Help with Nemesis?

  1. I need help knocking down the Nemesis when you have to give him that shot I think?

    User Info: ttoelover67

    ttoelover67 - 5 years ago


  1. Shoot him. A lot.

    User Info: zxSnake

    zxSnake - 5 years ago 0 2
  2. easy way is use lupo with guns a blasing... shoot from the ground floor behind boxes and not from the raptors. Because nemesis is shooting from the hip the boxes on the ground level block all his shoots so just get close depending on the weapon and lay into him.

    User Info: jvnnyd

    jvnnyd - 5 years ago 0 2
  3. Another good way is to simply allow the army peeps to wear him down for you also a solid team of 4 should do it as well. I also agree with the previous statement getting close behind boxes is the way to go. Another good weapon to use is the preferator its an auto shotgun that works well at taking him down.

    User Info: owenii54

    owenii54 - 5 years ago 0 2
  4. Character: Vector
    Weapon: Any
    Perk: Active Camo

    Strat: When the level first begins, camp at the ammo box using it for cover + ammo.
    Eventually the Spec ops will come and start to hammer on Nemesis, they with a combined effort of your team will eventually bring Nemesis down to a knee, from there activate your camo, then rush him and proceed to "repairing him"

    User Info: meisei

    meisei - 5 years ago 1 2
  5. i thought this bit was well hard, and i failed too many times. but i did crack it in the end so here goes,

    also before i start in contrary to the other answers, i stayed on the upper level right the way through and i used the militia rifle with assault class and incendinary bullets.

    when you start off stay near the ammo cache after immediately collecting a first aid spray and the infection spray of course, and forget about nemesis for now. instead start popping all the zombies around your squad and then refill your ammo and then sprint straight over to where there is a green herb, (notice that your squad doesnt follow you but instead keep the zombies off your back) and shoot the red barrel in front of you to stop it getting blown up in your face. from this position you can stand so you can just see nemesis' head through the railings and its bullets wont pass through the grill your stood on so your pretty safe. all you have to do is keep and eye on your squad because if they get infected they WILL run at you so kill them before they turn and all thats left is the odd zombie that might get to you. As with any tough enemy, shoot only in its head using incendinary bullets when you can and eventually it will move away to the further part of the area. now kill the spec ops directly in front of you by shooting the barrel or whatever, its up to you. resupply ammo, health and revive any sqaud members that are fallen aslong as they are on the upper level, try not to go downstairs because there is a high chance (i found) that you will get hit by stray bullets and attract a shedload of zombies which obviously is not wanted. after doing this, its time for you to move onto the platform OPPOSITE from where you just shot a load of spec ops, beware though, as you move closer to the nemesis more spec ops will appear from the same position( the grey tin shed), and also from the left walkway, the ones from the left can be easily dispatched by shooting barrels as they walk past them (theres two barrels i think) and thats where you want to go, to the left and you will find another ammo cache and some covver directly facing the nemesis. from here take out all spec ops remaining before you even look at nemesis cos they will shoot you before him. now your squad will follow you here and take care of most of the zombies that come running at you but not all. this is the part i died the most because you have to watch out for zombies and when you need an ammo refill the nemesis can shoot you quite easily and health ca be lost very quickly with no first aids or herbs, this bit is a bugger. anyway once all spec ops are dealt with, and with your team there helping you, you will find less and less zombies seem to come upstairs after so long. now start shooting at the nemesis again preferably in the head using incendinary bullets when you can do seem to help somewhat. the only thing is now, is to only shoot him, when hes not shooting at you. this may take a few tries to get used to using this method but i found it the most hassle free. good luck

    User Info: molefeatures

    molefeatures - 5 years ago 0 2
  6. Just stand anywhere on the second floor walkways to where you're you can shoot his head between the railing bars, but with the floor blocking his Chaingun.

    As for the Spec Ops, bring an SMG. Then shoot one of them till they get Blood Frenzy and watch the zombies swarm them. Rinse and repeat until you only have zombies and Nemesis to deal with, at which point dispatch the zombies as needed.

    I used an SMG for this fight. Seemed to work quite well.

    User Info: Crunchyz

    Crunchyz - 5 years ago 0 1
  7. Beat the living S*** out of him died 16 times on that part and finnaly killed him with specters gun (multia rifle).

    User Info: roflman546

    roflman546 - 5 years ago 0 2
  8. I defeat him very easy by doing this.

    First thing - Find your Ammo Crate as ammo source, then find cover that near ammo crate. (I refer use box as cover on catwalk near ammo crate)
    2nd step - I keep firing to Nemesis's head from cover. when ammo run out, straight for ammo create, then back to cover for continue attacking

    repeat 2nd step until Nemesis is down.

    also. keep eye out for zombie. let some special ops soldier alive if they not brother you, they seem attack to Nemesis as well.

    User Info: DragonShaw32

    DragonShaw32 - 5 years ago 0 2

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