll be cought and hunter will come out and try to kill you, dispose of
    it and run forward, ignore the double doors for now and head down the hall
    you'll come across an elevator, take it down.
    When you are out of the elevator your in another one of the merrg go
    round rooms, here just go to the door directly infront of
    you, in this new room again head for the closest door.
    Once in here you'll see that this is a save room, but also a power room
    head to the itembox and take out the empty fire extingusher from it, also
    take out the combat knife, now put the duralinum case back in the itembox
    and save your game now, ok now check in the room and you'll find a hole
    you can insert the valve in, do that and insert the valve in and the power
    will come back online in the lower area's of the facility.
    Ok now head back to the previous icy room, and this time make your way
    down the hall with carefullness , kill any zombies you may encounter on
    your way and enter the door at the end of the hall.
    Now your in a very familiar room, you dont know why now but in a moment
    you'll find out, just run down the hall ignore the door you see for now
    and head down, you'll come across a tiger head statue exactly similar
    to the one in the spencer mansion. ** See i told you **. What the hell
    is it doing here, baah. Ok do this, check the statue and first take out
    its blue eye, the statue will spin to one side and you'll be able to take
    the item, its the square valve handle socker, combine it with the octagon
    valve and now your valve is back to its square roots again. Now put the
    blue eye back in, now check the statue again and take out the other eye
    this time, the statue again spins and you can take some magnum bullets
    now, take them and put the eye back in again, once done here head back
    to the door which you just left, its actually an elevator.
    Now head down this elevator and you'll come out on a platform of some sort
    with alot of ants on it, no time to stop just run over them and run forward
    you'll see a scene in which you'll see the large anthill. Now grab the wing
    object lying there somewhere, now turn left and continue, then turn right
    and continue until you see a wall with blood on it, enter the door it lead
    Now this is the storage room, enter it and run forward, go up the small stairs
    and run forward till you see a container, check the terminal to the right
    side of the container and you'll come across a small puzzle, here you have
    to press the buttons in the right order to finish it. Press them in this order
    1. AA
    2. Crown
    3. Heart
    4. Spade
    Now once you done this a small compartment will open up in the computer, put
    the paperweight inside it and the container will open up and out falls the
    dead body of mr alfred ashford, check the hand of the body and chris will
    take the ring from his hand, check the ring now and it will turn into alfred's
    Ok now once your done in here time to do a little backtracking, make your
    way back to the room where you found the first of wesker's machines here,
    the hall where we left a double doors,remember ? ok head there. Once you
    reach there enter the double doors, your in a water room now.
    In this room head forward and press the small button which is near the elevator
    once done a large barrel will rise up, now go to it and use the empty fire
    extinguisher on it, now you'll have the full extinguisher again. Once this
    is done head to the lift in the far end and take it up, once up head forward
    until you see a hole where you can put in the square crank in, do so and the
    water will disappear. Once this is done climb down the ladder and take the
    key from the tank , once done a sweeper will drop down on you, these are like
    the hunters but they can poiso you so be careful, kill this one with anything
    you have and once your done head to the other elevator and take it down.
    Ok now down here you'll probably remember where we are right now, use the fire
    extinguisher on the fire and take the magnum from the place where you originally
    found the mining room key.
    Ok now its time to do a little back tracking, remember the hall where you jumped
    the catwalk to get to this new place, head back there, the hall which
    has the door leading to the upper mining room, ok go there and check near the
    door and you'll find a crane here, use the crane key on it and another
    scene starts, chris will use the crane and along it mr nosferatu's body
    will rise up, he will drop his jewel too . But before you can do anything
    alexia makes her appearence and she unleashes a large large spider on
    chris, the boss battle begins.
    Ok now this battle is extremely easy, trust me, when i say easy, i mean
    easy, now if your playing the game in easy mode then just one shot from
    the rocket launcher and the fight is already over, however if your not
    playing them game in easy mode then take out the handgun, if you have
    the advanced handgun which claire left then its even better for you,
    take out the handgun and shoot away, no more then 30 or so shots and
    the battle is already over.
    Or there is another method to finish this boss battle, just simply
    head over to the place where nosferatu's jewel is dropped and take it
    and exit back to the previous room leaving the spider all alone.
    This method will save you some ammo too.
    Ok now we need to do some backtracking, remember the hall where you found
    the first of wesker's machines here, head down there and to the lift again
    at the end of the hall, ok now you'll come back in the room with the other
    merry go round, look around the room this time and you'll find another
    wing object, take it and you'll be attacked by another sweeper, kill it
    by any means necessary and this time enter the double doors.
    Ok now once you enter the double doors prepare to get shocked cause
    this looks just like the main hall of the mansion from RE1, exactly
    i mean, surprisingly chris doesnt faint or anything, well i was surprised
    by this ALOT. Anyway control the shock for now and head up the stairs
    check the large painting and you'll see that you need 3 jewels to
    put in it and the best thing is that you already have 2 of them, so insert
    alfred's jewel and alexander's jewel.
    ** For those of you who still havent figured this out alexander/nosferatu
    was alexia and alfred's father, but they performed some wicked experiment
    on their father and turned him into this thing **
    Once your done with this part head down the stairs again and this time
    head to the backside of the grand staircase, here chris will finally
    meet claire, use the combat knife to free claire and a cutscene start
    claire and chris have a tearful reunion.
    Now remember back at the heliport and the clarie nosferatu fight, i
    told you to watch out and not get poisoned, now if claire was poisoned
    then she will faint after this scene and chris will have to get the
    serum for her.
    *** !! Claire serum part :::
    If claire was poisoned then you would
    have to get the serum for her, now to get to the serum head back all
    the way to the room where you got the crane key from, ok once your
    there take the elevator back down to the room where you got the
    magnum from, now check on top of the barrel here and chris
    will find what he's looking for !.Now head back to claire
    and she will be cured.
    *** !! Claire serum part END :::
    Wether if claire was poisoned or not it wont affect the upcomming part
    now you'll have another scene in which alexia will make her appearence
    on top of the staircase, she mocks the redfield siblings then runs off
    now claire and chris give chase and a FMV shows that chris falls down
    after a huge tentacle smashes the staircase, claire can still make it to
    the other side but chris cant.
    Now chris will stay behind and you can control claire again, but for
    a brief time i might add.
                   BACK AS
                 (              )
    Now once your as claire you'll start the game in the room with the
    shotgun rack, the main objective claire has now is to find steve, once
    your in the rack room, ignore it for now and head for the item box, in
    it, from the itembox take atleast 2 or 3 first aid sprays and also take
    the handgun which chris started the game originally as, and if you were
    poisoned as claire then use something else to heal yourself, but keep
    the 2 FAS's with you at all time now.
    Ok now once your done in here head to the other door in this room,this
    is a halway, run forward in it and kill any tenticles which appear
    then keep on running, ignore the door along the path cause its already
    locked and enter the door at the end of the hall.
    Now this room is a strange one, run forward ignore the steelish
    door you see now and run forward, you'll see a cannon, take the file
    near it and push the cannon and claire will reveal a crystal.
    Ok now this part requires you to be quick, now a large piece of
    concrete will fall down from above and pulled back up again, now
    as soon as its being pulled up take the crystal quickly then head
    to the place where the concrete falls down, use the crystal on that
    place and claire will back off automaticaly, the concrete will fall
    down and shatter the crystal, revealing the security card inside.
    Take the card now and head back to the door you just passed and enter
    it. You will see a gate with a card reader with it, use the card here
    then run forward after the gate rises, claire will finally find steve but
    he's trapped with a chair and an axe.
    Now another nice scene begins in which steve struggles to free but
    suddenly starts to mutate, he turned into a large nosferatu look alike
    monster and tries to kill claire, now all you have to do is run away
    from him cause there aint no way on god's green earth you can kill him.
    Now this boss fight is kinda wacky if you look at it, if you were
    playing the game in easy mode and brought the rocket launcher with you
    still you wont be able to even stop him for a second, so the only
    rational thing to do in this battle is to run away from him as soon
    as your back in control of claire and make your way back to the
    gate where you came in this room from, now he's gonna throw the
    axe at you , and for every second time you get hit make a full heal
    cause it hurts badly. Keep in mind that the gate is closing behind
    you all the time so its necessary to be quick.
    Once you get back a FMv will start in which steve almost kills claire
    but seeing her brings out his human side again and instead of killing
    claire he hits the tentacle with the axe, and the tentacle smashes him
    with the wall before leaving, very emotional scene later steve says
    that he loves claire and then he dies. Claire bursts into tears.
                 (              )
    Now as the scene finishes the action goes back to the main hall of the
    mansion replica and this time we see chris hiding behind some pillars
    and wesker and alexia have a showdown. This is probably the best scene
    in the entire game, wesker demands that alexia come with her but she
    laughs at him and mutates into a monster, wesker is a little surprised,
    alexia slaps him across the hall but he lands on his feat, then wesker
    does an amazing matrix move and knocks alexia's teeth right back to their
    place, but then he notices chris . Wesker acts smart and asks chris to
    take care of this mess since he was one of his best men and runs through
    the main doors.
    Now chris tries to run up the stairs but alexia stops him and your first
    fight with alexia begins.
    This is quiet an easy battle if you look at it, all you need to do here
    is keep at a safe distance away from alexia cause she can do a 1 hit death
    attack if your too close to her, so remain at a safe distance and take out
    the magnum, now shoot about 6 to 8 rounds and she should fall down, if your
    short on magnum ammo or dont have the magnum then the best guns here are
    the submachine guns, fire from a safe distance and soon this battle should
    be over.
    Now once this battle is over head over to the stairs and you'll find alexia's
    choker there, check it and it will turn into alexia's jewel, now head up the
    stairs and use the final jewewl on the painting and it will slide, revealing
    a door behind it, enter it and after chris has left for that door you'll
    see that alexia isnt dead yet and she rises .
    Now in this new area just run forward, you'll come across some double doors
    but ignore them then turn around the corner and enter the first door you
    see. Now in this room there should be some desks, search the desk which
    dont have the typewriter on it and you'll get the sterile room key.
    Now head all the way back to the mansion main hall, noticing that alexia isnt
    here anymore, head to the double doors and open them with the help of
    the sterile key, pass through them and you'll see taht your back at the hall
    with the tiger statue, now head back to the power room, which also was a
    save game room.
    Ok now this part can be a little tricky at times, head to the power room
    and turn off the power, now head back to the main hall of the mansion,
    take the path from the other merry go round arae, now once your back
    at the mansion hall head through the double doors to the tiger statue,
    take both of its eyes, now head back to the mian hall through the double doors.
    Once back at the main hall climb the stairs again and enter the painting
    room, run past the double doors again, and also past the door which we
    entered last time, now enter the door next in line to it, once you enter
    it you'll see that this is exactly similar to alfred's private room back
    at rockfort, anyways, head over to the music box and put the blue jewel
    which we just took from the tiget into it, the box will now open.
    Now enter the door which has a woman onit, this is just like alexia's room
    here head to the music box and place the red jewel from the tiger statue.
    Now take the music box plate and head back to alfred's private room. Once
    back here simply use the music plate on the music box in here, now alfred's
    bed will move and you'll see another ladder for the climbing.
    Ok in this new room find a container, check in it and you'll find a
    dragon fly object, remember the two wing objects we found earlier, combine
    them with the dragonfly object and you'll get a incomplete dragon fly. Now head
    back to the painting room, ok now its time to enter the double doors
    which we have ignored for the past 2 runs.
    Ok now in this new room head to the elevator and take it down, once down
    here you'll see another one of the wing objects in a glass, now check
    the computer terminal near it and you'll unlock the final wing, take it
    and combine it with the dragon fly object and you've got the full gold
    dragonfly now. Ok head back up the elevator, now take the small stairs
    and enter the door at the top.
    Once your back at the top you'll find that your in a very familiar hall,
    we just came here as claire a little while ago, now head to the right
    side and enter the door which led to the shotgun rack room and to the
    item box, check the item box and take out both the submachine guns and
    the assault rifle if you already didnt have them, then head back out the
    door and head to the area where claire went after steve.
    Once you reach the steel door you'll have a scene in which chris hears
    claire crying from behind the door, she tells chris that steve is dead
    and that she is trapped, now to get her out chris would need to set the
    self destruct system which will cause all the doors to open up themselves
    now she will toss a file from under the door. Check the file and you'll
    get a security card.
    Now run down this room, ignore the double doors for now and at the end
    you'll come to some stairs, climb them and now you'll be directly over
    the large ant hill on a metal grating. Now in this room head to the other
    door and use the gold dragonfly on it to open the door, your in a security
    room now, here just simply kill all the zombies then head to the computer
    terminal, use the card on it and then enter the code, which is, umm
    VERONICA !!! .
    Now you would have turned on the self destruct system, now head back to the
    previous room, another cutscene now in which claire and chris finally meet
    togather again, but a cool FMV starts in which alexia makes her appearence
    again, and this time she looks really p'oed. Chris and claire will unlock
    the linear launcher but its gonna take some time for reloading.
    Now the boss fight will start, claire will try to run away but alexia
    traps her, now shoot quickly at alexia before she can get to clarie, or
    claire's dead meat. Now alexia will mutate again and claire runs off
    leaving chris alone. Now alexia will turn into a large, err, thing. If
    you are playing the game in easy then you just need to fire off 3 rounds
    from the rocket launcher, but if your playing the game in normal mode
    then first take out the magnum and put all rounds in alexia, then when
    the magnum finishes off take out the submachine guns and put all the
    remaining ammo inside alexia. Now when alexia is hurt enough you'll
    have another scene in which alexia mutates, once again, this time into
    a large dragon fly look alike, ok by now the linear launcher will done
    charging so head over to it and take it, now equip it in your item
    menu. Now as soon as you equip this thing you'll come into a first
    person view, groovy, now aim for the dragon fly alexia and let a shot
    out, just one shot and its all over.
    You have finished CVx.
    Now sit back and watch the AMAZING new ending FMV, chris after killing
    alexia runs down the stairs and see's that wesker has hold of claire,
    he pushes her through some holes in the walls and chris gives chase.
    Chris comes across some zombies, but he literally pushes them aside
    and runs for a large double door and bangs them open. Now he comes to
    some sort of a submarine dock. Wesker is here with claire. He states
    that he still has steve which really gets claire mad. Chris asks her to
    leave and when she does the battle begins.
    Well not a battle, actually a physical assauly by wesker to chris, somehow
    chris manages to put wesker under alot of I beams and before they can start
    at it once again one of the explosions cuts wesker's face horribally and
    he exclaims that he'll get chris the next time they meet, and chris runs
    off to the harrier, from now its the same old ending in which chris flies
    the jet and the best explodes behind them, so i guess were through with
    the game.
                        _______               ______
                           |         __      |               _
                           |  |   | |__      |___     |\  | |  \
                           |  |___| |        |        | \ | |  /
                           |  |   | |__      |______  |  \| |_/
    |  \
    |__/  _ ______     _      __  _      _
    |  \ |_| |  |  |  |_     / _ |_||\/||_
    |__/ | | |  |  |_ |_     \__|| ||  ||_
    ## Introduction ##
    Well this is the battle game section from CVx, the battle game is
    probably the funnest mini game in any RE to date cause it lets you
    make your way in first person and you also have inf ammo for atleast
    one weapon, to get the battle game all you have to do is finish the
    game once, no matter which version of CV your playing the battle
    game will still be there.
    In this fun game you can take on the role of 5 different characters
    which are, claire, chris, claire in alternate dress, steve and the
    infamous albret wesker, this game can be both easy and hard
    depending on the player you star the game off with, claire both
    forms are really easy to finish the game, chris is a bit moderate
    steve is a bit more harder and wesker is ass hard cause he starts
    the game off only with the knife.
    Along the course of the battle game you'll find out that this is
    a twisted game, cause you'll come in random rooms from the actual
    game but if you step out of one door you'll come out in a completely
    new enviroment, during the course of the battle game there is a slot
    machine which can give each character some extra special items which
    can be from guns to the secret DIJ diary, wesker gets the awesome
    magnum which is a neccesity to kill the final boss, oh i forgot to
    mention that at the end of each player's battle mode there will be
    a boss. 19 rooms in total all filled from head to toe with zombies
    or other monsters and you have to kill them all to be able to go
    to the next door, but it shouldnt be a problem cause each player
    has their own infinite ammo.
    Another thing about this game is that in all versions you can win
    yourself a Linear launcher, but in the DC version you find
    that you start off this game with the linear launcher in your
    inventory, but in the PS2 version of the game you would have to
    get an A rank to get this baby but the thing is that if you even
    equip the linear launcher then you wont be able to get any rank
    The GC version of this game is however very similar to the PS2
    version so no questions asked there.
    ## Characters ##
    Claire redfield :
    Age = 19
    Game level = Easy
    Final boss = Nosferatu
    Starts off with :   Bow gun with inf explosive arrow's
                        Infinite handgun ammo
                        Full healer
                        Full healer
                        Full healer
                        Full healer
    Slot machine
    items :            Sub machine guns
                       DIJ's diary
    NOTES : Claire redfield is defaultly unlocked in all versions of
    the game, we dont have to do anything to unlock her, her game is
    like the easy version of the battle game, she has the easies gun to
    use in all characters, the bowgun, and that too with the explosive
    rounds, so that would be the gun you should use with all enemies
    no matter what comes .
    Alternate Claire Redfield
    Age = 19
    Game level = Easy again
    Final boss = Tyrant
    Starts off with :  Grenade launcher
                       Inf grendade rounds
                       Inf acid rounds
                       Inf flame rounds
                       Assault rifle
                       Full healer
    Slot machine
    items :            Gas rounds
                       First aid spray
                       DIJ's diary
    Notes : In the PS 2 version of the game this claire wont be unloceked
    from the start and you would have to beat the normal clair's battle game
    with an A rank. Again this claire is also an easy mode, slightly harder then
    the default claire, she has the grenade launcher, another excellent
    weapon, but the gas rounds which you find in the slot machine are the
    one's who do the trick for the final boss, be sure to take them or
    the final boss will be more harder to beat.
    Chris Redfield
    Age = 25
    Game lever = Intermediate
    Final boss = Alexia second and third form
    Starts off with : Magnum with inf ammo
                      Inf shotgun shells
                      Full healer
                      Full healer
    Slot machine
    items :           Sub machine guns
                      DIJ's diary
    Notes : Chris's game is a bit more harder then claire's game but still
    he has the magnum with inf ammo which should prove more then enough for
    the normal baddies, as far as the slot machine item goes, its just better
    that you keep the magnum at almost all times, all normal enemies take 1
    shot to die so keep it in chris's hands at all times.
    Steve Burnside :
    Age = 17
    Game level = Hard
    Final boss = Gulp worm
    Starts off with : Gold lugars with inf ammo
                      Sub machine guns with inf ammo
                      Full healer
                      Full healer
    Slot machine
    items :           DIJ's diary
                      M100 inf
    Notes : Steve wont be unlocked in the battle game from the start and
    to get him here you must have gotten the lugar replica's in the main
    game as chris, remember the drawer puzzle, steve starts off with two
    of the best guns, the submachines and the lugars, you can actually do
    headshots with lugars if you aim up and shoot at zombies while very
    close to them at the same time. Other then that steve's final boss is
    quiet easy .
    Albert Wesker :
    Age : 38
    Game level : Expert's only
    Final boss : Alexia first form
    Starts off with : Knife
                      Full healer
                      Full healer
                      Full healer
    Slot machine
    items :           Magnum with 6 shots
                      DIJ's diary
    Notes : Wesker can be unlocked in the playstation 2 version by finishing
    chris's game with an A rank, all he has is the knife from the start and
    his game is one helluva tough game, anyone who can finish this game
    should consider themselves expert, the slot machine lets out the 6 shot
    magnum which should only be used to take care of the final boss who is
    none other then, alexia.
    Note : For the walkthrough of the battle game i've separated each room
    with different para's, each para will tell you what to do with all the
    characters, oh and enjoy.
    ## ROOM 1 ##
       4 zombies here in the first room of the battle game,
       Normal Claire
       take out the bowgun with explosive rounds and kill them all,
       Alternate Claire
       its best to use the grenade launcher with flame rounds,
       use the lugars and use the headshots method stated above,
       Take out the magnum and simply shoot all the zombies
       This is a little harder, take out the knife and wait for
       the zombie to get closer, now start stabbin with the knife
       to its knees, once its down start stabbin, then do the same
       with the second, then head to the corner and wait for the
       zombies to come around them, then start stabbin and get
       rid of them.
    When your done in this room head to the staircase and to the
    next room.
    ## ROOM 2 ##
       6 zombies in this room, there's also a green herb
       Normal Claire
       use the bowgun with the explosive rounds to kill them all.
       Alternate claire
       Use the grenade launcher with the flame rounds to kill them.
       Simply do the lugar headshot trick again.
       Dont think of unequipping the magnum and shoot away
       Quickly charge into the zombies and start stabbing at their
       knee's, as they fall you will take some bites, once they are
       all dead then head to the final zombie besides the door. Kill
    Once the zombies are daed take the herb if you wish and exit to
    the next room.
    ## ROOM 3 ##
       3 bandersnatchers here again with 1 first aid spray
       Normal claire
       Keep the bowgun in hand and kill the banders off one by one
       Alternate claire
       Flame rounds remain best against them, so fire away
       Take off the lugars and put on the submachine's and fire
       off at the bander's for quick deaths
       Just one shot from the magnum should do the trick so
       just use the magnum
       To kill the bander's quicker with the knife run up to the
       closest one and start stabbin with the knife on the side
       without the arm, soon it'll fall, do the same thing for
       the other 2 banders.
    Once all the banders in this room are dead take the first aid spray
    and head for the exit.
    ## ROOM 4 ##
       5 zombies here, nothing else
       Normal claire
       Just keep the bowgun in hand and shoot off the zombies
       Alternate claire
       Still with the flame rounds in hand, start killing
       Take the lugar back out and agian some headshooting should do it
       Nothing but the magnum for chris
       Run forward and charge at the first group and stab away, then run
       forward and bait the other zombies to come after you, then stab
       away at them too and soon this room should be clean
    After the zombies are all done head to the elevator.
    ## ROOM 5 ##
       6 zombies in here, nothing else
       Normal claire
       Just keep the bowgun in hand and shoot off the zombies
       Alternate claire
       Still with the flame rounds in hand, start killing
       Take the lugar back out and agian some headshooting should do it
       Nothing but the magnum for chris
       Stab at the zombie right near you first, then go down the stairs
       and start stabbing, no need to worry about anything, just slash
    Again after killing the zombies then head to the next area.
    ## ROOM 6 ##
       2 hunters in here, 1 herb
       Normal claire
       With this claire still keep the bowgun, hunter or no hunter
       nothing can come in the way of the explosive rounds
       Alternate claire
       A little change now, take out the acid rounds and use them
       on the hunters, just 1 round for each hunter and they're done
       Take out the quick shooting sub machine guns and fire off
       at the hunters and kill them
       Magnum shots, 1 for each hunter and they're done
       With wesker its alot more harder, run into the first hunter
       and start slashing at it, never stop hitting it and hope
       to god that it dies before the other one realizes, the same
       for the other hunter, charge in and dont stop stabbing until
       you hear him die.
    Hunters gone, take the green herb and head to the next area.
    ## ROOM 7 ##
       1 sweeper, 1 hunter, blue herb
       Normal claire
       Again use the bowgun with explosive rounds here, first take
       out the sweeper quickly then get rid of the hunter
       Alternate claire
       Use the acid rounds here too, first take the sweeper, then
       the hunter
       Keep the submachine's equipped, first the sweeper, then the hunter
       Still keep the magnum equipped, sweepers also take 1 shot, so kill
       it first and then the hunter
       Do the same as last room for this one, run into the sweeper and
       stab at it and hope that the other one doesnt notice quickly, kill
       the sweeper quickly then the same trick for the normal hunter
    Once the enemies are dead if you were poisoned take the blue herb from
    behind the pillars and exit to the next area.
    ## ROOM 8 ##
       4 zombies, nothing else
       Normal claire
       Same old same old, use the bowgun to kill the zombies, use the barrel
       Alternate claire
       Take out the flame rounds again and kill the zombies, use the barrel
       Take out the lugars again and kill the zombies with headshots
       use the barrel
       Magnum is the only thing for chris so use it, use the barrel
       Stab away at the closer zombies, then run down and stab off at
       the remaining zombies, kill them all
    Once the zombies here are dead head over to the exit.
    ## ROOM 9 ##
       6 zombies in here nothing else
       Normal claire
       The zombie close can blow up so kill it first and then aim
       for the other's with the bowgun.
       Alternade claire
       The zombie nearest can explode so kill it first and then think
       of killing the other's with the flame rounds
       Headshot the closest zombie quickly cause he can explode, then
       use the lugar trick on the other zombies
       Magnum kill the first close zombie cause he can explode, then kill
       the rest off and done.
       Stab the one closest to you first, then kill the zombies as they
       come, run forward past the door kill the remaining zombies and
       your done
    Head to the exit once the room is cleared
    ## ROOM 10 ##
       6 more zombies in here
       Normal claire
       Same old same old, use the bowgun to kill the zombies,
       Alternate claire
       Take out the flame rounds again and kill the zombies,
       Take out the lugars again and kill the zombies with headshots
       Magnum is the only thing for chris so use it,
       First knife out the 3 zombies closer, then head round the corner
       for another 3 zombies, kill them too.
    Again head for the exit.
    ## ROOM 11 ##
       5 zombies in this room with 1 first aid spray.
       Normal claire
       Same old same old, use the bowgun to kill the zombies,
       dont forget to take the first aid spray off the cabinet.
       Alternate claire
       Take out the flame rounds again and kill the zombies,
       Dont forget to take the first aid spray.
       Take out the lugars again and kill the zombies with headshots
       Take the first aid spray before you leave.
       Magnum is the only thing for chris so use it,
       Take the first aid spray.
       Stab off at the first 2 zombies in this room, then head
       for the final 3 and stab them to death, if you were in
       bad health when you entered this room then never ever
       forget to take the first aid spray.
    Once all done head to the exit with the first aid spray.
    ## ROOM 12 ##
       4 zombies in this room with another first aid spray.
       Normal claire
       Same old same old, use the bowgun to kill the zombies, use the barrel
       Alternate claire
       Take out the flame rounds again and kill the zombies, use the barrel
       Take out the lugars again and kill the zombies with headshots
       use the barrel
       Magnum is the only thing for chris so use it, use the barrel
       Head forward and kill the first zombies, then head round
       the corner and kill the other zombie with the knee shots.
    Here you will have a choice of 2 doors, but for the love of all
    good enter the silver door, cause there's a slot machine inside.
    ## ROOM 13 ##
       slot machine here with 2 green herbs
       All characters
       Just head to the slot machine and press it to get your
       item, then just go and take the 2 green herbs
    Now head to the next room.
    ## ROOM 14 ##
        1 hunter 1 sweeper and 1 first aid spray.
        Normal claire
        For the normal claire just take out the first hunter
        with the bow gun rounds then go and take the first aid spray
        and wait for the sweeper, once you see it kill it.
        Alternate claire
        For the alternate claire just take out the first hunter
        with the flame rounds then go and take the first aid spray
        and wait for the sweeper, once you see it kill it.
        Take out the submachine guns and shoot away at the hunter
        then run forward take the first aid spray and kill the
        sweeper as soon as its in sight.
        Magnum the first one, then run forward, take the first
        aid spray, magnum the sweeper and your done.
        Like all the hunters run forward into the first one
        and stab till its dead, then run forward and take the
        first aid spray, then run into the sweeper and kill it
        with the same method.
    Once all this is done head for the exit.
    ## ROOM 15 ##
       7 zombies in here but nothing more
       Normal claire
       Same old same old, use the bowgun to kill the zombies,
       Alternate claire
       Take out the flame rounds again and kill the zombies,
       Take out the lugars again and kill the zombies with headshots
       Magnum is the only thing for chris so use it,
       Stab away at the closer one quickly then run down the hall
       and you'll see a large groups, no worries just charge into
       them and kill em one by one if you have to.
    Exit to the next door after this.
    ## ROOM 16 ##
       4 zombies here and barrels too, barrels :D
       Normal claire
       Same old same old, use the bowgun to kill the zombies,
       use the barrel
       Alternate claire
       Take out the flame rounds again and kill the zombies,
       use the barrel
       Take out the lugars again and kill the zombies with headshots
       use the barrel
       Magnum is the only thing for chris so use it, use the barrel
       Run past the barrel first so you dont accidentally stab it
       then stab the 4 zombies, shouldnt be much of a problem here.
    ## ROOM 17 ##
        5 zombies in here and nothing else
        Normal claire
        Aim with the bowgun for the zombie in the middle, shoot it
        and it'll blow, kill any zombies left in the explosion.
        Alternate claire
        Aim for the middle zombie with the flame rounds then shoot
        and it will explode, kill any remaining zombies.
        Lugars out and aim for the zombie in the middle so that it
        explodes, once dont kill any remaining zombies with the trick
        Magnum the one in the center and it might explode, if so then
        kill the remaining, if it dont explode then just magnum the
        Run forward and start slashing at the group, by now your health
        should be down a bit so if you have any healers keep em ready
        and after killing the zombies if your in orange then use the
    Once done head to the next room.
    ## ROOM 18 ##
      3 bandersnatchers and 1 first aid spray.
       Normal claire
       Keep the bowgun in hand and kill the banders off one by one
       Take the first aid spray now.
       Alternate claire
       Flame rounds remain best against them, so fire away
       Take the first aid spray now.
       Take off the lugars and put on the submachine's and fire
       off at the bander's for quick deaths
       Take the first aid spray now.
       Just one shot from the magnum should do the trick so
       just use the magnum
       Take the first aid spray now.
       To kill the bander's quicker with the knife run up to the
       closest one and start stabbin with the knife on the side
       without the arm, soon it'll fall, do the same thing for
       the other 2 banders.
       Take the first aid spray now.
    Now check your player's health cause we are about to have
    the boss fight for the respective player, ok ?!
    ## FINAL ROOM ##
       Normal claire
       For claire its good ol nosferatu making his appearence
       the easiest and the simplest method of finishing this boss
       fight is to keep the bowgun with explosive arrows in hand
       and keep on rapid firing from the place where you start off
       in this room and keep your aim at the boss, this is way
       too easy and soon enough its gonna be over.
       Alternate claire
       Hope to god that you didnt forget to get the gas rounds for
       claire from the slot machine, if you got them then this fight
       is easy, shoot 2 rounds,then run away, shoot 2 more then run
       away, no more then 7 rounds should do it, if you didnt take
       the gas rounds then take out the acid rounds and do the same
       trick as written above and in a while the boss should die.
       This boss is quiet easy compared to the rest of steve's battle
       game, just take out the submachine guns and start firing off
       when ever the boss shows itself, when it goes down just start
       running around in large circles, soon the boss would finally
       fall over and die and your done here.
       Good ol chris has the only mutating boss in the battle game
       keep on shooting alexia with the magnum and never stop pressing
       the fire button, in a whil alexia will scream and turn to her
       next form, again keep on shooting at it with the magnum and
       soon this fight should be over.
       Mr wesker man has the battle we already saw in the main game
       its him up against alexia 1st, now if you took the magnum
       from the slot machine then this fight is already over, take
       out the magnum and start shooting at the boss, before the
       6 rounds will finish the boss fight is already over, or if
       by some huge mistake you didnt take the magnum then the best
       thing to do is slash alexia from behind with the knife and
       hope to god she dies quickly, check your health frequently.
    End of walkthrough
    A RANK        *
    If you want to get the A rank in the battle mode then you
    must finish the battle game in the following times as each
    NORMAL CLAIRE : Keep the game time under 7 minutes
    AlTERNATE CLAIRE : Keep the game time under 10 minutes
    STEVE BURNSIDE : Keep the game time less then 15 minutes
    CHRIS REDFIELD : Keep the game time less then 8 minutes
    ALBERT WESKER : Keep the game time less then 1 hour.
    TIPS      *
    * Try to get an A rank with any player in the battle game to
      unlock the linear launcher, it makes the game alot easier
      but it also takes away any chances for an A rank
    * When playing as wesker keep in mind to slash the zombies
      at their knee's so they would fall down quicker, then
      stab on and they'll soon die
    * Steve has a trick with the lugar in which if you aim up
      and fire at the same time when very close to the zombie
      then steve can get random headshots. Cool.
    * Be sure to check the slot machine for each character
      not only does it get you any special items but it also
      gets you the infamous DIJ's diary.
    * In this game dont just go on and start using healing
      items, instead keep on fighting until you are in the red danger
       or are about to enter any rooms with hunters or sweepers.
    * Keep in mind that the zombie placings and the health item
      locations remain same in every game so when your playing the
      game , memorize the locations for help with the harder
      player, namely WESKER !!.
    * When your playing as wesker be extra sure taht you get the
      magnum from the slot machine, because without it you can
      imagine fighting alexia with a knife yourself.
    |       |     |\  |
    |__     |     | \ |
    |       |     |  \|
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    Found : All over the shop
    These are the grenade acid rounds to be used with the grenade
    launcher, work well against hunters.
    Found : Private residence, airport boarding lift
    Use it once as claire to open the way to the plane and once
    as chris to reveal a hidden passage in the military facility.
    Found : Airport 1F
    Use it on the bridge to raise it to level 2 so the plane can
    take off.
    Found : alexander's pierce near nosferatu's dead body
    Use it later on in the game on the painting to open up the
    Found : alexia's choker, search the choker to get this item.
    Use it later on in the game on the painting to open up the
    Found : Alfred's ring, search the ring in his hand to get this item
    Use it later on in the game on the painting to open up the
    Found : Military facility 1F, Airport boarding lift
    Use it first at the boarding lift to get passage to the plane then
    later on use it on the slot behind the model to open up a passage.
    Found : Antartica, weapons room
    This is an awesome weapon and can take care of both strong and weak
    enemies quickly and easily.
    Found : Military facility tyrant room
    This is the only ammo for the assault rifle and can be found in the
    game with chris, it will refill your rifle to about 50 %.
    Found : Antartica with chris
    Use it on the crate in the convayer belt
    Found : Military facility in the harrier jet hallway
    Use this battery to turn the power to the lift on in the room where
    steve shot his dad.
    Found : Airport
    Use it on the shutters which have the gray scanners with them, this
    card is used more then once.
    BOW GUN :
    Found : Military facility
    This is one of the best guns in the game, even though the normal
    arrows dont do alot the explosive rounds can cause some damage.
    Found : All over the shop
    These are the normal arrows for the bowgun.
    Found : Alot of places
    Combine these with the normal bowgun rounds to make the more
    powerful explosive arrows.
    Found : All over the shop
    These herbs can cure any normal poison, except for the
    random poison caused by nosferatu.
    Found : Tiger statue in antartica base
    Use it in alfred's room on the music box to open it up.
    Found : Prison grounds
    Special ammo for the grenade launcher
    Found : Prison grounds
    Open up the case to get another item for later use
    Found : Military training facility catwalk above room where steve
            shot his dad
    Use it to open the chemical storage room in the military facility.
    Found : Military facility chemical storage room
    Combine with the clement E for another item
    Found : Military training facility one of the rooms where you go as steve
    Combine it with the clement A to get another item.
    Found : Combine the 2 clements
    Use it on the eagle plate to remove the alloy
    Found : RE 1 mansion duplicate, chris starts off with one
    Use it to kill single zombies, and also needed to set claire free
    Found : Airport
    Use this to raise the bridge which allows the plane to fly
    Found : Antartica base room where you fill the extinguisher
    Use it on the crane to lift the dead body of nosferatu.
    Found : Antartica base prison room.
    Smash it under the concrete to get the security card.
    Found : Prison grounds and rockfort palace also antartica
            base where valve is modified.
    Claire gets weapon modifications with her cases and chris
    gets magnum rounds with his.
    Found : Antartica base
    Use it to blow open the cabinet.
    Found : Military facility in the turntable room
    Use it to open the door in the military facility which
    doesnt have a knob.
    Found : Antartica base room above alfred's room replica
    Combine it with the wings to get the full dragonfly.
    Found : Military facility, palace grounds and the water pool
            where you fight the albanoid
    Use it with claire to open some doors and some boxes and use
    it as chris to get the halbred.
    Found : Military facility
    This card can be used to open the doors with the blue scanners
    with them.
    Found : Palace grounds
    Check this item to get the queen ant object
    Found : Prison grounds
    Use it to get rid of fires in 2 places in the whole game.
    FOund : All over the place
    Use this spray to heal your health immediately to full
    Found : Alot of places
    Flame ammo for the grenade launcher, use it mostly against
    the bandersnatchers, cause they are weak against it.
    Found : Military facility
    Use this key to open the painting room in the palace.
    Found : From steve in prison area, also with chris after
            the drawer puzzle.
    Use it to open the door in the palace save room and also
    to unlock steve in battle game mode.
    Found : All over the place
    Use them to gain about 25 % of your health
    GLASs EYE :
    Found : Prison dead doctor
    Use this to open the secret passage in the prison
    Found : Military facility
    One of the best guns in the game, works for all kinds of
    Found : Alot of places
    These are the standard grenade rounds for the grenade launcher
    Found : Alot of places
    This is ammo for the bowgun.
    GAS MASK :
    Found : Antartica base
    Use it to prevent from inhaling gas in machine room.
    Found : Chris starts his game with it.
    This is a slow gun and should be used to kill zombies only.
    Found : All over the place
    Standard ammunition for all kinds of handguns.
    Found : Prison office
    Use it to make an exact copy for opening the main doors of
    the prison.
    Found : Military facility in the save game room
    Give it to carlos to get the lockpick and soemthing extra
    for chris later on.
    Found : After eagle plate is combined with the clement mixture
    Use it to open the hanger door and also to open a cabinet in
    the antarctic base.
    ID CARD :
    Found : Palace save game room
    use it to get the password for the computer
    Found : All over the place
    Use it to save your game via the typewriters.
    Found : Rodrigo gives it to chris if you save him
    Use it on the torch to get the SMG's and on the detonator later on
    Found : Room where the final fight takes place
    Without this weapon you cant beat the final form of alexia
    Found : Antartica base search under the pot
    Use this key to open the machine room.
    MAGNUM :
    Found : Antartic base weapons room
    This is the powerhouse, save only for bosses.
    Found : Rarely
    This is the precious ammo for the magnum.
    M100P PISTOLS :
    Found : Barracks
    These are some quick guns, save for the later enemies in the
    rockfort island base.
    M39R HANDGUN :
    Found : Prison grounds
    This is the basic handgun
    Found : Prison grounds duralumin case
    This will upgrade your handgun and make it much better
    Found : Private residence alexia's bedroom
    Use this to play the music box in alfred's room
    Found : Antartic base
    Use this key to open the door to the mining room.
    Found : Antarctic base alexia's room replica
    Use it on the music plate in alfred's room.
    Found : Palace grounds, airport boarding lift
    Use it as claire to open the passage to the plane and use it as
    chris to open the secret passage in the military facility.
    Found : Antarctic base cabinet
    Use it to open the container where alfred's body is.
    Found : Antarctic base above nosferatu's graling
    Search it to find the machine room key
    RED HERB :
    Found : All over the place
    Use this to boost the power of the green herb
    Found : Inside broken crystal
    use it to get to steve aswell as open self destruct mechanism.
    Found : Claire gives it to chris
    Search inside the file to get the security card
    Found : Antarctic base weapons room
    Use this to save claire if she was poisoned by nosferatu
    Found : Military facility sewers
    This is a good weapon, use when there are more then one
    zombies around or a single hunter.
    Found : Alot of places
    These are the standard shells for the shotgun
    Found : Submarine, military facility
    Use it to gain more item sapce
    Found : Private residence
    To make the ride go around
    FOund : Private residence
    Use it to open some doors.
    Found : Military facility
    Use it to raise the wall in the model room
    FOund : Copy it from the real emblem
    Use this to open the door leading outside the prison
    Found : Palace grounds
    Use it to call the submarine
    Found : Antarctica base after alfred falls down
    Use it to kill nosferatu quickly.
    SOCKET :
    Found : Antarctic base tiger statue
    use it to turn the valve handle back to square
    Found : Antarctic base
    Use it to open the double doors in the mansion replica
    Found : Military facility where you meet the first bander
            Room where you meet rodrigo as chris
    These are the best guns in the game, quick and can aim for
    more then one enemy at a time.
    TG-01 ALLOY :
    Found : Prison grounds
    Use it to help making another thing
    Found : Upper part of the room where steve shot his dad
            reach via the knobless door.
    Use it on the model in the military facility
    Found : Military facility model room after using the tank object
    Use it on the turntable
    Found : Upper part of the power room as claire and upper part
            of the power room as chris
    Use it to first turn on the power, then turn the gas completely
    off then as chris to lower the water .
    Found : 4 of them there,
    Use em on the dragonfly object and you'll get the complete golden
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
                   FILE LIST
    Found : You start off with it
    When you obtain a new item, always remember to look at it with the
    "Check" command on the status screen. Remember, it's always best to
    rotate the item so you can check it from different angles.
    If you face an object and press and hold up on the directional button,
    sometimes you will be able to push it. You may find hidden rooms and
    items this way.
    You can turn 180 degrees instantly by pressing the Cancel button whil
    holding the directional button down. This is a very effective move when
    you attack an enemy and then want to turn around and run.
    When you are lost or are unsure of what to do, check the map screen. You
    can easily tell where you've been and can see which doors you have
    You can climb/descend some objects. To do this, face the object and then
    push the Action button.
    The items you store in a Security Box in the prison cannot be accessed
    through an Item Box. Make sure you remove all important items from a
    Security Box before exiting a room.
    You cannot release the trap by yourself. After certain events occur, you
    will be able to release the trap and obtain the Gold Lugers.
    Once the shutter near the bio-experiment room shuts, you can't open it
    until the ventilation process completes due to the in-room air pollution
    You will need to place a pair of items onto the two music boxes. Then
    you willl have to...
    The sorter judges which room each load will be sent to by an item that
    is posted on the load. You should check an already sorted load in the
    room you would like to send your load to and then...
    When your player character changes, make sure to leave enough weapons
    and ammo for the others.
    Found : Office in prison grounds
    Be sure to verify the content of the following facility access
    application form, and add the applicants's name to the expected
    visitor's list.
                        Chief, Prison guard room
                                 Paul Steiner
    I hereby apply for access permission for Prison Area D.
    Details follow,
    Visitor's name: Carl Grisham
                     Puropse of Entry:
    Carrying in the following materials;
    1. New product sample from Metal Industries Co: "TG-01".
    2. Various daily commodities orderd by the prison.
    1. Will use a transportation truck.
    2. "TG-01" sample will be stored in a designated briefcase.
    Found : Inside briefcase
    Thank you for your continued support and for our products.
    This time we have gathered our most advaned technologies, and have
    succeeded in creating the unique anti-metal decection alloy "TG-01".
    -TG-01 features?-
    1. Cannot be detected by any metal detectors.
    2. Cannot be pictured by roentgenography at the immigration check.
    3. Lightweight, yet durable.
    We plan to to develop various weapons utilizing this innovative new
    alloy. We enclosed a sample for you to review. We look forward to
    hearing from you regarding possible business opportunities.
    Metal Industries Co.
    Development Planning
    Carl Redhill
    Found : metal detector hallaway
    3-D Duplicator User's Manual
    Our new product, the "3-D Duplicator" consists of two parts.
    _3-D Scanner Portion_
    This portion scans the 3D object. Simpley place the material that you
    want to have scanned onto the tray of the scanner. The scanned object
    will be processed into 3D data, which will be transfered to the
    duplicator portion.
    _Duplicator Portion_
    If you place the material you wish to have converted on the machine, you
    can begin conversion based on the 3-D data that was scanned portion. The
    conversion will be executed with complete data accuracy. the result will
    be an object preciesly true to the original.
    Found : Front of military facility lab in facility
    The emergency lock system in the biology experiement room can be
    released with the four digit pass number. I hope you haven't forgotton
    about it already.
    I have just reveived an order from the system administrator requesting
    us to change the pass number periodically. What bothers me is that you
    often lose important memos, pass numbers, or even chemicals...
    So, in an attempt to solve that problem, I came up with an idea. You
    know the red human skeleton picture at the back of the biology
    experiment room?
    I have decided to use the number signed on the picture as the pass
    number. If you happen to lose the memo just use the picture.
    Well, I don't think you would ever need to use the emergency pass number
    anyway. But just in case, now you know. Take it easy Mr. Careless!
    Found : Painting room in front of alfred's painting
    Sir Alfred,
    Congratulations on your succession as master as the Ashford family.
    I hereby present you with an earthenware vase, according to the Ashford
    family tradition.
    As you may know, this tradition first began when a butler presented a
    golden teacup as a commemorative to Veronica. As founder of the Asford
    family, her intelligence and beauty are legendary.
    The second and third, masters, Stanly and his son Thomas were also
    presented with similar teacups. It was their hope to achieve glory as
    Veronica did before them.
    The position as family master then shifted to Sir Thomas to his twin
    brother Sir Arthur. It then went to Sir Edward, your grandfather. That
    was when the Ashford family enjoyed it's golden age.
    It was also Sir Edwards acheivement that established the large chemical
    enterprise, Umbrella Inc.
    However, when Sir Edward passed away, and your father Sir Alexander
    succeeded the position, the glorious Ashford family gradually began to
    I sincerely hope that the Ashford family regains it's glory with your
    guidence, just as this vase continues to shine eternally.
                                                 Scott Harman
                                           Butler, Ashford Family
    Found : Upper balcony of room where steve shot his dad
    Although we planned to utilize the enhanced anti-decay alloy called
    "Deploid" to create the storage capsule of the new B.O.W., we have had
    to cancel the plan. This is primarly based upon the fact that despite
    it's excellent resistance to all kinds of liquid including strong acid,
    it easily dissolves when soaked with a mixture of the two chemicals,
    "Clement a" and "Clement E".
    Due to the lethal nature of the new B.O.W., we cannot be too careful in
    choosing the material for their storage capsule.
    We have instead decided to use Deploid to create the plate portion of
    the "Eagle Plate", which shines in indigo-blue.
                        CLEMENT INFORMATION
    The a type is used for gun maintenance and possesses no conspicuous
    characteristics. However, the E type will change it's color to blue at a
    certain temperature.
    (It is an odd coincidence that the temperature is exactly the same as
    the date of completion of this training facility.)
    Based upon our analysis of the E type, we believe that Clement possesses
    more features. As new information is learned, we will update this file.
    Found : Prisoners barracks bunk bed
    May 13th
    This room stinks of death. Based upon the information I've found, I
    believe that I'm far south of the equator.
    Lucky for me that Bob in the bunk below me, is one of those interesting
    types of guys...
    May 16th
    Today Bob told some crazy story of why he was put this place with me.
    Bob said that he used to be an attendant of the head of this place. This
    "boss" named Alfred supposedly placed him in here because of a tiny
    little mistake.
    What does that mean? What's going to happen to me?
    May 20th
    Without warning, a group of military men took Bob to the building behind
    the gullotine stand.
    At midnight, I'll sneak out of here to see him.
    I've been hearing that anyone taken to that building never comes back.
    On top of that, there are these REALLY large plastic bags being
    constantly being removed from that place. I'd better pray for Bob...
    May 21st
    I was wrong. I shouldn't have gone there. What is going on it there?!
    All I could here was some insanely creepy laughter and the sound of Bob
    screaming. I don't know what to do. I can't sto thinking about it...
    Is that going to happen to me?!
    I can't let it...
    I just can't...
    May 27th
    Since my last entry, all of my fellow inmates have been taken to that
    building! I know that I am next...It's obvious that we are all here to
    be used as Alfred's guinea pigs. There's no way out!
    What am I going to do?!...
    Found : morgue in prison grounds
    There is a demon in my mind. I can't control the fierce impluses that
    the demon sometimes drives me to act upon. It is a brutal ceremony. With
    the demon next to me, I enjoy watching agonize in pain, screaming and
    convulsing repeatedly as they die...
    But, Sir Alfred was kind enough to acknowledge me, and has given me the
    facilities, the chemicals, and the "equipment" necessary to study
    I must never betray Sir Alfred's kindness. It is especially critical
    that no one discovers the sacred place that only he and I know about. I
    swear, the basement of this medical building will be kept secret.
    Of course, I keep the key to the sacred place with me at all times. Even
    if an outsider sees it, they will never be able to tell that it is the
    key. I must remember that my life ends when I lose Sir Alfred's trust.
    Found : Waiting room in the palace
    Four years have passed since I began serving Sir Alfred.
    He doesn't trust anyone! Even though I am his attendant, I am still
    stricktly prohibited from entering his private house! What is his
    problem anyway?!
    They say he lives with his twin sister, Alexia in his private house on
    the hill.
    Occasionally, I've seen someone standing by the window of the house. It
    might have been Alexia, whose extreme beauty is often talked about.
    I once asked Sir Alfred about this, but it only enraged him. Even though
    I am his attendant. He will not show me any lenience. If I ask about her
    again, I could put my life at risk.
    After all, it is a mystery why he so desperately tries to keep his
    private life with Alexia a secret.
                                          Robert Dorson
    Found ; Library private residence
    A 10 year old girl genius graduated at the top of her class, from a
    prestigious university.
    The international corporation, Umbrella Chemical Inc., offered the
    position of head researcher.
    Found : Alfred's bedroom private residence
    My dear brother,
    I firmly believe that the glory of the Ashford family will be revieved
    through your courage and strength as an honored soldier.
                                       Yours faithfully,
                                         Alexia Ashford
    Found : Palace conference room
    Attn: Mr. Alfred Ashford, head of the facility
    Today at 16:32, I arrived successfully from the Umbrella transport base
    with the large-scale B.O.W. capsule.
    Extreme care was taken during transport, and all 108 check points were
    comfirmed condition "green" in accordance with standard procedures.
    It is currently being stored in a freezer.
    There's one thing that I don't understand. We are normally assigned to
    special missions. Why were we ordered to trasport a frozen capsule this
    I understand that this may be classified as top-secret, but without
    knowledge of the contents, our safety could be at risk durng this
    transport. This is especially important if the contents are pontentially
    We would like to ask you provide us with more information, should we be
    assigned similar missions in the future?
    I still remember the good old days in the military training center.
    Nothing has changed since then.
    We will gear up for the next mission today at 23:00.
                   Umbrella Special Forces Unit
    Found : Table in workers bunk room
    October 30th
    When I joined Umbrella Inc., I thought that I would be able to live
    care-free for the rest of my life, being employed by this huge
    It's a joke that I ended up being a driver at a place like this. I asked
    for a position change, but they completely ignored me. It feels more
    like a prison! Work is extremely demanding, and there's nothing fun
    about it. I'd rather be dead!
    November 3rd
    My hard-earned vacation was canceled suddenly. I heard they failed to
    secure enough manpower due to a mistake made by the facility head,
    Alfred. That fool doesn't deserved forgiveness. He doesn't even treat us
    like human beings!
    November 5th
    I heard an interesting story from a guy who's been working here for 8
    years. He must be awfully patient...
    He says that there is a man who has been confined for over 10 years,
    locked deep below here. People call him "Nosferatu" and are deathly
    afraid of him. What an absurd story!
    November 10th
    At midnight I woke up to an omnious growling sound that seemed to be
    coming from deep under ground...I'm so pathetic to have been fightened
    by such a foolish story.
    Then again, I suppose anyone would have a hard time maintaining their
    sanity if they were confined in a place like this!
    Found : Office in antarctic base
    My father, Edward, discovered the mother virus in cooperation with Lord
    Spencer, who was also a nobleman. They studied it for the purpose of
    military use.
    Eventually their study took shape. They named a variation of the mother
    virus, the "T-virus".
    To camouflage their research, they esablished Umbrella Chemical, Inc.
    I majored in biogenetics and have been involved with a top secret
    project, supporting my father's research.
    However, my research went through a difficult phase, and my father died
    in the middle of the project.
    We are now at a major disadvantage against the other researchers, as
    there is great competition in the field of T-virus research. I have
    disgraced the honorable name of the Ashford family that out great
    ancestor Veronica established.
    If nothing is done, Umbrella will be taken over by Spencer. I must
    expedite the project to its fullest, without being detected by Spencer.
    After much thought, I decided to establish a large-scale advanced
    research facility. It will be located in the transport terminal that i
    created by using the abandoned mine in the Antarctic.
    Within the facility, I'll have a room built. It will be similar to the
    design of my mansion, the legacy of the late Trevor.
    I will be able to cherish my sweet memories there...
    For security purposes, this confidential project will be given a
    codename. It is the same name if the beautiful ancestor of the Ashford
    family, "Veronica" whom I wish to receive so badly.
    I am confident that the result of my research will be as glorious as her
    name, and that honor will be restored to the Ashford family again.
    Found : Antarctic office locker
    Sir Alfred,
    Please forgive me, as I must tell you of my abrupt departure by leaving
    this letter.
    I first served your father, Lord Alexandar, and have for so long shared
    in the joys and sorrows of the Ashford family. Lord Alexander
    disappeared unexpectedly 15 years ago, then an accident during an
    experiment took the life of our dear Alexia.
    You were forced to become the master of the family at a very young age,
    and nearly lost your sanity from the sorrow of having lost all of your
    family members at once.
    There was nothing I could do, and I felt powerless.
    I first though that I should kill myself to apologize. I then realized
    that it would be an insult to our dear Lord Alexander and Alexia, in the
    other world...
                                                              Scott Harman
                                                            Ashford family
    Found : Library in private residence
    Alexia, my sister, is a genius and possesses unmatched beauty. She is
    everything to me. I would overcome any obstacle and be willing to risk
    my life for her. For Alexia, I must revive teh glorious Ashford family
    which fell during the era of my father, Alexandar.
    Together, we will restore our family name. Once that has been achieved,
    I'll build a palace where only nobles may gather. I cannot allow the
    unwashed to see my dear Alexia, to whom my life is devoted to. She
    reigns the world as queen, with I as her servant.
    That is my dream, and how sweet it will be. Those accomplishments will
    be proof of my love toward Alexia. It is the purpose of my existance.
    All other people are meaningless, and they shall prostrate themselves
    before Alexia and I.
           Devoted to my beloved Alexia,
                      Alfred Ashford
    Found : Behind tank model in military facility
    The underground passage which leads to the mansion where Alexia and I
    live, has been badly damaged. Although I can never allow the unwashed to
    see Alexia, I cannot go on using the underground waterway that those
    local people made, either.
    Oh yes...I think I'll have those prisoners build a bridge. It must be a
    gorgeous bridge that benefits the perfection that is Alexia.
    Of course, I must kill everyone who's involved in the construction of
    the bridge after it is done, so that no one will know about the
    existance of our mansion. But that is okay, as I have no problems
    executing such matters.
    Once the bridge is completed, I'll seal the mansion entrance door at the
    end of the underground waterway. The entrance of the waterway is locked
    by the dioama trick, ensuring the secrecy of our mansion.
                                                  Alfred Ashford
    Found : Alexanders lab on chair
    After many long years of research, I finally identified the inheritance
    element that admisisters the intellegence of man.
    I even succeeded in manipulating the absolute value of intelligence
    aftifically, by recomposing the base alignment of the element.
    I then sampled the gene of out great ancestor, manipulated its element,
    then implanted it into the infertilized egg of a surrogate mother.
    What I didn't expect was that twins, a boy and a girl, were born. The
    boy had higher intelligence than normal, but not high enough for him to
    be considered a genius.
    However, the girl had unmatched intelligence that easily allowed her to
    be classified as a genius. She was exactly what I had been looking for,
    the revival of out great ancestor.
    I already determined their names: the girl's name, Alexia, and the boy's
    name, Alfred.
    I'm certain that Alexia will elevate the name of the Ashford family to
    extreme glory.
                                                 Alexander Ashford
    Found : Cabinet which you open with the halbred
    January 30th
    There's a sealed room in the hallway located inside of the Antarctic
    facility. I don't know what is hidden there, but I do not know how to
    get in.
    I can use the three jewels that each one of our three members wear as
    proof of being legitimate descendant of the Ashford family. The only
    problem is, I do not know how I can gain possession of my father's
    February 17th
    I finally succeeded in entering that sealed room. I never could have
    imagined that such an insane secret existed regarding the birth of both
    Alexia and myself...
    I hate my father. That fool, Alexander...Now it is obvious that we were
    merely created in an attempt to cover my father's blunder. I can never
    trust him again. I must regain the glory of the Ashford family with my
    I have nothing to be afraid of, as long as Alexia is with me.
    March 3rd
    Alexia carried out the experiment on the human body that we've been
    talking about. Our useless father must be happy now, since he can
    finally contribute to the Ashford family.
    The only thing we should be careful about is that the butler, Harman,
    does not become wise to our activities.
    April 22nd
    The experiment resulted in failure. Our father was useless after all.
    Even worse, he turned into a dangerous monster that is competely out of
    We tied him down and locked him up in an underground prison cell.
    However, Alexia seems to be close to a solution. Beyond all my
    expectations, she now says that she wishes to conduct the experiment on
    her own body.
    On top of that, she feels she must be kept asleep for 15 years in order
    to accomplish the experiment. Thanks to that idiot, I can't see my dear
    Alexia for as long as 15 years.
    Alexia is going to sleep, with all of her trust relying upon me. Now, I
    am the only one who can protect Alexia.
    Found : Alexia's lab on the desk
    After discovering the remains of an ancient virus within the genes of a
    queen ant, I have been concentrating on the research of ants.
    The ecosystem of the ants seems truly ideal to me. There is one queen
    ant in each anthill, and the soldier and worker ants are the queen's
    slaves. They dedicate their lives to the queen.
    The death of the queen ant means the doom of the entire anthill.
    However, the soldier and workder ants can be easily replaced as long as
    the queen ant is alive. This is exactly the same relationship between
    myself and other ignorant masses.
    I have succeeded in creating an ideal virus by implanting the queen
    ant's gene into the mother virus that Spencer found.
    I used my otherwise useless father as a test subject. However, as I
    expected, the virus caused a rapid change in his cells, triggering the
    complete destruction of his brain cells and body flesh.
    Furthermore, a special type of poison gas was generated inside his body,
    that the blue herb had no effect against. Because of this, I created an
    antidote in case of an emergency, and stored it inside of the
    weapon/chemical warehouse on the B2 floor.
    I have decided to name this virus with unimaginable potential, the "T-
    Veronica" virus. When I find out how I can fully utilize the power of
    wonderful virus, my great research will finally be complete.
                                              Alexia Ashford
    Found : Counter in front of broken video screen
    Work continues on the "T-Veronica" virus which I extracted from the
    queen ant. The more research I conduct on it, the more I am impressed by
    how much potential it has.
    I have finally implanted the virus into my own body, and discovered how
    to fully utilize its power. I will avoid making the mistake that I made
    on my father. I will suppress the activity of the virus at an ultra-low
    temperature, so that my cells will change slowly.
    My calculations indicate that it will take 15 years before my body will
    gain immunity, and become able to coexist with the virus.
    Until then, I have no choice but to trust the capsule that I will be in,
    to that inept but loyal soldier ant who is my brother. For me to obtain
    unlimited power, some risks need to be taken.
    When I awaken, I will be the queen... And the "T-Veronica" virus will be
    unleashed upon the entire world by my children. Every last creature on
    earth will exist to serve me.
    At that time, the world will achive the perfect ecosystem, just like an
    anthill, but on a much grander scale.
                                             Alexia Ashford
    D.I.J.'s Diary
    Found : Slot machine, battle game mode.
    December 27th
    Today, a woman in red was taken to my home on Rockfort Island. I wonder
    what she did to deserve such a fate? I've lived here for so long and
    have seen so many people taken to the prison, but rarely have I seen
    someone released alive...
    Out of nowhere, these strange soldiers appeared with weapons in their
    hands. I suppose that the master of the island is being attacked by an
    opposing organization. Since I was worried about the woman in red, I ran
    to her prison but she was not there. I wonder if she is related to the
    attack on the island...
    When I reached the military training facility, the master of Rockfort
    Island was chasing the woman in red. I got careless and was almost
    killed under a shutter. However, thanks to my natural agility, I managed
    to escape from the danger and went outside. I guess I should be thankful
    for my nature skills...
    When I heard the self-destruct announcement and saw the emergency
    signal, I know that I had to get off the island. Was this all HER doing?
    I didn't have time to think about it because I had to hurry to the
    hanger of the transportation plane to escape...
    On my way to the transportation plane, a huge monster appeared in front
    of the woman in red. It broke through the fences like they were made of
    paper! Although I wanted to see what happened to the woman in red, I
    decided to run to my destination...
    Even with all the explosions and fires, the transportation plane took
    off with us on it. I thought that I was safe. But somehow, that huge
    monster got onto our plane. With help from me, the woman in red was able
    to drive the monster out of our plane. She is indeed a woman to be
    I can't believe it! Our transportation plane landed at an Antarctic
    tranportation base. Worse yet, the crews who took off witht another
    transportation plane before us, have scattered the T-Virus here. Now
    this base is just like the island, where zombies and monsters wander
    I won't be able to survive long in a place like this! I must find a way
    to escape from here as soon as possible!! I will give up on that woman
    in red and will start searching for another way...
    As I was resting in the darkness, I sensed someone approaching. They're
    right next to me! The door was closed and I couldn't escape so I just
    kept banging on the door like a maniac. Suddenly the door opened, so I
    ran for it! But then I realized that I should not be afraid, so I looked
    back. I found myself looking at the woman in red...
    Finally, I found a blond haired man in sun glasses. It seemed he was
    going to escape in a submarine. I felt that it was my last chance to
    escape from this crazy place of white terror. So just before the
    submarine hatch closed, I successfully sneaked into the submarine.
    That is my story of how I survived from that insane world of horror.
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
                             BATTLE MODE
    Complete the game with any difficulty and any rank at all and after
    the credits end the game will make a save automatically, then check
    your main menu and you'll find that there is a new option called the
    battle game, in this game you can play as either chris, claire, steve
    or wesker. The objective of this game is to kill all the monsters
    in a room and then head for the next room, this is a really fun game
    to play with lotsa lotsa shooting action.
                              LINEAR LAUNCHER
    Once you have the battle mode game, play it and get A ranks with all
    your characters, then when you start the next time arond with anyone
    you'll find the linear launcher in your inventory, if you even
    equip it then you'll loose your ranks, but it will make the game
    helluva lot of easier.
                              ROCKET LAUNCHER
    Finish the main game with an A rank and the next time you play the game
    you'll find it in your inventory, or if you start the game in very easy
    mode then you'll also find one in the item box.
    TIPS :
    * This is a really really cool trick, it works best when your playing the
      battle game, play as steve and kill every zombie in a room but 1 , then
      auto aim at the final zombie and steve will aim at it, then press the
      change target button and steve will cross his hands just like the scene
      before the nosferatu fight, really cool.
    * CV is the first game which has increased the potential of the knife's power
      so its best to use a knife in this game if there is only one zombie around
      either aim up and it will fall down easily, or aim down for quick slashes
      at the knee area, zombies will stumble and fall to the floor quicker this
      way, then just keep on slashing to finish them off.
    * Before you have to fight alexia's second form she will try to kill claire
      at that time you have to shoot her with any gun's 1 ammo so dont waste
      important ammo, shoot with a bow or somethin..
    * If you are in an area with bats then just take out the ligter and the
      bats wont bother you anymore.
    * When your playing the game be sure to take the hemostatic medicine from
      the save room and take it back to rodrigo, he'll hand you the lockpick and
      claire gives him the lighter, later on in the game chris meets him and gets
      the lighter, there you can use it to get the sub machine guns.
    * You can find rodrigo in the battle mode if you look, in the room where
      you fight the first 2 hunters, look through the crates in first person
      and you'll see him standing there with his mouth wide open.
    * When playing as chris in battle mode, head to the room with the hunter
      and sweeper in it, kill them both and head for the broken mirror, press
      action with it and chris will do his hair.
    * When playing as steve head for the room where you have to make a choice
      for the casino room and the other room, there check the soda machine and
      steve will lose it cause he dont have any money to get a soda.
    * When playing as wesker in the battle mode in the mad doctors office take
      a look at the body and wesker will shake his head as if he's disguisted.
    * When playing as claire in the battle mode stand in the icy room for a
      while and she begins to shiver.
    * Finally as chris in battle mode head to the room with the tiger statue
      and press action with it, chris will get his hand cut.
    * When your in the fight against the mutated steve then know this that
      you cant kill him no matter what, just run away.
    * This is an abvious tip, but to save shotgun ammo wait till any zombies
      are close to you and then fire headshots, sometimes you can get headshots
      off more then 1 zombies if they are all close togather.
    * Here's a good tip to follow, make sure that you have the right distance
      for the right kind of enemy, whenever dealing with hunters make sure that
      you are at a good distance cause they can jump directly at your head,
      zombies should be killed closely if your with the shotgun, otherwise
      with any other gun keep far, same goes for the other enemies.
                            GAMESHARK CODES FOR PLAYSTATION 2
    [M] Must Be On
    F441B03A FDFC415E
    Infinite Health
    14D01D28 3CF0C3BC
    Always 1st Save
    14903628 34F0C14C
    No Retries
    14903429 34F0D15C
    Low Timer
    24903428 34F0D14C
    Unlock All Extras
    14003E36 BD788866
    Infinite Slot 1 Claire  04801D2E BC70C1DE
    Infinite Slot 2 Claire  04801D2E BC70C1FE
    Infinite Slot 3 Claire  04801E2E BCF0C14E
    Infinite Slot 4 Claire  04801E2E BCF0C16E
    Infinite Slot 5 Claire  04801E2E BCF0C15E
    Infinite Slot 6 Claire  04801E2E BCF0C17E
    Infinite Slot 7 Claire  04801E2E BCF0C1CE
    Infinite Slot 8 Claire  04801E2E BCF0C1EE
    Infinite Slot 1 Chris  04801C2E BCF0C1DE
    Infinite Slot 2 Chris  04801C2E BCF0C1FE
    Infinite Slot 3 Chris  04801F2E BCF0C14E
    Infinite Slot 4 Chris  04801F2E BCF0C16E
    Infinite Slot 5 Chris  04801F2E BCF0C15E
    Infinite Slot 6 Chris  04801F2E BCF0C17E
    Infinite Slot 7 Chris  04801F2E BCF0C1CE
    Infinite Slot 8 Chris  04801F2E BCF0C1EE
    Infinite Slot 1 Steve-BM  04801D2E BCF0C1DE
    Infinite Slot 2 Steve-BM  04801D2E BCF0C1FE
    Infinite Slot 3 Steve-BM  04C03E2E BC70C34E
    Infinite Slot 4 Steve-BM  04C03E2E BC70C36E
    Infinite Slot 5 Steve-BM  04C03E2E BC70C35E
    Infinite Slot 6 Steve-BM  04C03E2E BC70C37E
    Infinite Slot 7 Steve-BM  04C03E2E BC70C3CE
    Infinite Slot 8 Steve-BM  04C03E2E BC70C3EE
    Infinite Slot 1 Wesker  04C03C2E BC70C3DE
    Infinite Slot 2 Wesker  04C03C2E BC70C3FE
    Infinite Slot 3 Wesker  04C03F2E BC70C34E
    Infinite Slot 4 Wesker  04C03F2E BC70C36E
    Infinite Slot 5 Wesker  04C03F2E BC70C35E
    Infinite Slot 6 Wesker  04C03F2E BC70C37E
    Infinite Slot 7 Wesker  04C03F2E BC70C3CE
    Infinite Slot 8 Wesker  04C03F2E BC70C3EE
    R.Launcher In Crate
    24C13D2E BC70C3CE
    A.Rifle In Crate
    24C03D2E B870C3EE
    S.Rifle In Crate
    24C13D2E B870C3DE
    Shotgun In Crate
    24C03D2E BC60C3FE
    G.Launcher In Crate
    24C03E2E B8E0C34E
    C.Handgun In Crate
    24C43E2E B8F0C36E
    L.Launcher In Crate
    24C53E2E B8F0C35E
    Acid Rounds In Crate
    24C03E2E FCF0C37E
    F.Rounds In Crate
    24C13E2E FCF0C3CE
    F.A. Spray In Crate
    24C03E2E FCE0C3EE
    Ink Ribbon In Crate
    24C53E2E F8E0C3DE
    Magnum In Crate
    24C23E2E BCF0C3FE
    Gold Lugers In Crate
    24C33C2E BCF0C34E
    S.M. Gun In Crate
    24C23C2E B8F0C36E
    Gas Mask In Crate
    24C33C2E B8E0C35E
    A's Pierce In Crate
    24C73C2E B8F0C37E
    A's Jewel In Crate
    24C63C2E BCE0C3CE
    Al's Ring In Crate
    24C73C2E BCE0C3EE
    Al's Jewel In Crate
    24C63C2E B8E0C3DE
    Lockpick In Crate
    24C23C2E F8F0C3FE
    Glass Eye In Crate
    24C33F2E F8F0C34E
    Piano Roll In Crate
    24C23F2E FCE0C36E
    S.Wheel In Crate
    24C33F2E FCE0C35E
    Crane Key In Crate
    24C23F2E F8E0C37E
    Eagle Plate In Crate
    24C63F2E FCF0C3CE
    Side Pack In Crate
    24C73F2E FCF0C3EE
    Q.Ant Object In Crate
    24C63F2E FCE0C3DE
    K.Ant Object In Crate
    24C73F2E FCE0C3FE
    B.haz Card In Crate
    24C63D2E F8E0C34E
    Detonator In Crate
    24C03D0E BCF0C36E
    C.Lever In Crate
    24C13D0E BCF0C35E
    G.Dragonfly In Crate
    24C03D0E B8F0C37E
    Silver Key In Crate
    24C13D0E B8F0C3CE
    Gold Key In Crate
    24C03D0E BCE0C3EE
    Army Proof In Crate
    24C13D0E BCE0C3DE
    Navy Proof In Crate
    24C03D0E B8E0C3FE
    Air F. Proof In Crate
    24813E0E B860C34E
    ID Card In Crate
    24853F0E BC70C34E
    Airport Key In Crate
    24853E0E B8F0C34E
    Emblem Card In Crate
    24843F0E BCE0C34E
    Skel. Pic In Crate
    24853E0E BC60C3CE
    M.Box Plate In Crate
    24843E0E B860C3EE
    Album In Crate
    24803E0E FC70C3DE
    Halberd In Crate
    24813E0E FC70C3FE
    Fire Ext. In Crate
    24803C0E F870C34E
    Padlock Key In Crate
    24803C0E FC60C36E
    TG-01 In Crate
    24813C0E FC60C35E
    Valve Handle In Crate
    24813C0E F860C37E
    O.V. Handle In Crate
    24843C0E FC70C3CE
    Mach. Room Key In Crate
    24853C0E FC70C3EE
    Min. Room Key In Crate
    24843C0E F870C3DE
    BC Sticker In Crate
    24853C0E F870C3FE
    St. Room Key In Crate
    24843F0E FC60C34E
    Door Knob In Crate
    24853F0E FC60C36E
    Bat Pack In Crate
    24843F0E F860C35E
    Hemostatic In Crate
    24853F0E F860C37E
    Turnt. Key In Crate
    24823F0E BC70C3CE
    Ch. Stor. Key In Crate
    24833F0E BC70C3EE
    Clement A In Crate
    24823F0E B870C3DE
    Clement E In Crate
    24833F0E B870C3FE
    Tank Object In Crate
    24823D0E BC60C34E
    Sec.Card In Crate
    24873D0E BC70C36E
    A's Choker In Crate
    24873D0E B870C35E
    A's Jewel In Crate
    24863D0E BC60C37E
    Q.Ant Rel. In Crate
    24873D0E BC60C3CE
    K.Ant Rel. In Crate
    24863D0E B860C3EE
    Red Jewel In Crate
    24873D0E B860C3DE
    Blue Jewel In Crate
    24823D0E FC70C3FE
    Socket In Crate
    24833E0E FCF0C34E
    Sq.Valve H. In Crate
    24823E0E F8F0C36E
    Serum In Crate
    24833E0E F8F0C35E
    E. Vase In Crate
    24823E0E FCE0C37E
    Paperweight In Crate
    24833E0E FCE0C3CE
    S.Dragonfly In Crate
    24823E0E F8E0C3EE
    Crystal In Crate
    24873E0E FCF0C3DE
    Plant Pot In Crate
    24863E0E F8E0C3FE
    M-100P In Crate
    24843C2E B8E1C34E
                                    ACTION REPLAY CODES FOR PLAYSTATION 2
    EC8533D0 1445D97C
    Infinite Health
    4CD6A924 1456E745
    Always 1st Save
    4CD6B2A8 1456E7A5
    No Retries
    4CD6BACE 1456E7A5
    Low Timer
    1CD6BAC8 1456E7A5
    Enable All Extras
    4CD6B22C 1456B00C
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 1 Claire
    3CD6B4A0 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 2 Claire
    3CD6B4A4 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 3 Claire
    3CD6B4A8 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 4 Claire
    3CD6B4AC 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 5 Claire
    3CD6B4B0 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 6 Claire
    3CD6B4B4 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Claire
    3CD6B4B8 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Claire
    3CD6B4BC 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 1 Chris
    3CD6B4E0 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 2 Chris
    3CD6B4E4 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 3 Chris
    3CD6B4E8 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 4 Chris
    3CD6B4EC 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 5 Chris
    3CD6B4F0 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 6 Chris
    3CD6B4F4 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Chris
    3CD6B4F8 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Chris
    3CD6B4FC 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 1 Steve/Battle Mode
    3CD6B420 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 2 Steve/Battle Mode
    3CD6B424 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 3 Steve/Battle Mode
    3CD6B728 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 4 Steve/Battle Mode
    3CD6B72C 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 5 Steve/Battle Mode
    3CD6B730 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 6 Steve/Battle Mode
    3CD6B734 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Steve/Battle Mode
    3CD6B738 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Steve/Battle Mode
    3CD6B73C 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 1 Wesker
    3CD6B760 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 2 Wesker
    3CD6B764 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 3 Wesker
    3CD6B768 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 4 Wesker
    3CD6B76C 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 5 Wesker
    3CD6B770 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 6 Wesker
    3CD6B774 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 7 Wesker
    3CD6B778 1456E70B
    Inf Items/Ammo Pos 8 Wesker
    3CD6B77C 1456E70B
    Rocket Launcher Always In Crate
    1CD6B798 1455E70B
    Assault Rifle Always In Crate
    1CD6B79C 1454E70B
    Sniper Rifle Always In Crate
    1CD6B7A0 1453E70B
    Shotgun Always In Crate
    1CD6B7A4 145AE70B
    Grenade Launcher Always In Crate
    1CD6B7A8 1458E70B
    Custom Handgun Always In Crate
    1CD6B7AC 144CE70B
    Linear Launcher Always In Crate
    1CD6B7B0 144BE70B
    Acid Rounds Always In Crate
    1CD6B7B4 1446E70B
    Flame Rounds Always In Crate
    1CD6B7B8 1445E70B
    First Aid Spray Always In Crate
    1CD6B7BC 144AE70B
    Ink Ribbons Always In Crate
    1CD6B7C0 143FE70B
    Magnum Always In Crate
    1CD6B7C4 1436E70B
    Gold Lugers Always In Crate
    1CD6B7C8 1435E70B
    Submachine Gun Always In Crate
    1CD6B7CC 1434E70B
    Gas Mask Always In Crate
    1CD6B7D0 1437E70B
    Alexander's Pierce Always In Crate
    1CD6B7D4 142BE70B
    Alexander's Jewel Always In Crate
    1CD6B7D8 1432E70B
    Alfred's Ring Always In Crate
    1CD6B7DC 1431E70B
    Alfred's Jewel Always In Crate
    1CD6B7E0 1430E70B
    Lockpick Always In Crate
    1CD6B7E4 1424E70B
    Glass Eye Always In Crate
    1CD6B7E8 1423E70B
    Piano Roll Always In Crate
    1CD6B7EC 142AE70B
    Steering Wheel Always In Crate
    1CD6B7F0 1429E70B
    Crane Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B7F4 1428E70B
    Eagle Plate Always In Crate
    1CD6B7F8 141EE70B
    Side Pack Always In Crate
    1CD6B7FC 141DE70B
    Queen Ant Object Always In Crate
    1CD6B700 1422E70B
    King Ant Object Always In Crate
    1CD6B704 1421E70B
    Biohazard Card Always In Crate
    1CD6B708 1420E70B
    Detonator Always In Crate
    1CD6B70C 1496E70B
    Control Lever Always In Crate
    1CD6B710 1495E70B
    Gold Dragonfly Always In Crate
    1CD6B714 1494E70B
    Silver Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B718 1493E70B
    Gold Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B71C 149AE70B
    Army Proof Always In Crate
    1CD6B720 1499E70B
    Navy Proof Always In Crate
    1CD6B724 1498E70B
    Air Force Proof Always In Crate
    1CD6B628 1497E70B
    ID Card Always In Crate
    1CD6B668 148DE70B
    Airport Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B6A8 148BE70B
    Emblem Card Always In Crate
    1CD6B6E8 1492E70B
    Skeleton Picture Always In Crate
    1CD6B638 1491E70B
    Music Box Plate Always In Crate
    1CD6B63C 1490E70B
    Album Always In Crate
    1CD6B640 1486E70B
    Halberd Always In Crate
    1CD6B644 1485E70B
    Extinguisher Always In Crate
    1CD6B648 1484E70B
    Padlock Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B64C 148AE70B
    TG - 01 Always In Crate
    1CD6B650 1489E70B
    Valve Handle Always In Crate
    1CD6B654 1487E70B
    Octa Valve Handle Always In Crate
    1CD6B658 147EE70B
    Machine Room Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B65C 147DE70B
    Mining Room Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B660 147CE70B
    Bar Code Sticker Always In Crate
    1CD6B664 147BE70B
    Sterile Room Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B668 1482E70B
    Door Knob Always In Crate
    1CD6B66C 1481E70B
    Battery Pack Always In Crate
    1CD6B670 1480E70B
    Hemostatic Always In Crate
    1CD6B674 147FE70B
    Turntable Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B678 1476E70B
    Chem. Storage Key Always In Crate
    1CD6B67C 1475E70B
    Clement a Always In Crate
    1CD6B680 1474E70B
    Clement E Always In Crate
    1CD6B684 1473E70B
    Tank Object Always In Crate
    1CD6B688 147AE70B
    Security Card Always In Crate
    1CD6B68C 146DE70B
    Alexia's Choker Always In Crate
    1CD6B690 146BE70B
    Alexia's Jewel Always In Crate
    1CD6B694 1472E70B
    Queen Ant Relief Always In Crate
    1CD6B698 1471E70B
    King Ant Relief Always In Crate
    1CD6B69C 1470E70B
    Red Jewel Always In Crate
    1CD6B6A0 146FE70B
    Blue Jewel Always In Crate
    1CD6B6A4 1466E70B
    Socket Always In Crate
    1CD6B6A8 1465E70B
    Square Valve Handle Always In Crate
    1CD6B6AC 1464E70B
    Serum Always In Crate
    1CD6B6B0 1463E70B
    Earthenware Vase Always In Crate
    1CD6B6B4 146AE70B
    Paperweight Always In Crate
    1CD6B6B8 1469E70B
    Silver Dragonfly Always In Crate
    1CD6B6BC 1468E70B
    Crystal Always In Crate
    1CD6B6C0 145DE70B
    Plant Pot Always In Crate
    1CD6B6C4 1460E70B
    M - 100P Always In Crate
    1CD6B6C8 14D0E70B
                                       XPLORER CODES FOR THE DREAMCAST
    Infinite Health
    Only Saved Once
    Stop Timer
    Slot 1
    Slot 2
    Slot 3
    Slot 4
    Slot 5
    Slot 6
    Slot 7
    Slot 8
    Slot 1
    Slot 2
    Slot 3
    Slot 4
    Slot 5
    Slot 6
    Slot 7
    Slot 8
    Slot 9
    Slot 10
    Slot 1
    Slot 2
    Slot 3
    Slot 4
    Slot 5
    Slot 6
    Slot 7
    Slot 8
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    D = DOORS
               ________________ ______dd______
          ____|               |              |_
    _____|   |________     ___|_____         | |______________________________
    |                      |   |    |        d    ___________________         |
    |    __________________|   |____/         |  _| ___________d______|______  |
    |                          |              | |           |             |  | |
    |______________________|___d______________| |  _________d             |__| |
                                     |        | |_________|__________________| |
                                     |    ____d________________________________|
                              _______|   d    |
                             |__d_____  _|    |
                             |   |    dd |  __|
                             |   | ______|d|________
                             |_________  |   ____d _|__
                             |         | |  |          |
                             |         | |  |          |____
                             |         | |  |               \
                             |    _____| |  |     _____|    |
                            |    |   |      |               |
                            |    |   d     _|_              |
                            |_______ | ___|  _|             |
                                            |               |
                                            | ______________|
    B1 AREA
             ____________                             ___________
            |   _________||                    ___|  _________||
            |  |                                 |   __|
            |  |                                 |  |
         ___|d_|_______                          |d_|
        |   |          |                     _   |  |
        |   |          |                    | |__|  |____
        |______        |                    |            |_
               |_______|                    |____________ _|
                                            |    __      | |
                                            |   |__|--   | |
                                            |            d_|
                 _____________| |
            ____| |___________|_|
       ____|     _|
      |_ _      |
      | | |     |
      | | |    /
      | | | /\/
      | | | \ \
      | | | /\/
      | | | \
      | | |  \
      | | |   \
      | | |    \
      | |_|    |
      |___||   |
          |    |
          |    |
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
          |  |
         _|  |
        |    |
      __|    |_____
      \            d
       |__   ______|
          | |
                           _____________    _____________ ________
              ____________|             |  |             |        |
             |            |             |  |  |          |        |
             |   ______   |__           |_ |__|        | |d_______|
         ____|______   |__d_ |__          |   |        | | |
        | |         |_d___|_____|_________|___|  ______| | |
        | |     ____|    _____________________d_|_|dd ___| |___ _
        | |    |    |   |              |      |          |  ___d_|
        |____  |    |   |              |      |          | |
             |d|    |   d                     |          d |
             |_     |   |______________|______|          |_|
        |  \                                  |        __________   |
        |__/                                  d       |          |  |
        d                           __________|       |__________|  |
        |                          |          |_____________________|
                     _________                            ________
                    |         |                          |        |
                    |         |                          |        |
         ___________|         |                        | |  ______|
        |  _______  |_______d_|                   __   | | |      |
        | |       | d         |_______________ __|  |__| | |___   |
        | |     __| |_________________________d__________d      __|
        | |    |    |   |             |       | |      |_|  ___d |
        |      |    |   |             |     d_| |       _| |
        |__    |____|   |             |    |  | |      | d |
           |        |   |_____________d____|  d |_     |_|_|
    B1 AREA
                         __________         __
                        |          |       |  |
                        |  ________|       |  |
                        |          |       |  |
                ________|________d_|_______|  |________________ _
               |    |               |            |__d__________d_|
               |    d            d__|               |
               |    |           |___|__             |
               |    |           |      |____________|
               |                |
               |__________d     d
                           |    |
                  _____________   _______
                 |             | |_____  |
                 |             | |     |_|
                 |___dd________|_|       |
        _________| d________     d       |
       |__| |____|   |____  |_dd_|_______|
       |     ____|        | |    _     |  \
       |_________d        | |   |_|   |||  |
                 |__ /   \ _|__________|__/
                    |     |
                     \/ \/
                     /   \
                    |     |
       _____________|_    ______________
      |  ___________       ___________  |
      | |           |     |           | |
      | |           |     |           | |
      | |            \___/            | |
             |    |
    |  |   | |    |
    |  |   | |    |
    |  | __|      |
    |  |(__       |
    |  |   |______|
                          | |_______
                          | |       |
                          | |       |
                          |         |
        __________________|_|____   |
       |         |________  |||  |dd|
       |         |_       | |___d|  |
       |          _|      | |       |
       |___________|        | ______|
       __   __
      |  |_|  |__   __
      |       d  | |  |
      |______ |  | |  |
    |         |_    __|
    |          |dd|___
    |___       |      |
         |      | _  __|
         |____      _|
      |___d__  | |  ___  |
      |      | d | |   | |
      |___d__| | |_    | |
      |      | |   |___| |
      |___d__| |_________|
        /   __   \
       /   /  \   \
      |   |    |   |
       \   \__/   /
       /            \
      |      _       |
      |____ |_|  ____|
            |  |
       ____ |  |                   ______
      |_|__)|  |                  |      |_
      | |   |  |                  |      |_|
      | |_  |  |                  |      |          ________
      |   |  \/        ___________|      |         |_____   |_____
      |   |           |           d      |         |     |  |  \  |
      |   |_________ _|    _______d______|         |     |  |__/  |
      |_____________d_            |________________|_____|    |   |
                      |___________d________________d__     _______|
           _____| |__ ________________ __ _
          |_______d__|________________|  d |_______
      |    |
      |    |
      |   _|
      |  | |
      d    |
      |    |
    B1 AREA
                   ____                      ________________
                  |__  |                    |                |
      ___           | |        ______       |                |
    _|   |__________| |       |      |      |                |
    |          |  _____|___   |      |      |                |
    |_____     d |    |    |  |      |_     |                |
          |____|_|____|____|  |______| |    |                |
          |                |  / ____    \   |________________|
          |                |_/ /    |__  \ _|                |
          |                d_          ___d___               |
          |______d_________| \ \____/ /       |              |
       _________|      |    | \______/        |              |
      |                |   _|                 |              |
      |__              |   |                  |______________|
         |             d   |
    B 2 AREA
                                       |   |___ ______________
                         __            |       d    ________  |
         _______________|  |_         _|       |_  |        | |
        |                 ___|_______|___________| |
        |                |                       | |
        |                |                       | |
        |________________|                       |_|
        |                |                       |
        |                |__d____d______________|_
        |____________________|     |              |
                    |              |              |
                    |__            |              |
                       |           d              |
    B 4 AREA
               _______________        _______
              |        |  __  |      d       |
              |        | |  | |______|       |
              |        | |__| d______        |
              |        |  __  |      |___d___|
              |        | |  | |      |       |
              |        | |__| |______|       |
              |________|_____d|      |_______|
                       |      |      |
                       |   ___|_____d__
                       |__d_________   |
                                    |  |
                 _______________    |  |
           _____|               |___|  |
          |                         |  |
          |_____                    |_d|_
                |_______________|   d    |
                                |___|    |
                                   |_    |__
                              _____  |      |
                             /     \ |__    |
                            /       \___|   |
           ________________/__       ___|   |
          |                   |     ________|
    D = DOORS
    |   |  ___
    |___|_/   \__________
    |                    |
    |                    |
    |__________          |
               )         |
               |         |            ___
               |         | _______   |   |
               |         ||       |__|   |
                \________d   ____________|
                          | |_
    B 2 AREA
             |                  |
             |                  |
             |                  |
             |                  |
             |                  |
             |_____________   __|
                           | |
                        ___| |
                        |       |
                        |       |
                    ____|       |_
                   |              |
                           _____________    _____________ ________
              ____________|             |  |             |        |
             |            |             |  |  |          |        |
             |   ______   |__           |_ |__|        | |d_______|
         ____|______   |__d_ |__          |   |        | | |
        | |         |_d___|_____|_________|___|  ______| | |
        | |     ____|    _____________________d_|_|dd ___| |___ _
        | |    |    |   |              |      |          |  ___d_|
        |____  |    |   |              |      |          | |
             |d|    |   d                     |          d |
             |_     |   |______________|______|          |_|
        |  \                                  |        __________   |
        |__/                                  d       |          |  |
        d                           __________|       |__________|  |
        |                          |          |_____________________|
                     _________                            ________
                    |         |                          |        |
                    |         |                          |        |
         ___________|         |                        | |  ______|
        |  _______  |_______d_|                   __   | | |      |
        | |       | d         |_______________ __|  |__| | |___   |
        | |     __| |_________________________d__________d      __|
        | |    |    |   |             |       | |      |_|  ___d |
        |      |    |   |             |     d_| |       _| |
        |__    |____|   |             |    |  | |      | d |
           |        |   |_____________d____|  d |_     |_|_|
    B 1 AREA
                         __________         __
                        |          |       |  |
                        |  ________|       |  |
                        |          |       |  |
                ________|________d_|_______|  |________________ _
               |    |               |            |__d____ _____d_|
               |    d            d__|               |
               |    |           |___|__             |
               |    |           |      |____________|
               |                |
               |__________d     d
                           |    |               ____________
                           |____|              |  _______
               ____________ ______             | |        | |
              |            |      |__________  | |_______ | |
              |_________ __d______________   | | d       || |
               _________d__               ___| | |___  __|| |
              |            |_                  | |        | |
              |              |                 | |        \_/
              |              |                  d
            |  |
       ____ |  |                   ______
      |_|__)|  |                  |      |_
      | |   |  |                  |      |_|
      | |_  |  |                  |      |          ________
      |   |  \/        ___________|      |         |_____   |_____
      |   |           |           d      |         |     |  |  \  |
      |   |_________ _|    _______d______|         |     |  |__/  |
      |_____________d_            |________________|_____|    |   |
                      |___________d________________d__     _______|
           _____| |__ ________________ __ _
          |_______d__|________________|  d |_______
    B1 AREA
                   ____                      ________________
                  |__  |                    |                |
      ___           | |        ______       |                |
    _|   |__________| |       |      |      |                |
    |          |  _____|___   |      |      |                |
    |_____     d |    |    |  |      |_     |                |
          |____|_|____|____|  |______| |    |                |
          |                |  / ____    \   |________________|
          |                |_/ /    |__  \ _|                |
          |                d_          ___d___               |
          |______d_________| \ \____/ /       |              |
       _________|      |    | \______/        |              |
      |                |   _|                 |              |
      |__              |   |                  |______________|
         |             d   |
    B 2 AREA
                                       |   |___ ______________
                         __            |       d    ________  |
         _______________|  |_         _|       |_  |        | |
        |                 ___|_______|___________| |
        |                |                       | |
        |                |                       | |
        |________________|                       |_|
        |                |                       |
        |                |__d____d______________|_
        |____________________|     |              |
                    |              |              |
                    |__            |              |
                       |           d              |
    B 3 AREA
              |           |
              |           |
              |           |
              |           |
              |           |
    B 5 AREA
                  ____________    ________________
                 |            |__|                |
                 |               |                |
                 |               d                |
                 |               |                |
                 |__             |                |
                    |            |                |
                    |  __________|                |
                    | |          |__d_____________|
                    | |          |       |
                  __| |__________|       |
                 |__d_d _______  |       |
                               | |       |_
                               | |_d__   | |
                               |______|  | |
                                         | |
    B 6 AREA
                            |_d |       ____
                              | |      |    |
          ________           /   \     |    |
         |        |_________/ /-\ \____|    |
         |         _d_____          ___d____|
         |________|       \        /
                           \      /
               _______________        _______
              |        |  __  |      d       |
              |        | |  | |______|       |
              |        | |__| d______        |
              |        |  __  |      |___d___|
              |        | |  | |      |       |
              |        | |__| |______|       |
              |________|_____d|      |_______|
                       |      |      |
                       |   ___|______d__
                       |__ d________   |
                                    |  |
                 _______________    |  |
           _____|               |___|  |
          |                         |  |
          |_____                    |_d|_
                |_______________|   d    |
                                |___|    |
                                   |_    |__
                              _____  |      |
                             /     \ |__    |
                            /       \___|   |
           ________________/__       ___|   |
          |                   |     ________|
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    NOTE :.. Some people may complain that my TimeLine section
             looks alot the Excellent TimeLine FAQ which Rob
             McGreggor has. But I assure everyone that this is
             completely ORIGINAL STUFF. I DID NOT RIP OFF A
             SINGLE WORD.
    NOTE 2 : Keep in mind this is NOT a complete timeline
             but just a column for the timeline of the
             main characters.
    Doctor James Marcus, Lord Edward Ashford and Ozwell E Spencer discover
    the mother virus.
    Birth of Kenneth J. Sullivan S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team Scout.
    Deceased July 23, 1998 inside Spencer Mansion.  Devoured by Zombie.
    Birth of Enrico Marini.  Captain of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team.
    Wounded during Spencer Mansion penetration.  Killed July 23,
    1998 by a single gunshot wound.  Murderer unknown; possibly
    Barry Burton under the command of Albert Wesker.
    Birth of Albert Wesker, captain of STARS Alpha team
    Early 1960's
    Alexander ashford graduated with a Ph.D in biogenetics and joins his
    father in research for the mother virus.
    Birth of Barry Burton.  Ex S.W.A.T. team member; currently part of
    S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team.  Working under threats to his family by
    Albert Wesker.  Competent helicopter pilot.
    Michael Warren, an engineer, moves to Raccoon city and begins work
    the city's cable car system.  He eventually becomes mayor.
    New york city architect George Trevor is hired by spencer to build a
    huge mansion in the arklay forest.
    Birth of Brad Vickers.  Part of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. Known as
    "chickenheart" he pilots the helicopter (and abandons the team)
    during a botched team disembark at the Spencer Mansion.
    November 10, 1967
    Progenitor Virus administered to Jessica and Lisa Trevor, wife and
    daughter of famed architect, George Trevor.  Kidnapped and held in
    the Spencer Mansion, Jessica eventually dies, Lisa lives.
    Trevor's Diary: George Trevor's aunt becomes ill and is sent to a
    nearby hospital.   Jessica and Lisa Trevor intend to visit her.
    November 13, 1967
    Trevor's Private Papers: Architect George Trevor arrives at the Spencer
    Mansion, which he designed over a five-year period for Lord Ozwell E.
    Spencer.  Spencer tells Trevor that Trevor's family has recently
    departed to visit a sick aunt.   Both gentlemen feast in the dinning
    room before viewing the mansion's art collection.  Trevor mentions
    the house's "numerous secrets."
    Lisa Trevor's Letters: Part torture subject, part bio-experiment,
    Jessica Trevor writes a final, emotional note to her daughter,
    pleading for an escape plan and fearing the worst is upon them.
    November 14, 1967
    Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor views Lord Spencer's collection of
    European paintings and parchments.  Spencer tells Trevor he is
    contemplating turning the residence into a seaside resort.  He also
    wishes to start an "international industrial medicine company." The
    company's name would be "Umbrella."
    Lisa Trevor's Letters" Lisa Trevor feels dizzy from the shot she was
    given four days ago.  She wants to escape the mansion, but her mother
    hasn't returned.
    November 15, 1967
    Lisa Trevor's Letters: Lisa finds her mother and they eat together.
    Lisa is happy until she realizes her mother is a "fake" and "different
    inside." She locates her mother's face, peels it off her skull, and
    attaches it to herself.
    November 18, 1967
    Lisa Trevor's Letters: Lisa mentions a coffin under the house where
    her mother rests.  Little else of the letter is comprehensible.
    Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor notes in his diary that his wife and
    children have not returned from their Aunt Emma's.  There are no
    telephones, so he can't check their whereabouts.  Trevor heads to a
    second floor terrace.  Large crows perch here; Trevor feels strange,
    as if he is being watched.  He spies a lower courtyard with a ladder
    leading down into a hole ­ this wasn't in his design.
    November 20, 1967
    Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor notices that the shotgun gave Lord
    Spencer has been swapped for a broken one.  Trevor is alarmed at his
    family's disappearance, and his employer wants him back at work.
    November 21, 1967
    Trevor's Private Papers:  Trevor is ushered into an enclosed
    reception chamber, where a man in a white lab coat tells Trevor
    that his family is dead.  Trevor feels pain in the back of his
    neck; he falls to the floor.
    November 24, 1967
    Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor is imprisoned in the room' the
    man in the white coat brings him "revolting" food.  Only he and
    Spencer know the mansion's terrible secrets.  He mentions
    preternatural entities roaming the manor grounds.  Trevor wonders
    if Spencer is testing the mansion's "secret mechanisms" on him.
    A strange ant-like creature lands on Trevor tramples a number of
    them.  Trevor's Diary also notes these occurrences.
    November 26, 1967
    Trevor's Diary: George Trevor loses his favorite lighter ­ the one
    Jessica gave him.
    November 27, 1967
    Trevor's Private Papers: George Trevor escapes from his room, but
    the mansion is securely locked.  He mentions Crests, an eye needed
    for a statue, and a Golden Emblem.  He hasn't time for these games.
    November 29, 1967
    Trevor's Private Papers:  Trevor begins to lose his mind.  He stumbles
    upon a room with a giant plant growing through it.  He describes it
    as "absurdly gigantic." Trevor escapes the mansion and moves through
    a laboratory, in to a cave system.  He mentions high-heeled shoes.
    He hopes his wife escaped by this route.  Trevor's diary entries
    become increasingly disjointed.  He hasn't had food or water for
    days. He feels trapped.
    Trevor's Diary: Trevor continues to ramble on about being trapped,
    writing about large glass tubes and wet, eerie caves.
    November 31, 1967
    Trevor's Private Papers: Trevor is in the dark.  He scrambles through
    a secret tunnel that ends in a damp chamber.  Something monstrous
    looms in the shadows.  With his final match, he illuminates the room.
    Near him is a headstone carved with his name carved into it.  Trevor
    scrawls a final goodbye to his wife.
    Sometime in 1967
    It is assumed that Lord Ozwell Spencer and Alexander Ashford completed
    the experiment known as the T-virus.
    Sometime in 1967
    The Special Tactics and Recovery Squad (or S.T.A.R.S.) is formed in
    New York City as a special branch of the police force.  Its specially
    trained troops deal with cult-affiliated terrorism.
    Birth of Forest Speyer, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team sniper and vehicle
    specialist.  Deceased July 23, 1998 on a balcony inside Spencer Mansion.
    Devoured by an unknown entity.
    Estimated "birth" of Alfred Ashford and Alexia Ashford, twins in a
    long line of Ashfords.  Their father Alexander (along with Lord
    Spencer) created the T-virus.  The twins then experimented on
    Alexander, turning him into a "Nosferatu".  After the nvention
    of the T-Veronica Virus, Alexia enters a cryogenic state chamber to
    mutate and strengthen her powers.
    Birth of Joseph Frost, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team vehicles specialist,
    who joined Alpha Team under orders from Albert Wesker.
    Deceased July 23, 1998 on Spencer Mansion grounds.
    Devoured by zombified hounds.
    The Raccoon City chapter of S.T.A.R.S. is established.
    Birth of Chris Redfield S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team member.  Dishonorably
    discharged from the Air Force, Chris is recruited from S.T.A.R.S. by
    Barry Burton.
    Birth of Richard Aiken, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team communications specialist.
    Bitten to death July 23, 1998 on Spencer Mansion grounds.
    14th Feb 1975
    Birth of STARS alpha team member Jill valentine.
    Current status. Active.
    Wesker's Report II: Albert Wesker arrives at the Arklay Laboratories
    ignoring the Umbrella president and remaining aloof to the other staff.
    He commences research on the Ebola Virus, and attempts to create a
    Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W. Entities).  Wesker first encounters the
    "woman," a creature who has been constantly experimented on with
    multiple viral strains since her first injection on November 10, 1967.
    Birth of Rebecca Chambers, S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team medic and part-time
    pianist.  One day before Alpha Team's arrival in Raccoon Forest,
    she investigates a mysterious train.  Albert Wesker shoots her in the
    chest, but she survives and escapes the mansion.
    Her status is currently active.
    Birth of Steve Burnside.  An immature but good-hearted child, he is
     held on the remote Rockfort Island with his father as a prisoner
    of Umbrella, Inc.
    July 27, 1981
    Wesker's Report II: Ten-year old Alexia Ashford is given permission
    to head up Umbrellas' remote Antarctic research station.  Her family's
     reputation is legendary (her father, Alexander Ashford first
    discovered the T-virus), although Alexander's son, Alfred, is
    useless.  Wesker vows to commence research on the laboratory's older
    workers, but Dr. William Birkin ins envious of Alexia and isn't
    mentally capable of helping Wesker.  An imprecise killing machine,
     name the Zombie, is created.  However its infection ration isn't
    perfect.  The "woman" still lives ,l and Wesker is surprised at
    how resilient she has become.
    January 30, 1983
    Alfred's Diary: Alfred Ashford, inside the secret Umbrella Antarctic
    base keeps a diary where he mentions a hidden passageway, accessible
    only by using three family brooches.  He cannot retrieve his father's
    February 17, 1983
    Alfred's Diary:  Alfred manages to secure the brooches and enter the
    sealed room.  He makes a shocking discovery-his DNA was spliced from
    a family ancestor and surrogate mother; both Alfred and Alexia are
    experiments.  Angry and jealous that his father chose Alexia (she
    exhibits genius intelligence, but Alfred does not), Alfred is determined
    to avenge his blundered birth.
    March 3, 1983
    Alfred's Diary: Alfred and Alexia begin to experiment using the
    T-Veronica Virus on a "human body" they find- most likely their
    father.  Alfred worries that the family butler will find out
    about this macabre experiment.
    April 22, 1983
    Alfred's Diary: Alexander Ashford is turned into a freakishly
    mutated being that comes to be known as "Nosferatu," and he's
    locked away in a secret basement room.  Alexia, meanwhile,
    continues to experiment on herself, and she informs Alfred that
    she needs to be frozen for 15 years before the T-Veronica Virus
    can completely consume her Alfred, now alone, mentally degenerates
    December 31, 1983
    Wesker's Report II: Wesker hears that Alexia died after injecting
    herself with the T-Veronica Virus.  He can't rely on Alfred to
    help with research.  Wesker begins to wonder why Ozwell Spencer
    locate the laboratory here, especially as Wesker believes other
    species (both animal and vegetable) could be affected by the virus.
    He realizes that placing a base in the Antarctic wasn't so crazy
    after all.  The "failure" at the laboratory (the woman infected
    back in 1967) has been forgotten. Wesker's true intentions- that
     he's been planted in the Umbrella organization by another company ­
    are still secret.
    Birth of Sherry Birkin, daughter of Umbrella scientists, Doctor
    William Birkin and Annette Birkin.  Sherry wears a small neck
    pendant that carries the G-virus.  Albert Wesker's forces may be
    holding her against her will.
    Residents of Raccoon City elect Michael Warren (the engineer who
    pioneered the town's cable car system) mayor of Raccoon City.
    Warren holds this position until the town is destroyed; he dies
    in the nuclear explosion.
    Wesker's Report II: Wesker can't believe Birkin is bringing life into
    the world when he works in such a place, especially as work has begun
    on the Tyrant, a genetically superior soldier.  However, very few
    "test subjects" could survive with the T-Virus inside them; most turn
    into Zombies.  Only 10 people in the United States have the correct
    DNA.  Hear the Umbrella France has recently started the Nemesis Project,
    Wesker requests appropriate samples, realizing that a tremendous
    soldier can now be created.   The Nemesis parasite has a short life
    expectancy outside of the host body, so Wesker resolves to plant
    the Nemesis parasite into the "woman."  The results are surprising ­
    she devours the parasite and lives.  Wesker switches his research
    completely and begins to work on the "failure".
    After five years as mayor of Raccoon City, Michael Warren begins to
    rely heavily on Umbrella's "charitable" donations.  The money helps
    to build a hospital, a public utility works, a municipal building,
    and helps "keep the public peace."
    The newly appointed Raccoon City chief of police, Brian Irons, begins
    to take bribes from Umbrella, Inc. to ignore the disappearance of
    locals, Umbrella's "experimental" areas of the city, and other
    atrocities.  Chief Irons becomes more erratic.
    July 31, 1995
    Wesker's Report II: Wesker returns to the Arklay Laboratories after
    a four-year absence.  Birkin heads the G-Virus experiment that Wesker
    began.  The G-Virus continuously mutates its host, creating a creature
    that resurrects itself from the dead.  Spencer spends less and less time
    at the Raccoon facility.  A new lead researcher named John arrives,
    and the experiment on the "woman" begin to turn violent ­ she rips
    the faces off careless researchers and wears them on her hunched
    back.  She is destroyed, but Wesker wonders what Spencer has in
    store for Umbrella.
    While Mayor Warren and Police Chief Irons stonewall any protests,
    Umbrella, Inc. is permitted to construct the Arklay Laboratories
    near the old Spencer Mansion, away from the main business district,
    but still within Raccoon City Limits.
    Barry Burton leaves his job as S.W.A.T. team sergeant to become
    a full-time member of S.T.A.R.S. Burton recruits Chris Redfield,
    and both move to Raccoon City to revamp the S.T.A.R.S. team there.
    Ada Wong, a spy infiltrating the Umbrella organization to gain more
    information on their viral experiments, manages to become intimate
    with an Umbrella researcher named John. The Raccoon City Police
    Department moves into the disused Raccoon City Art Gallery.
    Artwork remains in the building during the move, but many more
    expensive paintings and statues arrive shortly afterward.  They
    belong to Chief Irons.
    April 25, 1998
    Manager's Diary: A technician is hired to manage Arklay Laboratories
    and "disposal" facility.  The lab is near the mansion, disguised as
    a factory.
    May 10, 1998
    Keeper's Diary: The keeper looks after a new specimen, which may be
    a Chimera.  The beast dismembers and disembowels its meat (a wild pig)
    before eating. Secretary's Diary: Chief Irons acquires another disgusting
    painting; a naked human, being hanged.
    May 11, 1998
    Keeper's Diary:  A T-Virus leak shuts down the Arklay Laboratories
     basement area.  The keep dons a haz-mat (hazardous materials) suit.
    May 12, 1998
    Keeper's Diary:  the Keeper feels "musty" and "itchy" after 24 hours
    in the haz-mat suit.
    May 13, 1998
    Keeper's Diary: The Keeper goes to the laboratory clinic when his
    itchy back becomes swollen.  He removes his haz-mat suit, and they bandage his back.
    Prisoner's Diary: On Rockfort Island, a prisoner complains that
    his cell "stinks of death." He shares a bunk bed with an
    "interesting" fellow named Bob.
    May 14, 1998
    Keeper's Diary:  A blister appears on the Keeper's foot; he
    hobbles to the dog pen.  Some of the hounds have escaped.
    Manager's Diary: Arklay Laboratories tests a special, but
    unstable, gas that decomposes living cells.
    May 15, 1998
    Keeper's Diary: An armed guard prevents the Keeper from leaving
    or making phone calls.
    May 16, 1998
    Keeper's Diary: A scientist is shot trying to escape from the
    secured Laboratory.  That night, a piece of rotting flesh falls off
    the Keeper's arm.
    Prisoner's Diary: Bob says that he was the assistant to Alfred
    Ashford, but was imprisoned over "a tiny little mistake."
    May 17, 1998
    The T-Virus accidentally saturates a laboratory plant in Arklay
    Laboratories, creating Plant 42.  An angry researcher floods the
    mansion's lower rooms, freeing sharks infected with the T-Virus.
    May 19, 1998
    Keeper's Diary: The T-Virus metamorphosis is almost complete.
    The Keeper attacks and eats the guard.
    May 20, 1998
    A female hiker is found on the bank of the Marble River.  The body
    shows signs of animal lacerations.
    Manager's Diary" Despite possessing a keycard, the Manager is accidentally
    locked inside a "treatment room" in the Arklay  Laboratories.
    Prisoner's Diary: Military personnel move Bob to a building from people
    never return.
    May 21, 1998
    Plant 42 Report: Umbrella researcher Henry Sarton writes about a mutating
    plant that attacks by crushing its victims in its vines or by bloodletting
    with its tendrils.  This monster has preyed on several scientists.
    May 27, 1998
    The Raccoon Times writes a report on the discovery of the dead hiker.
    The police think a grizzly bear attacked her.
    June 7, 1998
    Manager's Diary: Staff members are becoming unruly and will not correctly
    dispose of experimentations.
    June 8, 1998
    Researcher's Note: John, a researcher, tells his sweetheart how to correctly
    exit the Arklay Laboratories.  Pass codes are mentioned.
    June 16, 1998
    The Raccoon Weekly runs a story about strange "dog-like" creatures
    roaming the Arklay Mountains near the Spencer Mansion.  The paper
    urges people to try to photograph or capture a specimen.
    July 9, 1998
    The Raccoon Times: "Mystery in the Arklay Mountains" reports that
    local authorities closed the roads into the wilderness area; they
    summoned S.T.A.R.S. to help investigate.  Grotesque monsters are
    still in the area, and more families have vanished.
    July 16, 1998
    Manager's Diary: Bodies in the facility are still being dumped
    into exterior containers and not burned per instructions.  The
    plant disposal system cannot cope with "demand." The workers feel
    a little strange, they're taking medicine, but it isn't working.
    July 22, 1998
    White Umbrella: A clandestine organization give strict orders about
    an "X-Day." S.T.A.R.S. members are to be lured into a laboratory to
    battle the mutating experiments.
    Suicide Note: A researcher, writing to his wife, details a viral
    outbreak in the Arklay Laboratories.  He destroys his colleague
    with an ornate pistol and then hangs himself.
    July 23, 1998
    Raccoon City television runs a story about 10 families missing in
    the Arklay Mountains.  Human remains have been found in the area.
    A military police vehicle is discovered inside the Arklay Mountains.
    Rebecca Chambers reports that corpses of Military Police, plus an
    unidentified body, are uncovered near the vehicle.
    Alpha and Bravo S.T.A.R.S. teams are ordered to look for any survivors.
    The teams assemble on the evening of July 23rd. Bravo Team makes an
    initial sweep of the lower-lying forested areas.
    But before the Bravo team can do much their chopper maul funcions
    and they are forced to make a forced landing in the Raccoon forest.
    The team spreads out except for the chopper pilot kevin who decides
    to stay there to make some repairs. Rebecca Chambers the rookie
    member of the BRAVO team soon finds an overturnd car which has
    the corpses of a few MP personal among it, the MP vehicle also
    contains a report about a convict being transported named billy
    coen, but coen's body is not among the rest of the people which
    meant that he is out there in the forest. The BRAVO team captain
    Enrico Marini warns the team about this man and then asks them to
    spread out in the forest.
    Rebecca soon finds a train in the middle of the forest, cautiously
    approaching it she readies her gun, but before she can enter the
    train it starts to rain. Rebecca enters the train and soon she
    comes across billy coen, not surprisingly enough he points a gun
    to her but doesnt shoot and asks her to go, not long after their
    first encounter Edward , another member of the BRAVO team comes
    crashing in through the train windows but dies before revealing
    anything important to rebecca. A little while later rebecca is
    contacted by Enrico again and he tells her some more information
    about Billy and the amount of people he killed, rebecca finds it
    hard to believe that he could kill 23 people.
    Not long after that they both meet up again, billy and rebecca
    dont get along at first but after rebecca encounters a strange
    zombie and billy saves her life they decide to stick togather, but
    suddenly the train starts to move again.
    They make their way to the cockpit only to see some soldiers
    being killed by some huge leeches along the way, they make it
    to the cockpit and try to stop the train but are unable to do
    so and the train crashes near a training facility. Inside the
    facility we see the robed man mocking albert wesker and william
    birkin. Rebecca and Billy start exploring the training facility.
    After saving her life once more billy finally tells rebecca
    about the people he killed, he actually didnt kill them, but
    billy was the man they all put the blame on, rebecca knew it.
    The 2 hero's find several things reguarding one doctor James
    Marcus through out the training facility, who is he !?
    The two make their way across the facility then go through
    umbrella's own private little church. During this course
    they find some more things related to this doctor marcus.
    Rebecca and billy finally make it to a cable car system but billy is
    attacked and he falls down somewhere, rebecca goes through the cable
    car alone and she comes to a place with a huge elevator, there she
    meets up with his captain enrico, and that was the last time she
    ever see's him, after enrico leaves rebecca continues's her search
    for billy, soon after she finally finds billy clung on for dear life.
    After saving billy , they both head forward and finally encounter
    the robed man, he explains his story to the two hero's and we find
    out that the robed man is actually james marcus, then suddenly
    james marcus starts mutating and turns into a monster, a huge
    battle insue's which see's marcus's defeat in the end.
    William birkin and Albert wesker turn on the self destruct system
    to this facility as rebecca and billy struggle to get out of
    the facility, along the way they are attacked by the queen leech
    who feels almost no pain from any weapon but sunlight is lethal to it.
    So using sunlight billy and rebecca kill the queen leech and billy
    shoots it down into the flames, they both escape the place just in
    time. Outside rebecca spots the spencer estate and she heads
    towards it and takes billy's dogtags with her and claims that officially
    billy coen is dead....
    July 24th, 1998
    After contact with BRAVO team is lost Albert wesker takes out the
    ALPHA team for search and rescue, soon they arrive at the raccoon
    forest. The ALPHA team locates the BRAVO's chopper but they dont
    find anything inside except for the dead body of their pilot kevin.
    Joseph cant take the sight and he almost throws up. The team starts
    searching the forest for more clues. While searching Joseph comes
    across some noises but before he can do much a horribally skinned
    dog attacks and kills joseph before he could defend himself. Jill
    tries to shoot the dogs but the bullets have no affect. One of the
    dogs notices her and tries to attack but she is saved right in time
    by chris. They both make it to their feet and run away but a dog
    closes in on chris, this time its wesker who shoots the dog away.
    The ALPHA team's pilot Brad Vickers chickens out and leaves the
    team alone in the forest, chris spots an old abandoned mansion in
    a distance and asks the team to head for the mansion, along the
    way they dont stop for anything, this was supposed to be an old
    abandoned mansion and luckily they could find a hiding spot in there.
    Jill, Barry and wesker enter the mansion and discover that chris
    is not with them, suddenly they hear a gun shot and thinking it
    might be chris jill and barry head out to investigate, but all
    they found is kenneth J sullivan's body, being eaten by something
    or someone. Upon dispatching the zombie the 2 return back to
    wesker only to find out that he's missing too.
    Jill and barry go their separate ways then, while chris redfield
    in the mansion finds the only surviving member of BRAVO team
    rebecca chamber who is terrified out of her life. Togather they
    both find Richard who was bitten by a large snake, even though
    they try to, they are unable to save him. While barry and jill
    find the body of forest spayer from the BRAVO team , chris and
    rebecca make their way to the guard house behind the mansion, where
    they find a large mutated plant called Plant 42. Luckily with
    rebecca's knowledge of chemicals they are able to kill the snake
    and upon finding a valueable key they return to the mansion.
    When chris and rebecca return to the mansion they find out that its
    been taken over by a new kind of enemy, the hunters, while chris
    and rebecca take care of these things jill has managed to find a
    way out of the mansion, she makes her way to a cemetary and a
    cottage outside the mansion, there she finds a new monster , it
    looks alot like the hunchback from the fairy tales, but this one
    isnt a nice one and jill cant seem to kill her at all.
    Escaping the place jill makes it to the guardhouse where she
    overhears barry talking to someone else but barry blows the
    topic off and ignores it, then the two make their way to the
    catacombs below the mansion. In those tunnels jill finds the
    BRAVO team captain Enrico Marini but before he can reveal the
    indentity of the traitor in the STARS someone shoots him, jill
    gives chase only to be led to an elevator with barry on it
    leading down into a huge pit.
    But before they can do down again barry and jill are attacked
    by that thing jill met in the cottage again, jill turns to barry
    for help but finds out that he left her alone, jill gets really
    mad at this and dodges the thing again, taking a ladder to the
    cottage again she makes it to the mansion and a secret alter
    right under the mansion main hall. She finds barry in the alter
    and barry almot tries to ambush her after they have an arguement.
    But the thing attacks them again, jill thinking wisely gives
    barry his gun back and they both shoot the thing down a large
    Jill and barry make their way into a secret lab below the
    mansion via a secret passage into the alter, chris and rebecca
    are in hot persuit as they make their way to the lab not soon
    after, but there they have to fight a large spider which they
    kill togather. Meanwhile in the secret lab jill finally discovers
    albert wesker's plans and finds out that barry was involved in
    them thats why he waa acting weird towards jill.
    But barry doesnt want to hurt jill so he turns against wesker
    and during this the tyrant impales its own master, wesker. Barry
    tries to stop it but the tyrant knocks him out, jill is left
    alone to fight the thing and after a very close battle jill
    finally gets the upper hand and the tyrant is knocked out.
    Barry also wakes up in time, and they both find out that the
    mansion is about to explode, they both make their way to the
    heliport and run into rebecca and chris on their way back.
    Togather again all of them head for the heliport. The tyrant
    is however up now and it blows a hole to the roof of the mansion
    while brad is closing in to catch the team, the tyrant throws
    chris away and the rest of the team is left to fight the tyrant.
    Brad vickers from the chopper throws down a rocket launcher
    which chris redfield catches right in time and he shoots the
    tyrant dead with it. Brad sets the chopper down and the team
    climb it and escape with the mansion exploding behind them and
    the sun rising up.
    August 7th, 1998
    Jill valentine cant still get over her experience at the spencer
    mansion, she writes in her diary that her physical wounds may have
    been healed but her emotional wounds may never heal.
    August 13th, 1998
    Chris redfield causes a little commotion in the Police station
    and punches one of his co workers.
    August 15th, 1998
    Chris invites jill over to his appartment where he shows her
    some confidential pictures of a new umbrella virus in testing
    the G virus. jill cant believe what she see's.
    August 24th, 1998
    Chris and barry leave for the umbrella base in Europe, chris
    lasts the last note in his diary for his sister, jill elects
    to stay behind in case of any emergencies and she quits the
    September 28th, 1998
    After chris and barry had opted for going to umbrella's europe branch jill
    decided to stay behind in the city and investigate more on this new
    rumored G virus, but suddenly near the end of september the whole town
    was infested with zombies, an outbreak of the T virus, the same virus
    which cause all the residents in tne mansion to turn into zombies had
    been leaked into the city, nearly all the townfolks had turned into
    zombies, and those who hadnt were being eaten alive by them. Jill
    surprisingly escapes infection and begins her escape from this town
    from her appartment.
    Not long after she starts she comes across dario russo, a novelest to
    be who just lost his daughter out there among the zombies, jill asks
    him to come with her because she knew there wont be any rescue attempts,
    but dario frustrated locks himself in the back of a truck and asks jill
    to leave immediately, jill tries to talk him into coming with her but he
    just doesnt listen. Not long after that jill spots his old team mate
    Brad Vickers but he is being chased around by a group of zombies, jill
    gives him chase only to meet him in a bar, he tells jill about
    something which is coming to get all the STARS member and he warns
    her that they're all gonna die. Then he leaves jill. Then at the main
    entrance of the RPD jill again finds brad but he looks in very bad
    condition, before he can reveal anything to jill a new kind of monster,
    nemesis, comes down from no where and kills brad mercilesly right in
    front of jill, she tries shooting it but her bullets dont work. Jill
    retreats into the RPD. Using her STARS badge she makes it to the RPD
    office where she catches a grumbled transmission from someone.
    Before she can escape jill is attacked by nemesis again inside the RPD,
    she quickly dodges it using her skills and makes it out of the station.
    Exploring more parts of the city jill comes across a man named carlos,
    togather they both fight nemesis but before carlos leaves he tells jill
    about his team's mission, later jill comes across a cable car and when
    she goes inside she finds more men like carlos, their leader is apparently
    injured, nicholai isnt really pleased that they need to take help from an
    outside but carlos's persuation convinces him, they are from the UBCS and
    there mission was to cleanse the city and take care of survivors. Now they
    have to escape to the clock tower where a chopper is waiting.
    Jill along with carlos find the necessary parts neded to run the trolley
    and togather they all ride to the clocktower, once reaching the tower they
    find that its also infested with zombies, solvnig puzzles there and
    obtaining the mechanic parts needed to operate the clock tower bell jill
    gives the extraction team the signal, but before they can land their c
    hopper a rocket fired by nemesis blows up the chopper and jill is left
    to fight the monster, with some help from carlos and after an extraurdinary
    fight jill finally gets rid of nemesis , for now. But during the battle
    nemesis had injected her with the T virus and as soon as the fight is over
    jill collapses and carlos takes her to the chappel.
    September 29th, 1998
    Raccoon city now almost dead from the zombie assault lies quiet as 2
    strangers leon S kennedy and claire redfield make their way into town
    from opposite ends, leon is here for the first day of his job and claire
    is here to find his missing brother. After some commotion with the zombies
    leon and claire finally meet up togather in the back alley of a diner,
    thinking that it would be more safer for them at the police station leon
    and claire ride on an empty police vehicle , but a zombie ambushes them
    from the back seat and leon looses control of the car as it slams into a
    wall, a large truck is coming in straight for them and they both jump on
    the opposite sides to save themselevs. Now the fire separated them and
    they have to find their way to the police station.
    Not far from the crash leon comes up to a human , the owner of a gun
    shop, but he doesnt live long as zombies break through the glass and eat
    him before leon's eyes, he runs for his life and after some running
    through the city streets leon finally makes it to the front entrance
    of the RPD. Claire has a shorter run to the station but when she gets
    there she has to go via the roof. When she climbs to the roof via a back
    alley staircase she see's a failed chopper rescue attempt which ends with
    the chopper crashing into the RPD. Claire quickly scatters into the station
    and finds the tool needed to put out the fire, but before she can go back
    in another chopper comes overhead, and it drops a large capsule on the
    station. Clarie goes in and spots what it was, a huge human like monster
    which just doesnt give up. Claire dodges it and continues her
    journey into the RPD.
    Both claire and leon make it to the STARS office at the same time where
    they discover that claire's brother is no longer in this town, they both
    decide to split up and find anyone living and get the hell out of there.
    Not long after that claire finds a little girl but she is too terrified
    to tell anything and runs away, claire gives her chase only to be led to
    the office of chief brian irons, there is a girls body on her desk and he
    tells claire that she was the mayor's daughter and the zombies killed her,
    even though the bullet wound is visable. She goes in a door through iron's
    office and finally confronts the little girl, she tells a little bit about
    herself before she runs away after hearing a monster's scream. Claire gives
    chase but she see's that iron's has disappeared too. She see's a painting
    with 3 holes in it. She needs to find something to fill them up with.
    Meanwhile leon finds his way to the RPD parking lot where he meets another
    survivor, a chinese women who's name is ada wong. She claims to be searching
    for a reporter who knows where her boyfriend is. Using the aid of leon
    they both finally find this reporter called ben who has locked himself
    up. But he refuses to leave his cell.
    Meanwhile back in the RPD claire finds the stone pieces she needs and
    heads back to iron's office where she meets shery again, this time she
    doesnt run away, leon on the other hand also makes his way to the sewer
    system . Claire encounters iron's in a torture room of some sort but
    he is pulled down by something hideous, claire goes down and she finds
    what did it, a humanoid monster with a large claw which had an eye on
    his right side. Claire fights off this monster and he throws himself
    over the railing. Claire and sherry make their way to the sewer system.
    Leon on the other hand runs into a woman in a lab coat but she tries to
    shoot ada, leon gets in the way and takes the shot. Ada runs off to get
    the shooter. She finaly does and finds out that she is the wife of the man
    responsable for all this. After some talking and a little fight annete
    falls down into water and ada goes back to searching.
    Leon wakes up in the mean time and finds ada hanging around in the sewers,
    togather they make their way across a cable car where they are briefly
    attacked by william, but he runs away. Claire and sherry are also close
    behind them, leon and ada make it to a vertical elevator which they take
    to ride down to the umbrella base, but during the way ada is injured and
    when they reach down leon asks her to rest and he goes to find something.
    Claire on the other hand gets stranded in the umbrella lab and sherry is
    left alone. While searching for her claire runs into annete again, togather
    they spot sherry in danger via the monitors, claire quickly makes her way to
    where sherry is and she outsmarts mrX and he falls down into a pit of molten
    lava. Leon on the other hand finally finds out the truth about ada, but before
    he can talk her out of it annete arrives and shoots ada off the railnig
    into a deep pit. Leon , angrily throws the g virus he just acquired off
    the railing behind ada. Claire and sherry finally make it to an elevator
    which takes them to the escape train. Claire turns the power on but she is
    attacked by a mutated MrX which apparently dies after someone drops a rocket
    launcher for claire to take.
    Leon on the other hand runs into william birkin again, but using his skills
    he kills him and makes it to the emergency train just as claire is leaving,
    togather they ride the train, which is ambushed by william again, the train's
    auto destruct system goes on and it blows along with william as the hero's
    run for safety.
    September 30th, 1998
    claire and leon along with sherry escape the town but they run into an
    arguement and claire leaves to find her brother, leon is picked up by some
    strange men who give him an unknown offer, they also take sherry away from
    October 1st, 1998
    jill finally awakes after 2 days, carlos had been watching over her
    all this time, carlos goes to find a cure for jill only to run into a
    hospital full of zombies and hutners, there he successfully finds an
    antidote and jill gets cured thanks to it. Now healthy again jill continues
    her escape as she makes her way to the city park , fighting a huge worm in
    the park she comes across nicholai there who is apparently a traitor, jill
    escapes him and then she finds her way to a treating facility, there she
    confrons nicholai again but he escapes again. Jill finds out that this
    plant was used to get rid of the bodies of the test subjects, carlos
    arrives on the spot and tells jill that a nuclear strike is about to
    happen on this city and that they need to get out of here ASAP.
    Jill along with carlos's help in severa occasions finaly make it to
    the control room of the plant, but not before she gets rid of nemesis
    for good. At the control room jill confronts nicholai for the last time
    and he escapes in a helicopter after telling jill that she's as good as
    dead. Not long after that jill and carlos receive a message from someone
    on the radio that he is looking for jill. They both get happy at this hope
    of life, and make their way to the helipad behind the plant. Along the way
    jill finally runs into nemesis for the last time but this time she gets
     permanent rid of him with the help of a rail cannon which blows nemesis
    into bits. Upon reaching the helipad carlos and jill see the chopper
    coming in at a distance, when they get in it jill finds that the pilot
    is someone who she knows very well, barry. They make it just in time
    as the city is attacked by the nuclear bomb.
    ?? November, 1998
    An island on the atlantic ocean, named sheena island, apparently is another one
    of umbrella's test grounds, much like raccoon city this is a completely bought
    out place where the people work for umbrella and umbrella own nearly all of the
    town's important places, it is here that a stranger wakes up from a chopper crash.
    He doesnt remember anything about himself. All he has is a gun in his hand,
    and now his search for truth begins. Very soon he discovers the body of a
    man in white who is holding dogtags with the name Ark Thompson, the stranger
    assumes that was his name and continues on his path , after encountering a
    church full of zombies this man comes across an alley where a phone is
    ringing, but before he picks it up it hangs up. Not long after the man
    spots another phone, this time he picks it up in time and the man on the
    other end starts calling him a murderer and killer, and reveals his name vincent.
    Vincent continues on with his passage through an arcade where he comes up
    with some cleaning squad which are apparently sent to clean everything, which
    means killing everything. Getting rid of them and making his way through the
    sewers he finds the sewer chief's diary in which he finds out what he thinks
    about vincent. Spotting an unknown boy vincent gives chase and comes out in
    a prison, while making his escape he runs into a large monster, but it goes
    down after a fight. Vincent makes his way through several more of these large
    monster and goes through a night club and turns out in front of a large complex
    owned by umbrella. Entering the complex he makes it to the top floor where he
    finds an office which was apparently vincent's. Then vincent spots another
    child through some monitor's and gives chase. The 2 kids run away from him
    and lead him to their house, here vincent spots the little girl and some
    talk later she tells him that her brohter went out himself.
    Vincent goes after him only to be lead through a mountain passage full of
    these large trench coated monsters, the trail ends at a large mansion and
    vincent enters it, he hears the boy's scream, following his scream vincent
    comes across a hidden laboratory under the mansion, he finds out that those
    large trench coated monsters (MR X's) were being built there, vincent
    finally finds the boy and after some talking the boy tells him his true
    identity, our hero's real name is ark thompson, and vincent was the real
    man who cause all of this. Not long after that the facility's auto destruct
    sequence is activated by the cleaner's leader, but he falls pray to the
    tyrant. After escaping it once, ark fights the tyrant again on the
    helipad, the tyrant goes down after a massive fight and the hero's escape
    the exploding island. But the tyrant catches the chopper , ark with his
    quick thinking skills launches the chopper's missiles with the tyrant
    on board, and they all fly away to safety.
    December 17th, 1998
    3 months after the raccoon city incident claire redfield finally gets a
    lead on his brother which leads him to the umbrella facility of Paris.
    Claire manages to infiltrate the base but inside she is spotted and some
    guards chase her down the halls. Suddenly a chopper comes right in front
    of her, she dodges it only to find herself face to face with a dozen
    troopers, getting rid of them with a sneaky move claire runs out of
    ammo and a guard captures here and she is taken to a prison.
    December 27th, 1998
    Claire wakes up in a prison after hearing some explosions upside, a little
    while later a man walks inside the area and opens up claire's prison, claire
    uses her lighter to see that its the same guard who cought her. The guard
    lets her out and tells her about what happened, this place was just
    attacked by a special forces team, but the guard warns her that there is
    very slim chance of her escaping.
    Claire runs out of the prison area but before she goes she checks up the
    man's name on a list and also finds out that he needs some hemostatic
    medicine. After some commosion top side claire comes face to face with
    a dozen zombies, her nightmare relived, quickly dodging them she moves
    to the next area where she meets another prisoner who almost shoots him.
    Steve burnside, but he's got a rotten attitude and he leaves claire goes
    away. Claire follows him and soon they meet again in a computer room, this
    time steve asks her if she's related to chris, after some more of his
    attitude steve goes out of the room leaving claire to wonder about it.
    After managing to get herself the right keys claire escapes from the
    prison and comes up to a training facility, most of the doors here are
    locked however to she heads up to a nearby palace. Reaching the palace
    claire finds a strange room with a lock which needs 2 guns to be opened
    a little while after that she finds a childs room where she reveals a
    secret door by playing a movie of 2 blonde childs torturing a dragonfly.
    She finds the 2 guns she was looking for but taking them out releases
    a trap so she puts them back in. But before claire can leave she hears
    steve scream from that place, using her quick thinking claire sets him
    free from the trap and asks steve for the guns but he isnt trading until
    he gets something better. Again before claire can escape she encounters
    a new man, alfred ashford. After some threatning alfred leaves. After that
    claire uses a submarine to find the underwater seaport, she finds a plane
    but its locked so she has to get the keys for it.
    With the help of steve claire follows alfred into one of his traps and he
    releases a new monster called the bandersnatch on her, steve saves her
    again and claire gives chase to alfred only to be trapped by her sister
    alexia in their bedroom, holding alfred's rifle. Steve comes in the nick
    of time and saves her, alexia gets shot but she escapes,, heading through
    the passage they discover that alexia was actually alfred in disguise.
    They dont even want to kill alfred after his reaction, the two make their
    way to the seaport but the bridge is blocking their way, claire volunteers
    to get it out. Claire goes and raises the bridge but she has to come the
    long way now, along the way alfred releases a tyrant on her, she barely
    makes it to the plane and they take off. The tyrant comes into the plane
    and claire has to push it off the plane. Not long afterwards alfred takes
    control of the plane and makes it crash land in umbrella's antarctic base.
    Once they wake up in antarctica they split up, soon after claire finds
    a huge monster trapped inside a floor and later she finds out from some
    files that its actually alfred's father, finding an ice digging vehicle
    they start raising it but steve causes a blunder and the whole area fills
    up with gas, claire finds a gas mask and as soon as she shuts off the
    gas valve she is attacked by alfred, this time steve shoots him down a
    huge chasm, alfred drops his rifle before falling. Claire and steve use
    the ice digger and they blow a hole in the wall allowing them escape
    via a heliport. On top of the Helipad claire comes face to face with
    alexander but using alfred's sniper rifle she fires at his overgrown heart
    killing it instantly. Soon after alfred still alive from an unknown place
    goes to see alexia, but he cant live long to see alexia coming out of the
    sleeping pod. Alexia is awake. !
    Alexia mad at what claire and steve did releases a tentacle which literally
    flips their snow mobile over, and it starts burning as alexia watches from
    a monitor.
    Chris arrives in rockfort island as claire and steve are in the antarctic.
    not long after arriving he comes face to face with rodrigo but before he
    can tell chris alot a huge worms swallows him, chris fights off the worm
    which spits out rodrigo's dead body before it dies, chris continues his
    journey and finds most of the island already destroyed, he finds a hanger
    which still has a harrier jet standing, but he needs the right key to open
    the hanger door. Soon after wards while exploring the base chris comes
    face to face with his worst nightmare, albret wesker, apparently albert
    has somehow gained superhuman powers and he kicks chris's ass, but after
    seeing alexia on a monitor he lets chris go.
    Soon afterwards chris finds the key he is looking for but he has to fight
    a large underwater monster for it, after obtaining the right items chris
    makes it to the hanger and flies to antarctica in the last remining harrier
    The plane lands in antarctica and chris continues his search for claire
    through the rooms of the umbrella base, one of the floors has a exact
    replica of the main hall of the spencer estate, chris finally finds claire
    behind the staircase there, but alexia interrupts their reunion and after
    hearing steve scream claire runs after her, but they are separated again
    thanks to another tentacle, claire goes after steve while chris stays there.
    Soon afterwards claire finds steve but he mutates right in front of her
    and almost kills her, but after claire's life is in danger due to another
    tentacle, steve's human side takes over and he kills the tentacle but it
    whacks steve pretty bad into the wall. After finally telling claire that
    he loved her steve dies and claire is left crying.
    Chris in the main hall see's wesker conftonting alexia, after alexia refuses
    they get in a battle, wesker shows some more of his super human abilites
    and cracks one on alexia's jaw, but after discovering chris wesker leaves
    him to take care of alexia. Chris kills alexia easily and goes and finds
    claire , claire tells him how to turn the self destruct system on and after
    he does it claire and chris finally get togather again. But alexia interupts
    again and this time its for the last time, chris asks claire to leave and
    stays there to fight, using umbrella's own linear launcher chris gets rid
    of alexia for good. But when he makes his escape he see's wesker taking
    claire hostage. Giving chase they end up at wesker's submarine.
    Wesker lets claire go for a chance of revenge from chris, the battle starts
    chris is literally taken to hell by wesker, but after one explosion separates
    them wesker lets chris go, until the next time, chris returns to the jet
    and claire and chris escape just in time as the base explodes behind them.
    End section
       ###              ###
    ##### WESKERS REPORT ######
       ###              ###
    My name is Albert Wesker.  I aspired to become a leading researcher
    at Umbrella Inc. A pharmaceutical enterprise who covertly conduction
    Bio Organic Weapons, better known as B.O.W., for development. But at
    the leader development training ground situated in Raccoon City, I met
    a brilliant and talented researcher who decided to take a different
    path - William Birkin.
    In time I shifted my position to S.T.A.R.S., a special forces unit of
    the Raccoon Police Department. Umbrella, for crisis management reasons
    of their illegal Bio Organic Weapons development had many of it's people
    working in the police department.
    I became the leader of S.T.A.R.S. and conducted all sorts of
    intelligence activities for Umbrella. As I continued to serve I devised
    my own plans and waited for the right moment to execute them.
    Then at last, opportunity knocked.
    July 1998
    The freak murder incidents had occurred in the forest near the mansion
    started it all. The mansion was Umbrella's secret BOW laboratory and it
    was clear that the in development T-Virus was the cause of the murder. Initially,
    Umbrella instructed me secretively to keep S.T.A.R.S. out of the case,
    but with the heightened emotions of the citizens S.T.A.R.S. had no choice but
    to move in.
    That was when my next order was given. Dispatch S.T.A.R.S. to the
    mansion, dispose of them, then report the situation to headquarters so
    that their combat with the B.O.W. could be used for data analysis
    allowing Umbrella a comprehensive portrait of the B.O.W.'s combat
    From the 2 S.T.A.R.S. teams I first pitched in the Bravo Team. As
    expected, the top elite of S.T.A.R.S. gave all they had and became
    useful sample data. Then following, I geared up the Alpha Team to
    search and rescue the lost Bravo Team. The members of the Alpha Team
    also proved their worth and as expected many died.
    There were 5 Survivors from the initial 11 S.T.A.R.S. members. From the
    Alpha Team were Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Barry Burton. And
    from the Bravo Team were Rebecca Chambers and Enrico Marini. It was time
    to begin executing my plans. In the midst of the whole affair I
    could take Umbrella's ultimate Bio-Organic Weapon, the Tyrant, and join
    forces with an opposing corporation of Umbrella. To buy into that opposing
    corporation I would need the actual combat data of the Tyrant.
    The surviving privileged members of S.T.A.R.S. were just the perfect
    bait. I decided to have one of them play the Judas and draw them to the
    Tyrant. That Judas was Barry.
    Barry was the strong truth and justice kind and cherished his family
    more than anything. His type is easy to manipulate. I just took that
    most important thing away from him. My only miscalculation was the high
    potential of Chris and Jill. But with the family man Barry playing Judas
    the scheme went as planned. Then the winds turned unexpectedly.
    I had to eliminate Enrico who found out what was behind it all. I used
    Barry to get to him. After I successfully got rid of that nuisance I
    awaited the sample specimen that Barry would bring to me in the Tyrants
    room. I injected the virus I obtained from Birkin in advance. If I made
    Umbrella believe I was dead, it made it far more convenient to sell
    myself to the opposing corporation. According to Birkin the virus had
    profound effects. It would put my body in a state of temporary "death."
    It would then bring me back to life with super human powers. Therefor I
    unleashed an awesome Tyrant from its slumber and let it attack me.
    As my consciousness faded away I was certain that the whole scheme would
    end in success. Never did I imagine that S.T.A.R.S. could slay the evil
    creation. I lost the Tyrant and the plan I devised which cost me my
    humanity ended in failure. Now anything and anyone who stood in my way
    would be terminated. It's been that way for a long time and it always
    will be. At all costs I had to make S.T.A.R.S. pay.
    September 1998
    Two months had passed since the mansion incident. To regain everything I
    had lost in my new organization I joined hands with Ada Wong, a female
    agent who was also sent to spy on Umbrella.
    I knew in my bones that the key developer was William Birkin, but what
    he didn't know was that Umbrella did not play games... with anyone.
    Eventually, Birkin would be assassinated, and the G-Virus would be in
    the hands of Umbrella.
    But the salvage team led by Hunk was ahead of us. By the time they got
    to Birkin, he'd already injected himself with the G-Virus... he became
    his own creation, and decimated them. Soon after, the T-Virus carried by
    rats spread throughout Raccoon City, and Umbrella faced its worst scenario.
    September 28th
    The good citizens became zombies, and the city had headed for its
    devastating fate. Humans were no match against zombies. In the chaos,
    Umbrella Europe applied a new type B.O.W., called "Nemesis". The Nemesis
    would hunt down and destroy the surviving member of S.T.A.R.S., Jill.
    It became imperative that our organization would also obtain the Nemesis data.
    September 29th
    To cover up the whole affair, Umbrella jettisoned a Tyrant to take care
    of Leon and Claire, who were trying to unveil their secrets. Then, a
    new revelation. Birkin used to hide the findings of his studies in his
    daughter Sherry's pendant. It was very possible that the G-Virus
    was there. While Umbrella was busy with their cover up, we had to
    capture Sherry before they did. I sent Ada undercover to seek the
    location of Sherry. I, the "dead man" on the other hand, had to work in
    the shadows.
    A spy's obligation and priority is in the mission, to carry out the
    mission like a machine without any emotional interference. But through
    her interaction and involvement with Leon S. Kennedy, there'd been
    an affection growing inside her.
    My instincts sensed danger, something had to be done, quickly. My
    instincts did not disappoint me. Even though Ada almost had her hands on
    the G-Virus, which Leon had acquired from Sherry, that affection of hers
    drove her to her death. But she was still of some use. I had to save her
    life. My people hurried to retrieve the G-Virus that Leon threw away.
    But Hunk, the only survivor of Umbrella's salvage team, was there before
    September 30th
    Our only option left was to bring back Birkin, the monster, as the
    sample specimen and have him finish off Leon and Claire in order to
    obtain his combat data. Although Birkin lost the battle to Leon and
    Claire, we succeeded in gathering samples of the G-Virus from his dead
    October 1st
    In the morning the government bombed Raccoon City in an attempt to stop
    for the viral outbreak. This was, of course, their feigned reason. Later, Claire
    left for Europe to find her lost brother Chris, and Leon joined
    forces with a underground anti-Umbrella organization. Sherry is
    safe in our hands. I would never underestimate Birkin.
    There's something about this little girl...
       ###              ###
    ##### WESKERS REPORT ######
       ###              ###
    When I first visited that place, I was 18 and it was summer. Twenty
    years ago. I still remember the smell when the helicopter landed and
    the rotar caused the wind to stir. From the air, the mansion seemed
    normal but from ground level, something was different. Birkin, who
    was 2 years younger than I, seemed only interested in the research
    files he had as usual........
    1978 July 31(Monday)
    Two days ago, the two of us were assigned to that place. Everything
    could have been planned out from the beginning or it could have all
    been a coincidence. The only person to know the truth is most likely,
    Spencer. Spencer at that time was using the Arklay labs for the
    research on the t-virus.
    As soon as we got off the helicopter, the president of the lab
    stood in front of the elevator. I don't remember the guy's name.
    It didn't matter what was said officially, from that day on that
    lab was ours. We were assigned to be chief researchers at the
    facility. This of course, was Spencer's will. We were the chosen
    ones. The two of us ignored the president as we entered the elevator.
    We had already been briefed about the layout of the area as well
    as Birkin's, and with no bad intentions we ignored everyone as usual.
    Usually, when someone sees our actions, they would react quickly.
    But the president didn't react at all.
    At the time, I was only a youngster so it didn't bother the
    president. The president understood what Spencer was thinking
    and didn't take notice of someone like me. While the three of
    us were on the elevator, Birkin kept his eyes on the research
    files. The files contained information about a new firo-virus
    found 2 years ago in Africa called Ebora. Even now there are
    thousands of people researching the Ebora. But the people are
    always divided in half -- one group dedicated to saving people
    from the virus, and the other to kill people with it.
    It is known if a person is infected with the Ebora, that the
    chance of dying is 90%. It has the quality to destroy the physical
    structure within 10 days and even now, a cure hasn't been found.
    If used as a bio-weapon it would display incredible destruction.
    But because making a bio-weapon is against the law we would not
    use the virus as a weapon. But I'm certain that someone out there
    would use this as a weapon. So to prepare for a case of that
    nature it is good to do research on it now. But the line between
    finding a cure and making a bio-weapon is thin. This is because
    the actual research conducted do not differ at all between the two.
    So one could say that they are reseaching for a cure and be making
    a bio-weapon.
    But Birkin was not interested in either cause. He just wanted to
    research the Ebora itself. There was little known about the virus
    at the time. They did not know that the virus would die within a
    few days by itself, and would die instantly when hit by sunlight.
    They were also unaware of the speed that it would kill its host.
    It kills the host so quickly that there is virtually no time for
    the virus to infect another person. The virus has to physically
    touch another person in order to infect them and therefore can
    easily be quarantined. But that brings me to the following thought...
     What if a person that was infected with the Ebora virus could
    stand up and walk around? That infected person would have a disrupted
    chain of thought, and what if they could infect others that weren't
    infected? What if the DNA of the Ebora and the RNA had a direct
    impact on the DNA of a human? Due to those factors, would the
    person be harder to kill? The person would be dead from a human's
    point of view, but would still act as a bio-weapon spreading the
    It is forunate that the Ebora had features like this. We would be
    the only ones to possess this knowledge.
    Umbrella, with Spencer as the head was a organization created to do
    research on viruses with these qualities. As a cover they tell the
    world that they are a company researching cures for these viruses.
    But the truth was that they are a bio-weapon development organization.
    The finding of the original virus which restructures the human
    DNA was the start of everything. Using the original virus as a
    base, an enhanced virus would be made to be a bio-weapon. This
    was the T-virus plan.
    The original virus was an RNA virus and would cause abnormalities
    that would enhance a person. Birkin planned on combining the two
    viruses to make an enhanced virus. The sample of the Ebora had
    already been brought to this reserach facility. We had gone through
    many elevators and had finally reached the destination. Upon
    entering, even Birkin was impressed by the sight. This was our
    first encounter with that woman.
    We were not told anything about that woman. Everything relating
    to her was kept top secret and the data was not to be leaked to
    the outside. Information obtained from records showed that she
    had been here since this lab was created. She was 25 years old
    at that time. But what her name is and why she is here is a
    mystery. She was a test subject for the research on the T-virus.
    The research began on November 10, 1967.
    For 11 years, she had gone through the tests with many viruses.
    I heard Birkin whisper something. Whether those words were cursing/
    swearing or praising I do not know. We had come to a place we could
    never leave. We didn't know whether we were to take the research to
    it's completion or if we would end up like her. For us we, only had
    one choice. The woman who lied on the pipebed had moved something
    within both of our minds. Is this also a part of Spencer's plan?
    On this day, a ten-year old girl was deployed to Umbrella's Arctic
    facility as a Head Researcher. Her name was Alexia Ashford. At that
    time, I was twenty-one and Birkin was nineteen. Ruefully, the rumor
    of "Alexia in the Arctic" occupied our topics at the Arkley Facility.
    The Ashford House was a legend among long-time employees.
     Whenever our research didn't go well, the unskilled old researchers
    would say, "If only Professor Edward were still alive..." Certainly,
    Edward Ashford was one of the founders of the "starting virus" and
    might be the greatest scientist ever since he established the T-virus
    plan. However, Edward died soon after Umbrella was founded. It has
    been thirteen years since his death. After all that time, I wondered
    what we expected from Ashford House.
    To tell the truth, the Arctic Facility that his son established, had
    not developed anything for thirteen years since Edward's death. His
    granddaugter Alexia's brain might not be good enough.
    However, after that day, our useless older scientists began to say
    instead "if only Alexia were here..." I believed these old men didn't
    have any future because they judged people solely on the name of their
    family or their blood. That's why they could not work without any direction
    and could not ever get promoted when they were old enough to have one leg
    in the coffin. However, I remained sensible.
    If I was too hot about this issue as a manager, the Arkley
    Facility's T-virus development would run late. Under these circumstances,
    if we didn't judge the situation calmly, we would not succeed. At that
    time, I thought that if I used these old men well, the results of our
    research would show progress. I also thought the scientists were suitable
    for the very dangerous experiments because they were so old. After all,
    If I didn't use my workers efficiently, I wouldn't be such a higher manager.
    However, Birkin was now a problem. His reaction to the Alexia rumors
    were miserable.
    Although Birkin would never admit it, he was proud of becoming the
    youngest manager at sixteen. However, a ten-year-old girl had just
    broken his pride completely. It was the first time Birkin had ever
    been defeated. He couldn't admit that a young girl from a famous family
    had defeated him. Indeed, he was just a child. Although Birkin had an
    immature mind we needed him to get over it, because our research had
    been in the second phase for three years.
    At this point of the T-virus development, the production of the
    "Human biological weapon" the so called "Zombie" was stable. There
    was not 100% virus infection to DNA. There are so many kinds of
    chemical differences among people. If a group of people reveived the
    infection from a "Zombie", ten percent of them would not get infected.
    We can't change this result even though we continuously studied the
    DNA. If 90% of people got the infection, this would be enough to be
    a weapon. However, Spencer's opinion was different. Our boss wanted
    an independent weapon that killed 100% of the people. However, for
     Originally, the advantage of biochemical weapons was that they were
    cheap to develop. However, our research into the "Human biological
    weapon" was getting expensive. If Spencer wanted to get money the
    ordinary way, he would not have chosen such a method. If he used
     this as an ordinary weapon system, he would get enough money. However,
    if he continued to study it as an independent weapon, it would be
    too expensive.
    Why does he continue this research even though it costs so much? I
    would understand if he aimed at a monopoly of all military industry
    to change the general idea of war. So I still don't know Spencer's
    real intention.
    Apart from Spencer's real intention, what Birkin considered an ideal
    "Human biological weapon" was what he attached as a weapons importance
    to the battle field of that time. He tried to create that weapon by
    not only changing the T-virus DNA but also incorporating other creature's
    DNA information. He devised a Human biological weapon for battle that
    destroys people who are armored or recieved a vaccination for the
    virus. This experiment was called the "Hunter" in later times. However,
    that experiment had to stop for a while to protect our main experiment.
    Birkin felt it meaningless to compete against Alexia. He began to act
    like losing was standard behavior. He stayed at the facility twenty-four
    hours a day and continuously experimented on casual ideas with no plan.
    I tried to use other researchers to extract as many biological samples
    as possible before the experiment bodies died. However, I could not catch
    up with the speed of Birkin's experiments. The facility head supplied
    new experiment bodies and acted like nothing was wrong. However, those
    bodies were dying continuously. That place was like hell. However,
    the "woman experiment's" body was the only one who survived that hell.
    She was already twenty-eight. That is, she has been in this facility
    for fourteen years. She might not have any thinking ability as a human
    since getting the "Starting virus". If she had her mind, her only hope
    would be death. However, she survived. I wondered why she was the only
    one who survived for such a long time because the data of her experiment
    was not any different from the other bodies we experimented on. Until
    we solved this mystery, we needed more time
    It has been the 6th winter since I worked at this Arklay facility.
    During the last two years, we had made no real progress with our
    research and time passed by. But this had come to an end. We had
    recieved word that Alexia had died. The reason was the virus that
    Alexia herself created, the (T-Veronica virus). It seemed like the
    12 year old Alexia was too young for such dangerous research.
     I had heard rumours that Alexia had injected the T-veronica virus
    in herself but this I could not believe. She probably couldn't handle
    her father's death one year ago and made a simple error in her research.
    Later, the research at the Antarctica facility was continued by Alexia's
    twin brother, but no one had expected anything from him. In the end,
    the Ashford family couldn't bring any results and would crumble down.
    Like I had stated earlier, the Ashford family was a legend and will
     stay as a legend only.
     With Alexia's death, Birkin had changed back to what he was before.
    Now there was no one who could surpass him, and all the researchers
    had to acknowledge him. But it was still a taboo to talk about Alexia
    infront of him. Even when I tried to get a sample of the T-veronica
    virus, he had strongly objected.
    I had to put aside finding out about the research that Alexia had done
    for now. Ihad come to realize Birkin had not changed at all, when
    everything around him had changed.  But I had a much bigger problem
    on my hands.
    Our facility was located in a very dense forest. I went out walking
    into the woods many times but because this facility was in the near
    center of the forest, we would never encounter any other humans. The
    only way to get here was by a helicopter. It was a needed precaution
    dealing with a bio-weapon. Since if by chance, the virus is leaked out,
    it would prevent the chances of spreading. But a bio-weapon isn't so
    simple. The virus can also affect non-human beings as well.
    A virus isn't always limited to affecting only one kind of organism.
    For example, the Influenza virus not only affects humans, but birds,
    pigs, horses and even seals. In each of these species, not all who
    come in contact with the virus are affected. Seagulls and chickens
    are, but all other birds are not. Also, the same virus may have
    different effects on different species. The problem lies in how the
    T-virus can affect many different life forms.
    During the time when Birkin made himself useless, I had done my
    own research on the T-virus. I had discovered that the T-virus
    can affect most life forms out there. Not only mammals but plants,
    bugs, and fish can also be affected. Everytime I walked in the woods,
    I always thought to myself, why did Spencer choose this place?t?
    There are many different forms of life in these woods. What would
    happen if the virus were to leak out? If only an insect were infected,
    it is small in size and probably would not go through a big mutation.
    But insects could spread the virus at an incredible rate. If this were
    to happen, how far would the T-virus spread? If it were a plant that
    was infected, the plant itself could not move and would seem safe. But
    what about the seeds the plants give out?
    It would be very dangerous for such a case to happen. Now that I think
    about it, it was a smart move for the Ashfords to locate their facility
    in Antarctica. But here it almost seems like someone wants the virus to
    spread. But that could not be possible. What is Spencer trying to make
    us do?
    This issue was far too great and I could not discuss this with any other
    researcher. The only one who I could talk to was Birkin, but he probably
    wouldn't be interested. I need more information. I had started to realize
    my limits as a simple researcher. To find out what Spencer was truly
    thinking, I needed to get to a position where I could obtain more information.
    For that I would throw away all my current positions. But I cannot
    do this quickly. I could not let Spencer notice my plans for if so,
    everything would be over.
    I had continued to do research with Birkin so that no one would detect
    my intentions. During that time, that 'woman test subject' was forgotten.
    A "failure" that just lived on. Until that day, 5 years later.....
    The 11th summer had come since we started working at this facility. I
    was 28 at the time. Birkin had become a father to a 2 year old girl.
    The wife was a also a researcher at the facility. It was natural that
    people who conducted research at the same facility fall in love and have
    children. But a normal person would not be able to continue research at
    this place. Everyone who is still here is crazy.
    We had gone into phase three of our plan in the ten years. A programmed
    life, to be used a soldier, a bio-weapon for combat. This bio-weapon
    was to be called the "Tyrant". But this project had a huge problem from
    the start. Finding a test subject for this Tyrant was easier said than
    done. There were very few who were qualified enough to become the Tyrant.
    This was due to the nature of the T-virus. Any human could be used to
    make a zombie or a hunter but their intelligence would be lost in the
    process. A certain amount of intelligence was needed to create a Tyrant.
    Birkin had created a different way of creating the Tyrant to compensate
    for this problem. But only a very small amount of people could be used
    for this different way. In the simulation, only 1 out of 100000000 mutated
    into a Tyrant, the rest became zombies.
    If our research continued, we could create a different kind of T-virus
    that was compatible with far more people. But for this to happen we
    needed another test subject. But even if we searched through all of
    America, we would only find ten or so people that were compatible.
    Other research facilities had encountered the same problem. We ran
    into a wall even before our research began.
    But we had recieved word that the Europe facility had devised a plan
    to conquer this problem in phase 3. This was the Nemesis project. I
    had urged Birkin to get a sample of the project to further our own
    research. Although Birkin had strongly opposed, I convinced him otherwise.
    Until we found a compatible host our research would not proceed forward,
    and Birkin had to accept this.
    We had received the package a few days later with a number of precautions
    written on it. The package brought to heliport was in a small box labeled
    "Nemesis Project". To gain this sample from the France facility required
    quite there effort, and credit for this accomplishment went to Spencer for
    backing us up. Birkin took no interest in the package till the end but had
    at least admitted to tests. The sample was new and was for test purposes.
    A biological life form created by manipualting DNA. That was the what
    the Nemesis was. The intelligence was the only thing enhanced and this
    lifeform alone, could not do anything. But once it finds a host, it
    becomes a parasite and would take over that host and would cause it
    to have incredible combat ability. The host for the weapon and the
    parasite would be made separately and later the intelligence of the
    parasite and the body of the host would be combined to create a bio-weapon.
    If this were to succeed it would overcome the problem of the intelligence
    and we could create a bio-weapon. But the problem was when the parasite
    takes over the host.
    In the research files, the only information recorded was the death of
    each host once taken over by the parasite sample. Within 5 minutes of
    the parasite taking over, the host would die. But we were already
    aware of the danger that lied in the prototype. If we could prolong
    the time the host would survive, we would gain the credit to the "Nemesis
    project". That was my plan. The host would be that women test subject.
    Her incredible life rate could survive longer against the Nemesis
    prototype. And even if it failed, nothing would change on our side.
    But the test had created a result I had not expected. The Nemesis
    prototype that tried to enter her brain had disappeared. At first,
    we could not tell what had happenned. We did not expect her to consume
    the Nemesis. That was the beginning. Something was happenning inside
    that failed experiment. We had decided to start research on her from
    In the past ten years, we had conducted every bit of research
    possible on her, but we had decided to throw all those files away.
    Within the 21 years that she lived, something was beginning to show.
    Only Birkin had begun to notice the change. Indeed, something had
    begun to change inside her.
    But that was something totally different from the T-virus project.
    Something new and would bring a new idea to us.
    The project which changed our destiny, the "G-virus project"
    it had been 17 years since I first came to this place. Every time I come
    here, I remember the smell of the wind from that day. The buildings and
    the surroundings all looked the same as before. On the heliport, I could
    see Birkin. It has been a long time since I've seen him. Four years have
    passed since I left Arklay labs.
    4 years ago, when Birkin's G-virus project was authorized, I requested
    to be transferred to the secret (intelligence) service. This was easily
    authorized. Most people saw it as a natural change, going from the research
    profession to another field. In reality, the research conducted on the
    G-virus was far above my level. Even if I wasn't out to discover what
    Spencer was truly thinking, I could feel my limits as a researcher had
    reached their peak.
    Even as the wind blew, Birkin didn't take his eyes off of his research
    files. He came to Arklay quite often, even though he was not employed
    here anymore. Not too long ago, an underground lab under Racoon City
    was built. This was the place that Birkin's G-virus project would take
    shape. To be honest, I didnt think that Spencer would authorize "G". I
    thought this because "G" was considered far from being a weapon, and
    had too many unknowns about it.
    "G" was slightly different from "T-virus" because the host would
    spontaneously react to the virus at a repetitive rate. It was very
    easy for a mutation to occur since the DNA would be open to a virus.
    But this is isolated to the virus itself and not the host's DNA. Even
    if the virus could cause some form of change, it would be rare for the
    host's DNA to become mutated. Enter an ouside force such as radiation,
    and it would be a different story. But in the case of "G" it was different.
    Even without an outside force the "G" would keep mutating the host until
    Something very similar in nature did exist within the T-virus though.
    When a bio-weapon is put in a specific area, the virus inside the host
    would cause some form of mutation. This has already been confirmed. But
    for this an ouside force was always needed. But the "G" has no need for
    such an element. No one can predict the pattern of the mutations. And
    even if we could think of a way to stop the mutation, the virus would
    just improvise.
    7 years ago Birkin discovered this in that woman. At first look the woman
    appeared to have no physical changes. But inside of her various mutations
    had occurred, each consuming every kind of virus we injected her with, and
    had continued to live on. Over a period of 21 years, it had mutated so
    much that it would even consume the Nemesis. The G-virus project was to
    take this mutation to highest point possible. But this could lead to the
    "Ultimate life form" or it could end in complete disaster
    .....could this be called a weapon?
    What was Spencer thinking when he authorized this project? Even when I
    moved to the secret intelligence service I could not find out anything
    about Spencer's train of thought during these 4 years. Spencer hasn't
    been to Arklay labs in a while now. Almost as if he is expecting something
    to happen there. Spencer was slowly drifting away from me, just as an oasis
    in a desert. But my chance will come soon enough. Thats if I can live until
    The elevator took Birkin and I to the highest level in the lab. To that
    place where we first saw that woman. There, we met the new research leader,
    John. He had come from a Chicago lab and was an excellent researcher, but he
    was too normal to work in a place like this. He had started to question the
    motives of the research, and had repeatedly questioned the superiors.
    This news reached my ears in the secret (intelligence) service. If information
    had been leaked out, he would be the first to go? This was the general
    opinion amongst the masses.
    We both ignored John and started the clean-up of that woman. We had
    to kill her. When she had consumed Nemesis she started to regain some
    intelligence and exhibited some preculiar behaviors. The behavior would
    worsen. She would ripped off another womans face and would wear it herself.
    According to the records she showed the same behaviors when she was first
    injected with the original virus. Recently three researchers had been
    killed as a result of her behavior, and this is what prompted her immediate
    termination. Because the "G project" was progressing so well, we had
    no use for her.
    Her death was confirmed over the course of 3 days, and her "dead body"
    was carried somewhere by the president. After all was said and done, no
    one knew who she was or why she was here. But this was also true of any
    of the other test subjects. If she had not been here the G-project would
    not have existed. Both Birkin and I would had be in completely different
    situations. I had this on my mind as I left the Arklay labs.
    How far was Spencer planning on taking this?
    (the "incident" would happen 3 years later)
       ###              ###
    #####  HERB MIXING  ######
       ###              ###
    # Herb Mixing Chart #
    Here are the herb mixing charts and the basic explination of the
    result you'll get.
    1 green + 1 green = 2 greener
    This will restore medium health at once
    1 green + 1 green + 1 green = 3 greener
    This combo will restore full heath without question
    1 green + 1 red = full healer
    This combo will restore full health without question
    1 green + 1 red + 1 blue = Super healer
    This combo will not only restore your health but also
    poison cured and makes you temporarily invulnerable.
    1 green + 1 blue = Small poison curer
    This combo will restore small amount of health aswell as the poison.
    1 green + 1 green + 1 blue = meduim poison curer
    This combo will restore half of your health and poison cured aswell.
    1 green
    quarter of your health is restored
    1 blue
    poison is restored
    1 red
    unable to act itself, this boosts the other herbs powers
    first aid spray
    instant full health but no cure for poison
               (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
       ###              ###
    #####  GAMESPY      ######
       ###              ###
    It has been sixteen months since Capcom's masterpiece of survival
    horror, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, was released for the Sega
    Dreamcast. That game was heralded as the best of the series, and
    went on to be a major success for Capcom. When the PlayStation 2
    version was announced, Capcom declared that the game would have
    an X added to the title, and that it would be an "extended" version
    of the original, complete with the restoration of deleted scenes
    featuring the infamous Albert Wesker. Additionally, it was going
    to contain a playable demo of Capcom's upcoming Devil May Cry,
    and, for a limited time, a mysterious "Wesker's Report" DVD. Well,
    dear fans, the entire package has hit the streets and it delivers
    all that was promised. But does the game itself (after all, you
    wouldn't spend fifty bucks for a demo disc and a DVD you
    know nothing about, would you?) measure up to its original
    Dreamcast incarnation? The answer, my friends, is blowing in
    the wind... with the stench of T-Virus infected corpses.
    Lets begin at the beginning, shall we? After all, that is exactly
    what the "Wesker's Report" DVD does. This disc is a non-interactive
    "designed to watch" DVD that can be played on any commercially-available
    DVD machine, just like a typical movie disc. It runs about twenty
    minutes in length, and plays out in a very dramatic fashion. This
    disc is essentially a recap of the entire series' plotline, in
    chronological order (RE3 took place both before and after RE2),
    from the first title all the way to Code Veronica. It reveals
    several details about good old Albert himself, including his miraculous
    resurrection after being slaughtered by the Tyrant in the first game.
    The meat-and-potatoes of the package, the game itself, is still the
    masterpiece the Dreamcast version was, with a few more expository Wesker
    passages (including another bullet-time sequence) thrown in for good
    measure. The game's story takes place three months after the events of
    RE2, with our heroine, Claire Redfield, traipsing off to Europe in
    search of her brother Chris. She is caught trespassing by the Umbrella
    Corporation and whisked off to their isolated prison colony on a remote
    island. It just so happens that this island is also the site of the
    Ashford Mansion, the home of Umbrella's original founders and now
    their rather disturbed descendants. The installation is attacked,
    and before you know it, the T-Virus is leaked all over the joint.
    How long before the fun begins? About four minutes.
    Code Veronica also makes new use of the attempted "zapping" feature
    of RE2. Items that Claire takes will not be available for Chris later
    in the game, when he travels over familiar territory. Gamers should
    plan ahead for this by keeping a weapon or two, extra ammo and health
    aids in an item box. If Claire is carrying two "powerful" weapons,
    try and deal with carrying only one. You'll be glad you did later
    when you swing by with Chris.
    pros: One horrifying yet compelling sequence after another, and a
    solid storyline; Wesker Report DVD bonus very interesting.
    cons: Not enough "extras" to warrant a second purchase for seasoned
    CV veterans.
    Resident Evil: Code Veronica X is an excellent package for those who
    have missed out on the DC version. The extra features are nice
    especially the extra DVD), but, once again, will not really
    enhance the experience for vets. Newbies should run right out
    and purchase the title for their collection, but vets should only
    rent it if they feel they would like to relive the experience with
    a few new additions.
                (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
    # Why is chris still wearing his STARS uniform can anyone answer me this ?
      i mean raccoon city is gone, so is the STARS, then why ? dont tell me
      that he doesnt have any other pair of clothes.
    # How fast can alfred change his clothes for gods sake, i mean he changed
      his clothes in the time it took claire to go from one room to another
      while he had a bullet in his hand and he managed to climb on top of
      the bed too. Weird.
    # Some people may complain like this that steve is only a 17 year old
      boy and he knows alot of things alot adults dont know, he can handle
      guns aswell as heavy machinery and snow machines, now that is really
      not steve's fault cause im also 16 and i've handled guns before too
      driven cars too, but err.. a airplane, thts a bit too much to ask.
    # If you take a look at claire's jacket logo it says " let me live "
      These are the same words and the same design as in her alternate
      outfit in Resident evil 2.
    # If you have watched MI:2 then you would understand when i say that
      capcom took alot of things from that movie. for example
           * The way claire shoots the drums
           * Chris's rock climbing actions
    # The wesker alexia fight is clearly a matrix rip off, nuff said.
    # The way alexia changes in mid stairs and turns into all fire totally
      reminds me of eve from parasite eve 1, and the hall before the
      final fight room also reminds me of silent hill 1.
    # One thing which really really bothers me about alfred changing into
      alexia is that HE COMPLETELY transforms, down to his chest and figure
    " Sure i may not be human anymore, but just look at the power i've gained
    magnificent dont you think "
    Wesker has the best voice in the game... BOO YEAH !
    " Lets just say im a ghost from the past, coming back to haunt... your dear
    brother "
    Another one of wesker's spooky lines.
    " Say hello to my team mates, who you killed "
    Chris got some nice one's too.
    " Dont worry claire, your knight in shining armor IS here "
    " Wait here claire, time to test out my new toys "
    " claire redfield, i will take aim for you with this sniper rifle and badly
    miss for I am alfred ashford "
                (`'·.¸ ¸.·'´)
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    thing clear, on the whole face of the internet there are only 2 sites
    which have the permission to edit this walkthrough and change it and
    do whatever they want with it, except of course call it their own :)
    And those two sites are the following.
    1 : www.planetdreamcast.com/residentevil
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    mucho's boredome thingy..
    This guide was made only for the purpose of helping other people, and i dont
    intend to use it for profit, and i would really really appreciate it if no
    one else does it too. This guide is as free as everyone of us is.
    Use it nicely. The following sites have are the special sites who this
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    Any other site can also use this guide as long as they keep it to themselves
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    anyone uses it for money  PLEASE TELL ME BEFORE YOU USE MY GUIDE.
    This guide was made by Adnan Javed , better known as ChandooG on the
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    understand in those words or you think of using this guide for profiticle
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    family :) get the picture.
    Resident Evil all its characters and all the logo's are copyright of capcom co.
    I am in no associated with capcom and this guide is an uffocial work.
    Resident Evil/Biohazard is a regestered trademark of capcom co.
    If you want to contact me just mail to this address
    I will reply only to those mails which have something important for me , or
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    family e mail add for gods sake.
    the address again is :- returnofthemaniac@Hotmail.com
    * First and foremost God for making us all and giving me the power to do
      this work
    * Secondly my friend kad... without kad my internet life would never have
      been the way it is right now. Your my true love.. capiche.
      :D heehe "
    * Thirdly another good friend sean for making his superb side and MI trooper
      along him for making the RP spencer mansion, its all cause of you people.
    * CVXFREAK for letting me use his wesker's report 1 and 2. appreciated
    * Now the formal thanks.. Thanks capcom for making this game
    * Thanks Nemesis for keeping me to the edge of my seat along the whole game
    * Thanks myself for playing this superb game and finishing it.
    * Thanks to claire for looking better then she did in RE2. WOO HOO
    * Thanks to all the other FAQ writers, needed them someday.
    * Thanks to any one who uses this with permission on their site
    and thats it i thinks.
    Closing moments :
    This has been fun... will do it sometime again soon... for now its
    curtains i tells ya .. curtains...
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