How do you get through Everfall Chambers?

  1. I just started the game a few days ago, and my character(s) are around lv11 or so, and got the quest from the pawn guild store to go into Everfall Chambers area. After going through there at some point, I got to the first mob area and my party just got wiped. Am I to low level? If I remember the mobs were skeleton type things. Do I need pretty good gear?

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    wieheistdu - 5 years ago

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  1. Not bad level if you like long and challenging under-leveled questing.


    You face bats, undead, skeletons (including mages with fire spells), an Ogre, harpies, and an undefeatable boss. If you intend to fight through it, bring a LOT of stamina and healing stuffs and oil flasks. bring oil arrows if a strider. Bring two Mages with Ingle and fire boon plus healing, and one tank fighter. You want a tank pawn that targets ranged enemies.

    Douse undead and skeletons with oil and let the mages torch them, while you systematically take out the ranged enemies while tank holds them down. Do not flip the first lever, if you want to kill moar for moar xp. Make good use of explosive barrels and crowd control.

    Alternatively, you can run through almost the entire quest with enough stamina items. Run till you get to the first lever, flip it, run past the ogre, get to the bottom, trigger the cutscene, then run back up. If you have enough shrooms fish and scrag to not run out of stam, you can be in and out without really fighting anything.

    For extra XP, you can kill the ogre without a fight by making him fall off the ledge.

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  1. I think you're a bit low for that spot. It can be done at that level, but you'll encounter a troll type enemy in that dungeon that'll do a lot of damage and will also take a while to kill. I'd say come back when you're 15. You can pick up some side quests that'll give you decent exp in the meantime.

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  2. Just find a mage with Holy Affinity or Holy Boon, you'll be slicing through those undead skellies like butter.

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  3. I've killed all the bosses in the everfall but the ur-dragon. He's too strong. But I still don't have 20 wakestones I only have 16 can anyone gift me 4 stones? Please my gamer tag is xFSUx Greenwell. I'd be greatly appreciative I'll in turn trade 4 ferry stones...

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