? How you exit the tank and back to the desert

  1. ? Completed Old world blues. now how to you get back

    User Info: shota90

    shota90 - 6 years ago

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  1. Yes,Complete O.W.B.&go back up to the sink. you will see the end of the story and that thay will tale you that with the big mountain transportalpounder; You and olny you (sucks) can come and go.So look in your weapons for the big mount. trans. like a gun equip it and pull the RT.{ I ran around for 2 hours befor i went for a gun and seen it.} OH you must be in the open.

    User Info: leetwo_2

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  1. leetwo_2 has it spot on.

    You must complete the main story line in Old World Blues, retrieving your....ahhh...things shall we say. Once you have your....things....and reach a conclusion (you will get an ending story that always reminds me of Fast Times at Ridgemont High).

    After the ending montage, you will have in your posession a Big MT transponder. Pull it out and pull the trigger to go back to the Mojave. When you are in the open in the Mojave (not freeside, not the strip, not McCarren...but out in the open Mojave) you can use the transponder to return to the think tank.

    You can't bring followers into the Big MT but you can return for some solo adventuring.


    User Info: Wusai

    Wusai - 6 years ago 0 0

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