How to get CAF stats higher?

  1. I made a CAF in the CAF and his stats are not very good because of the limit I was able to use on him, how do I raise the stats if at all possible?

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    Haseo001 - 5 years ago

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  1. jacobocaj has it all layed out for ya. There is nothing i could add besides doing better at the skill tests which would help a little overall but some of those tests are annoying and feel impossible to get more than 2 stars in lol.

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  1. You can do one of two things:

    1) You can take that CAF that you made and transplant him into career mode. This will reset his stats but it will give you WAY more points/opportunity to level up your skills.

    2)You can buy a stat boost pack off of xbox live for a sum of microsoft points. I dont recommend this because playing the career mode once or even multiple times to create the CAFs you want will help you to become proficient enough to not get slaughtered every time you go online to fight other CAFs. Plus, this "boost" really doesnt boost you that much so it is pretty much a waste of money.

    When creating a CAF in CAF mode, there is a set number of points. These are the two ways to get around that. Hope this helped.

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  2. Read this whole strings of comments. I dont remember who but someone does explain the "COPY A FIGHTER" trick very well and ti works. I jsut bought the game in June 2012 and i have found 5 helpful hints for Career mode.

    1- Only learn Training attributs and skills. Dont bother with moves cause you can Retire your fighter, go to CAF- reload retired fighter-change some cosmetic (like his hair color) OVERWRITE save-then reload that newlysaved fighter in ALL CAF section and save again but dont change anything the second time. Now reload a 3rd time in ALL CAF and now you can change anything and everything you want about that guy. You will then get to add his moves.YOU can also re-adjust his stats. if he started with 95 points in strenght you can move them to speed. or if he has 99 in CLINCH STRIKES you can move that to submissions instead. In theory you can make one Great GUY and copy him into 40 different FIGHTERs. (40cause thats all you can save)Note thou you have to pick a TECHNIQUE TYPE- Power Boxing,sambo,greco wrestling....etc. and then erase the moves you dont want and place the once you do. Only works on about 95% of the moves they start you will. ALL styles have a few SPECIAL moves that can be erased. you dont need to activate them but you cant replace them. And not all moves can be taught to anyone. But you should be fine.

    2- make a career fighter, go as far as you want (i suggest to complete career and retire). Right before you retire him PUT ALL HIS TOP CRED SPONSORS ON HIS SHORTS. GIVE HIM THE TYPE OF SHORTS you want your next guy to wear. Then retire him. Now reload that guy in CAF and change anythign you want but his shorts. DONT TOUCH THE SHORTS NOW>>>>ITS TOO LATE. NEW SAVE. then load that caf in CAREER MODE and start a new career with your new fighters whose wearing your OLD FIGHTERS SHORTS with LOGO's. Bamm, now your new fighter with get the max sponsor cred for the top sponsers on his shorts even thou you havent unlocked them with the new fighter. Its like 500 points per fight. and since your first few fights normally only give you 40 points, your gonna load creds up faster then you can use them.

    3- Now im still in the middle of proving this next tip, so ifs it wrong dont complain. But, ALL difficulty levels giv eyou the same CRED Points. There is no perk for choosing a higher difficulty level. An EXPERINCE level career and a EXPERT are gonna get the same Cred Points. SO go easier and get it done faster. This game is not like 2010, they want you to do career mode more then once so they made it easier and fast then in the past. I did experienced and got a fighter with a rating of 95.

    4- Another tip im still working to prove is that they say do all the training camps the same amount of time. Just start with number one-Heavy Bag then work your way down, one at a time to SUBMISSION. you will have less stat decay this way. Stat Decay is based on the amount you do a Training Exercise. DO THEM ALL THE SAME AMOUNT.

    5-Always do as many ACTION's in between fights as possible. ALWAYS choice 2 over 1 no matter what. YOUR ENTIRE CHARACTERS ATTRIBUTES AND STATS are effect by how many ACTIONS and how you do those ACTIONS. SIde note; if you dont like your score after doing a Training camp and dont want to save the score you and HIT START and exit menu and then try again. 1 and 2 stars isnt good and for those you want the best enough 3 is a problem. But you might be starting over alot if your that picky

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  3. I wanted to add one more thing to my last post........ it seems what moves you choose will effect your total RATING. example. .. My retired fighter (ju-jitsu) was a rating of 94. i focused on subs and standing
    kicks and Muy Thai Knees in the clinch. But when i erased some of the kicks knees and placed those points with another submission switch from a Heel Hook , my Rating was raised to 96. So you might want to fiddle with your moves to get the best result.............and to also clearify, i got a Fighter Rating of 94 (thats higher then the top defualt fighter Anderson Silva,by 1) while playing Career Mode on Experienced ( thats the second easiest) and getting an average of 3 stars on my Training Camps. ( 2=1 stars, 4=2 stars and then mostly 3 stars with a bunch of 4 stars) point is i wasnt even super picky and still made a really good rated fighter...... But if you want to take your CAF online to play then your guy better be Friggin Perfect.....

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