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"Old World Blues"

Fallout: Old World Blues

After inspecting a crashed satellite a warm, white light slowly spills out and fills the air with an electric buzz. The light grows and with a sharp crack gushes out. Suddenly I blank out. Something feels wrong. Very wrong. Cold and alone I come to, trapped within the scientific wasteland of Big MT.

And so begins Fallout: Old World Blues. After discovering that you are now quiet literally a “brainless”, “heartless”, and “spineless” shadow of yourself, your mission is clear: team up with the Dr. Klein and find your brain.

Slowly I discovered the experiments of where the brightest minds of the twenty-first century had gathered, only to find the tragic tale of good people being consumed in their relentless pursuit of knowledge. Without the moral qualms that would have held them back they dissected and twisted their subject's psyches and bodies into horrendously disfigured shapes, trapped forever in the dream known as Big MT. Bizarrely enough the over the top, frivolous attitude presented by game, leads to a nonsensical world where mad science isn't only acceptable, it's entertaining.

Whether your sneaking past laser beams when testing a prototype stealth suit or fusing two beings as part of an experiment in genetic splicing experiment, partaking in one of the many experiments that litter the landscape offers a multitude of diversions that help add diversity to the main quest. Additionally there are several collectables in the form of collecting personality chips and upgrading new appliances for your room, new weapon upgrade schematics, and even new seeds for your garden that will keep you playing long after the main quest.

Difficulty: Initial enemies such as night stalkers, fellow lobomites, and packs of cyber dogs will force you to fight dirty in order to win, however unlocking new gear is rewarding and provides a nice sense of progression.

Stability: After the entire play through I had not experienced any issues with freezing or crashing. Load times are short and appear less frequently than when compared to Fallout: New Vegas. However I did come across an odd glitch where I found a recently deceased Mr. Gusty repeatedly being thrown between two walls.

Bottom Line: Fallout Old World Blues exceeds expectations by offering a refreshing perspective on and adding a vast amount of new content that truly shows the fallout series at its best. Easily a must buy.

Reviewer's Score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/26/11

Game Release: Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues (US, 07/19/11)

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