1. This isn't a question but rather a possible solution. I was running the game on 360 and the game kept freezing I had installed the game on the harddrive and still was having the issue. For the hell of it I decided to uninstall the game from the harddrive and plug the power cord into an outlet instead of a surge protector power supply which it had been previously. I tested my theory as it had froze every time like five times in a row within an half hour. I started from the door of the mercenaries building in the South to the Hideout in the North part of the game. I used no tunnels and traveled nonstop (whether other than to kill guards that were asking for it) from southern point to most northern point and no freezing. This may seem weird but if you are still having issues with freezing and you have the console plugged into surge protector (mine was actually full with it plugged in) try plugging it into a wall outlet and see if it fixes the problem. It worked for me. Hell, its worth a shot right if you aren't already using the cord directly plugged into an outlet. I am even using the same outlet the surge protector is plugged into. Just using the bottom one while the surge is plugged into the top.

    User Info: ferreira82

    ferreira82 - 5 years ago


  1. Hm. Sounds like a disc or console problem. Try cleaning the disc or looking at your console.

    User Info: ObsidianPortal

    ObsidianPortal - 1 year ago 0 0

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