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    Achievement Guide by Shigmiya64

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    Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Achievement guide
    0 - Introduction.....................[SEC00]
    1 - Photography Achievements.........[SEC01]
    2 - Survivor Achievements............[SEC02]
    3 - Story Progression Achievements...[SEC03]
    4 - Zombie Killin' Achievements......[SEC04]
    5 - Sandbox Challenge Achievements...[SEC05]
    6 - Miscellaneous Achievements.......[SEC06]
    0. Introduction [SEC00]
    Hi, you can call me Shigmiy64, and this is my achievement guide for Dead 
    Rising 2: Off the Record.  I don't know about you, but I just love hunting 
    achievements, and the Dead Rising series is one of my favorites.  The first 
    Dead Rising was the game that got me started on achievement hunting, and my 
    enthusiasm hasn't abated since.
    I have the Xbox 360 version of the game, so throughout this guide I'll 
    reference Xbox 360 terminology and controls. However, for the sake of our 
    Playstation 3 brothers and sisters, I've also included what kind of trophy 
    you'll get on each achievement's PS3 edition equivalent.
    Got a question/comment/feedback? Notice something I missed, or a mistake? 
    Know a better strategy than the one I listed? Feel free to shoot me an email 
    at shigmiya64 AT gmail DOT com.
    1. Photography Achievements [SEC01]
    Adult Content (Bronze): Take an extremely erotic picture (Story or Sandbox)
    You need to earn over 1000 PP with a photo in the Erotica genre.  The easiest 
    way to do this is to head to Uranus Zone, collect about 6 Alien Probes and 
    drop them in a pile, and then take a picture of them.  There's an Alien Probe 
    dispenser in the second kiosk on the right when enter Uranus Zone from 
    Fortune Park, though just taking a picture of the rack of probes in the kiosk 
    will also give you enough PP.  But if you're not having any of that weirdo 
    deviancy, you can also just take photos of provocatively dressed female 
    survivors.  You'll probably need to have two or three together plus some 
    Photography magazines to score enough that way, however.
    Raw Emotion (Bronze): Take a photo of a survivor in a very dramatic situation 
    (Story only)
    You need to earn over 1000 PP with a photo in the Drama genre. Any survivor 
    in a photo will count as Drama.  There are several opportunities to take 
    photos worth 1000 points of Drama on their own;  the easiest one to get is a 
    picture of Snowflake eating a steak while you work on taming her.  The only 
    other two I know of worth that much are Lillian crying during the case Family 
    Feud, and Marc and Earvin hanging from the railings in the Palisades on 
    September 26.  
    If none of those are readily available, a survivor following you is worth 
    about 100 PP, so if you collect a large number of followers at once, grab 
    several photography magazines, and take a photo with them all in frame with 
    some zombies in the background, you can reach 1000 PP. (Remember that the 
    genre of a picture is determined by the genre of the most valuable element in 
    the photo.) 
    (NOTE:  Pictures of survivors hugging, etc. prompted by the yellow camera 
    symbols above their heads will NOT count, because the genre of those photos 
    is Special.)
    Photo School (Bronze): Take a high PP value picture (Story or Sandbox)
    Here, "high PP value" means 1000 PP. You'll have several opportunities to get 
    this right off the bat; when TK hands Brandon the money case works, when 
    Shaun and Tom are banging on the shutter to the left right after the outbreak 
    starts, and when Lucas prepares to shoot himself as you round the dividing 
    wall in the Arena. After that, a good way to get it is to find LaShawndra and 
    Gordon in Royal Flush plaza after starting Case 1, reunite them, and 
    photograph them hugging.  Failing all that, any picture of large groups of 
    zombies exploding or slipping on gumballs, for example, should also be worth 
    enough. And naturally, you'll earn this achievement alongside Adult Content 
    or Raw Emotion if you don't have it already.
    Full Camera (Bronze): Fill your camera's memory (story or Sandbox)
    Photo Journalist (Bronze): Get back in the game by gaining lots of PP from 
    pictures. (Story or Sandbox)
    Just take lots of pictures. You need to take 30 pictures total for Full 
    Camera, and earn 10,000 PP from photos for Photo Journalist, but it's really 
    a moot point. If you're hunting achievements (and since you're listening to 
    me, that seems likely), you couldn't NOT earn these in the process of getting 
    all the other ones.
    BFF (Bronze): Use the Snapshot skill on a zombie (Story or Sandbox)
    The Snapshot skill is unlocked while leveling up. You should earn it very 
    early, before level 10, though the exact level can vary. Once unlocked, 
    perform it by holding the Right Trigger and pressing the Right Bumper with a 
    zombie in front of you.  Frank will grab the zombie and take a funny photo 
    with it worth at least 250 PP.  This also kills the zombie. Somehow. Just do 
    it once to unlock the achievement.
    Camera Crazy (Bronze): Take a picture of a psychopath (Story or Sandbox)
    Just take out the camera and snap a photo of a psychopath during a fight.  
    Note that the psychopath needs to be actually trying to kill you for it to 
    count; if you're in Story Mode and happen to photograph a psychopath before 
    the point in the story you fight them, it won't count.
    Making Memories (Bronze): Take a picture of your co-op partner (Story or 
    Your co-op partner will be that survivor that doesn't follow your commands 
    and that the game won't let you leave behind when changing areas. Try to take 
    a picture of them while they take a picture of you to earn themselves this 
    NOTE: XBox 360 players will need an XBox Live Gold subscription to play co-op 
    and earn this achievement. Playstation 3 players don't need any sort of 
    special subscription to play co-op.
    Mixed Messages (Bronze): Take a picture with elements of horror, brutality, 
    outtake and erotica in a single shot (Story or Sandbox)
    Horror and Brutality are easy to get; virtually any photo with a zombie in it 
    will have Horror, and any picture with elements of violence will have 
    Brutality (zombies with missing limbs, zombie gibs, blood spatters, sharp 
    objects that have been thrown at a zombie and are stuck in them, etc.)  
    Outtake and Erotica require a little more work.  For Outtake, find a bucket, 
    Hunk of Meat, or a mask from a Toy Store, and tap X in front of a zombie to 
    stick it on their head for hilarity.  For Erotica, either a poster of Juggs 
    or Uranus Zone featuring cleavage will do, or a Massager or Alien Probe item.  
    Find some way to get all these elements into one picture and this one will be 
    yours. Personally, I put a mask on one zombie, threw a knife and a Massager 
    at the zombie standing next to him, then photographed them together. I later 
    discovered that a Stick Pony, stuck in a zombie with its Strong Attack, will 
    give you Brutality, Outtake, and Horror all at once.
    Nice Shot (Bronze): Photograph 1 PP sticker (Story or Sandbox)
    Photo Album (Silver): Photograph 25 PP stickers (Story or Sandbox)
    Award Winning Photography (Gold): Photograph 75 PP stickers (Story or 
    Scattered throughout Fortune City are PP Stickers stuck to various landmarks.  
    They look like little round black and white camera symbols.  When a PP 
    Sticker is in frame, a bar at the top of the camera will fill up to show you 
    how many points you'll earn from the sticker if you take a photo right then.  
    You can earn up to 1000 PP from one sticker if you get the angle and zoom 
    level right;  typically this is done by taking a nicely-framed picture of 
    whatever object the sticker is stuck to.  However, you only need to get 1 PP 
    for the sticker to count.  Once you've earned any amount of PP from a 
    sticker, it won't give you any more PP for that playthrough, and a green 
    checkmark will appear on the sticker itself.  Once you've gotten enough 
    stickers to show that checkmark, you'll earn the respective achievement.
    YouTuber PowerPyx has helpfully provided a video showing where to find 75 PP 
    stickers for the three achievements:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTCU9e8FJCc (Part 1)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQY1ivrFYUY (Part 2)
    There are actually 100 PP stickers to be found in the city, but you only need 
    75 for all the achievements. For those who are video-averse, I have also 
    provided a transcript of the PP Stickers shown in the video:
    [-] Royal Flush Plaza
    1 - The Exit sign above the safe house entrance
    2 - The work bench in the first maintenance room you encounter
    3 - The west-facing side of The Dark Bean’s neon sign
    4 - The ‘Flaming Craps’ sign on the giant craps table
    5 - The bar holding up the hanging planter in the middle of the big Antoine 
    cutout over Antoine’s
    6 - The blimp near the roof in the same area as the previous sticker
    7 - The girders above the Sports car, on the corner nearest Modern Gentleman
    8 - The Roy’s Mart sign, left side
    9 - In the pharmacy back room, on the blue and white informational poster
    [-] Slot Ranch Casino
    10 - The green restroom sign over the restrooms entrance
    11 - The leftmost BiBi poster next to the stage
    12 - The workbench in the maintenance room behind the stage
    13 - The Barnyard Bonanza sign over a group of slot machines, on your left 
    when entering from the Food Court
    14 - The orange and green sign hanging from the ceiling right in front of the 
    tunnel to the Food Court
    15 - The beer taps in the bar to the right of the Food Court entrance
    16 - The left hand of the statue next to the Cash Me If You Can machine
    17 - The second sun sculpture on the ceiling in the hallway leading to the 
    Food Court
    [-] Food Court
    18 - The Food Court globe above the information kiosk, on the side facing the 
    Slot Ranch Casino
    19 - The Buffalo Gals picture near the kitchen in the Wild West Grill House
    20 - The pie and cake display case in Cheesecake Mania
    21 - When entering Lombardi’s, the left lollipop-themed ceiling support, on a 
    yellow lollipop
    22 - The knight on the right in Hamburger Fiefdom
    23 - Behind the Fancy Painting in Rojo Diablo
    24 - Inside Hungry Joe’s Pizzeria, the Hungry Joe’s Pizzeria sign above the 
    25 - The soda machine in Speedy Expresso
    [-] Yucatan Casino
    26 - Behind the three Tiki Torches on top of the structure inside the tiger 
    27 - The statue between the escalators at the Silver Strip entrance
    28 - The Single Deck Blackjack sign above the Chopper
    29 - On top of the structure in the middle of the casino, right above where 
    the Assault Rifle spawns.  The one with the Megaman 10 slots and the Lucky 
    Marble game
    30 - The dry erase board in the Baron Von Brathaus kitchen
    31 - The top of the entrance to the round Shoal Nightclub tunnel
    32 - On one of the Megaman 10 slot machines surrounding the bonfire area
    [-] Palisades Mall
    33 - The Yucatan Casino sign hanging from the ceiling over the Yucatan Casino 
    34 - The Shanks sign over Shanks knife shop
    35 - The picture of the Sam Jackson-looking fellow inside Flexin’
    36 - Inside the grotto, over the arch-shaped doorway behind the bar
    37 - The “Slappy Here Today” poster next to Kids’ Choice Clothing
    38 - Above the homemade Custom Supplies sign over the pawnshop entrance
    39 - The hurricane painting inside the Cleroux Collection
    40 - The central medieval weaponry display inside Ned’s Knicknackery
    41 - The Uranus Zone poster on the left side of the Atlantica Casino entrance
    [-] Atlantica Casino
    42 - The Reed and Roger poster over the left entrance to the theater
    43 - The mermaid’s seashell stand
    44 - The monitors inside the security room
    45 - The poker table in the poker room; the sticker is on one of the table’s 
    46 - The Neptune statue by the Fortune Park entrance
    [-] Uranus Zone
    47 - On the pole of the UFO Crash ride
    48 - The giant robot’s forehead
    49 - The Orbital Oscillatron ride
    50 - The alien statue by the midway, facing the Orbital Oscillatron
    51 - On the midway, in the shooting gallery with the Toy Spitball Gun 
    dispenser, the leftmost door on the back wall
    52 - The Uranus Zone arch next to the Fortune City Bank, facing the Orbital 
    53 - The yellow light right on the chest of the giant moving crab robot
    54 - On the Rocket’s Red Glare kiosk
    55 - The mural next to the Fortune Park entrance
    [-] Fortune City Hotel
    56 - Between the elevators
    57 - The duck mural behind the reception desk
    [-]South Plaza
    58 - The centurion statue near the hotel, on the shield
    [-] Americana Casino
    59 - The American Historium sign
    60 - The Americano Casino sign above the entrance to the casino proper
    61 - The Cash Me If You Can machine, facing Shots & Awe
    62 - The Rock N Roll sign in the patio area of Benny Jack’s BBQ Shack
    63 - The monitors inside the security room
    [-] Platinum Strip
    64 - The northern souvenir kiosk near the Arena entrance
    65 - The giant postage stamp on the From Fortune With Love sign
    66 - The sign above one of the slot machine banks in Cash Gordon’s Casino
    67 - The marquee above Paradise Platinum Screens
    68 - The Megaman 2 standee inside Paradise Platinum Screens
    69 - The Moe’s Maginations sign
    70 - The Fortune Park sign above the stairs leading up to Fortune Park
    [-] Fortune Park
    71 - The Fortune City sign on the south side of the waterfall rocks
    72 - The alien head around the entrance to Uranus Zone
    73 - The Atlantica Casino sign
    74 - On the word “Silver” in the Silver Strip sign
    [-] Silver Strip
    75 - The Angel Lust sign on the stage
    2. Survivor Achievements [SEC02]
    Cramped Quarters (Bronze): Get 8 survivors into a vehicle at once (Story 
    Sadly you can't take advantage of the fact that the SUV is gigantic to get 
    this; it only holds 3 survivors plus you. You need to use the clown car for 
    this one.  It appears in the Silver Strip by the Slot Ranch Casino entrance 
    during the first day, then moves to Uranus Zone by the end of the rock wall 
    that separates the Fortune Park and South Plaza entrances after that.  One 
    also appears near the entrance to the Fortune City Arena in the Platinum 
    Strip after your receive the mission "Snow Job."  Any time you have 8 
    survivors with you at once, head to whichever of these locations is available 
    and get in, then watch your group pile into the back.  You should have no 
    trouble getting 8 survivors on the first day as long as you don't return to 
    the safe house.
    Note:  8 survivors is the most survivors that can be out in Fortune City at 
    one time. If a scoop contains enough survivors to put the total number of 
    survivors in the city over 8, that scoop will not start.
    Note 2: I don't know why, but even though he won't join you, the looter that 
    paces near the entrance to Moe's Maginations waiting for you to talk to him 
    during the mission "One Man's Trash" counts against the 8 survivor limit. 
    Make sure to do this mission as soon as possible when going for this 
    Note 3: Snowflake won't get into any vehicles. Don't bring her for this one.
    Tiger Tamer (Bronze): Have Snowflake attack and damage a Psychopath (Story 
    First, you'll need to get Snowflake in your party.  Head to the Yucatan 
    Casino any time during the first day or early in the second to trigger the 
    fight with Ted.  Kill Ted (he's easy, just hit him until he goes down) while 
    avoiding damaging Snowflake.  With Ted dispatched, grab all three steaks in 
    the tiger enclosure. One is on a rock, the other two are on top of a ledge 
    near the statue. (Man, Ted really wasn't that bright, huh?) Next, head to the 
    blackjack tables near the tiger enclosure.  Drop a Steak on the ground, then 
    run away from it.  Keep the steak you dropped between you and Snowflake, and 
    when Snowflake charges you she'll get distracted by the steak and eat it, as 
    long as you aren't too close. Do this three times to get Snowflake to full 
    health, and she'll join you.
    With Snowflake on your side, all you need then is to find a psychopath. Your 
    first chance will be at 3:00pm on the first day, the fight with Chuck during 
    "People Like Us."  However, Chuck might kill Snowflake before she can hit 
    him, so if you want to be safe, wait until 10:00pm on the first day for 
    "Tastes Like Chicken," the fight with Antoine. 
    Both will work; as soon as Snowflake lands a hit on either psychopath, you'll 
    get the achievement.
    Note: Do NOT return to the security room after getting Snowflake before you 
    get the achievement; Snowflake is unique among survivors in that she will 
    follow you between areas no matter how far away she is from you.  If you plan 
    to progress through the story on the same playthrough, don't visit the 
    Yucatan until AFTER completing all parts of Case 1.
    Note 2: Snowflake is also unique among survivors in that she is a tiger.
    Powered Up (Bronze): Restore power to the Yucatan Casino (Story Only)
    Remember that guy in the cinema before the fight with Ted who ran away from 
    Frank? After defeating Ted and taming Snowflake (or killing her, you 
    monster), go to the lounge behind the reception desk between the Palisades 
    Mall entrance and the Silver Strip entrance. Lenny's hiding in there, and 
    once Ted and Snowflake are dealt with he'll show you how to turn on the 
    power. Follow him to the room by the elevators and press the button like he 
    tells you to turn on the power and earn the achievement.
    No Zombies in the Vents (Bronze): Unlock the secret shortcut (Story Only)
    This is unlocked when you complete the mission "Wilted Flower."  You'll 
    receive it later on during the second day.  To complete the mission, head to 
    the Venus Touch in the Palisades Mall.  You'll find a survivor in the back 
    room who needs something to drink. If you don't have anything, you can find 
    some coffee in the main part of the store. After quenching her thirst, carry 
    her up to Brand New U on the second floor of the mall.  The secret passage is 
    in the middle dressing room in the back.
    Of course, the survivor tells you all this herself, so don't fret if you 
    forget everything I just told you.
    Party Time (Bronze): Get a survivor drunk (Story Only)
    Feed a survivor two alcoholic beverages one after another to make them vomit 
    to get this one.  They'll only accept food and drink if their health isn't 
    full, so give them a sock on the jaw before each drink if they have full 
    Team Player (Bronze): Avert a mutiny (Story Only)
    The only mutiny I know of is Snake in the Grass.  After rescuing Richard from 
    the mission Hunger Pains, you'll eventually get the call for Snake in the 
    Grass.  Richard is experiencing some lady-related "tension" and needs the 
    Erotica magazine to "subdue" the "beast" within him. The magazine in question 
    is found in Hot Excitorama in the Silver Strip.  Deliver it to Richard for 
    $100, then another $4900, then the achievement.
    Alpha vs. Omega (Gold): Have Denyce attack and damage Sgt. Boykin (Story 
    Ah, this is a tricky one.  Denyce is the pharmacist you find in Roy's Mart 
    during the very first case, and Sgt. Boykin doesn't appear until Day 4.  
    You'll have to have Denyce join you, then avoid getting her into the Safe 
    House for practically the whole game.  Denyce has the most health of any 
    survivor, so you have that going for you, but you'll need more than that.
    First, grab the Leadership magazine. That will make survivors much more 
    effective combatants. Next, make sure to arm Denyce.  The best weapons for 
    survivors are guns, and the best gun is the Six Shooter. You can get a Six 
    Shooter in Uranus Zone; enter the Galactic Experience store (marked on the 
    map as "Coming Soon!") and go up the stairs to the second floor. Break 
    through the windows and head to the right towards the giant robot.  Climb on 
    the robot's right arm and follow it to the ledge on the opposite side of the 
    gap, towards the midway. Then head to the left and climb through the window. 
    Look around in this area for an opened trap door. Drop through it to find 
    yourself in an employee break room. Here you'll find the key to Security Box 
    764; head to the bank and open it up to find a Six Shooter.
    Now, what I like to do at this point is to keep gathering survivors. One 
    survivor won't be able to fight off zombies for long when you leave them 
    alone, but 8 can stay alive rather well, especially armed.  Just keep 
    recruiting survivors until you have 8 that can hold guns.  If you find one 
    that won't use a gun, just kill them. Don't worry, the blood will come out of 
    your clothes. You won't have to worry about their temperament thanks to the 
    Leadership magazine. To arm them, I prefer machine guns.  You can find an LMG 
    on the plant-covered ledge near Baron Von Brathaus in the Yucatan Casino. 
    Assault Rifles can be found in the Yucatan Casino on top of the large 
    structure near the center of the casino, in the Atlantica Casino on top of 
    the big blue light fixture covering most of the casino (climb up the rocks by 
    the Uranus Zone entrance to get up there), and on the ledge in Uranus Zone 
    you walked on to get the Security Box Key (jump to the next ledge on the same 
    side from the robot's arm instead of crossing the arm to the other end of the 
    area).  Merc Assault Rifles can naturally be taken off of mercs once they 
    start appearing. And if you still need more guns, the Shotguns and Sniper 
    Rifles from High Noon Shooting Range in the Palisades Mall work fine too.
    With all that firepower, most psychopaths will be gunned down in seconds.  
    It's actually possible Sgt. Boykin will go down before Denyce can get a shot 
    off on him, so save right before heading to him just in case.
    Whenever you need to go back to the safehouse, make sure you enter when 
    Denyce is too far away to follow, and spend as little time in there as 
    possible, since survivors' health steadily decreases when you aren't in the 
    same area of Fortune City.
    There is one case that deserves special mention: Case 6-1, The Getaway. When 
    you enter the elevator in the Fortune City Hotel, all survivors in the area, 
    no matter how far, will follow you to the roof, which you then won't be able 
    to leave until finishing the case. Once you finish the case, you'll 
    automatically return to the safehouse, and your survivors will be rescued 
    whether you like it or not.  To avoid this happening, first grab a Quickstep. 
    Then, leave Denyce and any others in Fortune Park while you complete The 
    Getaway as fast as possible. (The mercs die in one hit from an Electric Prod, 
    and the helicopter takes the most damage from large items like Metal 
    Barricades). After the cinemas, when you've regained control of Frank, down 
    your Quickstep and make a beeline for Fortune Park. After that, it's smooth 
    sailing to case 7-2 when Sgt. Boykin arrives.
    NOTE: If you choose to gather an armed posse of survivors, this is also a 
    good time to earn Cramped Quarters.
    3. Story Progression Achievements [SEC03]
    Drugged Up (Bronze): Take a dose of Zombrex
    If you're not dead after 8am on the first day, you'll have this achievement.
    Out With the Old (Bronze): Defeat the motorcycle-riding psychopath 
    This is earned after completing the mission "People Like Us."
    NOTE: This psychopath appears in Sandbox Mode as well, but the achievement is 
    actually unlocked by the cinema following his defeat, which doesn't play in 
    Sandbox Mode.
    Save the Girl (Bronze): Rescue a damsel in distress from the Twin Terrors
    This is earned after completing Case 5-3, "Two Girls, One Club."
    Save the Girl... Again (Bronze): Save the damsel in distress a second time 
    This is earned after completing Case 7-2, "The Last Stand."
    Technological Terror (Bronze): Destroy a 'harvester' 
    This is earned during the last case, "The Facts."
    True Colors (Bronze): Defeat the mastermind of the Fortune City incident 
    This is earned after completing the last case, "The Facts."
    Save the Girl... Yet Again (Bronze): Save a damsel in distress for the third 
    and final time.
    This is earned after completing Overtime mode. Overtime mode is unlocked 
    after completing all the cases successfully and giving Zombrex to TK in one 
    4. Zombie Killin' Achievements [SEC04]
    Prestigious PP (Bronze): Get over 2,000 PP from a single zombie kill (Story 
    or Sandbox)
    For this, you need the Boomstick combo weapon. First unlock the combo card by 
    earning Gold on the challenge "Rooftop Massacre" in Sandbox mode. (More on 
    that later in the FAQ) It'll be right in front of you when you start Sandbox 
    Then, build one with a Shotgun and a Pitchfork.  You can find a Pitchfork in 
    a planter in the southwest end of the Palisades, between the escalators, and 
    a Shotgun in the gun store near that on the second floor.  Once you've got 
    the weapon and its card, just use its strong attack (Hold X) on a zombie.  As 
    far as I know, this is the only combo weapon in the game that can earn enough 
    PP at once for this achievement.
    Safety Check: Failed (Bronze): Use the amusement park rides to kill 10 
    zombies at once (Story or Sandbox)
    There's three rides that can kill zombies in Uranus Zone, but you only want 
    one: UFO Crash, near the entrance to the Atlantica Casino.  Clear out all the 
    Metal Barricades surrounding the ride, then lure zombies to the ride however 
    you can. Firecrackers, Fountain Lizards, Fountain Fireworks, the Celebrate 
    skill, just running around looking delicious, these all work.  Once you think 
    you have enough, run to the console near the ride and press the button to 
    turn it on and wait for your achievement to pop up. If it doesn't, try try 
    Prom Night (Bronze): Kill 69 zombies (Story or Sandbox)
    Elite Killer (Bronze): Kill 1337 zombies (Story or Sandbox)
    Luggage Code (Bronze): Kill 12,345 zombies (Story (Um...) or Sandbox)
    Six Digits?!? (Gold): Kill 100,000 zombies (Story (As if!) or Sandbox)
    What would a zombie game be without achievements for killing lots of those 
    zombies?  The first two you'll almost certainly get without even trying while 
    playing through Story Mode.  The third is possible to do like that, but 
    you'll have to just slaughter your way across Fortune City everywhere you go.  
    The fourth one is *technically* possible to do in Story Mode, but you simply 
    wouldn't have enough time to actually do it, so we'll stick to Sandbox Mode 
    Now, killing zombies is fun, and you could certainly kill 100,000 of them 
    just messing around in Sandbox, but that would take several consecutive days 
    of non-stop faffing about.  No, you've come to me because you want to 
    slaughter them as fast as possible.
    The fastest way to kill 100,000 zombies is to run them over in a vehicle in 
    the outdoor section of Fortune City (the combination Silver Strip/Fortune 
    Park/Platinum Strip area).  You have two good options: the SUV and the 
    Slicecycle. The SUV is sitting inside the Shamrock Casino in the Silver 
    Strip. The Slicecycle is made by combining a Chainsaw and a motorcycle in the 
    bike trailer next to the Yucatan Casino entrance.  The nearest chainsaw to 
    the bike trailer is on the stage in the Silver Strip between Pub O' Gold and 
    the Shamrock Casino.  Climb up the speakers on the left side (under the neon 
    letter A) and jump to the scaffolding. The chainsaw is at the other end of 
    the scaffolding. Then jump off and try to land on a Metal Barricade. I don't 
    know why, but if you hit one of the Metal Barricades on the ground on the way 
    down, Frank won't take falling damage or drop the Chainsaw when he lands. 
    Both vehicles have their pros and cons.
    The SUV is slower and less maneuverable than the Slicycle.  It needs to build 
    up speed for a short time before it starts going fast enough to kill zombies.  
    You also need to buy the key from the Tinkerbox pawn shop for 2.5 million 
    dollars before you can drive it. However, it's more durable than the 
    Slicycle, lasting for more zombie kills.  Since it's a car, you can't fly off 
    it from hitting obstacles too fast, and large weapons like the benches, trash 
    cans, and metal barricades that litter the strips will barely slow you down 
    if you hit them.
    The Slicycle, on the other hand, is fast and agile. You can make multiple 
    passes on large groups of zombies by driving through once, then quickly 
    braking and pulling a 180 to make another pass. Thanks to the chainsaws, you 
    barely need to be moving at all to kill any zombies you hit. You also get 20 
    PP for every zombie killed on it. But since it's so small, if you hit any 
    walls or large objects you'll go flying off the bike.  There's one particular 
    wheelchair in front of the movie theater in the Platinum Strip that I hit 
    CONSTANTLY when riding the bike.
    Now, personally I prefer the Slicycle, since it's more efficient, but both 
    choices work well, and let's face it, eventually you'll probably get bored 
    with whichever one you pick and try the other just to mix it up. 100,000 
    kills is a *lot* of zombies. To help your vehicles last for more zombie 
    kills, you'll probably want to grab the two vehicle magazines.  The bike 
    magazine is in the Underground, near the vehicle access door, by where you 
    fought Sgt. Boykin. It's on a stack of boxes to the right, with a Servbot 
    mask on top.  
    The car magazine is in the Platinum Strip, on top of the movie theater 
    awning. To get up there, head towards the entrance to the Americana Casino. 
    Right by the "proper" entrance to the safe house is a snack vending machine. 
    Climb up it onto the awning over Cash Gordon's Casino, then run and jump from 
    there across the awnings over Juggs' Bar and Grill and the movie theater. The 
    magazine is at the very end of the ledge.  Without the magazines, your 
    vehicles will crap out at around 700-800 kills, but with them they'll last 
    well over 2000.
    Once you've got your vehicle and its magazine, start driving up and down the 
    two strips, plowing through thick groups of zombies.  They're especially 
    numerous by the Royal Flush Plaza and Uranus Zone entrances in Fortune Park, 
    and the Arena entrance in the Platinum Strip.  Once you've killed about 1500 
    zombies, most of the big groups should be used up, so you'll want to leave 
    the area and then come back to get the zombies to respawn. If you drive back 
    to the Silver Strip and go down the ramp to the Underground, you can keep 
    your vehicle to drive to the new SUV-slash-Chainsaw-for-making-a-Slicycle 
    that spawns with the newly loaded area. (The Slicycle can also drive into 
    Uranus Zone to do this)
    While you're doing this, keep some good health items and a good weapon handy.  
    Every couple of days, Chuck will spawn in Fortune Park, and you'll want to 
    kill him so he doesn't steal your kills and wreck your ride.  Rebecca will 
    also spawn in the Platinum Strip, every bit as tough as a psycho and with an 
    LMG that can ruin your day.  You'll want to be prepared for that.  Other 
    crazed survivors will appear, but none as dangerous as those two.
    That's all there is to it! Just keep doing that and you'll eventually hit the 
    100,000 kills mark.  To keep your sanity, I recommend doing it over several 
    days.  I personally set a goal of killing at least 10,000 zombies every day I 
    had time to play, and earned the achievement over the course of a week.
    NOTE: There is a third vehicle option for use here.  The bike can also be 
    combined with a Giant Stuffed Rabbit.  You can find one in Moe's Maginations 
    on the Platinum Strip.  For some reason I can't explain, that stuffed animal 
    becomes exactly as lethal as a chainsaw once duct-taped to a motorcycle.  
    It's not a *good* option, really; it's slower and less durable than the 
    Slicycle, gives less PP per kill, and takes longer to make, but it makes a 
    fun sound when it hits a zombie!  And hey, after a while of working on this 
    you'll probably welcome the change.
    5. Sandbox Challenge achievements [SEC05]
    Before getting into the achievements, first I'm going to list several items 
    that will come in handy for several challenges.
    Combat Magazines: +10% PP from weapon kills. One is on the outdoor bar at 
    Luaii Wauwii in the Silver Strip, one is in Stan's Large Print Books & Mags 
    in the Palisades Mall, and one is in the vault/cashier area of the Slot Ranch 
    Photography Magazines: +10% PP from pictures taken. One is in Uranus Zone, in 
    the first aid area near a maintenance room, and one is in Robsaka Mobile in 
    the Palisades Mall.  A special one, that gives +100% to Erotica PP instead of 
    +10% to all, can be found in the men's room in the Slot Ranch Casino.
    Juice Boost: All smoothies last twice as long. On top of the large blue light 
    fixture in the Atlantica Casino. Climb up the rocks by the Uranus Zone 
    entrance to get up there.
    Drinking Magazine: Become immune to vomiting.  On a ledge in the Americana 
    Casino. Head to the second floor of Benny Jack's BBQ Shack, then look for the 
    Gambling magazine. Jump from the counter it's on to the large square light, 
    then keep jumping from light to light until you reach the ledge with the 
    Drinking Magazine.
    Quickstep: Huge increase to movement speed. Make by mixing two Wines or two 
    Milks in a blender. Easily made at the bars in the Atlantica, Slot Ranch, and 
    Americana Casinos, and in Baron Von Brathaus in the Yucatan Casino.
    Repulse: Makes zombies ignore you. Easily made in Rojo Diablo in the Food 
    Court by mixing a Taco with Chili.
    Zombait: Makes zombies want you. Most easily made by blending two Cakes from 
    Cheesecake Mania. Use the blender in Rojo Diablo.
    Wingman: Combine Nectar and a Queen at a workbench.  Nectar can be made by 
    blending two Orange Juices. Queens can be found in the Underground Laboratory 
    (take the elevator near the entrance to the Silver Strip in the Palisades 
    Mall), or by drinking a Nectar. Summons a friendly bee that kills nearby 
    zombies. Make sure to use it by just pressing X, NOT by throwing it!
    Super BFG: Combine a Blast Frequency Gun and an Amplifier at a workbench. 3 
    Blast Frequency Guns can be found in the Underground laboratory. One 
    Amplifier can be found in the Maintenance room near the elevator to the lab 
    in the Palisades, and two more can be acquired from the nearby Entertainment 
    Isle in the same area.
    Blambow: Combine a Bow and Arrow and a stick of dynamite at a workbench. A 
    Bow and Arrow dispenser is behind some glass right outside Shanks in the 
    Palisades Mall, and dynamite can be found in Kid's Choice Clothing just 
    upstairs from that.
    Remote Mines: Place one of these by tapping X. (Holding X makes you stick it 
    into the nearest zombie) The first time you place one, a detonator appears in 
    your inventory where the remote mine was. When you use the detonator, all 
    placed remote mines detonate.  Only remote mines placed by pressing X will 
    explode; thrown ones will not.  Four can be found on top of the large divider 
    in the Arena; get up there by climbing some speakers near the South Plaza 
    entrance.  Three more can be found in Uranus Zone, if you follow the ledge to 
    the left after breaking through the windows in the second floor of the 
    Galactic Experience area.
    Lightning Gun: Combine an Electric Prod from Hot Excitorama in the Silver 
    Strip with a Blast Frequency Gun from the Underground Laboratory.
    Laser Eyes: Combine an Alien Mask (found all over in Uranus Zone) with Gems. 
    (found in the Fortune City Bank, since you're already in Uranus Zone)  Be 
    sure to also get its combo card by examining the movie poster in the Uranus 
    Zone midway.
    Plate Launcher: Combine a Cement Saw and Plates. Cement Saws are common all 
    over the South Plaza, and astack of plates can be found in the empty store 
    near the Scaffolding Shuffle challenge in the same area.
    Boomstick: Combine a Pitchfork and a Shotgun. A pitchfork can be found in a 
    planter in the southwest end of the Palisades mall, between the two 
    escalators on the first floor. Shotguns are plentiful in the gun store on the 
    second floor in the same area of the mall.  You'll also need this one's combo 
    card; earn gold on the Rooftop Massacre challenge to get it.
    Slicycle: Bring a Chainsaw to the bike trailer next to the Yucatan Casino 
    entrance in the Silver Strip and combine it with the bike in there.  The 
    closest Chainsaw is on the Angel Lust stage, on top of the left scaffolding. 
    Climb up some speakers on the stage to get up there.
    Now for the achievements:
    I Got a Medal! (Bronze): Get a medal on a challenge in Sandbox Mode
    Challenge Addict (Bronze): Get at least a bronze medal on 10 different single 
    player challenges
    The Challenge Experience (Bronze): Get at least a bronze medal on all single 
    player challenges
    Challenge Domination (Silver): Get a gold medal on all single player 
    For each challenge listed, the number of kills next to the name is how many 
    zombies you must kill in the Sandbox file to unlock the challenge.
    -Rooftop Massacre (0 kills)
    -Rumble in the Jungle (500 kills)
    -Murder on the High Seas (1,200 kills)
    -Rooftop Massacre Round 2 (10,000 kills and 22 medals)
    These challenges all require you to simply kill lots of zombies however you 
    can.  Just bring a Super BFG or two and fire wildly into crowds and you'll 
    get gold easily.  Drinking a Zombait will lure zombies close to you for 
    easier killing.
    -Chop Suey (350 kills)
    For this one, you need to kill zombies by slicing them in two. Bring a Plate 
    Launcher for this one.  When firing it, keep some distance between you and 
    your targets; if you're too close to your target, the plate you launch will 
    fly off in some random direction after hitting the first zombie.  If you have 
    about a dozen feet between you and your target, it will keep going after one 
    zombie and potentially slice a half dozen or more behind it.
    -Extreme Off Road (3,000 kills)
    -Tunnel of Blood (8,000 kills)
    Bring a Slicycle to the challenge start for these, then ride it through the 
    zombies.  You could conceivably get gold on Extreme Off Road with some Super 
    BFGs and Zombait, but you'll definitely need the Slicycle for Tunnel of 
    Blood; the zombies just aren't packed closely enough in the Underground to do 
    -Burn the Bodies! (4,750 kills)
    This challenge requires you kill zombies with fire.  Bring two Laser Eyes and 
    use its strong attack while facing large groups of zombies.  I only brought 
    one Laser Eyes when I did this, and I was still able to get Gold by grabbing 
    a Tiki Torch after it broke, so you should have no trouble if you bring two.  
    As always, Zombait helps bring the zombies to you.
    -Lightning Never Strikes Twice (4,800 kills)
    Now you're killing zombies with electricity.  Bring a few Lightning Guns and 
    shoot every zombie you see, and this one won't give you any trouble.
    -Silver Strip Smackdown (80 kills)
    -Killing Floor (1,000 kills)
    -Do Not Try This at Home (1,800 kills)
    -Pawned Prestige (4,000 kills)
    All of these require you to earn PP any way you can.  Grab at least one 
    Combat book and bring some Boomsticks to each. With each fresh Boomstick, use 
    the standard attack twice, then use the strong attack until it breaks.  Doing 
    this will earn the most PP possible with one Boomstick. You should reach gold 
    on all four of these without breaking a sweat. On Killing Floor, the zombies 
    are somewhat sparse, so you may want to bring some Zombait along to help 
    gather zombies while you're locked into the Boomstick's strong attacks.  
    Another thing that can help is the Wingman; open it up at the start of the 
    challenge and it'll kill zombies near you while you're Boomstickin' for even 
    more PP. Don't bring it for Killing Floor though, because of the 
    aforementioned zombie scarcity in that one.
    -Shutter Bug (3,800 kills)
    For this one, you need to earn PP by taking photos.  This one is incredibly 
    easy. When you enter Uranus Zone from Fortune Park, the second kiosk on your 
    right will have an Alien Probe dispenser.  Fill your inventory with probes, 
    then make a pile of about 15-20 of them near the challenge start.  Then, when 
    the challenge starts, photograph the pile you made to get gold in one 
    picture.  Anything you do after that is gravy. If you want to get crazy 
    points, bring all the Photography magazines.
    -Balloon Man (200 kills)
    -Rule #1 (1,500 kills)
    -Scaffolding Shuffle (3,500 kills)
    -Fast Food (3,750 kills)
    -Robot Race (4,001 kills)
    These are all race challenges. What I did was to start the challenge for a 
    practice run to see where the finish line was and learn a good route.  Then, 
    when I was ready, I drank a Juice-Boosted Quickstep and started the challenge 
    for real. Repulse can help keep the zombies off your back here, and you can 
    use a Super BFG to clear out groups of zombies that are physically blocking 
    your route.  Also, for Fast Food, you have the option of bringing the sports 
    car from the Royal Flush Plaza to help with the first part of the race, until 
    you need to climb up to the awnings.
    -Ijiek Motors Presents... (2,200 kills)
    -Tunnel Vision (5,000 kills)
    These two are also race challenges, but for these you'll need to bring a 
    motorcycle to have a chance at winning.
    -Crowd Pleaser (300 kills)
    -Party Hard (2,500 kills)
    -Killer Rides (3,500 kills)
    For these, you need to lure zombies to a specific location. For Crowd Pleaser 
    and Party Hard, you just need to get X amount of zombies into a certain area. 
    For Killer Rides, you have to get the zombies to kill themselves on a theme 
    park ride.  My preference is the Orbital Oscillatron; it can take a few 
    tries, but you can use the Dodge skill to get inside the perimeter of the 
    spinning cars. Once you're in position, down some Zombait or use the 
    Celebrate skill to get zombies' attention and lure them to you. Don't be 
    afraid to move around within the goal area to reach more zombies.  These 
    shouldn't give you too much trouble.
    -Stiff Back (750 kills)
    This one needs special consideration.  For this challenge, you have to 
    collect Massagers and bring them back to the challenge start area. I would 
    definitely wait until you've unlocked all 12 inventory slots by leveling up; 
    doing it before then just makes it unduly harder. Bring the Juice Boost 
    magazine and 2 Quicksteps. 2 Repulses can also help, but they're optional. Do 
    a few dry runs on the challenge to learn the general areas where massagers 
    spawn. Once you've got a decent grasp on where you should be looking, drop 
    all the items you're carrying in a spot where you can find them. They won't 
    despawn unless you leave the Palisades, so they'll be safe wherever you leave 
    them. Make sure that you put the Juice Boost magazine and your Quicksteps and 
    Repulses separate from anything else so you can grab them in a hurry.  Next, 
    start the challenge and fill your inventory up with Massagers. Once you have 
    12, cancel the challenge.
    Now it's time to earn gold. Start the challenge, and drop the 12 Massagers 
    you have from last run in the goal.  Grab Juice Boost and one of each of your 
    smoothies and down them both, then drop the Juice Boost again. Next, run out 
    and collect 12 Massagers, bring them back and drop them. Grab Juice Boost and 
    your remaining smoothies again, drink 'em, drop the magazine, and go out and 
    grab 12 Massagers again. At this point you should be 4 away from gold, so 
    make one abbreviated run after dropping off those twelve and you should just 
    make it back before times runs out.
    Once you have gold, you can take a photo of all the Massagers you collected 
    to earn Adult Content, if you haven't already. Your stuff will also still be 
    waiting for you wherever you dropped it, so don't forget to pick it up.
    -Thirst Quencher (2,000 kills)
    This challenge is to drink as much booze as you can. Bring the Drinking 
    magazine for this one; if you don't have that (or wear the full Sports Fan 
    outfit), you'll spend far too much time vomiting to earn gold on this. Before 
    you go for gold, you should do something similar to what you did for Stiff 
    Back: drop everything in your inventory except the Drinking magazine.  Then, 
    start the challenge, fill up your inventory with all the booze you can carry, 
    then cancel.  
    Start again and immediately begin drinking the stuff you're carrying.  Once 
    you've done that, head to Sipparello's and start cleaning it out of liquid 
    courage. Once it's dry, go to the theater (hopefully you didn't decide to do 
    this challenge while Reed and Roger are out).  After emptying that place, if 
    you still need more for gold, run to the poker room for the last few seconds 
    of the challenge.
    Once you're done, don't forget to grab your stuff!
    -No Thanks, I'll Stand... (7,000 kills)
    Ugh, I HATE this one. To earn gold on this, you have to destroy every chair 
    you see like a chair killed your family. Collect three Blambows, then fill up 
    the rest of your inventory with Remote Mines.  Before you start the 
    challenge, place Remote Mines near the biggest groups of chairs you can find. 
    Since these are Claymore mines, they'll destroy things in an arc in front of 
    where you place them, not in a round area around them, so be sure to put them 
    at the edges of rows of chairs facing in. Once all your mines are set, you 
    can start the challenge. Immediately detonate your mines; hopefully you'll 
    get 20-35 chairs right off the bat. From there, travel around the casino 
    shooting your Blambows at any chairs you find. Try to aim for the ground next 
    to the chairs; if you hit the chairs themselves the arrows will often bounce 
    off them and explode too far away to destroy anything.  
    Be prepared to load a checkpoint lots of times until you earn gold. (That way 
    you won't have to go out and collect more Remote Mines and Blambows if you 
    -Mad About Hats (7,000 kills)
    This one couldn't be simpler; you just have to put masks on zombies. There's 
    a Lizard Mask dispenser in Ye Olde Toybox, so use that.  You can save some 
    time by starting with an inventory full of masks, but you don't need to do 
    that in order to earn gold. Just go mask crazy and gold will be yours.
    -One-Armed Bandit (8,005 kills)
    This one is all about collecting money.  Now, you *could* bring a few Money 
    Hackers and Gambling magazines, play winning slot machines and hack ATMs to 
    get gold here, but there's an easier way. Climb up the rocks near the Uranus 
    Zone entrance in the Atlantica Casino and find the Money Case on top of the 
    big blue light fixture.  Once you've got it, head to Uranus Zone and then 
    return to Atlantica to make the Money Case respawn so you can grab it again. 
    Once you've got seven cases, start this challenge, chuck your cases at the 
    wall to break them open, and collect the riches that come out. That's it!
    -Double Trouble (9,495 kills)
    Remember the fight with the twins in Story Mode? This challenge is exactly 
    the same, right down to the fact that you only need to kill one of them to 
    win. To win in under a minute for gold, grab the LMG from the plant-covered 
    ledge near Baron Von Brathaus and the shotgun from the cashier area right 
    outside the club.  Once the challenge starts, pick a twin, walk backwards, 
    and shoot her until she goes down.
    If you wear the full Soldier outfit (earn the pieces by defeating Sgt. 
    Boykin, buying one from Moe’s Maginations, and finding the last two in Shanks 
    knife shop in the Palisades Mall and an empty store in the South Plaza), your 
    guns will have double ammo, do more damage, and have greater accuracy, so 
    this becomes even easier.
    Help From My Friends (Bronze): Get at least a bronze medal on 10 different 
    co-op challenges
    More Help From My Friends (Bronze): Get at least a bronze medal on all co-op 
    Even More Help From My Friends (Silver): Get a gold medal on all co-op 
    The co-op challenges are pretty much the same as the single-player 
    challenges, just with different names.  Make sure both players are following 
    the strategies above, and you'll have this in no time.  Xbox 360 players will 
    need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play co-op. Playstation 3 players 
    don't need any special subscriptions.
    6. Miscellaneous Achievements [SEC06]
    Best of Friends (Bronze): Defeat 5 psychopaths in co-op
    Psychopaths are more easily found in Story mode. If you're not sure if the 
    chatty fellow with his own theme music trying to kill you counts as a 
    psychopath, a quick way to check is to change to a new profile, start a new 
    game, play through the story until you encounter the character in question, 
    and take a picture of them. If you earn Camera Crazy, then it's definitely a 
    I'm not 100% sure, but I think you have to do this in one playthrough.
    Xbox 360 players will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play co-op. 
    Playstation 3 players don't need any special subscriptions.
    Dominoes (Bronze): Use the Jump Kick to knock down 100 zombies
    You start the game with the Jump Kick skill, so you can begin working on this 
    one immediately. Just use it on zombies as often as you can. I'm not sure if 
    it's the zombie you kick, or the zombies that it flies into and bowls over 
    that count for this achievement, but either way using the move a lot will 
    eventually get you it.
    Frank West: Cross Dresser (Bronze): Dress up completely in women's clothing
    With ever increasing focus on gender equality, the lines between the sexes 
    become more and more blurry every day. Hopefully, in spite of that, you'll be 
    able to figure out which clothing options count as women's clothes. Wear a 
    woman's hat, shoes, and outfit all at once to unlock this achievement.
    Hands of Doom (Bronze): Unlock all skill moves
    This is basically a "hit the level cap" achievement.  Due to the semi-random 
    nature of level up bonuses in this game, I can't predict exactly when you'll 
    unlock this, but I got it when I hit level 47.
    Maintaining the City (Bronze): Visit 10 different maintenance rooms
    There's way more than 10 maintenance rooms in Fortune City, so you should get 
    this without trying. I don't know why you wouldn't go in every one you find, 
    since they nearly always have the necessary components for a fun new combo 
    New Hotness (Bronze): Build one of the combo weapons new to Dead Rising 2: 
    Off the Record
    Build any one of the following combo weapons to earn this achievement:
    -Weed Tendonizer (Bowie Knife OR Chef's Knife + Grass Trimmer)
    -Bouncing Beauty (Propane Tank + Rocket Firework)
    -Pegasus (Stick Pony + Rocket Firework)
    -Cryo Pod (Escape Pod + Fire Extinguisher)
    -Decapitator (Bowie Knife OR Chef's Knife + Boomerang)
    -Saw Launcher (Tennis Ball Launcher + Saw Blade)
    -Molten Cannon (Tennis Ball Launcher + Motor Oil)
    -Electric Crusher (Sledgehammer + Battery)
    -Laser Eyes (Alien Mask + Gems)
    Puking Rally (Bronze): Have a zombie slip in a puddle of vomit
    Hey, that's what Fausto said in Case Zero! Note that it doesn't have to be 
    *your* vomit. Just because of the sheer density with which zombies populate 
    Fortune City, you'll probably unlock this without meaning to if anyone vomits 
    at any time anywhere.  If you want to get it right away, though, you can 
    drink 3 alcoholic beverages in a row, or eat a spoiled food item, then head 
    towards a zombie and wait for the magic to happen.
    Purewal Memorial Cup (Bronze): Don't consume any meat, dairy or alcohol until 
    the military arrives (Story only)
    There is some debate on exactly which food items can safely be eaten without 
    invalidating this achievement. For example, I played through once eating only 
    Orange Juice, Apples, and smoothies and didn't get it, and none of those are 
    mentioned in the description. What is known for sure is that Orange Juice 
    won't break it, so just eat nothing but that.  Grab the Health magazine from 
    Hungry Joe's Pizzeria in the Food Court and carry around like four OJs at all 
    times. There's four of them in Roy's Mart in the Royal Flush Plaza, so fill 
    up whenever you go by there.  Survivors can have whatever; what they eat 
    won't count against you.
    Another thing the description doesn't mention is that you have to finish 
    cases to get this achievement; drinking nothing or an OJ and waiting in the 
    safe house for time to run out won't unlock it for you.  The achievement will 
    pop up when you watch the cinema of Sgt. Boykin's team arriving.
    We Have a Winner! (Bronze): Play a carney game and win
    There's a few different games in the Uranus Zone midway you can play. Buy a 
    weapon from the spot near each game, then use it to play the game.  I'm not 
    sure if all the games can be technically "won;" I played Mole Men from Uranus 
    until every single mechanical mole was destroyed and nothing happened. I 
    ended up getting the achievement by playing the game where you throw hatchets 
    at asteroids behind voluptuous space ladies, and hitting every asteroid 
    without missing or hitting one of the women.
    Card Collection (Bronze): Collect 20 combo cards
    Card Archive (Bronze): Collect 50 combo cards
    There's well over 50 combo cards in the game, so you don't have to collect 
    EVERY card to earn all the achievements. Here's the list you knew was coming:
    - Leveling Up Cards -
    -Drill Bucket (Power Drill + Bucket): Level 3
    -I.E.D. (Propane Tank + Box of Nails): Level 5
    -Pole Weapon (Machete + Push Broom): Level 6
    -Air Horn (Pylon + Spray Paint): Level 7
    -Weed Tendonizer (Knife + Grass Trimmer): Level 8
    -Bouncing Beauty (Propane Tank + Rocket Firework): Level 10
    -Gem Blower (Leaf Blower + Gems): Level 12
    -Electric Chair (Wheelchair + Battery): Level 13
    -Blitzkrieg (Any machine gun + Electric Chair): Level 14
    -Ripper (Saw Blade + Cement Saw): Level 15
    -Cryo Pod (Escape Pod + Fire Extinguisher): Level 17
    -Dynameat (Hunk of Meat + Dynamite): Level 19
    -Heliblade (Machete + Toy Helicopter): Level 20
    -Fire Spitter (Tiki Torch + Toy Spitball Gun): Level 22
    -Sticky Bomb (Lawn Dart + Dynamite): Level 24
    -Pegasus (Stick Pony + Rocket Firework): Level 26
    -Defiler (Sledgehammer + Fire Axe): Level 27
    -Hail Mary (Football + Grenade): Level 29
    -Electric Crusher (Sledgehammer + Battery): Level 31
    -Knife Gloves (Knife + Boxing Gloves): Level 32
    -Roaring Thunder (Goblin Mask + Battery): Level 34
    -Super Slicer (Servbot Mask + Lawn Mower): Level 35
    -Spear Launcher (Leaf Blower + Spear): level 37
    -Handy Chipper (Wheelchair + Lawn Mower): Level 38
    -Tesla Ball (Battery + Bingo Ball Cage): Level 39
    -Parablower (Parasol + Leaf Blower): Level 40
    -Flaming Gloves (Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil): Level 41
    -Infernal Arms (Practice Sword + Motor Oil): Level 42
    -Super BFG (Blast Frequency Gun + Amplifier): level 44
    -Porta-Mower (Lawn Mower + 2x4): Level 46
    -Driller (Power Drill + Spear): Level 47
    -Lightning Gun (Blast Frequency Gun + Electric Prod): Level 48
    -Auger (Drill Motor + Pitchfork): Level 49
    -Laser Rifle (Lightning Gun + Laser Sword): Level 50
    - Movie Poster Cards -
    Earn these by interacting with the described Clint Rockfoot movie poster
    -Holy Arms (Box of Nails + Practice Sword): Pit Viking Poster in the 
    Atlantica Casino, near the craps tables.
    -Laser Sword (Gems + Flashlight): Laser Knight poster in Paradise Platinum 
    Screens in Platinum Strip
    -Freezer Bomb (Fire Extinguisher + Dynamite) Dr. Brainfreeze poster in 
    Palisades Mall, second floor, near the bathroom.
    -Tenderizers (MMA Gloves + Box of Nails):  Blood Round 4 poster in Royal 
    Flush Plaza, near Americana Casino entrance
    -Blambow (Dynamite + Bow and Arrow): Revenginator 7 poster in Food Court, 
    near Cucina Donacci
    -Super Massager (Leaf Blower + Massager): Massage-O-Tron 3000 poster in South 
    Plaza, inside the under-construction American Undies store.
    -Freedom Bear (Robot Bear + LMG): Untitled poster in Yucatan Casino, past the 
    elevators, right outside the restrooms
    -Paddlesaw (Paddle + Chainsaw): Paddle Party Massacre poster in the Silver 
    Strip, near the Slot Ranch Casino entrance
    -Decapitator (Boomerang + Knife): Kangaroo Apocalypse poster in the Americana 
    Casino, near the restrooms
    -Laser Eyes (Alien Mask + gems): Uranus Invaders! poster in Uranus Zone, on 
    the midway
    - Survivor cards -
    -Power Guitar (Electric Guitar + Amplifier)
    During the second day, Floyd will appear on the stage in the Silver Strip, 
    along with the rest of his bandmates. Rescue him to receive this card.
    -Plate Launcher (Plates + Cement Saw)
    -Blazing Aces (Tennis Racquet + Tiki Torch)
    -Exsanguinator (Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade)
    Between 6:00am and 12:00pm on the third day, go to Kokonutz Sports Town in 
    the Palisades Mall and open the door at the bottom of the stairs to find the 
    Tape It or Die! crew. Bring Plates and a Cement Saw and give them to Wallace 
    to receive the Plate Launcher card. Then, after the military arrives, return 
    to Kokonutz Sports town to find the crew fighting zombies. Rescue Left Hand 
    Lance for Blazing Aces and Wallace for the Exsanguinator.
    NOTE: The Tape It or Die! Crew will count against the 8 survivor limit, so if 
    there s too many survivors out in Fortune City already the door to their 
    hideout may stay locked even when it s supposed to unlock.  The poker players 
    usually spawn around the same time; if the door won t open, head to the poker 
    room in the Atlantica Casino and kill those nutbars dead to free up some 
    - Psychopath cards -
    These psychopaths must be defeated in Story Mode
    -Molotov (Whiskey + Newspaper): Defeat the psychopath in "People Like Us"
    -Flamethrower (Water Gun + Gasoline): Defeat the psychopath in "Everyone 
    Knows Slappy"
    -Rocket Launcher (Lead Pipe + Rocket Firework): Defeat the psychopaths in 
    "The World's Most Dangerous Trick"
    -Snowball Cannon (Water Gun + Fire Extinguisher): Defeat the psychopath in 
    "Snow Job"
    - Sandbox Challenge Cards -
    -Molten Cannon (Tennis Ball Launcher + Motor Oil): earn gold on "Burn the 
    -Money Hacker (Computer Case + Flashlight): Earn gold on "One Armed Bandit"
    -Reaper (Katana + Sickle): Earn gold on "Double Trouble"
    -Boomstick (Shotgun + Pitchfork): Earn gold on "Rooftop Massacre"
    -Electric Rake (Leaf Rake + Battery): Earn gold on "Lightning Never Strikes 
    -Saw Launcher (Tennis Ball Launcher + Saw Blade): Earn gold on "Chop Suey"
    -Beer Hat (Construction Hat + Beer): Earn gold on "Thirst Quencher"
    -Fountain Lizard (Lizard Mask + Fountain Firework): Earn gold on "Crowd 
    - Miscellaneous Cards -
    -Spiked Bat (Box of Nails + Baseball Bat): Earned after returning to Royal 
    Flush Plaza once you've started Case 1-2
    -Zap 'N Shine (Floor Buffer + Electric Prod): Build the Zap N' Shine combo 
    -Wingman (Nectar + Queen): Build the Wingman combo weapon
    -Burning Skull (Bull Skull + Motor Oil): Watch the movie "Paddle Party 
    Massacre" in Paradise Platinum Screens in the Platinum Strip (Plays every day 
    between 9:00pm and 10:30pm)
    DR2:OTR Trophy Master (Platinum): Acquire all the trophies in Dead Rising 2: 
    Off The Record
    Only including this one for the sake of completeness. Playstation 3 players 
    earn this trophy by earning every other trophy for the game, same as every 
    Platinum trophy. There's no equivalent achievement on the Xbox 360 version.

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