Where are all the survivalists packs?

  1. I'm Missing one does anyone have a list of them all?

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  1. Stone Bones Cave: Head through the cave, and watch out for the bear traps,trip wires,and a couple mins. When you reach a fork, take a left. Inside the chamber you will find a Reloading bench, Workbench, various crates, and a campfire. The bag is on the elevated area behind the reloading bench, underneath a bit of rock directly to the right of the bedroll. If you are next to the terminal you have gone too far--it's in the corner of the L-shaped platform.

    Morning Glory Cave: Fight through or evade the Giant spore plants in the main chamber and head up the rocks to the southern part of the cave. After picking the lock and going inside, you will find the bag next to a bedroll. Also inside is a terminal and the Grand Staircase map for The Grand Staircase quest.

    Outside the back exit of Angel Cave on a ledge: Follow the left wall until you get to the edge then look the the left, There is a handprint on the cliff wall just over the bag.

    Fallen Rock Cave: From the main entrance, head through the cave, and watch out for rigged shotguns activated by tripwires and a few mines along the way. When you reach a fork, take a right and head down. There will be an open area to your left and inside the stash. There are two rigged shotguns guarding the area so just watch out for them. Inside is a Workbench, Reloading Bench, some crates, a terminal, a campfire, and the bag itself is located at the head of a wooden bed behind the campfire.

    Two Skies Cave: Once you are inside the cave, head down to your right and you have two options to get to the stash, swim underwater, or decrypt an average terminal to shut down the electrified door. Alternatively an easier way is to shoot the generator on the left hand side of the door through the wire fencing, doing so cuts the electricity and opens the door. If you choose to swim, then you will have to pick an average lock to get inside. Once you are inside the hideout, in the upper area you will find a Campfire Sack, a shelf which has some various boxes and the bag in the upper area, and in the lower back area you will find another shelf, a few more crates, a terminal, and a reloading bench.

    Cueva Guarache: Once inside the cave, either take the first left you can and head down, or make your way through the bushes ahead and pick a hard lock to get inside. If you head left, inside a large room you will encounter Spore Plants and various types of Spore carriers. Defeat them and head up the ramp at the back of the room. Once on top, you will encounter three more plants before you can get access to the cache. Before entering the back area, there is a mine on the floor, so be careful. Once inside there is a terminal, campfire, workbench, gun case, and the bag is next to the bed on the floor.

    There's The Red Gate one as well (Survivalist Riffle) but that doesn't count towards the challenge. Sorry if this answer is late.

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