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    FAQ by Sain_nex

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/04/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Table of Contents:
    (PC00).Player Card
    (FL00).Offline Mode
    (FL01)..Legendary Souls
    (FL02)..Arcade Mode
    (FL03)..Quick Battle
    (FL04)..VS. Battle
    (SM01).Story -1607 A.D.-
    (XP00).Leveling Up
    (VC00).Version History and Credits
    (CR00).Copyright Information
    This is my SoulCalibur V walkthrough. This is my first 
    walkthrough, but I hope that it will be of some help to you. 
    Any corrections, alternate methods for advancement, or
    suggestions for improving this walkthrough can be sent to 
    sain.nex255@gmail.com. Also, I’m playing it on a PS3. 
    If you spot any changes that would need to be made for the Xbox 
    360, let me know. 
    The player card is how you are identified in online matches.
    Think of it as your avatar for the game. As such it is 
    completely customizable. You can customize it from the main menu 
    screen by pressing start. There are a lot of options available 
    to you, so I’m going to briefly go over them.
    (PC01) Titles
    There are over 230 titles available to you, and some are 
    unlocked at first, though most of them you have to unlock. Some 
    are acquired by getting trophies/achievements. Others you need
    to play with a particular style a lot to get. Others are 
    unlocked by advancing through story mode. The rest you get by 
    beating computers in quick battle.
    There should be something you like in there.
    Here’s a break-down of the titles by page (there are 18 total
    Pages 1-3 are general titles relating to various acheivements 
    (quick battles won, creation, area, fighting preferences)
    Pages 4-6 are related to story achievements or the player level.
    Page 7 are “soul of” titles. You unlock them by playing as a 
    certain style often enough.
    Page 8 titles are unlocked by getting trophies.
    Pages 9-18 are unlocked by beating quick battle opponents.
    (PC02) Pictures
    The picture can be of one of your custom characters or of one of 
    the preset characters (their images are unlocked as they are). 
    Don’t worry, the pictures of your characters are a lot better 
    and more inventive than they have been in previous titles. Also, 
    the picture of a custom character will stay as your image, even 
    if you delete the character or change the character’s picture.
    (PC03) Map/Region
    You can set what country you live in and place a marker on the 
    map for where you specifically live.
    (FL01) Legendary Souls
    This is what you unlock after completing episode 20 in story 
    mode. It is VERY HARD. To borrow StarCraft II nomenclature, the 
    A.I. is Insane (A step above very hard. The highest you can set 
    a computer in SoulCalibur V is Hard.)
    Legendary Souls has 7 stages. All of the characters seem preset 
    in their order of appearance and their stages. I have only 
    managed to beat the first stage once.
    Your run-through Legendary Souls is timed, and that information 
    is kept on your player card for people you face online to see. 
    (You can also compare this with your rivals’ times.)
    I watched my brother play Legendary Souls to write the names 
    down for the stages. If you have tips, I, and the other readers 
    of this FAQ, would love to see them. 
    Stage 1
    Unlike in most other battles, in Legendary Souls Kilik is stuck 
    using Xiba’s style. Probably as a throwback to Kilik’s previous 
    appearances. That aside, I have managed to prevail using 
    Raphael’s style, one time. Skill, ingenuity, and probably using 
    extremely cheap moves will help get you through this. I don’t 
    know. Good luck.
    Stage 2
    There are no words. I died without much of a fight. It’s called 
    Legendary Souls for a reason. That and I’m not terribly good at 
    fighting games.
    Stage 3
    Stage 4
    Stage 5
    Edge Master. Seems to stick with Alpha Patroklos.
    Stage 6
    Elysium. Seems to stick with Pyrrha Omega.
    Stage 7
    After you beat this mode, claim victory. Probably a 
    trophy/achievement (or two), a title and some bragging rights.
    (FL02) Arcade Mode
    Arcade mode is available to you at the beginning of the game. 
    You go through 6 stages. The first 4 stages’ characters are 
    random, according to the route you have chosen. The last 2 are 
    typically standard. I’ll refer to them as the mini-boss and boss
    character. There are also 3 difficulties for most of the routes, 
    aside from Ranking, which are: Easy, Normal, and Hard with 
    Normal being the default. You are also timed in every route, and 
    every difficulty. Meaning your best time on Easy and Hard are 
    recorded differently. However, you are only ranked by your time 
    in Ranking route.
    Also, for the most part, you will face the character on their 
    stage, which is the stage that defaults to their BGM/theme.
    Route 1: Standard
    Here you will face off against any one of the regular 
    characters. (Elysium, Alpha Patroklos, Pyrrha Omega, Edge 
    Master, Algol, Ezio, Devil Jin, Cervantes, and Kilik are not 
    among them. Dampierre’s iffy, I didn’t preorder from the right
    place, apparently.)
    Mini-boss: Aeon. Don’t be fooled by the fact that he’s the 
    Lizardman. Aeon’s got another ax to grind and some wings. Not 
    particularly tough in Normal or Easy, but not as easy as the 
    other 4 stages.
    Boss: Nachtmare...I mean Nightmare. There is a way that he can 
    ring you out, so be careful. That huge sword will gladly do so 
    if you are unfortunately standing too close to the edge.
    Route 2: Europe.
    Here you will only have the chance of fighting the European 
    characters. (Siegfried, Viola, Hilde, Pyrrha, Patroklos, Tira, 
    Raphael, Ivy, Z.W.E.I., and Cervantes, but not Nightmare.)
    Mini-boss: Z.W.E.I. Nothing much to say about him. The stage is 
    a bridge, so there are two sides where ring-outs can happen.
    Boss: Cervantes. The old man is back on a pirate ship sailing 
    during a heavy storm. Ring-outs are harder because of the 
    railing, though if you/Cervantes are in mid-air, you/he can be 
    knocked overboard.
    Route 3: Asia
    Inverse of Europe. Only Asian characters appear in this route. 
    (Mitsirugi, Yoshimitsu, Leixia, Xiba, Maxi, Natsu, and Kilik)
    Mini-boss: Maxi. You start on top of a ship that’s been severely 
    damaged. There’s railing on two parallel sides and then the 
    broken edges are on the other two. Once you have two wins in, 
    there will be a small cinematic of the area you’re on being 
    destroyed and you drop down into another area. This time there’s 
    only one edge, the other sides are walled of.
    Boss: Kilik. His style changes in between battles, so he can go 
    from Voldo to Raphael. If you get to the Final Battle (both of 
    you need one more kill to proceed) you’re thrown onto a small 
    rocky area with only one open side.
    Route 4: Ranking
    There’s only one difficulty: Normal. You are ranked in Arcade 
    mode based on your time in this route.
    Mini-boss: Ezio. He can strike from any distance using a lot of 
    weapons: fists, feet, hidden blades, swords, crossbow, hidden 
    gun. You fight on a stage where there can be no ring-outs.
    Boss: Siegfried. Same stage as Z.W.E.I. You’re on a bridge. Two 
    sides can cause a ring-out and he’s got the sword to do it to 
    Route 5: Extra
    You unlock this by reaching level 17. It is still 6 stages, but 
    adheres to none of the other standards. You will face any 
    character, except for Devil Jin (again, not sure about 
    Dampierre). Also, you will probably not face the character on 
    their stage (although you still can). For kicks, the camera does 
    not behave as usual, think of it as trying to change shots 
    cinematically as you move around the stage. That’s the best 
    verbal description for it.
    Mini-boss: Edge Master
    Boss: You will face one of the following: Alpha Patroklos, 
    Pyrrha Omega, Ezio or Algol. You fight on Algol’s stage.
    (FL03) Quick Battle
    This is where you earn the majority of your titles. There is a 
    huge selection of opponents to face. Some of them are story 
    characters; the majority of them are custom characters.
    Each computer has a name. If they are a custom character, the 
    character as that name. Or the computer uses a normal character.
    They range in difficulty level from E5-A1. (Each letter has five 
    difficulties. E5, E4, E3, E2, E1, D5...etc.) The hardest is 
    Isis, who uses Elysium, with the Phoenix Title. She’s A1.
    Some standard characters appear multiple times. Once at the 
    lower difficulties, and once at the higher. At least Ezio does. 
    A selection of four opponents will appear. You choose one to 
    battle. After the fight, you pick another one. You can set the 
    search criteria for which opponents appear. There are multiple 
    Region: Any, N. and S. America, Europe, Asia, Other
    Difficulty: Any, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
    Battle Recond: Any, Past Wins First, New Opponents First
    An E5 gives you the same experience as an A1. Beating Isis is 
    only for the glory and the title.
    (FL04) VS. Battle
    There’s a lot of ways to VS. battle this installment: Player Vs. 
    CPU, CPU Vs. Player, Player Vs. Player, CPU Vs. CPU. (Player 1 
    is always in, even in CPU Vs. Player, but now you start on the 
    right instead of the left.)
    (FL05) Training
    Training. Select your character, and train. Your inputs appear 
    on-screen to help you master those tricky combos.
    There’s a lot to do in Online Mode. Most importantly, in Online 
    Mode, you can register rivals. You can have up to 3. When you’re 
    in the lobby, view their player card and then register them as 
    your rival. On the main menu screen you can press a button to 
    view your Soul Links and compare your records to your rival(s).
    Ranked Match:
    Set up criteria for an opponent and search for them. This is the 
    only way to increase your online rank (levels go from E5-A1 like 
    in quick match)
    Player match:
    You can create rooms with other players. You can text or voice 
    chat in the rooms. There can be a total of six players in a 
    room. It’s more laid back than ranked matches.
    Global Colosseo:
    There are lobbies you can join by area and then large cities. 
    Join a lobby and fight your opponents. You can text chat while 
    waiting to fight, or select a license and challenge the person.
    Compare yourself to the world. It’s just a bunch of leaderboards 
    based on stats. (Ranking matches, Ranking mode in Arcade, and 
    Legendary Souls)
    STORY -1607 A.D.-
    A very simple story. And there will be spoilers if you read this 
    all before playing. Yes. Spoilers in a SC story.
    Opening: Opening cutscene. Watch as Siegfried and Nightmare 
    destroy each other (well, really just Nightmare). The real story 
    picks up 17 years later.
    It starts off with a brother, Patroklos working for a man, Graf 
    Dumas the Lord of Hungary, to rid the world of malfested (people 
    who are tainted by the lingering effects of Soul Edge). 
    Patroklos hates the malfested because they killed his mother, 
    Sophitia , and took away his sister, Pyrrha. He works for the 
    lord of Hungary to achieve vengeance and get information on his 
    sister’s whereabouts from this lord.
    Episode 1: Patroklos is in a town under attack by the malfested. 
    He is approached by guards of the town who confront him about 
    serving Graf Dumas. Patroklos calls them out on being the 
    Malefested attacking the town.
    BATTLE: You fight three different characters. They’re fairly 
    simple, so just K.O. each one. (By three different characters, I 
    mean you K.O. one and the next battle is the next one. It’s one 
    match.) They use a Hilde, Astaroth, and Raphael respectively.
    He comes across a sickly, malfested looking townsman who 
    professes innocence. Patroklos does not believe himm and kills 
    them. He returns to Graf Dumas who praises him for his actions 
    and implores him to continue fighting the malfested. Patroklos 
    says he is still looking for the malfested with the ring blade 
    who killed his mother and kidnapped his sister, even though she 
    was supposed to be in the area he was just in. Dumas sends him 
    to a new place, where the malfested woman may be.
    Episode 2:
    Patroklos is interrupted while killing malfested by a man with a 
    tattoo on his chest. The man calls Patroklos a murdered, and 
    Patroklos insists that the malfested aren’t human and insists 
    he’s in the right for avenged the crimes committed against his 
    family by the malfested.
    BATTLE: You fight the man, Z.W.E.I. This is fairly easy 
    considering that he isn’t going to use any moves to summon the 
    wolf beast. Mostly, this means he stands still and fights back 
    only a little.
    Z.W.E.I. summons forth a beast and beats Patroklos to the 
    ground. Z.W.E.I. suggests that Dumas hasn’t been telling 
    Patroklos the truth about where to find his sister and then 
    leaves without another word.
    Episode 3:
    Patroklos goes back to Dumas and describes what happened with 
    Z.W.E.I. Dumas seems upset and tells Patroklos that Z.W.E.I. 
    wants to help the malfested survive. Patroklos presses about his 
    sister’s whereabouts and Dumas reveals that he doesn’t have any 
    idea where she is, Patroklos is a servant and his family doesn’t 
    matter to him. Patroklos moves to kill Dumas but is stopped by a 
    creature while Dumas walks away.
    BATTLE: You fight the creature man-thing, Voldo. Voldo doesn’t 
    put up much of a fight, just spam your forward B moves until you 
    Dumas has gotten away from Patroklos during the battle.
    Episode 4:
    Patroklos goes to town, frustrated about recent events. He comes 
    across Z.W.E.I., and demands answers. Z.W.E.I. beckons Patroklos 
    to follow him and leads him out of town, and brings him to a man 
    with a large sword, calling him Captain. He introduces Patroklos 
    to the captain. The captain throws a blue crystal sword to 
    Patroklos, inviting him to fight with it.
    BATTLE: Obviously, the captain is Siegfried. Siegfried fights 
    more than the others up until this point. However, it shouldn’t 
    be too hard to win in one try.
    The blue crystal sword begins to glow. Siefried explains that 
    the sword is Soul Calibur, and since he destroyed Soul Edge 17 
    years ago, he hasn’t been able to wield Soul Calibur. The sword 
    recently changed forms, indicating that it wanted a new master, 
    whom Siegfried believes to be Patroklos. Patroklos takes that 
    now he will be able to get revenge on the malfested and demands 
    Siegried tell him about his sister, he refuses to fight in 
    Siefried’s group. Siegfried only agrees to give him the 
    information if Patroklos will help him out and have Z.W.E.I. and 
    Viola accompany him. As they leave, Siegfried warns Patroklos 
    not to fight Nightmare if he appears, but seek assistance. 
    Patroklos scoffs and walks away.
    Episode 5:
    Close to where Patroklos’s story started, a girl, Pyrrha, is 
    crying in the middle of a burning town, surrounded by dead 
    bodies. A woman with a ring blade congratulates her for the 
    carnage, Pyrrha insists that she didn’t do it. The woman says 
    she understands, Pyrrha was only trying to protect herself. More 
    people are shouting in the distance, they call Pyrrha a monster. 
    The woman hands Pyrrha a sword and tells her to kill them before 
    they kill her and leaves. Pyrrha begs the men to leave.
    BATTLE: Like in Episode one, you face three different people for 
    one match. As you kill them, the next person in line faces them. 
    You start fighting a Xiba, Natsu, and Mitsirugi respectively. I 
    recommend starting with Angelic Meteor (running forward B), and 
    then Guardian strike (downB, B) while they’re in the air. And 
    then spamming Cutlass Europa (backA, A, A), or a variety of 
    Guardian Strike and Cutlass Europa.
    Pyrrha looks over to the woman who has returned, and calls her 
    Tira. Pyrrha is upset about killing the humans. Tira reminds her 
    that she is a malfested, and Pyrrha insists that she is a human. 
    Tira reminds her of what happened earler in the day and that she 
    is better as a malfested than a human because of how much she 
    has been hunted by other humans. Pyrrha falls to the ground, 
    Episode 6:
    Pyrrha refuses to fight or kill anymore. Tira tells Pyrrha that 
    she actually has a brother, Patroklos who fights with a sword 
    and shield like her. Tira offers to take Pyrrha to Patroklos so 
    long as she does as she is told and doesn’t argue. Some men come 
    up and attack them. Tira tells Pyrrha to kill them. 
    BATTLE: As in the previous episode, you fight a group of three 
    people. A Siegfried, Leixia, and Hilde.
    Demonic energy flows out of Pyrrha as she apologizes and falls 
    unconscious. Tira laughs, telling Pyrrha’s unconscious body that 
    as she suffers she will become the perfect vessel.
    Episode 7:
    Patroklos is complaining about how long they’ve been travelling 
    with no sign of his sister or of the ring blade wielder. A 
    murder of crows flies past him and towards a person behind them. 
    Tira laughs and seems to be familiar with Patroklos, even though 
    he isn’t. She brandishes her ring blade and Patroklos realizes 
    who she is.
    BATTLE: It’s Tira. She will fight back and guard. It shouldn’t 
    be too hard to beat her without losing. Spam your forward B and 
    A moves for victory.
    Patroklos questions Tira, who mocks him and runs off. Patroklos 
    follows, while Z.W.E.I. tries to tell him that it may be a trap.
    Episode 8:
    Patroklos chases Tira until she stops next to Pyrrha. Tira tells 
    him she’ll kill the girl if he doesn’t stop. Patroklos doesn’t 
    care until he realizes that the girl is his sister. Patroklos 
    calls Tira a pawn of Soul Edge, which enrages her. She kicks 
    Pyrrha several feet into the air, saying that Pyrrha is the 
    BATTLE: Hope you didn’t find Tira too hard to fight last time, 
    because she’s harder this time. Guard as soon as the battle 
    starts and use your B attacks, guard after every combo. You 
    fight Tira again, this time on a stage with no chance for ring 
    outs. You also start with full Edge bars.
    Tira leaves and Pyrrha wakes up, Patroklos shows her his shield, 
    and she realizes who he is. They hug and then Z.W.E.I. and Viola 
    appear, Z.W.E.I. chides Patroklos for leaving. Viola walks up to 
    Pyrrha and says that Pyrrha may not be a regular person and 
    could be dangerous using mysterious words. Patroklos becomes 
    flippant and leaves, telling Z.W.E.I. and Viola not to follow 
    him. Pyrrha apologizes and follows Patroklos.
    Episode 9:
    Z.W.E.I. seems upset by the fact that Patroklos is going home to 
    live with his sister. Viola reminds him that he and Pyrrha 
    cannot stay together. Patroklos leaves for good this time, 
    taking Pyrrha with him. As they travel in the woods, a giant 
    axe-wielding monster attacks them, almost killing Pyrrha. 
    Patroklos defends his sister.
    BATTLE: Astaroth. Guard as soon as the match starts and then 
    fight back. Your B moves are your best friends.
    Patroklos chides himself for the sneak attack. Pyrrha freaks out 
    about an injury Patroklos got on his arm. He insists that it’s 
    fine and a woman appears from the wood-work. She bandages 
    Patroklos and notices his sword, she calls it the Krita-Yuga, 
    and says that it was one of three treasures from the Orient. She 
    tells him that Soul Calibur isn’t as strong as it could be, 
    Patroklos blows her off. Pyrrha asks the woman for her name as 
    she leaves, she says that it’s Ivy and tells her to do something 
    about her rude brother.
    Episode 10:
    Pyrrha and Patroklos travel together, Patroklos promises her 
    that they’ll be together forever. Voldo appears from the forest, 
    Patroklos attempts to fight, but his arm is too injured to 
    fight. Pyrrha gets in front of Patroklos.
    BATTLE: Voldo again. Use any combination of Angelic Meteor 
    (running forward B), and then Guardian strike (downB, B) while 
    they’re in the air. And then spamming Cutlass Europa (backA, A, 
    A) to win.
    Patroklos asks Pyrrha how she is doing as she hides the demonic 
    glowing energy coming from her arm behind her shield. They agree 
    that they’re fine and keep moving.
    Episode 11:
    They get to a ship town to find a boat, but the town is burning. 
    Graf Dumas walks out of the smoke. Dumas says that he wants to 
    destroy Soul Calibur and changes form. He attacks Patroklos, but 
    Pyrrha gets in the way and is knocked aside. Dumas reveals that 
    he is Nightmare and has having Patroklos kill humans, not 
    malfested. As he is about to kill Patroklos, Pyrrha stops him. 
    As Nightmare mocks her, the demonic energy bursts from her body, 
    changing her form.
    BATTLE: You’re fighting Nightmare as Pyrrha Omega. You’re moves 
    are not the same. Guardian step still works. Start the match by 
    running forwardK, and then using your B attacks, or guardian 
    step. The Europa Cutlass is now different, but the combo is 
    still a good attack. Nightmare guards a lot, but not from low 
    Nightmare bursts into flames and disappears. Pyrrha turns to 
    Patroklos who is freaked out, probably by the demonic arm and 
    glowing orange eyes. Pyrrha is upset that he can’t seem to 
    accept her as she is, she asks him if they’re a family after he 
    points his sword at her. He says they are and then runs away. 
    Tira appears and tells Pyrrha that she doesn’t matter to humans, 
    but Tira still accepts her. Pyrrha leaves with Tira.
    Episode 12:
    Patroklos runs back to Siegfried’s fort. He explains to Z.W.E.I. 
    what happened. Z.W.E.I. is interested in the Dumas part and then 
    goes to get Siefried. Soul Calibur begins to glow and an angelic 
    figure appears in front of Patroklos, looking like Sophitia. She 
    tells him to revive Soul Calibur to save Pyrrha and then 
    disappears. Siegfried walks up, demanding Patroklos swear to 
    fight Nightmare, even if it means killing Pyrrha. When Patroklos 
    can’t, Siegfried reaches for Soul Calibur, saying that it must 
    go to a better wielder, like Z.W.E.I. Z.W.E.I. says that he will 
    take Soul Calibur by force if he must.
    Nope. Not Patroklos. You’re Z.W.E.I. now. You start with a full 
    Edge meter. I recommend any direction + B + K, Particullarly 
    forward+B+K,B,B, Low kicks when he guards and a running A to 
    start the match. Enjoy.
    Z.W.E.I. tells Patroklos that he’s weak. He aska what Sophitia 
    would have down, Patroklos says that she would have accepted 
    Pyrrha. Z.W.E.I. says that Patroklos is unable to protect 
    anything so long as he cannot accept the world around him. As 
    Patroklos listens, Soul Calibur glows and changes form again. 
    Z.W.E.I. says that this is Patroklos’s first fighting style, not 
    a pale imitation of Sophitia and hands Patroklos Soul Calibur.
    Episode 13:
    Patroklos draws the new Soul Calibur and Z.W.E.I. asks for 
    another match.
    BATTLE: Now you’re Alpha Patroklos. ForwardA, A. Down,A. A. 
    ForwardA, A. Best way to win this fight.
    Siegfried asks Patroklos to swear again to fighting Nightmare at 
    any cost. Patroklos says he will save Pyrrha no matter what. 
    Siegfried accepts this answer and asks him how he’s going to do 
    it. Patroklos asks to have time to resurrect Soul Calibur’s full 
    power and then goes to find Ivy.
    Episode 14:
    Patroklos is having trouble finding Ivy. She walks up, saying 
    that she had been told someone was looking for her and is 
    surprised that it is Patroklos. Patroklos asks her to tell him 
    about the treasures. Ivy tells him that she will, but only if 
    she deems him a wielder worthy of Soul Calibur. Patroklos agrees 
    that this is a good course of action.
    BATTLE: Run forward A. ForwardA, A. Down,A. A. ForwardA, A. She 
    might start doing a crouching guard in the third battle. Back B 
    will remedy this.
    Ivy tells him about the Dvapara-Yuga and the Kali-Yuga, which 
    were owned by a woman with a Chinese sword and an Oriental man 
    respectively. She says that the Kali-yuga was a staff. Patroklos 
    says that he will find them, and tells Ivy to expect him to come 
    with them.
    Episode 15:
    Patroklos comes across an Oriental boy, Xiba, and girl, Leixia, 
    talking about seeing town. The boy has a staff. Patroklos 
    approaches them and asks if the staff is the Kali-yuga (because 
    any oriental person using a staff has a sacred treasure, 
    automatically). The girl  tells him that they do have the two 
    treasures he wants, but he must prove that he is worthy of his 
    sword before they can help him. Two others approach, a man and a 
    girl, remanding Leixia for her eagerness to fight. The four of 
    them will fight Patroklos and test him.
    BATTLE: You fight Leixia, Natsu, Maxi, and Xiba. Run forward A. 
    ForwardA, A. Down,A. A. ForwardA, A. They very seriously can’t 
    guard on this. If you let up for a second on Xiba, he will 
    happily beat you down, however.
    The four agree to help Patroklos. They go to where Ivy lives.
    Episode 16:
    Patroklos introduces Ivy to Leixia and gives her the three 
    treasures. Ivy uses her sword in a ceremony. All four items 
    begin to glow blindingly and produce a huge wind. Sophitia 
    appears to Patroklos again and congratulates him. Sophitia 
    assures him that they can destroy Soul Edge and save Pyrrha. She 
    gives him the stronger Soul Calibur and praises him as he grabs 
    it. Then she tells him that they will kill Pyrrha together.
    Pyrrha is slaughtering people on the battlefield, opening a 
    purple-eyed gate in the sky. Patroklos appears and pities her 
    for having taken up Soul Edge. He promises to save her and 
    protect the world by destroying Soul Edge
    BATTLE: Guard for her first attack. Run forward A. ForwardA, A. 
    Down,A. A. ForwardA, A. Guard. Repeat. She fights back a little, 
    especially if you miss an attack. But you’ll win.
    Patroklos stabs Pyrrha with Soul Calibur, and she crystalizes. 
    As she dies she cries and says that she is alone again. Sophitia 
    congratulates Patroklos for destroying Soul Edge and restoring 
    order to the world.
    “Patroklos sacrificed his family and lit the flames of hope. He 
    has no regrets.”
    Patroklos notes that he failed to save anyone, especially Pyrrha 
    and is haunted by her last words. An older man informs Patroklos 
    that he will wander in Astral Chaos forever so long as he stays. 
    Patroklos wishes to go back to the world before he made his 
    mistake and save Pyrrha.
    Episode 17:
    Replay of the cutscene where Ivy unlocks Soul Calibur’s true 
    strength. When Sophitia hands him Soul Calibur this time, 
    there’s a flash of light as he sees what will happen in the 
    future. Patroklos tells Sophitia that killing Pyrrha is wrong 
    and won’t save her. He tells Sophitia that he wants to create a 
    world where he and Pyrrha can live together. Sophitia tells him 
    to wander alone forever in Astral Chaos. After some time, the 
    old man appears again and tells Patroklos to fill the sword with 
    his will, and wield the sword, not be wielded by the sword. 
    Patroklos does so and leaves Astral Chaos. 
    Episode 18:
    There’s a huge battle going on in Hungary. Siegfried and 
    Z.W.E.I. are fighting a large army. Siegfried tells Z.W.E.I. to 
    go on ahead.
    BATTLE: a group of people. Astaroth, Aeon, and Cervantes. The 
    any direction + B + K, Particullarly forward+B+K,B,B, Low kicks 
    when he guards and a running A to start the match strategy from 
    earlier works on the first two. On the third, forward+B works 
    Z.W.E.I. makes it to Graf Dumas. Dumas turns to Nightmare. 
    Z.W.E.I. is thrilled that Dumas is Nightmare so no one will be 
    upset when he kills Dumas.
    BATTLE: You fight Nightmare. He doesn’t do much at the beginning 
    of each match, so grab him. He stands around and does nothing 
    sometimes. Grab him. Otherwise use K and B attacks a lot. You’ll 
    win, but not easily.
    Pyrrha kills Z.W.E.I. as Tira watches. Tira offers Soul Edge to 
    Pyrrha, and Pyrrha grabs the sword. It promises her that it will 
    never leave her and she promises to give it the souls it wants. 
    Pleased by the turn of events, Tira meanders off. Pyrrha opens a 
    rift to Astral Chaos.
    Episode 19:
    Patroklos descends from the heavens in the middle of the battle 
    and runs toward Pyrrha, killing everyone that gets in his way. 
    He gets to Pyrrha, who turns on him with Soul Edge, saying that 
    he needs soul. She asks Patroklos to give her his soul. 
    Patroklos blocks her attacks with Soul Calibur, Soul Edge 
    possesses Pyrrha and she comes at him again.
    BATTLE: The spam A strategy won’t work this time. Start the 
    match with running A. Back B works. Low kicks when she gaurds 
    and grabs wherever possible.
    Pyrrha falls unconscious after Soul Edge falls from her grasp. 
    Soul Calibur tries to force Patroklos to kill Pyrrha and Soul 
    Edge. Patroklos resists and is turned to crystal by Soul Calibur 
    after throwing Soul Edge away.
    Episode 20:
    Pyrrha wakes up and sees what has happened to Patroklos. She 
    begins to cry and blames herself for not doing anything to fight 
    against Tira. She takes Soul Edge tells it that it can do 
    whatever it wants to her so long as it brings back Patroklos. 
    She draws Soul Edge and hacks away at the crystal surrounding 
    Patroklos, telling Patroklos that she forgives him for running 
    Patroklos hears Pyrrha in a while realm while in crystal. 
    Sophitia appears in a rage, telling Patroklos that she will take 
    his body and destroy Pyrrha. Patroklos realizes that the woman 
    is not Sophitia, breaks free, and asks her who she is.
    She says that she is the spirit of Soul Calibur, she only looks 
    like Sophitia because of Patroklos. Sophitia says that what he 
    wants doesn’t matter. He will be under her control shortly.
    BATTLE: Her name is Elysium and she’s using Pyrrha Omega’s 
    style. Run forward A. ForwardA, A. Down,A. A. ForwardA, A. This 
    works surprisingly well against Elysium. Don’t expect a perfect 
    victory, though.
    Elysium fades away and Patroklos leaves, saying goodbye. 
    Patroklos wakes up and they apologize to each other. Pyrrha and 
    Patroklos look at Soul Calibur lying on the ground nearby, 
    deciding to destroy it. They grab Soul Edge and thrust the sword 
    into Soul Calibur. The gate to Astral Chaos closes and both 
    swords disappear. Pyrrha and Patroklos walk off into the sunset.
    Congratulations. You beat the story. 
    You can make your own original character, or edit a standard 
    character. You only have 50 slots in total. As you level up, you 
    will gain the ability to change the hair of the standard 
    characters. There’s a lot of stuff to fiddle with on the 
    original characters.
    After you pick the style, you pick a gender and then a height. 
    There are 5 heights. A star appears above the suggested height 
    for the character (height creates an inverse relationship 
    between power and reach). You can see what the height does to 
    the power/reach. This is the only thing which alters your stats. 
    So choose wisely, do you like reach, power, or both? You can 
    change it later too. No decision is final.
    After you pick your height, choose the build. You then get to 
    edit your character.
    Build/Height. Change your character’s proportions. There’s a 
    range of -20 to 20 for every part of the body (upper arms, 
    forearms, pectorals, waist, hips, stomach, thighs, calves, and 
    chest for women)
    Hair. Pick a hair style. There are generic styles and the styles 
    of the standard characters.
    Face. There’s plenty of faces to go around.
    Eyebrows. Gentle, good hygiene, angry, bushy, thin.
    Voice. There are 8 personality types. Pitch and Tone. There’s 
    also malfestation.
    Equipment: Plenty of equipment to choose from. You get a lot to 
    start with and unlock crazy amounts more as you level up. 
    There’s equipment for the Head, Face, Undergarments, Upper Body, 
    Upper Body Covering, Lower Body, Hips, Neck and Back, Shoulders, 
    Arms, Ankles, and Feet. There are also three slots for 
    specialized equipment. You can change every aspect of the 
    specialized: where it goes, size, positioning, and angling. Best 
    of all, specialized equipment does not conflict with any other 
    item, no matter what.
    Weapon/Style: If you really can’t stand the style, pick a new 
    one. Also pick a weapon. There’s a total of eight for every 
    style that you unlock. Then there’s the Weapon Packs. These 
    packs change the hit effect. You get Outrageous, Anime, Magic, 
    Cute, Angel, Devil, Manga.
    Colors/Patterns/Stickers: Change every color. The first tab is 
    body colors and the base undergarments (what the character wears 
    if they have no equipment on). Also, you can put on face paint 
    (make-up and scars). The second tab is your equipment’s colors. 
    You can, instead of choosing one color, pick from a variety of 
    patterns (which you may color and customize further). The third 
    tab is for stickers. You can place stickers on the body (for 
    tattoos/scars) or most of the equipment (except some hip 
    equipment and most metal armor). Stickers can be moved around to 
    be placed anywhere. The fourth tab is for weapon colors. You can 
    change the weapon colors for most weapons (except for 1P, 2P, 
    and the Master’s weapons) and the color of the trail the weapon 
    makes as it moves through the air.
    Input Name: Pick a name.
    Shoot Picture: Here you can take the thumbnail for your 
    character. You can change the background, and pick two different 
    frames for it (front in back). You can change the character’s 
    pose and catch them mid-animation (There are 3 weapon poses and 
    4 non-weapon poses. When picking a random style, you have only 
    the 4 non-weapon poses). Close-ups or distant shots are also 
    available to you by zooming and adjust the frame size of the 
    There are a lot of characters. I will list each character, their 
    weapon/style, and if you can assign them to a custom character.
    Aeon: Hand ax X 2
    A modified version of Lizardman. Lizardman began to show the 
    traits of the creatures he’s eaten and gained sentience. Now he 
    has wings and breathes fire. He has good reach, a lot of power 
    and decent speed. His critical edge takes out a quarter of a 
    life bar and begins as a middle-hit.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Algol: His Whole Body
    He has a lot of reach and power, and is fairly fast. His 
    critical edge is a mid-hit, and does very little damage.
    Custom assignable: No
    Astaroth: Giant Ax
    He has a lot of reach and power. His moves start very slow, and 
    combo decently fast. His critical edge starts as a grab, and 
    does about as much damage as a regular attack.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Cervantes: Long sword and Pistol Sword
    He’s very strong and has good reach, with some decent speed. His 
    critical edge is unblockable, and slightly weaker than a normal 
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Dampierre: Hidden Daggers
    He has no reach, decent power, and speed. His critical edge is a 
    guard impact, so your opponent must hit you to start it, and 
    does about a quarter of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Devil Jin (Tekken): Tempered Fists
    His range doesn’t exist, but he’s very fast and very strong. 
    Also, he can fly using shadow wings and use unblockable eye-
    lasers (sometimes at the same time). His critical edge starts as 
    a mid-hit, and does about half a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes, unavailable otherwise.
    Edge Master: Random
    He randomly uses any fighting style (except for Ezio).  His 
    critical edge is the style’s critical edge.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Elysium: Soul Calibur (random)
    She will randomly select any female style and use a Soul Calibur 
    looking version of their weapon. Her critical edge does a 
    quarter bar of damage from any distance, so long as it isn’t 
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Ezio Auditore da Firenze: Assassin’s blades & some.
    Very close to being broken. He can hit from any range. It says 
    that he has low reach, and it’s true he’s better close-up in 
    mid-range. However he has a gun and a crossbow. He also has two 
    different swords in addition to his hidden blades (Plus fists. 
    He loves to punch as well). He’s decently fast and hits hard. 
    His critical edge uses all of these weapons and takes out about 
    a third of a life bar, and starts with a mid-hit.
    Custom assignable: No. When has a guest character been 
    Hilde: Sword and Lance
    She has a lot of reach, decent speed and power. Her critical 
    edge starts as a mid-hit, and does about a third of a bar of 
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Ivy: Snake Sword
    The sword defaults back to sword mode. It will break apart for 
    certain moves to give her a lot of reach, but normal attacks 
    don’t have so much reach. She has decent speed and decent-poor 
    power. Her critical edge starts out as a grab, and does about a 
    third of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Kilik: Random
    He uses any random male fighting style (aside from Ezio). He 
    uses the style’s critical edge.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Leixia: Chinese Sword
    Xiunghua’s daughter. She has decent reach, is very fast, and 
    poor power. Her critical edge starts as a mid-hit, and does a 
    quarter bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Maxi: Nunchuk
    He has decent reach, good speed and a lot of power. His critical 
    edge starts as a mid-hit, and does a third of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Mitsurugi: Japanese Sword
    He has decent reach, power and speed. His critical edge starts 
    as a mid-hit, has a good chance for ring-out, and does about a 
    quarter bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Natsu: Ninja Sword x 2
    She’s Taki’s apprentice. She’s fast, but has middling-poor reach 
    and decent power. She has a lot of jumping, disappearing moves. 
    Her critical edge is a series of three mid-hits that, if all 
    three hit, does a third of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Nightmare: Soul Edge (as a Zweihander)
    He has a lot of reach and power. His attacks start decently fast 
    and combo even faster. His critical edges starts as a guard 
    impact. It will auto run after a second and take out two-thirds 
    of a health bar and be a guardable mid-hit.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Raphael: Rapier
    Why fix what was broken?  He has decent power, a lot of reach, 
    and is very fast. His critical edge starts as a mid-hit, and 
    does about a third of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Siegfried: Zweihander
    He has huge reach and a lot of power. His attacks start fairly 
    slow but combo quickly. His critical edge is a two mid-hit 
    combo. The first hit is close up, the second is very long range. 
    Both together take out a little less than of a life bar, the 
    second one does about a third of a bar.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Tira: Ring blade
    She has decent reach, a lot of power and speed. Be careful with 
    her, though, she is capable of killing herself. Her critical 
    edge is a mid-hit, and does about a quarter of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Patroklos: Short Sword and Small Shield.
    He is Sophitia’s son, and emulates her fighting style while 
    making it completely his own (nothing like Sophitia). He has a 
    lot of power and decent speed and reach. It starts as a mid-hit, 
    and does a bit more than a third of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Alpha Patroklos: Soul Calibur (Hidden Sword Style)
    He has a lot of reach, power, and speed. He sheathes his sword 
    after every attack and quickly draws it again for the next. 
    Basically, think Setsuka from SC IV, and that’s him, minus 
    umbrella/parasol. His critical edge starts as a mid-hit, and 
    does little more than quarter of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Pyrrha: Short Sword and Small Shield.
    She’s Sophitia’s daughter and is a lot like a cross between 
    Sophitia and Cassandra from the previous title. She’s very fast 
    and has decent power and reach. Her critical edge starts as a 
    mid-hit, and does about a third of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Pyrrha Omega: Soul Edge (Short Sword and Small Shield)
    Malfested version of Pyrrha. She has decent reach, and a lot of 
    power and speed. The style shares a lot of moves with Pyrrha, 
    but has a lot of differences as well. This is not just a more 
    powerful form of Pyrrha. Her critical edge starts as a mid-hit, 
    and does bit less than half of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Voldo: Katar x 2
    He has good reach, a lot of power and decent speed. He can fight 
    from any angle and likes to walk in a bridge. We’re not sure if 
    he’s still human. His critical edge is a mid-hit, and does a 
    little more than a third of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Viola: Crystal Ball & claw hand.
    Amy...I mean Viola has a very unique style. She attacks with a 
    lot of range using her ball and close up using the metal claws 
    on her right hand. After using certain moves the ball will float 
    in mid-air and be unusable in moves, limiting her range. 
    However, Viola can call it back to her anytime, having the ball 
    attack from behind, going through guard. She’s decently fast and 
    powerful. Her critical edge involves the ball making a field of 
    mid-hit pain around it, slowly pulling the victim towards the 
    ball. The opponent can guard, but is open to attack from Viola. 
    If it hits, it does more or less no damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Yoshimitsu (II): Japanese Sword X 2
    He has good reach, decent power, and a lot of speed. Also, he 
    can fly, walk on his swords, and kill himself. His critical edge 
    starts as a low-hit, and it does about half of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Xiba: Rod
    Inheritor of Kilik’s style. It’s not quite as serious as Kilik’s 
    use of the staff. He’s decently fast, fairly strong, and has a 
    lot of reach. His critical edge starts as a guard-impact will 
    auto-run as a mid-hit, and does about a third of a bar of 
    Custom assignable: Yes
    Z.W.E.I.: Sword and E.I.N.
    His reach is short with the sword and long with any attack using 
    E.I.N. He’s decently fast and powerful. His critical edge is a 
    mid-hit, and does less than a quarter of a bar of damage.
    Custom assignable: Yes
    I’ve mentioned level-ups a lot. You have a player level that 
    runs from 1 to what I’m guessing is 100/MAX. (The level area 
    only has enough space for two digits, so I’m guessing that after 
    99, you go to MAX). As you level up you unlock weapons, stages, 
    characters, equipment, stickers, and thumbnail goodies. Along 
    with titles, every level has a title. (Also why I guesstimate 
    100.) There is one way to level-up: fighting. The experience you 
    get is based on your performance (flawless victory, no losses 
    and all perfects, yields 120 points). A loss will give you a 
    meager amount of experience. RPG fans refer to this process as 
    grinding. It will drive you mad.
    But what’s the easiest way to grind, you ask. I’ll list a few 
    methods I’ve played around with. Pick what works best for you.
    Quick battle. Just choose the easy opponents because they’re 
    faster to beat. Also, in quick battle look for a Beginner 
    character named Lefera in N. and S. America. She uses Viola and 
    has the title Frightened Lamb. Select Raphael style for yourself 
    and use his B + G grab, Unending Stings, twice to send her off 
    the stage. Battle time is about 6 seconds. This is the fastest 
    method, but after about fifteen rematches, you begin to consider 
    what giving up SoulCalibur for books, chess and checkers would 
    be like.
    Arcade Mode. Go on Easy. Waste the computers. You get a bonus 
    200 points XP for beating the Arcade. I like Standard or Extra 
    for the variety.
    Online Battle. Yields the most experience. If you can, create a 
    room with 1 battle instead of three, you run through them 
    faster. Matches will yield 150 experience if you do well enough. 
    However, unless you know your opponent, you may get someone who 
    will only juggle you with Devil Jin (basically you’re up in the 
    air the entire time unable to defend yourself or fight back). 
    It’s fun to do, but not fun to be on the receiving end. 
    Eventually rooms degrade to the point where you only get 90 XP. 
    Go to a new room at this point and start again. Pray you don’t 
    get juggled. Losing here gives you about 50 XP -> 40 XP.
    3.4.2012 Version 1.0 I made the entire thing. With the help of my
    brother for Legendary Souls.
    You may use this FAQ as you would like, so long as you don't claim
    it as your own. Credit me, Sain'nex, if you post it somewhere else.

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