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    The Hero Trophy Guide by randomdude0794

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     _____                                  ______                            
    |  _  \                                 |  _  \                           
    | | | |_ __ __ _  __ _  ___  _ __, ___  | | | |___   __ _ _ __ ___   __ _ 
    | | | | '__/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \| '_ \/ __| | | | / _ \ / _` | '_ ` _ \ / _` |
    | |/ /| | | (_| | (_| | (_) | | | \__ \ | |/ / (_) | (_| | | | | | | (_| |
    |___/ |_|  \__,_|\__, |\___/|_| |_|___/ |___/ \___/ \__, |_| |_| |_|\__,_|
                      __/ |                              __/ |                
                     |___/                              |___/                 
     _____ _            _   _                                                 
    |_   _| |          | | | |                                                
      | | | |__   ___  | |_| | ___ _ __ ___                                   
      | | | '_ \ / _ \ |  _  |/ _ \ '__/ _ \                                  
      | | | | | |  __/ | | | |  __/ | | (_) |                                 
      \_/ |_| |_|\___| \_| |_/\___|_|  \___/  
     _____               _             _____       _     _                    
    |_   _|             | |           |  __ \     (_)   | |                   
      | |_ __ ___  _ __ | |__  _   _  | |  \/_   _ _  __| | ___               
      | | '__/ _ \| '_ \| '_ \| | | | | | __| | | | |/ _` |/ _ \              
      | | | | (_) | |_) | | | | |_| | | |_\ \ |_| | | (_| |  __/              
      \_/_|  \___/| .__/|_| |_|\__, |  \____/\__,_|_|\__,_|\___|              
                  | |           __/ |                                         
                  |_|          |___/                                          
    By Miguel Angel Rivera, A.K.A Randomdude0794
    ------------------------------:Table of Contents:------------------------------
    Legal stuff------------------------------------------------------------[LS00]
    Floral Delivery--------------------------------------------------------[DD01]
    Lost Faith-------------------------------------------------------------[DD02]
    Grim Tidings-----------------------------------------------------------[DD03]
    Strength in Numbers----------------------------------------------------[DD04]
    Guard Duty-------------------------------------------------------------[DD05]
    Deep Trouble-----------------------------------------------------------[DD06]
    An Uninvited Guest-----------------------------------------------------[DD07]
    Lost and Found---------------------------------------------------------[DD08]
    A Troublesome Tome-----------------------------------------------------[DD09]
    Land of Oportunity-----------------------------------------------------[DD10]
    Reapers Scorn----------------------------------------------------------[DD11]
    Thick As Thieves-------------------------------------------------------[DD12]
    No Honor Among Thieves-------------------------------------------------[DD13]
    Deeper Trouble---------------------------------------------------------[DD14]
    Chasing Shadows--------------------------------------------------------[DD15]
    Dying Of curiosity-----------------------------------------------------[DD16]
    Escort Duty------------------------------------------------------------[DD17]
    of Merchants and Monsters----------------------------------------------[DD18]
    Search Party-----------------------------------------------------------[DD19]
    Talent in Bloom--------------------------------------------------------[DD20]
    Idol Worship-----------------------------------------------------------[DD21]
    Supliers Demand--------------------------------------------------------[DD22]
    Farewell Valmiro-------------------------------------------------------[DD23]
    an Innocent Man--------------------------------------------------------[DD24]
    Witch Hunt-------------------------------------------------------------[DD25]
    Mettle Versus Metal----------------------------------------------------[DD26]
    Dragon's Tongue--------------------------------------------------------[DD27]
    The Conspiriters-------------------------------------------------------[DD28]
    Nameless Terror--------------------------------------------------------[DD29]
    A Parting Gift---------------------------------------------------------[DD30]
    Rise of The Fallen-----------------------------------------------------[DD31]
    Arousing Suspicion-----------------------------------------------------[DD32]
    Supply and Demands-----------------------------------------------------[DD33]
    Bad Business-----------------------------------------------------------[DD34]
    Duchess in Distress----------------------------------------------------[DD35]
    Warm welcome-----------------------------------------------------------[PG01]
    Fathom Deep------------------------------------------------------------[PG02]
    Final Judgement--------------------------------------------------------[PG03]
    Version History--------------------------------------------------------[VH00]
    Special Thanks---------------------------------------------------------[ST00]
    Final Words------------------------------------------------------------[FW00]
    ------------------------------:Legal Stuff:------------------------------------
    This guide is Copyright 2012-2014 By Miguel Rivera, and is protected by 
    the United States Copyright Act of 1976. It may not be edited in any way,
    shape, or form, Unless by the Author. This Guide is inteded for free use
    only by: 
    and not intended for comercial use, or any other website. All rights reserved.
    If you Wish to have this Guide featured on your website, please contact the 
    Author. and he will gladly grant permission, otherwise its a no-no on your
    website. See the bottom of this guide for contact details.
    My very first guide so bear with me...
    In this guide you will find a complete list of every side quest required to get
    "The Hero" trophy. It contains a detailed walkthrough for each quest as well as
    the location and earliest point the quest can be started. To quickly acess a 
    certain quest press ALT+F to bring up the "FIND" feature, type the code next
    to the quest and click FIND twice. 
    As a personal touch I will be including a difficulty rating ranging from
    one star(*) being the easiest, to five stars(*****) being the hardest.
    they will be rated as though you have not net completed new game plus.
    I will Be using the stage Divison From the game guide as follows:
    Stage 1 Opening.
    Stage 2 Hydra head delivered to Gran Soren.
    Stage 3 After quest "Lure of the Abyss" meet Ser Maxmillian "Wyrm Hunt quests".
    Stage 4 After meeting the Duke for the 1st time.
    Stage 5 After "Griffins Bane" and "Trial and Tribulations".
    Stage 6 After "Reward and Responsibility"."Deny Salvation" quest start.
    Stage 7 After "Final Battle" also known as Post Game.
    ------------------------------:Floral Delivery:--------------------------------
    Location: Cassardis, in a ruined buildng just south of the inn.
    Earliest Start: Stage 1
    Missable: Stage 2
    Difficulty: **
    A woman lacks medicine to cure wounded victims from the dragon attack and wants
    you to collect what she needs:
    Sunbright x5
    Moonglow  x1 
    Just to the north west of Cassardis' front gate is a large tree with 3 
    sunbrights growing at its base. Head north of this tree, killing a few goblins 
    along the way, and you will find another large tree with 3 more sunbrights
    at its base. This is more than you need. Rest at the inn until nightfall and
    head out, this time you want to follow the shoreline killing a few goblins
    raiding a boat at the base of a rock just north of the goblins is a moonglow.
    Return to the woman and give her the plants
    Quest Complete.
    ------------------------------:Lost Faith:-------------------------------------
    Location: Cassardis Chapel
    Earliest Start: Stage 1
    Missable: Stage 2
    You don't even have to leave Cassardis on this one
    The Father has lost his book and wants you to retrieve it. upon exiting the 
    Chapel there will be a boy who admits to stealing but doesn't remember where he
    put it.(fortunately I do) head left and jump over the stone fence onto the roof
    of the building below, it should be right on a ledge in the middle of the
    Building's roof. Return to the Father and give the book to him.
    Quest Complete.
    ------------------------------:Grim Tidings:-----------------------------------
    Location: Cassardis, Elvar, usually wandering the road up to the chapel 
    Earliest Start: Stage 1
    Missable: Stage 1 after killing Hydra
    another pitifully easy quest.
    Elvar is too shy to tell his friend, Merin that Merin's friend is dead so he
    asks you to do it for him. Merin can be found just to the east of the ruined
    building from Floral Delivery. Give him the news and return to Elvar.
    Quest Complete.
    ------------------------------:Stength in Numbers:-----------------------------
    Location: The Encampment
    Earliest Start: Stage 1 after killing the cyclops.
    Missable: Stage 2
    *NOTE*: Chances are you have already completed this quest not realizing that it
    was optional and can be bypassed entirely.
    After getting your pawn a guard pulls you out for a training session. The goal
    here is to  get all of the crates within the circle within the alotted time.
    pretty easy, right? well its impossible to do alone you need a party of pawns
    but you knew that right? after this is done he will tell you that you need to
    defeat all of the combat dummys. There are 3 in front of you, one atop the
    scaffolding, two in the back scaffoldings, and two to the left. once that is
    done he will tell you to do it again, execpt there's a catch, you can only 
    kill certain dummys with magic attacks. Same deal as before except a few
    dummys have been switched with magic versions.
    Quest Complete.
    ------------------------------:Guard Duty:-------------------------------------
    Location: Cassardis inn
    Earliest Start: Stage 1 after killing the cyclops
    Missable:Stage 2
    Upon returning to Cassardis and heading to the inn there will be a woman
    named Madeline, she needs help getting to the encampment. Accept to begin an
    escort quest she will make a few annoying stops and quirks along the way.
    Upon arriving she will ask for 1000 G, give her some and that concludes
    mingling with her for the time being.
    Quest Complete. 
    ------------------------------:Deep Trouble:-----------------------------------
    Location: Cassardis well
    Earliest Start: Stage 1 after killing the cyclops
    Missable: N/A I completed this quest my 1st playthrough in post game!
    When the dragon attacked this guard ran and cowared in the well, while in the
    well he make a shocking discovery: saurians live there! He will then ask you to
    take care of the the problem. Upon entering the well you will be greeted by
    lots and lots of darkness. fortunatley The guard gave you a lantern and a few 
    curatives before heading in so pull out that lantern! A little deeper in there
    will be a fork in the cave, take the left path and it should be a straight shot
    to the saurian nest. kill the group and return to the guard.
    NOTE:This early in the game you'll most likely have trouble with the group of
    Saurians in the well. having ice enchantments will make things easier.
    Quest Complete.
    ------------------------------:An Uninvited Guest:-----------------------------
    Location:Cassardis inn
    Earliest Start: Stage 1 after killing the Hydra
    Missable: Stage 2
    Pablos and sevral other good samaratins have had some goods stolen from them,
    he devised a plan to catch the thief (that namely involves you just running
    around trying to catch the thief...) but first he asks you to speak to  two
    victims, Heraldo and Astella. Both can be found in their prespective shops,
    Heraldo can sometimes be sittng just outside the inn. Once done return to 
    Pablos and rest 'till night. When night falls erie music will be playing
    wander around cassardis until you spot the thief running. he runs laps from up
    to the church down to the pier and turns around. perhaps the best oportunity
    is when he turns around near the pier. This primarily due the fact that
    he is incredibly fast. Once he is caught you will automatically be returned
    to the inn and be done with that speedy hombre.
    Quest Complete.
    ------------------------------:Lost and Found:---------------------------------
    Location: Cassardis/Witchwood
    Earliest Start: Stage 1 hydra killed
    Missable: Stage 2
    When you exit the fort after killing the hydra Elvar will come to you asking
    about Quina. This doesn't actually start the quest you need to sppeak to Adaro,
    he will then tell you he is worried and thinks she has gone to the Witchwood
    and he naturally sends you to the same location.
    NOTE: the road to witchwood is riddled with bandits and wolves and the bandits
    can be especially troublesome especially the multiple sword/hield bandit
    leaders you will encounter.
    When you arrive for the first time Quina will be be in view, speak to her and 
    begin another escort quest follow the road until you encounter a fork with a
    tree next to it head up the pathless fork until you reach some rocks, climb
    them and reach a hollow log balanced on a ledge. Once across the witches house
    is across a clearing. head in to encounter Selene the witch's "daughter" she 
    tell you the witch is dead and a disapointed Quina will leave via a shortcut
    back to Cassardis. Speak to Adaro to finish the quest.
    Quest Complete.
    ------------------------------:Troublesome Tome:-------------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren square, Steffan wandering the inn area, Arnst Castle
    Earliest Start: Stage 2
    Missable: Stage 4
    Ah now for your probalbly first side quest when entering Gran Soren for the 
    1st time and theres quite a few before you even get to Gran Soren, you've
    made this far congragulate yourself!
    Steffan want you to find a book written by a man called Salomet, it is said
    that it grants considerable magick power to those it is held by.In other words
    its a fetch quest. head back to the canyon and follow the road until you 
    encounter a man being attacked by bandits he will then tell you it was stolen
    by more bandits holed up in the ruins of Arnst Castle. Kiling bandits and 
    avoidng boulders along the way, once you reach the top of the falling boulder 
    slope you can see your destination. 
    Once you arrive speak with the bandit leader, Maul. He will tell you he has it  
    but doesn't want to give it up. Now you have two choices: fight him and his 
    lackeys, or head to the very top of the castle, up a ruined spiral staircase
    and in a chest will be the tome. I'd go with choice 2. Once you have it, return
    to Steffan.
    NOTE: there is a wakestone shard on the easternmost arch be sure to pick it up
    to save you a trip back here.
    Quest Complete
    ------------------------------:Land of Opportunity:----------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren Noble Quarter
    Earliest Start: Stage 3
    Missable:Stage 4
    Fournival, a noble in Gran Soren wishes to sell a hunk of land, but cant due to
    the curent residents he want you to convince each resident:
    Pip is by far the hardest to convince so I'll start with him, you can find him
    outside the gate to the Merchant Quarter, when he hears the news he will be
    upset and run away to the roof of a barn. to get to the top of the barn, jump
    do onto the building next to it from the craftsmans house roof he will then 
    run away again, this time to the aqueduct. Upon arriving he will run away. 
    Don't worry he is easier to catch than the thief. when you catch him he will be
    convinced  and agree.
    Next is Sara she is easier to convince just talk to her, rest and talk to her 
    again. after both are convinced speak with Jasper, he can be found giving 
    speeches outside the gate to the noble quarter at around noon. Return to
    Fournival for your reward.
    Quest complete.
    ------------------------------:Reapers Scorn:----------------------------------
    Location:Gran Soren Craftmans House
    Earliest Start:Stage 3
    Missable: Stage 4
    The BlackSmiths son has died; he has searched for any means possible to bring
    him back. When he come across a wakestone shard, hearing rumors they bring the 
    dead back. but cannot come across two more to make a complete wakestone. Thats
    you come in, he gives you one wakestone shard and you need to find two more 
    located at:
    Hillfigure Knoll
    Ruins of Aernst Castle (Bandit Camp)
    The Hillfigure Knoll shard is located right on the Scar of the hill drawing.
    Aernst Castle shard is on an arch around the back end of the  castle. 
    Once you collected three they will automaticaly turn into a complete wakestone
    return to the blacksmith, use the shard on his son and watch the miracle happen
    Quest Complete.
    ------------------------------:Thick as Thieves:-------------------------------
    Location: Heavanspeak Fort
    Earliest Start: Stage 3
    Missable: Stage 5
    Ophis, the leader of the female bandit Camp wants you to do one of two things:
    Feed her pet Cyclops.
    Kill ten male bandits.
    I'd personallly go the cyclops rout for the sheer novelty of it!
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If your Arisen is male, or have any male pawns in your party 
    Ophis will Attack you on sight, this can be resolved by cross dressing in 
    female garb sold by the Black Cat Merchant.
     Feeding the Cyclops |
    The cylops to feed is located at the northern region of barta crags in an 
    inclosed area called "Ophis' Domain" to feed the cyclops you need to kill a 
    nearby goblin pick up the body and toss it on the ground in front of the 
    cyclops, after you feed him once or twice return to Ophis for your reward.
    Killing the bandits |
    Male bandits can be found along the road to the male bandit camp, kill a few 
    and return to Ophis.
    Quest Complete:
    -------------------------:No Honor Among Thieves:------------------------------
    Location: Aernst Castle
    Earliest Start: Stage 3
    Missable: Stage 4
    Maul wants you to do a few tasks of his own, you can do one of two things:
    Kill 10 female bandits.
    Deal with a deserter.
    Dealing with the deserter | 
    Head over to Cassardis and find the rouge thief. As it turns out, the rouge
    thief is actually the same thief you cought from the uninvited guest quest
    you can  tell him to do one of two things:
    tell him to return to maul and put his life in their hands. 
    or you can tell him to run very very far away and never return.
    Pick whatever you want and return to maul.
    Killing the female bandits |
    Female bandits can be found inside he Cursewood region, no to be confused with 
    Witchwood, Along the road to Heavanspeak Fort. Kill a few and return to Maul.
    Quest Complete
    ------------------------------:Deeper Trouble:---------------------------------
    Location: Cassardis Well
    Earliest start:Stage 3 (if Deep trouble was completed)
    Missable: unknown
    Later in the game, Saurians should be easier so, easier foes easier difficulty.
    (Note:you must wait a week after arriving in gran soren before you can start)
    Upon returning to Cassardis after completeting Lure of the abyss, you will hear
    a voice coming from the well cying for help. enter the well and speak to the man
    inside. After hearing his plight he will ask you to kill more saurians and
    their eggs. head to the same spot as last time, cross the water and there you
    will encounter the Saurian nest, complete with eggs and mother saurians.
    Destroying the eggs will be simple enough, after destroying all the eggs
    a larger tougher saurian boss will show up, kill him and return to the man in
    the well for your reward
    Quest complete.
    ------------------------------:Chasing Shadows:--------------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren, Mason wandering the fountain square,
    Earliest Start: Stage 3 if "Seeking Salvation" is completed
    Missable: stage 3 
    Mason asks you to see if there is a suspicious man walking out of the castle at
    night, naturally there is, so rest till nightfall and head up the castle gate.
    when you  arrive there will bea cutscence of a man recieving cash. Your target
    is the one exiting the gate. follow him through the square, into the Venery and 
    into the abandoned building, keeping your distance the whole time. Inside the 
    building there will be a cutscene of Ser Julien, the suspicous man, and 
    Madeline!? After the scene  head to Arsmith, Mason's contact, for your reward.
    Quest complete.
    ------------------------------:Dying of Curiocity:-----------------------------
    Location:Cassardis, Merin wandering the around beach
    Earliest Start: stage 3
    Missable: stage 7
    Merin is wondering where Valmiro, a friend of his, has gone off to he asks you
    to find him. He can be found at these three  locations:
    Unusual Beach.
    The Encampment.
    Witchwood entrance.
    Be sure to bring greenwarish x6
    At the unsual beach, he can be found just to the right of Cassardis' gate
    give him a greenwarish.
    At the Encampment he can be found on the floor, this time he wants two 
    At Witchwood he can be found just at the entrance. He needs greenwarish X3 
    return to Valmiro in cassardis for your reward
    Quest complete.
    ------------------------------:Escort Duty:------------------------------------
    Location:Gran Soren Noble Quarter
    Earliest Start:Stage 3 after  Land of Opportunity.
    Missable: Stage 4 after Trial and Tribulations.
    It is very easy to screw up the reward for this quest, hence the 3 star 
    Fournival wants you to do another favor for him. Escort his daughter around 
    town. once you have spoken to him speak to Symone, his daughter and say yes.
    (NOTE: stick with her at all times! if she talks to you about ditching her you
    have screwed up your reward) follow her to the fountain square at which point 
    she will suggest a game of hide and seek. She can be found at the back corner
    of the inn. follow her around the square some more; when she reaches the 
    merchant quarter gate she will want some water to quench her thirst. Water
    must be obtained by filling up an empty flask from any water source, namely
    the fountain in the middle of the square. She will then suggest a race to the
    far end of the field.Be sure to let her win. you will then be teleported back
    to Fournivals house and the quest will be completed. Talk to Symone as well to
    recieve a Gold Idol, the best reward possible from this quest.
    Quest complete!  
    -------------------------:Of Merchants and Monsters:---------------------------
    Location: Ancient Quarry, West of Gran Soren
    Earliest Start: Stage 3
    Missable: Stage 7
    A tough quest especially if your looking to complete it as early as possible
    for the shortcut and Berserk Gear.
    Speak with the man outside the quarry entrance to begin. he wants you to kill
    all the ogres inside, and open the gate blocking the entance. there eare three
    Ogres inside all of which are pretty tough to kill.
    One just in front of the gate to open.
    One in the fork just past the gate.
    One beyond the left fork mentioned above.
    Once all three are killed return to the merchant for your reward.
    NOTE: this also unlocks him as a merchant you can purchase from.
    Quest Complete.
    ---------------------------------:Search Party:--------------------------------
    Location:Various, speak with Reynard
    Earliest Start: Stage 1
    Missable: Stage 7
    In order to start this quest you need to have made 10 transactions with reynard
    after you have done so he will ask you to find:
    Scrap Iron
    6 journal entries
    NOTE: you need to have made at least 10 more transactions before you can 
    bring him the next item, exluding the journal entires
    Scrap iron can be dropped from skeletons at night.
    Miasmite is droped from phantoms at night as well.
    Each journal entry is found at a fixed location.
    Locations are as follows:
    #1: The Encampment area where the hydra 1st spawned.
    #2: Catacombs 2nd level underground.
    #3: Gran soren Enclosure only reachable by rooftops just NW of the black cat.
    #4: Barta Crags a campsite just south of Miasmic Haunt.
    #5: Soulflayer Canyon 1st floor area.(the lowest area you can reach here)
    Final: Ancient quarry abandoned mine area.
    After  all of them are collected, return to Reynard for your reward and
    upgraded stock from him.
    Quest complete.
    -----------------------------:Talent in Bloom:---------------------------------
    Location: The Abby
    Earliest Start: Stage 4
    Missable: Stage 6
    IMPORTANT NOTE: in the "Seeking Salvation" story quest Mason will present you 
    with a survivor, if you let him live you cannot start this quest.
    Quina will be at the abby at this time. she wishes to get noticed by a bunch of
    high up church people. she asks your help in this regard, all you have to do is
    give the flower she presents to you to anybody. ANYBODY even back to quina...
    But to get the best results you should give it to the head priests in either
    Gran soren or Cassardis.
    Once the flower is given return to quina.
    Quest complete.
    ---------------------------------:Idol Worship:--------------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren Armor Shop
    Earliest Start: Stage 4
    Missable: Stage 6
    Caxton the Armorer in Gran Soren wants to do business with a mysterious 
    suitorthat only sells to people who have an Idol in their possesion. 
    Naturally, heasks you to fetch him an idol you can present him 1 of 3 
    possible idols:
    remember when you followed Symone around? this is where that gold idol you got
    comes in handy.
    the Silver idol can be found from a notice board quest from the pawns guild
    two bronze idols can be found at Witches hut and hillfigure knoll, next to
    Dragonforged's throne.
    present the idol to Caxton to upgrade his stock in three days.
    Quest complete.
    ------------------------------:Suppliers Demand:-------------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren Venery Madelines shop 
    Earliest Start: Stage 4:
    Missable: Stage 6
    Pretty much the same thing with Caxton but with Madeline. See above section.
    give her one of the Idols for your reward.
    Quest complete.
    -----------------------------:Farewell, Valmiro:-------------------------------
    Location: Cassardis, Valmiro
    Earliest Start: Stage 3 after 1st valmiro quest.
    Missable: stage 6
    Remember Valmiro? the guy you foundon the floor half dead? well this time he 
    wants to go out again and is making doubly sure he is heading out prepared for
    his adventure, so he asks you to give him some supplies:
    Potent Greenwarish.
    Sour Ambrosial Meat.
    Pilgrims Charm.
    Potent Greenwarish can be bought from Gran Soren. but you knew that right?
    Same with lanterns...
    Now sour ambrosial meat is toughy. they are  a rare drop from Zombies, cows and
    Ogres. Aditionally, the Ur Dragon drops them fairly commonly
    Pilgrims Charms can be found  at the Catacombs, or bought from Fournival
    Return to Valmiro with the items. and once you give them to him he will then
    ask you and your pawns to move several crates closer to him. do so and a 
    touchy cutscene will commence.
    Quest Compplete.
    ---------------------------------:An Innocent Man:-----------------------------
    Location: Cassarids
    Earliest Start: stage 4
    Missable: stage 6
    A child wants you to free his father for being wrongly accused. Bring 2 
    skeleton keys and head to gran sorens castle dungeon. 2 cells to the left will
    be his father.*NOTE*this is the cell directly across the cell you typically
    get thrwon in. Free him and head out the secret passage escorting him past
    snakes, and other vermin.
    When you reach the slums you will find the mans son, listen to a few lines of
    dialouge and you will get your reward.
    Quest complete.
    ---------------------------------:Witch Hunt:----------------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren, overhear some NPC's talking about Selene
    Earliest Start: Stage 4
    Missable: stage 6
    Afer you hear the NPC's mentioned above you will then have to go ALL the way 
    to the Witchwood. Once you have reached Selenes house you will get a cut scene
    of an angry mob being chased away by an even more angry golem. Naturally you
    being the arisen will have to kill it.(TIP: attack the glowing purple spots)
    When the golem is felled, the gateway underneath Selenes house will open up
    revealing more of the Witchwood. follow the path until you happen upon a
    giant tree in a clearing of flowers a long scene will commence. After watching
    the spoiler heavy cutscene your quest is complete.
    Quest Complete.
    ----------------------------:Mettle Versus Metal:------------------------------
    Location: Witchwood, After witch hunt is completed, on a river to the right,
    past selenes hut.
    Earliest Start: Stage 4
    Missable: Stage 6
    A VERY unorthodox boss battle basically when you touch a suspicous looking rock 
    the quest will begin. the goal here is to take down the metal golem by 
    attacking the magic amulets scattered up and down the river.
    this can be either Very easy or a downright pain in the rear! it all really
    depends on your class and level. Melee classes will have a hard time because
    some amulets will be in high up locations. 
    Once all amulets are destroyed the golem will die.
    Quest complete!
    ----------------------------:Dragon's Tounge:----------------------------------
    Location: Witchwood where Witch Hunt ended.
    Earliest Start: Stage 4 after Witch Hunt
    Missable: Stage 6
    Quest in a nutshell: bring that strange tablet to an expert.
    Upon returning to the witches grave you will find a mysterious tablet, speak
    to the man next to it for some information, he says to bring it to someone who
    can Dechiper it. Namely a priest.
    HOWEVER for the best reward you should bring it to the Dragonforged at 
    hillfigure knoll. 
    Quest complete.
    ----------------------------:The Conspiriters:---------------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren Castle/ Soulflayer Canyon
    Earliest Start: Stage 4
    Missable: Stage 6
    Chamberlein Fidel wants you to meet him at night regarding a suspicous matter.
    Once you have met him he will tell you of a caravan Carrying some confidential
    information and asks you to retrieve it at all costs.
    the letter can be foud at soulflayer canyon. found at the road to the female
    bandit camp.
    The letter is at the other end of the canyon, past Snow Harpies, Goblins,
    Phantasms,a Cyclops and finally, a Gargoyle. The letter is down a few slopes
    once you get past all those enemies.
    Once obtained be sure to make a forgery, just to mess with fidel!
    When you've returned to the castle a guard will come and tell you to not to 
    give the letter to fidel. you can do what you want. I gave the guard the real 
    letter and Fidel the forgery.
    Quest complete
    ----------------------------:Nameless Terror:----------------------------------
    Location: Various, start at Gran Soren entrance
    Earliest Start: Stage 4
    Missable: Stage 6
    It seems that a mysterious group has a beef with the Arisen, the guard warns
    you to be careful.
    Once active you will be ambushed at all of these locations:
    North of the bridge north of Gran Soren. (Get that? read carefully!)
    Ancient quarry entrance.
    Canyon where hydra head was escorted through.
    The road to the encampent.
    Cassardis Main Gate.
    I recommend going in that order to get it done in one night.
    They will all attack you at night only.
    the quest will finish once you have killed their leader.
    Quest complete.
    ----------------------------:A Parting Gift:-----------------------------------
    Location: The Abby
    Earliest Start: Stage 5
    Missable: satge 6
    The head mother at the abby says that quina will be leaving for a higher up 
    church and the wants to give her a gift. namely a pilgrims charm.
    again, they can be found in the catacombs, or bought from Fournival.
    Present her with the charm and...
    Quest complete.
    ----------------------------:Rise of the Fallen:-------------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren castle gate/Catacombs
    Earliest start: Stage 4
    Missable: Stage 6
    Ser Maximillian wants you to investigate some skeletons causeing some trouble
    and wants you to keep a lookout for a secret meeting under the bridge to the
    Venery. Wait until night then head over to the bridge where two hooded figures
    will speak with eachother. after a cutscene you may then intervene. One hood
    will then offer the location to the cause of the trouble for 10k gold, or you
    can beat it out of him. Naturally... skeletons = Catacombs so head there now.
    Once you have arrived head to the elevater via the unlocked shortcut and 
    look for 6 gems of salvation once found plug em' in the door way for a boss 
    battle. The same hooded guy who guided you here!
    NOTE: he spawns an infinite number of skeletons so its a pretty good spot to
    farm exp.
    Once killed, return to Ser Max for your reward.
    Quest complete! 
    ----------------------------:Arousing Suspicion:-------------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren Castle
    Earliest Start:Stage 4, rest a few days after meeting the duke
    Missable: Stage 6
    IMPORTANT NOTE: just after you meet the duke for the 1st time you must speak
    with her in the garden to trigger the start of this quest.
    Mirabelle, ask you to see her at night, do so. When you meet her she tells you
    that the duchess has asked for you personally. rather suspicious no? Her
    Bed chambers are found at that tower you have constantly seen. when you arrive
    the duchess will get all "My hero!" on you but you get interupted by the the 
    duke. he will then proceed to choke her out. You now have two choices: let the
    duke choke her out, resulting in a quest failure, or rescue her resulting 
    in you getting captured. Id go with choice 2 if you want the trophy.
    The duchess will then later arrive at your cell, freeing you. escape and...
    Quest Complete!
    ----------------------------:Supply and Demands:-------------------------------
    Location: Windbluff Tower
    Earliest Start: Stage 4
    Missable: Stage 5 after "Pride Before a Fall" 
    The captain of the fort requires supplys for his fort he asks you to see 
    Ser Julien, the head of the watch. head to Gran Soren  and speak with Julien.
    say: "One Weeks Supply" for the best results. return to the captain with the
    suplies. he will give you the key to the armory as your reward.
    Quest complete.
    -------------------------------:Bad Business:----------------------------------
    Location: Madelines shop
    Earliest Start: Stage 6
    Missable: Stage 7
    Head over to Madelines shop only to find that madeline is gone and in her
    place is Katlyn. speak with her to start the quest. 
    Head over to Arsmith in his ale house, after speaking with him you will then
    get a marker, head over to it to get a cutscene of Madeline fleeing the city.
    follow her, and around the coner you will find her. Speak with her and shortly
    after, a guard will come looking for her, lie to him and tell him she's not here
    they will go away and then Madeline wil ask fo MORE money. give  her some.
    After a touchy cutscene...
    Quest complete.
    ----------------------------:Duchess in Distress:------------------------------
    Location: Gran Soren Castle / Blighted Manse
    Earliest Start: Stage 6
    Missable: Stage 7
    *NOTE* Arousing Suspicion must be completed with the duchess alive to aquire
    this quest.
    Mirabelle tells you that the duchess has been spirited away to a Strongold and
    fears for her safety; she asks you to escort her to a contigent of men waiting
    for her
    Head north to the Blighted Manse to start the rescue. Wear the disgiuse 
    Mirabelle gave you. the guards will be none the wiser. The duchess is on the
    3rd floor up a spiral stair case. Once reached a cutscene will commence and
    then you must escort her out of the Manse. When you reahed the front door 
    you will find it has beenblocked off, naturally this means that you will
    have to take a detour through bandit infested sewers with faulty bridges...
    Good Luck!
    Once you have exourged the Sewers a cutscene will commence and the men will
    take the duchess out of your hands.
    Quest Complete.
    ---------------------------:Warm Welcome:--------------------------------------
    Location: Do you really need this?
    Earliest Start: Stage 7
    Missable: N/A
    After your victorious fight against the dragon you will awaken within your
    Cassardis hut, but somethings not quite right. you will then be promted to head
    toward Gran soren. but the road to it is now riddled with more powerful enemeis
    than before, take caution.
    Once you have arrived at Gran Soren you will find that it is not quite the 
    same... head up to the Duke's bedroom in the castle and you will find he isn't
    quite the same either... you will then fight him but he is really easy as he 
    moves like a zombie. After defeating him he will proceed to sic his infinite
    army of guards on you. You should follow your pawns example and start running!
    After being chased to the now different Gran Soren square you will then fall
    down into the new renovation....
    Quest complete.
    ---------------------------:Fathom Deep:---------------------------------------
    Earliest Start: Stage 7
    Missable: N/A
    Now the location says it's the Everfall, but this isnt the everfall from before
    there is a massive gap right in the middle. Eventually Quince, the pawn from
    The prolouge, asks you to retrieve 20 Wakestones located all over the everfall.
    Easier said than done... Do note that in order to unlock the rest of the
    everfall, You must first Defeat the evil eye. it'll always be the first chamber
    you enter.
    Once all Stones are Collected, Return to Quince to advance.
    Quest Complete.
    ---------------------------:Final Judgement:-----------------------------------
     Utter and complete spoilers. So I wont post anything here. but really this
    quest is easy and quite epic.
    ----------------------------:Version History:----------------------------------
    V 1.0 release version 
    V 1.1 typos fixed and authorized neoseeker for site usage.
    V 1.2 changed some start quest points and added post game quests, as they are
    required for the hero trophy.
    V 1.3 Added a couple warnings ragarding duchess in distress, and innocent man
    V 1.4 Fixed many minor errors, enough to warrant a version change. and added
    the water section in escort duty and Crate moving in Farewell, Valmiro as
    they was missing previously.
    ----------------------------:Special Thanks:-----------------------------------
    The Official game guide for the stage division idea.
    Valor_Pheonix, for letting me know the stage division is from the guide
    Dicemanxx, for pointing out farwell valmiro can be started earlier than 
    originally posted in a topic a while back(congrats on Reaching #1 with Arianne
    on PS3)
    Dennis at Supercheats.com, for requesting use of this guide
    Leo Chan at Neoseeker.com, for requesting use of this guide.
    twilightsusuka, for pointing out deeper trouble start is a weeks wait from
    the start of Deep trouble.
    daherowithnofear, for pointing out arousing suspicion can only be started
    if you spoke to the duchess in the garden after you met with the duke.
    Brandon Moreau, for pointing out in arousing suspicion that the choice
    context was reversed.
    *Your Name Here*
    ----------------------------:Final Words:--------------------------------------
    Did I miss anything? Notice any errors, or got any ideas to improve this guide?
    feel free to contact me, the Author at:
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    and be sure to hire my Pawn Hugo Golemus from PSN: Elgordo111
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