What is the best way to upgrade your PG in My Player?

  1. He is a scoring PG and has a 99 mid range. The rest is about 70 except dunks and rebs. He is 6'3, i want him to be like rose. Any help?

    User Info: deathroadcamel

    deathroadcamel - 5 years ago

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  1. My PG is working on his shoot in traffic attribute right now plus on ball defense and steal.

    User Info: Nasur86

    Nasur86 - 5 years ago 1 0


  1. Obvious answer: focus on upgrading your passing, hands, offensive awareness, and on ball defense if youre happy with your shooting.

    easy trick. Turn off auto-save and do the dribble course drill. If you get a gold star youll get a free attribute, if you get anything other than speed, quit without saving and start the process over again. Since speed points are way more costly than any others, doing this can let you upgrade your speed while saving points to upgrade other things.

    this trick can work with other attributes, just wait until you got your speed where you want it, then find an attribute you wanna work on but costs alot of points, and start doing it with whatever drill can get you that point. Saves your skill points for the things you can afford and focus your drills on getting you the costly ones.

    User Info: atotaldumass

    atotaldumass - 5 years ago 0 0
  2. If i were you i would upgrade my ball security, off hand dribbling, pass, and hands in that order. After you do that you would work on your mid- range shooting and 3- point shooting then shhot in traffic.

    After all that you need to work on defense, steel on ball defense and block are things you want to wrk on first.

    Offense Awarness isnt that important because it doesnt really change anything.

    Dunk, speed, and vertical are also lethal because ifyou can finish off fastbreaks and start your own fastbreaks then you wont get your shot blocked as much. speedalso allows you to beet your man up the floor so you can finish off the play or dish to a teamate.

    User Info: NHaddock23

    NHaddock23 - 5 years ago 0 1

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