Where can I find (silver chest plate armor / Metal bikini)?

  1. Ok i gave the idols to both merchants. at level 45, I think I'm about the end of main story. and I can't find this and the Dire wolf helmet? DO you make these or do you buy them? my xbox gamer tag is "KingNealH" and my pawn is "Baby" Please help fellow players. Ill hook your pawn up with some goodies.

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    misterevilpants - 5 years ago

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  1. You almost always find a silver chest plate in a chest when you are fighting at the Greatwall. After defeating the two Cyclops and the snow harpies, go through the door and kill all the skeletons and the sorcerer in the next area. Backtrack and obtain a TNT barrel and return and destroy the false wall next to the barred door and then kill all the undead in the room beyond. Go down some stairs, take out more undead and sorcerers and eventually you will find a soldier who will unlock a door leading to a room with a chest that usually has the silver chest plate but sometimes has Chimeric or other types of armor. I have about 5 silver chest plates.

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  1. I got my Dire Wolf Veil by using master thief on a held dire wolf, same with snow harpies and harpy cloaks. It's a rare result but keep on trying and you'll eventually get it. Unsure if they are found in the world but some rare items (silk undergarments included) can be stolen from various monsters with Pilfer/Master Thief. Just make sure the enemy is disabled (held, petrified, ice, etc) first.

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  2. Or you can just raid the dungeons such as soulflayer canyon and do a quick treasure chest run. The chests there restock after 7 days in game time. just sleep at inn 7 times then farm that dungeon like a boss!

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  3. You can buy it from Madeline post-game, along with any other half-naked clothing you might want for Arisens/Pawns. Female-only, obviously.

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