What is the earliest dark wizard you can get and what level is it in?

  1. Trying to get everything I can from the early levels as soon as possible, and all I'm missing is a dark wizard. I haven't yet completed the story. Is there a dark wizard I can find in a level (or between levels) that doesn't need another dark wizard to get?

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    namara - 5 years ago

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  1. After you get back to Hogwarts in Year 8 Mission 2 (Deathly Hollows Part 2, Story Mode 2), you can find several. There is a Hermione's bag spot in the garden near the Divination classroom that leads to the roof. You can get Grindelwald (Young) and Grindelwald (Old) and Dolohov here. There is also a Hermione's bag spot in Hagrid's garden that gives you a pumpkin and reveals Bellatrix (Azkaban). All 4 count. These are the earliest ones I've found.

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  1. I found the easiest to be Bellatrix since you automatically unlock her after the final level. I'm only saying it's the easiest because you didn't have to do anything to find her, it just gives it to you.

    I didn't start worrying about getting everything until the end, only spent studs on the red brick multiplier and ghost studs so I could have as much money saved at the end. Others have said she wasn't the easiest because of the price but a death eater is the first one I always buy because everyone else, except for the "key" character and "strong" character can be substituted since you'll always get Harry/Ron/Hermoine in Free Play.

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  2. Where can i find Bellatrix ?

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  3. Tom Riddle is the first I found in Story Mode. Year 7 Part II Level 4. In the Room of Requirement near the end where you save Malfoy and his goons you are flying around from platform to platform. On one platform you will build a bed and jump on it to get the token.

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  4. Godbuffalow is right.

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  5. The earliest is a version of Bellatrix... Forget waiting until 8, as soon as you get Hermione's bag after finishing Y7.1L1 you can go to Hagrid's yard, get the pumpkincopter, and get the Bellatrix (Azkaban) Token by flying over the trees. That is the earliest... her more standard version may take less effort, but means you have to wait, and with her you can get a few others rather quickly, so why wait when 7.1L1 can allow you to effectively go back and get everything else in freeplay up to that point and everything after as well.

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  6. daydreamer18 after 3-1 level you can't be harry, ron and hermione inside the castle until the battle of Hogwarts. (level 4-2) so than the first available dark wizzard is there after level 4-2.

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