Arisen Bond?

  1. How can I exactly get one?

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    Ivan_Gamer - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. there are some ways to get it:

    1.- After saving selene from the crowd, you'll find a tablet on the grave, not just after complete the quest, but time after, you can make some progresion in the main story, take the tablet and give it to the dragonforged.

    2.- Sometimes, SOME not alway, after you scape from the fort where Elysium dies crushed by the dragon, you'll find the ring at your feets after the cutscene.

    3.- The last way is make it, doing the Aelinore chain quests after you save her from the manse she give you Love-in-the-rough this you can combine with the Noonflower, and that it. the noonflower only grows near the bloodwater beach, above actually, need to jump betwen the clifs that wall the path to the beach

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Other Answers

  1. Also, don't forget to forge the tablet or the Love-in-the-rough once you get either of them. That way, you can make as many Arisen's Bonds as you like, should you need to.

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  2. If you get an Arisen's Bond you can actually Forge that it's self. It doesn't come out as "Forgery", It's exactly the same thing. However, it costs 165,000 Gold, that's the catch. Unless you have a lot of gold and it doesn't really matter.

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  3. 1. Complete the quest, "Lost and Found" (escort Quina through Witchwood to meet Selene).
    2. After meeting the Duke for the first time, go to the marketplace area to overhear an NPC conversation, whch triggers the quest, "Witch Hunt".
    3. Complete "Witch Hunt".
    4. Exit Witchwood. After the load screen, reenter Witchwood and return to the spot where you spoke to Selene and Sofiah. You will find a stone tablet by the grave. Pick it up.
    5. Take the tablet to the Dragonforged. He will turn the tablet into the Arisen's Bond.

    User Info: meralonne

    meralonne - 5 years ago 1 0

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