Is it possible to map out locations of certain recruits?

  1. I have found a topic claiming that recruits' weapon class is random and it evens out eventually but in my experience it is not so. For like 120+ assassins i recruited (along with those sent on suicide missions ofc) i got total 6 hidden blades (mostly recruting from other cities), besides i just observed, that if i recruit an assassin from the same place (on the map - in istanbul ofc) i get the same gender AND weapon (for example in the southeast corner not the closest to the end, but just the one before i found female with a hidden blade). Can anyone confirm? and if possible point me to a male with a hidden blade?

    User Info: vampir44

    vampir44 - 4 years ago


  1. I can guarantee that you do not always get the same weapon from the same location.

    I recruited 59 different assassins from only two locations in galata, and got an almost perfect mix of weapons. The only thing determined by the location is gender.

    User Info: snakenamedjoe

    snakenamedjoe - 3 years ago 0 0

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