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"Not a unique game in the series, but doesn't have to be to be great."

Introduction: The overall idea behind this game is the same as the Assassin Creed games before it. You play as Desmond who is inside the Animus during the game reliving the lives of his ancestors. There are some differences though. In this game instead of playing as just Ezio or just Altair you get to play as both assassins. The game takes place in a new city with a new army of Assassins by your side as well as new enemies such as the Byzantines and the Ottomans. Most of the game is Ezio though with a few Altair memory scenes. The game really doesn't change anything that any fan of the series is familiar with. If you have played Brotherhood the game is very similar just with a new storyline and some added weapons to use and a few extras unique to Revelations. Before you continue with this review I strongly insist that you play the first three games before playing this one because you cannot fully enjoy this game unless you have played them.

Game play- Overall the game play matches that of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood with a new story. The controls are all the same with the exception of having a new button to view viewpoints with. Also one thing they have changed that I feel is a great improvement is instead of using one weapon at a time you can equip a main weapon which will be your swords or daggers, and you can equip a secondary weapon which will be a projectile such as a bomb, or your gun. Having both weapons to use at the same time makes it easier to react to your enemies as you fight such as if you finish off an enemy close up you can immediately take your gun and fire at one farther way instead of having to change weapons every time. You get some added weapons like the hookblade which is similar to the hidden blade in all uses with some extras which are very well explained in the game. Also you get the ability to use poison darts which is an interesting new weapon that will kill whoever it hits in seconds with the exception of the boss fights. Finally the newest weapon addition is the customizable bombs which really give you the chance to customize Ezio to fit your assassin style. You could make your bombs poison enemies, or make them cause one giant explosion. Also you have three uses of them. Lethal bombs are used to kill your enemies. Diversion bombs will create sound, light, or smoke to direct the guard's attention to that location. Finally there are the strategic bombs used to impair your enemies and make them easier to kill. Overall if you liked the last game the game play is all that and a little more.
Rating: 10/10

Story- The story is very good in my opinion because you take place in a new city and so you go around doing missions in order to liberate it from templar control. Desmond is unable to leave the Animus this time because his mind is in disarray by having both Ezio and Altiar in there with him from his experiences in the animus. In order to free himself he must create a sync nexus by living the lives of Ezio and Altiair to the point where they have nothing more to show him about the mysterious impending threat that is to come. Most of the game you play as Ezio and do missions similar to those in brotherhood. During the game there are a few Altair missions which give you some idea of the legacy behind him after Assassin's Creed 1. Other than that if you liked the story behind Assassin's Creed Brotherhood you will like the story in this game.

Graphics/ Sound- Overall the graphics were a little better than Assassin's creed Brotherhood but not as great as Assassin's Creed 2. The graphics are great and doesn't take from any of the game play. All the buildings are incredible detailed and without doubt any gamer would be pleased with the graphics. The sound was pretty cool because it sounds just as you would expect if you were right there actually seeing it happening.

Playtime- If you are just playing the main story it will take you about 20 hours to beat it. The extras such as training your assassins, the mini-games, the side missions, and item collecting will take another 20 hours.

Replay Value- This game was a lot of fun to play and while I have not yet replayed it this will be a game that if I needed something to pass the time I would use one of the other files and start the game over again. I think the replay value is very high but it's not a game you're going to replay right after you beat it. This is probably a game you would play again shortly before the next Assassin's creed game comes out.

Overall this game was a lot of fun to play and while it didn't offer a lot of new elements compared to Assassin's creed Brotherhood it really didn't need them for this to be a fun and addicting game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/30/12

Game Release: Assassin's Creed: Revelations (US, 11/15/11)

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